Say the n-word white boi, come on say it

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>>275843158>losing a fight to anyone in skinny jeans everNigger Nigger Nigger Nigger etc...

NiggerHooperJoggerSpookMonkeyChimpApeTroglodyteBasketball AmericanKlingon

>>275843158Around spics and blacks never relax

fuck niggers

>>275843158What a fucking idiot lmao

Where did this happen? Who’s the guy with the skateboard?

>>275843158>yuppie faggot loves niggersshocking.

>>275843158why would you let anyone wind up a swing like that?

>>275844658Some people just don't have a very strong sense of reality.


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>>275843158That little faggot is going to die in prison.

>>275843158>Just standing there and taking itWhat he fuck is wrong with people who just go deer-in-headlights mode when it's very obvious that the guy is going to take a swing!? Not only that, it's so telegraphed and obvious that if you tried pulling that shit in Sörkä you would have been cold-clocked the moment you lifted the skateboard.

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>>275844759Still went for the bike

>>275844078I thought the same thing, found the location. It is in Minneapolis about a mile from the main rioting. In front of a place called the CC Club. I am in MN and sometimes listen to the progressive talk radio show to hear what they preach, its sickening. But theres multiple places that advertise on there within like a block of that place. I think we should look into the businesses near some of these areas, I guarantee you there has to be at least one thats a front. "Minuteman press" advertises on there regularly as a "minority owned" printing business. I wouldnt be surprised if they helped make commie propaganda. The lefty is just like the jew. They have been organizing against us while claiming we were doing so.

What the fuck is even happening her? Guy on the right looks like the guy who should be fucking with a skateboard.



>>275845228i'd pull out my car keys and start poking holes in that rats neck


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>>275845228Well, I think he might have been drunk or on something since he sounds a little out of it and slow. Then theres the thinking he isnt gonna really do it. Then the being on something comes into play when its actually being swung and not just a fake and he cant react.

>>275843158why did he just stand there like that? i get you dont expect someone to hit you with a skateboard bc its not normal but hes clearly threatening to do it so hes clearly not normal

>>275843158We need that nigger drone from a thread from a few days ago. The drone that just flies around and says “nigger” over and over.

>>275843158Based tony hawk americans should learn their places

>>275845401I’m also in Minneapolis. I thought I recognized the are? Any ID on the attacker? I want to ensure he is doxxed, reported to police, or at least put on one of our lists.

>>275843158>n-wordYou mean nigger? Stop nogposting chink

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>>275843767Pavement apeCoonMoon cricketJungle bunnySpear chuckerBoot lip

>>275845895Anybody know a good site for learning about drones and modular mechanisms for doing things like pushing the nozzle on a silly string can?

>>275845384 Gosh kek

>>275843158>around blacks, never relax>around s o y, never get coy

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>>275846172Not Minneapolis proper. Closer to maple grove.

niggermake the local policia go to Italy to learn how to effectively coup their own nation by releasing criminals and terrorizing the population they swore to protect. imagine being a terrorist. a white supremacist terrorist no matter your skin color. imagine it

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>>275846365Cant believe trump let her marry a kike. Rip

>>275843767Spear chucker.

>>275843584Say that to my face you pasty ass skinny white boi.

>>275844658i think the guys blackout drunk, looks like hes barely standing upright.

>>275844658He's obviously very drunk

>>275843158Of course he picks the drunkest stick-skinniest dude.

>>275843158lol what a faggot. just standing there. if somebody is threatening you with a weapon you have every right to defend yourself. you punch that faggot directly as hard as you can in his nose. you strike first. most people aren't accustom to being hit in the nose. it will absolutely stun most people, then you beat the absolute shit of the attacker.

>>275847154I mean, the weak faggots bending over for 5 minutes with a skateboard in his hands, while wearing a dress shirt on the sidewalk.I don’t think he ever really gets a chance to beat on someone lesser than him lmao.He took his singular chance in life to smash a black out drunk kid lmao.

>>275847186I prefer the good elbow strike to the entire right/left side of the face. You can really get your whole bodyweight into that kind of blow, but the trick is to aim it right and watch your footwork so you don't lose your balance (in case the guy dodges) and you wind up on your face looking like a dumbshit.

