Based black chick pours paint all over BLM mural

yeah, im thinking shes

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>>268594815She cute.

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>>268594815>be cop.>Told to guard 24/7 a mural to police brutality against blacks. >have to arrest a police supporting black woman putting blue paint on the mural of lies.Clown world.

Damn, that takes actual courage. Hats off to this queen, unironically.

>>268595421She looks like my ex wtf

>>268594815look those faggots dare to touch our queen kangs

Takes some real balls to do this in downtown Jamaican Brooklyn. Another video from minutes ago:


Look closely at the badge

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>>268594815The cop on the right looks (((strange)))

>>268596163lol so she got arrested and then came back and did it again?holy shit this woman needs a statue!

>>268594815Why are cops defending BLACK LIVES MATTER painted on a street but not statues of historical figures?


Guys they just went live like 20 minutes ago and did it AGAIN. WAY MORE PAINT!!!!!!!!

>>268595421Oh shit. Decent

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>>268594815Oh hey look it's an actual black person who probably lives in an actual black community, protesting the fact that "Black Lives Matter" is ruining black lives. I'm sure some underweight white guy will be happy to enlighten her about BLM's efforts to save her from oppression.

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>>268596513Its hilarious because black people are defacing a black lives matter graffiti. White people are probably wondering WTF.

>>268594815A lot of black people probably know that black communities will go to shit if the police get defunded. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the protesters are gang bangers.

>>268595541Fuck pigs and fuck nigs

>>268596407>Israeli flagHmmmWhat is this dual citizen doing LARPING as a cop?

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>>268594815LEL, the smarter blacks know whats about to happen. People are waking up to the black question because of the BLM protests, more hate is being generated towards black people because of it. They will be lynched and their black privileged will be ripped away from them if they keep this attitude up.The smarter blacks are trying to prevent that from happening.

>end over-policing of black people and police brutality!>quick arrest that black woman who defaced our BLM sign!Does not compute


>>268594815Because Niggers are a NYC protected species...Wipepo ain't shit !

>>268596407every fucking time

>>268596513They are mad about pic related.

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>>268594815It’s just ny


>>268596804It's not hatred towards blacks they're trying to stop, its that they know them and their kids are going to be murdered by gang banger niggers once the police get defunded

>>268596978It's both.but how the fuck is someone from the UK going to tell someone who actually lives in america what the situation in america is like?

>>268596163Those two can stay.

>>268595541>>be cop.>>Told to guard 24/7 a mural to police brutality against blacks.>>have to arrest a police supporting black woman putting blue paint on the mural of lies.>during arrest slip in paint and crack skull on BLM "mural">mfw

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>>268597171because I know you're overestimating their awareness. black people have always been more afraid of other blacks than they have been of whites, the smart ones any way.

>>268596799keeping your streets safe from feral niggers, nigger.

>>268594815Saw video. I love clear minded and principled womenGod bless her

>>268596407dude, you fucking eagle eye.... everytime.

>>268594815Nah...defund the police. I am winning the over under on the black on black shootings pool. Think about it lads. A broken police force will cause more nigger on white crime. This will red pill liberal whites. They will screeeee to segregate. They will purge nigger culture from white culture. And they will support 2A rights. Getting rid of cops is the best thing that could ever happen for white people. Eventually we can start sending out RWDSs and nobody will be around to investigate shit.

>>268597705this is why i dont like it when you faggots refer to all blacks as niggers. there are plenty of good hard working black people who havent been brainwashed by society to act negatively.

>>268595421Friendly reminder lads. 48% of all black women have incurable herpes. FACT. Go look it up.Niggers have 10 to 20 times the rate of STDs as whites across the spectrum of disease. FACT see CDC data.Condoms do not protect you from Herpes. FACT. Go look it up.Coalburning white females are vectors of nigger disease into the white community. All coalburners must be shunned or you hate white people. FACT FACT FACT FACT.

>>268596799No they make new york cops wear an American flag and an Israeli flag, if yhey don't wear the jew flag and suppiet their true leader nation then they are fired. Wish i was joking. I did security for a convention that had Israeli run businesses, and they made all the security wear fucking security shirts with jew stars on them

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>>268597919Those ignorant fuckers could be watching their wife and daughter getting gang raped by 12 niggers and still screech "muh socioeconomic factors". At the very least we will see lots of tolerant left wingers die. That's always a plus.


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She Rocks!

>>268597990Is this like the 80/20 rule?

