There are 100 million blacks in USA and Brazil. How do we send them back to Africa? Instead of cringey Boogaloo shit...

There are 100 million blacks in USA and Brazil. How do we send them back to Africa? Instead of cringey Boogaloo shit, we should be organizing a political party with this sole aim. It would get votes because voting is in secret and people can be open with their true feelings.

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>>268595855>political partyGets branded islamophobic racist sexist antisemitic homophobic transphobic sexist etc. if it gets any traction it will be shut down by chosenites instantly

>>268595855they won't go back dummy, they have it made in western countries.. why would they want to go to africa where the standard of living is less and you don't get dat juicy juicy welfare.. plus africans don't like or want them.. they hate on western countries, and praise africa but they would never ever choose to live in africa

>>268595855When they get reparations... convince them they can pool their money and build Wakanda.

>>268595855took me like 3 watches to even realize whats going on here. this must be george floyds funeral, right?

>>268596225Obviously the blacks would be forced to go back. And the African countries can be forced to accept them because our military is strong enough to force that.

>>268595855They are never going to Africa. They will never leave the land of the gibbs

>>268595855You can't solve this problem through political means compatriot

>>268595855We each buy them tickets. Im willing to buy 5 of them.

>>268596412in an ideal world maybe, but every other nation on earth would condemn you for doing it and you would be the new china, meanwhile the chinese would be sat their pulling their little puds laughing at you being demonised whilst they do the same shit to other ethnic groups.

>>268595855The day our blacks start behaving like yours we will do something about them.


>>268596471This. They will never go back of their own free will. They get too many handouts and gibs. The country must go bankrupt/Zimbabwe, and force will bed needed to remove them. Africa needs to look more preferable than the U.S.or Europe before they leave of their own volition. Accelerate

>>268596755If only you knew how bad it really was

>>268596825I know how things are here and how bad things are on US, I'm honestly surprised how you allowed the situation to become so bad.

>>268596755I always find it funny when br*zilians pretend like they don't live in the most violent country in the entire world.

Get Trump to sign an executive order for disney to build Wakanda Land. For every ticket to Wakanda Land bought they get a free pair of air jordans. When they jump on Wakandian Air revoke their citizenship and refuse entry ipon request.

>>268596225Exactly. They’re not going to give up all this privilege the jews have given them without a fight. They can’t even be held accountable for their crime anymore or else half the country burns down. Why the hell do you think they would willingly leave that behind.

>>268596934Allowed is a strong word. More like: jew politicians forested it, media covered it up, and boomers didn't see because they got their pensions and social security and were happy. We are left to clean up the shit storm

>>268596825Our monkeys are nowhere near as bad as yours

>>268596652This guy thinks we should send black people to China

>>268596958>Let me tell you about how your country really isThat's why I can afford meat and you cannot.>>268597189Allowed is the right word. More like you were too busying with entertainment and consumerism that ignored the situation until is reached the point of non-return.>>268597258Send them to Vietnam if you have enough military power for this.

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Here's the deal. The Zionists want a race war while they withdraw the cops.This way they can then fill the power vacuum of all the desperate whites begging for control and order and safety with the implementation of strict Noahide laws. This deliberately engineered slow-burn CNN fueled racial conflict is totally corporate, and is essentially a fake boogalooo. It's just a pretext for the transitioning to the next phase of the plan to destroy America and hand it all over to Israel. So sending the blacks back won't work. They're the perfect slave race. So gullible and easily manipulated. The Zionists will find them very useful. They are by and large so damn lazy they're mostly dependent on gibbs and will do damn near anything to keep their precious handouts.

>>268597258you know, that might just be crazy enough it could work.. i mean, they do LOVE chinese food

>>268595855>Wants to force 13% of the US population to another continent>Wants to try voting for itI don't even know what say. Oh right, OP is a fag.

