What will USA look like a year from now?

What will USA look like a year from now?

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>>275784076Where is the Color Revolution general?

>>275784076>>275785130Fuck it, dump incoming. All new stuff, needs to be sent over to Color Revolution General when that gets put up.

>>275785769PowerPAC+ 4 Years Later: 4 Reasons Why We Still Root For Kamala Harris. Webpage from June 3, 2014 (archive.is/ZlNwp)PowerPAC webpage featuring Kamala Harris (archive.is/Z9goW)>PowerPac.org and PowerPAC+ have supported Kamala since 2010, when she launched her successful campaign for Attorney General of California, her re-election in 2014 and we're proud to support her run for the U.S. Senate in 2016. As Attorney General, Kamala has championed progressive change in California, from actively defending marriage equality to holding major corporations accountable for environmental pollution and financial irresponsibility.New Venture Fund and NEO Philanthropy (liberal dark money) are tied to PowerPAC+.

>>275785842Lateefah Simon of Akonadi Foundation and Kamala Harris (archive.is/4wahA)>President of Akonadi Foundation>Program Director for Rosenberg Foundation (another California grantmaker)>Leading Edge Fund>Fmr. Exective Director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights (Bay Area)Justice Funders Network 2019-2020 Members include Akonadi Foundation and Lateefah Simon (archive.is/UxVRP)Lateefah Simon quote on that webpage:>“The Bay Area Justice Funders Network is a community that supports me as a funder to lead with my values to implement social justice grantmaking practice. It's an intentional space for funders to take coordinated action to advance a justice agenda within philanthropy.”>Lateefah Simon, President, Akonadi Foundation

>>275784076The image is interesting but Occupy Wall-Street had shitty press work and put out conflicting and downright Marxist messages at times, which killed it for me.

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>>275785911Article from Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled "Fund Us Like You Want Us To Win" dated August 25, 2020 (archive.is/naLvD).>Foundations are putting unprecedented billions into racial equity, but some grant makers worry that too little is going to grassroots movements.And here is Lateefah Simon quoted in that article:>“You need righteous agitators,” says Lateefah Simon, a lifelong advocate for racial justice who is president of the Akonadi Foundation, a family foundation in Oakland, Calif., that gives out about $3.5 million a year. “Systems don’t change themselves.”The above article reinforces observations I'm having about an emerging trend, which is that social justice philanthropies are providing a lot of support for political causes. This should clearly demonstrate that the tentacles of neo-Marxism are slowing gaining political influence - and that Kamala Harris and the Bay area is at the center of all of this. The neo-Marxist ideology has a lot of Chinese influence or at least the leaders are entrenched in Asian interests (I'll get to that soon).

>>275785971Harris mentored Simon, from an article from Washington Post dated June 19, 2020 (archive.is/EFNne). Article is titled "Kamala Harris wants America to turn protest into policy. Is she the one to make it happen?" >Simon considers Harris a mentor, calling the senator “an architect of the progressive prosecutor ideology.”>“She was always clear that the laws were unfair — and that her duty was to work inside a system to chip away at these inequities,” Simon said.Lateefah Simon is involved with the Leading Edge Fund (from archive.is/FuLKq)>Launched in 2016 in partnership with Hellman Foundation>"Leading Edge Fund was created to seed, incubate and accelerate bold ideas from the next generation of progressive movement leaders in California." The fund is supported by NoVo Foundation, Akonadi Foundation, The California Wellness Foundation and Heising-Simons Foundation. If the NoVo Foundation rings a bell, it's probably because of their connections to Black Lives Matter and the Tides Foundation (from InfluenceWatch webpage archived archive.is/ibBWL).>According to tax filings, NoVo Foundation has funded a substantial donor-advised fund through the Tides Foundation, a left-wing ideological provider of donor-advised fundsNote the very strong connections between the NoVo Foundation and NEO Philanthropy and the New Venture Fund.

>>275784076Meds. Now. Schizo retard.

