Chinese CCP got scammed.Discuss

Chinese CCP got scammed.Discuss.

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>>275825955Why didn't they just import Pringles?

>>275825955> wuhanthis place is starting to turn up more often than Broward county

>>275825955Who/whom would do this?I imagine this kind of scam isn't exactly a small scale operation, especially considering the closed markets and obtrusive nature of the CCP?

IT’S BECAUSE THEY CAN’T GET SPECIAL ACID WHICH IS ONLY MADE IN THE USA!,AHAHAHA I TOLD YOU NORONS OVER AND OVER! Without this special acid China can’t make nanometer scale chips. It’s back to micrometers! They might be able to make 555 timers and old school integrated circuits with large features, but they can’t make anything newer than a mid-2000’s Godson.CHINA CAN’T BUY SPECIAL ACID, ENTIRE CHIPMAKERS NOW FAILING, JUST LIKE I SAID!

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>>275827049I'll bite, what is this special acid called?

>>275827383It’s specially pure hydrofluoric acid made specifically because nothing else can etch such small feature sizes reliably. Ultra pure, and it’s such nasty stuff that it will etch quartz, so it goes bad in 3-4 months. It is only produced in the USA.


>>275827383Acid, Type Special, Not For Export To China

>>275827722Why can’t the Chinese produce it?

>>275827722>>275827827Thank you

>>275827913Because they can only copy poorly, they can not create anything technical that has zero room for chinesium without their hands held.

>>275827722Explain and provide links. This is intriguing.

>>275827827KekI still have the sense of humor of a 12 year old

>>275827827Fucking faggot wop. This is a serious discussion.

>do business with chinks>get scammedthis is new

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>>275827049pretty much this, they have zero legal access to advanced manufacturing equipment and the chemicals they need to run.there are a bunch of tools and their chemicals that are ITAR regulated.

>>275828073Whoever is qualified to make hydrofluoric acid is about to be very rich.

So it's not really a scam then, a crucial supply failure instead?

>>275827049Pls tell me there's titfuck videos of the chick you posted.

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>>275827722I though the Japanese made it? There was some arguments a while ago about them not shipping it to South Korea and fucking over Samsung

Don't worry. Once they take over Taiwan, they'll just move Qualcomm to mainland.


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>>275828597Invading Taiwan would break trade relations meaning they have no one to sell their products to.

>>275827913Lurk some China Rekd threads.

20 billion in investments from the CCP or retarded Americans? Either way, more faggot chink firms that flop and stay dead are good by me.


>>275827049How do I profit from this?

>>275828413It's not about making it. That's high school chemistry. It's about purifying it to the required levels. Any contaminants at all destroy chips when your working at the nm scale.


>>275826502If you didn't know, Wuhan to the rest of China is kind of how we see Cincinnati or Cleveland. Boston if we mean historically.

>>275827913HF is one of the most dangerous chemicals in a FAB, as its odorless and looks/feels like water on the skin. look up HF burns, its not like HCl at all, F seeks perfect bonding and will continue jumping atoms until it finds Calcium.

>>275828358Typical incompetence of a ZOG authoritarian government. Brazil had lots of peak retard moments during the CIA/frreemason/jewish-backed military dictatorship.

>>275828597That's an American company retard, not Taiwanese. Also, the chinks have no ability to take over Taiwan or they already would have. They're literally breeding with niggers because their own men make such worthless soldiers.

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>>275826807it was a startup type dealall startups operate in good faith and can easily be scams. Huge possibility for abuse

>>275828097Not him but worked at oil refinery that had areas that dealt with HFIt eats your bones before it gets your soft tissues, we had to have full rain suits just to go in the unit

>>275829484>F seeks perfect bonding and will continue jumping atoms until it finds Calcium.So it just keeps going until it reaches bone?

>>275829016start an onlyfans account

>>275829484>continue jumping atoms until it finds Calcium.Jesus that’s scary.

>>275829522Kek I'll post this next time Canadian changs post about the American nigger virus.

