Peaceful Riot Thread

Commies gotta commie you know the drill GET IN HERE>streams Woke

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oy vey

>>272351213Paulyfrog needs to shut up for once

what was that in bend I think the locals were throwing shit at people leaving lel

>>272351213Has anything happened with these riots lately?

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Forgot to mention portland in OP, baked fast af

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7th post best post

>illegal officers>detaining illegal criminals>muh go fund megod you cant make this shit up

>>272351470>>272351470am baked as well

Did Andy get a haircut?

>>272351469someone say he got shoad

Hey Feds, take out their tires next timeJust ID their cars beforehand

At what point do anons start sending andy money to go out and set shit on fire?

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>>272351213I dont like WOKE either but you must admit the 1080p60fps quality is amazing compared to these youtube streamers who do 720p and lower the quality of the restreams to 480p. I keep Woke in the background and Portland Andy/AustinZone as the main

Woke is the most comfy stream because he dont talk loud like a fucking AUTIST


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>>272351469>>272351522>>272351605His channel is still up

>>272351439Well, they tried murdering someone the other day in Portland by setting a fire and holding down the doors. Even Ted cuntface Wheeler had to admit that one was attempted murder.

>>272351671woke is for commie kike retardsand leafs...

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>>272351637Seen them deliberately cut out/blur crimes too many times, always feel like am probably missing something.

Oh Christ, man down! of streams woke uses for the day if you want direct source without blurring

>>272351522He should just stream on dlive or bitwave>>272351760Probably got his streaming priveleges revoked


>>272351760channel is up, not able to livestream, either cuz the copyrighted music or the chat basically mirroring Holla Forums

>>272351786just need to oil the streets and create a pincer blockade

what's going on in that garage??

>>272351802>woke is for commie kike retards>and leafs...redundant

>>272351550How about fake flag Ice arrest, let your bait force get surrounded, then cut the lights for a city block and send in troops to surround and then arrest all of the protestors, to be charged tomorrow with the highest felony available, and everyone else for conspiracy and abetting it.Where are the police TACTICS? Same with Portland... Where are the 10 Federal riot arrest wagons waiting in the secret corner to hold all of the protestors the Feds arrest after surrounding the downtown building and 2 blocks of it every direction. Arrest EVERYONE.

>>272352066They don’t wanna let people out

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>>272352066Those are off duty police officers trying to leave since the night shift took over.

They're blocking the now off-duty Portland Police officers who've been relieved by the night shift from leaving the parking garage. It's gonna get ugly!

these commies really don't want the smokeall itll take one of these retards to fuck around and get themselves shot and the civil wars on boys

Hey, it's MC Crowd Control!


>waving them out like they have any authority at all whatsoever

>>272352395We “let” that other car leave.

I bet they are going to track the plates on those cars and start harassing the admin staff people.All commies deserve the rope.

I wish bump limits were 400 or so.

Pauly confirmed sneed first poster

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the woke chat is crazy these people really think theyre not doing anything wrongtheyre new thing is >beat yr wife her der

>>272352510Yeah I wouldn't be risking my 40k jeep or 50k truck to protestors letting me go somewhere and as soon as my truck or car gets hit and I speed off I become a white supremacist.

i guarantee one of those drivers was thinking about it>vroom vroom protestor go boom

Friendly reminder these "protests" been going on for months and no rightist has gone full accelerationist on them.

>>272352648Yeah they let it fester with commies in the early days of the protests and so it's been completely transformed into a discord tranny echo chamber.

>>272352804imagine what would happen if they didno one reallllly wants that

>>272352648they're literally children, what do you expect

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Dispersal commenced

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they brought in the party van lol

>>272352917Right wingers are Waco'd and leftists start supporting the feds for cracking down on right wing terror?



Does anyone here have the Holla Forums screenshot about White people being the least racist generation and then getting sucker punched by black people who couldn't forget the past?


