Lefty memes thread

Stonetoss edits most welcome

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>>275823662some things are so incredibly stupid that only the most intelligent of retards could possibly fall for them

>>275823662>Gaze upon my wordwall and weep, mortals.Checks out.

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>>275823662That entire comic said nothing of actual value and was pure propaganda.

>>275823662>lefty meme>walls of textWhew lad

I guess I'll just post things for you since you are retarded

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>>275823662It's a fucking essay, anyone got the tl;dr summary?

>>275824229i think it is meant as a joke

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>>275823662ok now do israel retard

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>>275824801>>275824889Jesus you antifa fucks are pathetic

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>>275824801Didn't someone fix this to be actually funny?

>>275823662>Lefty memes thread>wall of textThe alt right wins once again

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>>275825181>be overwatch>have fat lesbo bitch>have hot blonde aryan chickwonder which one literally every fat lesbo bitch plays


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>>275825472Its because they feel like they have to educate the unwashed massed

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I got your memes right here polcels

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>>275825841I mean that's better at least there's some effort

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oc only

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>>275826103Borders aren't real because people can walk

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>>275826543I hate Steven crowder so god damn much

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>>275825237It's funny because black men rape over 20,000 white women a year in America alone. So white women aren't consenting to it lmao

let the player haters ball commence

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>>275825181Hey! I just wanted to know why I could play black German soldiers in WWI but not in WWII.

>>275824664> Lefties can’t into cartoons.Is the tl;dr. It doesn’t make sense, so I don’t think you’re /supposed/ to read it.

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>>275825919>even though we have the demographics of a third world countryAt least the lefty admitted that there's too many niggers>>275825981>when I make a mean tweet about white people it is funny and acceptable but when I make a mean tweet about black people I am vilified, fired from my job, and my life is ruined>>275826022Yes, fuck public schools anyway>>275826306yes to both of these things>>275826543Communists are degenerate>>275826707Of course there are consequences, fucking retard, those consequences shouldn't lead to the destruction of one's livelihood


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>>275825841an old white guy living in 1776's opinion is worth infinitely more than any early 20's tranny faggot in 2020 though. What makes these people think they're smarter than their ancestors.

daass rite

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>>275827655>replying to bait

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>>275824889>8 panelsfuck me I'm not investing time

>>275823662>"There's no difference between these two places"Then why do they come over here?

Isn't it funny how leftists come here and post whatever garbage they want, and mock fun of us for saying "fuck off"(without us actually banning them), meanwhile, on their websites, any opinion that isn't the popular one is bannable?

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>>275828374Proved you wrong. >>275827701

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What is this? A thread for retards?

>>275824801Jesus I didn't think the virus was this bad...

>>275826311Based thread making fun of Holla Forumstards

>>275824636this ones pretty good

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hahahaha wowthese are pathetic

>>275827764>What makes these people think they're smarter than their ancestorsTheir ancestors aren't around to defend their points of view, allowing them to claim victory.

>>275828636Now post it on twitter and let us know if you get banned.


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>>275823662Check out this epic meme

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>>275830082But I wash my balls with that and it's comfy

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>>275826977That kinda retarded I'm sure 99% of multiracial relationships don't have rape involved. White Women are consenting to it

>>275828636you posted a picture of you being warned dumb nigger


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>>275831501It's not wonder (((they))) want to take your guns away.

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>>275827701>>275827822>>275828636You weren't banned because this is a safe space you were banned because you're a mind broken shitposter. Congrats on out shitposting the entire board I guess

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>>275825864they write a wall of text while basically saying nothingthe reason they write so much is so they can hide behind a wall of fake Intellectuality and virtue

>>275832526>Communist didn't kill people they deemed undesirableOk

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>>275829048Proof that most leftists are retards who think socialist = being nice



>>275823662is this meme a joke?

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>>275827655>communists are degenerateyoutu.be/93_c_eD3tgEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX-gCmp6prsOf the two competing systems of the 20th century -- state socialism and free-market capitalism -- one ushered in boundless degeneracy. It was not state socialism.You'll never get conservative traditionalism under an economic system that functions to do nothing but maximize profit, as it will deliver to people whatever degeneracy is profitable to create. Its own advocates tout this as one of the system's greatest advantages. They call it "freedom" -- the freedom for your daughter to get railed by five Somali immigrants per week if the new Netflix show everyone likes convinces her that's cool.