>>268595855You don't. You take all the cruise ships sitting around because economy broken, rig them all to blow, load them with alcohol, 40's mainly, fatass girls including all the coalburners, and watermelons, and tell niggers they're going to Wakanda. Halfway across the Atlantic, you beep boop your phone and kaboom. Bottom of the Atlantic becomes dead nigger storage. There is no better plan than this, and if it hasn't been suggested, you're all faggots. 100% foolproof.

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>>268596359Probably. Does it matter? Niggers humping a casket for a attention.

>>268595855>How do we get rid of what will soon be 20% of the population?You can't be this delusional.20% of the population is enough to topple any government or society if aggravated enough.It is literally not possible>Go back 2 Europe

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>>268596958The difference between their blacks and yours isn't really that one is more violent than the other, it's that racism keeps the ones in Brazil in check, a.k.a they try to behave like humans to feel "accepted", at least the ones who aren't in a favela.In the US even the niggers with money behave like apes because criticizing someone means you're a racist piece of shit.

>>268597418Nigger I was under any sort of voting age when this shit came to a head. Most of us are left with the pieces. Gen X is really the only one that could have done anything about it and were complacent.

>>268599368You can justify as you want, you americans allowed niggers to get out of control, now they are destroying your cities and statues.

>>268595855sending them back would be too nice

>>268595855>There are 100 million blacks in USA and BrazilThe slave trade was a jewish enterprise. Jews push slavery myths to cover-up for themselves and to D&C the populace.>711 AD - Jews help Moors take over Iberia>711-1400 - Jews run all the vice in the Mediterranean, including the slave trade and even child slavery>1492 - the year Jews were finally expelled from Spain>1492 - the year Columbus discovers America>1492 - the beginning of the rise of the Atlantic slave trade>most of the Spanish merchants, traders and explorers were jews evading the The slave trade, cotton plantations and sugar plantations etc. were utterly run by jews. See this thread for the full

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>>268597418Lets be real I still prefer paying more for my meat than living around you huehue monkey, not being mean or ironic or anything just the truthThe only + I can think of brazil is that I could become homeless and not care about freezing to death.

>>268599795It's incredible how ignorant canadians are. You manage to be worse than americans.

>>268599795Man, just shut the fuck up.

>>268595855i agree with this. has there ever been a politician in the states or canada that wanted to send all legal immigrants back to their home countries?

>>268597418Brazil is a shithole , you dont have to live there to know that.

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>>268600296I swear, every time is a britt or a leaf talking shit about brazil, as if their countries are any good right now, when they are full of niggers living there.

>>268600590I feel sorry for them, they live on countries were you can be arrested for disagreeing with feminism or owning a kitchen knife without a permit, and they genuinely believe this is something that makes better than other countries.

>>268595855who be in that casket tho

>>268600891Brazil is a low income version of America where the Anglos are replaced with meds. You should compare yourself with india or Iran, not usa.

>>268595855What I would do is have Ghana run prisons for the US. Most niggers end up in prison. While in Ghana, tell Ghana that they get gibs for every nigger who wants to stay there. Watch Ghana extract citizenship wavers for gibs to the former prisoner and Ghana. They will probably kill all those people, but we get rid of a lot of niggers. The easiest moment when you can remove nogs is when they get incarcerated. Most of them do. Most will go to Wakanda this way. The voluntary relocation wouldn't work.

>>268600891Don't forget how much they worship black people, americans are way worse, but still not even close from what we have here.

>>268601173>Brazil is a low income version of AmericaNo it's not. our culture and society are very different, for example we are not as competitive as Americans, nor as arrogant. Thank God I managed to leave US.>You should compare yourself with india or Iran, not usa.I should compare US with India, both country share the same arrogance and cancerous culture.

>>268595855Send them thousands at a time to Israel let them and their wealthy diaspora deal with them, after all the jew brought them to the west. They are responsible not us.

>>268595855tell them they won reparations with a free house and land package, load em onto boats and drop them on the beach.they can find their own land and build their own mud hut, if they complain tell them its in the mail.