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>>272353087those fags even try to blame right wingers now for the violence at these things

you can always tell who is actually "the press," because they are allowed to stay behind the police line


>Just taking a late night stroll, peppering my lefties


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some kino shots right now damn

>>272353281Yeah, they were carrying TORCHES! TORCHES DAMMIT!WHITE MEN WITH FIRE! That's the tool of oppression!

I fucking told you faggots that it was HAPPENING tonight in Portland. You didn't listen.


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>>272353165They claim rioters are undercover WN's. When you ask "then why don't you confront them" they can't give a good answer.

Honestly.. if someone were to do something HORRIBLE at these protests. something like that EVIL guy from Australia did in NZ or like that other EVIL guy in Norway.. They should only target whites. If anyone deserves a reckoning it's leftist whites.

>>272353379nothing is happening they keep throwing insults as always

>>272353337For them, it was. What could be scarier than White people acting as a collective in their own self-interest?

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>>272353448Seriously, if you follow the logic of (((their))) talking points they all fall flat

>>272353281my last name is harris as well and for some reason retards i know just assume i'm voting biden now because 'hurr durr you'll have the same name as the vp'


>we're gonna hit you if you don't move fasterfucking based

>>272353087Chuck Schumer defended the feds at the Waco hearings.

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you guys hear the cop tell the bitch move faster I think she said no he said "were gonna hit ya"hahahaBASED

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>>272353527>The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall on the traitor. If I had but one bullet and I was faced by both and enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it. Friendly reminder that The Day of the Rope was about hanging race traitors, not non-Whites.

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Nice charge. "Press" did a shitty job at working as shield there.

Anyone see that old kike eat it?


Arex’s law - in any protest, not matter the stream, Arex can be heard screeching.


>>272353867Made me flinch and am not even there.

>>272353876>Anyone see that old kike eat it?that's the only thing from this that will be on cnn

>given the green light to beat the shit out of cops>still don't do anythingkek


I want the stabby kids to come back

seattle too finally

>>272353165>>272353644Ends justify the means. They'll doublethink their way into their communist utopia and when they're starving to death it'll still all be the fault of the cis-het christian white male. Wouldn't that be a great irony, if they manage to get their way and wipe every one of them off the face of the Earth but still let the legacy of western civilization live on through massive amounts of butthurt. I think I can live with that if it's the worst case scenario. I'll hope and strive for better but at least that would be funny as hell.

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The intensity of tonight's riot is fucking WAAAAAY UP there. They're making up for yesterday's weak ass riot. PPD and State Police are actually making mass arrests this time too. Holy shit.

I wanna see Blessings take a 40mm point blank to the forehead.

I see blessings nig is out there.

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An explosive just got thrown at police.

that first one thrown was homemade.

>cop kicking the fireworkLol

>>272354105marcus is okay compared to the others and a lot of the antifa posers don't like him very much but he's very annoying so i get your sentiment

>>272351213Is Austin zone sucking dick tonight? Where is he?

>>272354096DA announced he won't prosecute, they have nothing to lose against police

Officer appears to be severely injured on the Seattle stream bottom right screen on WOKE.

>this silly ass bitch

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>>272354282(((They))) got him

The American riots of the late 60’s and early 1970’s were more violent than had assassinations and many bombings.

>>272354285DA is a Soros bought cunt. You really need to bring out the pitchforks.

>>272354282I was about to ask the same thing. This was the best night!

Any Right Wing orgs out tonight?

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>>272354316Young people don't remember. Even '92 was worse than this, even if shorter lived.

>>272354285That's right I totally forgot about that.

did they say a cop got maced?

>>272354316wait for october baby

>>272354365No. Why would they be? Unlike the left, they aren't suffering from mental deficiencies.

>>272354180>dabsEscalation is here

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>>272354365Proud boys are 20 minutes away, just heard on CB.

>adsSomebody teach this pauly cunt to install a fucking proper ad blocker.

