What is jewish involvement in creation of islam?

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allah is fake and muhammad was retarded

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>>275837321Real question is: What is Israeli involvement in the support of Saudi Arabia terrorism?

>>275838101Everybody here knows about 911 for example.

>>275837321I don't think they contributed at all tbqh.Mohammed murdered Jews (including a well known Meccan Jewish poet who called him out on his bullshit)everything he learned about Judaism/Christianity were from traders he met, and then he combined that with Arab paganism.Voila, Islam.

Jews created Islam and Christianity as a means of control. They were also the only reliegon permitted to financially gain from interest thus boosting them far ahead of other religions economically. This gave them unipolar power in terms of leading media, government and the narrative.

>>275839307Why they leave redpills about themselves in the books then?

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>>275837321mohammad asked the jews to convert, they refused.

Sarah... God said to Abraham, "Look toward the heaven and number the stars and so shall your descendants be." But Abraham's wife, Sarah, wasn't getting any younger, and God wasn't coming through on His promise... CONT

>>275841053Anyway, Sarah was getting older, and she was getting nervous because she didn't have any children. So she sent Abraham to the bed of her maid, Hagar, and Abraham and Hagar had Ishmael. And not long after they did, God kept His promise to Sarah, as He'd always intended to, and Abraham and Sarah had Isaac. And Sarah said to Abraham, "Cast out this slave woman with her son, for the son of the slave woman will not be heir with my son Isaac." And so it began: the Jews, the sons of Isaac. The Arabs, the sons of Ishmael. But what most people find important to remember is that, in the end, the two sons came together to bury their father.

>>275837321So they basically created them only to BTFO them?like the jewish state had 5 wars, and raped the muzzies in every single one.There is no involvement of anyone in creation of Islam, other than a cucks, who wanted a reason to justify their pedophilia and insecurity to control their women.

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>>275837560nice try . The ka'ba isnt black . The whole outer cover was installed since the kike royality came . Muslims wont fall for your kikery . Look at pissraeli officials and russian officials . And how closely they ressemble each other . Russians dont get to talk on this subject

>>275841614Are indians even human ?How come every time a shill thread spawns from the pit of kikery . A pajeet is always ready to report with his infinte hatred to islam . The fact that the mere existance of muslims makes kikes / whites / niggers and shitskins seeth and chip amazed me since birth . Go take a shower in cow dung you subhuman soulless creature . Dont even bother to reply and smear shit all over my comment

>>275842823>Russians dont get to talk on this subjectFreeze peach do you heard about it? You not in that time civilisationally yet.

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>>275837433seeth and cry . Will not even insult you .

>>275842823Your religion affirms talmudism by plagiarizing from it. Your a kike

>>275843335>The fact that the mere existance of muslimsNot that fact. This one youtube.com/watch?v=Qd2BAgD1TqQAnd fact that jews is pumping you into europe.

>>275843374>civilisationally >do you heard about it ?Go back to school kike . Ur drunk and stupid . No one but a troll replys with "butthurt" . Such a quick response with image attached too . You arent doing ur job very well . I dont think you will get paid

>>275838101Israel and Saudi are better allies than they are with the US. They combined intel to do 9/11 (only Israel has the technology in the middle east to copy US passports) for the US to go blow the shit out of every other country but theirs.Israel and the Saudi Royalty (not the people) want to split the middle east down the middle for each other. That is why every strong leader has been killed since 9/11.


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>>275843857But how is that possible with Greater Israel plans? It's basically on Saudis territory.

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>>275843857Finally some good sense . A man with higher than avg iq

>>275837321Muhammad was a (((redheaded))) (((merchant))) and (((pedophile))) in the Middle East who created a (((cult))) to gather a lot of power over idiots. (((His))) religion was based on the (((abrahamic))) faith.

>>275844111will not watch that shit . All these fancy names for shitty things wont sway me . Civilisation / freedom / and revolution are nothinf but paintes warcrys . Nothing has changed since 3000 years in the middle east . Some tribe kicked jews out . Jews got back in hiding under new names and nationalitys recently . Soon they will fuck things up . Get what they want and leave . Only a retard and a zionist will defend israel . Even jewish people hate zionists and israelis . Why do a "russian " . Allegedly . Start his hyperactivity or retarded linking and shitposting to comvince what he refers to as inferior or inhuman . You arent that stupid . Do you get ur rocks off . On shitposting ?

