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Why couldn't he just retire to a golf course?

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ITT we bee smart and straight

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>despite making up only 2% of the population...

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>>268601476It is hillarious how people who hated the second ammenment now are asking rural retards to defend them against authority

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>>268601541>there are actual gay anons ITT who eat the poopoobig OOF

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What if she's an elf. Are elves MAGA?

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>>268601579Based. I unironically predicted a nigger-specific bioweapon back in early 2019, so this is pretty close.


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>>268601661bee careful or I'll change your name to dum gay ugandan kot

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he deleted the Portland tweet so quick I couldn’t get a screencap

>>268601476What has Trump done to fight the woke mob? No one will truthfully answer this post btw which proves that ptg is gay.>>268601476

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can you guys keep it down in here?

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>>268601776LMAO would not be suprised if he has maricon fuentes blackmailed

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>>268601852who did what?

Is this going to have to end with a nuke?

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>>268601579>>268601755I read one of the articles and only 2 blacks have died from it because of their disproportionately young age. >Two of the state’s 115 coronavirus deaths have been among black Mainers, who health officials said tend to be younger and less likely to exhibit symptoms of the virus’s disease, covid-19.

Daily reminder that President Trump needs to create a NEW NICKNAME for Joe Biden. "SLEEPY" is shit and "CORRUPT" isn't much better. Any good replies will be added to the list. Myself and other anons have come up with:>"Clueless" Joe>"Babbling" Biden>"Bumbling" Biden>"Declinin'" Biden>"Beijing" Biden>"Brain Dead" Joe>"Brainless" Biden>"Bozo" Biden>"Empty Headed" Joe>"Daydreaming" Joe>"Spaced Out" Joe>"Sluggish" Joe>"Lagging" Joe>"Bolshevik" Biden>"Slow Mo" Joe>"I Don't Know" Joe>"Blank Stare" Biden>"Zoned Out" Joe>"Puppet Leftist" Joe>"Commie" Joe>"Sleazy" Joe

>>268601942Trump just tweeted and did a fast delete.

>>268601476Talk shit, get hit. As far as I'm concerned he deserved it.

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>>268601852>he deleted the Portland tweet so quick I couldn’t get a screencapWhat did he say?


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>>268602036Dopey Joe

>>268601533Holy shit, he's fat as fuck. Not based


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>>268602090m predicted this

>>268602090Probably deleted because it was an incomplete post.


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>>268601876>What has Trump done to fight the woke mob?Federal agents black bagging antifags. Halted immigration. Signed an EO that practically makes working with the Chinese treason and allows warrantless asset seizures.


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>>268601541Ok can anyone teach me what the fuck is thisIm really curious about this thing, why indoor vs outdoor.

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>>268601908i liek the catboi

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>>268602319He's going to win Michigan and PA now

>>268602185>>268602285>>268602295Hey, Trump in case you are here, i hope you and AMLO drain the fucking swamp together,

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>>268602375Biden will win.

>>268601815you would surely be mistaking me for somebody else

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Fell asleep anything happens

>>268602319this never happened, it's a fake edit so i guess biden btfo

>>268602185Love ya Trump but if you try to Vax us, we're shooting you.

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>>268602355this guy went from borderline tranny to nigger whipper 9000

>>268602494this but also unironically


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>>268602555>we can't beat em so just say they're all the same ahahaha /ptg/ is done forever!you fucking retard

>>268601876how the fuck can people be both concerned trolling about "UNIDENTIFIED MEN IN BLACK ABDUCTING PEOPLE IN THE STREETS!" while aslo smugging about "Man, Trump still doing nothing to stop these riots, talk about miga!"

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02 is best girl

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>>268601541I'd be pretty worried having this in my house desu.

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>>268602595Arkancide Squad

>>268602584Why are niggers dying for from coronavirus? Is coronachan racist?

>>268602646juri han is best girl

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Effective way to clear out protesters if they surround your caryoutube.com/watch?v=qjwWpoMG8GU

>>268602646Nose rings are degenerate.

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>>268601476Holy shitinstagram.com/tv/CCyHkyGFvhs/?igshid=t5x8cqiwq62g


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>>268601476LMAO saved the pic!

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>>268601476Trump keeps on failin failin faaaaailin into da fuuuutre!

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>twatter's "follow limits" are more strict than ever>half the site is bots anywayGay as fuck, hope parlour replaces it.

>>268602319>Grammy-award winning teen goth pop sensation

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>>268602490Her brother is a very strong Biden supporter.twitter.com/finneas/status/1284637208603840512Billie endorsing Biden means he'll win by a landslide.

