Donald Trump is the only hope the West has

Donald Trump is the only hope the West has.

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>>272346984Where'd this come from

>>272347040JIDF/ADL leak

>>272346815>Trump>only hope>not Jesus ChristHere we go again

>>272347084No shit, faggot. How did you end up in possession of it.

>>272347121Dude get off it, do we really need to do this thing again where I tell you Jesus ain't down here fighting (((bankers))) and you talk about fighting the only fight that matters and all that shit? Really?

>>272346984Holy fuck does this ever look fake and gay

>>272347164Some kind user dropped it off here, I saved and am reposting.A few anons have claimed it's fake but nobody can exactly explain how it's fake. The one person who really tried to explain it away didn't have a credible argument.It's similar to other leaked documents from other organizations always encouraging their agents that they're "fighting the good fight (for israel) and the world!"

>>272346815Oy vey

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>>272347270kysim shill

>>272346815and Hulk Hogan is the only hope the World Championship belt has! Only on pay-per-view!

>>272347318So, where's the rest of it. Presumably, if it was leaked to Holla Forums, there is some form of insider in JIDF. And if there is, they would dump the whole thing.Where are the other pages.

>>272347361been over this in the other thread, trump had to keep a low profile during the investigations

>>272347195It's true. Pray for Trump but also pray for Christ to return so justice can be served


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>>272347365Eat shit faggot you can’t just expect everyone to believe this blurry gay garbage.


>>272347396>So, where's the rest of it.>Presumably, if it was leaked to Holla Forums, there is some form of insider in JIDF. And if there is, they would dump the whole thing.>Where are the other pages.There are obviously no other pages to the document. A document doesn't necessarily have to be more than one page. I've dealt in single-page documents in my profession. This is pretty similar to a morning briefing paper that might get passed around so people understand the overall talking points for the day.You seem really invested and worked up, so I'm going to just dismiss you as a shill.

>>272346815fuck off Israeli

>>272347270Oh my bad you’re back just a leaf

>>272347318>A few anons have claimed it's fake but nobody can exactly explain how it's fakeYeah okay but you claim that it's real but you don't have any proof either so...? Like, we have to accept that this is a JIDF leak because you say so, but if someone thinks it's fake, then you're saying that's wrong, but no one here has actual proof?

>>272346984 I guess me must respect Llhan Omar. Anyone that goes against Llhan Omar is a Jew in disguise.

>>272347524You're new here, aren't you?When you come with some kind of bullshit you want people to believe, you're expected to provide sufficient proof of your claim. Otherwise, you can fuck off. One blurry, badly cropped and probably shooped phone screencap of what looks like a pdf does not proof make.>ANYONE WHO ISN'T OF ONE MIND IS A SHILL. CANT BE ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVE.Eat shit and die.

>>272347583Yeah shill. Nobody with a brain can look at this and deny

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>>272347682lmao kysim shill

>>272347628(This is another commonly utilized shill tactic. It's misdirection meant to persuade you away from the information contained within because it pairs the goals up against both Trump and Oman therefore we must also support Oman! It's pure logical fallacy, the image serves to illustrate that anti-Trump propaganda is being pushed by Israeli shills.)

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>>272347731Yeah you keep calling everyone a shill, but you're not acknowledging the reality that you're claiming that something you're posting is verifiably real, but you're not verifying it, which actually makes you look like a shill? do you not reasonably see why people are pushing back here?.

>>272347982It's pretty obviously real, and you're ignoring what I posted to keep spewing the same retarded shitkysim shill

>>272346815The kike tried his shit here and was particularly ineffectiveSee for yourself if you think OP is real.>>272347084>>272347164They arent even reposting the actual document likely because it cant be verified or sourced. Laughable.

i have made several threads where i pretend to be a demoralized shill speaking to comrades from 'the discord' announcing my departure from the efforts

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>>272348115Meant to post this>>272304708

you could always just absolutely BTFO the dumb shillsthey don't have the truth on their sideit's always super easy

>>272348115>kikeYou're projecting hard, imagine doing damage control for israelyou guys keep pretending like you're one of us while saying all this shit that we know are leftist talking points endlessly regurgitated

>>272348115Also nobody said there was more than one page to the document, that's something you literally just made up for this made up argument. Kill yourself shill.

