Trans women are not cis women, but they are women. You’re just gonna have to accept that

I knew I was different as a child, but did what society told me to. I bulked up, joined the military, rose to a high rank, married a hot blonde... I seemingly had it all. But I was miserable. All I ever wanted was to be seen as a woman and to have girlfriends that liked me *for me* (not as the hyper masculine character I pretended to be). It was in my 30s I became one of the first trans people to come out in the military.At first my life seemed to crumble even as I finally got ahold of the one thing I had dreamed about ever since I learned about it: hormones as part of HRT. The first time I took those testosterone blockers and estrogen I laid on the couch and cried. It was like a poison I had been suffering through my entire life was washed away and something new and wonderful took its place. But the cost was immense. My friends and wife abandoned me, and people online turned on me and began harassing me and being as hateful as possible. Why? I was still the same person, only finally living my truth.

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>>272352155Trannies will be the first to hang on the day of the rope.

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Enjoy your axe wound.

It’s been a few years. I now am a queer lesbian in LA. I have the body and pheromones I’ve always wished I could. My brain chemistry has shifted and it’s like an entire world of emotions is suddenly available to me that I didn’t even know existed before. I’m a fundamentally better person. Other women are happy to accept me as friends, and yes, even lovers. I don’t pass as cis, nor do I need to. I’m amazing just how I am. I’ve finally found happiness, and for some reason this threatens so many of you out there. Why? You know, I used to be like you. I spent my time writing hateful opinions about trans people online. You know why? Because to see them living their happy truth threatened the life of lies I had built for myself. It threatened the prison of toxic masculinity I had crafted. And I’ll bet if you hate trans people - it’s precisely because you have some weird squishy gender feels inside of you that you aren’t ready to deal with. But you are gonna have to get over it. Trans people exist, and we are very real. I’m accepted as a woman both socially and legally, and I have lots of friends in my life and people to choose from to sleep with. There’s nothing about my life I regret now, except perhaps not having the chance to transition sooner.Trans people are the future. We aren’t hurting you or threatening you; we’re just trying to live happy lives. You share this planet with millions of us. And you’re just going to have to grow up and learn to deal with that.

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>>272352155You're a man faggot, your entire gender based ideology is founded by a jew pedophile's failed experiment on two kids>John Money

>>272352155I’m doing my part

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>>272352266I still have my original hardware and plan to keep it. Genitals don’t define a persons gender. A woman is much more than a pussy, just like a man is much more than just his dick.

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Yeah, nah man. Men are men and women are women. There's no take backs on the gender you are born as.

>>272352155If they were real women, we wouldn't have to call them "trans women"

>>272352155Lmao... KYS, faggot.

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>>272352456This is actually a great point! We’re not trans women. We’re ultimately just women, and sometimes women are cis and sometimes they’re trans. Thanks for being a woke supporter; you’re awesome.

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>>272352155Stop it.

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>>272352155Based.Being a man sucks, theres literally nothing great about it. Women have cute dresses, long hair and they dont have to worry about bombing ISIS, they just like to being cute. Thats the real comfy and lovely life, good for you OP.

>>272352155They are men with mental illness, accept this.

>>272352526The darkest times I’ve ever known was when I was closeted. Now I live in a world where I have lesbian friends who accept me as one of them. Why would I want to commit suicide? Are you projecting your own self destruction into me? You should seek help for your own inner pain

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>>272352155You are mentally ill.

>>272352155You'll never force men to fuck you.

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>>272352620they will never see you as a lesbian, they just like hanging out with their tranny friend so they can show people how open-minded they are

>>272352155it's all so tiresome.go back to pl*bbit

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>>272352155>Living my truthThat's called cultural indocrination kiddo.The truth is you are a man and alway will be.

