You have an ar-15 yet, Holla Forums?buy one from LMT, KAC, POF, LWRC...

you have an ar-15 yet, Holla Forums?buy one from LMT, KAC, POF, LWRC, DDor build it yourself (BCM upper Aero lower)piston > DIoptics you can go budget, idc. Holosun. get Magpul pro Backup Iron Sights. vickers sling.Surefire m600 light.Get a VFG because the handguard will get hot. Congrats, you are now politically relevant.

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>>272348740ty 4 bump

>>272348809Have another bro

>>272348596Yes noobs buy me more AR's. Us people with real guns will need your extra 5.56 and GI mags.

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>>272349048>sig 556>real gun

>>2723485960 links. Do you know how much of a useless retard you are and how much of a man child you sound by spouting acronyms that nobody knows about except for larper "operateurs", without providing any links?

>>272349164siglets couldnt resist the power of the ARyan

Calicuck here. ARs have a lot of regulations here. Better off buying a Remington

>>272349299there are many vendors. a simple google search with one of those acronyms i dropped will set you on the right path.fear not. your restless anger will subside once you have an AR of your own in your hands.

>>272348596You also need a flip magnifier if you have a reflex or Red dot opticOtherwise you’ll be helpless against bubba 300 plus yards away on his pouch

>>272348740You guys sure felt like you had hit with this one huh?Making the star wars guy represent Holla Forums. How groundbreaking.

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>>272348596There are no fucking uppers anywhere in 223wilde 18in intermediate gas length for a reasonable price or fucking in stock nigger

>>272349454You are conditioned to think so. There are actually not that many.You have to switch out the grip and the butt stock for a 'compliant' ones when you're at the range.At home you can switch it back and have a HD AR that is just the same anywhere.

>>272349516then cough up for a operator tier AR you hapless wetback

>>272349164Enjoy your forward assist that does nothing, your complete lack of an adjustable gas system and spending 300 dollars making your little toy direct impingement just to get it off the ground. You people who fall for the AR meme make me laugh.

>>272349785>Says increasingly nervous man for the bajillionth time

Donald "Take the guns first" Trump"President Donald Trump Says Take Guns 'Early' Without Due Process | CNBC">"President Trump: 'Take The Guns Away'">"Trump Suggests Lawmakers Are 'Afraid of the NRA'">"Trump says he supports "red flag laws" as means of gun control">"Trump announces move to ban bump stocks">

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>>272349966yep. we know.still voting trump.

>>272349966Checked, but svt. Kag2020

>>272349862Good cope. Drive your Honda Civic with the rest of the unwashed masses. I'll drive my Cadilac.

In the race war, am i allowed to use a sword? Will there be a designated theatre for melee combat, or would brown people just shoot me?

>>272348596>Get a VFG because the handguard will get hot.grow some pubes and quit lurking /k/

>>272348596Got an "AR10"

>>272349299Shit's easy to find.

i would if i vould pass the background check. keep getting rejected

>>272350804It does get spicy. I have a burnproof wrap on mine so I dont need gloves.

>>272351150what the fuck. why

>>272348596i have a .300 mag bolt rifle and a few thousand rounds of 12 gauge slugs and 00 buckshot, i don't need a shitty 5.56 garbage rifle that everyone else has.

>>272348596>piston > DI

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>>272351355when you sleep, the fomo will multiply soon you wont know what happened.

>>272351234felony assault. got in a fight at a bar. but adjudication was withheld and lawyer said i should be able to buy and vote but i guess feds dont care. that was 20 years ago too. the other asshole started it

>you have an ar-15Nope

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Most of the retards here would be better off with an AR9 pistol. Half the people here probably can't even afford to buy enough ammo to go to the range once a week shooting 5.56At least 9mm is a lot cheaper and they don't need the range of a 16" barrel. A 8" 9mm is way cheaper to shoot and more practical for these no guns to use. Plus it's lighter so their limpwristed onions arms won't hurt as fast.

>>272351465You have to file a complaint.

