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► Detected: 26,422,447 (+251,647) ► Died: 871,827 (+5,205) ► Day: 240 (-01:23:16)End of day numbers for Day 239: 26,170,384 (+286,378); 866,614 (+6,316)— 5,031,239,216 people under lockdown orders —— 200 countries and territories infected —— 46.5x more confirmed deaths than swine flu (2009-2010) —— 306 vaccines and 316 treatments announced —— 5,429 genomes have been sequenced —>LIVE STATS/literally WHOyoutube.com/watch?v=NMre6IAAAiUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFCn0Gp_9aQSARS-CoV-2 reinfection trackerbnonews.com/index.php/2020/08/covid-19-reinfection-tracker>NEWShttps://pastebin.com/4RLmzDYFNote: ADE rumored (!) to be true from a chink (!) media outletpastebin.com/ELVhYjjyCase Reports Of Mild Symptom/Asymptomatic SARS-2 Patients Exhibiting Heart Issues archive.is/jFXGySARS-CoV-2 survives on frozen meat & fish for up to 3 weeks archive.is/obYLx>ARCHIVESTreatments/Prophylacticshttps://pastebin.com/QCJEsu41"What to do when Corona chan comes over to Netflix and Chill"pastebin.com/DBPrRpEgFat user’s August 2020 COVID-19 Filepastebin.com/2YjudGAGInfodump on SARS-CoV-2pastebin.com/2fFs3ETVVirus clearance and SARS-2 survival are not associated with either SARS-CoV-2 T cell kinetics or magnitude of T cell responsesarchive.is/vjNcX3 in 4 hospitalized patients suffering SARS-2 symptoms months laterarchive.is/260KyPre-SARS-2 humoral immunity to common coronaviruses doesn't confer cross-protection against SARS-CoV-2archive.is/QbUTHSymptomatic SARS-2-recovered - cardiac involvement in 78%, myocardial inflammation in 60%archive.is/LScJqSARS-CoV-2 S1 protein crosses the BBB in micearchive.is/yejLn>Thread is fake if OP is a leaf, memeflag, has text, old stats/no updates, does not link to immediately preceding thread, has wrong archive links.>>275798791pastebin.com/fqdFu7Qihttps://pastebin.com/qy5RFpVX

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Wow, awesome, another thread for Sven to ruin.

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I have seen things you people wouldn't believeThe resident manic narcissist delusional psychotic trip user with an insanely fragile, almost nonexistent delusional ego, and multitudes of borderline schizoids larping knowledge and understanding of biologyCatfights over which one has the correct larp theory of the virus' mechanisms unfold so fiercely and autistically it leaves one with nothing but befuddled amazement>"You are Chinese!" "No you are!"All those moments will be lost in timeLike the theory of crust reversalTime to sage

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FRIENDLY REMINDER: Wuhan Coronavirus was manufactured by the CCP as a bioweapon!>youtube.com/watch?v=8rlDTK6QI-w

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[BREADILY REMINDER]>in US 6% of deaths from SARS-2 were people without any contributing causes/comorbidities _listed_, therefore only 6% deaths are from SARS-2!!1>if there is something else listed besides SARS-2 then it's totally not SARS-2!!1Pic related is the contributing causes/comorbidities in question. I hope you do realize that SARS-2, being a multi-system disease (that may have manifestations ranged from a common cold to bronchitis, pneumonia, ARDS (14.8% of hospitalized get ARDS (mortality rate of 52.4%) archive.is/gIEYE, 4-7% out of total (hospitalized and not hospitalized) get ARDS medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.10.20090167v1.full.pdf), multiple organ dysfunction (archive.is/PXjnx), cardiac involvement in 78%, myocardial inflammation in 60% (archive.is/LScJq), diabetes (nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2018688), brain damage (archive.is/CFFPM), acute hemorrhagic necrotizing encephalopathy (doi.org/10.1148/radiol.2020201187), strokes (archive.is/CYoT8)) - caused and/or aggravated a good chunk of the listed contributing causes/commorbidities?>94% had two or three other serious illnesses! they would have died from those either way!Hmmm, if that is true, then it is real weird that the excess mortality (in USA, too, yes) increased during the pandemicourworldindata.org/excess-mortality-covidIt's almost like as if SARS-CoV-2 actually contributed to those deaths to produce such an increase![CDC's Instructions for Completing the Cause-of-Death Section of the Death Certificate]cdc.gov/nchs/data/dvs/blue_form.pdf

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>>275819764>the most desperate "Notice me, sempai" I've ever seen

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Thread theme.youtube.com/watch?v=vztRqe_CHC0&list=PLIbalZ7AF1-wfG4EkECEME-t2yl6fAdqB&index=3&t=0s

>SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells without antibodies>All index patients developed SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies and T cells, with the responses directed against multiple structural and accessory proteins. However, none of the contact patients had detectable antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. Despite the lack of seroconversion, SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells were detected in 6 contact patients at similar frequencies to in index patients. This suggests that testing for SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells may be better than serological tests for assessing prior infection and immunity to SARS-CoV-2.muh 1% ifr serological studies

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>>275819057in my previous thread you kept posting scary articles (as UrwD7sA5) and literally called it a "modern black death for modern society". why bother denying it now?

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[Initial influx of excess deaths could not be explained by lockdowns/lockdowns affecting frail and sickly people's access to the hospitals]Italy: full lockdown on March 20, but the increase in excess deaths was seen since March 4Britain: only partial lockdown on March 21, excess deaths began rising in March 21, tooNetherlands: partial lockdown in March 23, excess deaths increase since March 16France: partial lockdown on March 17, increase in excess deaths was visible in the March 11-17 periodRio de Janeiro, Brazil: Partial lockdown only in May 5, meanwhile the RADICAL increase was visible back in AprilEtc, etcourworldindata.org/policy-responses-covid#stay-at-home-restrictionshttps://ourworldindata.org/excess-mortality-covid#the-economist

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before any schizos think i'm another poster ITT, i'm making this post on this IDi don't switch IDs i don't VPNi don't airplane modetoodles for now !~

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>>275820075Wow, great, not only do we have schizo Sven but we've also got the memeflag who bends over for him and every delusion he has

One thread, I don't know whyIt doesn't get past page 10 no matter how hard I bumpKeep that in mind, they designed this siteWith IDs and flags to prevent samefagTime is a valuable thingWatch it fly by as the proxy gets killedWatch me trying to save my general,The IPN ticks life away, it's so unrealDidn't look out belowWatch the number of posters go right out the windowTryin' to hold on, didn't even knowI wasted it all just to watch them goI kept everything insideAnd even though I tried, it all fell apartWhat it meant to me will eventually beA memory of a time when I tried shilling so hardI tried so hard and got to four thousandBut in the end it doesn't even matterI had to fall to lose it allBut in the end it has no posters

youtube.com/watch?v=oReg9I1zj_c&feature=emb_title Oh boy, the Florida women are getting upgraded. I mean shit, look at this.She fucking picks up the knife and LUNGES at the police which are armed. I mean shit, just look at her body language, yes I know it's Florida and I chances are it's drugs but even that explains this more, because drugs would only fuel the crazy inducing parts of the virus.I mean shit look at her, reminds me a bit about this next oneyoutube.com/watch?v=t1DcAVrwwU4&feature=youtu.be >Man Gets Shot After Charging At Female Cop With Knife in Phoenix, Arizona

>>275820288don't let the door hit ya

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 570 new cases and 6 new deaths in Canada ▶ 598 new cases and 12 new deaths in Japan ▶ 1,002 new cases and 36 new deaths in the Dominican Republic ▶ 8,235 new cases and 270 new deaths in Colombia ▶ 39,054 new cases and 966 new deaths in the United States>>275820101uhh based?

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>>275820296>>275819764Say what you want, I'm slowly breaking you. You don't even realize it yet, but it's already seeping out into your daily life. You keep thinking more and more about me, but you're getting angry by it. It's almost like I'm the brain invasive virus in your brain and you've got sven syndrome.

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>>275820590>He genuinely believes this

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>>275820296>enemy of you != ally of SvenOne day you may be able to differentiate between allies and not-enemies. Depends on whether or not you're actually a hole.>because if you are you'll never reach that level of maturity

>>275819814based, also saging

>>275820162that wasn't me loli mean, i can't stop you from believing what you're going to believe. but i am an honest person but really though i need a break and some sunlight. try to be less paranoid

>>275820288answer >>275820162 pastebin sperg

>>275820288That's honestly such a stupid picture since if anything it's the other way around. I mean shit, I was barely posting after Ukie just told me once I was acting retarded (paraphrasing) and if anything I'm the guy quoting him constantly with articles hoping he's gonna include them in his little posts with information. >>275820709>already so delusional she doesn't realize she's lost control alreadyThat's why you went with red, huh?

