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Is Qanon a disinformation campaign? I get a bad feeling in my stomach whenever someone brings it up to me

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Sessions was posting trust sessions these Past couple of daysEric trump posted a q image recently

Niggers tongue my anus

>>268595270That just sounds like the elites throwing a bone to the goyim to get them worked up

>>268595118The right also wants the system to fail and take control.

>>268595118It's literally just started from some schizo LARPing. Now it's a full on cult

Q plays the middle and prevents the right from peacefully protesting

isn't this an infinitychan thing?

ai stumpted

>>268595270>sessions was posting a "trust sessions" memeWell no fuck, retard. He was in a race where almost all his supporters believed the "trust sessions" guess what? He used the meme because it's positive for him>TRUST sessionsThat is something any politician would be happy to meme if they could do it without looking completely retarded

>>268595916>prevents the right from peacefully protestingSo then you conceede that Q has effected 10s of millions of RW?

>>268595118*Thread for retardsftfy

>>268595699Yeah, it's stupid vague statements that can apply to literally anything. More of them don't come true, but you remember the ones that vaguely seem to be true - confirmation and survivorship bias at work

>>268595118that guy standing there is likely a plant

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Qanon is something out there and going on right now. thats about as far into it as you should be thinking.maybe its something, maybe its not.

>>268595118I think it's a rogue CIA operation to get peoples hopes up.

>>268595118That bad feeling you get is hope that people are waking up in greater numbers than ever and that fact may actually change our world. And you've been conditioned not to hope by this place. And like depression, you have to recognize when there may be a better way to live and let go of your hapless despair.

>>268596881>>268596881>>268596881>>268596881BASED! ONLY ANSWER THAT MATTERS!

Trust the plan.Don't do anything.The left's victories are our victories.We have to become leftists to win.Patriots run the show; liberals have no power.Still voting Trump.

>>268595600You're retarded, federalists are the right & they've been in power since the civil war. There has been a leftist infiltration of various state & federal organizations colloquially called the deep state. This is a fight to keep the right in power.

>>268595118>Is Qanon a disinformation campaign?Yes. It was to distract gun happy boomers and it worked.

>>268595118>Le daily wacky well-poisoning threads by JIDFJIDF like to push irrational conspiracies like faked moon landings, le Illuminati/Masons, flat earth, absurd 9/11 theories (there were no planes), lizard people, Q user, etc. etc. to do one thing... to make people that discuss information outside of what the (((MSM))) gives us look retarded and to cover up for Jews.This is called well-poisoning and gas-lighting. Jews do this to keep normie goyim from looking into or thinking about legitimate non-MSM information too much, e.g. the Jew subversion of our media and government or the exaggerations and outright lies surrounding the holohoax made for political gain.9/11 is a good example... Israel had a big role in 9/11. How to well-poison this subject manner? Make sure any threads about 9/11 include discussion of "there were no planes", "it was CGI", "a nuke brought it down", "an energy weapon brought it down" etc. and other absurdities. This will get any normies to reject ALL non-MSM information about 9/11, including what they want to cover-up (Israel's role).Jews control our media. Jews control our banking. Jews control our academia. Jews control our government. Very real and verifiable. Something people need to know and understand. “But let’s not worry about that, goyim. Let’s discuss flat earth, bigfoot and aliens”.Understand what Jews have done to the West. See these threads for more:>The truth about the world>The truth about (((educational))) propaganda aimed at children sponsored by tax these threads and fuck JIDF.

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>>268596874I saw this thread and I said to myself there's an 88% chance the bhutan will have a post in it.Pattern recognition.

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>>268597090>Trust the plan.>Don't do anything.>The left's victories are our victories.>We have to become leftists to win.>Patriots run the show; liberals have no power.>Still voting Trump.This. Boomers are idiots.