>>272352155>I knew I was different as a child,no you didn'tkys

you'll just have to accept that you should kill yourself, OP

>>272352657I’m a lesbian. I don’t want anything to do with your gross bodies, nor your testosterone, and especially not your seething toxic masculinity. I have awesome empathetic and fulfilling estrogen-on-estrogen sex. Rage if you want cuck, maybe if you weren’t such an asshole you wouldn’t be so lonely.

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>>272352155Why are there constant threads about this bullshit? no one cares about you. Fuck off.

>>272352155I reject the term "cis" you have thrust upon me. No one asked me what I wanted to be called. I do not identify as a "cis" woman. I identify as "normal". Please refer to me as a "normal woman"

>>272352704Do they also sleep with me so they can show people how open minded they are? Do they want to date me to show how open minded they are? How far down this false rabbit hole are you prepared to go?

>>272352854Comments like this come from deep self loathing. Since all you have ever known is the sensory input your body has fed you, all you truly know is the inside of your own brain. The hatred you feel towards the outside world is actually just hatred you feel towards your own perceptions of it. In truth, you want to hurt your own self because you aren’t prepared to deal with your true self. And it must be very lonely and painful. I’m sorry.

>>272352864Axe wound

>>272352620you wont have kidshence you failed and LARPingsexuality for reproduction, gender is about stuff supporting reproductionyou fail at evolution

>>272352864Reminds me of Chris-chan, who jumped trains in hopes of getting pussy.

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>>272352922I also am normal. I’m glad we both are.

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>>272352155A man that wants to chop is dick off is mentally ill. No amount of bullshit you can spew will change that fact. I'm sorry you have a mental illness, but people telling you you're "normal" are really fucking you up.

>>272352155>Did what society told meThat's why you're fucked in the head.You're not trans. You've just got a fucked up world view because you don't know who you are and how to be yourself

>> have autogynephilia


>>272353097a male can never be a normal woman.

>>272353020Imagine being this fucking simple to reduce all humans to their most base biological functions. We’re a complex emergent pattern in the outer folds of our brain, you fucking monkey. Do you actually think anything else matters but this highest consciousness we have achieved? That’s what *you* are. You’re not your limbs. You’re not your precious little dicklet. You’re not your fucking kids. You’re a pattern of seething data in the outermost folds of some disgusting hosts body. And you somehow still believe that your primary purpose is spawning new humans. Laughable.

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>>272353299You’re right.Thankfully I’m not a male. I’m a woman.

>>272352382>Genitals don’t define a persons gender.The very definition of mental illness. You're a MAN. Live with it. No matter how you "feel" or how you mutilate your body, you've still got a Y chromosome. Just because some mentally ill person thinks they're a werewolf doesn't make them a werewolf.

>>272352155Go back to discord tranny shill.

>>272352155Your bones say otherwise. As does your scent. Just a male that failed.

>>272353075>picWhy transretard want to be a twink gay MEN?

>>272353181I’m being myself just fine, people love me for it, I’m happy and taking hormones that make me happy, and having sexually and socially fulfilling relationships. I hope you find the same happiness. But don’t try to tell me that mines not valid.

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>>272352155Women's rights was a mistake

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>>272352155nobody cares about your feelings

>>272353515It shows how little you know about HRT. It’s okay, I didn’t realize either that blocking testosterone and taking estrogen changes your entire fundamental body chemistry. I smell like a woman, nothing masculine about me at all anymore. People remark all the time how “sweet” I smell and like it.Welcome to body chemistry 101.

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>>272352155>living my truth.This is one of the more insidious phrases I've noticed entering the vocabulary of young people. Classifying something as "my truth" implies that other people have their own different, personal truths, and "truth" is now relative rather than objective. It's catching on and people are repeating it without realizing the implications, but they're internalizing those implications nonetheless.This is the kind of shit you guys should be worried about, not OP's dumb larp. You can reverse a lot of societal shit but if the younger generation decides that truth is relative, there's no coming back from that.

>>272352657>that pic>no recognizable gay blow-jobIts almost perfect.

