What are those pedos up to?

>pedos smuggle a rare air-to-air missileAmazon was shipping an illegal air-to-air missile to a mercenary company Draken (glow) which owns fighter jets capable of firing this missile.miami.cbslocal.com/2020/08/20/live-air-to-air-missile-found-at-florida-airport/https://www.foxnews.com/us/french-air-to-air-missile-florida-airportWhat's interesting about this is:>missile is old, rare, has unique post-explosion signature>those missiles are usually traced to Jordan>officially USA never owned those missiles (perfect for false flag, blame Jordan)>CEO of the company is Joseph Ford>Ford used to be a board member at DynCorplinkedin.com/in/joseph-ford-7a92b02a>DynCorp is known for pedo child trafficking scandals and human trafficking in general.>Higher management of the company allegedly heavily involved>"DynCorp is one of the most controversial military contractors, given its past scandals, many of which involved the company facilitating human trafficking and child prostitution. For instance, in the late 1990s, DynCorp employees were accused of raping children in Bosnia as well as buying and selling girls as young as 12 for use as sex slaves. They also assisted the illegal transport of women into Bosnia for human trafficking purposes."mintpressnews.com/lawsuit-military-contractor-enslaved-american-employees-sewage-flooded-barracks-tent-cities/250994/Why pedo mercenaries need illegal air-to-air missiles while they got fucktons of legal ones?>missile not on their records, not in the booksWhat are they planning? Why this happens right before election?

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>>275781844the woman in that pic is a jew


>>275781844That seems to be a gold mine.Bumperino

>>275781844She'd make a nice vaccum cleaner, if you know what I mean.

>>275781844There is literally nothing wrong with being a pedophile.Pedos are people too. As long as they're not harming people, they deserve to be treated the same as any other person. Dont treat someone differently because of their sexuality.

>>275782508This is the gay agenda.

>>275781844>buying an air to air missile>when they're so fucking easy to build from off the shelf components

>>275782739But then how do you false-flag frame Jordan, or some other place, for it?>missile destroys X in USA>traces back to JordanTIME TO MAKE GREATER ISRAEL

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>>275783421excellent point. the only reason to use traceable munitions as opposed to improvised munitions is because you want to frame someone.

>>275783535This is an old missile that is not produced anymore since ages. As such, the list of countries that own them is very, very short.

>>275785035so it's a false flag framing operation

EOD Fag here. Multiple countries in NATO to include the frogs ship ordnance to the US because there are many exercises in which they use our impact areas. Top that off with the fact that DHL is used to ship large items to include ordnance and one getting left behind somewhere happens. Normally, it happens at Ammunition Supply Points but it happens other places as well, this is just one the news picked up on. At the end of the day, a missile of that type being left somewhere is no more than a paperweight unless you have a massive, multimillion dollar radar control launch unit.

>>275785129But what would be the target? Not many targets require military combat grade air-to-air missiles.One of those missiles can rekt an entire airplane.

>>275782508antifa pls leave

>>275786100who says there has to be a target? the notion that syrians are trying to smuggle an air to air missile into the US is enough to get the normies' panties in a bunch and support whatever deep state bullshit they want.

>>275782508nice bait, guaranteed replies. Here's another (you) to add to your collection.

>>275786035Is this why it was shipped to a "wrong address" and was not registered?

>>275786503they were supposed to get caught. the whole point of a false flag is getting caught.

>>275786704So you think it could've been>oh no Middle East is smuggling combat grade missiles into US>we need more funding for our Middle East operationsOr something along that line?It didn't really make any splash in the media, so it seems it wasn't about scaring the public.It's hard to imagine that intel agencies got cucked by airport security. So yeah makes sense that it was supposed to be found.

>>275786503Look at the photo of the shipping container. it has LOT numbers/ serial numbers and all identifying info on it. This is as registered as a piece of ordnance gets. Hell, items like grenades, mortars and Artillery shells (all unguided items) don't even have serial numbers, they just have LOT numbers and one LOT number can be on thousands of items of the same nomenclature. All I am trying to say is never contribute to malice that which can be easily explained by incompetence. Both the US and Russia are still missing a dozen or so nukes between the two.

>>275786704Now that I think about the shipment method, yeah it would totally suck as a super secret smuggling method.>giant box, around 550-600 pounds of weight>"EXPLOSIVES" written all over it>unregistered>embodiment of the "glows in the dark meme">shipped in broad daylight>they knew it will go through control/securityIf it was supposed to not get caught, then it would be the worst smuggling operation ever. There's over 9000 better ways for smuggling things, this one was literally "plz find me".

