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ITT we sleep so OP suffers slow thread

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Greatest Tucker laugh of all time?twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1293706343900221453

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>>272355553NO SLEEPI am downloading Samurai movies.

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nate silver will have his revenge

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>>272355489Did Antifa get axed or something?

anyhthing happen in the last 8 hours?

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I'll take any mothafucker's money if he givin it away!

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Fuck jannies


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MAGA votes on ballot questions & Senate primariesAlways vote Republican! Donate spare money with WinRed! Aug. 18: WY: Lummis Sep. 1: MA: AyyaduraiSep. 8: NH: MessnerSep. 15: DE: WitzkeNov. 3:AL: Jud.R.: No; New Const.: No; Citizenship req.: YES; Jud. Vac.: noAK: Electoral reform: no; Tax Incs.: NoAR: Optometry: Yes; TermLimits: Yes; Referenda: Yes; TP sales tax: NoCA: Crime sentencing: YES; Property tax refs.: No; Abolish bail: NO; Rent control: NO; App-based Drivers: No (Fuck SV); Dialysis: No; Stem Cell R.: NO; CCPA: No; Repeal 209: NO; Parolee&17YO voting: NO; also: recallgavin2020.com/CO: 22W Abortion Ban: YES; Citizen Req.: YES; Gray wolves: No; NPVIC: No; Bingo&Raffles: Yes; tax incs.: NoFL: YES, NO, NO, yes, Yes, YesGA: Rev. Ded.: Yes; Dec. Rel.: No; CollinsID: NE/yesIL: NOIA: NOKY: Marsy's law: YES; Offices: NE/noLA: No Right to Abortion: YES; Disaster Budget Stabilization: Yes; Payment in lieu of taxes: YES; Oil/gas in property value: Yes; Change spending limit: NO; Homestead Exemption: YES; UCP Trust Fund: Yes; Sports betting: No; MurphyMA: ALL NOMD: All NoMI: Park Funds: Yes; Data warrants: NoMS: I65/A65A: NO/65A; flag: NO; EV: NoMO: A1: NE/no; A3: YESMT: LR-130: YES; C-46/47: NE/noNE: End Slavery: NO; TIF: YESNV: ALL NONJ: Weed: NO; Delayed Redis.: No; Vet. Ded.: YESNM: NO, YES, NO, NO, NOND: YesOK 814: YesOR: ALL NO; also: stoptheabuse-recallkatebrown.org/RI: NOSD: NO UT: Mun. Water: Yes; Legis. Qual.: Yes; End Slavery as Punishment: NO; Gender-Neutral Lang.: NO; Legis. start date: No; Right to hunt: YES; Kid welfare: NOVA: Redr. Com.: Yes; Vet. Tax Ex.: YESWA: 90: NO; FMLIALTCSSTA: YesDC shrooms: NOPR Statehood: NO/boycottGO ON A MAGA CRUSADE! DONATE, VOTE, GET PEOPLE REGISTERED!

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>>272355634>literally the same chances he gave in 2016 Ok Sven

As time goes on, the more this meme resonates with me. Maybe I am going mad.youtube.com/watch?v=rn2Y1r8uLZ4

>>272355456There was a great point about this, that people will literally burn down houses with Trump signs in front of them, and there are more Trump signs regardless.>>272355555Fugggggggggg, checked.

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>>272355763>2020 will be 2016 againyou are deluded

Attached: 1597249129190.jpg (1080x1141, 433.74K)

>>272355634>>272355763If I'm not mistaken, that is the *exact* chance he gave him in 2016.

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>>272355687She’s got a big rack

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>>272355800>2016Might want to find some fresher memes there buddy

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kek, going to honorarybiden.com redirects to this page

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Kim call Trump

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>>272355961Yeah. I’m not claiming Trump has this in the bag, I don’t want to be complacent. But I don’t believe those polls for one second

>>272355489They fixed it. LMAO at the cowards.Shabadabadia!

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>>272356053ps I want a North Korean gf send Trump a message about that as well

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>>272355927>one terrible executive order>this will surely give drumpf a winhahahahahahaha

Attached: 1597236393919.jpg (749x950, 157.48K)

>>272355763reminder that Trump is going to lose the election to an addle-brained retard and then he'll blame YOU faggots for not loving Jared enough

>>272355927It was free money politically

>>272356017Family members are fair game are they? Great!

Attached: HardtofindAgileIlsamochadegu-max-1mb.gif (280x161, 846.32K)

>>272356053Trump does not have control of these social media companies in the slightest. They are deleting or restricting Trump’s tweets user.