>>268595421From my personal experience, black women suck cock like champions. I've never met a black woman that wasn't a master at wrapping her big nigger lips around the BWC and with each and every stroke, summoning thick gobs of pure aryan cum.

These women have done more to challenge the shitlibs in 12 hours than the GOP has in 4 years.

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No Pagans nor Atheists will ever do something like this, because there is no greater motivation than faith.

>>268597990Niggers is like the term faggots or retards. Everyones post here can be a total faggot post or a total nigger post. By default, I expect and call every user here a nigger or faggot on a basic level. Like calling strangers retards in public, regardless of whether they are being stupid or not. And if it's some leftist emotional everybody get along, guilt trip, shit... I scream GTFO KIKE. and that's a normal healthy reaction that is necessary defence against all of the attacks on free speech and promotion of safe zones.

>>268594815>nypd zogbot gets clippedlol, good

>>268596407I saw the 69 before i saw the israeli flag

>>268595421She looks good but I feel Like something is missing from her that makes her look kawaii compared to a asian girl

>>268596906Haha it's a hoodchipper

>>268598565Oh good. They accepted it as a peaceful protest. Heard she got arrested after they declared the vanadalism burning looting and murder a peaceful protest and had to do some soul searching. MURICA am I ready to die for this shit? and the answer was yes. Tell the glow niggers.

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>>268598818The possession of faith should in no way infer the substantiation of faith. Does it motivate? Sure, in a world where people are left with unanswered questions, it's always easier to fall pray to delusion and selfish narcissism, that YOUR God is the only true God, and everyone else's is mere fantasy and heretical deception.Mind you, this is how everyone else perceives you as well. So basically the world is full of sad, desperate and stupid people, quick to lie to themselves and difficult to be objective regarding their retardation.

My favorite part of this was how the cops basically 'pretended' to try to stop BLM BTFO

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>>268595421yeah, ok. I hate you.alright.

I'd give her mocha babies if she asked me to.

>>268594815based on the emotion behind her actions, i would say she has suffered some personal loss that is highly relevant to the topic of black lives matter. from the context of what she did it's safe to assume her, her child/children or someone else close to her has suffered at the hands of a rather violent black person in some way. i truly pity her. she's clearly in pain and the faggots of nyc are going to railroad her as if she's an honest to goodness klansmen

>>268594815And they wonder why they never rose up against their captors. They stayed under slavery for so long because of that. Like it or not, that's what it came down to. >WE AINT GONNA DO NUFFIN. MASSA GIB US FOOD, HE TAKE KEH UH US!They're literally getting culled by white cops on the street and that fat bitch is defending them. What kind of shit is that?

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>>268599159>Oh good. They accepted it as a peaceful protest. Heard she got arrested after they declared the vanadalism burning looting and murder a peaceful protest and had to do some soul searching. MURICA am I ready to die for this shit? and the answer was yes. Tell the glow niggers.Sounds like the cops are just as pissed as everyone else with the stupid mural.

>>268599562DAS RITE

>>268594815I'd give her the half white baby she wants.

>>268599179copeNo atheist will ever do something because atheism only lead to nihilism

>>268596407Are you fucking kidding me

>>268599562“Literally getting culled”No that’s niggers kill each other you retard

>>268599652All of modern invention was provided by the atheistic mind, user. Religion is worn as a shield of immunity from persecution, just how Jews and their red shield cry anti semite, so too do the brightest minds pray to jehova while they unlock the secrets of the universe.Your church is to blame for this.

This is beyond staged. The cop flopped around, pretended to be injured, and the other cops - After witnessing her injure a fellow officer - just continue to sort of pat at her and not actually move in to arrest. This whole thing has the air of a college drama presentation.

>>268599785It is very useless to talk with someone who thinks he knows everything of something he never experiencedI will leave you now, alone with your low mind incapable of doing something higher than satisfying his hedonistic pulsions

>>268594815>>268596513How do we bail these Queenz out?

>>268599977You have experienced nothing but self delusion. I feel sorry for you, that your mind is so self-deceived that you are incapable of allowing the light of truth through the cracks in your fragile ego. Run away now, but you can't outrun the light of truth, user. It will find you, and unveil the darkness of deception from your tiny mind.