>>275782508Gas gas gas!I'm gonna turn on the gas


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>>275781844hasn't there already been an air to air missle that was found in Europe, in Italy I think?reuters.com/article/us-italy-neonazi-arms/italy-seizes-air-to-air-missile-guns-in-raids-on-neo-nazis-idUSKCN1UA1T0

>>275786035>Top that off with the fact that DHL is used to ship large items to include ordnance and one getting left behind somewhere happens.That's next level imcompetence and negligence...

>>275781844W wh what is she eating anons?

>>275782508The pattern of dialethics> Enumerate you are against a common ethical concept> Attempt to humnanize the antagonic subject of that concept> Justify the absurdity of this very travesty> Try to diss your adversary's opinion as absurd, appealing to emotionsTurn the debate to your favour using these little steps. This is communist playbook at its finest.

>>275790502>foxnews.com/us/french-air-to-air-missile-florida-airport>>275781844It's the same type of french air to air missilethat was found in italy... And if you change your wikipedia page of the matra 530 missile to german you can actually see which countries have how much of them stocked up.

>>275782508Can we finally throw kike shills in ovens again? Enough with this shit.

>>275781844Argentinien 40Australien 100Brasilien 30Frankreich no infoIsrael no infoJordanien 75Kolumbien 30Libanon 15Libyen 70Marokko 200Pakistan 40Spanien no infoVenezuela 20

>>275786035Anon did you just say that "private companies are used for military logistics and they loose track of military weaponry all the time, including warheads. No biggie, just another Tuesday"?

>>275782041Britney amber?

>>275781844>Draken>DynCorpDynCorp was engaged in the "destruction" of coca fields in bolivia. >DynCorpand >Drakenprobably smuggle cocain and illegal forced sex workers into the USA and they got the missile as payment>Kritiker werfen dem Unternehmen vor, auch zur Aufstandsbekämpfung in Bolivien eingesetzt zu werden und am Kokain-Schmuggel mitzuverdienen, was allerdings noch unbewiesene Anklagen sind.there you have it you won't find it on the english wikipedia site...fats translate.>Critics accuse the corporation, of fighting insurrectionists in Bolivia and also profit from cocain smuggling, those claims are still not proven.

>>275793282Hi coomer

>>275791765My mistake that's the precursor model of the matra 530 super... sorryThose are the stats for the matra 530 Super: Ägypten 80 Super 530F>Ecuador 70 Super 530FFrankreich no infoGriechenland 175 Super 530DIndien 200 Super 530DIrak 200 Super 530FJordanien 75 Super 530FKuwait 115 Super 530FArabische Emirate 50 Super 530F und 75 Super 530D


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>>275793992>and they got the missile as paymentWhy a missile as payment? I guess to sell it on black market, or use it up in some contract where they will overprice the value of the rocket and cash in on the difference? But why not just gold/cash? Would it be because glows:- want to liquidate the old missiles that do nothing but sit in a warehouse, thus prefer to pay with missiles- have easier access to said missiles than gold/cash- this way they pay in steps and the deal ends when the contractor gets hired, uses the missile and is vastly over compensated from tax $, as such glows don't loose any of their own funds and control the process more?- it's "clean money" so you don't really have to launder it>be glows>hire mercenaries to traffic drugs and humans>pay them with old, useless for you missiles>promise an official contract where the mercs get to use the missile and will cash in on the contract funds>total expenditure: negligible, some rocket that got "lost in shipments">total profit: massiveWould that be the idea?


>>275796712Draken could us it themselves. Maybe the missile is just a front for a transaction that was actually cocain and or hookers. Such a missile could have a worth of atleast half a million dollar if not more. So to have a reasonable motive to send some 2nd world country atleast half a million dollar they'll say oh that transaction oh that was just a missile that we bought(definitly not cocain and hookers). In additon draken has the platforms to fire they have 22 Dassault Mirage jets. Which adds to a plausible deniability... But seriously I'm just speculating..

>>275796712>gold/cashI mean gold and cash in a quantity of half a million or more dollars is extremly suspect for a defense contractor... But a missile? They probably have atleats 10 of those. and if they would need cash they still could sell it to some 2nd/3rd world country, or terrorits organisations. I'm very happy taht you shared thsi with us.

