The Vast Majority of Women Work Useless Jobs

If we think about what kind of bargaining chip women gave in collective exchange for the vote, it is likely that feminists would respond with the conclusion that their capacity to help our society is stifled at home.But, as we clearly understand, women do not spread themselves evenly throughout the workforce but focus on only a few professions, mostly dominating office and clerical positions.The problem is the majority of these positions are useless. They were only useful in the most minimal capacity necessary for any firm or organization--a thin adhesive. These positions become marginally inefficient in the extreme.Take a look at this

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the vast majority of jobs are useless

The Vast Majority of Women are useless.

What are the main categories that these "useless jobs" fall under?>clerical, administrative, supervisory, managerial jobs.>69 percent of Public Relations Society of America's members are women>76% of Human Resources Managers are women, according to 2014 statistics from the US Department of Labor.>nearly 80 percent of healthcare workers are women, yet they hold fewer than 20 percent of key leadership roles

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99.99% of you are useless

>>268600215At least they used to have babies before.

Why do you faggots sit here and cry about women on Holla Forums all day? Low test shit. Brings to mind the fox and the grapes.

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>>268600313>>268600143>What is the relevancy of this?The Covid-19 pandemic has given us an incredible opportunity for an examination of our current labor paradigm. It is not the bloated, overpaid office work that keeps our society afloat, but a predominantly male backbone. Your power runs even though most businesses are shut down now because an electrician will still work on it. You can still get goods delivered to your house through warehouse, shipping, and delivery men.Further, the aforementioned jobs are currently experiencing a crisis; they increasingly give out less pay despite rising hours. Our wages in the U.S. are stagnant because of a "middle-labor" class of urbanites stuck in overpriced housing that they cannot afford because city work is overpowered by women.>>268600554These are arguments about why women shouldn't be in the labor force, and they are backed up empirically as well as structured coherently. I've already made a better thread than about 90% of pol. >Low test shitYou don't fool me. A man who calls himself a man would never be this incredibly passive-aggressive and whiny.

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>>268600925>You're obviously some kind of weak faggot if you think about women outside of being inconsequential baby machines with wet holes. Stop crying incel.Stop projecting, incel. Why would you come into this thread just to sob about other's opinions? Are you this childish that you can't process information? You're obviously a weak faggot if you think taking a contrarian opinion will make you seem tough.

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>>268600935Girls can’t code. They are usually in QA positions. But they can’t even do that right.

>>268600143>The Vast Majority of Women Work Useless Jobsuseless to society and its health>those in control give vital positions to women so those that control everything, keep everything controlled through mental psychiatric manipulation on the women holding the positions.

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The karmic wheels of the Gods grind slowly but exceedingly

>>268600313They increased across the board... What are men doing now?

>>268600143the iterviewed in the article says pretty much the opposite of what you're saying though. Interesting article nonetheless, I've been working an useless job for a year and a half and it is really soul draining

>>268601216>>268601120I'm not a virgin. I'm glad you are bumping my thread, though. Do you want to refute anything I said, you just keep crying about it and throwing ad hom?>>268601174I won't make an assessment on whether or not they can code, but the fact of the matter is that despite decades of efforts to bring them into useful sectors, they continue to produce nothing for society as a result of their employment and contribute massive inflation, stagnant wages, and a negative tax sum.

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>>268600554So you're a feminist?

>>268600143Since there is a big debate on whether kids should go back to school this fall, could it mean a high number women will likely quit the workforce to become homemakers again? I'm shitfaced right now so I hope this makes sense

Everyone knows women are useless, but we give them jobs and the vote so they'll give us a blowjob once a year. Get with the program.

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>>268601459How so?>>268601449Heroin, at least in the U.S.They have increased slightly across the board, but they have dominated mostly industries centered around office and administrative work

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>>268601509>n-no ur cryingthe point is you came to a safe space to bitch about women while doing nothing about it. You just want to whinge and have others validate you. Real men fix things they don't like. If you can't fix it, you adapt. Stop acting so pathetic.

>>268601449in jail, committing suicide, competing against women, going off grid, being an expat, trading crypto, or retiring early in ascending order of desirability .

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>>268600215there is but ONE use for the women

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>>268601577>If you're not a bitter lonely incel like me then you're a feministcope

Woman hate thread

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>>268601782Well of course she'd know what a Blue Yeti is, the only thing women know is how to convey their presence and nothing more.

>>268601794>competing against womenIf women are legitimate competition for you then you're doing women's work.

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>>268600195The only important jobs are cleaner/street cleaners/bin men, doctoring/health, plumbers.Jobs are fluff to stop us from having time to concentrate on what really matters.Govt gets banks to print money at its demand,so the lie that we must work to pay tax is disproven.

>>268600143This is an example of Lefties starting threads here to make this board look stupid and extreme. Slide thread/

>>268601659>Are men or women more likely to find themselves in meaningless jobs?>In the surveys they did about bullshit jobs, women were much less likely to say their jobs were bullshit. It strikes me that one reason for the pay gap might be that women are more likely to be in useful jobs and useful jobs pay less.This is what the article says. I don't agree with it though, from personal experience I've seen that most technical jobs which require skill and end up producing goods are male dominated while bullshit things such as HR and other cancerous burocratic jobs are female dominated

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>>268600143 >>268600895 >>268601197 >>268601459 >>268601612Hi. I am a drunk female spic. I am drunk off seven 12oz Bud Lights. I want to say that there is an exponential shuttering of businesses -- but real, actual necessary ones will survive (e.g. nobody need horrid MSM propaganda). Wew.Personal note: I feel bad for non-White males (these are actual most of the incels). GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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>>268600925Women using the insult “beta” is just awful. Even a beta is supremely physically dominant over women whether they like it or not

>>268602019and thats why it is at the bottom of the list.