>>272347882>If you don't support Trump you are a zionist shill because this supposed leak says so>What? Just because Llhan Omar is also disrespected in the same file, does not mean I cannot go against herYou are a dumbass. You are a fucking idiot. Trump did more for America than any democrat, you fucking weasel.STOP DICK SUCKING YOU LITTLE FAGGOT

>>272348438>Trump did more for Israel

fuck off jews

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>>272348063Yeah brother, I see your pictures of a document and the link, but I mean none of this is proof that the document is what you say it is.Not everyone is a fucking qoomer that just believes what is posted on the internet but enjoy your larp

>>272346815the west is already long dead and is awaiting burial

>>272347318>operation GLOW>let's name our ops after memes our opponents use>shill for Andrew Yang as if he ever had a snowball's chance in hell of winning>they hate Omar, who is anti-Israel>they hate Trump, who is pro-IsraelThere is no coherent goal or strategy in this entire document. The entire premise is "all these people I don't like must necessarily be supported by the Jews and these people I do like must be opposed by them even if it makes no sense because some 2000 year old conspiracy that we can't comprehend"


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Guys, I dont have a whole lot of time. Im a spy in the jidf. have this info drop before they find out. spread it far and wide.

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>>272346984Is it antisemitic for me to ask for a source on this?

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>>272348438Retard alert.>>272348627kysim shill

>>272348727source is leaked JIDF/ADL document, do you really think they've just got the pdf up on some public server ready for viewing?This is either stupidity or damage control, can't tell which.


>>272348736 Why are you gay for Trump?

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>>272346815This is a debate forum, just debate their fucking points. What difference would it make if they were shills? Do you think the people working as shills are going to feel really good about getting whooped on all day?I think a liberal looking to put their deeply rooted beliefs to the test here. Our sister board is like 50/50.

>>272348726Holy shit, thank you for your service. We got em this time. It's over.

>>272348824So how am I supposed to believe it's real?


>>272346943Because the jews kill off noncomp'd competitors.

>>272348726FUCK! SHUT IT DOWN!

>>272348908because it's already established that there are shills on 4chan >>272347731

>>272347361>kike shill reporting in

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>>272348875LALALA! I'm not listening, shill. Still voting Trump.#wwg1wga

>>272349001So there are shills here on 4Chan. That's great. But how is that proof that the picture you posted is real.

>>272349001 The mental gymnastics of you dumbfucks is actually beyond me. Again, what makes you gay for Trump

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>>272346815>America>The westHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>272349074Yeah, you're apparently one of them honestly. You're trying too hard to discredit something that really shouldn't matter to you.

>>272349141Kill yourself in minecraft shill

>>272349389KYSIM SHILL


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>>272348282Maybe you should consider what the long term effects of OPs well poisoning include?Have optics suddenly been thrown out the window because theyre Jewish?Big think now.

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>>272349590>Yeah, you're apparently one of them honestly.Why?>You're trying too hard to discredit something that really shouldn't matter to you.Why shouldn't it matter to me? If there is a raid, I would like to do something about it. But I would like proof of said raid first. Where is my proof?

>>272348333>Also nobody said there was more than one page to the document, that's something you literally just made up for this made up argument.And where did I say that?>Kill yourself shill.After you.

>>272349899KYSIM shill>>272349809KYSIM shill

>>272349636 Why are you gay?

>>272349899SERIOUS ANSWER BECAUSE FUCK YOU:Your argument is trash, the well was already poisoned by shills. I'm just making sure nobody can drink from it any more.


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ok but what about white people, who will save us from americanism?

>>272349935It matters to you a lot because you're a shill doing damage control. You know damn well I can't just point you to some pdf on the JIDF website for whatever morning this was, they keep this shit a secret. You know that though. You're here to damage control.KYSIM shill

>>272350116KYSIM shill

>>272350184>You know damn well I can't just point you to some pdf on the JIDF websiteSo why didn't you archive it?>they keep this shit a secret.So why are you supposedly the only one in possession of their secrets?

