Slide threads are out of control tonight. Enjoy

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>>268594299Badass af. Got my vote



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q-q bros

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>>268594299The best part about this to me is using Podesta's son's music as a subtle "fuck you" to the deep state.

>>268594299podestas kids music. pedowood picture 15 seconds in. oh man. i hope they are worried. i'm not even a trump fan but I want more child abusers to be exposed.

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For a long time a small group of people have been controlling this nations capital. Shows a stereotypical Jew as he’s saying this. Chuck Schumer

Yep, that's going in my cringe compilation. Still voting for him doe

no wonder they took it down, that video is fuckin greatAlso just the sight of Biden staring with the whole ??? face like he doesn't even know where he is. My God the want power at all costs, and they'll do anything to get it back.

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I kept everything insideAnd even though I tried, it all fell apartWhat it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time whenI TRIEDSOHARD

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>>268594299Ngl even as black pilled as i am thats some top tier kino


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>>268595669You know what's crazierQ posted a link to this video not so long ago

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>>268594299weak and gay

>>268594299>>268595669>> earlier this monthAnother Q PROOF

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>>268598970Bennington died for this.

>>268598838So Q is literally real at this point.

>>26859883817 days ago


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>>268594299based af

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>>268594299thats pretty fucking based.>a small group>literally shows one of the most jewish looking motherfuckers in governmentbased

>>268598970It's a cover of their song sung by someone else. They have no case. SEETHE FAGGOTS.

That actually rivals the Michael Moor video for raw power and forges the messaging of the second term. Absolutely Bill Stepien has come in as campaign manager and already making a huge difference I think.

>>268594299I voted for the guy who hired the man who made this. Ask me how proud I am.

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>>268598970It'd be a shame if someone put Linkin Park songs to offensive videos and shared them out


>> sure if this is what you are referring to but this one is an absolute masterpiece. Whoever made it summarized it perfectly

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>>268594299This is so fucking cringe.>This all changesShows a SWAT raid from 2012 Elon Musk launching his rocket and the Dow Jones futures 6/10 contract that went straight up and straight down.Yeah you changed it man that Linkin park song really helps

>>268595938I bet this is what got the copyright claim. Using the full Hollywood logo is apparently bending over for copyright claims

>>268600630Sounds like a, dare I say it, C O P E to me.

>>268594299that was a fucking badass video


>>268600786more like a NOPE. Lol like I will vote for some dude whos entire highlight real is a campaign rally and other peoples achievements

>>268599248It has always been real. After Flynn confirmed it there is zero denying it.

>>268598970wonder who owns the catalog rights


Nigger there are no "slide threads". If your thread dies it's because the thread was shit and nobody cares about your bullshit.

>>268598838So Q is just a psyop for a trump election campaign cool

i tried so hardbut in 4 yearsi could just sayi was going to do somethingbut i never really diddrain thisbuild thatits all so hard4 more yearsso i cantry even morepizzakikesillegalsswampi tried soooo hard

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>>268594299>using In The End for a triumphant come-back videoWhat the fuck who greenlit this shit lmaoThis song is literally about fading away into impotent irrelevance You couldn't picked have been picked a worse song to inspire a resurgence of Trump and America

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>>268599281>17 days ago

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>>268598970>>268599121>>268599893>>268600377>>268601005A remix is an obvious transformative work under fair use, they would need to show that Trump's campaign is somehow profiting from the posting of the video

>>268601247>This song is literally about fading away into impotent irrelevanceThats adressed at the deep state, duh!

>>268601005Yea I wonder (((who)))

>>268601247>Pedo related shit breaking everywhere in mainstream consciousness>Ad deliberately uses a song by ChesterSmoothbrain detected

>>268601247It isn't about Trump's resurgence. It is about the Elite trying everything they can and failing anyways. Chester is Podesta's son. Please lurk some more user jesus.

