Your politics are directed by your penis

>If you have a blonde fetishYou become a white nationalist / National Socialist.>If you want to fuck anything that movesYou become a communist/anarchist.>If you have yellow feverYou become an IQ nationalist.>If you are ashamed of your sexualityYou become a conservativeSimple

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>>275842201>implying asians with eyes like that exist in the wild

>>275842201>tfw iq nationalist

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>>275842201Gotta preserve your raceToa tyrone n pajeet bite the bullet why can’t u


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Im a vorefag, what do I get?

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>>275842201Meh, married to vietnamese cutie plucked from the Mekong Delta. We just like being Trump supporting hermits together, although she is a bigger Trump fan than me and despises Democrats calling them demons. She has lefty family on the west coast that she is baffled by. She grew up in a Communist nation with China being a looming threat as a northern neighbor, so how anybody could support the kind of politics and people that strangled her country is incomprehensible to her and being exposed to information that isn't state controlled made her realize just how much you shouldn't trust news in general. All that and my house is spotless, meals are delicious and fresh, and she is cute as a button. Best thing to ever happen to me.


>>275842201Nah, I’m a Hugo Chavez socialist and have never been interested in fucking any chick that wasn’t blonde naturally or artificially. Pic is wifey. BTFO

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>>275842201Im a Nationalist and prefer girls with dark hair but light eyes.

>>275842201I have yellow fever and yet I’m still NatSoc. Imagine that.

>>275842201>if you want to fuck kidsYou become a libertarian


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>>275842201>IQ nationalist.There's an interesting idea.

>>275843642>all this talk and no kidsAlmost perfect.

>>275843642Your kids will look nothing like you, and all have mental illnesses.

>>275843952>I’m a Hugo Chavez socialistwhy are you admitting you’re a retard

>>275844362yeah green eyes and brown hair is really nice combo.

Eh, I only really like Japanese women when it comes to Asian women. But, that's because they look whiteish without being like 140+lbs.

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>>275842201I have a fetish for girls with smaller breasts, dark hair, medium height, a slightly muscular build, and short hair.Fuck you for taking away my tomboys!

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>>275844746blue is best but green is pretty good too

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>>275843642Lol your girl is self hater you’re gonna get elliots

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>>275842201Redhead/Celtic or Jomon. Either/or. What am I?

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>>275845937That only happened because Yoko Ono is Jomon.A Vietnamese wife will give you weird looking flat face kids.

>>275842201I've fucked over a dozen women, came on their faces, fucked them in the asshole you name it.And I post here, so do the math.

>>275843138Irrevocably based

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>>275844764The kikes will one day pay for this transgression.

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>>275846054>Tfw Jomon gf Feels good man. I make both white roasties and purity spiraling wignats seethe

>>275846349If your son is white-passing, it might actually be worse since you live in Japan. Because then he'll just get bullied at school for looking different.

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>>275846349The (((korean))) fears the Jomon

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>>275846206Yup, in the next 200 years by my estimates. Good luck on your quest user! I'll be trying my best as well.

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>>275844526Waiting for the rona to settle down before we start having kids.>>275844647>your kids will look nothing like youI'm an ameri-mutt. The gene pool is hardly pure to worry about dirtying.>>275845577Nah, she just loves me a lot. Her family loves me too, except her Grandma who spit in my face when she met me because she hates Americans. Pretty based old lady, I got no hate for her. Live to be 100 running on pure salt? Gotta respect that.

>>275844407Basicaly same as etnic nationalist

>>275846206I don't habe the tombpy respecter image macro on mobile. But goddamn it hurts to see this. A grown woman has the right to be flat athletic and sexy goddamnit. How do we stop this?

>>275843138lol, she looks like my jackass sister in law.

If you like tomboys you become a schizophrenic primitivist


>>275848095I want to fuck ur sister in law

>>275842201No man is attracted to disgusting flatxilla chinks


>>275847919>>275846713I don't know, brother, but on the day of the rope I will see recompense for their actions.

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>tfw no umi mitoma gfWhy live lads? I just want a chubby Asian gf to eat food and cuddle with

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>>275842201>IQ nationalistI suppose that's correct, however for the most part I'm simply attracted to feminine women. Pair that with my hatred of fat pozzed white women.

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>>275842201Mine doesn't match up though so you are full of shit.

