They just don’t have the presidential vibe

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>>272355193is this the political class of America?these are our illustrious leaders?do people really believe this illusion?will people really die for them?will people kill their countrymen over these demented politicians?will the military really coup Trump over these kind of leaders?

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>>272355193Why do they have blackface?

>rating a candidate just on looks

>>272355467get off the site

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>>272355193They look like they're about to rob a bank

>>272355912subconsciously, it always happensits stupid, yeah, but its basic human behavior and wont change, ESPECIALLY for brainlets

>>272355193motorboated titties more than makes up for lack of presidential appeal

>>272355467nobody is going to call you

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German bro is right. They really don't have the prez vibe. Looks and charisma matter a lot. Maybe they shouldn't, but they do.

>>272355193She should have slimmed down so as not to look fatter than him.

They do not need a presidential vibe to win. All then need to do is allow the media to do their job of carrying water for the campaign and allow Trump to continue to act like a goddamn buffoon. Nothing complicated

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>>272355193It has a cringe vibe.

>>272355193Doesn't matter.The Dem plan is to flood the election with a landslide of fake mail-in votes, declare victory, then demand Trump *prove in court* those votes were fake before they concede.The Dems will either win outright (if Trump concedes) or they'll tie up Trump's final term in court.

>>272356386She looks fat. Their suits don't match. Hers looks really cheap and the tailoring isn't very nice. Her shoe choice makes no sense and doesn't match his. Their masks don't match their suits or each other. Nothing about that picture says on the same team.

presidential vibe

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>>272355193One smoked weed and threw niggers in jail for possessing it, the other just threw niggers in jail for anything. Sounds like a republican's wet dream

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>>272356667> Her shoe choice makes no sense and doesn't match this Holla Forums or /lgbt/

>>272355193They look more like businessmen than trump ever has. And not in a good, Gordon Gekko way, in a bad, lay-off committee type way.

>>272355193>They just don’t have the presidential vibeDon't talk like a nigger, Hans

>>272356228Media told the country a million times in 2016 that Trump is a buffoon. Guess what happened.

>>272356923>hurr durr parties switched!Eh, nah.

>>272357055/pol/. Given the context of the photo and what he is wearing, would you say what she is wearing compliments that?

>>272357055They look low energy. They look like the losing team. Don't need any specifics beyond that.

>>272356228that's his granddaughter if anyone didn't know. like what the fuck.>>272356811>compare guy playing tennis to two people who just announced they're running matesgo away

>>272356923I need an expanded frame of that video. was he trying to push her toward biden or what?>>272356411this election is going to be a huge clusterfuck no matter what. I was saying a year ago that it was going to be good because of Trump and the democratic party having no real unity or good candidates but it's coming out even better than i could possibly have imagined.

>>272357093>in 2016That was before nearly 4 years of non-stop buffoonery from the Trump presidency. In 2016 it was easy to look past what the media was saying but now there are years worth of material to highlight Trump's stupidity and incompetence

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>>272355193Biden def does compared to Trump, at least to normies. They have Trump/political fatigue and he offers normalcy/quiet.

>>272356149thicc is in style

>>272355193They have ulterior ambition clearly, they are both indecisive and are influenced by others.

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>>272357216According to a 2017 Gallup poll, only 3.9% of men were observant enough to notice Kamala’s shoes. You’re in the elite!

>>272355912It's not just looks, it's body language, gait, speech pattern, everything.

>>272356811Peak performance can only be realized once it has been conciliated.

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>>272357038Look at that piercing gaze!

>>272355193Almost seems like they were chosen to lose. The elite are not this retarded.

>>272358266I think Kamala knows she's a bad choice for VP. She's from California, so she can't help flip a swing state. She was chosen to turnout the black vote, but black people didn't like her in the primaries. Biden needed a competent black woman from Florida or PA. Fact that he couldn't find one is the obvious reason for the Kamala pick. She knows it.

>>272355193Kek what a couple of faggots

>>272355912That's one of the only """arguments""" the left had against Trump in the form of orange man bad. That and changing his into Trump

>>272355193Biden gets corona in september and dies.

>>272355193Wow Kamala you're beautiful, that pant suit really emphasizes the butt covering your vageen.

>>272357038Draft dodgers always like to pretend they're tough guys to compensate for being cowards.

>>272355193> Implying

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If it wasn't for the Alzheimer I'd say Biden looks very presidential. Also I'd rather have a beer with him than Donald Trump.


>>272356116According to mr (((kikeman))) who predicted that political earthquake, Trump is an uncharismatic leader.

>>272356228>Trump to continue to act like a goddamn buffoon.continue? Are you high?

>>272356116They should matter, a lot.What will a leader devoid of charisma ever accomplish?

>>272357624liar, eat shit

>>272355193If you had told me a year ago that this Presidential election, the candidates would all be wearing tailored, focus-grouped, ninja masks I would have called you crazy. But here we are.


>>272355193Maybe because they literally don't like each other and were at odds a few months ago and stand for entirely different leftist ideas. Honestly, The democrats are done for. Bunch of retards really.

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TRUMP 2020!

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>>272355193Manlets, not even once

>>272355193The North American elite have already chosen to sweep China out of its comfort zone.Trump is going to win the election.

>>272356041wow someone from bhutan of all places, look ik this is off topic but how did you find this site in ur country?

>>272355193Biden is going to drop out before the convention. picking Kamala now is to make the transition to her being the nominee easier for democrats to swallow. it isn't like she was liked during the primary. imagine if they just threw her on the ticket at the convention, it would be chaos because all the Bernie bros would lose their shit. now they'll just accept it because she is his VP.Kamala knows the fuck storm coming down the pipe for Biden and his son. just check out what Sen. Johnson said in his release as chair of Homeland Security. he'll be calling subpeonas soon and they won't be pretty. Kamala also sits on that committee so it isn't like she doesn't know what they know. Biden gets off for not being cognitively able to stand trial but Hunter is going to be fucked. I suspect most of the blame will fall on Joe and Hunter's business partner. Kamala runs but ultimately loses. we aren't electing anymore half foreign minorities, Obama ruined that. Kamala is there to make the shift away from the far left. she'll challenge Trump on law and order, which her record for imprisoning blacks is quite astounding. antifa and all those groups causing the mayhem will be isolated and Harris will triangulate to appear as the centrist it'll fail nationally but it will pick up the remaining neocons left in the republican electorate. the far left will be demoralized, many will still vote for Harris because they're NPCs but I suspect a good 3rd will just stay at home.

Trump has a used car salesman vibe and he won.

>>272359416he's been here for years

>>272359357this. the China Iran pipeline was basically the last straw.

>>272356811You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.