Stop arguing and start worshipping Corona-chan.

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>>275820779>allies and not-enemiesDepends on if friendly fire is on or not, because if it is, everyone's fair game.

[LATEST NEWS/RESEARCH]Link Between RAAS Inhibitors, high blood pressure and SARS-2pastebin.com/xHJdPgJzCoronavirus pushes leading world economies into record slumps>Brazil and India reported historic second-quarter drops in national economic output this week, a situation seen in almost all leading global economies owing to the coronavirus pandemic.>Only China, where the outbreak started, has escaped a recession.>The UK suffered the worst recession in Europe in the first two quarters of the year, also recording the continent's highest number of coronavirus deaths. GDP fell by 20.4 percent in the second quarter after a 2.2 percent drop in the first.>The eurozone's number two economy was in a longer and stricter lockdown than its eastern neighbour, and second-quarter GDP fell more steeply, by 13.8 percent, following a drop of 5.9 percent in the three months from January through March.>France's previous all-time worst quarterly blow to output was dealt by a general strike in May 1968.>Italian growth was impacted very early on by the coronavirus which hit its richest region, Lombardy, particularly hard. Italian GDP fell by 5.4 percent in the first quarter and by 12.8 percent in the second.>After a 5.2 percent drop in the first quarter, Spain's economy contracted a further 18.5 percent in the second, notably because of a 60-percent drop in tourism income and a fall in exports by one-third.>The eurozone's overall GDP plunged 12.1 percent in the three months to June, after a 3.6-percent drop in the first quarter, making the second quarter downturn "by far" the worst since statistics agency Eurostat began compiling growth data for the area in 1995.>The United States, the world's top economy, suffered a 9.5-percent slump in the second quarter following a 1.3 percent drop in the first, according to figures published by the OECD.archive.is/B5LDr

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>>275820889>That's why you went with red, huh?Literally clueless as to what you're talking about blogpost dramanigga

>>275819617Any news related to the russian, chinese and french vaccine?

>>275820998>implying I never gave you flakI carefully pick my battles. If I cannot attack you from a certain angle I retreat and wait. Same with hysterical bitches.

>>275821301>Italy>leading world economysays a lot about the utter state of our poor planet

>>275821450Oh, I was just rambling and thought back to the days of 1.5 and pretended ey yo waddap was on my team since this is literally how I think she looks when she's acting out.youtu.be/SC0JGEAGMmA?t=104>>275821312Oh, you just don't know it yet, but remember red next time you do it.

forgive english, i am Russia.i come to study clothing and fashion at American university. i am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with other men before. but after i am in america 6 weeks i am my friend together he is gay also. He was show me American fashion and then we are kiss.wWe sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i am very shame. As i fock this American boy it is very good to me but also i am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty and crying, so I yell her, "I AM CUM FROM SEX" (in Russia). She say what? I say "I AM CUM FROM SEX" and she say you boy, do not marry American girl, and I say "NO I AM CUM FROM SEX WITH MAN, I AM IN ASS, I CUM IN ASS" and my mother very angry me. She not get scared though.I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass. I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I continue because when it spurt it feel very good in American ass.

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Next follows an accounting of the endtimes of the cities of the whites and the chinks:"In the early decades of the 21st century the albino freaks grew complacent in their power and, for the most part, completely oblivious to the khazaryan vipers in their midst.By the time the Israeli made plague hit the so called 'first world', it was already too late. The so called semites had a vaccine ready for themselves, and the virus was carefully engineered to only target whites and asians. This was actually very easy, due to their shared Neanderthal heritage.Meanwhile, the Negro continued undisturbed troughout the pandemic that lay flat both western and eastern 'civilization'. This was by design, you see, as the khazaryans deemed the negro man the ultimate man-beast goyim slave for their eternal empire. Stronger, bigger and more fertile than their pale predecessors and yet a lot more docile. Or so they thought.Deprived of their discoloured flesh golem to protect them, the clever but feeble, inbred and insane "semites" where quickly overcoomed by the enrage negro hordes.The khazaryan womenfolk most suited for breeding (as judged by the fitness and size of their milking glands) where lobotomized and put in chains, where they would be bred 24/7 by any negro that desired to do so. The elders and staunchest of zionists where also put in chains, right in front of their womenfolk-turned-breeding holes, condemned until the end of their days to watch as their bloodline was slowly bred out of existence by the indisputed might and virility of the blood of Africa, one thrust at a time.The male half breeds would just be blended into fertilizer for cassava crops, while the females would recieve the same treatment as their mothers.And so it went on until the last of the zionists died of old age, the last image on his mind being a half breed khazarian woman incoherently moaning as her behind dripped powerful, thick and vibrant African semen."

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This pandemic is an African disease that spreads asymptomatically among BLACK men, but it has pronounced negative effects on wh*Te boys. The symptoms are serious- weak wh*Te males develop a high fever, a runny nose, and severe delirium. Affected wh*Tes can be found sneezing like kittens, shivering and burning up with fevers, and generally being helpless bitches. The most puzzling symptoms are behavioral- infected wh*Te bois become obsessed with BLACK asses. As soon as a wh*Te boy succumbs to the disease, he will begin googling BLACK asses, ogling puckered nigger shitholes, and even kissing his computer screen and slobbering all over images of juicy BLACK butts. This paraphilia quickly interferes with daily life- among wh*Te males who tested positive for the disease, 100% had initiated depraved faggot ass worshiping sessions with BLACK men. Most worryingly, neurological and behavioral effects are permanent- the fever is so high that affected wh*Te males suffer brain damage, and all patients maintain their sexual obsession with stinky nigger assholes indefinitely.The virus builds up in BLACK men's intestinal tract and spreads to wh*Te boys through farting. Ordinary surgical masks do not prevent infection- it only takes one homeless nigger ripping a wet, rancid fart, and all nearby wh*Te boys are doomed to lives of braindead nigger ass worship. Wh*Te boys can transmit the disease orally, and many even do so deliberately. Affected wh*Te males will spit in punch bowls, lick door handles, pounce on neg wh*Te boys and give them sloppy, nigger shit tasting french kisses, or even gang up with other infected to capture wh*Te boys and subject them to poz niggers farts. Because the infected resist quarantine, public health efforts are helpless to slow the infection. Our professional opinion is that nothing can be done- the weak wh*Te boys seem to love it anyhow, so instead of fighting we should recognize the illness as a valid lifestyle choice for beta bitch wh*Te faggots.

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>>275821999>the albino freaksdon't be so harsh on yourself white brother

>>275820014Ze koronavirus vas krafted by ze CCP as biogewhr!

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funny picture posters :)

>>275819617>outbreak begins>videos begin to circulate of chinks who get it collapsing and doing the Beijing Boogie >wuhan flu spreads across the world>no videos of Europeans or Americans falling over and doing McDonald's Macarena Why aren't westerners getting seizures in public, /cvg/?

>>275822254>biogewhr>bio rifleI think you mean "Biowaffe".


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>>275822417but those videos are out there, like the infamous Spanish one with the dancing hobo

>>275822433No, i meant what i meant. It's not ready yet, my cabbage slurping friend.

[MORE NEWS]J&J's coronavirus vaccine candidate prevents severe disease in hamstersarchive.is/XYFH5Israel announces partial national lockdown after coronavirus surge>Israel will impose a partial national lockdown next week to battle a coronavirus infection surge, the head of its pandemic task force said on Thursday, shouting his exasperation in an emotional television address.archive.is/toZQwBeijing slams Washington's new restrictions on Chinese diplomats as ‘delusional’, promises ‘legitimate response’>On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that senior Chinese diplomats would from now on have to get approval from the US State Department before visiting American university campuses or staging cultural events with more than 50 people outside embassy grounds.archive.is/ipLrmSARS-CoV-2 disrupts cancer research trials, investment: Studyarchive.is/TNYbFPortable, point-of-care SARS-CoV-2 test could bypass the lab>Illinois researchers developed a microfluidic cartridge for a 30-minute COVID-19 test. The cartridges are 3D-printed and could be manufactured quicklyhttos://archive.is/OZ4NgBritain is promoting strict coronavirus quarantines but has issued hardly any finesarchive.is/tMe0Z‘Here We Go Again’: A Second Virus Wave Grips Europearchive.is/07ZrW

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First the Rock, now Batman. Which celebrity will be next? Place your bets.

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>At home drawing pictures>Of mountain tops>With him on top>Lemon yellow sun>Arms raised in a V>Dead lay in pools of maroon below>Daddy didn't give attention>Oh, to the fact that mommy didn't care>King /cvg/ the wicked>Oh, ruled his world

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>>275822505>imagine spending your time shitposting against someone>inb4 projectionGirl, at least I have programms doing my job in the background; what's your excuse?