I have spent an ungodly amount of time trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in this world. The most probable answer is that Q is what Q says they are. Whitehats in the NSA and Military who want to overthrow the Zionist CIA and about 50% of the FBI. It's not a LARP because we have seen it predict events which only high level personnel would know such as McCain being executed exactly one month later. People say it's the Jews trying to keep you complacent, well that's a shitty answer because now you've got tons of gun toting people overly invested in this, not to mention Q could have done the same thing without naming the elite including the Rothschilds.Is Q as powerful as we believe and will they win? I don't know. I think at some point POTUS has to directly address this stuff because so far we've only been dealing with crumbs.

>>268597470Q threads are like a flameAnd Im the moth

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>>268597479>Boomers are idiotsBut I thought they were the problem? They're distracted with a larp, so why are you losing?

>>268596881it's obviously fucking nothing you retards. If it was something he wouldn't be leaving gay ass codes that are obviously just complete gibberish. look at me I'm QFOX IS IN THE HOLETHE EAGLE FLIES HIGHSTORM IS COMING3-09kjewf-09432123-3j3rrj322#WWG1WGA

some dumb idiot LARPing as a Street Fighter III character


Qanon is Colin Powell.

>>268597591>>268597660CIA Director _early 2017 - April 2018?External Advisory Board (CIA) members during this time?Was Bill Barr a member of the board?What advantages might exist to incoming AG Barr re: member of external advisory board (CIA)?What advantages might exist to Sec of State re: former Dir of CIA?It must be right.It must be according to the law.It must be proven.It's what you don't see.Durham is not the only game in town.Q

It is I. I am Q.

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>>268597552And general schizo threads.>mothmilf desu

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>>268597549Kind of my take too as an oldfag, the results are speaking for themselves by this point. But I was first to say this was a strange LARP to keep people passive. Now that things aren’t as rhetorical and we are literally living in the end of the world with ww3 starting up, well... I’m certainly going to side with Qfags over BLMfags even if it is a Hitlerian trap. I doubt it, but maybe.

>>268595118>I get a bad feeling in my stomach whenever someone brings it up to meThat's your gut instinct telling you something is wrong.The Magic Letter is pure EVIL. They are the ones who have convinced DJT to delay justice, and now the election is lost because the coup plotters continue on every front.The are the ones who advised POTUS to undertake the disastrous shutdown of the US economy, they are the ones who allow the Chinese flu to be blown completely out of proportion, they are the ones who distracted the only minds in the nation that might have uncovered the coup in time to do something about it, but instead are convinced that they should sit around fapping and enjoying the show.GOD DAMN Q.

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>>268597913Theres something so satisfying about bullying a schizo, you know its true

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Qanon is confirmed by posts from AF1 and within the oval office, including a candid of POTUS.Qanon has had too many coordinated moments with POTUS twitter to possibly be a coincidence.If you have not kept along, now is the time to start.

>>268595118Of course it's real. This board is being overrun by reddit shills; don't let them dissuade you from the truth. Don't believe them, and don't believe me. Disseminate for

>>268598159>blah blah blah unsubstantiated claims, now join my cult

>>268597998>you know its trueIt is. You're on another level though, whereas they usually double down with most people I've seen you kill threads outright with your bullying.

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Still don't know who Q is.Can't locate or reveal after 3 years but 4 insist its just a dumb larp.. Won't ask Trump about it. World wide following growing each day. Its a confusing path. But it always leads you into the right places.

>>268597759He hates

>>268596942That's my thoughts also. Keep people believing that their votes matter and that centralized power isn't their enemy.

Q is a psyop to sell t-shirts

>>268595118Q is a classic diversion tactic.As long as retarded anons are obsessing over cryptic nothingburgers they won't be focusing on uncovering anything that might actually be damaging to the administration.

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>>268598510this & to sell t-shirts


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>>268598399He hates Clinton as well.