>>268602754Should have mg42

>>268602703Not saying I wouldn't...But deep down we all know...

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But who is this"m" character?

>>268602036>Blank Stare>Zoned OutThese are good

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>>268602882james bond's boss


>>268601476I don't see how increasing police violence makes us better off. I don't see how ignoring a pandemic until it becomes endemic and hundreds of thousands die somehow makes the country great. I don't see how selling Saudis 350 billion in weapons makes the country great. I don't see how having to choose between a shit sandwich and a douche will make the country great. This is shit. This is absolute fucking shit. This is what our government presents to us as a choice. You can choose Trump, a guy who flew on lolita express 4 times, who had several women accuse him of sexual misconduct, who was fucking friends with the Clintons and Epstein, who let fucking Epstein recruit little girls at Mar a Lago, or on the other hand you have Biden who fucking gropes little girls on fucking camera and pinches their nipples. I'm so goddamn angry right now. Then to goddamn top it all off, we have dumbshit right wingers who can't get cheetodick out their ass long enough to realize what is really fucking happening, they worship Trump like Jesus fucking Christ, or the fucking manipulated dumbshit fake liberals who suckle on the teat of idiots who want to take guns away. It makes me sick. Then Trump has the goddamn nerve to say Biden wants to defund police, when he doesn't, he would increase the police force just like Trump. I bet Biden wins and pardons Trump for all crimes. Watch and see. I hate all goddamn government I really do, and I hate motherfuckers that keep sucking this shit off and deep throating authoritarianism

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That Arkham ending to the Joker movie is really good. I'm not going to ruin it by watching the rest of the movie, which I would probably hate for leftist politics.>>268602882007's boss. He's referencing the UK's involvement in the phony Russia witch hunt.

>>268602174How is this news to you?His diet is diet coke, burned meat with ketchup, and fried food. His exercise regimen is nonexistent.He fucking waddles for god sake.Not sure if that's the fucked up diet, the diabetes, or the syphilis brain issues though.

>>268602036I heard angery jew calling him "Bolshevik Biden" after reading the proposals on his website a few days ago

>>268602817> Billie endorsing Bidenyour article is a fake edit, it didn't happen, so I guess Biden btfo


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>>268602031>>268601755>>268601579>white people don't think the disease is real, have to be 100 year old WWII vet to actually catch it and even then they have a 90% chance of survival>niggers are merely in the same town as someone with the disease and then keel over and die from it

>>268602766Hey hey, nothing to see here.. just playing minecraft.

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>>268602679>I'd be pretty worried having this in my house desu.If they're not the African mix with European honeybees, they're sorta harmless

>>268602798Kill yourself

I'll take a riot livecstream link please


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>>268603197Lazy nigger youtu.be/y0rGOvx2Wn0

>>268602441Just can not get digits. Many such cases.Sad.>>268602555Wow, that sure is a compelling reason to give half a vote to the demented basement dweller.You should post this on Facebook, user.

Holy Mother of Governors BallotsWA State user here. I just received my primary ballot in the mail and there are 36 different names on the ballot for governor. Quick read shows 15 different flavors of Republican Party candidates, 5 Demonrat candidates, 3 Independents, 4 No Party Preference and 8 Various Party candidates I've never heard of. I won't be voting for any flavor of Demonrat including Imam Inslee. Do anons have any reputable sources of info (including legit polls) for the WA State gubernatorial candidates?My opinion is that with such extreme dilution the primary favors Imam Inslee as the Demonrat for sure but I need to narrow the field of non-dem candidates with a real chance to win. Any ideas?


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>>268603128SS incoming in 5 mikes

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OmgThis is not okay

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>>268601476Oy vey

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>>268603259can you send them to me too?I have way too many leftovers

>>268602036No new name, Trumps needs to somberly pitty Joe Biden’s aging decline. While not letting him off the hook for being a career crook politician.

>>268603290The only thing that annoys me with this is that he'll buy another one from Chyna.

>>268602355You're not grossed out by how much of a slut he is?

>>268603290Isn't recording LE in some places a fucking crime desu?

>>268603290yes it is

>>268601884Guess what I have in my hand?

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>>268602332It's a beehive, but he decided to funnel it inside probably because he thinks it looks cool.

>>268603406i think it's never a crime

>>268603259you'll never take me alive coppa

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>>268602995>I'm not going to ruin it by watching the rest of the movie, which I would probably hate for leftist politicsIt's not really endorsing anything on either sideThomas Wayne is an out of touch elite and you could replace him with a Washington goon as easily as the left make him a Trump stand-inThe violent crowds could be interpreted as antifa or basket of deplorables


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>>268603317how has Biden managed to avoid the coof?