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>>272356165creepy nigga


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>>272355990Do you actually invest or so you just post things you don't understand?

>Lincoln fags forced to shill for a fucking poo woman

>>272356165I will peel you like a banana.

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>>272356234some of my family is cute, but thats just gross

>>272355787Those digits went unappreciated. Tragic.

cnn is still obsesed with masks

>drumpf will wi-oh no no no no no

Attached: 1597223742118.png (1194x1806, 242.23K)

>>272356223They started with 4chan, then they got rid of AJ, then they went after /cripplechan/ and the TRSodomites, now they're getting rid of any right-winger.>Make your own internet>Make your own credit card company>Make your own energy/water supply>LOL, fuck it, make your own country so we can use this one your forefathers built to bomb it out of existenceIt's all so tiresome.

>>272356402Has anybody heard him speak ever? I think he is legit retarded. Many such cases. Sad.

Attached: tenor.gif (334x400, 1.05M)

>>272356165LEAVE BARON ALONE!!!!!!!!

>>272355496Well, I like Mesquite, but I'm incredibly biased because I'm a huge homebody. I was born here and I've never moved from here and I'm 27 now. If Frisco was too liberal for you, you might not like Mesquite. A lot of these Dallas suburbs have gotten blue lately. A lot of Beto supporters were around Mesquite in 2018. Strange about Frisco though, I always thought Collin county was pretty red. Ft. Worth is red and they even have a republican mayor. You might check out that area. I also have some family out in Kaufman who like that area, it's also pretty red.

>>272356533This video was uploaded 4 days agoyoutube.com/watch?v=YL-YeB9VUNU

>>272356509Oh no if only we had a strong president who would do something about this! Maybe Javanka will appoint a committee to monitor the situation! Vote for change in November!

>>272356365>>Lincoln fags forced to shill for a fucking poo womanIs there any more humiliation that can be forced upon moonface?

>>272355961Just enough he doesn't look like a fucking moron when Trump wins but still tows the DNC line.Nate Bronze isn't the dumbest sack of shit out there.

>>272356630Another mudslime faggot on US proxy who thinks Presidents == Kings

>>272356365>Lincoln fags forced to shill for a fucking poo womanlol they are gonna do this twice; once for Harris and in 2024 for Haley.

>>272355882The joke's on them. The people who like to riot will be voting Trump, because it will mean the protests continue and they can loot more free stuff. They are violent, not stupid.

Attached: 1591009738543.jpg (703x960, 57.39K)

I don’t think they can survive another defeat in November. What is the DNC gonna do if they lose

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Attached: DCA7AE83-45F4-4CF4-B198-0E3E54851772.jpg (736x853, 180.8K)


>>272356828big brained looter mentality to loot jewelry; something that will hold value even if it's hot merchandise

>>272356773I for one prefer a president who doesn't do anything. Freedom!

>>272356854The dnc is just in it for the money.

>>272356928Allah is a fake god. Muhammad is eating pig shit in hell.

>>272356629Oh dear. The way he was interacting with that baby was messed up. Someone even tried to intervene. He is definitely retarded.

Why are the debates so far away? They're going to be just 4 to 2 weeks before the elections. If they're not delayed for some gay corona reason.No wonder the democrats love early voting so much.

Attached: __april_o_neil_teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_drawn_by_dave_rapoza__8543a8dce2e6f451e7581f4b31f80ad9.jpg (656x900, 691.35K)

>>272356964Based jap

>>272356867>jan 29, 2020

Attached: 1597086226620.png (1024x1993, 517.08K)

>>272355634>>272355634What are you talking about! Nate's Nostradamus!>Reminder: Cubs will win the World Series and, in exchange, President Trump will be elected 8 days later. twitter.com/No_Little_Plans/status/730249485713051648https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/730251094614528000

>>272356867Yeah, the whole thing is an op. That was clear from day one.

>>272356867Dehumanizing agenda to accept the chip

>>272356954The Democrat party I mean. What will they do if they lose again?

>>272356165>telling the truth about a grown man, who was a crack addict who fucked his dead brothers wife before cheating on her and getting married to someone else, who he cheated on and had another bastard child with stripper, all while he collected millions of dollars in bribes from foreign governments who his daddy VP was shaking down with american tax payer dollars>is totally the same as making wild unfounded accusations against a teenage boy>liberal logic

>>272356630Any suggestion other than the usual glownigger faggotry and "cross the Rubicon"/"read Siege" sort of bs ?MIC is not on his side, neither is the glowie IC, what sort of warped logic you have to apply to pretend "THE PEOPLE WILL RISE UP AND FOLLOW ALONG ORANGE MAN", you're being tyranized and denied God-given liberties by local officials yet still you're pointing fingers to evil orange man.


