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literally has the exact opposite effect for me, seethe more sleep shills

>>272353789>t. anxious beta who cant handle the rush of coffee

>>272353789Just take modafinil insteadYou’ll never sleep again

>>272353789lmao zoomer meme flagger has ADHD and calmed down by uppers and thinks its a conspiracymodern civilization was built on the beanpill desu

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>he puts sugar in his coffeeKill yourself faggot.

>>272353789>>272353982I drank soda as a kid, coffee as an adult, eventually got so busy I started keeping caffeine pills in my car for when I couldn't stop for coffee, then eventually I was just nibbling on caffeine pills several times daily. I kept that up for years. After trying a couple times, I finally really quit all caffeine a month ago, and my head feels way better than it has in years.The first 3 days suckAfter that 3 weeks are annoying but not badAfter 3 weeks you're back to normalTaper in levels of if you like.

>>272354431i have sugar in everything, makes no difference.

>>272354441Jesus Christ user, just imagine how much dick you would be sucking if you ever tried meth even once

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>>272353789No, the opposite.

>>272355092>FATIGUED ALL THE TIME>i have sugar in everything

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>>272355105I didn't mention, but I had the exact same experience with alcohol, which I've now quit as well. And yes, I long ago decided I would never try meth.

>>272355378Well I'm glad you are practicing some self responsibilities and tackling your issues, good for you user. Sincerely.


>>272355202it stops when i stop drinking coffee fuck you

>>272353789Jews will not stop me from drinking coffee


>>272353789This is true if you have ADHD. Normal people become more energetic and creative because it alleviates depression.

>>272354111Checked. OP BTFO.

>>272355883You are the dumbest fuck alive. Stop consuming sugar ever. Literally the worst shit for your brain>>272355841 and body

There is no purpose for coffee.>but user I need to lose weightStart eating smaller portions.>but user I need the energy boostNewsflash: your body doesn't have some kind of on/off switch that coffee enables. You either have full energy throughout the entire day or you don't. To optimize this energy, you need to work, sleep, and eat as well as you can.>but user it tastes niceMove over to green tea, then cut caffeine out of your life entirely. You really don't need it. Coffee is a Jewish trick to disconnect the goyim from understanding the innate energy supplies of their bodies.

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>>272353789>COFFEE IS BAD FOR YOU>non-porno pictureWhat the fuck? btw coffee is fine but once you're in a daily habit drinking it just gets you back to baseline, i have a lot more energy in general when i'm decaf. But, once in a while, some shit happens in my life and I need a boost and caffeine gives me superpowers for a few days then I'm back on the habit. Just how it is.

>Having such shit genesWhite master race? More like shit race

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Is coffee good for you?

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>>272355092Don't even talk about coffee if you put sugar everywhere

>>272353789Ups wrong picture.

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If you want to defy ((())) drink coffee black, no milk no sugar

>>272355378lol imagine having to decide you won't do meth

>>272356649I want to be dominated by Gilda

>>272356738What does this mean exactly? Meth exists, you will either choose to use it or not. Is this you telling us to take the methpill?

>>272354175does nothing for me. prescribed amphetamine now, works great.

>>272356871Dildos exist I never had to decide I won't use them cause im not an absolute faggot

>>272356738I've been offered all kinds of drugs and coke and etc at parties. I've always declined. I figured those were more habits I didn't need. Never smoked a cigarette in my life either. I did snort coke once just to try it, and I can honestly say the amped up feeling isn't worth it.No more stimulants, no more downers, no benos no opiates. I would like to try psychedelics a couple times though. What, have you never had a social life?

>>272357176Are you calling me an incrl you faghot fuck

>>272357074What drugs have you tried then? You start to make boundaries around what you will try/won't try. I won't ever do anything intravenous (heroin) or meth.

>>272356871>meth pillWell user, it work for the germans very nicely in the beginning before some turned into addicts.

>>272353789No it doesn't.

