/BHG/ - Belarus general. Civil Unrests #44

Commonwealth EditionPREVIOUS>>272347173LIVE STREAM:youtube.com/watch?v=i_OzppNpK5U&feature=emb_logo youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_NTlj1DTo QUICK RUN DOWNOfficial demands of Strikers/ Protestors/ Opposition:>Lukashenko must abandon power>New and fair presidental re-elections>Release of all political prisoners detained in the past months03.08.20 - Due to horrible economic handling of Belarus by Lukashenko since 2012, grassroot protests were organized by average people, while ex-candidates took advantage and created OPPOSITION TRIO09.08.20 - Protests ecalated quickly into violence after election results were announced11.08.20 - Workers are officially on strike for the entire weekStrikers, protestors and opposition leaders are all ACTING SEPARETELY and INDEPENDENTLY of one another with very loose associations when it comes to demands. Protestors are organizing and acting all on their own by organizing via Telegram~6000 people arrested, ~30 cities participated, several dozen injured, several unconfirmed dead so farLukashenko's latest statements on protests:>''THERE WILL BE NO REPRISALS BUT IF THESE PROTESTS DO NOT END CONSEQUENCES WILL BE SEVERE'' 12.08.20>''There won't be any re-elections'' 11.08.20POSSIBLE SCENARIOS:Keeping the Status Quo>Lukashenko makes some concessions to quell protests and keeps powerPro-Western Color Revolution>US/EU intervening on account of protecting democracy and human rightsPro-Russian take over>Russia intervening on account of protecting it's military basesCONTEXT:BBC Newsyoutube.com/watch?v=0VQy89lPLbk FOOTAGE:Day 1youtu.be/8gh_ztzjpb0 Day 2youtu.be/R_1pge7pfHADay 3youtu.be/zgXb4kugVSw Day 4youtu.be/nUNGXDEmNgE

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>>272350365all commies should be slaughtered

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So I heard they killed another person yesterday? Just woke up.

I remember my childhood when I was a suckermothersuckergoldane timewe all mothersuckers brother and sisterwithout rassian they suck dick

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>>272350427she deserves to be punched in the face

>>272350427>all commies should be slaughteredOK, commie.

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>>272350568he went on a datehe was arrestedthen call the mother your son dead

are there any good telegram channels other than NEXTA Live?

>>272350788holy fuck. do you have a source?

Wasn't following this happening for a couple days.Anything new on the meme front?

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>>272350427>Says the commie

>>272350399>>272350399>won't you change your mind?Like this)

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>>272350920t.me/terroristybelarusithis channel expose numbers, sosial media pages, names and aadresses of the OMON.

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>>272351178communism is illegal in my contry. I can LITERALLY call the cops when I see a commie.

>>272351083i seen livestreamin fact, many more deathsmany people are missingyou remember the maidan

>>272351279she stinkyyou love rotten fish?

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>>272351619>communism is illegal>commie country, commie cops, commie people, commie mentality>no no no no no we are WESTERN NOW

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Lukashenko singlehandedly crashed the ZOG. BASED AF.

>>272351639it's still not even close to the Maidan.It's nothing burger till they are not ready fir shit like pic rel

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>>272351837I think she is dangerous and hot. My ex also did some tattoos after splitting. Is she banging niggers now? But we don't have niggers... Nobody to bang( Sad.

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>>272351853he says truecommie is illegal and propaganda

>>272351619That's literally the best thing about post-Soviet and post-Eastern-bloc countries. I wish Russia did the same.

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>>272351975It's picture from late Jan/Feb. 2 or 3 months after Maidan started.


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>>272351853Oh no, i used to think it was about anti Batko? Do they really pro EU? Oh shit here we go again...

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>>272351975I was on the maidanin that fireand I tell you they're being killed somewhereas it was on the maidan

>>27235207480% of Russians think communism was great. Stalin is the most popular historycal figure in Russia, more popular than Putin!Not gonna happen in Russia anu time soon.

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>>272352074Russia did the same. KPSU was forbidden in early 90s. it was re-registered as KPRF. Literally the same happened in Ukraine after 2014.