>>275786040For the Washington Post article, take it with a grain of salt as it is a very recent article. Other mentions of Lateefah Simon seem to consistently praise her work helping Harris protect victims in child abuse-sexual assault. It feels like they are hiding something there, kind of like the revisions to Kamala's Wikipedia page that omitted how Harris recieved donations from the San Francisco Archdiocese she protected in the church sex crimes case when she waas DA in San Franscisco. For thsoe curious you can find that article here archive.is/4b9tC.>Kamala Devi Harris was born to Donald Harris, her Jamaican-born father and Dr. Shyamala Gopalan, her Tamil Brahmin mother from India. Her father is a Marxist economist who taught at Stanford University.>Willie Brown: During his tenure, Brown came under FBI investigation twice for corruption involving lucrative contracts flowing from the city to his political friend.>According to San Francisco election financial disclosures, high-dollar donations to Harris’s campaign began to roll in from those connected to the Catholic Church institutional hierarchy.>The records that Hallinan had in his possession touched on well-connected institutions at the heart of California’s power structure. St. Ignatius College Preparatory School, in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, counted California governor Jerry Brown … as alumni.Note Jerry Brown.

>>275786099Alice Y. Hom of Borealis Philanthropy (she has alot of connections: Soros, Borealis, AAPIP, Jerry Brown and Justice Funders Network to name a few).From Northern California Grantmakers webpage (archive.is/xcE3d)>Soros Equality Fellow>Director of the Queer Justice Fund at Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)>Northern California Grantmakers is pleased to announce that Alice Y. Hom has been named Equity and Social Justice Director.>Governor Jerry Brown appointed Alice to the California Humanities board of directors in 2012 and Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed her to the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women in 2017.>Serves on the Borealis Philanthropy boardAlice Hom is also a cohort of the 2019 Maestra Pilot Program run by the Justice Funders Network. Borealis Philanthropy is closely tied to the Tides Foundation, Thousand Currents, and Black Lives Matter. Here is the California Board of Humanities archived archive.is/Su584.

>>275786163Crystal Hayling is involved with The Libra Foundation (archive.is/W37dl)>Lived in China, a member of Asian Venture Philanthropy Network: AVPN.AVPN has a tremendous number of international connections (BlackRock among them), worth looking into.>Crystal Hayling is founder of C2Projects, which consults with businesses, social enterprises and foundations in South East Asia.From an Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) 2014 meeting (here: archive.is/7uJkh)>Prior to moving to Singapore in 2010, Crystal was President and CEO of Blue Shield of California Foundation where she oversaw the distribution of more than $100 million in grants. A graduate of Yale University, she participated in the Yale-China post-graduate program in Wuhan, China. She holds a Masters in Management Science from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute.Crystal Hayling was also appointed by Jerry Brown to serve on the California State Board of Food and Agriculture (archive.is/vZKLN)Among others, one of the things Libra Foundation supports is Foward Together (archive.is/OGpoy)>We transform culture and policy to work for all of us nationwide. Since our founding in 1989, we have continually fought to dismantle the ways our society marginalizes us based on race, sexuality, and gender. Today, we build courage and foster connection among our multi-racial community of changemakers to secure the rights, recognition and resources all families need to thrive.

>>275786237Eveline Shen is the Executive Director (archive.is/V8axb)>She serves on the board of Movement Strategy Center, as well as the advisory boards of the Groundswell Fund and the Bay Area Justice Funders Network.Movement Strategy Center is again tied with Justice Funders Network and Dana Kawaoka-Chen, as expected (archive.is/9Nt0J)van Lobel Sen/Rembe Rock Foundation (VSLRR)>Holds about 200,000 shares in IAsiaWorks, Inc.>Creates racial justice grants and supports the San Francisco Chapter of NLG>VSLRR Grant List here archive.is/Il8I6

>>275786304The Mahon family of the Pink House Foundation was among the cohorts involved with the Justice Funders Network Maestra Pilot Program 2019 (archive.is/PElIC)>"Maestra helped us understand what it means to fund organizing and power building work, and how both grant and investment resources are required. We met amazing partners organizing for long-term structural change including land cooperatives and Indigenous sovereignty." - Annie Mahon, Pink House FoundationHanna Mahon is involved with Resource Generation a social justice philanthropy (from resourcegeneration.org/)>Wealth redistribution based on "class privilege" >Got class privilege and want social justice?>Resource Generation is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.

>>275786363Dana Kawaoka-Chen of the Justice Funders Network (from archive.is/5doy4)>Network Director for the Bay Area Justice Funders Network>She is an active member of the AAPIP>She trained Crystal Hayling of the Libra FoundationInvolved with changes to the "funding habits" of social justice philanthropies (from an article entitled "Changing Funder Habits to Change the Game" December 12, 2014 archived here: archive.is/9Nt0J)>What of our current grantmaking habits actually constrain movement? What of these habits are actually based on a dated analysis of the world? What new habits will get us a different outcome? How can grantmakers play a different role with community groups and thereby change the rules of the game?

