Alex Jones Suffers Paranoia, Bullhorns Innocent Park Goes

This was hard to watch. This man has finally hit rock bottom.

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>>272350009Link retard

>>272350009>This was hard to watch. This man has finally hit rock bottom.Is he making yet another call out for tranny porn? And when did he get so fat??

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>>272350009it took 40 seconds to find the actual video.fuck off

Alex Jones fucked a KIKE..... Lol

>>272350009UberChad Alex Jones stomping austin commies. Bless his hebrew national sausage.

It's a public park, those people had no jurisdiction, the police officer even said so.>op is a faggot again

>>272350009Link faggot.

>>272350009You are intentionally feeding misinformation CIA nigger scum. GOD bless people who protest the illegal lock downs. Your time is limited demon.

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>>272350137He didn't have it on his phone. That's just media spin. Who would just go around with that open? Watch the real video you can clearly see it's no tranny porn on my phone

This is nothing, zoomer. He's old and just going through the motions here. It's incredibly obvious to anyone who payed attention to him during the Bush years or prior. Somewhere between the Obama years and the 2016 election he gained the majority of his current popularity and he started phoning it in / overreacting to sell his brand better.

>>272352313>He didn't have it on his phone. That's just media spin. Who would just go around with that open? Watch the real video you can clearly see it's no tranny porn on my phone

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>>272350009this is just a natural reaction to eating lots of jalapenos for lunch

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>>272351510He is blessed

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>>272352644isn't the thumbnail from a different tbabe video that the tab title?the Chicoms just hecked his phone with tbabe malware, simple as

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Jones getting sidelined was good for the RightHe's a ridiculous clown faggot and his constant conspiracy theory bullshit hasn't done anything for us.Time to drop this faggotTucker is King the fields


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>>272353006>isn't the thumbnail from a different tbabe video that the tab title?>the Chicoms just hecked his phone with tbabe malware, simple asNah, he's a confirmed tranny lover and degenerate.

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>>272353321Tucker can’t get into the really deep legit stuff like the Luciferian cult and demon worship but he’s a good boomers first red pill personality for sure

>>272350009thanks for the video ,this is pretty based. alex is a true individual and godbless him for being this autistic

Alex being based as always.

>>272353511yeah the conspiracy theories are what I'm tlaking about kektoo many retards worried bout illuminati instead of the evil right in their faces

>>272350009>This was hard to watch.Was really easy for me kek.

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>>272353511This is the kind of shit why the right never gets any good policies implemented. What the fuck are you going on about? Literal schizo conspiratard shit about satanism. You retarded fucking nigger. Might aswell raise your fist and screech BLM.

>>272353885wait wtf is going on in this webm

>>272353973It’s real kike

>>272352313Kek. I remember when this first happened and it seemed like Alex was legitimately in Holla Forums threads trying to convince people that he didn’t like tranny porn.

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>>272351956link it is

>>272353511Demons aren't real retard

>>272354195Owen Shroyer had to work overtime kek

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>>272354326>people never do insane shit to worship imaginary thingsAnon please.

>> i didnt believe in the satanists etiher, sounded like a fucking the way have you ever seen eyes wide shut? stanley kubrick is a very particular guy when it comes to his movies and he has a very obvious "fuck up" in that film basically telling the audience to look closer/this is real

>>272354326Yes they are

>>272352628>overreacting to avoid persecution by the deep stateFixed

>>272352947god he is a chad

>>272352947I aint going to a reddit post nigger.

>>272350009Faggot. You’ve obviously never seen anything he’s done.

>>272352644That’s a huge assumption when the thumbnail doesn’t even match. More like people seeing what they want. >>272353006This is correct

>>272354575fine. heres a youtube

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>>272350009>>272353419But he's actually right tho

here's the non faggot

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>>272355013Spoon feeding stupid is becoming the death of this place. You gave a link. Don’t give stupid an inch. It will always want more.

>>272353419>it's fucking nothingMedia are the paranoid ones

>>272355070right issue - wrong spokesman.

For me it's the llama

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>>272350009He's just peacefully protesting

>>272355179The death of this place was years ago when it became Facebook boomer and Trump sycophant repository with a dash of schizophrenia

>>272350009good to see the Police *his handlers* were on the scene within 25 seconds.

>>272355604Show tits. You know the rules.

>>272354933i'm seeing the word tbabe bro

>>272350009This is literally what the left does whenever they protest or riot.They scream in people's ears with megaphones, causing permanent hearing damage.What's the difference?

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>>272355604Itp >chan wuz libruterien

>>272354933>>272353006The thumbnail that was seen on his phone isn't the video he's watching, it's one of the videos that is in the suggestions when you scroll down in xvideos when you're watching a video.

>>272356140pic for proof.

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>>272356189Who doesn’t watch trap porn in the current year? Get on my level.

>>272356140>>272356189so it appears the tab is loaded to the "Naught tbabe..." video and the thumbnail is scrolled over a related video link thumbnail ("Big titted...")is that right?

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>>272350009AJ is the fucking man. You betabois don't know nothing about that.

Alexander emerick jones is going to run wild on you!

>>272354461Posting complete schizo shit from youtube isn't evidence of anything. I need evidence that there are people in robes going around worshipping satan while also being the rich elite who are trying to strongarm governments into making policies that benefit them at the expense of the populace. Because the evidence that exists points to nothing more sinister than human nature doing what it has always done.>>272354086No it's not you russian faggot.

discord tranny slide thread

>>272353885wat dis qrd

>>272356503>when you're so high-test you have to absorb estrogen from naughty t-babes to balance out

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The left is so cringe with the way they try to make fun of people. Oh wow, alex jones going on a bullhorn, nothing new. Oh wow, Ben Shapiro read some degenerate lyrics... Cry about it more. I want to laugh but shit is extremely unfunny.

>>272356589Sliding what? The ten Kamala Harris threads?

>>272355604yep, this is the truth, this place has been completely co-opted at this point. I don't know why I even bother coming here anymore.

>>272350009its all fake. he is faking mental illness publicly to cover for the fact that he blatantly and aggressively tried to push that sandy hill was a hoax, among other ridiculous nonsense for publicity. dont get me wrong, i think he is hilarious, but its obvious all these public crazy episodes are just to stack evidence that he is crazy, and he knows it.

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>>272350009>round like an egg>wearing skinny jeanshe looks like eggman from the genesis Sonic games lol

Lmao what if none of them even knew who he was, just some random dude shouting into a bullhorn out of nowhere

>>272350009this is your brain on BRAIN FORCE.[now with 20% more natural lead]

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>>272353419I love him so much

>>272350009What do you mean "finally"...I was done with him years ago when he showed up to a pro-gun rally and started harassing people when they told him to stop bullhorning his bullshit.


>>272359271Umm sweaty that’s the bullhorn of freedom and if that triggers you then you’re doing the work of the chi-coms, pinko commie bastard

>>272350009You guys are fucking idiots.Argueing about all this stupid shit, fucking pathetic.Alex in this video is standing up to people that are charging innocent people to enter a park ffs. He is advocating liberty albeit in his own way. Doing way more than you fucking dweebs.

>>272357358What is Alex Jones flying? Does he have a pilots license?

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>>272352628Fuck off shill.

>>272350009i made this earlier,

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