>>272350380I'm not. I'm sure other anons also saved. Your line of questioning leads exactly like a shill on damage control would leadKill yourself shill.

>>272350422Why didn't you archive the source?

>>272348727If it were real and sourceable there would a veritas style expose about it. Not a crappy larp that makes Holla Forums more discreditable in the process.

>>272350422Tell you what, user.I'll find proof for you. All I need is what was said along with the dump and I'll dig through the archives to find it. Even a date will work.I'll grab the post where it was dumped from, and I'll bring up proof so these "shills" will shut up.So how about it. Give me some info to go on.

>>272350514Kill yourself shill. You keep making shit up to suit your needs, unironically kill yourself lol. Like in this post:>>272350380>So why are you supposedly the only one in possession of their secrets?I never once said that. You're a disingenuous faggot. A shill. Kill yourself.



>>272350106Sounds pretty kiked desu

>>272350682You're an actual retarded faggot or another shill (kys)I've already said why I can't just go pull up proof from the JIDF website, it's pure damage control to discredit somethingIf it wasn't real shills wouldn't be crawling out of the woodwork to call it fake

>>272350627>You keep making shit up to suit your needsLiterally you're doing the thing you're accusing others of, lol

>>272350702I'm kiked from preventing others from drinking from a well polluted by kikes?Kill yourself shill.

>>272346815>3 trump bucks have been added to your account

>>272350746No, no. user. I want the post from 4chan where you acquired this document. Give me anything to go on here and I'll find it myself.A post number, a sentence said along with the dump, the date of it.

>>272350768Nope, I've provided proof this site gets shilled to death, like youyou are probably a shillKill yourself shill.

>>272346815AgreedYou amerisharts better save the white race and vote Trump

>>272350830Who the fuck is going to remember that shit you autistic shilling fuck?

>>272350907So, you got an info drop from a JIDF insider, and despite this momentus occasion, you didnt think to archive it. Nor do you recall the day it happened, or anything said along with it. Nothing at all. So what you're telling me boils down to "It's impossible to find proof, just believe me this document is real I got it from a real source.. No it's impossible to find this source too."Who, exactly, do you think will believe that?

>>272351075Autism off the charts here. Not even sure you're a shill, just some autistic archivist.

>>272351180It's one of my hobbies, yes. I can find any post with a few words mentioned along with it.But you can't even provide that.Low effort indeed. As it stands, every one of your claims is exactly as credible as this post. >>272348726

>>272346943Because he said so, fucking doppelganger shill.>>272346815>mfw I'm too smart to pretend to be stupidGodspeed to all of you anons tho.

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awesome thread and yes blumf is a big orange bad bad man and still voting trump

>>272346815>t. Retard.>>272347402>low profileKek, you MIGApede NPCs should kill yourselves, you're so stupid..

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>>272346943Didn't you see the guy on Tucker the other day who said the radical left is the antichrist and Trump is a soldier of God.

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>>272351789Nah man I like my news to be non-fiction

>>272351180Kill yourself, shill

>>272350907Kill yourself faggot

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>>272350907Wrong post my bad

>>272351886>8 posts by this idYOU'RE TRYING TO HARD, TO KEEP CONTROLJUST RELAX, AND LET GOLET GO...LET GO...LET GO...Time to refresh your vpn, imbecile.

>>272350746If it were real and sourceable this would be an excellent opportunity to go to town and red pill normies with impunity.But since it is not all it can serve to do is the following-Gaslight Holla Forums-Not engage with shills leaving them no opposition in their forum sliding. Theres a reason people say not to bump slide threads and if you do however do not bump the thread-KYSIM posts will only serve to push the optics away from Holla Forums putting us in a more discreditable position because were willing to believe anything to stick it to the Jews. Were not that desperate and have done very well with facts alone.-Paints us as people more ignorant to views and nuance than places like say Twitter or Reddit. 4chan was founded as antithesis to normal forums that revolve around names and karma. To be ignorant and hostile to views unconditionally rather than let an idea flourish due to sheer merit is probably the worst thing you can do on this site. It shows you have little understanding of Holla Forums board culture and chan culture in general.If you still dont believe then I dont think anything else is going to convince you. Just know youre getting played by a Jew.