>>275839751Gaslighting bullshit, they do it all the time so (((you))) can ask retarded questions like this:>>275837560And jews are fucking arabs, they just invented a new identify while invading Europe.

>>275843857>(only Israel has the technology in the middle east to copy US passports)And why they need it? US government was involved in it too.

>>275845286>you >will>never>win

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>>275842823>The whole outer cover was installed since the kike royality cameThis is interesting. They did a lot of transform the Middle East into a third world shithole like they did with Europe during the Middle Ages.>>275844415Third world idiots backstab each other all the time.

>>275845598Show flag.

>>275843335>his infinte hatred to islamCorrect.>The fact that the mere existance of muslims makes kikes / whites / niggers and shitskins seeth and chip amazed me since birthhave you ever thought that It is because you offend the sensibilities of humanity, with your pedophilic, cucked, religion which has contributed nothing to the development of humankind, and only ever siphoned away resources and culture.The cradle of mudslimes, the arab world is nothing more than goat herders who got oil.You pathetic cunts are so weak that a country, less than 1% the size of the entire middle-east, is raping and bombing you for decades.>cow dungLol, says the camel piss guzzler.

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>>275845982> The fact that the mere existance of muslims makes kikes / whites / niggers and shitskins seeth and chip amazed me since birthand not niggers, for some reason the largest ethnicity of people who convert to Islam, are niggers. Just look at Mali. (africa is infested with imams and mullas)But, lol. does that say a lot of your retarded religion

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Abraham built the Kabba.

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Jews created Islam and Christianity or must of had a serious monopoly on convincing theology that became widespread. Judaism is the original Abrahamic religion and spread rapidly throughout the caucus region up into Russia from the Levant presumably if their claim is true and down throughout the middle east a few centuries later. Jesus was a jewish raised mystic scholar and Mohamed traveled to medina and studied the form of abrhamic faith that existed at that time which was an early form of both Islam and Judaism as there wasn't a distinction at this point and created a branch that became widespread in Arabia and spread throughout Persia and eventually the caucus region through conquest but at this time Christianity had already spread to Europe and became prominent. It was either extreme Babylonian black magic that the Jews adopted that was so convincing it spread like the plague or they were conspiring back then to

>>275837321Yes, Muhammad was a Jew.One of Muhammad’s favorite wives was Safiya, a Jewish woman who belonged to the Banu Nadir, a Jewish tribe based in Medina (Yathrib).Safiya’s father, Huyayy ibn Akhtab, was the chief of the Jewish Banu Nadir tribe, and her mother, Barra Bint Samawal, was a Jewish member of the Banu Qurayza, another Jewish tribe based in Medina.Muhammad, however, made clear that she was his wife, making Safiya one of the “Mothers of the Believers” — the veritable Jewish mom of Islam.Even today, the name “Safiya” (also spelled “Safiyya,” “Safiyah,” and “Safiyyah”), meaning “pure,” is a popular feminine name among Muslims.But how could Safiya’s Jewish family have let Muhammad marry their Jewish daughter? Under Jewish law, a Jewish girl can only marry a Jewish man — one who has a Jewish mother or who has converted to Judaism. Fortunately, the marriage was kosher because Muhammad was in fact a Jewish man — with an overbearing Jewish mother of his very own.archive.vn/Sap8K

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>>275839094>Mohammed murdered JewsHe murdered a lot of people jews christians pagans and other arabs as wellDoesn't mean much excepted the fact this merchant was nothing but a greedy self-claimed prophet

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>>275841045This is how jews put the mad in muhammad :Muhammad’s Jewish connections extend even beyond his Jewish mother, Amina, and his Jewish wife, Safiya. Muhammad’s own Quraysh tribe (from his patrilineal lineage) also independently claimed descent from Ishmael, the son of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Hājar (Hagar). Abraham, of course, is often called “Father Abraham” and is considered the original patriarch of the Jewish nation.Indeed, Muhammad claimed that he received the divine revelations of the Qu’ran through the archangel Jibril (Gabriel) — an archangel from Jewish tradition who also appeared to the Jewish prophet Daniyal (Daniel).the Qu’ran itself essentially reads as a prophetic commentary on Jewish monotheism, similar to the Book of Ashiʻyā’ (Isaiah). The stories only even make sense if one has familiarity with the original Jewish stories, as Muhammad undoubtedly had from his Jewish mother.->During Muhammad’s day, anti-Islam Jews attempted to “refute” the Qu’ran by showing inconsistencies between the text and the Jewish Tanakh, such as the requirement for four witnesses (per Arab tradition) instead of two witnesses (per Jewish tradition) to prove a fact.->Muhammad solved the problem by declaring portions of the Tanakh “corrupted,” but the Qu’ranic stories still only make sense if one knows the underlying Jewish traditions.archive.vn/Sap8KJews refused then to follow one of their own who was seen as a dangerous mind