>>268600370the vast majority of minorities is

>>268602121The majority of women have no business working. If you ever worked with one you'd know. Bump.

>>268601631If we have the power to give and take anything, it is naturally beneficially to take and not give, at least when the other organism will do the same.>>268601631Probably not. The useless jobs are still functioning, and their uselessness is exemplified by telecommuting. While some jobs can be done from home and provide essential services, many do not.>>268601790>safe space to bitchThis is 4chan. You should probably go back to re.ddit.>You just want to whinge and have others validate you.You don't have any idea what you are talking about, and I don't think you can even read my post. Perhaps you're barely capable of reading anything.>Real men fix things they don't like.That would be what I'm doing now.>Stop acting so pathetic.I want to tell you this and I really mean it. Women are totally disgusted by your autistic raging reddit redpiller mindset. The key to getting laid is actually the opposite of what you're displaying to me now. I can almost see the scowling, self-hating loser bathed in monitor light.>>268602121There isn't anything stupid about this post. Why are canadians acting extra annoying today?>>268602112*some* of the jobs listed are important, but like I said, only to a completely minimal degree. You'd have to be a fool to inject a huge amount of new workers into healthcare administration or marketing, but this is what we've done

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Even worse, they have useless jobs that are subsidized by the government through education or grants, or reduction in efficiency with make-work jobs in the private sector.

>>268602198I'm shitfaced but this post is ineffective

>>268602346That's a lot of butthurt bro. You're not fixig anything by crying on a containment board. get your t checked

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>>268602019If you don't understand why doubling the labor supply to certain sectors of the economy that do not provide value to us, I can't help you. I honestly think you might have brain damage.>>268602188Ah, you're right, I overlooked that part. I would point out that a woman "saying" her job isn't bullshit obviously doesn't make it so, haha. And yes, I agree. The positions in which work is done--work that produces value to company or client--are dominated by men.>>268602456The massive amount of programs, subsidies, scholarships and general societal paradigm shift poured into this utility drain agree with you. Think of how many resources have been wasted to create massive bureaucratic bloat.>>268602590If you were this cool, disaffected chad in real life, what are you doing here on this "containment board"? Getting triggered and arguing for hours? Anyway, you really need to go back to r.eddit.

Hey guys I'm having a bit of a problem I could use some help with. You see I'm a 6'8'' strong alpha male with a titanium multi-pronged dong and sporting an IQ of 186. As I look around I couldn't help but notice that there are women that have better jobs then me. As a owner of a dick, I'm the most qualified creature on this planet for almost any job (obviously), and yet I keep getting fired from shit jobs while some women seem to be able to make it work. Is it me? Should I look inward and change myself? Could it be that my narcissistic view of my self is flawed and without merit? Or should I stick with my current view of, "Fuck that! It must be because of bitches with their baby makers!" Really need some help reaffirming my ego.

>>268602198Like most Hispanic females, nothing you said or did here made any difference. But you probably made more sense drunk than sober. Is there any dumber race/gender combo?

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>>268601877How exactly do you expect to be anti-feminist if you can't even talk about the things that feminists do? That's pretty silly. You're pretty silly.

>>268602867I think your first step would be to stop being an emotional, whiny, pathetic individual that makes up snarky remarks because they are too stupid to argue or ponder anything of substance. This may be difficult to do if you are a woman.

>>268602823I never argued against women in the workplace, just pointed out that you're a low test faggot. Just look at how impotent and angry you are right now lol>using "chad" unironically>not an incelreally bro?


>>268602867Quotas reddit newguy, quotas.

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>>268601823nip, you got it wrong. You need to use a photo of Descartes.

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>>268602668nei, jeg er det Facebook og you can dox me easily (i did a test, by reverse google searching me, you can get my ID fast). plus, you don't want a 5'5 skinny bitch like me. FYI, i am a mutt (Yaqui, french and Lebanese). Sverige elsker svart, dritt hud innvandrere mennere og er det landet av sorgen ;_;

>>268603018I lift 6x/week and do gymnastics with a homegym, so I doubt my test levels are suboptimal. A sign of low test is brain fog and poor concentration, so you might want to get that checked out yourself.>Just look at how impotent and angry you are right now lolPic related>>268603030No idea, found her here>>268602887Man, that one is just sad

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>>268603277>I lift 6x/week and do gymnastics with a homegym,Hahaha, post physique little guy. you won't

>>268600143They had to lure them out of the home and away from family with worthless (but decent paying) jobs so they could become wage slaves too. Now soon, the hammer will drop and the wage/job markets crash enough to destroy their careers (like what's happened to manufacturing & blue collar) so they'll work the same jobs for mere peanuts . . . and compete with a bunch of migrants etc who'll get paid the same but be subsidized by all sorts of govt programs aid assistance housing etc (effectively tripling the migrant wages). These ladies are going to experience what 2-generations of men have gone thru for the past 30-years

>>268600143Sweaters are not going to fold themselves!

Seems like a good place to post 1/2

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>>268600143>The Vast Majority of Women Work Useless JobsAll females are useless parasites, so not a surprise.

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>>268602198So you're not a Spic at all if you're Lebanese French Indian. No more drinking - bad for you!

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>>268600143its true most women jobs are useless, and half the jobs that arent useless have much lower hours than average job men work.Did you notice how all the healthcare workers suddenly started whining that they actually have to work at there job? Its because that most of the time these doctors and nurses literally do nothing and work 3-4hour workdays.

>>268604390>>268604684a fucking leaf as usual

>>268604684>seriously bro what the fuck are you lifting? This is embarrassing.

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>>268604874>sent from my iPhoneman you incels are mad in this thread