>>275786436Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund has upper level connections in the network (see InfluenceWatch webpage archive.is/6Tt4d and Tides.org webpage archived here archive.is/PCje9)Note Levi Strauss & Co., that may be another Epstein-network connection. Remember that Regan Pritzker is a trustee of The Libra Foundation, and Joanie Bronfman is Chairman of the Board on the Tides Foundation (archive.is/zvpJF). For more the Joanie Bronfman connection see 4plebs - to my knowledge Joanie Bronfman, while a member of the Bornfman family, has not yet been proven to be directly involved with the Epstein-network, but nonetheless an important lead.>The Fund also manages the Haas Leadership Initiatives, a program fiscally sponsored by the Tides Center.>Robert J. Haas joined the board in 1992. Haas is a former trustee of the Brookings Institution and the Ford Foundation, and formerly sat on the National Advisory Committee of the League of Women Voters Education Fund.

>>275786505Cathy Cha is President of Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund>She also tarted the African-American Civic Engagement Project (AACEP)>African-American Civic Engagement Project: Building Power in California’s Black CommunitiesHere's a list of funders for AACEP (from archive.is/sGr5B):>Akonadi Foundation, Black Civic Engagement Fund, California Community Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation, The Rosenberg Foundation, The Wallace Alexander and Gerbode Foundation.

>>275786588Remember that the Arch Community Fund (Alan Preston, founder is a Justice Funders Network Maestra "Training" Cohort 2019), and Arch Community Fund supported the San Franscisco Chapter of NLG in 2018. NLG is the group responsible for legal protections and bail of arrested protestors.An user from a previous thread recommended to look into The National Lawyers Guild (NLG).>>275383031>follow the bail trail and also the lawyers that were arrested early in the riots for firebombing police cars. They had some friends.>NLG is now and has always been a communist front.I haven't looked into this yet.

>>275786655Main centers that have appeared during my research:-NEO Philanthropy and New Venture Fund-Justice Funders Network-Tides Foundation (not the major player here though, but definetly involved at a higher level)-Open Society Foundations and George Soros-Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)-California social justice grantmakers and social justice philanthropies backed by dark money-California universities (UC Berkeley in particular)-Left-leaning foundations turned neo-Marxist foundations with connections to the Chinese-Old friends of Kamala Harris

>>275784076hang every banker

>>275786715Major timeline events for this network (not rigorous just my cursory observations):2014-2016: neo-Marxists start appearing on the scene in association with philanthropies, and they start by changing the grantmaking limitations under guise of social justice2017-2018: major organization of the groups and laying infrastructure begins2019-2020: rapid shift into organizing spread of ideology and events relating to protestsThree main rhetorical questions:1. Why are there so many Chinese-Asia connections with these social justice philanthropic grantmakers in the Bay Area?2. Why are so many social justice philanthropies supporting causes that increase protests?3. Why does the people involved with these philanthropies have a history of association with Kamala Harris?I think the spread of neo-Marxism was originally planned with the intention of Clinton being in office right now, so the Trump Presidency has thrown a wrench in the operation. The organizing of protests is a new thing, they're just doing it through the existing philanthropic network they set up pre-2016 and with the help of Soros & Co wth his background in the color revolution business. This is a sloppy move on their part, especially considering Kamala's connections to that network, which are now exposed to fresh air. The one thing I'm really curious about now is the extent of Chinese influence in the whole issue - is this neo-Marxist takeover attempt actually coming from the CCP? What is the overlap between Chinese interests and the interests of the Democratic Party?

>>275784076>a year from nowCowardice will be at even higher levels by then, what a JOKE of a country. Just nuke it already.

And an image that anons always ignore. But should really fucking look at.

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>>275784076Hopefully with a lot less faggots clad in black running around burning shit down.



>>275785130>>275785769>>275785842>>275785911>>275785971>>275786040>>275786099>>275786163>>275786237>>275786304>>275786363>>275786436>>275786505>>275786588>>275786655>>275786715>>275786782>>275786890>>275787045Thanks for the effort posts user. The dissident sphere being used should be the most discussed topic on Holla Forums

>>275786097Fuck off shill >>275786889>>275786946I'm thinking less violence in the streets but more polarization than ever

>>275787461>dissident sphereI agree user.



the slide is real out there guys, hope you are reading these >>275787461


this thread is gay and also white people get what they deserve

>>275790564>I think I won't be lined up against the wall and shot when the neo-Marxists take hold

bump pg 7

>>275791348bump pg 8

>>275787717I don't expect the polarization to die down until another democrat gets elected. The republicans will grit their teeth and bear it like they did during the Obama years but the children need their shiny new toy or else they'll burn cities.