>>275843158>Assault person standing doing nothing>Muh racist>Video goes viral get arrested>but muh racistAssult ya fuckin retard

imagine letting someone wind up on you like that.I would have tried his chin out as soon as he rocked forward, arms down perfect fucking target.fuck these faggots they don't fight fair, why should we?if you let him smash you like that then you deserve it.never me."You just a black basedboy, you just a fruitcake" - your own peopleKYS NIGGER

>>275843158thank god for big guys.without them people would just say things.

>>275846324Google "paint drone" is one

>>275843158Jungle bunnySpear chuckerJiggaboo Nignog

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>>275847604even better, a broken nose sucks and none of those s.oy fags would be prepared for it.

>>275845384laughed out loudly, thanks m8


>>275843158What word? Nigger?


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Faggot spic is probably a disappointment to his family


>>275843158Imagine being such a worthless sub human you assault someone with the deck and not the trucks.

fuck canadians, and leafs too

>>275848361Where was this chimp pride parade?


>>275843158This new season of Jackass is woke as fuck, but nowhere near as funny.

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>>275846947Show your face then

>>275845384kek. the whole house heard me laughing at that one

>>275843158What makes a guy just stand there like a retard while another man takes his sweet time to smash your face with a skateboard?

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>>275846947same state as this?


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>>275845584>>275845628>>275846331>>275848502>>275849966Jesus Christ you summer fags get back to school.

>>275843158this brings back the theory that they just carry the skateboards as weapons, that shit-skin dork isn't riding around dressed like a kohl's model

Would be nice if i didnt have to read lips of the people in webms on 4chan to know whats going on in them.

>>275843158The guy doing the hit isn't the skateboarder, look at the clothes. He took his skateboard.

>>275847186>>275847604Always go for the jaw first. That's how you knock someone out. If you feel like fucking up their face do it afterwards.

>>275846172This person on reddit knows>Just chiming in to say that almost all of what you said about his life is not true. The guy with the skateboard grew up lower-middle class, went to an alright public school, and was constantly getting in trouble. Not that it matters, but he’s also Native American. He has always been a dick with a big ego though. Definitely a piece of shit for what happened in this video as well.Let's try and solve this caseOriginal post:


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>>275845384loud kek

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>>275849980>What makes a guy just stand there like a retardbooze.don't drink that shit.

>>275843158they are both black-haired darkies

>>275850556Link with sound anyone?

I got him in trouble hehehe

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it's ok to be white

>>275845401the closest apostles of jesus were jews, user.; therefore whatever you're talking about is something good

>>275850714>stranger comes up to you>say nigger so I can hit you in the face with a skateboard>okay???

>>275850873My letter

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>>275846947how can you pretend not to be a stupid violent nigger, when in fact, you are a stupid violent nigger? nigger


>>275845584>>275845628>>275846331>>275848502>>275849966>>275850691>>275850707Fucking newfag cancer

>>275845384Fucking kek

>>275848074Chris Rock has a really great black people vs niggers bit

>>275851353You too, you dumb spic.


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>how can he just stand thereKek so many virgins who have never gone outside and gotten drunk before.

>>275850825just go to the link I posted at the bottom dumdum

>>275851325I really hope a nigger caves in your skull with a lead pipe.

>>275849129Es muy bueno cuando que las mujeres tiene dos granadas granditos en sus cofres guey.Fuckin wetback

>>275845384good job. you got newfags to laugh at a super old joke

>>275843158He's deleting all his accounts lmao

Damn. As a white man I can admit we lost this one

>>275852349Well well well whitey ownin up. Lol you crackas are so fucking lame lmao

what, these fags weigh maybe a buck 25, jeez I'd love to hulk smash both these homo manlets

>>275843158Why did he just fucking stand there like a moron?

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>>275852732Fight, flight, freeze. He froze.

>>275849980>>275852732Nerve gas.

>>275843158Fake and jewish

>>275843158Why didn't dude just duck? He knew it was coming

>>275852732He was drunk or high out of his mind, obviously the spic mutt said something cocky to him and he called him a nigger, so they steal his skateboard and attack him with it. Obviously he didn't give a fuck because they were going to beat his ass anyway.