PPD making official announcement of a riot. They went straight passed the "unlawful assembly" which usually precedes the declarement of a riot. Crazy night ahead of us...

>>272354316We were really headed for some crazy shit early when the riots started. Those threads were comfy

>>272354478>source: trust me bro

>>272354285The DA is openly friends with local Antifa

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>>272354397You experience the weather underground stuff? I read up on it and pretty sure this isn't that bad yet.

>>272351439Some retard at a riot got shot with a 40mm foam round to the testicles and lost his nuts. A net win for society

>>272354341He just took office and he's already showing he's even worse than the outgoing DA

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i really like when ppb rides on the van

teebs is up too.

>>272354495they did that 20 min ago

>>272354447From the last thread just checking. Maybe some orgs would be retarded enough to go out into to that bullshit.

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>>272354526It’s a meme you dip

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>>272354478patriot front riding in on pogo sticks, it's about to get hot

>>272354581oh, thanks for the heads up

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>>272354568There's literally tend of thousands of WNs less than 15 minutes away and they haven't even considered it. If anyone did something, it would be the first time I was willing to call false flag. Never stop retards from being retards

F A T K A T needs a shower and some deep conditioner T B H

>people here for non violent actionliterally fight the cops every nightcommies are such lying cowards holy fuck

Why doesn't the city fight back? I can't imagine my small town allowing these BLM scum to invade.

>>272354671PF are LARPing kids by design, but dat aesthetic

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>>272354581>>272354478>Oh GoD Ohno! I just Raninto this tree on the side of the Road >It was the proud Bois.I swear they're worse than poll naming jews as literally anything happens and it's white supremacists or "racists".

Kat Krimson is kinda cute. I wonder if she has a bf.

>>272354890Uncanny, isn't it?

>>272351213I hate PDXAndy. Bring back AutismZone

>>272354902My shadowwwww

>>272354902>he doesn't knowSHADOW DADDY

>>272354902see that long haired fag walking next to her? that's her stink daddy

>>272354316the really crazy shit didn't start until the 70s. right now we're in pre-election season '68 and they're still more or less in the phase of recruiting and filtering really hardcore people who'll do the nasty shit that's going to start after the election, regardless of the result


their chants are so bleak and dull

>>272355004Gaije...his name is gaije, and he is her shadow

>>272354902at least 3 and a chainsmoking problem. If there isn't a cock in her mouth theres a cig.>>272354953i miss austismzone. Hopefully austin switches to bitwave or something.

>>272351213All I know is that I hate white women more and more by the day. I hope Islam takes their ungrateful fucking heads. White women are the most disloyal sacks of shit on the planet. They don't give a fuck about how many white men suffered and died to deliver these ungrateful cunts the freedom and prosperity they enjoy. I fucking hate white. I hate them with a goddamn passion. I want to punch every single white bitch I see in her fucking face.

>>272354754Funny enough all these riots are just making people go further right to fascism and White nationalism kek.

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>>272354999theyre litterally both homeless junkies my friend knows themshell turn tricks once in awhile too he said

>>272354902she's a retarded camwhore with genital warts and you're a faggot

>>272355096Pretty sure it was just copyright strike for the music, he’ll definitely be back.

>>272354540If you haven’t read it yet, Days of Rage by Bryan Burrough is a good book; it covers everything of that era.

>>272355037NPC meme is real>>272355116except for fat cat ladies but coronachan will take care of them I hope

>>272354974>>272354999>>272355004>>272355096Oh...that's right, her bf got arrested the other night. I completely forgot lul. I'd still stick muh dik in her loose hole though.

>>272355124She said they have an apartment and Prius..gaije has the key

>>272355116i wish, but it doesn't seem like it

Antifa is gone from Portland. These are the larper remnants. I’m sure Antifa is headed to DC

>>272354836>Why doesn't the city fight back? I can't imagine my small town allowing these BLM scum to invade.This. Watching most of the riots you'd think all these cities were fucking ghost towns inhabited by only protestors and Cops. Cities in the hundreds of thousands to millions and yet all these people don't just stand up and crush these commies.

