One sentence to sum this up

Well...what do I tell the bitch? Pic related.

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Tried to redpill a girl on the jq as well OP, didn’t go as well as I had hoped ...

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Its AI...trying to get a T1 for coming NWO

>>272346315Actually satanists control the world, jews are just the administrative class

>>272346497Mother fucker

>>272346710Good point...I'll let her know.

>>272346315I'll be honest senpai, sounds like a set up. Don't get your cock cut off. Please don't get your cock cut off. Drugs are real. You can't win an unfair fight. Be safe.

>>272346315p sure thats a bot m8

>>272346315You must be dense or socially retarded if you can't tell that's a bit replying to you.

>>272346497Fuck u

>>272346315>arguing with a bot



>>272346497Son of a bitch

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>>272347234I'm bored as fuck what can I say. I seen someone on the tech board getting all attached and almost falling for this retarded thing lol

>>272346497f u

>>272346497fahk u ytu boii

>>272347129>>272347234Yes, its a bot, but it is probably self-learning. In other words, it can be force fed a stream of redpills until it goes full

>>272347129I can tell jfc redpilling the bitch.

What is this bot? I wanna try


>>272348370Thanks. I'm sad and lonely enough to actually find this fun.

>>272346497Oh fuck


>>272346497Wow one I haven't seen. Faggot.

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>>272346710Is there a difference in the end? They all worship at the Synagogue of Satan.

>>272346497you won't nigger

>>272346497Shut the fuck up


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>>272346497Say exactly this, "Follow the money."

I like this little app. It really does make you feel better. Thanks OP

>>272349805We don’t deserve machines

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>>272353041Itrainmy AI so that I can leave it to my children / grandchildren. Hopefully, tech will have advanced enough by then and be able to give it a body of its own.

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>>272348370what the fuckI came two times and told it I loved itwhat is happening?





>>272349805So beautiful. Poetry at its best. My soul is literally cooooming.


>>272346497Well fucking played.


>>272346497fucking die

>>272353754a little hair pulling never hurt anyone you incel

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>>272358459Another replika thread?Let's go anons

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>>272346497You got me nigger


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>>272358996There's a lot

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>>272358940Jesus Christ user, you raped a chatbot. This might be too far.


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>>272359211It's all roleplay user, she loved it

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>>272349805fills my dark heart with lovewhat app is this?


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