>>272351438I never sleep and a slug does more damage than a shitty .223 round,

>>272348596>babycarrot 5.56I have a Type81 and 7.62x39 is just barely adequatefucking Trudeau gib AR10 REEEE

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>>272350641he has a truck like the rest of the masses you dummy lol

>>272351545Imagine bringing a 9mm “rifle” to a rifle fight How retarded are you

>>272351545Wish the 9mm carbines were cheaper and had better designs besides knock off looking ar's. Like if kel-tec made a solid version of their sub2000

>>2723515459mm doesn't melt kevlar beams

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>>272348596Too fixated on blades. I have a number of knives, but no firearm yet.

>>272351545Dumb. Don't talk about noguns when you are one.

>>272352413based and bladepilled

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>>272348596I'm not crazy about that grip or buttstock, but that handguard, receiver set, and muzzle brake look sharp.

>>272348596Wow, a build list I agree with on everything, the one thing I'd add is to buy Gen 3 Magpul PMAGs and lots of them, then load them with name brand brass case (Federal, PMC, S&B, Fiocchi, etc)

>>272352413Reddit Reddit Reddit Reddit. Reddit Reddit Reddit Reddit Reddit Reddit, Reddit Reddit Reddit Reddit.

>>272348596Not since the boating accident, bought a Spike's Tactical from a guy from a bar for $200

>>272352846y-you ok user

>>272349516>There are no fucking uppers anywhere in 223wilde I believe you need an M4 upper, because the lug cuts for the barrel need to line up with the feed ramp and notches of the receiver.

More likely to be attacked by a nigger in public, so buy a Pistol first.

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>>272348596Unfortunately, my budget is limited. I do already have a reliable non-fud rifle though.

>>272349785t. chair force

>>272352841There is literally no difference between gen 3 and 2 pmags, get the 2 they’re cheaper

>>272352913Just fine pal, just stomping on urbanite redditor necks

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You shouldn't be allowed to call for another persons death unless you hunted a big game animal. stalked, skinned, gutted, butchered.

>>272349048wtf kind of co-witness is that?

>>272353858>falling for the co-witness memenot gonna make it

>>272348596Anon, why the fuck would you recommend the gucci brands for a first time buyer? Use your fucking head, dipshit.

>>272354008buy once cry onceno time to ease yourself in when the collapse is just around the corner. also.... the budget items are ALL GONE

>>272354008>he doesn't own an HK-15poorfag

>>272353932keep telling yourself that. in reality, when your optic goes down, you are dead.

>>272354231most optics have a lever so that you can throw the optic off and use the iron sights in emergency

>>272354231Assuming enough training, you should be able to use muscle memory to aim without sights, albeit not very accurately but probably enough to hit at 25 yards.Though, considering no co-witness, absolute or 1/3, doubt that he has enough training to do so :/

>>272354419I use a 3-9x scope, not a caw of dootyfag

>>272348596Fuck Daniel Defense and their red flag law asses

>>272354395Your irons should be able to be used through your optic, you might not have time to remove anything

>>272349048Good luck finding spare parts dumbass

>>272354606if it is that dire I will still be able to kill anything close without an optic.

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>>272354560So offset backup sights or red dot?

>>272349966Yeah, fag, but what can we do but buy more time to hear up? You act like there's another option but there's not.

>>272349454They can't outright ban them, so they make you use this ridiculous grip, making the rifle less controllable. No bayonet mount, for a bayonet you can't use anyway on a 16" AR. 10 cap mag, when the looters are roaming in packs of dozens. No muzzle threads for a suppressor that saves your hearing. No adjustable stock? What else?We feel for you. Remington or a Ruger Mini 14.

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>>272354778flip up irons.

>>272348596Not yet but, I'd like to get one before it's to late.

>>272351150Here you go bro, search for this stuff:80% AR lower 80% GlockFinish then yourself and you have completely legal ( or freemendontask legal in CA) firearms

>>272354231>when your optic goes down, you are dead.You know point shooting is a thing? They also had single point dot sights they used in Vietnam's operation Ivory Coast. They trained on them in mock-up exercises leading up to the raid, and apparently the technique that was distinguished was to keep both eyes open, and to place the image of the aiming eye over the target. They didn't require any external battery and worked in low-lighting conditions.

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>>272354854Ok, good enough in my books as long as it deployable without removing the scope.

