Go stand in a long line during a pandenic, goys!

what type of fuckery is this? I can only conclude he knows damn well he is going to lose and is trying to minimize the blow by fucking with postal operations.t. user who has only voted by mail, cause I live inawoods

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>>272351433If niggers can chimp during covid, you can get off your fat ass and vote.

>>272351433>hurr the usps is so good and mail in ballots are impossible to tamper withDie kike.

>>272351433I don’t get it either I’ve never had to go to a voting station I’ve voted by mail my whole life. It’s just senile boomers that complain about it. Same type of people that are Q posters


>>272351433He hates losing so hes just laying a foundation for when he inevitably loses to make it seem like the election was stolen from him so that he can say it wasn't his fault

>>272351588>> kike pig glownigger liar

>>272351539The usps is the top mail delivery in the United States that employs hundereds of thousands. By cutting that you are firing American workers and denying people the ability to mail. And you are retarded. Voting machines are much more risky


>>272351770I’m not a kike, pig, or glowing liar. I’m a 22 year old college student that is more educated than this entire board combined. Your literally throwing inflammatory insults based off of nothing at me for pointing out scientifically backed up facts.

>>272351433The mail in ballots for the New York Democratic 2020 primary had a 20% decline rate for being ineligible. That's the chaos you're proposing we inflict on the country.

>>272351539>lol kill the USPS to own the libs

>>272351433Hrs brilliant you retard. And Bezos should pay way fucking more.

>>272351433>late or lost delivery for months>vets not getting their meds or checks>amazon has stopped using uspsbecause they are losing too much moneyCan someone explain how this is not blatant voter suppression?rawstory.com/2020/08/a-conspiracy-alarms-sound-after-postal-worker-reports-removal-of-sorting-machines/amp/

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>>272351884>I'm smarter than everyone here!>Claims a post with nothing but anecdotes is "scientifically backed up fact"Your the dumbest one here, kike.

>>272351433How is this even legal? What a fucking conman

>>272352073>Can someone explain how this is not blatant voter suppression?No one can explain that because it is voter suppression


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>appoints big donor to postmaster generalcorruption much?

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>>272351771>reading anything a memeflag posts

>>272352001>lol keep funding the welfare system that is the usps>I love giving them government tier Healthcare for life>I love their massive pensions>I love their inefficiencyDie kike.

>>272351433>throwing money at something makes it perfectKill yourself, chang

>>272352347This is why I hate mail in ballots. No matter who wins the other side can scream election tampering for 4 goddamn years. Which they'd both fucking love. It's just a terrible idea we can't use it.


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>>272352478Being in a remote location, I rely on the postal service heavily. I have experienced delays and lost mail personally. this tactic is extremely fucked up. I'm voted for him in 2016, but won't vote at all in 2020 after this bullshit. Fuck Trump, officially kek

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>>272351433Dems put one of their faggots in charge of USPS who then proceeded to piss all of it's workers by undermining the motto of USPS. USPS workers are willing to work at a loss and CEO is saying that USPS needs to be like FEDEX or DHL and operate at high profit. Everyone hates that faggot CEO because he told USPS workers that they cannot do overtime and must leave all mail for the next day, which we all know will eventually end up in a backlog lasting months. USPS workers that worked there for decades know and see right thru this kikery and are actively fight back. Dems who put that kike in there see plan is not working so they are doing propaganda to turns normies against USPS workers and Trump for not bailing them out

Should go to prison for shit like this

I will. I’m not scared of a 0.05% death rate virus

>>272352073it's not a voter suppression because it's done by Democrats and CEO that was put in charge of USPS by Democrats who removed all of the sorting machines from many places and prohibited workers from doing overtime. What you're seeing is act of treason and then trying to blame it on Trump and Republicans.

>>272353243We cannot let him get the nuclear codes

>>272352478Cope much? Already setting the narrative for when you lose much? Cant win fairly because mass voter fraud won’t be easy to pull off much?

>>272351763Geez, this is 2016 all over again.

>>272353243Everyone believes you. You’re doing a fantastic job.

>>272351433>go stand in a long line during a pandenic, goys!It worked well for the BLM protesters amirite.This whole pandemic is fucking made up.

>>272351433Bet you didn't have any problem standing in line at WalMart.

>>272351433Just wear a mask, worked with the BLM protests

>>272351884>more educated than this entire board>Your literally throwing inflammatory>your literally throwing>yourGo back to 3rd grade and learn basic grammar.