>>268596799maybe they want black people to be against kikes now so kikes can shoot them because the protests aren't really foing anything? i don't know how these kikes think

>>268599622I root for them.. seriously I do root for them but, it's hard man. LOLWatching Nick Canon go out like Kunta Kinte. His white masters made him say Toby. They made him bow the fuck down and beg, people like that fat bitch, all those black goyim on twitter turning against their never-ending cause.. it's like they're still getting slaved. Everyone wants them to just pull through already. They just can't do it, even with help, even with allies from all over the world they can't! WTF

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>>268595421I'm glad my mom was a negra.RIP mommy

>>268597990they still need to go back.

>>268599821it might be, ive seen multiple videos of these girls. one that comes to mind is from CHAZ. they are probably being funded, by who and for what i dont know, but it does seem like these girls are provocateurs. .

>>268594815thats racist to arrest her cause she's a black tranny

is it a crime in the US to deface these ground letters?how is this allowed? is it considered government property or...?

>>268600738The city mayor is protecting it. It's a big problem here; most of the largest US cities' mayors are hyper jewified BLM leftoids and protect their ANTIFA commie army.

>>268596407what the fuck dude

>>268601246its new york dude, what do you expect?if you think white men control this country you are mistaken.

>>268596602Thisabout 20-30% blacks are actually based and arent a) raging negroidsb) liberal marxistsOption A lives in black neighborhoods, preys on other blacks, and will use any form of sympathy from the left to deflect valid criticism while they commit legitimate crimesOption B is unfortunately what a lot of the black middle class is nowadays. Children of immigrants or successful blacks who are privileged enough to go to college and work in white collar circles. These colleges and circles worship them through virtue signaling and feed their delusional narcissism. However, blacks that ARENT born with privilege and ARENT thugs who prey on other blacks know how self destructed and exploited their communities are, not by white people, but by other blacks and political movements that require them to be victims to thrive.

>>268595421kawai nigga

i thought the cop that went down was suffering from toxic shock from the paint, but no, he slammed his head pretty hard.

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>>268596407so the cops have the mark of the beast?

>>268600535Guy in this clip is the Opposite of Nick this woman was in a vice debate with black conservatives against black liberals. worth the watch


>>268601377>rubs hands profusely Sure

She hates BLM(NIGGERS) more than pol hate Jews

Cops take falls as much soccerfags you wouldn't believe it, that's like 6 months of fully paid off time probably.

>>268594815Charge her for hate crimes. They have to if they charge the white woman that tid it.

>>268601523>20-30%The same percentage of blacks that don't have a dysfunctional MAOA gene.

>>268596799>99"You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair that they made the Jews wear."

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>>268599562>9 killed by cops prior to Floyd = 'culling'>15 blacks killed in Chicago alone in BoB crime = 'Covid on the rise!'Hell, maybe cops should hire more blacks, they clearly suck at this culling you speak of.

>>268594815>They have to put a fence around the BLM graffiti nowCan they admit it's not a widely-accepted political cause yet and that it's just criminals niggers and commies seething about having to conform to social norms that the majority agrees on?

>>268596407Police = fraternal order of police = freemasons = jew servants/traitors in uniform.

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>>268596407And there's still people here who don't believe these men are our enemies.

>>268596163They need some kinda road painting device / golf cart with a tank full of paint. This can by can shit takes too long haahhahaha what is their gofundme

>>268595541>>268597494"Officer down!""I fell on my handcuff and shooting arm. And I have PTSD now. Oh and date rape psychosis."Gets $45,000 a year for the rest of his life.

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>>268603241it is widely accepted it's just those retards in the minority like you lashing out. There's a reason we only have right wing terrorists in the US

>>268600859The DHS and FBI should just arrest them for treason, and run the cities via Martial Law until a new candidate who's been background checked for any ties to, or sympathy for, communism can be appointed.

>>268598534I think I've made up my choice on whst kind of women I want for the mother of my children.Black women, here I come!

>>268594815I'm offering a $1,000 bounty to the person/group that fucks up the mural.It will be paid through the app or crypto of your choice.

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>>268603498>There's a reason we only have right wing terrorists in the USYeah it's called the ADL exaggerating bullshit. IRL, there's leftists assaulting police/Federal buildings right now, take a

>>268603278Memeflag isn't wrong.

>>268596163based Jesus niggers

>>268594815I want to racemix with her

>>268594815>hating your own race>basedIf it was a white liberal damaging some white symbol you'd be asshurtNotice how the Holla Forumsnigger strives to be a discount version of the Jews, sloppily applying their tactics for the subversion of other groups

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>>268604327they dont hate their own race... they are trying to show that black on black crime is more prevalent that white on black crime...