>>275792456>polarization to die down until another democrat gets electedIt won't die down until neo-Marxism creates a Yugoslavia situation here in the US. All that stuff about ideological subversion is very real and it's influence should be taken seriously. It's to the point that Americans seldom trust one from across the party lines or even talk to them. It's getting worse too.

>>275793210My rationale was that since we know how the vast majority of the media establishment leans and we know the bulk of the peanut brains in the country can't think for themselves, it's going to take something to placate the handlers to lower the temperature.

>>275793610Oh I see. I was thinking more along the lines of rooting out communistic influence embedded in the establishment. I think the peanut brains are capable of more than may be initially sensed, and that is considering how their lack of thought is supported by TPTB.

>>275794251If only we could get the FDA to regulate teachers and college professors as the mind altering substances they are.

>>275794536>If only we could get the FDA to regulate teachers and college professors as the mind altering substances they are.KekAnd the media as well

Guess this thread will die now.

>>275795418It sha'n't.

>>275795750Blessed user

>>275796151Thanks for your informative posting. Idk if you're the same behind all recent color revolution posts; if so, kudos, but it's worrisome that no one else took the mantle. There are serious matters this board should be made aware of, and it's difficult with all the crap and slide threads.

>>275787717Why would there be less violence in the streets? What event do you see occurring that discourages the mob from rioting? What condition changes to make it less appealing to them?

>>275796480You're welcome user. I'm not behind the Color Revolution posts, just a digger who was curious. You're absolutely right, this stuff is serious and yet not many take it seriously.There are plenty of new leads in my postings if any anons want to dig more.>Black Lives Matter is the Democrat 2020 platform



>>275797408How can there be better mobilization of autists? This needs more visibility, which can be achieved by recurrent threads being posted by multiple anons. That, however, rarely works - it quickly loses traction unless an user really dedicates himself.

>>275800142Maybe simple easily understood images for the sheep user to digest. And posts describing research for the autists. It should also be very clearly identified in its context - which is that this it quite possibly how to stop neo-Marxism, Biden, and the pedophile networks all at once. That's for visibility at least, for the other part I only have faith in God at this point. The shill epidemic has had quite toxic effects on anons minds too.

Bump pg 9

>>275796559If a pseudo-Progressive Democrat (as in how they're portraying Joe Biden) is President, then the Liberal media will latch on to that to suggest that society is actually getting better, so rioters will probably be a little quieter for the next few years in that case.


Spamming this shit in every thread doesn't make your post any better.

>>275784076this coincides with antifa becoming antiworker

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is there anyone willing to draft a QRD

>>275804183I'm linking this thread to the slide threads designed to bury this thread. Tell me why is that so bad?

>>275784076ZOG will still rule.


>>275805420Kamala is old friends with people affiliated with social justice philanthropies and Asia. The neo-Marxists running those philanthropic organizations run grant making operations and in bed with the State of California. These are the people responsible for ongoing protests and probably also the violence. They help bail out protesters through NLG. They are also tied back to Soros who has a history of funding color revolutions such as in Macedonia and Yugoslavia. They are using these tactics with BLM currently to prop up the democrats for 2020.


Does anyone understand the implications of my posts here?




>>275787461Yeah China is trying to subvert the westwe've known this for yearsIt's (((China)))

>>275812740>we've known this for yearsNot the actual names and foundations though user.

Better archive this thread before the faggot kike jannies delete it.

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>>275813328Here >>275787045

>>275813328Fresh archive here archive.is/wEp2F


>>275813564Good job!


fuck you jannies, I hope you all die of ass cancer

>>275816419Almost over the 50-post hump (thread death zone), hopefully some more anons start digesting the content. I sense they are creating targeted slides to capture anons who may find this thread interesting too.

>>275817273>I sense they are creating targeted slides to capture anons who may find this thread interesting too.Indeed, just post the thread linky in the slide threads.

>>275817518Been doing exactly that!