>>275852986He's drunk. He sounds like he had no idea what was happening.

NiggerNow go hang yourself.

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>>275843793Spics and blacks, pile em' in stacks

wasn't the guy that got hit asian?

>>275852446How can you simultaneously claim to be strong yet also claim that every single one of your countries was raped and enslaved by small groups of whites?


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>>275850522>punching the boniest part of the bodyLeaf, let me tell you how to really fightEvery fight can be lethal and should be treated as such. This isn't a boxing match, this is a struggle for life itself. A punch is, at best, a distraction from a real attack. Wrestling is the true way a man can fight, it has been a martial art for thousands of years and is still used today. Get a man on the ground and he loses any advantage he once had, and is susceptible to a strike from your leg, which can deliver much more force than any punch. You can restrain your opponent, you can crush your opponents organs and windpipe, or you can get on top of him and gouge his eyes out, and so long as you can control him on the ground he is helpless. Dislocating joints weakens your opponent's ability to fight back and should be utilized when expedient. Weapons can kill and, if your opponent has one, your priority should be to either run away or, if left with no option, disarm your opponent and them bring them to the ground and control them.

>>275852821thats a long time to be frozen. Didnt even try to duck or put his hands up?>>275853019still strange. If you knew an assbeating was inevitable maybe you would try to plead or something. Or put your fucking hands up and block your face from getting fucked by a skateboard

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>>275843158>Thanks for the evidence>Sincerely, The Prosecutor

>>275850045DIOS MIO!

>>275849129pene de burro

>>275850873>>275850949Good work

>>275850873>>275850949Is this the guy? Account is deleted but there are images still up on Google images search of his Twitter

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He already deleted all his social media

>>275850556I hate that sub, its full of retarded commies

>>275850949>>275850873based soldier of kek, keep going

>>275843158>imagine recording your own felony assault

>>275854090Yea thats the guy

>>275843158How many years do you get for that minimum?2 or so?

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>>275850912We all fucking know, stfu

>>275850912I'll be honest with you. It is not okay to be white.

>>275854212Depends on his record. If he's a first timer, some jew DA will plea him down to misdemeanor assault with probation

>>275848330Thank you so much

>>275851373He hates that bit since every white person who has heard it justifies having disdain for “niggas.” I get his point, but it is still super funny.

>>275854212He might be a native american, so he could get a pass.

>>275843158NIGGER! come bring your skateboard to a gun fight faggot ass NIGGER!

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>>275850873>>275850949Can i get the template?

>>275843158>Took him like three seconds to rev up a full blow>Faggot just stood there without any sort of reaction and politely took a full blow to the face>It didn't even knock him out lmao

>>275853544>>punching the boniest part of the bodyyes, its how you knock them out. and your jaw isn't the "boniest part of your body" eitherway, idiot.wrestle someone to the ground only if no one is around. get way to get your teeth kicked in other wise. you've never been in a fight, obviously. faggot.


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>>275846947You sound violent

A nigger would do no such thing according to Reddit.

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>>275843158>"I assaulted that man because we don't defend racists."The mind bend is amazing. To not defend is to assault. We have all assaulted that boy who got hit with the skateboard by not defending him. SAD!

>>275854253No you don't

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>>275854497jesus, you've got some problems mf

>>275854445Should be attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon (yes tards, non-weapons count as weapons when used as weapons) but you're right. Will likely walk with probation and community service on some bullshit misdemeanor battery charge

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>>275843158Why'd the guy just stand still while there was a guy there threatening him

>>275846324>a good site for learning about drones and modular mechanismsThese youtube channels will literally teach you everything you need to know about building anything RC with a focus on drones.t.dronefag who has built numerous drones and won a few regional drone

CC club in minneapolis the location in the video.

>>275854833because he is drunk. Probably won't even remember what happened in the morning.

>>275852821this isnt a freeze situation, hes literally standing in the middle of the footpath, that freeze usually happens when your backed up against a wall with nowhere to go. Box and lift weights is my advice for everyone.

Our boy Kyle has some experience with skaters. What do you think he'd have done in this situation?