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>>272355151link to her cam? Does she fuck bbc? or is she built for white dick?

>>272355116Yeah, this is a big positive, also means another Trump victory which is great.

Holy shit this pauly guy is a fucking retard.

>>272355239Based.The lawful have been completely defanged. At this point they deserve everything they get for being pussyfags.

>>272355247mc fucking kill yourself

>>272355211idk about him probably his moms pad and car but she was sleeping on the street in that park when my friend said he knew her


>>272355239there are never enough people who think it's serious until it's too late

>>272355008People forget that there was legitimate left wing terrorism in America up until the first term of Reagan’s presidency.

>>272355247>link to her cam?Some things are just impolite to ask user

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>>272354478Inb4 pic related

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>>272355399Yeah that was ~20 minutes ago.

>whose street?>our streetuntil the cops rush them lmao

Watching polyfrog, fuck I want those faggots and dirty cunts to take a beatdown

Can someone shoot megaphone nigger?


watching this shit makes me want to fist fight a group of these faggots at the same time omfg

>>272355443What happened?

Absolute kino shot

ANother push incoming. Cops doubling up with Oregon state police. PUSH INCOMING.


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>>272355216I know more than enough people that hate this shit and it helps redpilling about what's going on. Combine these riots with the Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein shit and everything is easier to swallow about Mossad and Israeli influence.

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>>272355369Right. I can't feel sorry for these cities, they have the ability to stop this in one night. I'm in a small town in TN, but I can guarantee that our rooftops would be lined with 30-06 and 45/70s. It would be over before it began.

>>272355627no, that was unlawful assembly. Now it's changed to riot

>>272355554>off by 1Anon...i...

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lmao pushing that karen in the bitchy suit


>>272355369Yeah. I like in a city of 2 million. Streets are always packed even at night. There's so many fucking people here. I can't imagine a riot breaking out and all law abiding citizens just.......gone. Does anyone actually live in American cities or is it really just fucking commies and cops?

>>272355620i hope you're right


>>272355116Honestly, it's mostly just pushing people towards Trump. I'll take it, but it's not exactly helping the WN cause. Civnat needs to be burned and wiped from the memory of mankind. It is, and always will be a fantasy at best, and a tool of oppression at worst. Death to Civic Nationalism

>>272355764They're in Downtown Portland right now and it's not really anywhere near where people actually live besides rich people who live in high rises. Those people couldn't give two shits about interrupting protesters.

>>272355764I imagine that the lawful think they're too outnumbered to make any kind of difference


>>272355812interesting...I assume she's BUILT for BWC?

>>272355764Everyone started to exile from cities back in 2018...well at least in Chicago. I haven’t lived in the city proper since 2015 and it was bad then.

>>272355887The non-commies live in the suburbs. In the case of Portland, we're talking Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, etc. DT fags are indeed just faggot commie stooges and cops.


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paulyfrog needs to STFU now

Someone pointing those blinding Green lasers are cops. It's gonna get ugly soon. MY FUCKING GOD THAT DE-ARREST THAT JUST HAPPENED DOWNTOWN WAS BEAUTIFUL!Solo cop is walking someone towards the police line. Solo protestor with a shield ran up & pushed in between. Didn’t free the comrade but then like 4-5 ppl joined & got them free! & cop jogged backWE OUTNUMBER THE COPS. DONT LET THEM DETAIN AND TRANSPORT COMRADES.Hey #PDXprotest attendees, y’all can take a lesson from the folks in Bend who held it down all day surrounding a detainment vehicle! Hold the line and pull your comrades back in.

This is boring. Where are the bodies dropping? Rolling for dead Commies.

>>272356095he never shuts the fuck up. I can't tolerate his stream.