>>272352864>I’m a lesbianSo... A normal hetero male.

>>272352657Checkmate, sweatie

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>>272352155OP is a faggotsage

>>272353685I hope this poor woman got some support and better advice. In many places gender transition is covered medical services. Here in California for one. Free insurance will pay for all surgeries and hormones, even if you are unemployed.

>>272353352Only thing worse than a delusional tranny is one with a superiority complex. Chug gasoline and save a child.

>>272353809That’s ridiculous. Of course people have the right to sleep with whoever they want. And if someone doesn’t want to sleep with you, oh well. But it’s not trans people who have a problem with this. It’s the white supremacist cucks on this website.

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>>272353882A decade ago we used to bitch about welfare faggots wasting out tax money. Now we still bitch about that but also the free tranny surgeries

>>272353809>no right>a fucking leafHow many trannies has you fucked?

Everyone in the world points and laughs at you while your ancestors tear their eyes out with shame at what you have done. I hope you repent before you kill yourself you absolute scum of the earth faggot. After all the pedophiles are through the wood chipper trannys are next. Sincerely, A REAL WOMAN.

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>>272353902I’m not superior to all humans. But definitely you. But feel free to throw more of a temper tantrum if you like.

>>272354000>muh white supremacy Nice victim complex


>>2723540430Even traps are a no go. Met a few femboys it’s always a cute body and the face of your grandpa.Someday I hope to be fucked by a big strong bf

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>>272352155Trans people shouldn't be in the military, you're mentally ill. The fact that it's allowed is hypocritical at best but it's endangering the people you work with. That's why mentally ill people aren't allowed to be in the military. The fact that the LGBT movement holds enough power to terrorize regular people into discriminatory practices and to force people to accept tearing your body apart and putting it back together like a science experiment as "normal" while you still kill yourseves at a rate people with severe mental illness who are not medicated kill themselves makes them monsters. The lgbt movement is not your friend. We will look back at this period of time with the same criticism we see lobotomies but it will be worse because it is has become fashionable to normalize this mental health issue to draw away from the damage its done to people who are actually afflicted with it and create more people under the "trans umbrella" because girls can't just be tomboys. It's disgusting. Trans people are sick and honestly, deserve better, they deserve treatment and help that is not being given away from the cult who has their grips in them. That being said you can stop posting this everyday no one is going to think you've transformed into a butterfly. Women don't want you in their bathrooms and private spaces because that's where they go to escape when they are vulnerable or afraid in public. But the lgbt movement and trannys keep fighting and making sure that they're included too and women dont have anywhere to go to get away from the Jessica Yanev's of the world.

>when trannys transition

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>>272354112Hey man, when the hedonistic euphoria dies down and you see the ugly halfman looking at you in the mirror, nature will correct itself. You’re on borrowed time and the lender will collect.

>>272353758Enjoy your blood clotting, swelling and cholestasis. You will look like abomination after 40 and you will die due to the local ischemia at your 50s.

>>272354256>girls cant be tomboys>boys cant be femboys>trannies: ACKCHUALLY you’re just a closeted tranny, just take HRT, be your true self

>>272352155lol no


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>>272352155>All I ever wanted was to be seen as a womanBecause you're a dumb attention whore

You're a literal freak mate. Animals don't always have perfect offspring, retarded, physically deformed and 'not quite right' newborns are left to die in nature.Its a luxury of the west that freaks like you are allowed to live, spreading degeneracy and claiming your warped thinking is the future. Nature always wins directly or indirectly, you fuck around with its rules and you lose. When western society collapses, and it will very soon, do you think there will be room for a man who thinks he is a woman? You have a terrible future coming but I suspect you already know that.Good day sir

>>272354390Scared of those comfortable with being different, gotta sabotage that confidence as fast as they can. Tomboys get the love they’ll never have.