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>>275850522Nope, thats what is expected. Everyone expects you to go for the face. Thats why you punch them in the process first (pic related). Few people are expecting the body shot when a tussle first breaks out so its generally unguarded. How it works: your xiphoid process bends back and pushes on your diaphragm. Diaphragm helps you breath. Thus it knocks the wind out of you. And from there they either back up or attack. If they attack you know it wont be for long so just back up, they'll need air pretty soon especially if they're using what oxygen is left in their veins to attack. Also the xiphoid process is in between the pectoral and abdominal muscles so you cant reeeeeeally build muscle over it to shield it, more just building muscle around it to make it harder to reach.

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>>275855167dude looks like he wears makeup.

>>275854562Nice projection cocksleeve, it's clear that you don't understand how to win a fight. Striking an opponent is just a way to get a feel for them, but the average man cannot reliably knock an opponent out considering most people can't even throw a punch correctly. Punch someone's jaw and you'll give them a sore jaw, throw them to the ground and you can crack their skull against the pavement like a caveman with a coconut. I do agree that any extended fight, on the ground or not, is untenable when multiple people are involved. I won't bullshit you and claim I'm hard enough to take on 2 dudes at the same time because I can't and few people can. However, if you throw your opponent to the ground, it can give you a chance to get away. I have been in more than a few fights and my jaw still clicks from a sweet haymaker that landed right on the side of my face, but even though the dude that threw it outweighed me by 50 pounds or so, it only acted to disorient me rather than end the fight. Truthfully, the best way to handle a fight is to avoid it and, as hard as it is right now to walk away and let these fuckfaces destroy this nation, getting killed by some college communist with a skateboard is not a dignified way to go.

Guy was winding up for like 20 minutes, he couldnt see that coming?

>>275843158>assault on video>I assaulted that man "allegedly"

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>>275855167Jesus fucking christ, look at those fucking twiggy-ass legsThis is why you don't skip leg day, lads

>>275843767No mooley or spade? For shame.

>>275849129Damn, chicks may as well be CGI at this point.

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>>275854777This coming from a Taco Nigger!

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>>275854663>whitebruh this is the most punjabi looking motherfucker I've ever seen in my life

>>275854663Stupid fucking nigger lover is going to jail.

>>275855441LMAO, nah im not that black; im mostly spanish, try to guess why we had a caste system ;)

>>275855324> knock an opponent out considering most people can't even throw a punch correctlythats why you learn how to fight before getting into a fight.

>>275854090Joe CrowShoeNitsitapiiCU-Boulder Political ScienceNational Indian Law

>>275855622The white man cometh.

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>>275855716nah dude in the picture is black i got that northern italian skin, half white but able to tan not like you fucking redneck swallowing dick

>>275852821Nope, his is about to get paid. It is that simple.

he posted it on leddit then delted

>>275855872>northern Italian skinhave you seen a northern italian before?

>>275855674Of course! Every man should know how to fight, but a lot of guys assume that all they need to know is how to throw a punch or two. The real power comes from the legs and trunk, you can deliver deadly blows with your legs alone if your goal is simply to strike an opponent. I still advocate wrestling as the superior way to fight because so few men these days can even manipulate themselves along their transverse plane, let alone move significant weight. It's like a goddamned superpower, being able to toss a grown man around like a child. The shock of it alone can give you the upper hand in a fight, because nobody instinctively knows how to recover quickly after getting tossed upside down in a high-risk situation.

>>275848330>>275854467That uses a DJI drone. Stay away from DJI shit. Most of their products have embedded GPS that phones home and lets them know who used their shit and where. It is just as intrusive as any google product. Build your own drones. If you can build a PC you can build a drone, it is much easier than you think and keeps getting easier.Check out the channels I linked here.>>275854888They all have beginner tutorials and will teach you step by step how to build your own drone from parts. You basically just need>Flight controller AKA brain>battery>passive GPS module if you want autonomous flight>ESC (electronic speed controller) for each motor>motors>propellers>radio receiver to connect to your controller>free crowd sourced software like iNAV>camera and video transmitter if you want video feed, but not required for flight

>>275855167"Section thirty five Turtle Island Unceded Land"It's some native abbo activist shit from,_1982

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>>275856203yes dal piemonte, e tu? tu hai visto ragazzi italianni?