>>272355887>I imagine that the lawful think they're too outnumbered to make any kind of differencePathetic. Nobody wants to stand up and take command of their fellow sheep. They'll just mill about and let themselves been enslaved rather than fight back until someone does. People need a leader and the city-fags are too divided into their own little tribes/cliques to ever unite against a common foe like ruralchads do.

they slashed the tires on the divegrass van

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>>272356086threw the driver out

>>272356139suck a cock and die

>>272356161Andy isn't much better. The robot voice shit makes me want to stab his face

>walk by *NO PITY* commiemobile>pop tires >assault driver Based af tbp desu

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>>272355775The people who support it were already flaming leftists in general most neutrals can be convinced of the true nature of the riots.

Is the Pacific Northwest still skinhead central? That was like the big thing during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

>>272356158rolling with you

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>>272356206Can't stand him, either. Watching this one atm since Austin is

>>272353798No it wasnt... It was about sterilizing the dopeheads and losers with tainted junk

>>272356086They should have tear gassed or pepper sprayed the inside of it on the way by as well.

>>272356231Looks like a Timothy McVeigh truck.

>>272351786did he really? i'm honestly shocked.

>>272356254the problem is that it just doesn't take a large portion of the population to fuck everything up.

>>272356139Lol thanks for admitting you resisted and obstructed. Enjoy that no-knock raid.

>>272356255Yes, but we don't shave the head anymore. Literally the highest concentration of WN in the U.S.

>>272356341He didn't really do much more than mildly criticize a few of them though.Still won't let the police do their job.

>>272351213>The Universe doesn't give a fuck about you.Yes, because the universe isn't capable of giving fucks, because its mostly dead matter, and entirely inconsequential aside from the fact that it is the home of life.The universe is a ball of gas and dirt and all meaning and value comes from the presence of living beings.Only life matters. The universe is shit.

>>272356371>this copenothing will happen and if they do get arrested DA will just let them off. dudes like you are such fags lol constantly coping with the failure of the system to prosecute criminals

>>272356284Thanks user>>272356303t. Retard

What's gonna happen with all the people having their charges dropped?

You know what the cops should do? Focus on arresting as many as possible then confiscate/destroy their equipment. This makes these commies' funding exponentially higher as they have to pay to produce/resupply even more each night, every arrest will cost them equipment and more money than bailing already does.The fuck are they gonna do, sue to get their faggot shields or blinding lasers back? Take their gas masks and leafblowers so they can't protect themselves from gassing each following night.

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>>272356474They get to go back out and riot...but the feds are able to ID more people.

>>272356502they'd have to be way more aggressive, and the optics would be bad, so they won't. also, the mayor and d.a. would probably just give it all back.

>>272356431Life is utterly temporary and irrelevant, user.Time is like a predator. It's stalking you. Oh you can try to outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies - but in the end, time is going to hunt you down and make the kill.Your time is running out, captain.

>>272356502The prosecutor of Portland basically came out and said he will drop all charges related to rioting. Also, the cops are already destroying their shields, leafblowers, and loudspeakers. They get funding from Soros anyway so the funds are unlimited. These people literally get bailed out of jail in a few hours with all charges dropped.

That boomer attention whoring like a bitch

>>272356436Thanks for making a great argument for the reelection of our President.

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this guy screaming "who do you protect who do you serve" is making me more fascist every time he repeats it.

that fag on the steps just got fucking whooped holy shit kek

The feds have ID a lot of people during the Portland riots. Most of these people are from out state, so they are able to pinpoint who is running things nationwide. They are constructing a web as we speak.

>>272356718>more copethis shit is happening under your current president, retard. he's powerless to stop it.

>>272356502I would be breaking every faggots cell phone that I could get close to desu

>>272356502Portland police are complicit. They're all fags and commies too.

Attached: PPB YES.jpg (1500x500, 168.22K)

What if one of those cops responded to the "who do you protect, who do you serve" chants with "Jews".

Attached: 1595747437331.gif (491x491, 1.44M)

The Portland riots got big too quick. I think a lot of people bailed because of it.