>>275823662This comic is pretty peak poes law.

>>275832465>>275832526Just to be clear, these are meant to be parodies right?

>>275823662Keep 'em coming boys. Just remember, the entire leftist philosophy hinges on the thought that their buttsex will be stolen by conservatives. Peering into the minds of mentally ill homosexuals is the only way to understand the enemy.

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>>275835803im losing it over here

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>>275836234I found it on Plebbit. Just check out the whole sub, it's cringe and they can't meme for shit.reddit.com/r/DankLeft/comments/iketkf/reminder_that_rightoids_cant_read/

>>275823662He should get beheaded by a cartel at the end

>>275824114That's what makes it funny

I didn't know Holla Forums had essay writing competitions

>>275837344now you do. lurk moar.

>>275837344That's Holla Forums. Holla Forums just makes fun of them.

>>275824801Oh god this is so retarded, leftist memes always want reality to be retarded while memes done right show how retarded the left is in reality, amazing.

>>275826270Thx, I just stared at that for five minutes and now my visions blurry

>>275825181there is literally an image which is just this but with 1/10th the text and no soijak. was it ruined as an ironic dig at leftists, or did someone think this was actually an improvement?

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>>275837592Yeah they always try too hard. Nobody other than seething leftists cared that Trump had ketchup on his steak.

>>275826359meanwhile in reality all the multinational corporations hate Trump lol

>>275825175Based and lorem ipsum pilled.

>>275826022What about muslims?

>>275826270i thunk o'm blins

irl meme

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>>275825841>96% literacy rate for voters in the late 18th CenturyLiterally blows the fuck out of almost every nation on earth, including every communist nation in history. No other nation has had that much educated public making discussion and informing on the laws. Ever.

>>275831211I wouldn't put the figure as high as 99% but it's probably above 80%, so your conclusion is correct.

>>275835803kek, nice user.

>>275827701>>275827822>>275828636>making low-effort posts>arguing about free speech infringementYou're like a kike that gets called out for his behaviour and then cries about antisemitism.


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>>275836362I had no idea there were Billy action figures

>>275832526>>275834569>population transferAudibly chuckled.I wish we had succeeded in transferring the european jewish population to Madagascar.

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>>275823662Holy shit lmfao this can’t be real

so in other words, the 'leftists' are the intellectuals and the rightfags are the asinine rejectards?

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>>275823662Reminder to all toon leftycucks.You are imitating Stonetoss.No one is imitating you.


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>>275825181The new Microsoft flight simulator lets you chose from 24 different avatars. None of them are white.


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>>275840137There it is. A jewish San Francisco homo platform that literally bans US Constitutionalists from speaking, has proof that the world wants to be communist.I could not have foreseen such a thing comin.

>>275825237the third guy should be a progressive husband saying "I consent" while posting on reddit.

>>275824081They are so wrapped up in their skewed version of reality, they they feel the need to overexplain their position. It's telling that reality only needs a short quip to take a huge bite out of their false view.


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>>275837592honestly this is a great panel without any context

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>>275840638poor quality

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>>275840638This right here is why conservatisim and anything left of it is retarded.

>>275840638>A nigger working10/10

>>275824801>>275824889Why are your right wingers pure strawmen?

>>275824889The first 2 panels were OK but after that it becomes horrible.

>>275826311>euromax 900Where can I buy this PC?

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>>275840375>proofAnon you know there’s a big difference between a scientific poll and a twitter poll, right?


>>275840638>Hand still whiteRan out of shoe polish, eh?

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>>275841143Oh heeel no.#ItsMa'am, and there is only Twitter, Jack is the Avatar of the 3rd god to rule this Galaxy.Count that response, it's under 52 characters, cause I'm a purist and true believer.

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>>275840345>another tranny comicI'm gonna do you a favor, maybe lesbo comics will straighten you out.Fighting fire with fire.deviantart.com/shiniez/gallery/35675685/sunstone-chapter1

>>275841476hahchild rape

>>275830573>>275827764Let's be real. If a founding father got into an argument with a modern day leftist it would almost certainly end with a musket ball in the leftist's chest.