>>275856232Yes Wrestling and boxing, and stacking on muscle. Bench-80kg and squat-100-120, youll be able to beat anyones ass.

>>275855622They were just going out for 100 tacos.

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>>275856450two pickups***

>>275856385im Italian mixed, from northern Italy, i dont look any different from the average anglo-saxon here.

>>275856450we call em trocas, the more mayans you fit in the back the more you can sell to slavery ;)

>>275855622why do you have blacks, is this a recent thing?

>>275846172We have no lists glowie.


>>275856581maybe you got more swiss in you; if i recall correctly I have southern italian spanish, but mostly northern italian, probs the southern italian

>>275851963This wtf, is everyone really this new?

>>275856800we have >1% blacks, all spanish speaking blacks are in the caribbean and some in colombia

>>275843158Why do whites take shit like this? He literally just took it like a bitch. You fucks deserve to be cucked.

>>275856428Technique and raw strength is a synergistic combination and every young man has a personal responsibility to sculpt their bodies and minds to defend themselves and others. The ability to manipulate yourself and objects around you physically is invaluable and these lefties chimp out in the absence of true power. When it makes itself apparent, true power causes these weak degenerates to shrink in fear because they have never truly witnessed what technique and strength can accomplish.

>>275852349>>275852446Replying to yourself

>>275856581failed to clarify my prev. comment, i was talking about the about 25% italian im mostly spanish

>>275846947Show feet faggot femboy

>>275857029damn he kinda retarded

>>275856841Fair enough used to work with alot of Mexicans, are you mixed with the indigenous peoples?


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>>275854794Plus it looks like it happened in Boulder so they'll probably give him a fucking medal

>>275843767Jigaboo SpadeMoon cricket

>>275843767Tar baby Jigaboo Porch monkey Spade NIGGER ect, ect.

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>>275843158NIGGER SEGA


>>275843158If a basedcuck in white jeans and chelsea boots squared up like that to me, i would jizz in my pants. Too bad it will never happen because they are basedcucks, and only attack weak people

>>275843158which word? Nigger, spook, coon, nignog, jigabo, spear chucker, jungle bunny, fag, tranny, nob goblin, buthole surfer, turd burgler, cunt, midget, bitch, feminazi, libtard, retard, indian engine, Prairie-nigger, sand nigger, dune-coon,

>>275857242as far as i know, no we did ancestry tree, not the fucking dna one; but an actual one with birth certificates and shit to be able to get passport, and direct lineage shows im criollo descended which is spanish lineage but born american, father's second last name is italian, so is my mother's; first two are spanish.

>>275857242im logging tf out, see ya user

>>275843158Faggot niggsr, and I would

On a serious note, when do we get off the sidelines?>nb4 glownigger kike

>>275843767Colored folkPorch monkeyTree ornament

>>275858039>weSpeak and think for yourself glow nigger.

>>275858505Yes because one person can take on the entirety of ZOG...

>>275843767>JiggacoonDelete Klingon,they care about honor

>>275843158Why would you not just flatten that sòyfuck before he hits you? If someone who weighs 90lb threatens you with a skateboard just stomp the cunt.

>>275850873make sure the victim knows that in addition to serious criminal charges, the attacker can also be sued in a civil court for damages above and beyond merely his medical bills. with this evidence he can recover tens of thousands for pain and suffering without even lifting a finger. any personal injury lawyer would jump all over the case and only charge him a percentage of the damages if they should recover $$ for him. and they will. take the fucking shirt off this shitheads back. if he's broke, take his car. garnish his wages. make it so he can't go to college. he deserves it. please convince the victim to sue it would be way more satisfying than the pozzed DA giving him a plea deal down to public misconduct or some bullshit like that all cause the victim might've said nigger.a civil court won't give a shit. Take everything he fucking has.

>>275855167WTF is that beanpole faggot, a twilight reject?

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>>275854650Asher Weisberg, filmer

>> deleted all his accounts so he's definitely scared shitless.