>>275786035>Nothing to see here, Goy. We lose mass casualty ordinance all the time.Fuck you.

>>275796712>be glows>hire mercenaries to traffic drugs and humansSeriosuly I don't think taht they are distinguishable from another. They simply are GLOWIES well privaticed glowies but still the same glowies...It's the revolving door effect...

>>275793063I know this is hard for your spiritus adddled brain to comprehend janusz but the us mic is huge and losing some small shit like a missile is small potatoes

Massive DynCorp thread I did filled with connections relevant to this. twitter.com/terran_sol/status/1159414111312261126?s=19

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>>275799770I guess it provides an extra layer, so when someone blows the whistle like with DynCorp and Bosnia, DynCorp gets all the blame. "A mercenary group allegedly involved with rapes of babies in Bosnia" sounds way better than "CIA allegedly raping Bosnian babies". But yeah glows are glows.They glow hard, I was just surprised that the founder of Draken was a financial glow who made billions in finance and switched to military operations.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jared_Isaacman


>>275783421We're a problem because we aren't corrupt.

>>275801357>2020>logistics are heavily automated>databases keeping track of what is where>scan codes that get checked on every checkpointOooops some heavy warheads in boxes the size of a van got lost, meh, ain't nobody got time for that!>nobody helped them to get lost, military logistics are a total fucking mess that makes Post Office look like peak efficiency (not the case)vs>someone helped them to get lostIf I were to bet, I would bet it's a mixture of the two, some stuff gets lost from time to time, but more frequently someone helps it to get lost

>>275791057So you're aggreeing that there's nothing wrong with it then and it's lame moralfaggotry?

>>275801599exactlythey are training US military pilots, holy shit this shit goes deep. >Draken is headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, but most of Draken's operations are based out of Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base.as you said it adds an extra layer....

>>275802899funny enough that the us military never officialy used those missiles... also interesting that they only focus on Draken and not where it originated.

>>275802899>but more frequently someone helps it to get lostAnd then, by pure coincidence, you see footage of ISIS running around equipped with brand new USA military gear. Because a clerk did a typo, they didn't send tens of Humvees into warehouses but delivered them to ISIS, oh no what an unfortunate mistake! Ooopsie!

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>>275801437Thank you for your effort.

Worth looking at if someone has some time.archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/dyncorp/4plebs results for the term Draken are pretty fruitless

>>275782041>>275793282>ambermore like Amberg

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>>275801437>>NXIVM Sex Cult>Never heard of that, what's that?>daughters of a billionaire fucked a secretary of Dalai Lama so he would support their sex cult of actual slavers>he didNot a story you see everyday.

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>>275781844too lazy to research myself, but very interdastingbumping and hoping the indonesia user and the netherlands user find something more, so my lazy german brain has somwthing to read

>>275782508The ̶B̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ Gassings Will Continue Until Morale Improvesyoutube.com/watch?v=gmtk3Kcs_b0

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>>275790948obviously a rocket pop.

>>275809535Ok so this is where pic related is from.Dude enslaved young females, branded their flesh and pimped them out. Wide organization with secret inner circle dedicated to raping slaves, billionaire families involved. A rape-house in New York. "Suicides". Dalai Lama involved, top kek at Dalai Lama.

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>>275782041Thanks for coming out.


>>275786100Airforce 1Some passenger planePlane carrying something else important

>>275782508>posting that without a nice loli picdisappoint

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>>275801437>twitter.com/terran_sol/status/1159414111312261126?s=19Holy shit this is massive.>DynCorp (private military glow), very long history of allegations of pedo child sex trafficking>DynCorp is owned by Cerberus Capital Management (financial glow)>which is owned by the head of the President's Intelligence Advisory BoardHead of POTUS Intelligence Advisory Board --- owns ---> Cerberus Capital Management --- owns ---> DynCorp --> allegedly over 9000 pedo rings, capture of child sex slaves, human trafficking and distribution of CPen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus_Capital_Managementhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Feinberghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President's_Intelligence_Advisory_Board#PIAB_ChairsOwner of Cerberus which owns DynCorp was nominated as his chief glownig by Trump in 2018.

