United Ireland - who is actually opposing this?

The Irish are rich, so surely they want national control over their island back.The few nationalist English in NI would have 2 passports, so should be ok.And the English in England can finally implement English nationalism.

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>>272356417Ireland showed the entire people are cucks to the maxwhen they voted against brexit

>>272356464it's almost like they don't want to be bankrupt for decades.

honestly free Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and wales

>>272356561that wouldn't have happened tho

Wales should leave too. A country with a badass dragon flag and mountainous terrain.

>>272356417the best solution is to kill every person in ireland who has a catholic ancestor during the last 300 years. that would be fair.

>>272356417>Scotland>independent AhahhaahahhahahahahaGood luck getting a vote lmao

>>272356417A potential problem is I’ve talked online with half a dozen Northern Irish Prods. So say they will become terrorists if this happens and start killing Catholics.

>>272356417>Leech states will no longer leech from your economyoh noooooreminder that being anti-brexit means you're a globalist faggot

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>>272356935They could just have a vote without permission and everyone knows you would cuck out.

>>272356417Picture sounds good You should all move to Scotland when it goes independent by the way >5 million population >80% of the land is just 2 million people spread out across mountains and islands>95% white >completely weak and cucked establishment ripe for takeover >beautiful landscape>shitloads of water available, oil fields and sunshine

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>>272356417* rubs hands *

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>>272356833>Wales should leave too. A country with a badass dragon flag and mountainous terrain.The Welsh don’t have a national identity.

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>>272356417Ireland is a nigger nation.

>>272356847Calm down Cromwell

>>272356948>hates Catholics>muslims are ok

>>272357065I think they do, they just lack the economy to leave. And England has been nice to them since the 1500’s and Tutor dynasty (Welsh name)

>>272357009The tories really wouldn't. They are a very strong unionist party, and anyway, ol sturgeon wouldn't do anything to risk her position of power

>>272357197They hate everyone, Ulster Loyalists are usually white supremacists. IRA are often Marxists.

We joke about the irish being niggers but they're done more than the rest of europe to keep out inmigrants, where is that vídeo of an irish dude holding a nigger at gunpoint and forcing him to take a shit.

>>272357274Well you know the UK better than me.I just have a hard time seeing England threatening war like Spain did with Catalonia.

>>272357225Welsh do but they also like the English

>>272357225This is Miss Wales. All she wants is to marry Prince Harry and become Queen. No way she wants Wales to become a fascist Republic.

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>>272357340They also have the highest birthrate in Europe.And you have no right to joke about anyone being Niggers. I’ve been to Costa Rica, everyone is Brown and tiny.

>>272356417Haha Wangland

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>>272357463Cue the meme about Welsh looking like Meds


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Ireland should leave the EU and join the United Kingdom, most of the clever Paddy's work in England anyway.

>>272357516Depends on the place you go really, like in the rest of the world, there are places like that, you we're probably either in Limon or Guanacaste.

>>272357646Historically Ireland’s time in the UK was pretty bad. That is almost like saying Israeli and Germany should unite.

>>272356417The already lost: Afghanistan 1919 Antigua and Barbuda 1981 Australia 1901 Papua New Guinea 1975. The Bahamas 1973 Bahrain 1971 Barbados 1966 Belize 1981 Botswana 1966 Brunei 1984 Cameroon 1961 Canada 1867 Cyprus 1960 Dominica 1978 Egypt 1922 Eswatini 1968 Fiji 1970 The Gambia 1965 Ghana 1957 Grenada 1974 Guyana 1966 India 1947 Iraq 1932 Palestine 1948 Jamaica 1962 Jordan 1946 Kenya 1963 Kiribati 1979 Kuwait 1961 Lesotho 1966 Libya 1951 Malawi 1964 Malaysia 1957 Maldives 1965 Malta 1964 Mauritius 1968 Myanmar 1948 Nauru 1968 New Zealand 1931 Samoa New Zealand 1962. Nigeria 1960 Oman 1947 Bangladesh 1971 Qatar 1971 Saint Lucia 1979 Saint Kitts and Nevis 1983 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1979 Seychelles 1976 Sierra Leone 1961 Solomon Islands 1978 South Africa 1961 Namibia 1990.Somaliland 1960 Sri Lanka 1948 Sudan 1956 Tanzania 1961 Tonga 1970 Trinidad and Tobago 1962 Tuvalu 1978 Uganda 1962 United Arab Emirates 1971 United States Thirteen American Colonies 4 July 1776 Vanuatu 1980 Yemen 30 November 1967 Zambia 1964 Zimbabwe 1980

>>272357281there are quite a few pro-israel loyalists

>>272357690I just mean in San Juan. I thought Costa Rica was like Argentina or Uruguay. But I did see a single white man there.I once hung out with your former president and his son and they were white though.

