Peaceful Riot Thread #2

Portland making up for lost time tonight, peaceful rioters getting manhandled left and right GET IN HEREStreams>Portland>PaulyFrog>Woke

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ty baker

threadly reminder that the law isn't on your side and JFK is dead

I'm at work, what are the highlights?

>>272358092thanks BUT WHERE IS AUSTIN ZONE?

(technically 3rd bread including Portland is fugged thread)

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>>272358228burned trump flagburned pigs headattacked cop in seattleblocked deportation in bend

Kek you hear that kid on portland andy holy shit. "Come out here and act retarded"

Is Arex Johnson cute or not? I can't quite tell. She has pretty eyes but she also looks like a dyke.

Also is the pink haired streamer a tranny? She's kinda cute in some angles but other angles she looks demonic

>>272358241Got a copyright strike for leaving his radio on during a stream. Jewtube making him stand in the corner will prob be back next week.

>>272358329No. Look up her mug shot. 5’8” 160

>blessings nigger still getting harassed by the nigletslmao i hope he gets jumped again on stream

>>272358388>kinda cuteShe a fish mouthed fugly.

>pauly moving towards the door

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>>272358392bummer, thanks for the info

>>272358399I'd still bang I think

>a marcus get in and turn off the streamthese niggers are about to shoot some niglets aren't they

>>272358427She's just your basic PDX bitch. Literally 4/10. I don't know why people keep complimenting her

these commies need to be sent to china or nk

>>272358403He better have a gun

>>272358678They're from Seattle.

Portland Streamerfu Power Rankings1. Kat Krismson2. Thicc reporter from KOIN 63. Arex Johnson 4. Pink haired tranny

>>272358092I don't even know why I'm here without Austin streaming. 1/10th as comfy. I miss that drunk bastard

week protests are boring as fuck

>>272358713Same shit, different name.

i appericate andy, but he really needs to mute those donations, holy fuck/

>>2723587251. Cringe2. Cringe3. Cringe4. Aposematism

>>272358092The fuck are these people even rioting about anymore?

>>272358725>trannygr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8

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>>272358835Yeah, I feel the same. I could tolerate it without the robot bullshit. I still wish he would talk less, though.

>>272358835Yeah, that's my main problem with his streams.


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>>272358092Any antifa btfo?

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>>272358888Checked i guess. And nothing. They aren't rioting FOR anything.

>>272358901>When your post saying it's bait is actually bait3/2, try again.

>>272358888gr8 8s m8 r8 8/8

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>>272358092activity on woke stream

Both the fireworks ended up being friendly fire>cop kicked one to the sidewalk>someone threw one short

>>272358988Yeah it's 76-0 in the cops favor.

>>272359080No faggots being tackled to the ground?

godamn i want an LRAD so bad!

>>272358866Checked and based. EVEN THE EYEBROWS KEK

>>272359140They got trampled a few times but less arrests since the DA said he won't prosecute.


>>272359140The major stuff happened about an hour ago. Major rushes with plenty of arrests. An officer was hurt in Seattle too.

>>272359188Checked. It's basically asking for the feds to come back.


This is what we need. Trump won't cut it, we need a Pinochet.

Attached: prisoniers3-okc2a9-dr.jpg (2199x1587, 543.35K) Trump came into my hometown to sow chaos and violence. He‘s using our city as a lab experiment to test his escalating abuses of power. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if this can happen in Portland, it can happen anywhere....oregon senator take on 78 days of protests

>>272359158Student initiation week just started in my town and the little shits are partying late into the night, so I want one bad too.The police didn't have the manpower to head out to every one of them last night, they say they'll start fining every single one of them from now on though.


>>272359188Can't arrest them. But you can shoot them with less lethal rounds.

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going to bed these niggerbabies are making my ears bleed

Lol, the cops took the water supplies from the riot van

>>272359188He said he won't prosecute felony riot, evading, criminal mischief, disturbing the peace, etc. I wonder if the police are going to find new charges for these rioters.

>>272359265They have no morals

Meant to make a “do it for her” meem earlier but didn’t think it would go this late.

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>>272358329We call her Karen. She's a fat and classless dyke.

>>272359265commie cunt politicians blaming their shithole city on Trump.. what a shock

oh shit cat fight

>>272359325Sadly another slow night, bye anons

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>>272359348Maybe your AG should do his job and start charging billionaires who buy DA's with his NGOs?

>>272359413Goodnight fren

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>>272359291closest thing i have is a PA speaker under the hood of my car, its nice but i don't get to use it much.

>>272359425or what? what will happen to him? nothing

telling the black girl>I'm not white, I'm brownlmaoooo

>>272359413>bye anons >that gifSmh desu


>>272359265Lmao says the guy from the most progressive monoculture in the US>good luck

>>272359492Just a suggestion, you have a state apparatus not doing its job. Lot of swamp and a hell of a lot of non-draining going on.

Just heard on Fox news, the NG got deployed in Bend OR

>>272359384Hideous. Would not bang.

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Not even worth watching these larpers. They are losers. Nothing will ever happen

>>272359589You should see her in person. She's actually very photogenic

>>272359585Fox News ain't live at 1am dumb leafy boi


For any anons that can't take the heat and want to sleep, pauly has us covered, he's posting all the highlights from tonight on his channel