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>>275814014pizzagate isnt real

>>275814014>DynCorp goes around embezzling billions of $ on unauthorized projects>feds got on their ass, they bribed them with few millions saying "yeah, we do that"bloomberg.com/news/articles/2011-04-22/dyncorp-to-pay-7-7-million-for-inflated-claims-on-iraq-work-u-s-says>DynCorp made donations to Clinton>Cerberus has plenty of ex-gubbamint people involved>former Secretary of the Treasury>vice PresidentsHoly shit just the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus_Capital_Management is a gold mine, list of transactions and sectors. Financial glowniggers mine.

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>>275781844I want to stick my big pajeet cock inside of her mouth.

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>Feinberg was born to an Jewish family[5][6] and raised in The Bronx, New York. When aged eight, his family moved to Spring Valley, New York,[7] a suburb of New York City. His father was a steel salesman.[7] He graduated with an A.B. in politics from Princeton University in 1982 after completing a 94-page long senior thesis titled "The Politics of Prostitution and Drug Legalization."en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Feinberg

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>digging on Steve Feinberg>his co-founder of Cerberus is a speaker attiger21.com/Which on the surface seems to be some sort of networking / investment club for rich people.>800 members

>>275782508When a tranny posts outside of Holla Forums.

>>275789142Didn’t some lost nukes turn up in Brazil and Turkey a couple years ago or am I imagining things?

Holy shit anything you touch in this topic glows. Pick up a dart, throw it blindly and see if the topic is related to 5, 3 or just 2 other glownig agencies.>>275820244Those ~800 members paid in ~70 billion $ to Tiger21, so an average of almost ~90 million $ per member.From their website.>Please see below for criteria for TIGER 21 Membership.>$10MM in Investable Assets*>Readiness to share>Willingness to learn>Commitment to not solicit>Commitment to attend monthly meetings>*Please note that meeting the specific quantitative requirement of a minimum of $10MM in investable assets does not automatically guarantee admittance>into TIGER 21. There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met. These are qualitative in nature and are at the>discretion of TIGER 21 and the Chair of the Group>There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met.Which translates to "you're not from the pleb, do you even glownigger?".

Attached: glow.jpg (400x213, 15.29K)

So far we have:>private military glownigs>financial glownigs (in this case, often Jews)>political glownigsIntermingling with each other.One leads to another and so on. Add child rape, human trafficking, drugs and theft of public funds into the mixture.Lovely bunch. It's nothing new, just weird that it's so easy to connect. Literally chair of one organization owns the others etc. They make 0 effort at hiding any of that.>private/political glow network of rich, slave raping pedos are swinging their dicks around>What you gonna do 'bout it, homeboy?

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>>275820244>tiger21.com/Btw, you know Anons that you can spam their "inquiry" form with shitposts? Please don't do that.

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And I guess the thread dies.


>100 pedo threads a daysomething seriously fishy going on here

Bump. An user earlier commented on DynCorp and United Nations link. Not only in the past DynCorp was trafficking children for UN officials to rape, but this year UN got very active with DynCorp. I'm still digging into this and will post a tl;dr later.

>>275828451Look at the links. Look at the connections. It's not really hidden.>easily accessible pedo rings connections>nah it's anons making threads that is fishy

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>>275829075bro im not getting involved in this shit i happen to wanna stay out of prison my skinny twink lookin ass wont survive ill get raped to death by niggers

>>275782508long drop sudden stop for you shlomo

>>275829326>is afraid of death by glowniggerDon't worry, not all men were born with balls. I think the anal dildo you ordered will be delivered soon, so that's something for you to get excited about user. Go back to fapping to sissy porn, but thanks for bumping the thread.

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>>275830566shut up pussy prison ruins lives man and im already on every glowniggers watchlist already you aint shit

>>275781844This thread is on to something. Bump.

>DynCorp was involved in a sex slavery scandal in Bosnia in 1999, with its employees accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12. Dyncorp, hired to perform police duties for the UN and aircraft maintenance for the US Army, were implicated in prostituting the children,>the company’s Bosnia site supervisor filmed himself raping two women.>in October 2004 it was revealed that DynCorp contract workers operating at Tolemaida Air Base in Colombia distributed a video in which they could be observed sexually violating underage girls from the town of Melgar. This video was even sold on the main streets of Bogotá. >In a May 2009 meeting interior minister Hanif Atmar expresses deep concerns that if lives could be in danger if news leaked that foreign police trainers working for US commercial contractor DynCorp hired “dancing boys” to perform for them.>The tradition of Bacha Bazi “boy play” is alive and well in Afghanistan. Young boys are bought and sold, dressed up like women and forced to dance, at men only parties. Many times they are then raped or killed.huffpost.com/entry/its-dj-vu-for-dyncorp-all_b_792394

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>>275790640"Did we forget anything on this bill of lading?""Two reams of paper, a stapler, a bookshelf and a missile. Nothing major."