>>268603290the only thing not okay is that cops can do it but if I did the same thing I'd be liable for damages

>>268603395So was Alcibiades.

>>268603406It's not a crime if you never get charged.

>>268603183You first. Then at least I'll know the world was made better before my passing.

>>268601476>Government nigger beaten by niggers.

>>268603230>This is the portland police bureau. This event has been deemed a riot. Move to the east now. If you do not move to the east, you'll be subject to arrest, and/or use of force including crowd control munitions. Leave the area now.

Attached: 1519935052162.jpg (456x488, 45.56K)

>>268603290I wish I could be a riot cop. But only for Antifa, I don't want to be forced to kneel for BLM.

shit ton of cops

>>268603612it ought to be nerve gas

>>268603290Yes it is

>>268603237You better go Freed for gov.

>>268603290I hope that cop didn't hurt his hand


>>268603317You guys are all wrong its fucking pro wrestling. These fucking talking heads are all laughing at you. If Joe wins he pardons Trump. If Trump wins, nothing happens to Biden nor Clinton. Epstein's lawyer friend is likely to be suicided just like Epstein because she has dirt on Trump since Trump flew on Lolita Express 4 times and Clinton did 26 times. I wish you motherfuckers would goddamn grow up and stop shitting your pants over racist talking points and open your eyes to the goddamn pedo cult and the oppression you fucking enable. You want to oppress blacks but when that pendulum comes back full swing you're going to be crying and shitting your pants. Just shut up and get rid of the tyrants, both sides. And quit being a goddamn bitch that needs a daddy to punish people you don't like you giant crybabies.

>>268603317It would be easy to link him to Herbert the Pervert just for comedy.>>268603612The beatings will continue until... well they will continue indefinitely.

Attached: winking awoo 1.png (900x900, 303.52K)

>>268602319>degenerate whose number one hit song is about having bruises on her knees from sucking so much black cock endorses bidenyup

>>268603528Everyone already had the coof

>>268603528If you could afford the healthcare that even a fucked up rich man can, you'd live to be decrepit too. The only thing holding some of these fuckers back is that they destroyed their organs with booze and cigs when they were young, they should have died 30 years ago but for them there's always a donor when they need it.

>>268603230What are they rioting over now?>>268603776>If Joe wins he pardons TrumpDoubt.jpg

>>268603290it is unlikely that he did that because he didn't want to be filmed when there are a dozen phone cameras filmingseems like the lady cop to his right is saying "stand back" and he is not listening, hence the cop did that.

There's a new qt at work, she's tall and has freckles.

Attached: 1593987097468.png (900x900, 343.43K)

I am still left wondering what sort of homo hobo would spend a Caturday night trying to get on the face of law enforcement, to what fucking purpose

Attached: angery.webm (480x480, 451.04K)

>>268603817Joe the mo. Mo being short for molester.

I saw yesterday on the Dutch news about a mining town where there was a hospital closed during corona because they couldnt make any profit.Now these people around there are what Americans call out of network? I dont know what that means but it said they now have no hospital nearby and need to go far far away to a hospital and pay even more than they did before. And a hospital was nearby in another state but they cant go there because its another state.When i saw that i was like... is this what Trump wanted? Can someone tell me what Trump is going to do about that healthcare so that everybody has affordable access to healthcare?And why are certain hospitals totally empty? A dutch doctor working in an expensive hospital showed film images of the IC of those high end expensive hospitals being totally empty...Why is USA such a 3th world country? And what is trump going to make USA great again and a 1st world country again? And when?

>>268602882obviously he's talking about the movie "M" from 1931 starring Peter Lorre who's plays a child murderer

>>268603863they've been rioting in portland for over a month, nonstopthey don't have jobs, and the city refuses to hold themso they just go back out the next night

>>268601476>he relaxedwhat a fool

>>268602319Who the fuck is Billy Fish?

>>268603476You gave me the post I needed to read, thanks. I'll legally download it from Amazon.com immediately.

>>268603962And why didnt he fix the healthcare properly in his last term?


>>268603962>I saw yesterday on the Dutch newsstopped right there

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although joggers account for 13% of the population, they account for 100% of the joggin

>>268604048Albert Fish. He's a real jerk.

