If a white right wing guy could release a hugely monumental album with amazing songwriting and lyrics it could capture...

If a white right wing guy could release a hugely monumental album with amazing songwriting and lyrics it could capture the attention and acclaim of the modern youth and maybe we could change the culture. Why the fuck aren't there white dudes making good white music that's boundary breaking and amazing? Pic related was a faggot but was able to was Gen X by the balls

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They know how influential some people can be that's why they kill all our heros and cover it up as Drug OD or suicides.

Is it bad I kinda like this songyoutu.be/oL4ooLyGess


We have mr bond.

>>272356330Okay but how about a song that doesn't sound like ass

Because the ((record companies)) wouldn't allow that would they? Simple as. m.youtube.com/watch?v=6bLmgUgPR58

Billy Corgan is pro-Trump. I don’t see anything political in his music though.

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>>272356004impossible. nu-right can't create art

Don't worry guys. I'm working on an anti-marxist shoegaze/slowcore album that will sell six gorillion copies.I'm CHI tho.

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>>272356330Based and thrash pilled

>>272356004EDM is full of white people

>>272357012You don't need a record company to distribute albums anymore>>272357019He hasn't made good music since the fucking 90s

>>272356004Old boomer here. I remember when music just up and died and the 80s disco shit took over. I gave up on music. Devo was cool though. Had to wait so long for Nirvana, but finally a band could play the right way.Bands have to be god-tier to do their own thing. They don't come around that often.


>>272357237Disco was 70s, grandpa

>>272356152turning the "Uncle Tom" label around based move

>>272356152this shit barks

Good white right wing music is just old Oi Punk.


>>272357492haha this sounds like bon iver

Been saying this for a while. Even Trump knows music is universal. It can change people's mind.We live in such a political time but where's the real political music coming from the right?


>>272357652Not just political music, but GREAT political music. There are a lot of right wing songs but they just sounds like trash or novelty songs

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>>272356004RIP SKYKING

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>>272357492based and pot belly goblin pilled

>>272356004Doesn't matter how amazing your music is, producers decide what influences the youth.

>>272357839Exactly. Dropping redpills in a song doesn't even have to be fringe far-right politics, just real deep down fears, pain and anger that we all feel.

>>272356004There are quite a few good musicians in our space. This is inevitable.


>>272357190not true - there are some very good 2010’s Smashing Pumpkins songs. “Tiberius” is a good one.

>>272357976The internet has never been easier as a platform for independent music.

>>272357976That's not true anymore. If you have a bandcamp or whatever you don't need to go through big Jewish distributors. You have the internet to spread the your music


>>272356004working on it lad

>>272357282sort of, right at the crossoverSha Na Na is a syndicated television variety series that ran from 1977 to 1981


>>272356004music shouldn't be directly about politics and there are plenty of right wing people in country western who do quite wellWhen I say music shouldn't be directly about politics I mean that obviously political outlook should influence songs sometimes, but when you make direct political references and points in your songs then you're dating them

>>272356004investing time in arts is for leftie faggots

>>272358407Ok retard

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>>272358333Yeah and is country western making particularly amazing albums? Nope. I like some country but it's not enough

>>272356004The Wiggles were god-tier. Wake up Jeff and Big Red Car still stir my soul and instil my mind with cloud-borne thoughts of philosophical profundity.

>>272356004What kind of topics would you want a right wing musician to address in their songs without straight up saying fuck niggers, commies and jews (oh my) or shit talking Biden directly? What do you personally want to hear that relates to your beliefs and your experience? Genuinely interested.

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Cobain was woke as fuck, although he did have a couple wack political views. A shit ton of his songs and lyrics allude to psyops and the use of psychoactive chemicals from the government. The song name "Frances farmer will have her revenge" is talking about an actress who went through ego death, Lithium seems to be talking about an altered mental state, "Something in the way" is talking about indoctrinating listeners, made apparent by the fact that the story about living under a tarp and trapping animals was made up. Just a few things i noticed

>>272358776The worst political songs are heavy handed and blatant. Even a lot of lefties hate "Imagine" by John Lennon because it's so on the fucking nose and unpoetic. I just want subtle and really cool sounding music coming from a right wing guy but that doesn't mean the lyrics have to be obviously right wing. The persona is enough

>>272357282Disco isn't that bad there are a few outliers have you ever listened to kc and the sunshine band?


>>272358776Thank you for this based junji meme

>>272359156Is this a joke? The "Shake Your Booty" band. Yes I've obviously listened to them

>>272357237Booji boy, Mongoloid. I haven't thought about the boys from Akron in a long time.If you like bizarre lyrics, Riders on the Storm or Manfred Mann. Mexican Radio.

>>272357237shouldn't you be getting covid or something?m.youtube.com/watch?v=IkVB70a-3Vk

>>272356004anyone who calls cobain a faggot i cant get on board with. you can take your right wing and shove it up your ass, faggot

>>272356004why is it so hard to understand? if you're right wing, the jews won't let you get famous. they don't publish you, they shut you down.

>>272359260Unironically no the lyrics are pretty lame but I appreciate the bass.

>>272358173>>272358197>410x230You guys are fucking dumb.The internet made it easier than ever to decide what the normies see, do you not understand how powerful the (((search algorithms))) are? You just don't show up in search results even if they search your entire band name, my nephew plays in a great band and they are unfindable because they're all red-pilled and so are the lyrics.

>>272356004it's only what you describe when it's sold as such by the (((media))). You're new here, you have much to learn.

>>272359422Name drop so we can support and spread

>>272359422No offense but I doubt your nephew sounds particularly good. And he could easily post his stuff on Holla Forums without fear of being censored

>>272359478Nigger I've been here since 2013

If only we could have a band that sounded like led zeppelin but had right -wing political views. Call me a boomer but i think rock peaked in the 70s.

>>272357019>google.ca/amp/s/newspunch.com/billy-corgan-shapeshifting-reptilians/amp/Billy Corgan is redpilled as fuck on the JQ and he talks about shapeshifting reptilians too. He says, “Demons exist. They are real. They are reptilian. That’s why the Bible says Eve was seduced by a snake. Substitute reptile for snake.” Then he continues to say, “In every civilization on Earth, all throughout the ancient world the snake men are mentioned. Although I can understand why someone wouldn’t believe what I’m saying. It’s hard to talk about. I didn’t believe either until I was standing face to face with one of them.” Just imagine all the insane Jewish backstabbing and manipulation he experienced in the music business.

>>272356004They'll just listen to rage against the machine or System of a Down and call you a knock off

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