>>272357637That is fake history. The Irish were indentured servants in colonial America not slaves.

>>272357225sheep shagger

>>272356464Ok larper ,Ireland voted on breXit? Thant’s news to me? Nice vpn btw

>>272357768Ireland is already part of the UK just not officially, they are 100% dependent on us

>>272357864Because they see a common cause with another group of settlers, that fight a group associated with terrorism.You can certainly be a white supremacist and be pro Israel.

>>272356417England belongs to the Irish.

>>272357065We don't either

>>272357871San Juan in San José the capital is a shithole, it's like going to the us to go to California, i recommend you stay by the coasts, and away from the city.

>>272357955ireland had a referendum and voted to leave the EU. the government ignored the referendum.

>>272357768actually germany owning israel wouldn’t be a bad idea user.ur on too something!

>>272357920>The Irish were indentured servants in colonial America not slaves.They still deserve 3 trillion in gibs payable by check.

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>>272357463Welsh master race, all hailyoutu.be/CFB-L-zvuSs

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>>272358052yeah cry in whisky faggot lol

>>272356847Sour kraut , come and get us.

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>>272357956Yes but this way they control their land. And can do what they want with trade and borders.Remember the Potato famine happened just after Ireland and England united into one parliament. And Ireland lost the ability to close it’s borders to stop food exports.

>>272358127Ya from the English not from the Americans.

>>272357225Henry was busy hanging Norfies.You can't really blame him.

>>272356417When will germany annex austria and rid europe of that worthless cuntry?

>>272357052we are actually considering this. i hope they dont join the eu once they got out

>>272356561Because every nation thats not in the eu is bankrupt. Fucking dumb cunt.

>>272358063America has the most distinct national identity globally.

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>>272357065Yes we fucking do you spastic retard, we speak an entirely different language

>>272356417yeah but northern ireland is protestant, they would only want a independent northern ireland

>>272357052Sounds nice, but I fear those Socialist taxes that will inevitably come upon independence.

At this point Ulster Nationalism is the only way of getting Tommy out of Ireland, and it's becoming more popular as the Loyalist community realise Westminster is far less loyal to the Crown and People than they are.Fuck London and Dublin. The only major stumbling block is convincing the Catholics that it wouldn't be a giant Pogrom on day two of independence and stopping the younger Loyalist activists raising money by selling fake Gabapentin. It will take some work but its far more likely to work than the already dead Unionism and the rapidly dying romantic attachment to Dublin.

>>272358077>ireland had a referendum and voted to leave the EUyou feeling ok buddy?this never happenedwe had a referendum on whether to accept or reject an EU treaty, which if we (and the Irish state) rejected would only have meant that the EU failed to pass the treaty, not that Ireland would leave the EU

>>272356464We are a money laundering/tax haven which managed to sneak into the EU and as such the country is making a killing off of corrupting the EU.

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>>272358377What a fucking mess of an island.

>>272358242>When will germany annex austria and rid europe of that worthless cuntry?Austria is a completely distinct country from Germamy with a 1200yr long history, a different DNA structure, different language and completely different psych profile.

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>>272357052Scotland will never be able to join the eu because their economy will not stand up to the basic requirements. If they should leave the uk, the oilfields will stay with the uk.

>>272358377Very soon Northern Ireland will have Catholic majority. Catholics don’t use birth control “revenge of the cradle”

>>272358441Goddammit, why did I let my post display that godawful flag. I'm a celt not a beady eyed Anglo.

>>272356417This is so sweet. I love to see the anglo perish as revenge for the opium wars. Not only the empire fell apart, but it is inevitable that even the tiny island they control will fracture. While the glorious Middle Kingdom will rule the world.

>>272357065If wales left they would take the parts of england that didn't want to be associated with London with them.

>>272358310Your slags look like English slags.

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>>272358480>>272358488How exactly would that work r-word?

>>272357768Its nothing like that you dumb fuck.Something like 25% of english have at least one grandparent thats irish.The only thing that fucked ireland was famine. If that hadnt happened, they would still be in the union and stronger than ever...

I won’t rest until every county of England is it’s own sovereign state.