>>272356810>This shit has been happening in Portland ever since the massive butt hurt from the election. And the governor hasn't been doing anything about it, and the local government is complicit in letting criminals go.Wow thanks for telling me something I didn't know! You're really good at this.


Attached: 1596746328542.png (801x822, 473.68K)


>>272356922okay so you're obviously an unintelligent person. my mistake. posting your faggy Barr meme made it seem like you had some kind of logical argument for re-electing President Trump to end the Portland riots, but now I see that you're squirrel-brained. Your eyes probably glazed over trying to follow the train of logic here. At least you vote Republican

>>272356810>flagHe’s your president too, no?

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>>272356911the real turning point was just keeping them away from the courthouse and herding them through random streets instead

>>272356810I know this is bait.You do realize a president is not a dictator right? You legitimately think the president should wield an iron fist? I mean if you want a totalitarian or authoritarian government to force the masks/vaccines, tracking, and violence on everyone then admit it.

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>>272357140Can't attack my point so you attack me. How very tolerant of you Mr. Leftist.

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>>272356654>Life is utterly temporary and irrelevant, user.You don't know that. From a statistical standpoint we are most likely in a simulation.Death will be game over, and I will wake up in a higher plane of existence and decide whether to create a new avatar or try a different game.This one is ok. A bit grindy, but fairly immersive. Current rating 5/10.


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Oof...Kat is so cute when she's puffing on a cig. I want her to grab me by my hair and blow smoke in my face while she slaps me.

>>272357243if they keep this shit up that's what well get

>>272356810why should he stop it? commies terrorizing socialists is a win for trump

>>272357337>>272356654>>272356431Take it to r/ifuckinglovescience, ladies

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>>272357265Based retard

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>>272357140fucking cringe, go the fuck away


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>>272355233Antifa has been wandering around se pdx bumming cigs from me for five years what do you mean they are gone?

>>272357356Literally a 4/10 PDX ho. Not sure where you live, but it's pretty easy to do better here.

>>272357364Yeah, except it'll be totalitarianism under globohomo.

>>272356158I'm sick of this inactivity. I'm rolling again. I WANT DEAD COMMUNISTS!!!!!

now theyre just going to talk about getting beat and pretend they won fuck It im out boisuntil tomorrow night

>>272357432Shut your face, faggot.

Damn, I miss these days.

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>>272357476>>272357502I want her to tie me up and call me a fascist nazi pig while she whips me for being a straight white male

>>272357265im not a leftist. it's tiresome dealing with retards like you. this board used to be a lot better before 2016 honestly

>>272357483Lmao. I went to Harvey's a few years ago and it was literally just nigs and leftist White fags begging for cigs. Never went again, heard they shut it down. TENTS IN THE STREET. FUCK UNION STATION

>>272357507implying were not half way there alreadythese fags are the footsoldiers of globohomo nothing else

>>272357589>this board used to be a lot betteryou should consider leaving, then. i don't want you to be upset.

I guess it's over

>>272357584She'll cry about you assuming she'll take the dominant role just because she's a woman during changing times.


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Keep fighting lads almost in second bread territory here!

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>>272356139>y’allactually Using the Soros buzzwords like “folks”,“Y’all”, they want them to sound black lmao.

>>272357731Nah, this always happens. There's a small break, they regroup, and then more poundings come.

>>272351213Please someone carpet bomb that entire area

>>272357792this actually is thread #2 lol the first one was titled something different

>>272356206He is most likely controlled opp and was always rootin around the Oregonian building by the masonic lodge. Takes fight, Bjj classes with commie buddies.

>>272357678I am aware said that in the last thread. There wouldn't be demoralization campaigns and disinfo if they thought it was hopeless. We are already there this is the last push once the wokestapo is in power then they'll push hard for globohomo. Hell even if antifa fails this is just gonna turn into another war on terror except now aimed exclusively at wrongthink.