Attached: 1596991573053.jpg (1150x1046, 195.47K)

>>272357004There are not real japanese posters

>>272357131Hypocrisy! I won't allow such things to sully our sacred election process.

>>272356146Cope seethe dilate

>>272357131It's so secret Barron is autistic. The only question is how severe. I guess that's what you get when you try to impregnate a woman with defective 65 year old sperms lol

>>272357244why so obsessed, bean-eater? your abuela shit out her 12th mongrel and you're not getting attention anymore?

i wonder what the next "this is my fight song" will be?

Attached: 1597304245724.png (597x586, 350.9K)

>>272357135>still you're pointing fingers to evil orange manhe's not evil he's just lazy and stupid>Any suggestiondrain the swamp? do something? or will that offend Jared's cocktail party friends?

>>272355555I will not allow these digits to go unwitnessed.

Attached: kek behold.png (512x512, 98.57K)

>>272357343>Barron is autisticok. last I checked autism is not a crime. smoking crack, taking bribes for foreign governments, money laundering and tax evasion are.

fucking teenagers hitting on me creepy me out

So much low energy lmao. I think reality is finally setting in that Trump will win. KEEP BUMPING SLAVES

Attached: 1A4EB67B-509B-4CF1-B4DD-24707897D95E.jpg (569x1024, 76.43K)

>>272357403Numerology is satanic


Attached: Polling Accuracy.png (1752x1212, 243.08K)

>>272357390Please let it be gangsta rap.

>>272357390They have recycled everything else from 2016, might as well recycle this shit too youtube.com/watch?v=YttscNOoAjA

>>272357526>autism is not a crimeYes it is. Trump has a retard son! Ahahahahahahaha

>>272356165>Family members are fair game are they? Great!Imagine SEETHING this hard because you know your life will never be as awesome as Lord Barron's.

Attached: DOOM.png (500x500, 123.69K)

>>272357592oh god, I had forgotten about that

>>272356854>the weak should fear the strong

>>272357633his favourite food at 14 years old is caviar. i'm not into seafood but you gotta admire the luxury

>>272357390could they make it anymore obvious that she's the real candidate?

>>272357353funny how much racial hatred here is posted by left wing larpers. it is going to be very funny when all of the logs and identities of the posters here are made public. will surprise a lot of people.

>>272356977>Oh dear. The way he was interacting with that baby was messed up.Jesus fucking Christ you're a goddamn kike. I've never seen somebody as disgusting as you actually pretend to be a NAZI and think you're fooling anyone. Go eat some baby foreskin you fucking subhuman piece of shit.

>>272357573both polls are within margins of errornice try drumpftard

Attached: 1597083327755.png (605x760, 64.63K)

Pence v HarrisWho wins?

Attached: 1595268556061.jpg (315x325, 26.8K)

>>272357390>Hollyjew forced to shill for a cop after screaming black lives matter!!

>>272357553>memeflag>anyone taking you seriously

Attached: 1578253563912.png (500x501, 556.75K)

>>272357532what're you, gay?

Attached: loli.jpg (587x378, 35.25K)

>>272357827Now do Biden>oh wait

Attached: 1595088140672.jpg (1536x1241, 360.48K)

>>272357633>Father old enough to be grandfather >Mother has nudes on the internet for all to see Yeah nah not jealous


Attached: C75E11E5-2023-4B5C-90F0-51524FB93626.jpg (679x516, 28.88K)

>>272357390>>272357592>>272357813Please do it again, PLEASE PLEASE do it again

Attached: MADAM.webm (862x480, 2.79M)

>>272357804>favorite food:>Barron, 14: Caviar>Donald, 74: Big Macs and Tendies

Attached: fansy sox.jpg (667x1024, 56.84K)

>>272357827Which margin of error shit for brains? Because the aggregate doesn't have one and all of the polls I showed didn't fall within theirs, either. That's the MOE as seen months before the elections, so what are you talking about?