>>275818175There is a potential non-LARP Antifa insider/infiltrated thread going on currently too if interested. I'm keeping a eye on it as well. Here>>275801192

>>275784076Underrated post. Pol hates OWS but they scared the shit out of the CIA/Bnkas and that's why the left is totally focused on DIVERSITY MAKES US STRONGER PRO-IMMIGRATION now..

>>275818670That is why the Democrats love the color purple, they are attempting to give the impression that they are the unifying solution. When really what they fear is a third party in the center emerging but with complete establishment/deep-state outsiders as the leaders. This would truly unify America against the corrupt, foreign influenced and old money interests. This used to be what the US stood for.

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>>275784076now this is a based postnotice how the messaging post OWS has always been identity politics?identity politics not only protects their wealth from class war, it makes people entitled and neurotic.those kinds of people are easy to boost their profits with.

>>275820517And this fits nicely in with the timeline for the emergence of neo-Marxism our of universities and into philanthropies described here >>275786782>2014-2016: neo-Marxists start appearing on the scene in association with philanthropies, and they start by changing the grantmaking limitations under guise of social justice>2017-2018: major organization of the groups and laying infrastructure begins>2019-2020: rapid shift into organizing spread of ideology and events relating to protests


>>275785947>put out conflicting and downright Marxist messages at times, which killed it for me.That was literally (((their))) goal.

>>275822978Damn, this is all beginning to make sense now. Or at least I think.

>>275823222OWS didn't start out with Marxist sentiment. They added that element so your average joe would just say "communism bad" and not participate.

>>275823505>They added that element so your average joe would just say "communism bad" and not participate.Hence the use of the term Antifa to prevent the same thing from happening now? As in to reinforce the message "focus on your enemies"

>>275785947That was the point of the sabotage .




>>275784076Ireland during the troubles

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>>275785947Ketchup was a plant, that’s why it got to be the spokesthing

>>275828260That Evola quote sums it up pretty well. I'm not familiar with what happened in Ireland?

>>275794251The NeoCons are unapologetic Trotskyites. It’s at the top and at the bottom of society, it has been for 20 years now.

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>>275796559It’s about forming a federal police force and getting the right to demand it, as they would have been the ones to fight it.

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>>275828846Daily violence for 70 years, until it was just background noise while people went about their daily lives surrounded by atrocity after atrocity and a constant sense of unease.

>>275784076>a year from nowBy the end of the year the country will be ablaze and we'll all be better off for it.

>>275830130Oh I see. But now that we have artifical intelligence, psyops, bioweapons etc. what do you think might occur? With these technologies at their disposal.>>275830287You really believe this user?

>>275797408Color revolution are intelligence agency ops created and used for commercial purposes. That is what has to be hammered home. Yet another aspect of media conditioned simp "culture" where consumers go and do things like fucking robots.

>>275784076interestingly there is a pivot back to Occupy Wall St rhetoric now, perhaps due to the waning public support for BLM

>>275830865This user gets it. Communism is monopoly capitalism and Marx wrote a bait and switch sales pitch.

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>>275831199We need a switch back to Tea Party rhetoric, it was really gaining traction, when OWS and the tea party had the same target, it really felt like things might change.

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>>275831443>>275830865In context with the CCP interests too.

>>275832197who lends all the money to CCP do you suppose?what ethnicity were all the non-chinese who set the thing up? As usual.Commercial. Purposes.

>>275831705Some of those neo-Marxist philanthropies I posted about earlier discuss the Tea Party as why they were formed.. to counter it. Hmm.

>>275784076bump, good image poster

>Remember, we have been through this whole Covid thing before: it was called the Spanish flu back then, but it was the exact same script, down to the masks. And it was used for the same reason: cover. The Spanish flu covered the end of WWI in 1918, preventing anyone from asking questions about that managed war. They couldn't have people noticing how staged the whole collapse of Germany on Halloween was, with kings abdicating for no reason and Jewish socialists magically installing themselves as leaders and so on, so they invented this scary pandemic to keep everyone's eyes and minds occupied for over a year.They faked and inflated numbers, assigning all deaths in that period to Spanish flu:same thing they are doing now. By the end of that year, everyone had “moved on”. Everyone was so relieved to have survived that pandemic, they didn't think of looking back, at WWI or anything else. And most people will treat Covid the same way: they will be so grateful to have survived this “horrible pandemic”, they won't think of questioning anything else that happened in 2020, including the massive thefts from the treasuries, the fake rioting, the fake BLM events, or anything else. They will move on as fast as possible, no questions asked.