>>275822417>>275822588>dancing hobo

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>>275822803>what's your excuse?just bored lmao

>>275822735>you're fond of me grilled lungs ain't ye?

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>>275822719>my cabbage slurping friend>implying those three years of German classes turned me into one of themAlso what does readiness have to do with the difference between a Gewehr (rifle) and a Waffe (weapon)?

>>275821856>forgive english, i am Russia.Hi Russia, I'm sven.

>4679 threads These things make me wish Stalin was successful at exterminating all ukrainians

>>275820018Why would I be projecting?The fact that I can objectively criticise the retardism of normies and their response to a virus is evidence that I am not afflicted with their retardism.The ass wiping thing for example. If I didn't know how easy it is to wipe one's ass then it wouldn't occur to me to laugh at it. I would instead be posting anime girls and probably crying because I only had 2000 rolls of toilet paper left.These threads are just fucking depression inducing horror.

Virus, virus, virus. So scared. Many terrified. Will we survive?Ok after the on-topic, here's a little off-topic if you're bored.>>275822543>So far we have:>private military glownigs>financial glownigs (in this case, often Jews)>political glownigs>Intermingling with each other.>One leads to another and so on. Add child rape, human trafficking, drugs and theft of public funds into the mixture.>Lovely bunch. It's nothing new, just weird that it's so easy to connect. Literally chair of one organization owns the others etc. They make 0 effort at hiding any of that.>private/political glow network of rich, slave raping pedos are swinging their dicks around>What you gonna do 'bout it, homeboy?

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At about day 35 or so of /lostsmell/ and maybe day 42 of first symptoms, back to about 50% smell, I feel kinda sick every day, fatigue, a weird "druggy" feeling in my sinus/airways, other than that, you wouldn't know I was sick, still pretty life-changing nonetheless.

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>>275822588>>275822849>"videos are out there!!">one video of some crazy dancing while a fatty lays down in the backgroundThere have been million of cases across America and Europe and there's only one video? Really? Do you actually believe the stuff you're posting?


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Yo posting naked children is first fucking sick and two prohibited. get banned fucko.

>form to join a club for millionairesPlease don't spam them with shitposts Anons.tiger21.com/membership-inquiry/

so...is covid19 still a societal collapsing happening?

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>>275822417>Why aren't westerners getting seizures in public, /cvg/?Are you kidding? You didn't notice the zombie riots?Normies started licking toilet seats and then tried to get rid of the police while trying to call the police on everyone for not using the correct pronouns.There's videos of women online at riots sucking dicks to show their support for a riot that was inspired by people not reading the news correctly.

>>275823337>Why would I be projecting?>>275821586>all these posts here are word salad!!1>you are all pedos and normies in panic mode!!1>you think masks don't work!!1yeah nevermind, nice bait>>275823522>There have been million of cases across America and Europe and there's only one video?Remind me, when did 4chan allowed you to attach more that one (1) (singular) (oдин) (ein) file?There is shit ton of those to lurk for, I found these but I don't have the time to add video searching into my multi-taskingIndiatwitter.com/TV9Telugu/status/1292694135028080640https://twitter.com/ncbn/status/1293085135588401152https://twitter.com/Ashi_IndiaToday/status/1293758146108743680https://twitter.com/Ashi_IndiaToday/status/1290156166794735616https://twitter.com/Ashi_IndiaToday/status/1289031369503289344Guatemalahttps://twitter.com/AndinaAyala/status/1271941903919968256https://twitter.com/soy_502/status/1293019309065875457https://www.soy502.com/articulo/doctores-colegas-despiden-enfermera-fallecida-covid-19-32419#gsc.tab=0Nigeriahttps://twitter.com/DailyTimesNGR/status/1292497030657572864https://twitter.com/AjalaYemi/status/1292400404215537664Peruhttps://twitter.com/Channel4News/status/1293582987972550666Nicaraguahttps://twitter.com/29Cheva_Patria/status/1269421608046940161Colombiahttps://twitter.com/noticiasyabq/status/1275266238202155008Spainhttps://twitter.com/cosecharoja/status/1293913944566816770Mexicohttps://twitter.com/Efekto10/status/1291763239278145543Argentinahttps://twitter.com/zacamendez/status/1291697873877372929Dominican Republictwitter.com/PrensaXtremard/status/1293706658355580928Venezuelahttps://twitter.com/TeLoCuentoNewsV/status/1275910045390249987

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>>275824208Depends on whether the given country gives a fuck or no. Germany for instance gives a fuck, they've only had 9000 deaths, and there's a bankruptcy wave scheduled for october.


>>275823522I'm sure there's more around, that's just the most famous oneYour original assertion is still wrong, if I produced another video you would complain anyway>only 2 videos? lmaoYou're forgetting to factor in several things such as the viral load (which as far as we know is extremely important), the fact most people here died at home, the near impossibility to get into a covid ward and so on

>>275824553to be fair he specifically asked for videos from "decent" countries so only the Spanish one qualifies, I'll never use twitter so God bless you for your research


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>>275824721>there is no other explanation than a nanowire bioweapon for people to be semiprone in public

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>>275823611Nice. I got my third A until know and it's only been two weeks into the program.

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>>275825147you know what, i'll be lenient>being prone in public is always a result of a bioweapon

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>>275824584what industry is getting hit by the bankruptcy wave? any rumoured names of interest?

>>275824585what makes you so certain?

you are trying too hard and we could have so much fun. but i have to go soon. only days.

>>275822417In fact, in all honesty...It's totally plausible that the Chinese or outside forces have been trying to fuck the West up by releasing subtle viruses, poisons and mutagens that turns young people into insane trannies, feminising the population while increasingly trying to take over and dominate all technical and scientific fields to the point that, if a conflict were to occur, the West would be populated by mentally retarded women and blacks incapable of fighting back because someone switched their modem off.One way or another, we are genuinely seeing this corrosive effect in the West and equity policies and all female/non-White short lists into positions of power and responsibility does put our civilisations at risk.

TIME TO SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALLCORONAVIRUS - REAL OR FAKE? VOTE HERE strawpoll.me/20883236https://www.strawpoll.me/20883236https://www.strawpoll.me/20883236https://www.strawpoll.me/20883236

>>275825507Dragon dildo supply lines completely destroyed, pretty much ELE.

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 40,216 new cases and 752 new deaths in Brazil ▶ 66 new cases in Luxembourg ▶ 146 new cases in Montenegro ▶ 144 new cases in Cameroon ▶ 40,179 new cases and 994 new deaths in the United States>>275824912I get you, now that based retard Bill is banned, all the use of twatter I have is dropper/hospital vids/info>to be fair he specifically asked for videos from "decent" countriesHuh, the ones where the infected usually die indoors (homes or the hospitals) and barely anyone films either that, or the graveyard procedures?

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>>275818928Do you think I can search in russian? I don't know how to write "Ebolapox" in russian.>genome sequence codeYou realize that's leaving the door open for bio-terrorists, right?

>>275824553wait what?Stop posting fucking anime. How does that shit even help?

>>275824208(I don't think so, unless our rushed vaccines fuck us up massively)>>275825871Yeah thank God I'm not a chink, at least my death rattles will be a private matter

>>275826033It keeps cute aggression afflicted shills and kikes away.

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>>275825217Congrats sven, sounds great. How you enjoying it so far, besides being a boss at it?

>>275826493basedtalking about anime I've just finished watching the seven deadly sins, very simple stuff but I liked it

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>>275825507Travel agencies (like Tui) and restaurants in general. Ecommerce and shipping goes strong, however.

[IMPORTANT NEWS]ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2082798/>Influenza virus associated encephalopathy>The most severe form of influenza encephalopathy is acute necrotising encephalopathy. This is an acute, non‐inflammatory encephalopathy in which symmetrical necrosis of the thalami and other deep brain structures, particularly the brain stem tegmentum, periventricular white matter, and cerebellar medulla, occurs. The necrosis may cause focal neurological signs and is evident on neuroimagingWOOOOOOOOO HOLY SHIT WHAT A TIMELINE KEKEKEKE I TOLD YOU SO! FUCKING CHINK CUNT SHILLShave i told you about transhumanism and cute aggression btw

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>>275826638have you seen jojo? last anime arc even takes place in italy

>>275824369>someone gets it

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>>275826623It's fun to play around with geo-databases . I thank corona-chan and the Syrian war general or making me realize how much I love maps.

>>275826762Haven't watched it yet (I don't like how it's drawn) but I'm thirsting for some good over the top fights so I think I'll cave in

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>>275826828>>someone gets it>riots before corona: yes completely normal yes>riots post corona: omg cheese brain omg only explanation

>>275826993Sounds great, I'm happy for you.