>>268598327kek It's true, I kill threads I don't like, in such a way that I also avoid janjan

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>>268598772Anyway can you answer why the aliens will attack Mr. Time Traveler

>>268595118FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT IM FUCKING GAY THE DEM THE DEMS THE DEMS Not realizing that satanic pedo cults are a bi partisan issue and trump was on epsteins plane. Trumps previous wife fucking helped maxwell con girls into being "models". You fucking retards in the q cult are too brainwashed to realize that or accept that. >bu- bu- but Barr is gonna take them downBarrs fucking dad gave epstein his first real job. You think that Trump being on epsteins plane and Barr being connected to Epstein is a fucking coincidence? Why wont they give literally anyone else on the flight log the same benefit of the doubt. You all are fucking losers and before someone calls me a fucking kike god damn Trump is the most openly Zionist president we have ever had. Fuck Q and fuck all the pedo fucking scum (aka pretty much every elite). The day of the rope is quickly approaching and you all need to get your fucking faggot ass facts straight.

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>>268597759That's who I thought when you mentioned Desert Storm in your other discussion. Can you start another time traveler thread on /x/ since jannies pruned the other?

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>>268598993Alright. Explain why it is being exposed now then, retard. If trump is in on the plan, why is Epstein even a breakthrough issue. Everything Q talks about, he talks about the ELITE.

>>268597591Just because you're too fucking stupid to understand what he's saying doesn't mean he's speaking gibberish, it means you're a fucking idiot

>>268598993Watch them say like all the pedos were executed and replaced with clones and the good clones are fine now everything is fine now. lol

>>268598876We must convene again someday.

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I think Q is pretty legit; a true information back-channel from the administration.

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>>268598292They are substantiated you just have cognitive dissonance going on and refuse to look at the evidence

If Q is a LARP, why do so many media outlets report on it? Head of NYPD union gives Fox News interview with QAnon mug in background

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>>268599296The fear is that this is all just a show to keep everyone paying their taxes

>>268595118Q-shit actually vanished for a while from Holla Forums, but then it suddenly came back in a flood of threads. That's not 'organic.' My suspicion is that 'Q' is an election-year tool to get conspiracy-minded white people to vote Trump/GOP. These are people who would normally not vote at all, so giving them Q-shit to motivate them to vote Trump is a sensible investment for the Trump campaign.It is also designed as a 'retard wrangling' operation. Ie, it gets these same conspiracy-minded people to "research" ridiculous shit about celebrities or secret executions rather than anything substantive or which might cause problems for the people actually in power. The celebrity obsession alone is a big sign that this is the case - media celebrities are irrelevant puppets. People with actual power prefer to remain mostly anonymous, and to use distractions such as 'Q' to help maintain that anonymity.

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>>268597591and that music, yuck

>>268599219I concur

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>>268599383In all fairness, celebrity pizza culture is a big crisis. If anything Q is just a pizzagate coverup or something

>>268599383No retard it's been an ongoing phenomenon on 8kun since the beginning

>>268599138Epstein went down because of a few hardcore NYPD detectives. The ones who got Weiners laptop most likely. You can find this information if you actually research shit and not obsess over Q nonsense. While you were jacking off trusting the plan a whole other side was mobilizing and is currently burning down cities. Keep on trusting the gay ass plan or that Trump didn't hang with Epstein back in the day.

>>268595118QAnon is a Jewish Psychop designed to make white supremacists not hate Jews as much by empowering a Jew loving president.

>>268599432Still the same name, I presume?

>>268595118>Is Qanon a disinformation campaign?No user its real devote your life to it follow stupid leads that tell you just enough not to know shit. Of course throws people off makes people believe they have power.

john titor, in a thread that just got deleted, told us Q is a govt. asset to show us retards that were not crazy for swallowing the lefts agenda and that theres support within the US govt. to kill all the pedos and traitors.he also said Q served in some capacity in desert storm.

>>268599508>Keep on trusting the gay ass plan or that Trump didn't hang with Epstein back in the day.This 100% or getting the normies to go after Wayfair and not question who Epstein's gf is married to

God isn't real.