>>272350229>>Lukashenko makes some concessions to quell protests and keeps powerAre you actually retarded?

>>272352371They don't even know what communism is. Muh war, muh power and my ruined youth they only feels.

>>272352034nigger stinkyleftist creature stinkycommie stinkyrassian stinky

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>>272352371They unfortunately don't know who Karl Marx or what Vladimir Lenin is known for:youtube.com/watch?v=PUmi-yVcI3ohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Mf4ivnLjwBut I'm sure deep inside they are fervent communists.

>>272352294No, it was to mock Ukrainian user. Protests are anti Batka.

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>>272352371Looks like an exaggeration. From my experience, these results could be more or less true if they would include only boomers' response (born before ~1980). Youth is mostly anti-Soviet.(it is also mostly Western-style libtarded so it doesn't make things much betters but I think you Ukies have the same problem)

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>>272352147Fuck, I have a friend like that. He works on coke, thinks on coke, have sex on coke. His work is super stressful, he probably can't work on it without drugs. Sometimes I envy him, may it's the right way. May be coke and molly are based...

>>272352486It was when she was a "tennis player". But it's harmless as she doesn't make decisions affecting my life. They really should have executives and top pols drug testing. That would raise some hairs when the results come out. The ability of the burgers to be pumped up on various drugs and pretending to be functional should be legendary.

>>272352443It's not about banning a single party. It's about outlawing communism rhetoric in public discourse and banning all the tankie parties (or any left-leaning ones which would be even better).

>>272352994He has somebody babysitting him. I fucking hate junkies.

>>272352997>>272350890>>They all do>You have no concept of what a nigger is. Smart strippers don't fuck niggers. She fucks a nigger lol.Can you elaborate?

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>>272352994I just read an article claiming social media, most news websites are banned in Belarus. Belarusflags were a rare animal on 4chan anyway, they overlooked it?


>>272352875I got it in 5 second after posting. A little bit retarded sorry.

>>272353106That hasn't been done in Ukraine. Baltic countries are the closest to such ban, and even there it's not complete.

>>272352964>Looks like an exaggeration.Yeah. It is just about The Kremlin saying some truth about what communism is and stopping it's propaganda. They don't want it for some reason which they can't even explain. Muh Eurasian Empire etc.


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>>272352552Valid point. Soviet-nostalgic boomers are more like fascists who are really bad at fascism

>>272353327Internet was blocked China-style, even VPNs not work. Yesterday they unblocked it.

>>272353314Kek. I'll tell him)

>>272353190Niggers are like pre teen kids, but more violent and stupid. No normal adult can have any relationship with the niggers. I guess one can fuck them, but that's about it. But they can randomly chimp out, so they are dangerous. For a guy, you will get a screaming sheeboon for no reason, but she can't do serious damage. For a girl, you can go into a coma after this. You have to be retarded to deal with this shit. Plus they are like kids, so poor hygiene, and weird behavior. Imagine a 13 yo with no supervision. They do random crazy shit.

>>272353417That's a very Russian thing to say.

>>272353391>They don't want it for some reasonThe reason is aforementioned nostalgic boomers. Putin's support relies largely on them so he can't openly condemn communism and, what's more, has to dive in some fuckery with making Russia a LEGAL SUCCESSOR OF USSR (and not Russian Empire because you can't take both sides here).

>>272352108this is chronology of the Maidan. Our protests were massive from the begining and they only gained momentum. In Belaruse it doesn't look likethey are gaining momentum, looks the opposite desuAlso, we had active nationalists, I'm not sure but looks like Belarus doesn't even have nationalists.youtu.be/dcmSqhzuTSA

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>>272353850>Belarus doesn't even have nationalistsThe Belarusian People's Front still exists but it's not largely popular nowadays, as far as I know.

>>272353850they have a different situationand have different tactics

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>>272353674Fuck Fuck Fuck. Didn't thought about them this way. Not even close. Then what's all this "blacked" western fetish about? Is it taboo, and taboo on what? If this people are like stupid teens. Do they have films with realistic image of them?