>>275827174>riots before corona lasting like a week>riots after corona still going on the initial riot so 80+ days if not even more by nowYeah, totally normal. Remember how I said these riots would spread even worldwide and NOT die out in a week? Yeah, the Portland one didn't and we got BLM shit worldwide and even Japan decided to have anti-mask protests.Happens every year bro.

>>275827516>Omg bro what do you mean worldwide restrictions on freedom of movement, banning of sports, entertainment, dining out, mass bankruptcy and job loss would spark riots? No dummy, it's obviously cheese brain

>>275825913>Do you think I can search in russian? I don't know how to write "Ebolapox" in russian.'murricans are the only one who coined that term. You'd need to find "Эбoлa" and "ocпa" in a sentence first>You realize that's leaving the door open for bio-terrorists, right?You realize that the only mention of Ebolapox are some "beliefs", basically rumor-tier accusations without proper proof may be as truthful and reliable as propaganda? Where are the photos of the documents that mention anything related to Ebolapox? Where did the 'murricans find this info? Why there are no Russians mentioned in the sources? >bruh they totally did double-stranded DNA gene copies of negative-sense ssRNA genes trust me, won't tell you how though tee-heebooks.google.com.ua/books?id=AwkVgNPRnKoC&pg=PA1&hl=uk&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=3#v=onepage&q=ebolapox&f=false>>275826033>Stop posting fucking anime.Make me, lol>How does that shit even help?Help what? Who? Are you seriously implying that help is something to be offered to the emptiness constantly, instead of offering it to specific individuals that present themselves?

Attached: ebolapox.png (621x670, 125.83K)

>>275828408Visit biz for some keks because the market is now red.

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>>275827516I wish I could blame it on the virus but this is the culmination of years of American brainwashing and disinformation.I'm all in for the virus affecting people's balance and brain power but I'm still on the fence about it increasing our violent instincts

>corona brain damage is responsible for BLM protestsand the IFR goes down....

>>275828950Not just the market; from what I've heard crypto currencies as well. Funny thing, I wanted to get into automatic daytrading myself, but never found the motivation to do so ... and on the day I finally go visit /biz/ it's Armageddon.

Can someone explain the whole 6% thing? MSM has gone apeshit trying to disprove it.

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>>275829148Bad population to sample from, most have preexisting brain damage

>>275829344right here>>275820018>>275820205

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Australian Anti-Covid1984 ProtestWe swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.Say and mean those word gentlemenWe are in dark timesBut fear not there is light at the end of the tunnel We just have to rise up against the currupt, degenerate and immoralThey fear the people because they know the power we hold when we are united as oneThis is why they try to divide us and keep us away from each otherHow much more will you take?People have lost everything, suicide rates through the roof and for what?The number of suicides is higher then so called Covid deathsRise up Australia or be condemed in the history books as a failure.What will you say to your grand children when the time comes, that you faught on the side of the people or on the side of corporations and governments.Least you can do is show your face at a protest.This Weekend 5/9/2020All major cities will have a protestSpread it far and wide, dont let them silence us.set up Sock accounts on fb/insta etc and spread the word Use a VPN/proxy if in VIC as to not get a visit from VICPOLSee you all there

>>275829560>reddit fucking space after every fucking lineeven if I was an Aussie nothingburger I'd still tell you to fuck off

>>275829560I fought on the side of the schizos

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>>275829263some retard also lost around 9000 dollar.

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>>275828408Hey OP, since you screenshot a post in a past thread, could you screenshot this too?: >>>/gif/17761206I'm the same mobilfag from b4

>>275830383Yeah, one of the reasons I've procrastinated it so long was because I wanted to actually understand what I'm doing with my money. I had this entire system of placing invisible orders on stocks and then tracking if prices went up or down.Oh well, you know what they say: there's always a next time!

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 44,728 new cases and 830 new deaths in Brazil ▶ 41,140 new cases and 995 new deaths in the United States▶ 1 new case in Niger▶ 66 new cases and 1 new death in Suriname ▶ 679 new cases and 1 new death in Czechia ▶ 73 new cases in Mayotte ▶ 125 new cases and 21 new deaths in NigeriaBrazil just hit 4 gorillion total cases

Attached: CVG 4,000,000 (full).png (1535x1971, 3.55M)

>>275819617got tested negative on that pcr test, coof camp fate avertedon other news, hong kong is planning to open up once infections go into single digits (and we are bracing for a fourth wave this 'autumn')news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1547606-20200903.htm>>HK--- MORE EASING MAY COME IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS: EXPERT>The government on Wednesday announced the easing of some anti-epidemic measures from Friday, including extending dining-in at restaurants by one more hour and allowing fitness centres and massage parlours to reopen.>Hui said that if there are no further outbreaks in the next one or two weeks, then there is a good chance that restaurants would be allowed to serve up to four people per table, instead of the current two.>When asked whether the ongoing citywide coronavirus tests could provide a representative figure if eventually less than two million people sign up, Hui said the data will still give important information for authorities to adjust infection control measures.bonus news, an old man coofer stole a saliva sample box from a testing clinic and placed it in a public areanews.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1547748-20200904.htm>>LOCAL COOFER STEALS SALIVA SAMPLES AND PLACES IT IN PUBLIC>Tseung Kwan O Hospital says a collection box, containing deep throat saliva specimens, went missing from outside the general out-patient clinic on Po Ning Road on Thursday afternoon.>After checking CCTV footage, staff noticed that the box, which was located outside the clinic, had been taken by an elderly man, who had just been in the building to collect his medicine.>Staff contacted the police and then called the man, who said he had taken the box and left it at Hau Tak Estate car park. Police later recovered the box.>The clinic says it will call members of the public, whose samples were inside, so they can give new specimens. The clinic said it would review its security measures and it apologised for any inconvenience caused.

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>>275828408>Where are the photos of the documents that mention anything related to Ebolapox?Of course there are no photos nor documents, they would have to enter to the Vector facilites to get those things and I doubt they would allow them to enter, specially to gather such things as information on biological weapons.>Where did the 'murricans find this info?From Ken Alibek, director of the soviet bioweapon project and other soviet defectors that worked on Vector facilites.

Has anymore inanimate objects tested positive this week? like engine oil or fruit? how much longer will you shills push this cvg crapJUST 2 MORE WEEKS lolfucking kys shills

>>275828996Yeah, but the simple fact is that agitation and paranoia are two of the most common symptoms of autoimmune encephalitis which my best bet is that it actually is, it get into the brain to fuck with the immune system, even loss of inhibition is a common symptom for AE. There's also brain damage IN GENERAL (be it blunt force trauma) or other kinds that almost always has aggression as a symptom.

Hey bruhs, what do you think about this? youtube.com/watch?v=nHL6lMNHTCUSaw it on front of jewtube and the video seems to state that he already recovered but they don't state how or when he recovered and most jeewgle searches also don't state how he recoveredWhat the fuck?

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>>275831830>Yeah, but the simple fact is that agitation and paranoia aretwo common symptoms of lockdown and constant news fearporn.Must it be cheese brain? Can it be nothing else? You've yet to reply to >>275827945


>>275832045You mean when the media was total nothingburger and nobody was staying inside and violence still increased? orangecountytribune.com/2020/05/13/violent-crime-rising-says-police-chief/>From March to April of this year, he told the council:>Sexual assaults are down 57 percent.>Robbery is up 28 percent.>Aggravated assault is up 50 percent.>Simple (misdemeanor) assault is up 50 percent.>Overall, violent crime is up 38 percent.This was also BEFORE the BLM riots. What now?

>>275829560>People have lost everything, suicide rates through the roof and for what?>The number of suicides is higher then so called Covid deathsSome are one and the same, because you can get some severe anxiety with encephalitis as well as there is such a thing as a viral depression, y'know?

>>275830969>tfw can post this to explain that my behavior is not unhealthy>tfw can't use the "please be patient I have autism" pics nowhere you go fren>>275831403>Ken Alibek>Қaнaтжaн Бaйзaқұлы Әлiбeкoв>defected to the United StatesAh, now I see.>Some experts question Alibek's characterizations of bioterrorism threats. Some have asserted that Alibek has a vested interest in raising fears, since he profits from government contracts related to countering bioterrorism. Retired Army major general and physician Philip K. Russell, while impressed by Alibek's knowledge of the former Soviet Union's production of anthrax, "began to think that Ken was more fanciful than precise in some of his recollections" where genetically engineered smallpox was concerned. Russell also remarked on "... the issue of putting Ebola genes into smallpox virus. That was viewed, at least in many of our minds, as somewhat fanciful. And probably not true."I mean, lol, that's all what you get from the vague theoretical possibility of Ebolapox.also>Kazakh-American physician, microbiologist, and biological warfare expert>actively involved in research on autism and its infectious etiologywtf based

Attached: Asperger Syndrome autism.png (1085x312, 48.53K)

>>275832454My guy, this is the first line of that article>Since the coronavirus pandemic led to restrictions and closings in April, many categories of crime in Garden Grove have risen sharply.>Restrictions and closingsYou mean to tell me those have NO effect. Zero? The final verdict is cheese brain, there can be no other possible explanation.

what a pathetic thread. No one believes this shit anymore. It's over. Move on.