>>275830934Ok user you go hide in your cuck shed like a good goy, all quiet, with your massive pussy trembling with fear.+10 goy points

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>>275832645lmao tiny dick polish kikes you dont deserve this tight boy pussy

>>275833172That's right. Your ass is reserved for Tyrone Squad.

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>>275783421Probably use it to kill a plane with an enemy of Israel on board, then blame it on Jordan to get the US Army to intervene.Two birds with one stone, and it wouldn't be the first time.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident

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>>275831921poor snek jus wan go fast, but cage is too small :(

>>275812252As far as I know, the AF1 has chaffs and flares, I doubt such an old missile could actually harm it.If that was the target, it would merely rustle the airforce's jimmies. Perfect for a false flag and subsequent counter attack on whatever they trace the missile to, see >>275834655

>>275835091they belong in the wild that shit is so wrong

>>275835091This snek represents all of us. :(

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>>275835727hey man fuck you for making me sad


>>275781844An actual happening. Have a bamp

>>275782739How do i do it? t.machinist

>>275837545You write an e-mail to FBI saying"Dear Glownigs, how to into DIY warheads? Plz tell. Asking cuz curious"

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How deep does the rabbithole go?

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>>275838599I know how to stuff rocket candy into a drainpipe and weld a pipe bomb on the end. im talking about a guidance system


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>>275781844Britney Amber. One of the best sluts my coomer bookmarks had to offer but these days are over user.

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>>275782508>There is literally nothing wrong with being a pedophile.>Pedos are people too. As long as they're not harming people, they deserve to be treated the same as any other person. Dont treat someone differently because of their sexuality.This is a bait, also we tolerate hot female pedos here. Cause it ain't rape buddy.

>>275838708Father of Tom Delonge from To The Stars Academy was a glownigger. Look what company he worked for.

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Very interesting. CEO of DynCorp, George Krivo.dyn-intl.com/george-krivo/Dudes career:>Army>Mechanized Task Force Commander in Tuzla, Bosnia (where DynCorp was doing the rapey rapey and human trafficking)>Joint Operations Officer for a Task Force responsible for the Air & Missile Defense of the nation of Israel>senior military spokesperson for Coalition Military Forces in Iraq>strategy advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Army>advisor to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (China/Taiwan)>one of directors for Cerberus Capital Management>COC of DynCorp>CEO of DynCorpSo military -> Cerberus -> DynCorpMilitary -> finance -> private militaryWhy this pattern is so common? (Could it be that those are glownigs?)

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>>275793282super coombraindesu i recognized the eyes too eventhough I don't coom to her. I deleted my pr0n collection 2 days ago, hopefully I get somewhere with this

>>275781844Everyone ignored this story when I shared it the day it broke on Zerohedge.

>>275838708>>275841090Tom DeGlow and his To The Glow Academy

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>>275845558Yeah it's very weird how little traction this gets. This is my ~5th thread on this and the previous ones got like 2 replies. Archives show a lot of threads with either 0 replies or next to no replies.Usually pedogate / epstein related threads get way more traction.

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>>275845891Have a bump OP.Maybe add a tl;dr for all the short attention span fucks that browse the board now days.

>>275845642When the CIA-MOSSAD was trying to use Tom Delong to herd goyim it was so great because it was at least 2 decades too late for it to matter


>>275845891Odd timing too so soon after Lebanon

>>275834655>picNo mention of Operation Sea-Spray?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea-Spraytl;dr - military spraying civilians with shit to see what happens, a little bacteria here, a little pathogen there, ooh I wonder what's the range of this radioactive cancer dust? Let's spray some cities with it and find out!I don't say it's bad they did that, I get why the did that, but why ever unseal those documents?