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>>272353417We only need intensive and longterm anti-early soviet enlightenment that would not have been made by (((liberals))), western pidors, hohol sympathizers and other degenerates. I personally redpilled many and many socalled sovok vatniks boomers through patriotic way.

>>272353850It was third Maidan btw, and we are having our first. Also UA is 4.5x bigger and you can concentrate 4.5x more people with active position. Still different, but not THAT much.

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>>272352964>you Ukies have the same problemIn Ukraine about 25-30% support commies (and numbers are diclining). Mostly from western regions. Generally the closer to Russia the more commies.Now 30% supports the ban on communism, previously numbers were lower. We are def moving in the right direction.

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>>272354445I was talking about pro-EU libtards, not about commies.

>>272353734I think that all those post-USSR are just don't have horizon needed. Navalny is the same. This people know nothing about Russian Empire. It's all about USSR and 1991 and 80's/90's for them.

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>>272351504How about we meme Sam Hyde or Ceмён Хaйдыкo into their OMON/riot police doxxing lists. That would be fun, stick it to the 2ch tards. Just need some plausible photoshops.

>>272354638>Ceмён ХaйдыкoYou filthy bastard, made me kek really hard

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>>272354601>This people know nothing about Russian Empire.IT WAS BAD. 70 years of propaganda and decadent russian writers like Gorkiy, Turgenev and others did it.

>>272354445Brezhnev etc and 50% of USSR elite was from Ukraine. After-Stalin USSR is YOUR thing, that's why it was divided that easily when Ukraine decided to be separate. So you are fighting with your own ideas. While in Russia nobody cares about communism, there is no such thing anymore, just some stupid Eurasian ideas.

>>272354078It's not fetish. Niggers like to fuck white girls. Have you seen sheeboons? It's also probably disheartening to white dads lol. It's both, dangerous, unhygienic and your daughter is dumb as a rock if she can spend time around niggers.

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>>272351619but faggotry is legal you faggot

>>272353374>That hasn't been done in Ukraine.What do you mean? Commie rhetoric is banned by the law. Commie parties are banned. If you openly support communism it is considered criminal crime. Even denying commie crymes is illegal.You will literally get from 5 to 10 years in prison fo openly singing "The Internationale"! You will get less for a fucking rape.

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>>272355040relax stinky

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>>272352371Stalin would send all oligarchs to gulagsand all corrupt cops and officials and criminals

Fuck off with your lyakh shit, cuck.

>>272350427Fuck off jew.>>272350229How much is Putin going to roll over this time? Krim and Donezk was the bare minimum he had to secure last time.Also:>muh freedom>muh democracy>muh globohomo>muh foreign investors

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>>272355110it true

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>>272354846Yeah, Russian Empire BAD BAD BAD, nothing to see here. Just BAD bloody Tsar.

>>272350229>tfw no belarussian gf to slam my cock in

>>272355227>and all corrupt cops and officials and criminalsand you to

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>>272350427>says the moron sucking soros' cock

>>272355110>You will literally get from 5 to 10 years in prison fo openly singing "The Internationale"! Now, sing:Èto yest' nash posledniyI reshitel'nyy boy.S InternatsionalomVospryanet rod lyudskoy.


>>272355189>posting a quarter jew>>272355388probably


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>>272355110>What do you mean? Antisemitic rhetoric is banned by the law. Antisemitic parties are banned. If you openly support antisemitism it is considered criminal crime. Even denying jew crymes is illegal.Fixed that for you, Moishe.

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>>272355575If he is a nigger, he would hit that too. Still better than sheboons.

These protestors are such well meaning fools. There does not exist a "democracy" that hasn't either been subverted by liberal bullshit or is in the process of it. The promise of more wealth and freedom is a sirens call.

>>272355036OK thanks for your effort, I understand better now.>Have you seen sheeboons?One time in India such woman touch me, I ran away.

>>272355575Ya know she isn't that ugly id like make her lay on her face and hold her head down while watching porn and there we go.

>>272355485you come back friend or you not you?

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>>272355520this jew ?