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Electronic Harassment in BrazilBrazilian intelligence agency ABIN and its extensions are now practicing harassment and torture (wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_harassment).High Potency Laser: crosses solid barriers like walls and columns, can reach a long range. Creates microinjuries in vital organs, mainly on chest. If applied on the brain the victim will feel a electrocution-like feeling and immediate dizziness. If in excess can lead to convulsion. It leaves a mark from the size of a tip pen on the skin. Electromagnectic Radiation: It has a short range, that's why they will be close to the victim. Possibly in a neighbour house. The use this to kill the target slowly, repeating the process over many nights before the victim notices what is going on. In a short period it generates nauseas and extreme fatigue, the body loses water. If in excess it surely kills body cells and can damage internal organs, leading to death.Voice-to-Skull (v2s): Microfrequences of radio

>>275832454>>275832664>In response to crowded conditions in correctional institutions, the state ordered release on “zero dollar” bail for misdemeanor and lower level offenders.Also this btw, they literally released criminals. No effect though I'm sure, can all be attributed to cheese brain.

Cyanid: They poison drinks, food and water sources.Individual Persecution: They can make use of influence to force the victims to lose their jobs, money and property. They force married couples to divorce and make the lose a job offer or other oportunities. They follow them on the street and make veiled threats. They can monitor someone's routine and at the exact time broadcast indirect personal content via TV or radio.Electroencephalography (EEG) + Artificial Inteligence (AI): They can map and translate neural non-verbal language in very close to real time. Since the brain's language happens in jumps, differently from the sequential vocal language, this technique must be accompanied by a trained psychologist. It works from distance, and they can go as far as to recognize states of mood and intervene in the reasoning, influencing errors and minor actions. They can make the victim to visualize a image for a brief moment. It was initially created to deliver instructions to many soldiers over a large area, but now they are using in civilians to force agressive behaviour. It is not necessary to use any device. Due to level of details it is necessary to perform this technique in a close proximity to the victim, as in a neighbour house.They can also vocalize thoughts from one person to the other during a conversation by using v2s, provoking misunderstandings and suspicion...

>>275832966Checked>>>/x/is a joke if you're on the grid

>>275832654Thanks fren

>>275832664Am I saying it has ZERO effect? Are you so fucking thick enough to not realize that the virus increases that shit? Do you really think that IN THE FIRST MONTH this would happen?>>From March to April of this year, he told the council:IN THE FIRST FUCKING MONTH? Now tell me, why is SEXUAL ASSAULT down? Why didn't people become more rape-y too since they obviously went bonkers by the lockdown only?

>>275832961Couldn't you at least post something better like strawberry fields?

>>275832620There's a LOT of people having lost everything. /biz/ is literally on fire.I'm foggy on the details, but wasn't there some sort of article that claimed that a huge number of people actively comtemplated suicide in June? Jesus Christ, the economy is fucked, and those people are desperate. No wonder they're screaming at us for thinking that we somehow made their problems worse.

>>275833177>>275832985This lmaoAlso, how are you going to call me thick when your only explanation for everything is 'cheese brain'.You lack the critical thinking ability to imagine any other possible reason for things happening than your own delusional theories.

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 41,420 new cases and 995 new deaths in the United States▶ 6,708 new cases and 146 new deaths in Peru >>275831208>we are bracing for a fourth wave this 'autumn'Could you stop flexing, please? Some people here still have not left the first one>an old man coofer stole a saliva sample box from a testing clinic and placed it in a public areaWas he from mainland china?

Attached: 1595802029441.jpg (1080x1350, 70.62K)

>>275833421>only explanationThat's your explanation, I've given you everything from neurotransmitter fuckery to the very different ways it could cause encephalitis and so on and you just keep screeching cheese brain. It's really sad.

>>275834190>I've given you everything from neurotransmitter fuckery to the very different ways it could cause encephalitisYou gave me one article and dodged the two quotes from said article that blew you out of the water.I suppose this is all in vain however, arguing with an egomaniac is pointless, you're duller than dirt.

>>275833368There were places that saw as much self-harm in four weeks as they did all of last year for christ sake. That's the thing, anyone that wouldn't been very anxious and fucked by all this but still would've just thought about it, or felt like it was a way out would with the brain shit do it, no inhibition about it. Look, ALL other external factors are a HUGE part in why it's increasing, but even a mild encephalitis or any other brain infection will make those problems MUCH MORE SEVERE in their minds.It's why the nothingburgers are fucking screeching and almost attacking people with masks, because it reminds them of THEIR delusions and forces them to face reality to which they react with violence.Same with most of these anti-mask shit.

Attached: rockCryV2-01.jpg (1843x1439, 723.79K)

>>275834496One article? Shit, now I know you're delusional and you blew nothing out of the water, it's ironic you're the one calling me a narcissist ..Do this.Look up autoimmune encephalitis and all other kinds.Look at the symptoms that causes.Then look at what SARS-2 does and even just brain fog alone would be a part of the traffic deaths, but paranoia, anxiety and everything else.Now imagine if you're anxious, for obvious reasons, in this pandemic and there's also a virus making you more anxious? Come on.


Attached: 1597172591839.jpg (1280x720, 147.92K)

>>275834992He's The Rock, of fucking course he's recovered.

>>275835160The question is how, they're obviously hiding something

>>275834847>there's also a virus making you more anxious?But you have no evidence of that at all. Everything your saying and sourcing can be attributed to external factors which you yourself said are playing a 'huge part'. >>275834534Autopsy data, maybe studies on people that aren't 80, come on, give me SOMETHING Sven.Linking me to a page explaining what encephalitis is and vaguely trying to make connections doesn't prove the virus causes it.

>>275835328>>275835160I mean, he's most likely not recovered due to the virus being stronger then him, but he's The Rock. >>275835575Yeah, and all you've got is the clownworld media's explanations for all of this.>Autopsy data, maybe studies on people that aren't 80, come on, give me SOMETHING Sven.archive.is/bgASn>One autopsy study found particles of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the neurons of a specimen of frontal lobe, Spudich and her colleagues report in their review. “Neurons were found to have viral particles packed in dilated vesicles” and, once the virus gets into neuronal tissue “it could begin a cycle of viral budding,” inflicting further damage to neurons.Here you can see it's in the brain, we know it passes the brain blood barrier and the virus just fucking replicating in the brain would cause damage.

>>275834992now that you posted 2D milkers...I think this one is a stunt to raise hollywood consumer normalfags's awarenessUsually they announce immediately when someone important tests positive, do they not?But here we get both a video montage (of course it could have been done AFTER his recovery), the announcment that he tested positive some time ago and the announcment that he already recoveredYou'd have to look at his activity for the past month (though lol, not like it could not be a pre-planned stunt) to see whether he really got corona and decided to isolate or not>>275834566kek

Attached: 80253751_p0.png (1302x2204, 1.76M)

>>275832654He was right about Anthrax, Tularemia and Marburg, so he seems trustable enough. The idea doesn't sound impossible because it's not a direct hybrid but rather a conversion and insertion of genes of a virus into other virus. Why would he lie after all? He gets nothing from doing such claims in case of them being false.