Attached: 1592832411289.jpg (290x362, 25.99K)

>>275846598I like how they didn't come up with any new stuff, what To The Stars Academy / Tom Delong are saying is basically what Bill Cooper said decades before. But then Bill Cooper turned around and said he was fed bullshit and that it's all 100% disinfo, then Cooper got death by glownigger.And in the end they still went with it.Also, on this topic.>Development of an acceptable threat from "outer space," presumably in conjunction with a space-research surrogate for economic control, appears unpromising in terms of credibility.>The most ambitious and>unrealistic space project cannot of itself generate a believable external menace.>It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the "last, best hope of>peace," etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by "creatures">from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test>the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of>the more difficult-to-explain "flying saucer" incidents of recent years were in>fact early experiments of this kind. If so, they could hardly have been judged>encouraging.stopthecrime.net/docs/Report_from_Iron_Mountain.pdfInternational glownigs wondering if they can manufacture a fake alien invasion as an excuse to control the pleb even more. The entire document is diamonds.>SOCIOLOGICAL: CONTROL FUNCTION.>a) Programs generally derived from the Peace Corps model.>b) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery."Moden slavery", nice goal of them to have. Gotta have to do something with your time, like refine a system of human slavery.>SUBSTITUTES FOR THE FUNCTIONS OF WAR: MODELS>POLITICAL>a) An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force.>b) An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace.>c) Massive global environmental pollution.>d) Fictitious alternate enemies.

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False flag for middle eastern war before election

>>275848151>>b) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery.What did they mean by this?

>>275848151it would be so much better to just depose the zionists and send their asses back to israel before the muslims destroy it

>>275781844Not to be gaybut isn't Dyncorp the name of the corporation in the south park milti-part episode around the okama game sphere (and the debut of the character towlie I believe)?

>>275848888Wow that's so weird... even before I posted it I was thinking how weird it would be if I got digits.What did kek mean by this?

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>>275849075Kek wants to defeat moloch.

>>275782508>it's their sexualityMy dad used to tell me when I was a kid that if you let the fags marry, then eventually we'll be on our way to trannies and then pedos.He said this shit in the 90's. I wasn't sure if he was right at the time, because there was constant stuff about how "men can consent and need to be married just because." I thought it didn't matter...But it does. He was right. Everything my dad said would happen, has happened or is happening.

>>275781844Great pic OP, don't even care what your threads about. You winbump



>>275829326Ee poosted? Sint a glohniggah dief squat!

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>>275850204Once we have pedos, it will be incest and then normalized consenting cannibalism. And then white people not consenting to cannibalism will be declared rape. It will be exactly as the book of Enoch describes the antedeluvian world.


275782508consider the following: (picture of noose)275782508 is a simple (you) farmer>who glows in the dark

>>275848888I don't understand fuck here, but this stuff seems important and needs bumping.

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It appears that ~97% of DynCorp funding comes from federal contracts.Oddly enough DynCorp trains glowniggers.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DynCorp#Intelligence_training_and_solutionsThe connection of POTUS chief glownig -> Cerberus -> DynCorp makes sense, if it's all glowniggers through and through. A glownig hive so to speak, as well as a hatchery.It's interesting because if they do training in intelligence, counter-intelligence, spec ops and feds they have absolutely 0 excuse of "That human trafficking and child slave raping that was going on, we had no idea! How could we know?".If a glownig training company is involved, over and over again, under different management and in different decades, with child sex slave trafficking, it's not because "they had no idea".QRD TL;DR TLDR:>DynCorp>private military company, owners are glownigs with huge ties to POTUS>the directors are glowniggers, ex-military higher ups, ex-finance>company trains glowniggers>company traffics children as sex slaves across countries and decades>company traffics drugs>97% of funding comes from federal contracts>company donates to Clinton>DynCorp organized naked kids for parties of corporate high management>DynCorp possibly worked with Epstein, as Epstein had military connections and possibly used their aircraft>in 2020 DynCorp receives huge number of contracts from United Nations>DynCorp management includes top tier ex-politiciansHow DynCorp fits into this missile?>missile sent to Draken>CEO of Draken is an ex-director of DynCorp (all DynCorp management is glownigs)>Draken circle and DynCorp circle overlap, same as DynCorp overlaps with Cerberus, it all overlaps with financial-political-military glownigs>Draken has all systems required to fire those missiles, the planes, the guidance, everything>It's a very old missile so "they wanted to test it" is not really plausible>>275848888Cik 'em

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>>275856149What is Cerberus?>financial glownigs>co-founded and owned by chief glownig of POTUS>plenty of ex-army, ex-politicians>parent company of DynCorp>also co-founded by a guy who manages wealth in private multi-millionaire only groups>more digging requiredAlso on DynCorp:>multiple 'scandals' where they were embezzling funds>FED investigation ended when they bribed them with several millions $ saying "yeah, we do that"Overall>>275822543>So far we have:>>private military glownigs>>financial glownigs (in this case, often Jews)>>political glownigs>Intermingling with each other.>One leads to another and so on. Add child rape, human trafficking, drugs and theft of public funds into the mixture.>Lovely bunch. It's nothing new, just weird that it's so easy to connect. Literally chair of one organization owns the others etc. They make 0 effort at hiding any of that.>>private/political glow network of rich, slave raping pedos are swinging their dicks around>>What you gonna do 'bout it, homeboy?