>>275827383Hydrolactite AcidSold under the product name Mega Milk

>>275829484It'll bond pretty much irreversibly with Ca in your blood/tissues which is worse. Kinda need that for cellular function.

>>275829484Could u explain in detail what that last part means? I saw the burns and they're stomach turning

>>275829630Exactly. To prevent it from getting there, you need to inject some form of calcium deeply till the bone which in itself is toxic and hurts like shit. At least what some lab worker told me.

>>275825955don't worry chap they still own imagination technologies

>>275829630yes, most of the F won't stop until it can find calcium to bind with, primarily from bone.

>>275827913Have you seen China's manufacture safety standards? kek.

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>>275825955The US be killed more than 200,000 people by China Virus.Moreover, most of the people killed by China virus are noncombatants.I can't imagine that the United States, which has been killed more than 50 times the 9/11 terrorism, will take no retaliation against China.

>>275828073>chinesiumIs this the art of making a knockoff of something that looks almost identical on the outside but is cheap garbage on the inside?

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Chinese society is too corrupt to ever make anything properly. Scamming is in their blood so anything you manufacture there they will keep using poorer materials and watering down the product until you notice. The only reason pharma precursors are all made there is because they have no environmental standards and dump all their waste directly in the Pacific Ocean, saving pharma companies billions.


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The only solution is to kill all 1.4 billion Chinese.Otherwise, Americans will be killed by China Virus and Antifa supported by China.

>>275825955>Chinese wechat money

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>>275827722Based. Thanks user.

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>>275831969mostly because metallurgical standards in China are merely vague suggestions

>>275829484It kills you by replacing all the calcium in your nerves with fluorine. There’s no stopping the process.

>>275829016Based ferengi.

Looks like Taiwan will be #1 chipmaker oh nonononono apparently the rich are fleeing China hiding in places like cyprus

>>275832221>Fluoroantimonic acidwhat fucking mad man went and sprayed some antimony pentafloride with his HF?

>>275827049My kinda woman.

>>275833833Three months earlier this spic whore was shouting RAYCISS when Trump banned travel from China.

>>275829442i dont know what you mean by this. i live in columbus how do we see cinci and cleveland? other than shitholes (cinci has really cool architecture imo)

>>275825955The CCP did not get scammed. The people on the board of the company were most likely CCP themselves and this was just classic government corruption.

>>275825955the inheritors think their magic acid is an insurmountable hurdle. it won't be

>>275830602F is a gold digging whore and will jump from man to man until it can find Mr MoneyBags Ca who wont notice cash go missing.

>>275825955Is the factory above water?

china could just steal it from: usa, south korea, any other shithole. they could discover the additive. anyone who knows how to do it is heavily incentivized to the tune of the new global economy will make them the wealthiest person on earth. old money is going to have to work.

>>275830602Fluorine is incredibly electronegative. It looks to bond with basically anything it can (which is why HF is a relatively weak acid despite being so corrosive, fluorine is extremely reluctant to give up the proton it's bound to). Even though it'll form bonds quickly, it'll bond to other atoms that result in a lower energy state overall. When fluorine bonds to calcium, it's in its lowest energy state within biological tissue, and it's essentially irreversible since the bonding is so strong. >>275834220It doesn't replace it, it just binds to it, making it biologically unavailable. If you spill this stuff on you it'll burn you pretty badly, but it won't suddenly cause your entire nervous system to shit the bed given the amount of F is heavily limited compared to the amount of Ca2+.

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>>275832221nice screencap

imagine how scared an american executive would be to tell an asian american spy employee no he can't tour the acid room

>>275837144quality chink cope. Well no problems then right chang? So why are they shutting everything down?

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>>275838191Based chink annihilator

>>275838043they always let the spy tour the acid room they just never leave. well i should say never walk out

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>>275838043chinese men don't intimidate anyone. Their own government is breeding their women with niggers because they're too soft, weak, and low-T and make useless soldiers that get massacred by unarmed pajeets.