>>275832197David Rockefeller was Mao’s roommate at Yale, he funded the revolution, Bill Donovan of the OSS and founder of the CIA trained the revolutionaries. The notion of nation states is only for us, not for them.

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>>275832524NPR and PBS are neo Marxist. If you listen to The Who brought you this program, inevitably a robber barrons philanthropy. Communism comes from the London School of Economics, conceived of by the Fabian Socialists and funded by the Vanderbilts, it is a control mechanism and never had any intention of fulfilling its false promises.

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>>275833067>The notion of nation states is only for us, not for them.What's the way out of this?

>>275833597Betrand Russell was wrong, the human psyche knows at an unconscious level the truth. Russell was a rationalist to the core and failed to recognize the psychological aspect to any respectable degree - I'd take his words with caution there.>it is a control mechanism and never had any intention of fulfilling its false promises.Granted but what happens when they try to use it on a population that is unconsciously resistant to it? I have no evidence for this other than a gut feeling.

>>275833778city-states. the natural human political unit and where the word "politics" comes from."man is a political animal" is a deliberate (((mistranslation))) of "man is an animal who is best at home in a polis [city-state]"

>>275833778A time machine. Not to black pill, but just so that one will not run to the arms of a Judas goat. It’s the money, we need to live within our means and shop second hand. The belief in party politics is what is holding back progress, if I had an answer, I’d be running for a third party hiding deep underground in a bunker.

>>275805094The term "People of color" couldnt be more clear. What does it mean? Everyone but straight white people. It doesn't get more prejudicial than to exclude a single group from this catch all.

With Joe "Man's Chad" Biden? Glorious.

>>275834542It’s already happened. We are living in his world right now.

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>>275784076>What will USA look like a year from now?charred

Bumping with a free link to Red SymphonyConcise and eye opening, it’s freearchive.org/details/RedSymphony

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>>275832910They're trying to cover for an otherwise successful nationalist president. Cant have that, they added a lockdown twist to kill the economy. Gotta keep the markets open, foreign money to the "rescue". By rescue I mean the destruction of economy, social trust, and violence in the streets. Antifa's primary action of stealing from then burning business is no mistake.


seething shills trying to bury this with slide threads.

>>275835902The last guy who rescued the economy also wrote the Morgenthau Plan to starve German civilians who managed to survive the war.en.metapedia.org/wiki/Morgenthau_Plan

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Cant stop, wont stop, taking this thread to the top

Woodrow Wilson sent Trotsky an American passport to get him out of a Canadian Prison when he was caught with a steamer trunk full of gold. A few weeks later we had the federal reserve. This bullshit has been a false dialectic for a long long time

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>>275836431Classic. Keynes the founder of pseudo economics, deficit spending. The idea of plunging wealthy productive countries into debt so that they have to allocate billions a year into interest payments to banks. Banks that only exist because of the citizens they steal from.

>>275833778We have to start killing Jews. It's the only thing that worked in the past. It's the only thing that'll work now.

>>275836903Reminder to others, this guy knows, but Wilson campaigned on peace and non intervention. We immediately began selling guns and bombs to England, when those ships were attacked, our civilian ships were loaded with guns and ammo. Naturally this was denied by the deep state until divers took photos on of the guns on the ship in the 1990's.

>>275836992In its current form, it’s called the Cloward and Piven strategy. Essentially to destroy the economy through welfare and debt spending so that socialism(communism) is the only alternative en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward–Piven_strategy

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Dont be discouraged anons, these clowns feel the pressure globally. How many times did we hear about journalists layoffs? State department jobs left unfilled? The courts are now packed with conservatives. Spying is relegated to third party international operations. Deep state has lost about a dozen shadow wars this decade. China is falling apart. Covid was a desperate move, and it is going to cost them. People are getting smart to their BS.

>>275837574Wilson was the Gentile face of Barnard Baruch, who was the real power at the turn of the century. You hear a lot about Rockefeller and JP Morgan, but Baruch was the financial engine against Germany, and the rest of Europe in the early 20th century.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Baruch

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>>275838378Don’t forget that’s it’s only been 20 years since it was the Democrats that were the anti China party. They were the ones fighting globalism on behalf of their Union base. That’s when there were jobs in this country. Many of the same republicans that are pretending to fight for Main Street are the same ones that Promoted NAFTA and free trade while Ross Perot was throwing his fortune away trying to alert the American people of the Republican scheme to bankrupt the country. It seemed like science fiction back then that it could happen.