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>>275845885dumb WASP

>>275843158this was obviously staged


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>>275858816This is our dilemma user

Clearly a pajeet. Would be nice to watch him die.

>>275845401cc club is full of hipsters and aging socialist punkersif you want to piss off a feminist thats the bar to go toabout 4-5 years ago a dude tried to run over a guy outside and chased him down and then tried to shoot him, pretty wildits no place for a conservative or someone with loose lips when drunk fuck uptown, its been shit for the past five years anyway, drink in the suburbs where its cheap and people treat you like a normal person

>>275856232Wrong. Study Japanese martial arts so you know how to get tf out of the way. Wrestling would end in you getting hit more than you should.

>>275854794this is why the victim also must sue. it's vital. please someone get in touch. I was going crazy trying to get an email to Adam Haner for the same reason so he could ruin Keese Love's life, and sue the city of Portland, the mayor, Oregon State, the governor, Portland PD and BLM for creating or fostering a forseeable hazardous environment actively or through neglecting their duty.(this is how you sue for personal injury, cast a wide net on lots of defendants in hopes that one or two are found liable who have deep pockets) -- but even if he only got Keese I'd take his fucking house away. and every cent he has.they should all do this because prosecutors cannot be trusted to levy justice.

>>275856203They cute.Like what I imagine tolkien had in mind when he created hobbits.

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>>275843158That is probably the most cowardly thing I've seen all day, congratulations.

>>275859863Great point, agreed. Dude should get a personal injury attorney and sue the shit out of this twink.

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>>275859852on the flip side, it might be worth it to take a few hits if it means you get to throw someone and slam them to the ground. personally I've only ever done wing chun, which gets a lot of shit but in the right hands will throw people off. the whole idea is to keep moving forward to the point where your body makes contact with your opponent. you use short, fast strikes to control your opponents movements while also striking them. it's vulnerable to ground game though

>>275859225> forget you can search for his twitter handle and certain words and then archive the google cache.

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>>275843158>not protecting himself at all, even with all that wind upGod what a soi


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>>275860115it's the same old story, it's not about stopping racism, it's about using 'racism' as a pretext to feel a sense of moral superiority and dominate someone else

Respect women or else

Attached: igin women repsectr.png (576x138, 22.69K)

>>275850873You fags dox people amazingly fast. I'm impressed. Looks like this faggot already deleted his twitter

>>275843158This is outside the CC Club in Mpls. When did this happen?

>>275845228>cold-clockedare we just gonna ignore the fact that's not the saying?

>>275843158Kill yourself, nigger

>>275843158This scrawny "tough guy" is going to be facing up to 7 or 10 years in prison Going to be a rough ride for prettyboy's asshole

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>>275845401>>275846172>>275859813Lol. MNanons are all over the place here

>>275854090You can take the boggin out of the bog, but you can't take the bog out of the boggin.

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>>275856354I only care about the leaf claw. Need amazon link plz

>>27586181317 if they go max and consecutive but he'll probably get 1 year probation on some bullshit misdemeanor.

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He also admits to being at the Minneapolis riot when they broke in the police station. Pic >>275861200here

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>>275859813Also reminder that you are more vulnerable when drunk or high If you drink in public make sure you keep it to only a couple drinks

>>275859732cant tell if pajeet or italian or jewish, is there really a difference though? whoooo caaaares

>>275861620Not sure, but it seems that he has moved to >gofundme /f/joe039s-move-to-boulderand his buddies name is Asher Weisberg>


>>275862100They cant give him both of those charges as the latter is a just a more severe version of the former 10 years max for that If he has a clean record he will probably get off on 3-5 years of Felony probation If he dosent it will probably be 3-5 years in prison, he will only get the max if he pisses off the judge by being a preachy little faggot, which is likely >T. Former criminal who was arrested 7 times before he got his shit together

>>275861284Look at the size of his arm hahaha can snap that with pair of pliers


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>>275845228white racists never stood a chanceknowing the truth about race doesn't mean anything when part of you still strives to be civil and avoid violence, even when under attackthat's not even mentioning the fact that everyone who speaks out against racists believe that violence is a normal and justified response to "hate speech"only fanatics manage to overcome the subconscious and irrational shame of being a race realist

>>275861250he was clearly plastered retard


>>275863118Oh right lmao at my retarded ass for skimming it. Yeah, that still sounds hopeful. Dude will probably get off easy though since it was in Minneapolis and he's an injun and he was ending racism. I hope he gets what you predicted though, his scrawny twink preachy ass is gonna get bought and sold for stogies over the next few years

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>>275863407I can lift 200 lbs. with one arm and have lost in arm wrestles to smaller natives and orientals before. Slim sinewy guys are often stronger than one might expect.