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>>275831805Aren't most people dying off corona in the US niggers anyway?

>>275838191its a shame they are, because consumer electronics has never been a hotter market. flying off the shelves. and what a time to expand the office.

Yay state market intervention!

>>275829442>kind of how we see Cincinnati or ClevelandLike this?

>>275827049how the story will end? Will China buy it via a third party (Russia), bootleg-y?

>>275838937There's never been free market exchange between the US and China. All that cheap shit you can buy at Wal Mart or on Amazon is because Chink labor is suppressed enough that it's more economically viable to have a factory full of chinks hand assemble your shit 8000 miles away and ship it across the world to your fat ass than to pay an American to do the same, hell even beaners got skipped in favor of China. That's not "free market" that's the 100% calculated move to weaken the US while strengthening money. They meant to end up with ALL the material, know-how, and infrastructure while we keep trading infrastructure for monopoly money until one day they burst our bubble and suddenly we're too poor to be a world power anymore. Trump is literally the only politician that has done anything to stop it and I HATE some of his policies but because of his stance on China he's won my vote. Take the ccp-pill. Required Reading: >1. Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America - Even a relatively insignificant state can incapacitate a far more powerful enemy by applying pressure to their economic and political systems.>2. Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the China Production Game - reveals industry secrets, including the dangerous practice of quality fade―the deliberate and secret habit of Chinese manufacturers to widen profit margins through the reduction of quality inputs.Required Viewing: >The China Hustle(it's on Netdicks) - An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you've never heard of.

Some user a few months ago talked about why this is happening.Apparently China has almost everything it needs to make semiconductors except one thing which it imports from America.It’s a highly purified acid for the semiconductors.

>>275831517I keep waiting for a leg to come off

>>275842222Don't they already make their own semiconductors?

>>275842392Yes but they imported the acid which they don’t know how to make

>>275827049so are the chinksectoids invading Taiwan or what?

>>275843287>Yes but they imported the acid which they don’t know how to makeThey will steal the formula eventually and send agents to our refineries to sabotage our production.

>>275842222So why don't they just buy off the company making it?

>>275826502Seriously, lmao

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>>275843849Kinetic war

>>275842222China will eventually seek to replace it with japorean acid. So I would be buying into those companies if they dont already ban its trade.

>>275843609Its not a formula but a process that at the chink level would never be financially wise as they cant do shit right and keep it pure that they would need hundreds of manufacturing lines combined to give what one western style production line can do.


>>275841632US is capital intensive: aerospace, pharmacology etc. Manufacturing is no longer relevant. Your echo chamber racist reads are likely unqualified journalist's wank pieces. Youre kikely an old faggot who works in a mill or some shit.


Actually ChemFag here, work in the industry, the acids used for etching quartz and slica wafers are readily available. What isn't available are about 3 chemicals which are usually proprietary to each chip maker and these deal with with creating a uniform surface on a 12" or 8" wafer niggers. Without those they can't create a uniform surface for etching later on... TRUMP2020 !!!

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>>275828436Retarded cumbrain.

>>275825955>chinkland central>scamwew

>>275825955based as fuck

>>275847589> 3 chemicalsWhat kind of chemicals?

>>275825955Can we check with Peter Schweitzer?

>>275849232shid, fard and peepee

>>275825955>Chinese CCP

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>>275834082kek. this is the best description of chinesium I've heard.

One to build up the surface, one used as a linker, and one used to bind the linker... Just Because you you cut silicone or quartz doesn't mean it's at all a uniform surface to build semi conductors on faggot. And, fuck china America #1, why would tell fucking retard.

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>>275825955Who did the investing? Looks like CCP scammed billions off of foreign investors from a precursory glance.