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I don't have a child bride yet, so whatever the fuck they are doing, they need to do it faster.

>>275782508pedos will be put into bio diesel tanks.

>>275857035>>275856149This model of missile being caught recently is nothing new, it happened before in Italy.>Italian "neo-Nazis" were fighting in Ukraine-Russia war>supposedly this missile was intended for Ukrainian war>when it was confiscated, there was an absolute orgy of evidence for "muh nazi"Sounds odd to say the least.So you have a country in military conflict and this missile appearing amongst a "group" that was taking part in that conflict.Why is this missile model now appearing in USA, sent to Draken glownigs as an "ooopsie"?

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>>275858601To add to this you have a flood of guns being smuggled all over USA, some of it coming from China, some of it supposed to be used to arm antifa / BLM.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-customs-and-border-protection-seizes-more-guns-during-covid-19-pandemic-than-all-of-fiscal-year-2019/ar-BB18Dsbbhttps://www.foxnews.com/us/customs-agents-seize-gun-parts-chinahttps://www.masslive.com/news/2020/09/investigation-into-chinese-shipments-leads-to-discovery-of-ghost-guns-in-massachusetts-ar-15-style-rifle-silencers-among-items-being-seized.htmlhttps://thedailycoin.org/2020/08/29/antifa-terrorists-in-preparation-for-coordinated-multi-city-tet-offensive-against-america/

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>>275858718Maybe this is relevant?Never did figure out what was on that boat.

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>>275781844Another attempt at Trump

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>>275859257For a while I was thinking it might be thisen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep-submergence_rescue_vehicle

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>>275801437God's work desu

>>275859215So we have THOUSANDS of guns/ammo smuggled into USA, with ties to China and ties to antifa.As well as 'random' air-to-air missiles popping up, sent to "glownig central".Is there a chance that something, dare I say, is about to happen in between now and the election day?

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>>275859694VERY relevant conclusion user.See >>275814946>>275814702And you might enjoy reading this thread later >>275784076. Still active but it's not my intention to distract

>>275837545You just follow the print. Actually making it fly is up to the engineers

>>275859257Very interesting, where are those pics from?

>>275781844Checked and bumped before slided

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>>275860593Great St. James, after Epstein bought it through a proxy and started doing construction and some people had to stop him



Fantastic thread. Bump.

>>275860843Apparently Maxwell and Epstein were into "saving the oceans" and owned some 'submarine-like' vehicles for that purpose (totally not for smuggling things and trafficking kids). So could be.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_TerraMar_ProjectGoogle maps says that whatever it was, was ~11-12 meters long. This can rule out plenty of things.Apparently "midget submarines" can be very short, single digit meters.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midget_submarineNot sure if that's what it is, I have no idea what is on that boat. Sun is in such a position that you can't use the shadow for much.>>275859366I think all of the vehicles listed there are too long to be it, ~15 meters long.

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>>275864377>I think all of the vehicles listed there are too long to be it, ~15 meters long.Didn't check all of them, just some of the major ones. Need to hit the bed.Good luck digging Anons!

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>>275865951Always like that with these threads. Maybe the sub has them spooked. And DynCorp, kek

>>275864377Their channel is still up BTW. youtube.com/c/TerraMarProject


>>275866524>120 views on video>300 views on video>play some random video, it's recorded on a phone, some ~19 years old is talking with a wall as background, picture overlays, audio is extremely shit quality>talks about some shrimp, like a high school presentation>didn't see such low effort video since early youtube days>totally not a frontLegit. This company funded by billionaires is totally into saving the ocean.

>>275781844Remember the sub? It got memoryholed.


>>275866524Watched a presentation by Maxwell for shits and giggles. I know it's all a joke for them, but she really talks like a high schooler.>she graduated OxfordPress X to doubt how legit that is.