Attached: 0.png (956x496, 29.71K)

>>275835828That's literally inflammation caused by infection, it's the bodies own immunity response. Same thing happens with flu, etc.>As COVID-19 simmers, a new question is emerging: Can the pandemic virus attack the brain?>It’s really hard to make firm conclusions based on one or two autopsies>Still unclear is whether the virus itself is invading the central nervous system and brain, or whether the symptoms are the consequence of inflammation in the brain caused by an immune response run amok

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 43,750 new cases and 1,060 new deaths in the United States▶ 830 new cases and 16 new deaths in Panama ▶ 2 new cases in Bermuda >>275836780>Why would he lie after all? He gets nothing from doing such claims in case of them being falseMaybe if you cared enough to read, you'd notice the text in the post you were replying to>>275832654>Some experts question Alibek's characterizations of bioterrorism threats. Some have asserted that Alibek has a vested interest in raising fears, since he profits from government contracts related to countering bioterrorism

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>>275826493milenko's slave, it's honestly funny how many paranoia-fueled assumptions you've made about me based on so little informationi think it's morally acceptable to be an asshole who is self-aware and honest about it, but reprehensible to be a "nice" liari'm probably one of the most honest people you will happen to cross paths with, but admittedly it is a huge vulnerability that people have taken advantage of many timeswhat is particularly interesting is that you accuse me of what you are guilty of, yet it's not surprisingthieves think everyone stealsperhaps you wouldn't be see boogeymen everywhere if you stopped being one yourself?truly, it is one of worst fates to be a liar and ashamed of one's authentic selfgoing through life unable to connect with anyone, trusting nobody, believing nothingi wouldn't wish such misery on anyonei pity people who can't be themselves, who put on a face, and who would go so far as to hide behind the guise of an entirely made up personayes, you may be similar to reportanon in your manifestation, yet, he clearly has a deeper sense of remorse and humanity, and tried to merge his personashe was trying to entertain, you were trying to inflict pain to distract yourself from your own existential anguish there's no greater suffering than the life of a liar so, while i don't care if you continue to believe x, y, and z poster are me and that i, too, have "5 different personas" , i am saying loud and clear that you got me fucked upthe only time i switched IPs was when i was banned and using phone and decided to have a little fun while shitposting with the korean, who i felt connected to, and that was months agoi've made no attempt to "manipulate" the contents of this thread or users through "fake people" and the thought of that is beyond absurd you are 100% projecting your own emotions onto me, and it's not hard to see why. and this is still my ID BTW

>>275837002>>One autopsy study found particles of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the neurons of a specimen of frontal lobe, Spudich and her colleagues report in their review. “Neurons were found to have viral particles packed in dilated vesicles” and, once the virus gets into neuronal tissue “it could begin a cycle of viral budding,” inflicting further damage to neurons.Are you saying this is just inflammation WHEN THEY FOUND FUCKING VIRAL PARTICLES IN HER FUCKING BRAIN INDICATING IT'S FUCKING REPLICATING IN THE BRAIN? Fuck off.

>>275837223his next line will be>the inflammation made the virus particles to manifest as a byproduct


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>>275822725>J&J's coronavirus vaccine candidate prevents severe disease in hamstersI might be remembering this wrong, but wasn't there something about people coming up with a vaccine for SARS1 ages ago and it working on hamsters at first, but then all of them dropping dead like a month later? I swear I remember reading about it here a few months ago.

>>275836869Covid in new York

Attached: Eg60RKdXsAYm4BW.png (1918x1079, 132.43K)

>>275833980>Was he from mainland china?no mention of it anywhere, but for sure he must be senile to grab something like that and move it outside

>>275837168Yeah, there are over 9000 hybrid pathogens he could have made up to raise fear of bio-terrorism in population if he wanted to do so and yet he just mentioned Veepox and Ebolapox and was very specific about them.

>>275819617Fuck chinks Fuck niggers

Attached: 67427874-42A8-49C0-B1FC-831C1BFA6404.jpg (858x536, 96.79K)

>>275837223Yes that's why we're seeing only one autopsy of this happening out of the what, 800,000 dead?btw>ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2082798/Flu enters the brain. Woahhh game changer right?

>>275837951maybe because ebola and smallpox are commonly known enough to promote fear in normies idk

>>275835875I kinda thought the same thing when in the video they mention the latest movies he has been in as if people don't know who the fuck the rock isStill weird though, it doesn't really feel like they're trying to sell you something that jewlywood is currently hyping up and if anything it kind of fucks the rock over since even if untrue he'll have to isolate and not participate in their media bullshit

>>275838424didn't you know it's 2020 and influenza is now sarsrabies? >>275258378

>>275838559Ok. But why Veepox?

>>275838424There's been countless reports about it, Ukie, do you have that ruskie autospy thingy?

>>275837951>there are 9000 hybrids he could name>therefore, if he chooses some out of those 9000, then the only fact that he chose exactly those makes his theories credible, no further proof neededThe fact is, he has the background and credibility to lie for profit. Without proper proof, his theories are as legitimate as our resident swede's....Aлибeкoв, этo ты? Бoльшe cмыcлa бyдeт пpoдвигaть тaкиe тeopии cнaчaлa нa хapкaчe.

Attached: 100051199_682918835838026_14840041448227695_n.jpg (1080x1080, 67.25K)

>>275838855checked. i really dont know i was just throwing out an uneducated guess. they may in fact be particularly potent in his opinion

>>275833180No. Now who do we like more, Nice Sven or Sven? Sven will win you over. Give Sven chance. Sven give change.

>>275822803>Girlmaybe you should stop trying to play guessing gamesthat poster isn't meyou believe sven is being attacked by a single individual, and you're wrongmultiple people do not like him and shitpost against himi wonder why ?

>>275837951>>275838966Veepox does seem more plausible, thoguh


Attached: 1591917536561.png (689x1013, 754.5K)

>page 9 btw


Attached: 5897348578934.png (767x371, 174.83K)

>>275838424>only one autopsy of this happeningsearch engine reveals shit tons of them after 5 seconds of text typing and 0.01 second of pressing a button. you could have searched them yourself before stating that they don't exist.you did not check that.you are trying to engage in a discussion you are inherently not interested in.you have to explain yourself.also, here's a hard to find one, right into your face[SARS-CoV-2 and Pathological Anatomy (in Russian)]mosgorzdrav.ru/uploads/imperavi/ru-RU/patanatomiya_covid19_fullv2_compressed.pdf[Translation of pictures]>165Brain. Edema. Massive hemorrhage and hemorrhagic impregnation of brain tissue>166Brain. Edema. pronounced plethora of the microvasculature with folds of red blood cells in the lumen of the vessels>167Brain. Edema. fibrin, with a large admixture of red blood cells, blood clots in the lumen of blood vessels. Dystrophic changes in neurons, weak polygulation of microlgia>170Adrenal. Pronounced plethora of the microvasculature. Focal lymphoid infiltration of the glomerular and bundle zones of the cortex. Foci of lipomatosis>173Thyroid. Massive hemorrhagic impregnation of the stroma. Follicles are predominantly small in diameter with single extensions. The follicular epileps is flattened, the colloid is dense, eosinophilic (low functional activity)

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>>275842239great and what was the median age of them brains btw?

>>275842792this also i can't read russian

Attached: 1564596728260.png (750x550, 183.19K)

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 3 new cases in New Caledonia ▶ 49 new cases in Bahamas >>275842792If you want for me to dig through that .pdf, you have to leave your "options" post field empty>>275842912>i can't read russianYou mean you can't read the English translation from Russian?

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>>275843233alright i'll give this necrobitch one page 9 bumpcross my heart what's the median age of them "diseased brains"above 65 and it's a joke

>>275842912lmao i love these pics

If you don't get a flu shot you're fucking retarded.

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-08-23-08h58m32s611.png (1280x720, 811.61K)


>>275843900reluctantly agree flu shots are a scam in generalthe way they're being push so hard rn makes me skeptical

>>275843900Will that be your face when the SARS2 vaccine kills more people than the virus?

>>275843233>>275838941Look at her, all in her glory> UNC Researchers Publish Striking Images of SARS-CoV-2 Infected Cells news.unchealthcare.org/news/2020/september/unc-researchers-publish-striking-images-of-sars-cov-2-infected-cells

>>275843773Only generalized info, nothing specific on the brain autopsies:Average age 68.5+- 15.63 years (20-99, male average - 66.3 +-14.58, female average - 72.1 +-13.71)2000 autopsies, March 20 - May 221212 men, 788 womenGuess what, you did not even have to leave your "options" field empty nor you did have to stop being passive-aggressive. What a treat of a deal.

Attached: short statistical intormation for the 2000 autopsies.png (784x755, 210.12K)

>>275844876i said i would give it a page 9 bumpcalm your tits, there's still 100+ posts left 68.5+- 15.63 yearsyeah this is way too ridiculous the average is nearly 70 years old PLUS OR MINUS 15 years.you cannot tell me literal 99 year olds are not having brain pathologies until a study comes out with median age of like 40s showing this kind of brain damage, there is no way to know whether it is the virus, the ventilator, or age deterioration

>>275843900the fact that this abomination of a post got digits makes my sars2 cheesebrain rustled

>>275845493kekit does have strong tumblr vibes

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 22 new cases in Sint Maarten ▶ 994 new cases and 4 new deaths in Venezuela >>275844729Thanks for linking>>275845410>until a study comes out with median age of like 40s showing this kind of brain damage, there is no way to know whether it is the virus, the ventilator, or age deteriorationFair enough, I'll lurk around to see if there are any

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>>275844729i was just looking at this loli saw some pics yesterday of the cells in the throat, i think it's the same

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>>275821999>Naming Apu meme as pepeWhy do people do this

Should it not allready have been posted here.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32633718/>A mechanistic model and therapeutic interventions for COVID-19 involving a RAS-mediated bradykinin storm>Here, we perform a new analysis on gene expression data from cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) from COVID-19 patients that were used to sequence the virus. Comparison with BALF from controls identifies a critical imbalance in RAS represented by decreased expression of ACE in combination with increases in ACE2, renin, angiotensin, key RAS receptors, kinogen and many kallikrein enzymes that activate it, and both bradykinin receptors. This very atypical pattern of the RAS is predicted to elevate bradykinin levels in multiple tissues and systems that will likely cause increases in vascular dilation, vascular permeability and hypotension. These bradykinin-driven outcomes explain many of the symptoms being observed in COVID-19.