>>268599508I never said Epstein was Q's doing. I am saying however that his arrest, the memory-holing, and then maxwell's subsequent arrest now just a few weeks ago which Q both predicted and drew massive calls too is however substantive. These retards who say >muh q dindu nuffinAre even more out of touch than the "qlarpers" they deride. Which is it? Is it a boomer hoax, what for, to expose the democratic party for everyone to see? Good. If you bitches are so fucking spastic, then expose the republicans in the same way.Oh the cities burning? Trump is literally cracking down on that, AS Q PREDICTED.You faggots have no defense, you are underbudget and behind schedule. Getting blown the fuck out every week must be hard for your wrists to keep up with. Can't wait for the next spin.

>>268599285Imagine being this disillusion. At least join an actual religion like Christianity.

>>268599708>>268597759>Qanon is Colin Powell.

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>>268599708That and the zion don stuff is literally out of the shill playbook. I like how these faggots never talk about china or russia anymore, it's just jewjewjew. It's the new playbook.

>>268599463From what I understand in the very beginning, it actually was on Holla Forums, but then realized that the our mods were comped and then they moved to 8c and have been there ever since.

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>>268597759No it's Colan Bowels

>>268600040Faggots on here act like supporting even early 21st century conservative values is 'going against Q's plan'

Came here after seeing Tommy G piss his pants and cry over some Tim and Eric skit on Twitter. Do you retards actually believe this shit? Lmao.

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>>268595270>#TrustSessionsHow did that work out for him? Trump and his supporters still dumped his ass.Q was silent for two weeks, posts yesterday, and not a mention of Sessions.QAnons are once again resorting to mental gymnastics to reconcile.


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>>268599285>They are substantiated>source: trust me, bro!

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>>268595118Whatever happened to that "FBI user" guy? Is that the same guy as Q? I remember him saying some trippy shit.

>>268599936Bro your brain is fucked. The stuff Q drops is surface level shit that you can find a dozen different internet personalities making the same predictions. What about all the shit Q has said that he got waaaaay fucking wrong? >muh sealed indictments >bu- Q said disinfo was necessary awfully convenient caveat. You waiting on jfk jr too you complete fucking schizo? If you can't see how Q effetivily made a large percent(enough to be worth the op) of the right to be absolutely complacent and sit back "trusting the plan" instead of organizing then idk what to tell you pal. You need to look at it objectively and not cherry pick the bits that confirm your personal narrative. The fact of the matter is shit is way darker than what Q says. I pray that you along with other Qtards wake up and realize you are being completely bamboozeled. The rest of us need you all in the real world taking real action. Not just hoping that a billionaire who hung out with Epstein on the reg and was on the plane is going to save the day.

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>>268599603What do you mean?

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>>268600680That disco id or whatever. I kept a screenshot of it for archival purposes.

>>268600802oh, yeah, unchanged

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PSYLARP or not, Q has red pilled millions on corruption and the satanic cabal.If this is a ZOG plot, what's the endgame?More specifically, when it comes to "pulling the rug out" from under the QAnon movement, how will they go about redirecting all that righteous anger (in terms of Strategy, Operations and Tactics)?

>>268600569I don't know if I believe this whole oracle machine business, but this is nonetheless an interesting coincidence

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I think the most disconcerting thing to me is how Qanon is packaged. I can't place my tongue on it, but it feels like a shitty offshoot of a JIDF information campaign, kind of like flat earth and 5G conspiracy theories . For example, the website that was shilled by here from a Qtard (pic related). Packages talking points that seem surface-level and GOP approved.

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>>268597294You're right, but I still think there's really something to QAnon.

>>268595118yeah no shit. its basically the same as WWE but 'le spooky conspiracies'

>>268601245WWE THAT'S WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF /thread

>>268601245most concise answer so far.

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>>268599383Even if that's the case, QAnon has dropped some major redpills, so it's a net positive to society.