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>>275843857Initially Saudis were jewsJudaism is their primary identity and rootsEven jewish intellectuals themselves have recognized this historical fact :"Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom"haaretz.com/archaeology/.premium-before-islam-when-saudi-arabia-was-a-jewish-kingdom-1.5626227

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>>275837321Christianity was taking off and they figured they needed some opposition for them in a few hundred years

>>275847057Are you serious with that pic?

>>275844957He was a jewish merchantNot really a pedophile since he married a woman who was older than him in the first placeJust meaning he used to have sex with girls (and boys) but not exclusively children

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>>275837321Mohammad was a Jewish merchant Prince trained in the Sadducee rabbinical traditions.You tell me.

>>275837321Muhammed was the son of a moon god. He was from the moons of saturn and was only sent to destroy jesus christ.

>>275846312The past of islam was jewishThe future of islam will be black

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>>275837321Read Hagerism by the late Patricia Crone. She knew a dozen ancient languages and wrote a book on the Jewish influences on Muhammad and Islam, but she had to renounce it probably because it's quite critical to both

>>275837321Zero. That’s why Islam is based

>>275847171Also interesting question. How did jews know about north Saturn pole hexagon since it was discovered only in 1981 by Voyager mission. Or some conclusions is false or it's all becoming very interesting.

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>>275849877The reason why there's no pictures of muhammad is because he was not handsomeHe was a rich jewish merchant and also a kind of a guru but physically talking he was not handsomeThat's why there's no paintings of him and his dark skin and his hooked noseHe probably looked like either this>>275846401or Colin K.

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>>275837321To exploit human nature for control, power, and money. If youre a sociopath it sounds like a great idea who can't believe how easy it is!

muhammad Was pal and he was ginger native middle east ppl r cacusain the profit would have been in doors and covered up when out thats y he was pal other wise he would of been darker being out side also arab means mixed they used to be called something eles but because they enslaved and brought over 200 millon nigroids all over from west afica where black ppl come from to all over north afica the middle east and raped sheboons had mutts who then raped southern Europeans and native white north aficans and middle eastern ppl thats y there all mutts

>>275837321These middle easteners must have been smoking a ton of hashish and other psychedelics. Religion comes from these "mystics" tripping and attempting to write what their trip was about.

>>275851132Satanic/demonic influence?

>>275837321the closest apostles of jesus were jewish, user.; therefore whatever you're talking about is something good

>>275837321Muhammed is a reptilian and came to earth from a meteor and is still alive today.

>>275839094>I don't think they contributed at all tbqh.>everything he learned about Judaism/Christianity were from traders he metWell, that was their contribution - he heard stories from jewish traders and grafted them on to the pagan idol his father liked (one of 360 in the kaaba). He repeatedly confirmed the torah was true, but the problem is he never actually read it and he was way off on most stuff, so modern muslims have to try and say the torah was corrupted even though we have copies from centuries before mohammed and nothing has changed. Same for the gospels.

>>275854434and part of the meteor that he came from is still on the kaaba in mecca.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Stone#

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>>275839094The first thing the Muslims did when they conquered Jerusalem was lift the ban on Jews living there.

>>275843857Once Israel defeat all middle powers. Israel will call on Uncle Sam to anhilate Saudi; that is the plan. Saudis are getting scammed on prospects of Jenie energy and other loopback investment strategies.

>>275854846Interesting looking toilet

>>275846401Finished article.>>275850542And article about that book. This group was something like a golem and then it get out of control (like it always do). This is what in general it's about?

>>275838101They are both of the khazarian mafia organization as per the intel community(aka deep state niggers, etc)

It was a retaliation against rome for creating Christianity to subvert the jewish religion.