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>>272355463>Èto yest' nash posledniy>I reshitel'nyy boy.>S InternatsionalomFixed this

>>272355291It will be all of Belarus. And if psheks want Belarus so much, they will have to go to war with Russia.


i wonder when theirs be Pro Polish republic of Brest and Pro Russian riots in Vitsbesk. I missed UG. Shits gonna be fun guys its like 2014 again.

>>272355697That pic related is not homeless or crazy. She thinks she copies Lady Gaga dress. But yeah, they are pretty fucking disgusting.

>>272355722no its normal girlI would saythere is even some mystery in it

>>272355585We don't have Holocaust Denial Laws like Germany and most other EU coutries, bro. Cope

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>>272355897psheks don't give a fuck about belarus >>272355916not a chancethere is not enough split and Luka know that he need to stand up or he will be thrown under the bus

>>272356047What part of Ukraine are you from?

>>272355897>psheks>lyakhThis refers to 'polish' jewry?

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>>272350229This shit is still happening?

>>272356064>no such law in Spainthx Caudillo

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>>272355916How about pro English? We declaring yourselves as a British Dominion and asking for help from British Crown. Some dictator for strange reason usurped power. Can we do that?

>>272355668its my princes

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>>272356076Well see give it a few months maybe it might escalate. I'm waiting for pro governemnt anti maidan to spark up soon in Belarus.

>>272356089Let me guess. Lviv region but not the Lviv itself

>>272350229Kill all protesters. “Grassroot movement” means that each protester sticks blades of grass grown on Soros’ and CIA’s poo fertilizer up his ass.


STILL HAPPENINGSome parts of roads in Minsk are blocked again, says NEXTA. Its 10:25 AM there, everything will be later, people are still sleeping or at work (should be zabastovka btw)

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>>272356239IMO UK nowadays is too cucked to accept you as its dominion(but you can always do the same with Russia lmao)

>>272356423Sad to see this as reality huh.

>>272356285>pro governemntpro government is government itself. It's not Ukraine with Yanukovich who was afraid of everything, it's full-blown dictator we have there.

>>272355902it's because of EU. If we close them throughour court, they will go to European Court of Human Rights and the ECHR will revoke this decision. This is the only reason they still exist. They even have some mitings, but trying to create them as much trouble as we can.

>>272350621Kike faggot

>>272356239>Turkey Dominionthen you can quit Turkeywhy not

>>272356602Why? Make Poltava Great Again

>>272350229Just another rand corporation orchestrated color revolution nothing to be seen here. Same playbook, protests, protesters get shot by police, international action has to be taken, and we have a Egypt, Syria, Ukraine situationFuck the zogbot Belarus u must resist the globohomo

>>272356620America failed its foreign policy we should've been had integrated the East into NATO by now. Problem is always Russians tho no way you can move East when the Russians have an outpost in Transnistria that they wont leave.

>>272356285nahpeople live fairly comfortable there its not like failed state of ukraine

>>272355916>Pro Polish republic of Brest Brest is one of the most russified cities in Belarus and it's largely orthodox/atheist. The centre of Polish minority in Belarus is Grodno but in fact there's little to none pro-Polish sentiment in Belarus, Belarussians want to have Belarus as an independent country, just not a dictatorship of one man.

>>272356783see if there is soros behind

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>>272356779My friend from Ukraine who was from city called Dnipetrozhinsk or something tells me country isn't the same since the War.

>>272356907>Belarussians want to have Belarus as an independent country, just not a dictatorship of one manbut in current era you can only have independent country if dictator rule it and even this is not guaranteed democracy mean everything is for sale

>>272356924>isn't the samein what sense?

>>272356924its logical

>>272351619> Jewish president > Direct puppet of ZOG> Pretending to be based

>>272357177Shelves not stocked and inflation and thins not the same in general his ethnically half Russian before the war started he was very Pro Russian but afterwards he wasn't really proud of being Ukranian.

>>272357085Why they can't follow keynesianism?