>>268597581>But I thought they were the problem? They're distracted with a larp, so why are you losing?We're being denied human capital.Boomers make up a lot of Trump's base. Now that they've been sucked into the Qult of Personality, Trump doesn't actually have to deliver his promises to maintain their support, and they're isolated from Holla Forums so we can't convince them to do anything.That seems to be the new tactic, isolate thr faxtions so bad ideas don't get disproven, good ones stay isolated, and nobody has the mass to make an impact.

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>>268601069You know, I mean my disco ID is still the same, with the 1111 hash tag and stuff....

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>>268601537I was trying to convey shock and temptation lol.


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>>268601203That's because since Q was pushed off 4chan his primary audience became boomers, and that quality of production is going to appear across anything they participate in. Have you been on /qresearch/? their "memes" are exactly what you'd expect from a boomer's facebook wall. I'm glad to see a bit more Qposting here because they're gonna need some help when the campaign ramps up.

>>268601606Oh. Yeah....I totally knew that

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>>268597090Classic boomer activism.

>>268601621haha reply with watermarked gif haha funny

>>268600569Oh wow. Fake tips before the move to 8chnThat does it. Definitely fake.

>>268601839I caved.

>>268599936Digits confirm>faggots have no defenseSeriously, and all faggotry aside, explain the current state of #TrustSessions.

>>268600544Who started the investigations into the CGI that are due to be wrapped up soon? Barr? Whitaker? No it was Sessions.

>>268600635Q posts The Lords PrayerA few weeks later the NYT puts out an article saying the Pope is mulling over a change in The Lords Prayer Nothing to see here. The NYT publishes stories about the Lords Prayer every day.


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>>268598159candid of trump please?

>>268602018Im great to have around. THE WHOLE PACKAGE

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>>268601727Congratulations 4chan. You have rejected the person that embodies your political goals the most. An end to the Fed, government corruptions and the truth being revealed about Israel. Unfortunately like the Jews did to Jesus you rejected your savior. Holla Forums is the new Jew. I hope you’re proud of yourselves

>>268601410you know where to go. back

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>>268602080>CGIComputer Generated Imagery?Coast Guard Intelligence?Cum Guzzling Incel?What the fuck are you talking about? Be specific.


>>268597940If anything it's the exact opposite of a LARP to keep people passive which is what I worry about. It could be a way to empower the right and divide them further from the left to start a civil war with 'White Nationalist' being the bad guys. It's a strong possibility but if that was the case 1) You don't need to expose so much of the truth ESPECIALLY not the CIA and FBI being corrupt 2) They would never draw attention to the Rothschild overlords pulling the strings, only the middle-upper level and 3) Trump would have had to make some move to restrict gun sales.I very much believe that project zephyr was supposed to take place under Clinton, sink the US like the motherfucking titanic and hand it over to China. The Deep state gets out of their US debts and makes a killing with China, the whole word becomes a slave race with one currency and UN police. At this point Q being what they say is the most probable answer. I just wish they would stop with the overt shit and move into the more direct results. Enough people are waking up that we can start the fucking show.

>>268595118It's literally a CIA psyop

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>> happened under Sessions watch.

>>268602242That's fuckin crazy. Q is probably an insider but a psyop nonetheless. That's my uneducated guess. I definitely don't think it's just some random guy...


>>268602587Yeah, I agree. IQ 150 for whatever it is worth. Even under Clinton I don’t know if Zephyr would have succeeded but I have marveled at how tragic this would be if we had Clinton in charge and the borders didn’t shut and she well full commie and shut down the internet and we were all just on lines waiting outside Costco until we were fumigated with Covid 19. Maybe they still carried out their plan but with not even half of the parameters in place

Why does the Q conspiracy go out of it's way to not mention the Jews? Why can't it mention the elephant in the room?

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>>268600564>EX 1.1> Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.

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>>268595280This guy gets it

>>268602502I think we're seeing a resurgence of popularity on Holla Forums. I've noticed more threads since Flynn tweeted his oath, but there is such a large amount of posters who are so behind that they still push the basement larper angle. Even if people are confined to another general then I think that will at least be enough to get some decent OC creators trickling in.