>>275852527>he was ginger??????The bottom line: You’re at a higher risk for developing skin cancer if you’re a ginger or even if you have pale skin and light eyes. The same goes for your children or family members with similar characteristics.apderm.com/rock-your-ginger-gene-and-know-your-skin-cancer-risk/

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>>275845206that explains why were so successful while all other shitskin countries are on death row financially and literally. brazilian 80 iq flipflop robber.

>>275851132sky was different before the last cataclysm. saturn was real close.

>>275837321What's in the box?A pig.

>>275854846>meteorRobert Dietz and John McHone proposed in 1974 that the Black Stone was actually an agate, judging from its physical attributes and a report by an Arab geologist that the Stone contained clearly discernible diffusion banding characteristic of agates.The British Natural History Museum suggests that it may be a pseudometeorite, in other words, a terrestrial rock mistakenly attributed to a meteoritic origin.>>275855471>toiletThe Semitic cultures of the Middle East had a tradition of using unusual stones to mark places of worship, a phenomenon which is reflected in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Qur’an, although bowing to or kissing such sacred objects is repeatedly described in the Tanakh as idolatrous and was the subject of prophetic rebuke.The meteorite-origin theory of the Black Stone has seen it likened by some writers to the meteorite which was placed and worshipped in the Greek Temple of Artemis.->Some writers remark on the apparent similarity of the Black Stone and its frame to the external female genitalia and ascribe this to its earlier association with fertility rites of Arabia.->It may have been associated with the pre-Islamic deities al-Rahman and Hubal, to whom the Kaaba was formerly dedicated; Muhammad is said to have called the stone “the right hand of al-Rahman“.psy-minds.com/black-stone-of-kaaba/

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>>275859156Interesting, have any more information on that? I mean wouldn’t the earth be fucking destroyed if the moon was slightly closer or some shit

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>>275843857So the question becomes: What is the tie that binds Saudi Arabia and Israel? What massive crime did they commit together, decades ago, that sealed their union?Did it involve a political assassination? Or assassinations? A quid pro quo in that area?

>>275858906Brazil mutt hasnt been kicked out of every host nation and begged america to make them their own nation.

>>275858906>>275859156There must be a reason why muslims don't eat pork

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>>275837321Islam was created by the Jesuits.

>>275841614India works with them and is yet to feel the wrath of full on liberalism, unless you stop it pajeet, you're next

>>275860270i don't eat pork..... i am not Muslim or Jewish just don't like it

>>275837321A Jewish woman poisoned Mohammed, her reasoning was perfect, and it debilitated him for the rest of his life (4 years)When the apostle had rested, Zaynab d. al-Harith, the wife of Sallam b. Mishkam prepared for him a roast lamb, having first inquired what joint he preferred. When she learned that it was the shoulder she put a lot of poison in it and poisoned the whole lamb. Then she brought it in and placed it before him. He took hold of the shoulder and chewed a morsel of it, but he did not swallow it. Bishr b. al-Bara b. Ma’rur who was with him took some of it as the apostle had done, but he swallowed it, while the apostle spat it out, saying, ‘This bone tells me that it is poisoned.’ Then he called for the woman and she confessed, and when he asked her what had induced her to do this she answered: ‘You know what you have done to my people. I said to myself, If he is a king I shall ease myself of him and if he is a prophet he will be informed (of what I have done).’ So the apostle let her off. Bishr died from what he had eaten.Marwan b. Uthman b. Abu Sa’id b. al-Mu’alla told me: The apostle had said in his illness of which he was to die when Umm Bishr d. al-Bara came to visit him, ‘O Umm Bishr, this is the time in which I feel a deadly pain from what I ate with your brother at Khaybar.’ The Muslims considered that the apostle had died as a martyr in addition to the prophetic office with which God had honoured him.Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, "O 'Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison."

>>275837321>dieing in a ditch



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>>275843335gonna graduate from that camel rectum to a nine year old's snatch yet Abdool?>seethe* faggot.

>>275861242What did Aisha narrate when Mohammed popped her cherry in the fourth grade?

>>275837321Kabbalah : Kaaba of Allah : house of god All abrahamic mind control for the Goyim.

>>275837321The Jewish role was in trying to subvert and crush the growth of Islam. And they failed