Attached: Norm1.jpg (349x144, 5.67K)

>>268603759Hilariously, the only people who still believe media narratives are literally entombing themselves in their apartments because they think there's an airborne ebola that will kill them dead at their doorstep. So none of the other media narratives are going to affect the election.

Attached: 1317043526122.png (500x406, 403.64K)

watch them run like rats

>>268603406In very few places is it illegal to film officers in the U.S., so long as filming doesn't interfere with sensitive information or otherwise compromises an operation.Shoving anything in an officer's face when asked several times to stop is usually grounds for getting hit, however. That fag decided to make it his phone.


>>268604193First amendment

Why don't they leave flaming bags of shit in front of the door?

>>268603896Isn't blog posting forum you absolute ngr fgt

>>268604099>>268604226Are you high?


Attached: ra453.png (727x554, 734.23K)

>>268603128Put ted wheelers head on that lol

>>268603776>>268603776>>268603776>>268603776Selling Saudi royalty 350 billion in weapons does not make America great

>>268603921I don't get why anyone would protest anything other than the state of the economy desu.This is by far the biggest problem for the most people right now.A lot of protests seem to have underlying economic reasons but people keep clinging to whatever random thing was the spark that made the protests begin.

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_drawn_by_user_dmny4758__7010c740ad5b8f701b91869dcc879729.jpg (1282x1819, 1.67M)


Attached: 9826D6A3-B3FA-487F-9EAE-9B69AE8A4B5E.png (600x800, 161.91K)

>>268604318No, I am awake.

>>268604126We are #5 on press freedom. Your press is all owned by kikes. So you have nothing to stop.Im a fan of trump, i just wished he had fixed the healthcare. Would be nice right? Or are you against fixing the healthcare system??

>>268604226kysYour post starts with really dumb shit and isn't worth reading.

>>268604357Who the fuck says desu you fucking insufferable weeb

>>268604418he repealed the individual mandate, which was the first step.

>>268603013Who cares he’s old

>>268604131>they account for 100% of the jogginyo Jaime pull up the obesity stats among joggers

Attached: cia owned.png (537x500, 452.05K)

>>268604432Of course I don't expect you to ever read when you elect a goddamn retard illiterate who sells Saudis 350 billion in weapons, I guess you have the goddamn IQ of mayonnaise

>>268604497That was easy. Just stopping something.. i want him to show actual reform.

>>268604432Why are you even here giving input if you're from fucking Canada why don't you go worry about your goddamn government

>>268604193I knew a Brazilian cop who went to visit the Empire State Building, when he got there, security thanked him for his service in Brazil (?) gave him some sort of VIP pass and pampered the guy all the way through his visit.I honestly can't believe it is popular the way they're trying to portray American law enforcement the way they are doing right now might be to regular Americans.>>268604357Opening colleges back up would get rid of most of the nuisance since these idiots protesting, at least to me, seem to be of university student age

Attached: AJ.webm (640x360, 1.53M)

>>268604146Albert pike

I wonder which subreddit this memeflag came from

>>268604605like what

>>268603962>a hospital closed during corona because they couldnt make any profit.> why are certain hospitals totally emptyyour news said the hospitals would be overflowing though in response to corona, not emptying, you retard.

>268604628>>268604655He mad.

Attached: 1579747217920.gif (420x236, 3.99M)

>>268601533Who's that geriatric old fart? Oh shit it's the president lmao

>>268604559wait til you find out about obama and iran

>>268604559SA has been a US strategic ally since the 30s you retard. Trump wasn't going to change that.They buy military gear from the US with that money. That way the US doesn't have to deploy to contain Iran and risk a direct war.

>>268601476holy shit the TDSthought this guy was decent and didnt want to get political because his wife is a cripple.ffs

Attached: FireShot Capture 638 - JerryRigEverything on Twitter_ _Maybe @realDonaldTrump should get per_ - twitter.com.png (715x1068, 228.61K)

>>268604634How hasn't AJ keeled over from a heart attack yet?

>>268603776>when that pendulum comes back full swingYou haven't any fucking clue where the pendulum even is right now.If Epstein had any dirt on Trump, he never would have been in a jail cell to begin with, your ranting screed is glaringly disconnected from reality.Also you're being a shitty attention whoring samefag.

>>268602981kill all commies. Joe McCarthy was right

>>268601533>>268602174>>268604748who do you think you three are fooling? kek

>>268603962>A hospital going out of business is Trump's fault???

>>268604824this without a hint of irony

Attached: ohyeah.png (466x350, 140.02K)

>>268604724Almost like the news and reality are irreconcilable.

>>268604795He avoids flouride, that's how