>>275837866Good info, keep fighting the good fight.Crimea, lost from the globalists. Syria, a wasted effort of the globalists. Globalists lost the NSA and the FBI. Tax payers are flocking from CA and NY. They lost Korea as a whole. They couldn't overthrow Venezuela. Migrants turned away from US. Globalists lost UK from the EU. Globalists hold Germany by a thread. Pedos are being prosecuted and whacked. The desperation you smell is a sign of progress.

>>275784076>its another "you cant hate kikes and niggers at the same time" thread

>>275839555It’ll take the World Bank and IMF to dissolve and have its theft returned to the world, before there is a victory. They are the 1% who hold 50% of the worlds currency.

>>275839630No it's exposing the obvious narrative, and the true intent.

>>275840155Taking down Antifa will restore order and some trust. The global banking cartel is the root issue, agreed.

>>275840218If the niggers knew, we’d have no jews

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>>275784076Bad 80s cyberpunk megacorp hellworld


bump, buncha shill lefty threads otherwise.


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>>275785911>Akonadi Foundationarchive.is/IzhjX

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-03 Wayne Jordan - Akonadi Foundation.png (914x1180, 231.34K)

>>275845278>Color of Changecolorofchange.org/https://colorofchange.org/our-team/

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-03 Color Of Change We help you do something real about injustice .png (914x935, 1.44M)

>>275845278add Black Unity PDX, the Reese Monson outfit. He was the shot caller in the same team as >>275839012

>>275845278>Quinn Delaneyarchive.is/lTGFX

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I think we need to make this a General.


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>>275847873>>275785911>>275785971Lateefah Simon from April 9, 2020. archive.is/TpkPMSimon from Monday June 8, 2020.>“We’ve done tasks forces, we’ve done blue-ribbon commissions,” said Lateefah Simon, a nonprofit leader who Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday would be part of a new state police reform group. “The fury, and why cities are burning, is because folks are sick of that malaise.mercurynews.com/2020/06/07/how-the-george-floyd-protests-could-change-policing-in-california/

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Anyone know anything about this?nypost.com/2020/09/03/new-film-sheds-light-on-hunter-bidens-deals-with-china/amp/

The Brown, Newsom, and Pelosi family have been intermarrying and passing power amongst each other for a century. I know that the plantation that Kamalla’s great grandmother owned was called Brownstown. Does any motivated user want to help dig up if it’s the same Brown family, that relates to the Jerry Brown family?quora.com/Is-Gavin-Newsom-Governor-of-California-related-to-Nancy-Pelosi?share=1

Attached: 4DCD6BE5-47CB-4DE0-8CED-B1F6D0B089A4.jpg (636x382, 80.7K)

>>275849755>Just looks like a poor, uneducated black woman from Jamaica, right? Nothing to see here, right? Except that she was from Browns Town, giving us the first clue that our “Miss Chrishy” was more well-connected than we might suspect. Kamala’s family tree page ends at Miss Chrishy, so it takes clicking on her and then clicking again to find that Kamala’s genealogy goes two generations further, to Hamilton Brown*, son of another Hamilton Brown, born in...Ireland.Their pages are all managed by Erica the Disconnectrix Howton of course, so we know some misdirection is afoot. The elder Hamilton Brown’s occupation is given as “Sugar planter”, which isn’t very informative. In fact, he was not the one out planting sugar in the fields, since he was white. Rather, he was a plantation owner, and quite a wealthy one, seeing as he owned over1,100 slaves. How do I know that? Because he has his own Wikipedia page.mileswmathis.com/wilber.pdf

>>275850465>>275849755Bump, very interesting.And the pedophile networks? >>275786099

>>275848677Lateefah (((Simon))) as usual a Carthaginian

>>275851452Miles W Mathis does some work on it but Programmed To Kill on jewtube and Richard D Hall from richplanet dot net kill itAnd let's for sure get a General going.>In a time of universal shilling creating a useful General is a revolutionary act

>>275851962>pursuit of truth is revolutionaryFeel free to start it up whenever, anything to rally the autists into action.I've been posting in this thread for the last 8 hours to keep it alive. I'm about done for today..

Previous >>275784076archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/275784076https://archive.is/eCtwlpastebin from other color generalspastebin.com/Kn30R5gtLast General archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/275702360/#275702360But don't let anons get bogged down in that analysis of color revolutions. Straight into digging.