>>272346984please dont tell me you seriously believe this, I thought the average iq of Holla Forums was at least above room temperature

>>272352112*TooShills saw OP's post and are shilling hard right now, you guys should listen to OP.

>>272352177The shills aint gonna stop, we might as well convince the newfags they are being shilled.



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>>272352410Its next level shilling>>272352425>gawker link

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But hey, as long as Im taking the bait, may as well really take the bait. I have a few questions about this document. op.First and foremost, why is it in english? If this is the JIDF, it would be in hebrew?Secondly, Why would they name their operation after a meme specifically talking about them? I.e Operation glow.Third, On the 5th bullet point under 4chan, it states "colored races", with the American spelling of "color", but on the 6th bullet point, it says "colour". Why?Fourth, I don't think anyone has ever called trump specifically a "jewish shill". Loyal to jews, sure. But this document specifically states to condemn him as a "jewish shill"Fifth, under the twitter section, it's stated to both state Omar is anti-semetic and not-white. Whereas the twitter crowd would view the "not white" portion as a positive. That should have gone in the 4chan section.Sixth, in the 4chan section, it states to condemn trump and tulsi. Where if the goal was to discredit trump, they would be promoting Tulsi, as 4chan had already taken a liking to the coconut milk mommy.Seventh, why would they push Yang and not Bernie?


>>272346815IMAGINE thinking Joe Biden is remotely threatening

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>>272352631Fuck .

>>272352581(((berg)))Still trust a Jew that their own infodump is real?Reminder that JIDF are active Israeli miltary. Why would someone committed to die for Israel leak anything factual to you? Its simply sowing seeds of discord.

>>272352740BetterDoes anyone have the document?

>>272353053Are you trying to deny 4chan's history?

>>272352720Please remove this from the internet.


>>272346984>these repliesoriginal pic looks to be fake, but god damn you newfags need to look up on what CTR and ShareBlue were. People doing that absolutely were real, and likely still operate to this day.

>>272352275Kill yourself, shill.

>>272346984Yes, there is infighting among Jews. Infighting over power. Trump is a Zionist "collaborator". He paid them off with diplomatic policies for support.Leftist Jews want to take him down, because they want to do the Left Leg of their agenda. USA is fucked, because you have the choice between national suicide by the Left Jew, or to fight and die for Israel with the Right Jew.

>>272358261Seriously? :O

>>272358261nah gonna watch him do a 180 after the election when his power is secured for him to do even more of the lefty stuff.bailed out banks checked, trillions for big corp checked, free money for socialism checked what's stopping him?

>>272358565Look, I'm all for accelerationism, but if Blumpf allowed the american economy to tank the kikes would win the next election for sure.

>>272358968Fuck I wrote kikes instead of satanists. I know its kind of the same thing but anyway... I'm feeling sleepy. Are you guys feeling sleepy?

>>272358565>bailed out banks checked, trillions for big corp checked, free money for socialism checkedthat's just crony capitalism. that is not the Jew Left agenda. They do not pursue socialism/collectivism. Their goal is to pursue the interests of the Diaspora in USA. Secure their power. That means turning the USA into state where Whites are not the majority. The Jew thrives where there is internal conflict and strife. They will have a multiethnic state, where they can play corruption against many divided groups. Also, they just hate and fear Whites, so making Whites the minority is another emotional payoff.

>>272346815OP, your initial thread was one for the history books.Absolutely fucking demonic the way these deceiving demons camouflage themselves, and all newfags should read the thread in it's entirety to witness these evil fuckers in action, and how they flail, seethe, then just disappear when really want to have anons pretend that the last 3 years of absolute clown world acceleration & failed jew coups - this corona virus hoax itself is all normal because > "it doesn't matter who is in office bcz 'trump luvz joOs'..."MIGA IS A DEAD called allies body language

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>>272346984This is a trumpfaggot's wet dream. Faker than nigger IQ

>>272359130>Was losing the election part of your plan, killary?

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