>>275847446Thank youThere was also this one posted before, if you missed itBradykinin dysregulation may play a very significant role in the pathology of COVID-19.>>the-scientist.com/news-opinion/is-a-bradykinin-storm-brewing-in-covid-19--67876>RAAS dysregulation>Bradykinin storm>increased vascular permeability>increased hyaluronic acid production>blood vessels leak into lungs>lungs turn to jello>BBB compromised by the increased vascular permeability

Attached: chinese cuisine.jpg (1920x1080, 238.6K)

>>275846272Brain damages tend yo go longer undetected esp small ones wich alter behavoir etc, so it can be that we'll have to wait a good half a year or so till there would be evidence significant enough to let the scientific community look further into it.

>>275848094Np.Ah yeah looks like an article about this publication.

>>275819617>Covid is real bros>Wear the mask Covidiot>Don't question it

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Tesla offers Germany cooperation on coronavirus vaccine projectarchive.is/iUbrv>>275848895Yeah, it links to its elife page

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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 853 new cases and 85 new deaths in Bolivia ▶ 198 new cases and 2 new deaths in South Korea ▶ 5,937 new cases and 513 new deaths in Mexico ▶ 25 new cases in china >25 new cases>in china

Attached: 1599108408921.png (800x1141, 712.63K)

>>275849056Yes musk is involved with the company making those.On a nother note, His nerolink project would be intressting in studying the neurological impacts of wuflu, if it where allready in a better stage.

> t f w

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Research provides single-cell RNA expression map of human coronavirus entry factorsnews-medical.net/news/20200903/Research-provides-a-map-of-coronavirus-entry-factors-across-the-human-body.aspxhttps://www.cell.com/cell-reports/pdf/S2211-1247(20)31164-5.pdf

Attached: map of coronavirus entry factors across the human body.png (958x947, 512.9K)

>>275850090>▶ 25 new cases in china>>25 new cases>>in chinaAre you trying to imply that they are lying? That you don't believe them? Chinese civilization has existed for approximately 4 thousand years. This country attracts millions of tourists from around the world. This is the place where 2 absolutely different architecture styles combined: small houses with lion figures and incense, and huge glass palaces. Also China is the most populated country in the world and its number is about 1/5 of the world’s population. Every visitor of this fascinating country feels the greatness from the ramp of the airport: about 800000 fearless warriors of the Chinese army, legendary Chinese wall, tea ceremonies and snack kitchen. This country grows each year, despite the world’s economical and political situation.


>Remember, we have been through this whole Covid thing before: it was called the Spanish flu back then, but it was the exact same script, down to the masks. And it was used for the same reason: cover. The Spanish flu covered the end of WWI in 1918, preventing anyone from asking questions about that managed war. They couldn't have people noticing how staged the whole collapse of Germany on Halloween was, with kings abdicating for no reason and Jewish socialists magically installing themselves as leaders and so on, so they invented this scary pandemic to keep everyone's eyes and minds occupied for over a year.They faked and inflated numbers, assigning all deaths in that period to Spanish flu:same thing they are doing now. By the end of that year, everyone had “moved on”. Everyone was so relieved to have survived that pandemic, they didn't think of looking back, at WWI or anything else. And most people will treat Covid the same way: they will be so grateful to have survived this “horrible pandemic”, they won't think of questioning anything else that happened in 2020, including the massive thefts from the treasuries, the fake rioting, the fake BLM events, or anything else. They will move on as fast as possible, no questions asked.


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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 89 new cases and 59 new deaths in Australia >>275852293how are you sure that's a chink?

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>>275852293delet this

It seems like we've FINALLY, ACTUALLY reached a global peak for this virus.

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>>275853027Yeah it’ll be fully gone after the election


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>>275853125that would be quite the...miracle

Anywho, going to bed now! Sleep tight and don't let the Pest-o-pocalypse bugs bite!>>275848624Besides, depending on what kind of fuckery it does in the brain, well, pic related.>>275844729Beautiful >275853708>>275853027You know, not to smack down on your parade but maybe, just maybe, testing limit and testing resources being kind of limited might play a part.Besides, there's the research showing it had a way to evade the tests, like literally, I know Argentina flag posted it, something it did with how it mutated.

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Ok, OK. Ebolapox MIGHT be dubious. But Veepox indeed exists.slideshare.net/EricLuellenBoston/veepox-a-recombinant-chimera-bioweaponhttps://rense.com/general18/poxasd.htm

>>275854323Yea, I've read these links, that why I noted that here >>275840291>But Veepox indeed existsVery likely existed*, unless proven the samples are still somewhere around

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>>275853027>>275853027Everytime somebody says that we break a new record next weeks.

>>275852293why do you have this saved oh no

Shit, has to phonepost this one before sleeping. amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/03/weather/holiday-weekend-forecast-thursday/index.html >Over 50 million people will be under extreme heat alerts this holiday weekend >"Death Valley is forecasting highs of 125°F for for consecutive days this Friday through Monday," says , CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri. "That would not only shatter daily records for all four days, making it the hottest September run of heat on record, but also set a new September all-time high.">Javaheri said that out of the 3,240 September days on record since 1911, Death Valley has only recorded nine of those days at or above 120°F in September. Incredibly, the next five days are all forecast to exceed that number!Shit people, when there's been 9 days total with such a heat spread out since 1911 and there's now gonna be five in a row.Think about that.9 days in total since 1911.5 days in a row in 2020.No Ecopocalypse, eh?Anywho, sleep tight and don't let the roasted Pest-o-pocalypse bugs bite!


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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 632 new cases and 30 new deaths in Honduras ▶ 633 new cases and 1 new death in Belgium ▶ 89 new cases in Kazakhstan ▶ 5 new cases in New Zealand

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>>275855512Who are you asking because that wasn't me lol. For a second I thought it was you.But can you tell me who is who?Tell me which flag is who~~

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National Institutes of Health panel explains convalescent plasma amid confusion over possible SARS-2 treatment>Three experts interviewed by ABC News who sit on the NIH panel felt compelled to emphasize the fact that plasma's efficacy has not been proven -- and push back against what they agreed was a confusing message kicked up in the wake of the FDA authorization.>Much of the confusion stemmed from FDA Commissioner Steven Hahn himself, who initially said plasma demonstrated a 35% reduction in mortality -- a gross mischaracterization of the evidence which he later corrected in an apologetic tweet.>Experts understand the FDA's decision: Plasma's newfound emergency authorization will make it more accessible for COVID-19 patients who are severely sick and looking for a safe therapy that might help.>But health officials also worry the authorization may make it harder to complete those ongoing, placebo-controlled studies that are desperately needed to understand the true benefit of the treatment.>"I don't think the emergency authorization was a mistake, but it could make it more challenging to complete randomized clinical trials," Levy said. "Being clear and maintaining that public trust is so important. Reassuring the public what's safe, and that the data is not convincing enough, yet."archive.is/r9jcg

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>>275856844Why are you assuming that I thought it was you and not just disturbed by the thought of anyone having that saved Good to know you care about my perception though bb Bump


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Japan’s government is reportedly considering funding the country’s entire COVID-19 vaccine program once a viable vaccine becomes available. >The costs associated with a vaccine rollout will be high, but the costs of allowing people to remain unvaccinated may be much higher.>Front-line medical workers will be first in line for the vaccine, as will the elderly and others with medical conditions.archive.is/KesQK

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>>275857893>Post perhaps with only the intention to bump.Uhhhhhhhh.

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>>275859305NopIntention is the reiterate >>275820288I DID convincingly impersonate you in an earlier thread today though, but that was just for fun tfw tfw tfw

>>275819814dangerously basedfuck svenanonfuck covidschizosfuck the retarded /cvg/ psyopfuck janniesand fuck you

>>275859706Yes. And to show for it, that user that bakes for Ukie has consistently thought it was me while being smug>tfw tfw but unironically.

