This test will determine your IQ and if you can join the ethnostate

discuss Holla Forums and why?

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>>268599486I’ll take the gourmet meals, the waifs, and the gaming PC.


>>268600654but why

Sandwiches and soupNon-alcoholic beveragesLibraryBasketball courtGardenPuzzles and cardsIf I did my math right that's 50 points

gourmet meals, gaming pc, internet and I guess an aquarium. That's about all I do anyway but bees instead of fish. The nicer food woukd be cool.

>>268601274but why

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>>2685994862x waifu clones

Nice thread, anyone got more of these pics?

>>268601682Seconded. I really like these types of images

kitchen 15doggo 8pc 15net hook up 22fish tank 2drugs 7deck of cards 190 million, piece of piss

>kitchenGourmet is cheaper, but I don't like that it's all random. This way I can just make what I want.>gymMight as well get /fit/ if I have nothing else to do. Especially since physical activity will be limited while I'm stuck in this room 24/7. Court is cheaper, but wouldn't allow for weightlifting, and is kinda pointless with nobody to play against.>libraryNeed a passtime. I don't know anything about music and art, so those are out. Reading's varied and not as mind-nunbing as vidya.>bed/comfy/>journalI don't really care about cataloguing my day, but it would be really inconvenient to not have any writing utensils or paper to record shit.>spotifyI can't control the music without it. I can ignore the screen itself, but having constant music would be grating. And it lets me play a podcast if I want to hear someone speak.And that's 50.



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>>268602387kitchen means I can cook and experimentdoggo someone to talk to/look afterpc, continue codingnet continue to learn what's happening in the worldfish tank something to look after and also watch while I'm taking drugsdeck of cards as I had 1 point spare*and I ballzed up, easy $95 million

>>268599486nothing just keep the money

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>>268602641>failwhy fail?

>>268599486garden kitchen and library. If I bring weed seeds and mushroom spores up my ass they can't stop me from growing them

>>268599486>50 points>waifu is mandatory, -25>25 points>can't afford PC & internet even with extra 10 points>library so I can read theory, -15>10 points>jewtube so I can keep up with goings on, better the paperjew and doesn't specify a need for internet, -5>5 points>beverages since I'm a kohi addict, -2>3 points>consider the bed, reread waifu and realize we part after release, reverse decision, +25>28 points>fully-sized gym to work on natty physique, -12>16>pupper, I want a big ol' pupper to keep me company in lieu of waifu, -8>8>puzzle books, sudoku is pretty based, -2>6>skylight would probably be good for mental health, -4>2>aquarium because they look really nice, -2>0Don't know about the extra ten points, there are some others I would consider here like the pool or cigars (if I decide to smoke after studying all those bookmarks on the alleged (((lies))) about smoking) or maybe if spotify (but I've never used it before and have no idea if it has the music I like). So I'll just stick with this.

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>>268599486>high-end PC>high-speed internetThese two make games, music, movies and even the library redundant.My remaining 13 points for:>sandwichesI just need some variation in food. I'm fine with standard drinks as I already drink nothing but water.>newspapersto not feel completely alien to the real world after 10 years.>skylightto retain a sense of time.>twin bedto prevent back problems from that shitty standard bed.

>>268602892Because you can't do math

>>268599486kitchen, library, garden, journal. 50 points

>>268603103it's maths

>>268603196No, that's English.

>>268602902every time you go to prison or are arrested they have to check inside your anus for contraband.

>>268599486Is the PC + internet only for gaming or can you use it for things such as reading, self improvement, stock trading, etc?

>>268602719U fucking dipshit, read CAREFULLY. The extra 10 points makes it go down to 5 million

>>268603021>fucking the dog instead of the womanBased

>>268599486Wife for 25spotify so i don't go mad listening to landscape music for 4gym so i can get /fit/ for 12fast food so i get to choose what i eat for 5juice for the protein shakes for 2King size bed for 2Boom 50 points and with a sense of freedom.

>>268603404You can also rape her and beat her up too, which is a great bonus since she can’t leave and tell cops

>>268603091You already have a pc and internet retard, why the fuck are you getting newspapers

>>268603256Also is there any option to take the money now at the start of the experiment for financial investment using the PC + Internet combo?

I have nutritional pudding, healthcare and bed? What more do I really need? I can enjoy my isolation, meditate. Relax. I think having a dog live its life in captivity with you would be cruel. If I had to take something from the list it would probably be the journal. There should be additional options. I would like some gym equipment so I can exersise. I would also like some cleaning supplies so I can keep my dwelling clean.

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>>268601682>>268602360I found an album with lots of these, the quality is pretty mixed

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>>268602816you have no choice, fail.>>268602902fail.>>268603021pass but barely>>268603091pass>>268603161pass

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>>268599486>Gourmet meals 10>Gym 12>Pool 10>Greenhouse 18 I also get to grow pot out of it because it is not illegal where I live, checkmate.>Total: 50

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>>268603256>>268603598the facts are as given. the money is given at the end and inflation adjusted.

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>>268603620There is Gym equipment, user. 12 points.Everything is repaired and maintained for you so you won't need to clean.

>>268603620The dog isn’t meant to be cared for. It’s a sexual companion to entertain YOU

>>268603539honestly this, Every option i picked gives me a a sense of freedom, do i want to rape my wife today, or have consensual sex? do i want to work out today or stay in and rape my wife? do i want to eat healthy or eat diabetes on a stick? This may seem silly but having a sense of authority and choice while being locked up can help the mind greatly

>>268599486there won't be any ethnostate.