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>>275861942the smug look on his face with the hipster hair... add to that winding up and cracking some blind drunk guy with a blunt objectThey can't lock this fag up fast enough


>>275864778This dude is a dyel though. No sinews there because he has zero muscular development. Arm wrestling is also a terrible metric for strength. Technique has a lot to do with it as well as genetics. Some people have terrible structure around the part of the arm that does most of the arm wrestling and others are genetic freaks. Strong tendons and the right skeletal structure matter more than just muscle, although for someone with the right genetics and technique, adding muscle is still a huge boost. Look up Devon Larratt. Genetic freak, but he also has his arm wrestling-specific muscle training down. Other pro arm wrestlers look like dyels but they beat bodybuilders and shit with ease

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>>275843158>'s just mad because his ancestors were weak and now they have to live on plots of land designed by the winners.

>>275861942haha what a gay faggot. doing the little kissy face and myspace angles. what a TWINK. string em up.

>>275854650>This account doesn’t existlmao that was fast

>>275862330>brown bodies of color>rest in power>showed out

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>>275854090>account deleted

>>275861813>This scrawny "tough guy" is going to be facing up to 7 or 10 years in prisonyeah i wish, probably wont even do a day in jail.

>>275855167I live near boulder, I'll keep a look out for that bike.


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>>275843158Jesus Christ he didn't relax. He went to sleep. What the hell was he thinking?

>>275859225Chief glistening anus

>>275843158i unironically ate a niggers arm yesterday

>>275865807>this account never existed

>>275843158People that black out drunk are so easy to manipulate to say stupid shit, I've got a recording of my Asian friend saying "Gooks are all niggerfaggots."

Amerimutts are subhuman i want them and everyone in this thread to die.

>>275857004>>275857249>work out everyday>build up muscle mass>literal fit muscle god>capable of defending self and other in physical confrontations>get shot by nigger>die anyway

>>275861284the skateboard in the backkek

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>>275865092it's not a smug look, it's the sign of a narcissist trying to look cool or attractive


Whites, jews and Asians are subhumans degenerates

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>>275843767>Klingon how dare you

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>>275850045Why are the kids ears pieced?

>>275867257didn't need to see that

>>275862330>post like you have a coalition>7 people like it


>>275867257why do have that saved on your computer?

2020 would be a good time to bring “Porch Monkey” back?Who’s coming with?

I don't understand this. I glassed a cunt for looking at me funny. If someone was swinging a skateboard I'd stomp him. Im so confused about this.

>>275868753I guess the skateboard is the wigger equivalent of a gat?

>>275843158I messaged the guy saying "this you?" and got blocked.

>>275868753guy was drunk as fuck, but still retarded apparently.

>>275843158no one in that video is a "white boi"

>>275843158Remember skateboards cannot be used as lethal weapons

>>275851325Since when is kek for new fags. Maybe since discord trannies and actual newfags have been ran off plebbit. Fuck off nigger. Kek has been here and will always be here.

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>>275844759Every time.Every single fucking time I see a jogger fight, it's either by sucker punching the other guy or by being 4+ vs 1.

Joseph C Crowshoe2010 Ridge Dr #14St Louis Park, MN 55416Kirk and Jackie Crowshoe(952) 486-1078 - Wireless(763) 545-8873 - Landline(651) 431-4676 - Wireless

>>275850873>>275850949the absolute fucking state of these college goys, ruining their entire lives to defend criminals and politicians.


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>>275870260did you not see the photos of him he's native

>>275850949>>275850873Good job based user

>>275867257haha says you chimp just lookup the black horse fucker on the young turks spade

>>275869099messaged on what?