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>>272357337There is no need for any aspect of existence to be that complex, captain. The universe is fairly ordinary (shit that hasn't been sufficiently comprehended yet notwithstanding). Without a good metaphysical reason for their to be another greater plane of existence, it's highly unlikely there is one. I contest that the preponderance of evidence shows that biological life is as meaningless, boring, and temporary as it seems on its face.Look at it this way, all the antifa shits will get necked by the passage of time and die in fear and misery too.

>>272351213Do the proud boys even exist anymore?

>>272357737ask me how i know that you actually live here kek


Holla Forums pre-2016>arena of ideas>welcomed lefties trying to post because they have to actually defend their ideas>right wing culture emerges from shedding weak and indefensible ideaspost-2016>intellectually cowardly baby boomers taking refuge in Qtardation and faux militant Boogaloo rhetoric while their country goes 3rd world status>I'm Still Voting Kushnerit's fine though. maybe after another 4 years of Trump's flailing you'll start to consider alternative options. >inb4 go back to r3ddityou're from r3ddit, nigger

Are there any photos of the other female streamers? Are any of them hot? Arex Johnson? Her voice is annoying as fuck but I have a feeling she's cute. And I'm still undecided about the girl with the pink hair. Sometimes she looks cute and other times she looks like a tranny.

>>272357899The last time the US had success in any battle or war was when it carpet bombed everything to hell.


>>272357969i think one of them is running for office in washington state, not certain

>>272357969In the hearts and minds of antifa and boomers

>>272357931BRING BACK AUTISMZONE. I don't care if he is Jewish. He was the Bobby Fischer of streamers

>>272356850Chauvin was I.O.O.F. the zops are zogbots for chaos / predetermined order

>>272358038Oh shit damn that was fast

>>272357974If people only knew the amount of mental illness and methed out degeneracy that creates the left in PDX lmao

NEW THREAD>>272358092>>272358092>>272358092>>272358092

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>>272358078i asked him on twitter if he's in fact banned and he hasn't responded yet

>>272357969June 15, they fulfilled their promise to ride on The Chaz, fucked up some Antifa. It was anime as fuck.

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NEW BREAD>>272358092>>272358092>>272358092>>272358092>>272358092

>>272358182I really hope he gets it figured out. I even simped for that bastard for 10 bucks. He's probably washing his sorrows down right now. Based "drinking just to cope" fren. I'll keep checking his Twitter to see if he updates

>>272358204Who's who?

>>272354841Who are these dudes in the white masks?

>>272358008You act as though there are other options. The wall is going up.We haven’t gotten into anymore new pointless warsImmigration has been cut.The fact that idiots like you are even thinking about sitting this election out just shows that you were an impulsive child all along.

>>272354537A communist revolution is underway in the US that is backed by the western kike banking oligarchy, the public face of which is George Soros. The FBI, DOJ, and the self described "intelligence" community are doing nothing about BLM and Antifa.

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>>272357969As a paper enemy to give antifa the right to destroy but no they have never existed. Remember that Gavin guy? They gave him the Michael Douglas from falling down outfit and he was supposed to get you all fired up but it was never actually real just Hegelian

>>272358380the wall is not going up, actually. lets try finding the lat/long for new sections of wall, not rebuilt sections or 'natural barriers'the immigration cut follows the same pattern as the rest of the promises. a big showy opening which is slowly retracted in pieces when nobody is paying attention anymore. the h1b stuff in particular has been neuterednowhere did i say anything about sitting out the election, but you're just trying to mollify yourself with a shower argument so come up with whatever talking points you need me for me


>>272358008Like what, import a million beaners biden? The bottom line is we need to flush all of the kiked RINO cancer out of the republican party or replace it with a nationalist party. That is the path, that, or crush the left when the civil war they are starting kicked off in November.

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>>272356139Then home for drugs and a butt season with all your queer comrades Hahaha the world is laughing at you loser