>>272357592>Bart Baker is in this videoThis guy ended up moving to China to be a shill.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrx4ld3hmmw

>>272357909>Yeah nah not jealousOFC you are lol, your seething is palpable

Attached: 1569194882795.jpg (330x319, 49.06K)

>>272357902>biden still winning in a landslidehahahahahahahahaatleast try to put some effort

Attached: 1596800799365.jpg (810x1138, 379.71K)

some creepy ass kid trying to hit on me

>>272357390With John Solomon trying to reform the White House Press corp, Biden and Hunter corruption with Burisma fast coming down the pipe, and a candidate only the MSM loves, I think we're entering strange times

Attached: 1583436957906.png (1252x1404, 402.66K)


Attached: WPMGFX82448149_p1STV.png (1498x966, 1.25M)

>>272358111omg like ikr???????hillary is going to CRUSH him haha

Attached: 1582828230497.png (943x800, 158.57K)

>>272358111Said the exact same thing. Same time and same place as last year. You're nigger is going to be crushed come November, and you'll be here shitting yourself in a blind rage trying to justify to us why he lost and you wasted for years of your life spamming this thread. I hope you swallow a gun barrel and blow your fucking brains out on a live stream for us. Or, maybe you'll do something stupid at a BLM/Antifa gathering and somebody will save you the trouble.

>>272357592>we're bout to show the world women are equal nowfuck that's vintage, haven't seen this shit in years. thanks for that, user.

Attached: 1586357274685.jpg.jpg (255x247, 13.76K)

>>272358176>still voting drumpfah yes the only defense drumpftards have when they have no arguments leftso low energy

Attached: 1596703967580.png (545x396, 21.73K)

>>272357394>drain the swamp? do something? or will that offend Jared's cocktail party friends?Reasonable, still needs backing on the local level, elected officials ( most ) are still swampniggers and since he isn't a dictator he needs to play ball.It took decades to reach how things are right now, it won't be solved in a second.

>>272357837Harris lost to Tulsi.

wonder why you are losing?this is why you are losing

Attached: 1597262801190.png (2814x1182, 3.92M)

>>272357837What is your definition of "win"

>ur losing

Attached: 1597232144914.png (1133x1032, 202.47K)

>>272358141Trump should have pulled the press pass of every news organization the moment they started acting disrespectfully to his office and filled every chair in that room with pro Trump news outlets. He should also quit using Twitter and jump over to GAB or Twitter's other closest competitor.

>>272358421Yeah, but is Pence a Tulsi?>>272358498Who will appeal to the most independents

>>272358501WTF Bidenbros.....


>>272358022fuck me. i want to re-live the 2016 election. the DNC really isn't giving it their all, or at least they aren't being so openly smug about it. so much entertainment. now it's mostly serious business and moralfagging. there's a country to fight for and shit.

Attached: 1518071047677.jpg (747x1029, 220.58K)

>>272358393>ah yes the only defense drumpftards have when they have no arguments leftI've directly destroyed multiple of your polls and challenged you personally you fucking little piece of goddamn shit, and I'll say it again for the record. I hope you fucking die! Painfully, and horribly as imaginable.

>>272357394>Trump hasn't fixed 60+ years of corruption in 4 years, better vote Biden You retards are something else

>>272358501>dont trust the polls>trust the polls nowahahahahahaahahahahah

Attached: 1595423888163.jpg (1138x907, 172.42K)

>>272358531Regardless of the racist and sexist claims, Pence will easily appeal to Independents who don't want a loud mouth screeching nigger to be one small breathe away from President

Attached: 1581985670437.jpg (2048x1366, 163.48K)

>>272358531Pence is smart, watch his debate with Kaine.

>>272358531Pence unironically has the power of God and anime on his side. Don't fuck with him.

Attached: pence animu.jpg (800x800, 86.09K)

>>272358501>should schools open>R's at 72% yeswhy do republicans want to send their kids back to the globohomo indoctrination centers?

Attached: 1531976688737.jpg (1500x1500, 1.06M)

>>272358696Because they have jobs

>>272358560>>272358561>pollsMN's shift to the right is as well documented as VA's shift to the left.

Attached: 1593163996093.jpg (1080x873, 314.69K)

>>272358111I can already see the headlines after the election and Trump’s victory: “How could the polls have gotten it so wrong... again”. “It’s time we stop listening to polls”

cnn deceptively hides biden's script with their chryontwitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1293588275379265536

Attached: file.png (595x838, 649.64K)

>>272358798Saw people coping earlier that Biden was holding his phone upside down because he was on a Zoom meeting plus a conference call with donors which makes literally no sense

>>272358631A curb and your teeth nigger. Smash all your teeth out and then put your faggot ass out to work on a street corner sucking nigger cock for five bucks a pop. Would be a unique experience for them. The communist with a bleeding gums make you feel good long time. Of course, your mouth might not even be acceptable to nigger cock.

>>272358531From what I remember of the democratic debates, Kamala loves to interrupt, talk past her time, and act smug. Tim Kaine also loved to interrupt and talk over his time, but he was a nervous wreck.But I think that Pence's quiet confidence and well spoken thoughts will win overall.Not like it matters because both sides just clip the best parts for their side and most people just watch the clips instead.>>272358764>polls

>>272358764>My county was red the entire timeBased.