>>268599486Can't have a partner AND internet without going over 50. No fucking thank you.

>>268603756So you can use the PC + Internet for everything?


>>268599486Woman (25)Gourmet meals (10)Music room (10)Youtube (5)Anyone who doesn’t take a dog or clone would probably commit suicide

Sandwich 2Soda 2PC 15internet 22skylight 4cigarettes 5

>>268599486I win.. books, music, internet, gym...occasional weed smoke.This is fucking easy dude.. And sounds like my life already and I like my life.

>>268599486A personal garden and greenhouse (18)Large Library (15)Fully functional Kitchan (15)Large aquarium (2)Pleb tier: Having other people provide food for youChad tier: growing your own vegetables and breeding fish, just in case the people running said experiment decide to stop sending you food.don't become a sustenance slave anons.

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>>268603795Would you make her go to the gym, and make her get so sore she can’t move a single muscle, then piss and shit on her, and then throw food at the bitch, and make the dog fuck her, then chuckle smugly and say “Wagie wagie, stuck in cagey”?

>>2685994866 cats and an aquarium.

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>>268599486ok then

>>268603964You will go nuts with different food, trust me. I was on K Rations for a year and a half, and wanted to throw up each time l ate because it became too bland for me

>>268599486Game Console.Internet Connection.Youtube. Soup/Sandwiches. Soda.(can I use a previously owned account for the game console?)

>>268604059Based hahahaha and lick her armpits when they're really sweaty hahaha :)

>library>sound room>art studiohobby shit to pass the time>youtubejewtube is for entertainment and knowledge>journalfor writing, drawing>psychiatristso i don't lose my shit from lack of interactionThe point is to be productive and not be a complete failure when I get out. Also, you're not being watched 24/7, are you?

>>268604042Just get the dog/cat in case. Because they will send replacements “as needed”.

>>268599486Fast food (5)Video games (15)YouTube (5)Female (25)It's basically my life up to this point, but with a new female to play with. I would prefer a better food option, but it's worth it to get a 10/10 woman for 10 years.

>>268599486I wouldn’t accept. 10 years is not worth 100 million dollars to me. I tend my land and sell its products. I enjoy it. Why the fuck do I care about 100 million? The only consideration would be using those funds to create a traditionalist think tank and lobby group.

>>268599486I don't think I could do itlibrary, gym, and some type of food should be included, garden should be cheaper, does the gym have treadmills and bikes, can i install one of those little pools with jets so that you swim but dont move and call it my choice of equipment, basics should be included otherwise it's not enough points

>>268604373Found the dirty commie

>>268604141>console + internet>not the objectively superior PC + internetSeriously, console only gets you online games while you can do whatever you want on the PC.>>268604211They explicitly say no replacement if the pet dies.

>>268599486PC, internet, gourmet meals, king bed, deck of cards

GymHigh Speed InternetPC GardenKing sized bedInternet is resource for books, PC can be used to create art and journal. Become well read ripped botanist.

>>268599486>PC35 points, for use with the internet>Internet13, removes need for art studio, sound room, library, newspapers, TV, youtube access, spotify access, >Fast food8, what are the limits on fast food? You mean only shit like McDonalds or can you order from things like sushi or vegan places>King size bed6, Comfortable bed is important>Skylight2>BeveragesI don't drink alcohol and would like some tea, coffee, fruit juice, sodas, etc with my food.That should do it.>>268603756>Facts are as givenSo you can escape through the Greenhouse, since it's not specified like it is in the Skylight entry.

>>268599486Wife, gourmet food, library.

LibraryArt StudioMusic studioGymBasketball courtPoolPuppy

>>268604358I wish I knew who you were so I could find you in 10 years and ask if you wish you had $100 million

>>268604498That’s 69 points, retard

>>268604472Microsoft edge exists on xbox.And like hell I'm going to regrind all the tanks I have in World of Tanks on PC

>>268604517Motherfucker, sushi is not fast food. That is “special delivery” like on grub hub and shit. You don’t go to a sushi restaurant to grab a burger, chomp it down, and leave in >5 min or less

>>268604204>not be a complete failure when I get outWith 5-100 million dollars, I don't think it would matter.

>>268599486is the trash chute big enough to fit into?

>>268599486Library, music studio (drums with a double bass, electric and bass guitar), gym (typical gym equipment + calisthenic equipment like the paralletes, rings, TRX etc), gourmet food and puzzle books

>>268604472Oh well, u can still use it as a warm fuckpuppet

>>268603404fail>>268603620passed>>268603673passed but barely>>268603860yes, as you already do>>268603852fail>>268603912pass>>268603955pass>>268603964fail>>268604042>builds an aquaponics systembased and passed>>268604075fail>>268604141fail>>268604204passed and you never really know the whole time if you are being watched or not.

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>>268604373You literally start off with everything you need to survive you fucking pussy, the 50 points just adds luxuries

Fuck it, I'll take 5 mill for 60 points. That's still a half a mill a year for doing shit all. I'm practically a hermit already but I still like to party and fuck.Fully stocked bar (10)Drugs (7)Woman (25)PC (15)King sized bed (2)Playing cards (1)

>>268599486Gourmet chef, gym, top tier university, give up 5 million, girlfriend, youtube

>>268604571But I would have to revoke the previous 10 years? I would tell you to get fucked for being a vapid soulless faggot.

>>268604656answer the question or leave

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>>268599486High end pcHighspeed internet connectionGourmet mealsBed upgrade