>>268601308everyone in America hates niggerssudnigger

>>268600523I have lived there, it is a fucking shithole. I have found that brazilians simply ignore the crime rates and open sewage everywhere. Not sure if its a massive cope or if they love their shitty soccer-team country so much that they ignore the horrible problems.

>>268601308Americans are barely people, a people without empathy were every moment of life is about trying to be successful, when I live there I could feel the hostility that come from them.

>>268601587Then why you allow then to riot and destroy monument?

>>268596225>>268596412>>268596652>>268596225>>268596412>>268596652Even if the intelligence and commitment could be wrung from the white race to organize that, the jewluminati establishment would submarine it to atoms in 10 picoseconds. The infrastructural, legal, political, media, money influence and control that such an endeavor would require is mind boggling. Plus they have squadrons of manchurian candidate MK Ultra hypnosis victims they could use to character assassinate the whole thing- In no time flat the elite would tear it apart from the inside out and outside in, and would assimilate the effort as a validation of the current anti white narrative, just like they did with Nazi Germany 80 years ago.The only way for the white race to expand it's power and security is to follow in the ruler's footsteps: it can only be done secretly, over generations, with family as the backbone.

>>268596225>>268596412>>268596652The political establishment is completely rigged, and at the top levels, completely corrupt, and is obviously on board with white genocide- cough, I mean replacement. To think that any solution can be attained through politics like it's 1850 is, in my opinion, naive. You have to BUY your way into politics behind the scenes, and then use that system to bullshit the masses. You're not going to out-argue the global ZOG media empire

>>268601595Stop arguing with our lowest IQ monkey, they know it's bad but they keep cope, Canada is a paradise compared to brazil, but just because we live in a shithole doesn't mean we can't give our opinion, right?

We should try to put ourselves in blacks shoes.First off they grow up without a father, this means they get taught by their community and role models on the media on how to behave, third their dumb so theres a lot of pressure for them from their women, their community and their capabilities that leads to a life of crime. Not only that but their friends that grew up with them end up in prison so to them its just like hanging out for a few years. The bad blacks get rewarded, the good blacks get punished.There is no easy answer and sending them back will never become a political reality.Sending them to prison clearly isnt working.We should trust the sociologists and give them the resources they need to handle the situation for once.The church was a good institution but its also never coming back.

>>268602227Try living for a few years on Canada or US. It's very educative on how miserable life can be.

>>268602383How's that?Canada/USA is very big and organized, good roads, cheap car(Anyone can afford a car).Gun law much better than in brasil, education also better, more jobs too. Clean, and more educated people compared to brasil.I'm pretty sure there's more advantages, but you got it.

>>268601419You are going to laugh, but I've read on the Russian news channel that Israel is planning on sending their niggers refugees to Russia. Chechnya and other churka lands are going to be set up with rehabilitation camps before being sent to Africa. can google translate, I guess.

>>268595855>How do we send them back to Africa?Peacefully?If we somehow got serious people that weren't criminals into govtCut off gibs and dem programz firstEnd forced integration programs and legalize self defenseThen have a 2 tiered system, one for the law abiding nogs and another for the criminalFor the law abiding offer 100k to renounce citizenship and fuck off to literally anywhere, open offer, travel expenses paidOnce they reach another country they sign the paperwork at a us consulate, and have the money wired to their account>b-but user that will cost too muchUnder our current gibs regime they cost us 750k over their lifetimes on averageThis does not account for the incalculable costs they impose by making us a low trust society or their general destruction to public spaces they engage inNo more wasteful diversity hires, cheaper housing due to no more white flight, etcIts the deal of the century>b-but user they won't all take itIn their minds 100k is rapper moneyLook at how many "Trump dun bless a niggas bank account" you saw after the paltry corona 1200Cut off gibs and the # who take it will increase drasticallyFor the criminal negroes:Auto deport ones convincted of violent crime>b-but user who will take themAfrican dictators are easy as fuck to bribe, a few billion should be enough to literally drop them in a field in some Godforsaken country by the millionsThese 2 policies combined would within 50 years reduce their population to nothing but some of the so called "talented 10th"Outside of them there would be a few "based" nogs left overWithout bloodshed there is no getting rid of all of them, but if they can be reduced to 2% of the population with the understanding that if they commit a violent crime they get sent away to another continent, I would find the situation liveableThis is for the US, no clue what to do for Brazil