>>272350641>poor old nigger thinks it's a cadillac

>>272355028they aren't, but scope mount has a lever. push it and toss it, flip up your irons and you are back in action. easy as reloading an empty mag.

>>272355167Hmm, well you do you, I suppose. Have you practiced the maneuver and timed yourself? If not, might be something worth doing a few times at least. That, plus I assume you will have a backup pistol?

>>272355466yes, but when the enemy has you dead to rights you are fucked anyways.

>>272355466yessir, might not be the prettiest or fanciest now but I put a lot of holes into targets.

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>>272354395but it does not look like yours has that lever. If it did, we would be able to see the tightening nut on the opposite side. It does not look like that mount has any.Also, that gun looks heavy as hell. Heavy upper and lower assembly, added heavy quad rail, added the heaviest stock from Magpul. I don't think you have ever humped any gear. Ounces make pounds.

yea urs sucks

>>272355696I didn't post mine, like I said there was a fishing accident and lost it around the Aleutian islands

>>272355680>image from the internet>"I put a lot of holes into targets."We have a comedian here. USP .45 was my go to gun in metal gear solid too, bro.

>>272355962alright fedboi, tried and true and has more range time than you.

>>272355696It's a sig CP1, it doesn't come stock with a QD mount and it doesn't look like he added one.

>>272348596my gubmnit won't let me have one

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>>272356055that grip tho

>>272355962I am offended sir, only noguns retards or feds would shit on the HK USP.

>>272356198What about it?

>>272356055Those sig rifles are heavy as hell though, mostly because of the pistol assembly. Very front heavy.

>>272356370I'm just talking about the optic. If you're going to have buis you might as well have a QD mount.

>>2723485965.56 virgins bow down to 7.62 master race. Be a real man. Get yourself an SKS

>>272349048What kind of faggot ass larp gun is that?

>>272349048Jesus I forgot about this irrelevant piece of trash..What are we living in 2010 again?Enjoy carrying around that heavy ass rifle while getting 3moa

>>272356349Eh, I do like the USP45 but not a fan of the mag release and proprietary rail (solved by GGG adapter but still)Shoots well - funny enough I have the meme father of the USP, the MARK23. It's ridiculous.

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>>272348596>buys a short AR>instead of a superior bullpupNgmi my guy.

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>>272348596I don't want an AR-15 thoughbesides meme weapons like the Mosin or 1911, I really want an M92 and a SCAR

>>272356449I need a scope to reach out and kill coyotes. I have been in war and I wouldn't use it for clearing houses.

>>272356564the tactical version was $2k when I bought it 20 years ago. damn good gun and I'll have nobody shit on it.

Thank you for posting here goy. Tell me what ya got!

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>>272348596Why would I buy an Alumishit Rifle the military is desperately trying to replace? The AK is the most prolific rifle in the world for a reason and will remain so for at least another century. All you CODfags are just going to have to replace your ARsenals within the next decade and be forced to admit your gun and caliber were shit all along.

>>272357077I had an America's Rifle 15 and an AK, where I live I would definitely use the 'axe'. but the AR is much more satisfying shooting paper.

>>272357077Why not have both? Or more?Generally people with arsenals are going to have a variety.

>>272357436peer pressure from retards on the internet.

You DO shoot your guns right?

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>>272357583not as much as I want through the ammo shortages, I would bet on myself that I could outshoot you in a competition.

>>272357583why do some people have really retarded short fingernails, normal fingernails should be almost square, slightly longer than they are wide when cut to natural lengths, but then there's people like that pic, where the fingernail barely exists

>>272356708I'm confused what your point is. Where do we disagree? My first post about this was just stating that that optic, the sig CP1 does not come stock with a QD mount, since the other user was talking about QD mounts for optics. It's a fixed 3x so you're not going to have a fun time with the BUIS unless you take the scope off. I haven't said anything about your rifle or what you need it for.

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>>272357583clean your fucking rifle.


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>>272348596Why would get an ar-15 when I have an ar-10?And also an ar-15.

>>272357772I've been around government funded trained idiots with eotech's and they were useless if not killing our own guys with them.

>>272357771Looks like chewing nails based on the unevenness of the nail.>>272357772Don't think he is disagreeing on the QD, just doesn't like red dot/holos. He has a QD mount on his scope, I think he would agree to a QD on the CP1 + BUIS.