>>275842528High caste Thai girls. Mine has huge shimmering eyes and a great smile.

>>275842201What if my fetish is femdom and feminization?

>>275842201No, your politics are a direct reflection of your morality.

>>275849289By what race?

>>275849072>feminine women>brap picYou are inconsistent


>>275842201If you think with your dick you're a moron.

>>275849491By a White woman.

>>275842201My wife has very dark brown hair, pale white skin and blue eyes. I have dark haired pale children and dirty blonde tan children(like me). You’re a low iq moron. My politics has no relation to women, because I’m rational and women are not.t. NatSoc

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>politics: natsoc >sexuality: colonization

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>>275844316What about old Asian Hags

>>275849037Just go to japan they are everywhere. People will have you believe japs are all skinny as fuck but theres a lot of thicc japs. I went there last year with my gf. And my gf had this cocky attitude thinking she would be the curviest women in the whole country. Admittedly she had huge tits and a big ass. But when we went there together last year she was extremely insecure and we ended up breaking up. The amount of big fat japanese asses i saw there was mindblowing. I'm talking like pawg status. Same amount of curves as you would expect alexis texas or someshit to have. Of course there's a lot of skinny as fuck girls who are actually really beautiful and insanely cute. But there's a lot of women over there with crazy amount of ass. I was legitimately following women just staring at thier big fat asses jiggling in their tight office apparel like a creep. No fucks given. Ended up hooking up with a bunch of them after i broke up with my gf.

>>275849753Will be living like you shortly, user. My fiancée wants four minimum and no odd numbers.

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>>275849037you need to holiday in Indonesia, that's all i'm gonna say

>>275850097Tiger mom matriarchy?

>>275850058I have never met a single black woman irl that I would ever consider putting my dick in. I've met some that were visually pleasant but then the smell hits me and it just kills any potential attraction. I have no idea how they can generate such powerful stink to turn my stomach when I have gotten used to the smell of cow farms and a paper plant.

>>275842201>he thinks asian women are different from white women

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>>275850058If im allowed to breed black women, my sisters may find it appropriate to burn coal.. what do?

>>275843138IQ nationalist reporting in

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burning the rice is just biological white flight

>>275842201>If you have a blonde fetish>You become a white nationalist / National Socialist.Not attracted to blonde women and I'm a fascist ethnonationalist. Fuck off you dumb gook.

>>275850386Good job man! I only have three and we’re done because we started late and we are old people 40’s with young children. I deeply regret the brainwashing that caused my wife and I to have children late, but they’re all healthy happy children. I congratulate you on your upcoming marriage and family!

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>>275850296Guess I gotta go to Japan

>>275850296That's a long way to say people get overweight in Japan too

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>>275850771>5chan incels talking about relationship.this is like saying Holla Forums know what woman are thinking.

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>>275850771Plenty of good asian women. Japan is not a good example of Asian countries, amazingly enough. Japan is god damn boring and has a lot of western influences on the culture in negative ways. S. Korea is becoming that way too, but not as bad. Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, and more still promote trad wife roles very heavily. Phillipines too, but that's more Mexican than Asian.

>>275850908If you go black, you cannot come back!

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>>275851400Yea im planning on going again once we can travel again. Just don't go there with a girlfriend. Biggest mistake i ever made. Bitch almost ruined my trip because she was seething how there was actually women there who were curvier then her. After i couldn't handle her shit anymore i just broke it off and immediately downloaded tinder and hooked up with a thicc bitch to go drink. An hour later she took me a love hotel and we fucked like rabbits till morning. Only had like a couple days of being single so i couldn't fuck around as much. But i took advantage and banged as many as i could. Hooked up with 10 of them and we could barely even communicate. They spoke like almost no english.

>>275851655Exactly what I thought hahah

>>275851655That's nice chub.

>>275851364Thanks, user. And don't feel bad; you're still above the replacement rate fertility.

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>>275842201>You have a gay fetishYou become OPSimple

>>275845828Confused. Gotta pick, my man.


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>>275843138so you're a midwit yellow fever coomer

>>275842201>>If you are ashamed of your sexuality>You become a conservativeTHEY JUST HAVE ENOUGHT TO FUCK

>>275842201High IQ nationalist but also ashamed of sex


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>>275842201I want blood in the streets. Is that why I married a Latina?