>>268602658While they have good infrastructure and access to more consuming goods and other of better stuff. But something with people there make it miserable, no matter if you're working, or studying, or chilling on a bar, or whatever it'll be like a competition, some hide but every present hostility. As if people there are always trying to get some advantage from you, like trying to step over you by default. It's hard to say exactly what's wrong, because I've only felt it when living there, I've never tried to figure out what was wrong.

>>268595855by travelling to the past and picking your own cotton

>>268603135Interesting point of view, So they're very competitive alright that's something unique, but advantage? I feel the same in brasil, those monkey always want to steal rob or fuck your over, that may be in the whole world. I wish I could know more about your experience in the USA, if you have discord hook me up.

>>268595855check in MARCUS Garvey tried and failed about a hundred years ago. Do you really think we can succeed now?

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>>268603531>So they're very competitive alright that's something unique, but advantage?It's like they always want something, the phrase "what I'll gain from talking to you" comes in mind.>I feel the same in Brasil, those monkey always want to steal rob or fuck your over, that may be in the whole world. It's FAR worse on the US, here strangers will be hostile to you but there it's with everyone, even the families of my class mates were hostile to them. This can become depressing very fast.>I wish I could know more about your experience in the USA, if you have discord hook me up.Post yours if you wish;

>>268600891They also have plumbing advanced enough to handle toilet paper. I do convention work so i meet groups of people from many countries, and by far the nastiest group so far has been for the Brazilian jujitsu tournament. Sure there were tons of gorgeous women at the convention, but even the rich Brazilians threw their trash on the ground, tried to bribe security guards for access to vip areas, the bathrooms were an India level biohazard when the Brazilians were done with them

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>>268603531are you kidding me?There is no comparison between brazil and the united states as far hospitality.Sure brazil is a shit but its happy shit.People do festivals and are always happy.In the United States nobody smiles.

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>>268603978They are not always happy, but they are not always miserable. It's the sort of thing you can only feel when you live for a good amount of time on both places.

>>268603086It's worth keeping in mind that most of that 750k is being recycled back into our economy the 100k is not going into our economy at all.

>>268602365Twitch bitch I wore a pair of air jordans once they were pretty nice.

>>268603784Well I gonna have to live in the U.S to find out, I'm a lone wolf anyways I dont like people at all, usa would be heaven for me. Btw fuck the discord it's 4chan better stay user.>>268603978Fetival like carnaval? We may as well just dance around the fire like monkeys..Come on who care about festival and dumb smiles, I just want a good life in a economic and organized place.

>>268595855without killing the jews you don't get do do anything much

>>268604486>I just want a good life in a economic and organized place.Then go to Europe, unless you want to be filthy rich it's a a better option.

>>268601707Take your meds

>>268604604or chile, or rich places in são paulo and south,.

>>268595855What's wrong with the webm? Maybe the deceased was a black girl who enjoyed twerking, what's wrong with honoring dead people with what they liked?

>>268597113You sure that wakanda land does not have wifi for them to share the rest of world to tell?

>>268596471Do americans just get endless gibs? In germany they will completely scratch your gibs if you don't try to get work and eventually you have to take any work they offer you, it's basically slave labour.

>>268595855Reparations on condition that they return to Africa. Give noggs 100k each and African countries would welcome them with open arms. It would be a small price to pay given that the average black is a net drain of $750,000 on the government over the course of their lives.

>>268604894I can see why you idolize the US. Try living on São Paulo, and you'll have a small sample of what life on USA is like.