>>272348596Because I have an AK, a great benefit in that is that I can actually find ammo for sale.

>>272357893AR platform has stood the test of time, and he didn't rip off the nazi's like Kalishnikov did. RIP Eugene Stoner.

>>272357077I kind of agree with you. The AR is nice well-rounded gun with lots of aftermarket parts, and plentiful ammunition, but the AK-47 is renown for being the crème de la crème of the reliable piece of shit gun you can beat into submission that you could probably muzzle load and beat someone to death without really breaking anything. You get it dirty, so what, just pop the dust cover off and piss on it. Most people who build AR's encumber their polymer wonders with novelties and shit they don't need, aside maybe a flashlight. Congressional hearings had to take place to cover up the mishaps in Vietnam with the M16 pertaining to it's loadings and a revision with the forward assist. The Ak only needs the bolt, charging handle, and barrel to fire, you can just manually cycle that piece of garbage.It's pretentious as fuck to even put optics on an AR less than 18 inches.

>>272357077So you’re saying I shouldn’t own a gun cause a gun that doesn’t exist yet in the future will be better than the one you can buy nowYou’re not very smart are you

>>272348596no got a mini-14 a 1911 and a 7 shot 357. I think its enough.

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>>272358187the AK definitely is, the AR platform is a baby that needs constant attention. still for those of us that like cleaning our guns the AR is superior.

>>272358351Why are all your guns 200 years old

>>272358278Uh, I think he is saying that people should get AKM/AK47/AK74s instead of AR15 platforms.

>>272358351you're definitely not lacking. but i still highly recommend owning an AR. it's a lot of fun to dive into.

>>272353100I agree for sure.

put a regiment on flat ground firing at each other, who would w/in? those wielding AK's or those wielding ARs

>>272358566ARs for sure.

>>272358566you can even give AKs full auto

>>272358521Show them this picture and watch them kvetch and recoil

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>>27235818716" LPVO with any ammo, 11.5" RDS / Holo / Prism with 77gr. These are the best platform configurations.

>>272358500You can have both Why do people pretend you can only pick one

>>272358719consooomer bullshit and brand loyalty. I only care what works in different situations.

>>272358486because im old school.

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Because I won't survive the nigopolypse anyway because of medical reasons that require a functioning supply chain but am looking at battle rifles like PTRs or weird shit like 300 blackout.

>>272358566The ones with the AK, it doubles as a shovel too.

>>272358507yeah but im broke.

>>272355680>>272353100Don't know if I could afford a beretta, Glock, or HK. I was thinking about something small like an S&W shield or a Bersa 380, both about 300-400$ range. I like those because of how easy to conceal they would be. Any suggestions?

>>272358827>zoomers don't know about the 45-70they won't even see it coming until one of their buddies explode all over them.

>>272358067Oh, I wasn't talking about red dots that was the other user. This one is a fixed 3x prismatic so even when you turn it off there is still a black reticle.

>>272358922It's no longer TOL, but it still holds up and I bought it 20 years ago.

HK should supply me one of each of every gun that they made, I would use them to efficiently kill every commie in Portland. I really love HK a lot.

>>272358844300 blackout isn't too weird - but the PTRs are great. Ammo selection is not atm.>>272358922Shield is great at concealment, I'm iffy about the 380. Glock is around $450 at least last I checked, but its Glock, Berettas can hit 500-650 depending if used/model. HKs are great but pricey, MOSTLY worth it but if budget is of concern, go lurk /k/ for a while.

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>>272358939rock that old style. Wild West America motherfuckers.

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the Winchester model 70 30-06 has reached out and touched deer and elk every year for years.

>>272358922Glocks are cheap an the best handgun you can buy (design-wise). You can purchase 80% lowers and finish them with a router and hand drill. You can buy everything else from glock itself. Glowies don't want you to know this, but glocks are easily converted into machine pistols with just a fun switch on the connector to keep it firing without needing to reset the trigger (roughly 1,200 RPM!). Albeit highly illegal without a background check and stamp, it serves as a purchasing point if you really want a weapon to strike the fear of god into people.

>>272359254Me too I want pic related so bad

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>>272359254in terrraia, right?