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>>275835235Cleveland and Cincinnati are not as "important" as they once we're, especially Cleveland. Columbus is now the most important city in the state thanks to tOSU and its diversified economy, but also because population growth and because its a landing point for every somali, faggot, and nigger within 300 miles.t. Grandview Heights master race

>>275846281The thing is they will eventually find a way to replicate it.Getting complacent is exactly why China is ahead of us in many areas. Eventually one chink is going to figure it out or trick enough dumbtards to do it for them.We need to widen the gap, so much they are effectively in the stone age.

>>275841632Based and Redpilled. This user gets it. Thank you for the links fren.

>>275827913They haven’t stolen the method yet

>>275828097Dilute solutions are used to frost drinking glasses.

>>275842331They just get mangled and spray blood once they hit the ground fast enough, enough times.

>>275851941>>275846281>>275845987>>275843609>>275843287>>275837144>>275836333Its not about the forumla or additives being unknown. This is just like with why the CCP still cannot produce jet engines that rival ones made in the soviet union in the 90's. The problem is not the what, but the how. It's maintaining the tight quality control standards throughout the entire process to ensure you actually produce the proper product. The issue with the acid, is that it etchs most materials, is hygroscopic, reacts negatively to oxygen, cannot be exposed to any kind of dust particles and if any of these processes occur, the batch is ruined. The details of the production are a set of trade secrets that allow the US to dominate the production of these acids, and we have exactly zero incentive to share the process with anyone else.>>275843849Because said company is in the US and you cannot hide an export of tons of an extremely caustic acid.

>>275826502China has tiered cities in terms of wealth and wellbeing, cities like beijing would be tier 1 and wuhan is too. Goes down to tier 3. It's a big city so its no surprise you see news about it, you're only paying attention to it now because you saw corona come out of it.

>>275847259lol chinese kiwi mad

>>275832221>tl;dr China can't into basic lab and industrial safety and productionoh for fucks sake. I guess all the people memeing about "muh paper tiger" were right if China can't even do something so fucking basic and necessary.

Chip makrs were going to make Shenzhen the new chip capitol but funding and paying off the locals in the province got fucked, they then moved to Zhuhai. It's close to Macao and near many ports... You Honklers just don't get it, it's like the other poster said its the process and machines and also the formulations which would take years to replicate. But the word on the street is that they are getting some machines soon that can automate alot of the process but them chemicals and formulations is a whole other thing. Unless they steal the technology from Taiwan China is fucked in semiconductor manufacturing.

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>>275825955My guess is that no one wants their spy shit anymore.

>>275855174>Its not about the forumla or additives being unknown. This is just like with why the CCP still cannot produce jet engines that rival ones made in the soviet union in the 90's. The problem is not the what, but the how. It's maintaining the tight quality control standards throughout the entire process to ensure you actually produce the proper product. The issue with the acid, is that it etchs most materials, is hygroscopic, reacts negatively to oxygen, cannot be exposed to any kind of dust particles and if any of these processes occur, the batch is ruined. The details of the production are a set of trade secrets that allow the US to dominate the production of these acids, and we have exactly zero incentive to share the process with anyone else.Wouldn't strict compartmentalization at least help with this?Not that I expect them to be competent enough to get this, but still, can't have dipshits fucking everything up if the pool you are recruiting from has no dipshits to begin with.

>>275829484Can confirm, I have a BS in chemistry

>>275858351>Unless they steal the technology from Taiwan China is fucked in semiconductor manufacturing.Sounds like it has a lot less to do with the technology itself rather then the competency of those they are hiring.Its like Afirmative Action in the west, only instead of niggers you got nepotism. Basic what the west went through in the 90s and early 2000s (and still to this day a good bit)

>>275827049based CHINA CAN'T BUY SPECIAL ACID user

>>275858801>Wouldn't strict compartmentalization at least help with this?Not really. The problem in China is they have massive, industrial scale academic fraud. You can compartmentalize all you like, but if the Engineers you hired never once showed to class and cheated on all their tests, it won't matter because they're simply incapable of doing the work.

>>275859062>The problem in China is they have massive, industrial scale academic fraudEveryone has this these days why is China having these problems and not the whole world atm?

>>275825955Paid them in gold cladded lead.

