Poojeet hate thread

Its been so long since we had these, post em

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>>272354095Ok convict. I happy you are so cucked by BBC you come here for venting your frustration

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>>272354665What's the context on this anyways


>>272354095Poos are based

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>>272354789this is how you cure the Shanghai Shivers

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>>272354949>If you only knew how bad it really is.

>>272355002It’s crazy how they can launch space satellites yet can’t create plumbing infrastructure.

>>272354095Every poo that goes to the West looks exactly like this.

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>>272354095Please someone post the webm of the poo taking a dump by the side of a road and comically slips on his own shit, falls backwards, and his head gets run over by a truck.

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imagine living your whole life only to slip on your shit and get your head crushed

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>>272355184Lmao didnt they fuck up their last launch

>>272354095Why are they so horny? I had a pajeet manager who hit on every girl at work, got rejected and then hit on me (a guy).

>>272355545He died doing what he loved at least.

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>>272355545Thanks fren

>>272355545Now that's fucked.

>>272355818Get him sacked m8

>>272355818They’re the biggest incels after orientals.

>>272355545That's fucked up. Funny, but still fucked up.

>>272355545Should have used the designated shitting street

>>272354789Please be chocolate

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Everywhere in India i want it smelled bad. They litterally burned cow shit on the streets.

>>272354095Indians unironically have the best food. Also every Indian guy I have met in the states is super fun to chill with, but are also super hard working

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>>272355545I've seen this many time but just now noticed that the tires are all muddied up, this has got to be devastating from all angles

>>272354896Such a rich and vibrant culture!

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>>272355545The streets are...CLEANED


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>>272356569Yeah well I work with an Indian and he stinks like bad b.o., has fucked up teeth, a fucked up eye, and he hits on every girl he works around but never gets laid yet buys them food and gifts on the daily as they string him along. He’s also disgusting and eats with his mouth open.


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>>272354813>Shit on street>Eat on street

>>272355184They almost doomed humanity to die on this rock by creating a LEO debris field. Street shitters should be kept far away from tech.

>>272354896If this were TES pajeets would be argonians

>>272356569Indian food is shit. Just fill any meal with spices. Newsflash, when I cook meat, I want to taste the meat. The spice is supposed to add to the flavor, not be the main part

>>272355647>>272355184en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCATSAT-1You fellas talking about the SCATSAT? Orbital shitting lanes incoming.

>>272354095Seems pretty based to me honestly

>>272356117Unlike Orientals. 99 percent of their women are hedious. You can easily find a good looking chink or gook. It's 10 time harder to find a good looking pajeet. Couple that with obsession with light skin and they literally worship white women as gods

>>272357254Nah i think it was a mars or moon bound satellite that they fuck up cant remember

>>272356569You have to go back Rakesh.

>>272357254>>272357472Just looked it up they were trying to land a probe on the moon

>>272355220Why the fuck do they have such ugly noses?

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>>272357194Kek so true, fuck their shitty curry food. Why is everything Pajeets do so fucking gross? Even niggers disgust me less.

>>272357564Good on em for having a go atleast.

>>272355545I told you to use the loo ranjeet... I told you..

>>272357385Since basically all chinks, japs or gooks that don't have bottom rung worker ants as parents get cosmetic surgery at 16 there's no way of knowing if any given ant actually looks decent.


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>>272355545live by the poo, die by the poo

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>>272354095Underrated thread, poojets are tools to the Jews greedy hands to destroy what the white man built. Mass poojet infiltration into your economy is the result of the disease that is the jew.


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>>272354813Something Sikhs do. It's to show humbleness to eat off the ground as the poorest of people do.

>>272357943True, but at least the yellows are capable of seeing where there is a problem and fixing it.

>>272358552Fixing it would be removing the hideous genes from the gene pool, like the rest of the world is doing. But no. They marry Australians, Canadians or Americans and then produce school shooters.

>>272354757>>272354789>>272355545Why do Indians have to be like this?

>>272357987That's a man, baby.


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>>272358116Oh my days. Please make it stop.

West is unbelievably egoistic, you guys think that it is possible to change anyone into anyone. Ridiculous idea, you will end with a bloody war.

>>272355545>doesn't even wipeWorst part of the video

Guys. I have a question yo the Canadian user. Is it true that doctors are all paki and pajeets in Canada because if minority quota, and they are totally unprofessional and moreover don't speak English?If it is true, how they obtained this positions? Thanks.

>>272359217you just answered your own question. because of a quota law

Indian women are extremely tight

>>272359217Nah, most of them work convenience and fast food joints desu.

>>272359385I just can't believe that it is happening. For us, North America always was a symbol of common sense and logic. Everything now looks like a suicide.