>>272353001what a gay and retarded post

>>272352155>Trans women are not cis women, but they are womenNo. They are not. They are imitations. All the cosmetic surgery and medicine won't change that. The best imitation in the world is still just an imitation. >You're just gonna have to accept thatNo. I will not accept it and you cannot force me to. No matter how much you whine or lie or threaten I will not accept your insanity as reality. You can either go die in obscurity like genetic dead ends are supposed to or you can keep forcing your madness on everyone, including children, and earn your place on the ash heap after you are publicly lynched like the monster you are.

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>>272354346>local ischemiaAll conditions to be aware of and guard against. Thanks user.

>>272354483>retarded, deformed, and not quite right newborns are left to die in natureVs>autisms>vegetables>etc

>>272354112>I’m not superior to all humans. But definitely you.

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>>272354522At least tomboys have a greater shelf life than trannies and femboys. Tomboys are the only kind of girl I’d be straight for

>>272354256Yes, i agree that women *do* need safe spaces away from predators and men. I’m glad we both agree women should have these. I have been welcomed into women’s bathrooms everywhere, and have even made some friends and done a fair share of blow after being pulled into stalls.The girls bathroom is fucking lit.



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>>272354716Damn right.

>>272352548>We’re not trans womenUmm... sweatie... stop erasing trans women m'kay?

>>272354442Only if they had problems with their endocrine system and only to return their hormone levels to the normal, not to turn them into trannies and fuck up their body.

>>272354775If your argument is for the killings of trannies, why can’t wealso leave autists and cripples to die

>>272354766>I have been welcomed into women’s bathrooms everywhere

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>>272354784Of course it's a leaf. Why wouldn't it.

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>>272353445Delusional fag. Get mental help

>>272352922>Please refer to me as a "normal woman"Tits or gtfo.

>>272352155prove it

>>272354911Good idea, let's start with your lot.

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>>272355020Show flag, loser

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>>272352155Kys faggot

>>272353352>You’re a pattern of seething dataNo, and even you don't think so. We are fundamentally social animals, and that implies that the identity of every human is not determined solely by self-identification, but also by how others see you: members of the tribe you claim to belong to, members of a tribe that claims you as one of their own, and members of a third tribe that says that you cannot be tribe A since you clearly are tribe B. All of these things matter for social animals. Don't pretend otherwise.

>>272355185Make me.

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>>272352155Trans women are Trans Women. They also have the same rights everyone else does and saying they can swap privileges based on their gender and the state (or insurance) needs to back their transition is not rights.

>>272354911Because autists and cripples aren't trying to convert children into being like them nor are they holding a socioeconomic gun to the head of anyone that doesn't approve of them. There is no mass effort by autists to force children to be autistic nor is there any effort by cripples trying to get kids to cut their legs off.Trannies however do exactly this. They try and push children to live a life that is fraught with pain and suffering regardless of how much support they have. To do that to a child just to validate your own insanity is nothing short of pure evil and you fucking abominations are going to burn for it.

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>>272355185> leaf> again

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>>272354766>I have been welcomed into women’s bathrooms everywhereBut not by everyone, I bet. I would not want you anywhere near a bathroom that my daughter was using. It would be disgusting.

>>272355365>no mass effort of autistsExcept 4chan is that. Redpills are autism bombs

Fuck you guys!More hot trannys for me!

oh look. its this exact same thread again

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>>272355365I also never said I was for trannies, why do you amerimutts always jump the gun>YoU pOsTeD sOmEtHiNg AbOuT tRaNnIeS tHeReFoRe YoU aRe OnE

>>272354951>>272352155Did you two decide you can just start a thread together, to "support" one another? Holla Forums is a board for the discussion of politics, not a place for concerted attacks. Shame on both of you.

>>272352155thankfully there's a 40% chance I won't have to see this thread again tomorrow

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>>272352155Not only do I not have to accept it, I'm starting to think we might have to just burn you all.