>>268595118Qanon is pied piper horseshit from the enemy. That's why Q can be accurate with leaks and not get Seth Rich'd.

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>>268602502Fuck you, the only political goal is overthrow of ZOG, which is only going to occur when a group of 120+ IQ namefags like pic related collaborate, not a single room-temperature IQ hideandgoseekfag posting utter fucking bullshit for Boomers.

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>>268603173Those were actually the richest people in America

>>268602293Here's one

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>>268602618I feel like MI6 is more likely, Q was a huge push for Brexit

>>268595118Alright lets end this..Q faggotry is obviously coming from Trump's supporting group, and in some cases Trump himself.. This fact alone leads many an user to jump headfirst into any and all Q crumbs they may be leaked..Hi Endchan.. Be smarter Fags Q is a Larp

>>268602565>CGIOh yeahFuck I hope so. At this point, I'm all out of trust. All I've got is hopium.

>>268602708To what end? What is Qs endgame?What Q said is happening. Not on your timetable but it IS happening. Pedos are on the run. The black hats in DC are shitting themselves.

>>268602998He’s said that they are saving Israel for last. Q has also fingered Alex Jones as Mossad controlled opposition.

>>268603106>they still push the basement larper angle.Pharisees

>>268599463Q was on Holla Forums 1st


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>>268603173Be quiet. You are the unbeliever.You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

>>268603736>fingered Alex Jones hahaoh fuck me Q must be true....


>>268603865And like the Jew that Holla Forums is. They rejected their savior.

>>268602636My point about Sessions was that for 2 years Trump bashed him as "Do Nothing Sessions," etc. We were told the "the best movies have the best actors," and to TrustSessions.In other words, it was all faux outrage from Trump to deflect attention away from the things Sessions was doing behind the scenes.But then Trump publicly dick slaps Session on twitter.Sessions tweets QAnon hashtags and still loses his senate race.So how is this part of the plan? Did Q predict sessions being put out to pasture?

>>268603891I love the tacticool culture in america. Nowhere else do you see cops look like this

>>268603652Like someone else said, Q probably just gives people a false hope that the system is working for them. I'm pretty fuckin ignorant though, I don't even know why I'm posting... Maybe Q is legit. Who the fuck knows.

>>268603983MOS = Mossad

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>>268604096>My point about Sessions was that for 2 years Trump bashed him as "Do Nothing Sessions," etc.Optics

>>268604155Arrests are happening. Yeah I wanted something out of a political thriller too but it’s starting to happen. If I told you in 2015 Trump would win the election and he’d arrest Epstein and Maxwell what would you have said?

>>268595270You’re a faggot. Q is a larp. Anyone that disagrees is 100% an nsa glownigger or a retarded boomer that can’t even use a calculator

>>268604039>saviorIs Q going to kill every one of our Jewish genociders in the United States and carry out a campaign to ensure they're exterminated worldwide? Is he retaking America from the brown hordes? Is he founding a new ethnostate? Because it seems like his focus is on small achievable steps to retake the Republic which, while good, ultimately doesn't result in our salvation. Whites can rebuild the Republic. The Republic can't rebuild Whites.

Q was the wake up for normies.Easily shareable because in the community there are good people. Think of Dan Scavinos video today.The storm is upon us faggots.

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>>268603827I would be careful with those comparisons. I have faith in Christ, but I'm not willing to extend that faith (and certainly not that praise) to a man who hardly mentions Christ himself. Besides, making that comparison falsely makes the situation a matter of faith when there's a mountain of evidence to show Q is at least NSA/MI.

>>268602242It is sad that one day, when it is too late, you will realize that you believed in something that only hurt any sort of meaningful movement. Look up cults because youre in one mate. Israel is last? The fucking JEWS are being saved for last? When then? It will never happen because it is an utterly kiked op. Trump is so fucking far up Israels as he's fucking the kosher part. Israel and the JQ is the most important pill and should not be "saved for last" aka will never come.