>>272353892>proofsFuck off nigger

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>>272351433OH MY GOD HOW CAN THEY GET PEOPLE TO STAND APART FROM EACH OTHER IN A LINE WERE ALL FUCKEDwhere did all these mouth breathing cunts come from and why are they posting on /pol

>>272351588>I’ve voted by mail my whole life>>272351884>I’m a 22 year old college studentffs

Looks like it's a case of 4-D chess. Sorry demoshits, you'll just have to stick with the usual amount of election fraud this year.

>>272351433With all the despicable shit the left has done do you really think they haven't been planning a massive fraud this election? They literally think Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler.

>>272351588>voted by mail my whole life and by that I mean exactly 3 times at most

>>272351433Kill yourself shillONLY in person voting WITH voter ID should count and thumbprints with that long lasting ink should be mandatory for every person after they leave the booth (so Dems can't keep cheating by bussing around homeless people to vote repeatedly)Anyone who disagrees with only in person voting WITH voter ID is a traitor that is trying to cheatMail in ballots is the worst idea in history and will be a disaster with tons of voter AND election fraud with ballot stuffing and tons of legitimate voters votes will get "lost" or go uncountedWe will NEVER know who really won with universal mail in voting and thats EXACTLY what Democrats want. Trump would win in a landslide if voting happened as it always has in previous elections and Democrats are trying to muddy the waters and delegitamize his victory

>>272351588Absentee ballots are nothing like universal mail in ballots you kike shill

>>272355422$0.05 has been deposited in your account, good work goy!

>>272351588>thinks their vote countedThanks for the keks, user.

>>272355309Possibly, but there are beter ways to deal with that scenario besides crippling the post office, which affects everyone. Why not have more election day(s) monitors or something like they do in shit third world countries? We can give a shit ton of tax breaks to the corporate overlords, but we can't invest any money to ensure we have a fair election process? This is the richest country in the world ffs

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>>272351433I don't think this is true. I worked for the post office for 30 years. Unless all the ballots were sent certified mail (requiring signature) or Priority (2-3 day delivery), another piece of mail for each residence wouldn't change anything. The amount of garbage that comes through here is insane. Every house already gets 2-3 pieces of mail on average. And all of it is machine sorted. I don't know what the game is, but the USPS definitely has the infrastructure to handle mail-in ballots. I don't support them, mind you. I'm just sayin'. They can handle it. No employee would even need overtime.

>>272356138I don't think it's so much a question of whether the USPS can handle the load, but that a Soros type figure would have 10 million dead people send in their vote through mail.

>>272351433what is absentee voting vs mail in voting?sagefox59.com/video/dead-cat-gets-voter-registration-in-mail/5670123/

>>272353018No, only Democrats will love it because Pelosi automatically becomes president if the election can't be decided. This is the plan.

>>272351433voting is white mans chimpout. just think of it as a protest and stfu.


>>272354814Welcome to nu-pol. Enjoy your stay.

>>272351588there are plenty of valid reasons to protect anonymous voting boths. mail in ballots means your friends and family can coerce you into voting in a way that you would may not vote in private.


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>>272357296That's completely unrelated to the point he made, which is 100% more valid than the concept of mass organized fraud. Not having privacy and opening yourself up to coercion, bribery, or blackmail by your direct family or room-mates is MUCH more likely than organized fraud.

>>272357296is this suppose to sway opinion?>child molester says child molestation good for childrenI wouldn't expect him to say anything else

>>272351884>memeflag>shitpost>barely above underage>no concept of the world>”I’m moar smarts than U”Jesus fuck, they let any retard go to college now.

>>272351588Yeah and millions of fake id's shipped in from China won't be used to commit voter fraud. If a state has been doing mail in voting for years fine, but to try to mass implement that is playing right into the cheating Democrats hands. If people can go to Costco and Walmart they can go vote.

>>272357466>having family or roommate coerce or bribe me one in a particular way?>proof or it didn't happenSaid no one. Ever. do you even realize how absurd that sounds? Is this iran? kek