>>275853470And why not post this in here too?peakgrantmaking.org/>>275853707>Pedo triangle

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>>275853944>PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led organization that began in New York City with two grants managers meeting informally to discuss shared experiences at their foundations. Soon, they engaged other colleagues and, as membership grew, an open and participatory network developed.>Under the name Grants Managers Network (GMN), the organization expanded nationally in 1996, with support from the Rockefeller Family Fund; incorporating in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) public charity.>In 2017, GMN became PEAK Grantmaking to more boldly and persuasively convey the strategic value of grants management professionals and practices in realizing philanthropy’s full potential to fuel change for goodIt's becoming obvious.peakgrantmaking.org/about-us/

>>275853470goodalso captcha for this thread is off the fucking chain>because it's moving so fast, right?

>>275784076OP is right. The occupy movement was transformed into the Antifa organisation with funding from bankers like Soros.The counterattack must be to point out that jews owned most of the slaves and controlled the Western slave trade which is a fact. Then focus attention back to bankers without mentioning that the bankers as a eufemism for jews.

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>>275840647>If the niggers knew, we’d have no jewsThis.

>>275854318>because it's moving so fast, right?KEKSlow slow, and me too. The shills stopped even shilling. This is also known to happen in /gmg/ threads, they just give up. Or they are simply monitoring, I'm not sure.First it was pissed Marxists, then slides, then silence.

>>275854745monitoring. >SHUT IT DOWN would be too painfully obvious and less stressful for us. This way they try and grind our gears at the same time.

>>275784076>seriously implying the USA will even exist a year from now

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BUMP bump ultra max BUMP

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>>275855827The future is mostly unknowable in that regard user, too much uncertainty. Besides these kinds of things play out over many years, maybe even decades.>>275855975>added benefitVERY interesting. But what happens if the neo-Marxists start to turn on their corporate masters?

Looks like the pedo research thread neighboring us is getting into DynCorp Cerebrus territory for any interested anons >>275856149

>>275850465Here is a rundown of the intertwined California power families so far, Kamalla’s tree has to be in there somewhere further backcalmatters.org/commentary/gavin-newsoms-keeping-it-all-in-the-family/

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>>275857091Blackpills incoming.

>>275858864Beware the black pills, losing faith in the system is the goal of the chaos, we need a change of guard without letting them change the republic into a feudal serfdom

>>275859260Yes I'm not taking the black pill user, I have faith in my blood.Possibly another relevant post for this thread here >>275859215

Posting for future archive clarity. There was an "antfia-insider" thread earlier.From >>275860060 (our neighbor)>>275859694>VERY relevant conclusion user.>See >>275814946>>275814702



>>275856377>humans and cultures in general never ever follow predictable behavioral patterns nope never ever

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>>275859541>CBP spokesman Jaime Ruiz told NPR the seizure was kind of an unusual situation.>"There was no attempt to hide the importation," he said.foxnews.com/us/customs-agents-seize-gun-parts-china

>>275862441Fair enough point user. I guess I was trying to remain hopeful is all.

>>275862627Can't blame you. Though to be fair I think that there will be a succesor, the benefits of being a united land given so many overseas hate us and want to exterminate our people far outweigh balkanization.If anything, we're more likely to have a massive civil war and subsequent reformation, personally I wouldn't call whatever comes after that to still be the USA, but it is undoubtedly needed for our very survival.

Interesting developmenttwitter.com/mrandyngo/status/1301724215553323009?s=21>>275862551

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>>275862940>Though to be fair I think that there will be a succesor, the benefits of being a united land given so many overseas hate us and want to exterminate our people far outweigh balkanization.I'm reminded of this post >>275833067. There's a heck of alot of uncertainty with regards to future. It ultimately is up to the people and if they have found their souls.

>>275863061And possibly relevant hunch here >>275864701

99 posts. Shit, well have a good night anons.


>>275784076completely collapsed with some areas completely shut off in martial law, normies went to the FEMA camps and got slaughtered(who would be dumb enough to go to the FEMA camps anyways?) other areas of complete lawlessness. Roaming gangs of kids like in that movie about those roaming gangs of kids. UN Troops that touch down on the shores are immediately shot on site by every faction waging war in the US, causing other countries to just decide to let a victor emerge. Long nose tribe is long gone and all federal reserve buildings are blown up.