>>272352155Your thread is denied by attack helicopters.before you say something smarmy, you cannot (legally, in many places) deny this posts stated pronoun.Also, slide thread.

>>272352295>I used to be like you. I spent my time writing hateful opinions about trans people online.Things that happened.>>272354766If transwomen are women then you need to post tits with timestamp. You won't because you can't because you are a retard larper.

>>272355699>post leftist cringe>HELP IM BEING ATTACKED THE TRANNIES ARE ATTACKING ME.It’s amazing how you’d laugh at lefties getting triggered over nothing and then do the same fucking thing.

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>>272355529>hot trannys

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>>272353809>trannies support rapeWhatever happened to affirmative consent? Now trannies support "rape culture!"

>>272356148Bottom right looks like the average white woman

>>272352155kys tranny

>>272355527That's your opinion on the matter but it isn't the only one. Furthermore last time I checked Holla Forumsfags don't have parades, establishment support or go around trying to force their shit on children in public.I also don't recall any cases where the social media mob comes in to defend Holla Forumsfags and get people they don't like fired for simply disagreeing.If you faggots didn't push your shit on kids or hold a gun to my head and demand I comply or else I wouldn't give a fuck about what you do. You want hormone therapy? Fine. You want cosmetic surgery? Fucking great go ahead. Pursue your happiness. I don't care. But once you start the mass attention whoring in every form of media/entertainment and strong arming people into kowtowing to your lunacy then we have a fucking problem that is only solved by putting ropes around your necks.I absolutely fucking despise your kind with a hatred I never imagined possible. A hatred born of the actions of trannies and their enablers.

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>trannies believe body parts and behavior don't define your gender>obsessively cutting off their genitals and getting fake tits to feel more like a woman>wearing woman clothes to feel more like a woman>shaving to feel more like a woman>wearing wigs to feel more like a woman>changing their voices to feel more like a woman>makeup, perfume and other cosmetics to feel like a woman>want rights that women have to feel more like a woman>want womb transplants so they can feel more like a woman>have fake period pills that "simulate" menstrual cycles to feel more like a woman>wear tampons and pads while their wound is bleeding to feel more like a woman>everything they do describes someone who believes women have specific behavior>body parts and behavior don't define your genderthey need to make up their minds before they kill themselves

>>272356226I wouldn't stick my dick in any of those, no matter how much they begged.

>>272352155A woman is an adult human femaleA female has two x chromosomesYour issue is with the dictionary, not me.

>>272356190Cuz it’s not rape if youre a minority

>>272352155You will never have a uterus tranny

>>272352155Join the 42% club.

>>272356274>your kind>t. Retard who picks and choose what he wants to seeFuck off, read the thread, dilate tranny



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>>272352548Do people really come here to "protest" various OPs?

>>272353758Yeah sometimes I grab my gf’s body wash in the shower accidentally and I smell sweet like a woman too.


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>>272352155>You’re just gonna have to accept that.Ha. Nope.Woman = adult human female.If you insist, we will coin a new term. "Natural Female" and "Natural Woman" - aka, a female / woman who does not require medical intervention to be female.


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>>272353352>imagine thinking that humans are more than mere naked will die faggot, and in 10.000 years, when alien come to earth to study the ruins of our failed civilization (thanks to your kind) they will undoubtedly catalog you as a human male

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>>272353352disgusting host lol you really hate yourselfbecause you are this monkey body you mutilated, the data patterns are just told you your highest goal is to make your body look like that of a female monkeywe are flesh, no escape, only death

>>272356757>"Natural Female" and "Natural Woman"Oh yeah, let's call real women "women" and fake women "fake"!And the best part is that I don't even have to adjust!


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>>272352943They sleep with you because they have deep-seated problems with normal men, so you act as a kind of surrogate. As long as you're all honest with yourselves about the patterns you fall into, go for it.


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this thread many times is op going to do this before people catch on.