>>275859438One of the first things commies do is kill off the intelligentsia. All you are left with is the most basic of folk. They are now trying to take the idiot villager and turn them in to a chemist.Maybe a few can cut it but most can't

>>275859438No, what you're talking about is in academia, I meant in actual *education*. One province in china tried to prevent high school students cheating on their tests and it ended up in literal

>>275859438There's a difference between the ivory towers and workforce education.

>>275829293China has the money to create an acid refinery in record time. This is a hurdle not a roadblock.

>>275859662The point is that its all a circlejerk and capability is rapidly falling all over, not just in China. What I was asking you was, what makes China so much more worse then the west, that they're having issues like this, whereas despite our cities burning down around us, the west is still churning out all this stuff at the typical industrial levels?

>>275859662And if you're really so naive to think that current western education systems are so much better, go visit one of the thousands of commie infested leftist universities sometime you sperg.

>>275829442>how we see Cincinnati or ClevelandWhat sort of rep are you implying here? Run-down nigger-infested cities past their prime?

>>275859062But you can see the efficacy of their engineers in the tunnels through mountains to Tibet (which Swiss engineers said was impossible) and the bullet trains which outperform decades of Japanese engineering in the field. I fucking hate China but can't deny their engineering ability.

>>275858967I'm calling BS

>>275859824China does not have the expertise. The only skill they ever developed was production line engineering to make things cheaper. They don't have the requisite chemistry knowledge, and probably can't steal the blueprints for the necessary equipment. The Chinese don't spy for political reasons so much as to steal engineering drawings. They're a cargo cult nation.

>>275860509 How much are they paying you?

>>275827049Cope. China will overtake the USA soon.

>>275861142>he said, for the 20th year in a rowYou shills have been saying that since George Bush was president...

>>275832350Hong Kong 97 irl

>>275859952>>275860080Okay hotshot, if there is no difference in the quality of engineers between China and the US, then why can't they make this shit?

>>275831805Wrong Nipfriend. Their death total is much more inline with Europe, you just had shifty democrats doing shit like counting car accident victims, workplace injury victims, and shooting victims as Covid deaths because hospitals are getting financial kickbacks for covid deaths and covid patients regardless of them actually having the virus or not, and sticking confirmed cases into nursing homes (looking at you, New York State, Michigan, and Illinois.) So long as they have crown virus antibodies (seriously, even the global standard tests don't differentiate between types of crown viruses) you were a guaranteed paycheck for US hospitals, so onto the list you go.

>>275862364That's the point I'm making you mongoloid

>>275831969Thats the (quiet) industry name for Chinese steel. Say you order 1000 sheets of 10ga stainless steel from a Chinese cotnractor. About 200 of those sheets (enough to pass testing) will be 10ga stainless, the rest will be a mix of whatever random guages they could throw on the pallet, and outright mystery meat metal made out of only god knows what.

>>275829484Fuck, imagine HF paired with your typical chinese workplace security and their shady protective equipment, I'd rather not

>>275862515No, you said>if you're really so naive to think that current western education systems are so much better


>>275859438While we haven’t fully investigated the replication crisis yet, it’s primarily in soft sciences like psych ect. Hard sciences are still real, although climate science and government grants requiring every project prove climate change has made inroads there too. The west still believes in doing things the right way, and culturally speaking only places like Mexico have anywhere near the cultural penetration of corruption that China has. Like, they bribe high school teachers there openly.

>>275847259>KikelyBig oof, nice Freudian slip there Moshe


>>275829442Hey, Cincinnati is nowhere near as bad as Cleveland

>>275829522why is my dick diamonds?


>>275827913When the last CRT manufacturer closed down, they sold the equipment to a Chinese company that wanted to continue making CRTs. That company couldn't get the machinery to work correctly and now no CRTs are being manufactured anywhere. Even with the technology handed to them to make a nearly century old product, they failed.

Big news.

>>275827049I remember u or someone else saying that before.Based and Acid Pilled