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>>275860354Yea theres no way you and him are the same person. You're very nice, and broken in a different way. I'm still 50/50 on whether you were the fake Korean though

youtube.com/watch?v=svZAKJl4ZQ0When you are clotting I realizeThat you're the virus I'll love foreverYou keep dancing on me but I'm aliveThe SARS2 is shining thruThis is my lifeThough you're cyto stormin' I'm still aliveAnd despite I'm feeling good inside I need to grooveTonight it feels like I am dancing with youYou have been my only friendWhen I coof I feel we're togetherYou are also my best friendMake us coof for foreverYou are my star and you dance for meYou are my baby we smile forever'Cuz once I tested positive we both could seeI'm bound to be with youThis is my lifeThough you're cyto stormin' I'm still aliveAnd despite I'm feeling good inside I need to grooveTonight it feels like I am dancing with youYou have been my only friendWhen I coof I feel we're togetherYou are also my best friendMake us coof for foreverYou have been my only friendWhen I coof I feel we're togetherYou are also my best friendMake us coof for forever

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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 3 new cases in Curaçao >>275859305

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>>275826033>how does that helpIt makes me feel better knowing the world isn’t complete shit

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Coronavirus Crisis Has Led To ‘Bleak’ Perception Of The Economy, Study Says>A median of 68% of people considered their country’s current economic situation to be bad, the researchers found, while 31% said conditions were good. >Italy had the largest portion of people who rated the economic situation negatively, with 90% describing the situation as “bad.” >In eight of the 14 countries surveyed, including the U.K., France, and South Korea, the majority of people expected their countries’ economies to get worse.>In the United States, Germany, and Canada, however, people were more likely to say that the economy would improve over the next year than to say it would get worse. >The researchers noted that in nearly every country they surveyed, the perception of how bad the economy is tied to how the country handled the coronavirus crisis: people who viewed their country’s response negatively were more likely to have a negative view of the economic situation. archive.is/PKuYz

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>>275860354Just confirm or deny The reason I think that is because you lied about claiming he impersonated you. The only reasonable thing to me was either 1) you panicked about the things you said while drunk or 2) you felt you weren't technically lying because one cannot impersonate themselves. It's hard to say which

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 498 new cases and 7 new deaths in Pakistan ▶ 22 new cases and 1 new death in the Turks and Caicos Islands ▶ 4 new cases in Mongolia

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>>275854237yeah that's the next point, good luck finding that.

The System is ginning up the race/identity war when it started failing big time economically like it just has (unemployment, evictions, decoupling of the markets from IRL etc),meanwhile The Fed is spending all _our_ (but really their) money to bail out companies/the wealthy indefinitely while this idiot race war sideshow is going on.The Fed has committed to INDEFINITELY, ie FOREVER, buying corporate debt. So basically they will give "free" money to the wealthy forever, but there's no such thing as free money of course. So they'll dissolve the value of your money forever, nibble away at it.There's not even pretense anymore, just the Attention Economy. These people are, if you are willing to pay attention, telling you they will take your money, your savings, and give it to the wealthy, forever, until you starveTo distract you (and them), they'll do anything,The people you are dealing with, the actual enemies, regard damage in the millions as a joke. Some family's corner store going up in flames is funny to them because they could buy 10 casually

>>275851731this. shills actively trying to distract ppl from the truth, they know whats coming.

>>275863083Hmm. I was being impersonated before the trip and after. Not sure which thread you are referring to. Yeah, sometimes I'd pump out a little too much wine in the earlier threads. Don't even remember what went on sometimes.

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>>275819617covid is gay. you fags need to relocate to reddit

>>275865679The thread where you said you had a folder on everyone and never miss a thread. Also you fucked up and samefagged as like "2am coronaposter" and replied to yourself which was hilarious, clearly intoxicated. You claimed it was not you and I asked him directly and he said no. He didnt really fuck with me mentally and would stop if it was causing me too much anguish, so I do believe that, and I also know that that particular thread was genuinely youSo are you confirming 100% that you were never larping as the fake Korean and lied just due to panic and drunken mistakes?

how do I find an anti-mask protest locally?

>>275860711>Broken in a different way.Huh?>You're very niceYou remind me of one of my best friends. She knows be better than I know myself kekeke>Also>pic very related

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Remember, we have been through this whole Covid thing before: it was called the Spanish flu back then, but it was the exact same script, down to the masks. And it was used for the same reason: cover. The Spanish flu covered the end of WWI in 1918, preventing anyone from asking questions about that managed war. They couldn't have people noticing how staged the whole collapse of Germany on Halloween was, with kings abdicating for no reason and Jewish socialists magically installing themselves as leaders and so on, so they invented this scary pandemic to keep everyone's eyes and minds occupied for over a year.They faked and inflated numbers, assigning all deaths in that period to Spanish flu:same thing they are doing now. By the end of that year, everyone had “moved on”. Everyone was so relieved to have survived that pandemic, they didn't think of looking back, at WWI or anything else. And most people will treat Covid the same way: they will be so grateful to have survived this “horrible pandemic”, they won't think of questioning anything else that happened in 2020, including the massive thefts from the treasuries, the fake rioting, the fake BLM events, or anything else. They will move on as fast as possible, no questions asked, swept up in the collapse

Beijing welcomes first international flights since March>Beijing’s main international airport has begun receiving international flights again from a limited number of countries considered at low risk of coronavirus infection.>Passengers flying in from Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Thailand, Pakistan, Austria, Canada and Sweden must have first shown a negative coronavirus test before boarding, city government spokesperson Xu Hejian told reporters.>Passenger arrivals will be limited to roughly 500 per day during a trial period and all will need to undergo additional testing for the virus on arrival, followed by two weeks of quarantine. The first flight under the arrangement, Air China Flight 746, arrived from Pnom Penh, Cambodia, just before 7am on Thursday (local time)>Beginning in March, all international flights to Beijing had been redirected to a dozen other cities where passengers were tested and processed before being allowed to travel on to the Chinese capital.archive.is/D5yEY

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>>275866236That's right. I was under in that thread. I don't have a folder on everyone. I've uploaded pics of my folders on here many times back then. I remember someone asking me to upload a mega link. It's just memes and notable screencaps. At the time I was wined out of my mind and said I had a folder on everyone out of stupidity. The only individual that I had a folder was argiebro and it was like 3 or so variations of the rip pics. And yeah,I was just thinking about that thread because I failed so miserably to switch ID. I think I was so gone I thought I could switch ID with my brain lol. The only file I know I've used that Korean posted is the pink line churchill peace sign pic. It is the last thing that persona posted that I am aware of so I've used it as a tribute. But I am not that user. Bathe in disappointment.Oh, I got to stay on topic>Teh COVID penis.

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You were never supposed to be in school or spend all day talking on zoom call or to have spirit savaged by credentialed woke marms, to become housebroken pet for the scolds of the gynocratic stateYou were supposed to do great things with forever frends

>>275868207No it's fine if you're not him. I prefer to just know the truth. I like you too bb

>>275868097ok, here's what I see from this shit:>chinks blamed their local outbreaks on imported food from Ecuador, Brasil, Norway, etc>one of the latest factories that exported their products to chinks and got their food "tested positive" was from Brazil>later it revealed that the possibility of that factory having contaminated exports is minimalSAO PAULO, Aug 28 - Hong Kong’s government has lifted a temporary ban on chicken imports from a plant operated by Brazil’s Central Cooperativa Aurora that was blocked until tests proved there was no risk of contamination by coronavirus in meat produced there.According to a statement from Brazilian meat industry lobby ABPA, the ban was lifted on Friday by Hong Kong’s food safety and health authorities after the Brazilian government provided all assurances that the products are safe.archive.is/oceNN>chinks realize it would be awkward if they blamed another factory for the same shit since it's most definitely would have no protocol breaches, too, and other countries would start suspecting something>thankfully, after enough propaganda about them being virus-free has been seeded and after enough time passed for everyone to forget, no, get January and February memory holed from their memories, chinks can move to the next part of the plan - receive international flights, and, if any outbreak gets so much out of control that the response to it would be so noticeable that other countries would notice it/it would be easy to leak by multiple people, they could just blame it on the immigrants

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>>275837203nice hypocrisy there - at least i'm not the one attacking a guy for weeks over his deceased child then moralfagging and pretending to be sorry in front of anonymous strangers. nor do i lose my shit over another anonymous stranger "stealing" my (publicly sourced) "content" and attack him for weeks and pathetically try to revenge by stealing "his" threads (as if a general belongs to anybody lmao). you're right about a few things, i admitted several times to milenko and sven both that i come here to vent and troll because i'm bitter and unhappy about things, but what's the point of an anonymous board if you can't be anything other than yourself? if you think everybody here should be completely honest and exactly like their irl self, why aren't you on facebook then? regardless i don't dislike you whatsoever and if grandstanding on here about being better than a bunch of mentally ill weirdos then lying about everything makes you feel good and pure, be my guesttake care, ey yo waddap

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>>275869141You actually misunderstood. I attacked him because he constantly evaded hard questions and I began to doubt the dead daughter story was even real. Actually, I still do. Either way, I apologized to him privately and deleted all our emails and the account. Take care !