>>275840137Communism won again. WW2 is back and this time we're going to make sure we don't miss a single one of you Nazis this time.


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>>275841476I was forced to play with an adult cock when I was 4.I love trannies now.Is there a way out?

>>275832526Ehh dude Communist regimes killed minorities even worse than the Nazis did. What the fuck are you talking about?

>>275841813You do realise that I am merely posting lefty memes I found randomly right? I didnt make this garbage

>>275841719There is.

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>>275841681Real wyT men are flying actual airplanes, that's why this game is raccis. They b giving us a video game, instead of selling us airplanes and shit.I want to buy a Cessna on my EBT, or this place is fascist!

>>275831083looks vaguely familiar

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>>275841558>child love

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>>275826977No one cares

>>275840585I believe the position is unsupported without the heavy exposition and supporting structures they require - which is why a short quip can kneecap the whole argument across nearly every subject the TDS lefties are hanging onto lately.

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>>275841719>I was forced to play with an adult cock when I was 4.>I love trannies nowyou were no forced, then. stop lying

>>275826270Dis hert bran

>>275824889this one was funny

>>275842262Holy shit Joe, you're really screwed in the head. Is that why you think you need to be President? To pardon yourself?


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>>275841681what is this?

>>275826270Jokes on you, I’m phonefagging and my screen is cracked so My eyes are permanently damaged only a little bit

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>>275841719Everyone loves trannies. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar. Dont feel bad friend

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>>275840073based and honkpilled

>>275842509Need For Speed Heat

>>275833056it's because what is easily driven across with an "offensive" meme in little words or a simple comic, the leftist point has to use an entire lifetime of indoctrination and justification to make sense of the insane, contradictory double think they've been conditioned to accept

>>275842111oh yea. thats right. love is lovetotally forgot about the memo

>>275824664I read it and I feel dumber for reading it it could easily be summed up as this:First panel:>Idiots think because there's some random line the other country must be dangerousSecond panel:>Watch as I go to this "dangerous" countryThird panel:>See? nothing happened

>>275824889Funny concept, mind-numbingly weak execution

>>275825981better but still a strawman

>>275839669I guess you do now, thanks to my intrepid search for gay action figures. Fags are s gay it boggles the mind.

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>>275825981It's not the tweet itself. It's the fact that the tweet is deemed acceptable by the powers that be


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>>275823662Right-wingers are crybabies.

>>275829987Not a lefty meme

lurker with 0 meme potentiali fucking tried

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>>275840345>actually porch monkeys who heckle women are white

>>275845835why do they continue to do it?


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>>275846509the author clearly wins many arguments in xer shower

>>275846509That one is terrible.

Yes, this is real.

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>>275843428Nike's gay and nobody cares about niggers.

>>275837668you're welcome

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>>275824801I actually approve this as a reaction image.

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>>275826983Damn lemme git summa dat nigga titty! Lawdy lawdy, de massa in de cold ground.

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>>275842888Same here. Damn phones being all easy to drop.

>>27583877495 hours in ms paint

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>>275824114Yeah, this is a lefty meme thread

>>275850163I hope it's the script of the Bee movie

>>275850551nah just the entire communist manifesto


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>>275840738>>275848329agree! made an edit as a pure reaction image. i like it better haha


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>>275851116>SRS doesn’t actually create a gaping wound that tries to heal itselfThe left can’t meme because they are in constant denial of reality.

>>275850551deleted that and fixed my retarded mistake

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>>275825181>>275825237despite you being a faggot i had a good chuckle at these

>>275846509I'd like to see how these people live, just for a single day. Jesus Christ

>>275851116But it is a gaping wound that never closes. I read all that bullshit just to get triggered by tranny lovers...

>>275823662I have eyesight issues and can not read what the excessively tiny text says, fuck you for being ablist



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>>275823662Jewish pilpul, the comic.

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>>275825841Lmao those white guys would probably make it part of the constitution. That was the point of it

>>275826022Well yeah because if you visit Europe , where I live, guess what? Some neo liberal and/or Conservative bureaucrats TOOK THEM ALL

>>275825762Even they prefer Mercy.