>>272352155>>272352295>started at 30>dont pass>transbian>accepted as a womanFuck off agp hon, I started hormones early and by 21 im stealth and no one knows, if you didnt start before or right during puberty we know youre a faking larping trender and should have been gate kept. If this wasnt overwhelming you enough in your teens for you to do something then youre a fetishist hon plain and simple.

>>272357013I recognize that bulge

>>272352155Wasted digits. You have a mental illness. Get help. Don't chop your dick off.

>>272352155>I'm mentally ill>why my family and friends refuse to enable and encourage my illness?

Hate tranners a bit more now thanks for the thread

>>272352155You're not woman, you're a faggot in a wig desperately larping as a girl before suicide.Your only friend is death.

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>>272352155Most people haven't even accepted that blacks are human (whether they are willing to admit it or not), and you expect them to accept transfags are women? LOL.

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>>272352155Fine. But they aint female. And they aint pretty. And they cant have kids.

>>272357456Dilate tranny

>>272352155What is with all these baitblog posts?

Gender Critical Feminists on Twitter are hardcore and don't take crap from insane tranny types.They seem to enjoy whipping these freaks into a frenzy.Thye also give are constantly sounding the alarms that Trannies are geared towards abusing kids.

There is an absolute, yet non physical essence to male and female. Truly trans people being grouped with the nonbinary destroy gender freaks has been an absolute brain rot for the public. Keep doing you OP.

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>you're going to have to accept thatWhy? What contractual agreement have we signed? You have no authority over me; kindly fuck off.

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>Be me >Who else would I be? >gf says she wants to become a man >shes always been a bit of a tomboy but this is a huge shock >ask her why she tells me that>I don't FEEL like a real woman!>And why is that?>You don't understand user! You never will! I'm was never supposed to be a girl! I'm a boy on the inside a MAN>decide I have to take drastic action to help my mentally ill gf>quickly hatch a sure fire way of straightening her out >after her "coming out" tirade is done I scoop her up into my arms then over my right shoulder>shes surprised >begins to get pissed starts to cuss at me unfazed I yell >I"M GOING TO DO WHAT YOUR FATHER SHOULD HAVE BUT DIDN'T! >Flop her over my knee >yank her pants down then rip her surprisingly girly panties off >Now shes furious. She makes her displeasure know by bopping my legs with her dainty little fists.>It only encourages me >I bring the first smack against her bare butt cheek>she cries out more in anger than in pain>Naughty GIRL you are my WOMAN not a MAN Isn't that right? >NO! SCREW YOU user I'm a MA->My hand again swacks her behind >HUH such a foul mouth! I'm gonna teach you a lesson. If you're a man why am I stronger than you? Hmm?>BECAUSE YOU WERE LUcky you got to be born in a boy's body and I wasn't! >Oh so I'm a boyyyyyyy and you are a GIRLLL>NOOOOO>Wrong answer! My hand yet again gleefully comes down hard on her now bright red Ass>This can stop! All you need to do is submit to your womanhood! >She only responded with profanities as she tried to wriggle from my grasp >I tease her for a while. I relax my grip giving her the brief illusion of escape only to laugh and tighten my muscles around her petite body.>Eventually she admitted defeat >In a hushed voice she embraced her femininity >i-I'm a gu-girl! >And a good girl at that! I spent the rest of the day patting her head as we watched corny cop shows on my couch.The End?

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>>272352155stop forcing your lives onto us. I don't care about you and I shouldn't have to.

>>272353352He hit a nerve. Oh and you are a deranged faggot.

>>272352382I know mum said you were special as a kid, but in all honesty she was full of shit. Good job getting brainwashed.


>>272352864chris is that you?

We have this thread every dayYet you fags still bump it.

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>>272354000>Takes estrogen to Feminize himself >Calls other people cucks

>>272352864>im a lesbianpottery

We have been infiltrated anons