>>272356417They've come along way but they aren't actually rich. Those inflated numbers mean very little. That aside I think most people in Britain don't mind the idea of reunification. It's mostly the loyalists in northern Ireland that need convincing.

>>272358577Stop being ashamed of your cultural heritage, embrace it, this is why euro culture is dead.

>>272356561Just stop.

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>>272358629i am interested in these "slags" please tell me more...

>>272358652Meme flag

>>272358686100% based and balkanpilled. England is an artificial squatter state created by foreign invaders.

>>272358628If wales left it would be a disaster, we don’t have the economy to support it. It would also be under complete leftist control, meaning thousands of subhuman Pakis would flood in completely killing welsh identify and language.

>>272358684It’s true that Ireland and England are very connected today.But the history of oppression goes much further than a famine. Read the penal laws, which created the conditions for the famine and dragged the Irish into desperate poverty.

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for me? its english independence

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>>272358629This is a 10/10 in sheepland.

>>272358847Wales would leave under the protection of their Scouse overlords.

>>272358850>But the history of oppression goes much further than a famine.>MUHHH OPPRESSIONthe land owners that that oppressed the irish oppressed the english first, everything they did to the irish they did to the english and more

>>272356417>The Irish are richDublin is a tax haven. Ireland isn't rich at all.

>>272358063Self loathing mutt... Sad.

>>272358909They are 10/10s. I’d fuck every last one of them for days.

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>>272357281Weird how Irish republicanism ended up manifesting in a socialist paramilitary like the Prov IRA instead of something more... republican.Guess all that anti-imperialist shit that commies spew would sound pretty enticing under British rule, though. Just wonder why you'd want to surround yourself with enemies like that by siding with socialism instead of a model more akin to your neighbors.

>>272356417Ireland is new nigeria and the UK is new pakistanwhy does it matter where you draw the lines anymore

>>272356417Northern Ireland is a massive shithole that requires unending amounts of gibs to sustain, something like 70% of people are employed in makework jobs provided by the British government. It used to be worth it to them to maintain as a middle finger the republican Irish but they have been rapidly losing interest since the 90s. The Irish govt has been working with them to maintain the status quo since the 40s because they know that absorbing the territory would bring economic ruin, so it's never going to happen. You might get some sort of megacucked globalist statelet up there, maybe that mini hong kong idea they were floating a while back.

>>272358577So you chose the commie flag to honor your culture.


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>>272358985Then why did 2 million Irish starve. Why were Irish 5 times more likely to be illiterate than English. Why were virtually all Irish Catholics forced to be peasants while England and Scotland economically specialized? Why was 97% of the land in protestant hands?Muh English were oppressed just as bad, is nonsense.

>>272358850Mother is irish father is english, wentnto college in tipperary and uni in Hertfordshire, i know the subject well.If the famine hadnt happened, the irish population was projected to equal that of england in 1900. They would have had massive representation in parliament and influenced the union and never wanting to leave. The irish , even with their small population, made a huge impact in british military and culture. English the same in ireland. Fuck cromwell though.

>>272358629>>272359094Jesucristo, i didn't think i would see women that screamed daddy issues so much as these ones in my life, they as if after you pull out your dick is gonna be full of moss, they look like they search trash bags for used tea bags.

>>272359218Right you would think the Celtic cross would be more apt? I suppose he doesn’t want to be seen as racist.

>>272356935Why would Scotland even bother to leave? They call themselves "nationalists," and I could respect that if it seemed like they actually wanted to chart their own course, but it seems like 99% of them just want Daddy Deutschland's dick more than England's.

>>272358310>weOnly about 20% of you do, and even then it's really depends on where in Wales you are.

>>272359262>Then why did 2 million Irish starve. Why were Irish 5 times more likely to be illiterate than English. Why were virtually all Irish Catholics forced to be peasants while England and Scotland economically specialized? Why was 97% of the land in protestant hands?because of those land owners the people that ran the country nothing to do with the english those people werent even english

>>272356417Call me when Welsh will start pushing the anglo out of their island.

The tranny/nigger endgame.

>>272358969Free State of Liverpool immediately! Just turn the wirral into a minefield though. Its a shit hole.

>>272359332Without getting the land back I have no idea how Ireland could have supported so many people. Catholics didn’t get the land returned until the early 1900’s.Ireland couldn’t support 8 million people. After 1 million died another 5 million left. Because Ireland had been up until then a starvation death trap. Another famine killed 25% of Ireland, there were many famines.

>>272356417based, unite Ireland