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>>272352073The new PMG has been in about a month. Did he somehow time travel to make the usps a fucked up mess for the last decade? I've been a mail carrier for 13 years and the last 10 have been a cluster fuck due to so many employees being in "management" and having to prove the reason their job is necessary. My postmaster gets probably 500 emails daily with other managers just congratulating people on promotions or forwarding questions no one else can answer. As for Amazon, that's news to me as I have delivered probably 150 amazon packages dropped directly at my office this week alone. My biggest issue at my office is the fact that the plant, which employs probably 75% black people, is terrible. Trucks are never on time and the shit we get is constantly for other offices and missent. When I went to that plant for safety orientation over a decade ago, the plant safety coordinator told us that they currently have more employees sitting at home on workman's comp or disability than they have working. I can tell you for a fact that the only places that might do a good job with reliably handling mail in ballots en masse are small distributions centers in rural areas. While my plant is located in the suburbs of Chicago, the next couple towns over get their mail from 2 seperate plants that are in rural areas. I know multiple carriers and discuss how terrible our plant is and they cannot relate at all. I asked one person if they ever have late trucks and he told me "maybe one every month or so." I told him that we have late trucks probably 4-5 times a week. It is the norm. I have delivered priority mailings as old as 13 months. The only service the USPS guarantees regarding delivery date are Express mail. Over the last year our office has received about 50% of our Express mailings already late and failures. This results in a full refund for the shipper. Its amazing how many people are suddenly USPS experts as soon an they have an agenda.

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>>272351433The post office where I am lost my fucking rent rebate check because BLM niggers looted and set fire to the placeIf they can't even keep rabid niggers out of the place how the fuck do you expect me to trust them to protect a votekys

>>272358039Are you seriously retarded? You can't envision a scenario where someone's says they have to vote or certain way or she won't do their laundry for a month, or a sister says she'll get some chik-fil-a for you if you check a different box? Yet alone more serious threats, like getting kicked out of the house for voting conservative. Liberals are absolutely insane and I can easily see it happening.

>>272358320seeing as how BLM riots happen in democrat strongholds, i would love to see this happen on the days leading up to the election

I got fired from my job today for not wanting to wear a mask. Feels bad man.

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>>272355676That’s not how that works...

>>272353243Nice Alinsky tactic in pic. Accuse your opponent of what you are doing. Fuck that. People can stand in line for Starbucks and onions lattes, they can stand 6ft apart and vote.

>>272353243> I have experienced delays and lost mail personally.and you are advocating for mail in ballots?are you retarded?

>>272351433>I can only conclude he knows damn well he is going to lose and is trying to minimize the blow by fucking with postal operations.Another thread by a demoralizing nigger. It didn't work with Tokyo Rose of Hanoi Jane. It's not gonna work with you, faggot.

>>272351433Prove that ANYBODY has gotten covid from voting and I’ll listen

>>272358129Certainly the post office has some problems, the penssion issue needs to be resolved in a reasonable manner. But the post office will delivers nearly everywhere, even when it is not profitable. It is much like a utility, and should not be corpratized. It is extremely important. I know both of the elderly ladies by name in my rural post office. They work their fucking asses off, and shouldn't be penalized or demonized by political bullshit.

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>>272351588Nice memeflag, I doubt you even live in the US.Anyway like other anons have pointed out absentee voting isn't the same as mail in voting. You have to actually request an absentee ballot if you don't want to vote in person, but what Democrats are suggesting is just nixing in person polling entirely and mailing every registered voter a ballot. The problem is many Democratic states consider it sacrilege to prune their voter rolls, so you may have people who haven't voted in 20 years because they moved to a different part of the US. So the state is still going to send their ballot out to their last known address, and you have to trust that the person who receives someone else's ballot is just going to follow the rules and not fill it out and send it back in. Poorer people (i.e. Democrats) are going to be most likely to be in this situation too since they tend to rent instead of own and live in places where people move in and out of more. That's where the concerns of fraud come from.

>>272351588that's because you aren't living in a nation with sovereignty, user. you've voted by mail because nobody cares about the united nations or what they vote about

>>272351433Mailin ballots are for fraud. Fuck that. Thre pist office can die. Hes making sure Bezos doesnt fleece them. But hes nit supporting fraud.

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>>272351433fucking nigger, he is protecting the nationToo easy to fraud, get fucked

>>272351763ok dipshit

>>272358129yeah but i read a washington post article and i trust their agenda over someone that could be lying on the internet

>>272351884ok liar, get fucked memeflag coward

>>272351433>Wants to completely change how we vote less than 90 days before an electionThe only reason you'd think this is a good idea is if you're a moron or you hope to cheat.In either event, you don't get to make the call, you scum/moron.

>>272353243Dipshit, get out and vote like a manhe's doing that to protect you

Good on President TRUMP for recognizing that a large group at the USPS was gonna be paid to fix the Election. Fund em after TRUMP2020 wins. Make that part of the speech

>>272358344>I will not do you laundry unless you vote for my candidate>retardedPlease do us all a favor and Kys

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