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>>275851655I don't like fat women unless they're Asian. There's something about fat Asian girls that makes me want to fuck them. I mean, yes I am into other types of Asian girls as well, but a fat Asian is a bit of a fetish of mine (wouldn't marry though).

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>>275842201Conservative that wants to fuck all kinds of w*men but with a slight preference for ethnic poon reporting in.

>>275850908She is a woman, she must obey her brother and father commands.You tell her, only men are allowed to race mix and she must understand it.

>>275842201You may be right.My entire life goal is to put at least 6 kids inside a blonde cutie and I'm pretty nazi. I'm not blonde myself, but 100% Euro. Forgive me blonde guys, but your women are just too hot and I must breed them.

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>>275852720Why do you keep posting your picture here? It's like the 3rd time I've seen itNobody gives a shit

>>275842201But I'm a monarchist and I want to fuck all the pretty girls.

>>275845577>mutt>not hapa

>>275842201This is probably the most retarded thing i readed in all my years in 4chan, and that is not a small thing to say, i used to browse /r9k/, Holla Forums and Holla Forums a lot.lmao, what a fucking retard you are. I bet you think you discovered some deep shit or whatever.

>>275850296This. I’ve dated some thick Asian girls that breaks black girls egos.


>>275842201>retard projections from a 21 year old kid who thinks he's figured out all of life while smoking weed for the first timekys faggot

>>275853397>mutt>hapapick two

I want to go there too, but I'm trying to figure out the logistics of such a travel. Any advice?

>>275852720Yeah I would never post a pic of my wedding day on pol but congrats she’s cute


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>>275853238wow rude

My pregnant Japanese wife will continue the white race in her warm and loving womb

>>275853638that’s just a random konyoku

>>275844647You will have no kids

>>275842201my penis is saying the European and Asian peoples should unite

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>>275842201What if I have a fetish for slim pale brunettes?

>>275842201I'm bisexual (have had numerous sexual encounters with men, all bottoms), have also performed CBT on a man, but plan on moving to Japan someday and settling down with a Japanese woman whom I may plant my seed in her fertile womb. I identify as a fascist, also I'm autistic.

>>275852720you're both cute

>>275842201i dont really care about race or hair colorI just want a qt gf that loves meWhat does that make me?I think i'm a centrist, but i don't really care for identity politics.

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>>275851655designed to birth white eurasian children

>>275843138If you aren't an IQ nationalist then you might be gay

>>275842201I am a white nationalist/IQ Nationalist (pretty much the same) but I wouldn’t touch a chink woman with a ten foot pole and I prefer med women, specifically Levantine waifus

>>275842201>>If you are ashamed of your sexuality>You become a conservative>tfw a furry but also conservativeshit you're right

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>>275856744I would think exactly the same if it weren't for kids. That's why I can only go for East-Asian, Slavs, and European qt3.14s.

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>>275842201I fall into all of these categories sexually and I identify politically as a misanthrope.

>>275850763Niggers are the most disgusting smelling creatures. I live in an apartment and there’s two nigger families that live across from eachother and omg the smell in that part of the hallway is unbearable thank god I rarely have to walk past it.

>>275853155Blonde men are cucks and far inferior to brown hair blue/green eyed men.

I politically identify as a coomer

>>275842201ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY!Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

>>275852691>here bro, here's your asian gf

>>275842201White girls are hot as fuck you are correct

>>275858190I may be biased but white euro man with dark brown hair + white euro blonde woman is the most aesthetic pairing by far. Just so hot, nothing even comes close.

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>>275842201>muh dickNigger detected

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>>275856744That makes you an effeminate faggot who doesn't understand women yet.

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>>275854820Excuse me where did you find that picture of perfection and top tier wife material?

>>275861107There is this thing called reverse image search.

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>>275842201Never really been that attracted to blondes especially, always White women women.>>275856924Why would I want my people displaced because Asians have slightly higher IQs while producing less geniuses?


>>275843449>squinting vs not squintingoh no no nosomeone doesn't know what an epicanthal fold is

>>275842201This is the most fucking retarded thread I've ever read in 4chan, and I've been in 4chan since 2005

>>275862490>>275864094Cheers. This girl should definitely be producing lots of white babies!

>>275852720Lucky man

>>275864742She’s actually ugly as fuck for an asian. Like bugs are ugly but she’s disgusting.


>>275842201sounds about right

>>275850296You've never been to Japan. XD