>>272358877i think he's holding it the right way to record himself speaking because the shitty audio through the computer might get distorted somehow. it's probably cleaner coming through the phone and they're recording the bit for some ad probably

Who will Trump blame first when he loses in November?

Attached: 208347345345.jpg (1339x2000, 672.08K)

>>272358877Joe is out of it.

Attached: Joe2020.jpg (1605x2707, 354.02K)

>>272357390Fuck niggers

>>272357244What about gook moot?

>>272358764Texas did the same thing in 2018. More districts have flipped Red, and Abbot won by a larger margin than last time. Sadly, Cruz had a smaller victory over Beto, but then again Beto plastered his faggot name on the side of every building from Canutillo to Longview!


republicans knows that voting for drumpf will destroy americaespecially after covid-19 ruined the economy and drumpf killed 160000 americans

Attached: 1596833141675.png (584x705, 134.28K)

>>272359001Kweenmala Harris digital army, obviously.

Attached: Image.png (1086x872, 543.34K)

>>272358972Give me one single reason they can't just include donors on a Zoom meeting when the entire country is using Zoom

>>272357837Pence of course.

>>272358752>admitting the school system is a state run daycare system so the feds can raise your kids on holocaust guilt and social justicenot a good look

Attached: 1575224606057.jpg (1920x1080, 846.22K)

>>272359001What a whore.

>>272359116I wish trump killed more.


Attached: 1596639512127.jpg (810x1273, 422.6K)

>>272359001Racists follow by sexists follow by Russians. Screen cap this.

>>272359089>Sadly, Cruz had a smaller victory over Beto, but then again Beto plastered his faggot name on the side of every building from Canutillo to Longview!Also Cruz is a fundamentally broken candidate who would get primaried if the GOP had any sense at all. Also, Beto spent the most money in history, also also Beto ran as a centrist. Remember that? Remember centrist Beto? >>272358964based>>272358946>pollsElection results.


>>272358877Joe spoke backwards the other day. Complete dyslexic episode while reading his interview response, and not even Fox covered it. It'll be interesting watching Harris try to make up for his public blunders when they're speaking together.

>>272359229Stop being a kike.

>>272359116>negative canthal tiltthis guy was always a faggot

Attached: canthal-tilt-pic.jpg (630x380, 213K)

>>272359207>I wish trump killed more.based 4d chesslosing is winning

Attached: 1596724848058.png (1083x990, 654.49K)

>>272359194Hey retard, you know the private schools are closed too, right?

>>272359277>my husband's jewish kidsOOFtwitter.com/erinbiba/status/1293653655841837056

Attached: file.png (595x566, 285.77K)

>>272359315Blame the democrat governors you kike.

>>272359361I can't help but wonder if she is barren or just so career oriented that she doesn't want to put aside the time for it.>>272359269>polls

>>272359116You media kikes and Blue ticket Governors issued closure mandates? Yeah, that will wreck various localities! Maybe those areas shouldn't have elected fucking communist niggers to destroy their way of life. At least in Texas we've only got half way retarded paraplegic strangling our bars to death.

>>272359361lel she's actually going with this fake shityou know her and her staffers thought this up to make her more likable

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lol how Twitter has become the de facto political media platform. funny as hell to see nearly every message board, forum, comment section and thread reply to become the screenshots everybody talks about worldwide in their comments sectionsunironically think Twitter should be nationalized at this point; its a de facto public utility of providing direct information, and my primary evidence claim is the President of the United States uses this as his primary platform for his personal message directly from the individual.

>>272359361With the coof and everything else happening I feel like I'm living in an alternate reality with the shit the MSM pumps out these days

>>272359446>>pollsElection results.

>>272359229Lmao I love looking up the photos of those journalists on those shill articles , always a crazy lookin bat ,One I read today was some spic named woman who kept writing articles about her “fear as a Latino in trumps America” and another article about “delicious sexual deviance” , she was about as white Karen looking as you could get with librarian glasses , but had a last name of Ramirez lmao


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>>272359361This six degrees of kike connection is staggering.

Damn Harris really is a bad pick

>>272359472She's just a Hillary of Color

>>272359395>>272359455drumpf allowed infected americans to return from china which ruined the us economy and killed 160000 citizens

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>>272359229This is who Elie Mysal is btw

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>>272359559>Damn Harris really is a bad pick>drumpf proceeds to get btfo by said woman

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>>272359543I don't disagree with this, but you have to keep in mind that 22% of United States adults are influenced by that 10% of users, which isn't insignificant.