>>272357085Whatever, they simply want Lukashenko to step down but it is unclear what they want after him, the protests are not coordinated and the participants don't have the same political goals, not even a clear position on whether they want to get closer with the EU or Russia more, which is a difference from the Ukrainian revolution where the dividing line was pretty clear and everyone knew what he stood for. In Belarus people who want integration with the EU and people who want integration with Russia both protest against Lukashenko. Also unlike in Ukraine, in Belarus there's no clear geographic division when it comes to political views. It's more about big cities vs rural areas and educated people vs less educated ones (not always but still).

>>272356907Its only logical Poles should support an independent republic in Belarus after all Russia did the same thing in Donbas. Russia cant really retaliate because NATO also has Nukes.

>>272357085>democracy mean everything is for saleno democracy is democracyslut whore gay and other niggerits leftist propaganda

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Fuck Lukashenko. Fuck soviet apparatus parasites. Fuck pro EU shills. Fuck russian shills. Fuck antifa. Fuch anarchists. Fuck football fans. Fuck Nexta, rich wanker sitting in Poland calling Lukashenko's schweinehunds in uniforms fascists, where the fuck or how are these cowardly bolsheviks without morals compassion and intelligence fascists?! Also, fuck those entitled poles, running away from their formerly post soviet shithole for top tier countries, leaving all the dirty jobs for belarusi and ukrainian migrants. Fuck those ruskies who all but dream of annexing Belarus so their multinational mutt elite can enrich themselves. This is all fucken bullshit, how come all these sides of the argument suck so much? Why can't we have a based Junta with prohibition of race mixing and ousting of the commies. Ukrainian nationalists shed blood in Kyiv and in Donbass, but jews are in power now and they're not going anywhere. So, to all the belarussian poltards out there, let these anarkiddies and omon kill each other, this is not your fight, do not sacrifice yourselves for people who would've wanted you broke and dead for your views had they not had Lugabe as their primary enemy.

>>272357324this is the next cool fairy tale

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>>272357597>Its only logical Poles should support an independent republic in BelarusPoles will definitely support their right to free choice and democracy but won't support any "pro-Polish" republics because we don't want to violate other countries territorial integrity - we know it could come back to bite us in the future.

>>272357597logical Poles would take over Poland and made a union with Lukashenka Duda daughter should marry Lukashenka son to unite countries>>272357530so they just want money and free pass to EU got itbut starting revolution would not give them that>>272357668you are dumb like hohol

>>272357698Take it easy, it's just something funny, a game.

>>272357324>before the war started he was very Pro Russian but afterwards he wasn't really proud of being Ukranianis it my english? because I don't get what you are saying here?

Do you guys know that Belarus is Black Rus, Ukraine is Red Rus and Moscovia is White Rus? Google it. We are proud niggers of Rus world.

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>>272357848Yeah will you can also do noting and let the Ruskies cuck all there neighbors and keep talking shit and not actually do anything about it. America wont just send men to your neighborhood Poles with Nato backing should counter Russian aggression if given the opportunity.

>>272357854>so they just want money and free pass to EUActually a lot of Belarussians don't want to join the EU, much more than in Ukraine imo. People have different motivations, sometimes they're russophiles, sometimes it's an inferiority complex (they think they would have to go through a humiliating procedure like Ukraine does), sometimes they think they can secure a balanced position and profit from both the EU and Russia as a middleman or something. Whatever it is, the absolutely pro-EU part of the society is probably not a majority.

>>272357854see this cup Put in

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>>272358076>scary scary Russians with all their oil gibs

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>>272358076Poland couldn't do anything against Russia alone I'm afraid. I think NATO would decide eventually.


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>>272358058>Belarus is Black Rus, Ukraine is Red Rus and Moscovia is White Rus>We are proud niggersThen Ukies are Indians? Or commies?

>>272358058Wazzuup muh nigga.

>>272358548>>We are proud niggers

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>>272358807So which one do you prefer, my hohol friend? A redskin or a commie?

>>272358548>Then Ukies are Indians? Or commies?commies... it's in their blood. Sad.

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>>272359169Ukrainian not a friend to hohol

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Attached: 21stcenturyRussia.gif (2446x1370, 158.16K)

>>272359259>commies... it's in their blood. Sad.

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>>272359259>imageB A S E D

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>>272359599Forgot Kalinigrad.