>>275826397More like Antfia killing random civilians and old police officers (yes black ones too) and MAGA supporting the giant corporation man. It’s all going to hell

>>275827336Ahhhh my guy. Bf1> BFV cancer

>>275832526>communism never killed anyone Ngl laughed pretty good at that


>>275832465I can't tell if these are satire but there's way too many levels of irony here. Is it parody? Serious? Either way, I laughed

>>275832526HmmmmI think my great great grandfather would disagree with this. And Ukrainians. Poles, ethic Germans, Hussars etc

>>275840874Because rape is just as arbitrary as muzzling yourself, lol

>>275825841>you can't do that reasonable thing because some old white guys wrote that you cant in 1848Optionally:>you cant do that reasonable thing because some old black guys wrote that you cant in 1965


>>275823662Do these theoretical Marxists not realise that a border is a projection of power within a territory? Is is the extension of a states control over that territory. It's not some superficial line of pointless dots. It's a projection and it yells "Cross this line and you are mine". I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is a fake. Theoretical Marxists aren't dumb. They're over intellectualised and thus, utterly naive of lived reality, but they wouldn't write this shit in a meme. It's someone pretending to be a Marxist.

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>>275840345First two are me. Well I would if I had the guts to tell someone that. Ah well back to funny images

>>275841476That’s actually disturbing. I though I’d seen it all

>>275843428Are you kidding me faggot Nike has been a nigger brand for decades

>>275841668Well if you need to do it twice..Can’t we just get rid of all that and just become the federation already

>>275824636lol private parts owners btfo

>>275843428Who cares? He’s shit

>>275824889MIGAtards BTFO

>>275841535Why would I want to make a DeviantArt account?

>>275826977cool fact retard

>>275826983Oh shit is that how Irish were made?


>>275840137it was 53% to 46% also last time Commies outnumbered Nazi's 200 million to 90 million and it still took the entire world supporting Commies to just win

>>275823662So you're saying you don't understand sovereignty?

>>275825018This one is nice


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>>275830808Is this true? Do we have verifiable data?

>>275855417Wow opposing views from the same journal? Whaaaaaaaat

>>275832526>commies don't commit genodice

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>>275840137Its just a dumb poll, but the fact that the nazi's are at 45% at all is funny.

>>275841476holy shit that's dark

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>>275826977fuckin gotem

>>275846232Truth is succinct. Lies take more effort.

>>275841593If I could create my own dreams that would happen every night as I sleep.

>>275826022Leftists would rather the kids be available for sex.

>>275826265haha, I'm not going to fall for that Trump. Any true conservative is Ridin with Biden!

>>275826306If you survived a mass shooting and don't regret being unarmed you must be an oversocialized urban retard.

>>275826311If he were a leftist he could have been a beta orbiter to a hairy muffin topped future single mom. Based.

>>275826359Being tied to the fact of corporate America is starting to sting huh?

>>275826397More likely a black man robbing and killing the antifast while he cries "i'm with you, i'm on your team!!!"

>>275826707Leftists can't say what the really want around anyone else but other leftists because people know you're retarded.

>>275826983Are those two different colors of shit on top?

>>275829048Obama is half white. There still hasn't been a black president.

>>275832465Facts and logic.>men can have periodsBrought to you buy - bored white women.

>>275833040Show me any media of any person that looks comfortable being kissed by Biden.

>>275835803Read more theory X D

>>275837809What's funny about the systematic oppression of blah balh blah blah blah blah blah

>>275839479The woman is a future single mother. He's about 9 months too early trying to convince her of anything.

>>275840341Only city people think twice about crossing picket lines.

>>275853209The internet has made it so that you can't see how fucking pathetic these people look. You'd not even look at anything these people create if you saw what they look like.

>>275841245Bill Clinton is a sex offender. Start with him and find some real proof for Trump.


>>275865555chekt and rekt

>>275844949> miniature rubberized homo-replicaBased and Sypilled.

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Gonna go stab each eye with an olive fork after viewing this thread.

>>275824801Here you go, put this shit together real quick.

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>>275840345Never happened.

>>275823662The first couple of memes were funny, until right about here>>275825841

>>275840638How do you fuck up this badly?