>>272357176Psychedelics are great and not really addicting imo. I've been having a hankering to do a few grams of shrooms and just stare at the stars all night for my next trip. Its been a few years, think I'm due for another.


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>>272353789stay of my coffee cunt jew

>>272357908I would like to do psychedelics again but dont know howIm in the uk with no plugsUsed a website to get them in italy. How can I find some ways to get lsd or shrooms without using deepweb or bitcoins (clearnet site I was using doesn't send to the Uk)

>>272357176>What, have you never had a social life?seriously, I've never touched the stuff but I know enough people that I could get meth if i wanted. I've known enough close friends that have tried it, and one that fucked his life up and got his ass deported out of the country because of meth. Shits everywhere and it's not hard to get hooked.

>>272353789this. so much this. (((coffee))) is for niggers

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>>272353789I stopped drinking it months ago, now I have a normal sleep schedule. it's shit anyways, tea tastes better and is actually healthy

>>272356033You are retarded. Our brain ONLY uses glucose for energy, it cant use fats or proteins until they're converted to glucose (SUGAR)

>>272358072I have no experience with UK/EU drug culture but I would ask around at some pubs. What about Amsterdam?

coffee is a stimulant you dum nigga. Just have less and balance it.

>>272358279Im not going to pubs nor amsterdam

tea is refreshing and light

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>>272358343idk what to tell you then buddy. Good luck on your search

>>272358440Fuck you american pig


>>272356709How is this one more right than that furry shit?

>>272358466>t. some fatass neckbeard loser thats too socially retarded to score drugs at a pub

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>>272358466why don't you pursue the natural high of a bracing 10 mile walk in the rollng countryside?

>>272358525>Thinking all sugars dont ger broken into glucoseStop talking shit i have a biochem exam in an hour i know what im talking about, you people come on Holla Forums reading basic shit thinking you know everything. Go google Glycolysis pathway you retarded pig american.

>>272358466Words hurt, user. Still, checked.

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>>272358625>>272358634Suck my dick

>>272358466try and rekindle some old friendships? i started a band with a friend i havent talked to in years and now i can get mushrooms, met a guitarist at a cafe a few weeks ago and we started jamming, found out he can get me all the prescription stuff as well as acid and shrooms. Maybe just become a musician, i've never had an easier time scoring drugs, other than camping in my geodesic dome at a rave and having dealers approach my dome, because what other person at a rave with a steel jungle gym isn't looking to do drugs?

>>272358745I am a musician but keep away from faggot ass musician and junkies and people who do drugsI dont want to go back to fagot ass gay people who do drugs

>>272358743Capitol retort my good fellow!

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>>272358720well that dude is clearly talking about how bad table sugar is, not glucose you fucking retard. You're gonna fail because you can't see the forest from the trees, and also because you're here and not studying

>>272353789Coffee in the morning Tea during the dayWater in the evening Simple as

>>272359109Table sugar=glucose + fructoseBoth of the components are released in the bloodGlucose is used up for energy while fructose DOES NOT TRIGGER A GLYCEMIC RESPONSEAfter the glucose is used up, the fructose will be broken down into glucose and either used for energy or stored in the liver as glicogen or in the body as fat

>>272359141Simple as.

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>>272359141No your supposed to drink water all day

One on hand excessive coffee consumption can lead to adrenal fatigue, and it also triggers your fight or flight response every time you drink it, making your actual response weaker when put to the test. On the other hand I remember reading some study on coffee increasing dihydrotestosterone levels.Take that as you will, it's pretty unclear

>>272353789This can't be true.

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>>272358913I just feel like you don't want a solution, and you just find ways to shoot down any suggestion. If online wont do it, you're gonna have to go out and talk to somebody. But people also like doing drugs with others, so if you're just trying to use somebody to score mushrooms so you can do them by yourself, nobody's gonna want to help you get them. So be a bit more open minded, maybe you might meet a few cool guys to play music and do mushrooms with, maybe not. but if you dont try youll stay sober, and thats a guarantee.

>>272354441What's normal?

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