>>268594299wtf kind of campaign is this? i cant find his website when i search for it, its at the bottom of a duckduck go page, cant find his campaign ads

>>268601457>>268601461>elites connected to Epstein escape consequences due to his murder>Ghislaine story having the lid kept on it, will probably kill her or at most use her as a fall guy while keeping the big fish unscathedI will believe it when I see it, you Q-niggers have been saying this for four years

>>268601398Yea I honestly dont get (besides election manipulation) how they got copyright claimed on a remix.

>>268601247wtf do you want? seven nation army?!

>>268600931I want to believe you but you have a memeflag.

>>268598970Look at that avatar

>>268594299>I tried so hard and got so far

Fuck off.

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>>268601731very clear triangle spiralis chester really skippy's son?

>>268601721Believe what, that Flynn confirmed it?

>>268594299i retweeted it accidentallywhat am i in for?

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>>268601398youre ill informed

Qtard or not, it is interesting to me that they could take any hollywood sign pic yet they chose to add thunder effect strike next to it. If we would to talk about symbolism id say this one has it.

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>>268600293How proud are you m'sir?

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>>268601398>Meanwhile they're profiting from BLM.

>>268601695>how they got copyright claimed on a remix.joo know how they did it

>>268602140A world of pain, kraut.



First half gave me chills

>>268598970>W-Waaaah! F-Fuck Drumpf! W-We didn't give you permission to use a remix not done by us!Four more years.


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>>268594299yeah the same “high energy” and emotion provoking videos with grand speeches but absolutely nothing done. im writing in Tucker Carlson. fuck zion don.

>>268601005(((Who)), I wonder?

>>268594299>Those comments>"B-But Corona... B-But Trump hasn't done anything... B-But Republicans dominate the government..."It's scary how desperate these people are.

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>>268594299What was so controversial about that video that (((they))) took it down?

>>268598970Lol the ad already exists. The cease and desist does fuck all because it will be talked about and shared.

>>268594299Parscale kickin ass in his new role!

>>268601695a song has two basic copyright components, the structure (notation, lyrics aso) and the performance. a sufficiently differentiated remix replaces the performance with your own, but you still need a license for the structure if you want to redistribute it.(if you replace the structure enough to own both parts it's not really a remix, just a different song)but obviously this is selective enforcement of the worst king.

>>268603399>Fact-check: Trump won in 2016. Why didn't he immediately usurp the government and completely revert 40+ years of corruption? Blumpferinos need not reply

>>268594299>Slide threads are out of control tonight.So why don't you fucking start reporting them instead of bitching?

>>268594299Lol what a load of propaganda bullshit.

>>268594299Very inspiring, well edited, appreciate the lack of niggers. It got dmca'd, they likely used the music without asking, and i would expect the person that owns the rights to let him use the music if they did ask. The removal is less outrageousthen twitter removing/blocking his "when theblooting starts the shooting starts" tweet

>>268601731>>268601810Well that’s horrifying. I mean your eyes work, it does seem obvious. But doppelgangers exist. Thing is they literally exist in the same circles.. and his death was conveniently timed


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>>268598683WTF happened with that twatter hack? NOTHING as usual? What kind of person gets into all those damn accounts and doesn't save DMs that would expose them, and if they did get DMs what the fuck kind of person uses them to make money for themselves instead of helping the kids.

>>268598970>>268601731i see both a mercant with its hands raised, and i see 2 pedo symbols. coincidence?

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>>268603399This is correct. The arguments of the lefty brigadiers here are essentially> muh 160,000 deadOr something of the like. These are ridiculous non-arguments. A democratic president would have done something similar, firstly, and secondly, if he didn't, then such a president would have taken the alternative, presumably no lockdown. That would mean more deaths. So the counterfactual does not weigh against Trump. Not considering the counterfactual is the fallacy these demoralizers commit. It's room-temperature-in-Celsius IQ shit. They have nothing.

user, why was the video pulled. Serious question

Love that black people music.

>>268600780>HollywoodThat sign is on public property and it was constructed using public funds (re-constructed) and it's the name of a town in a state in the USA. That can't be copyrighted.Also, anything under 30 and used for critique is fair use. And that was critique.

>>268603726People really need to stop pretending that the President is a King, even though SCOTUS has more power than them. People still have it in their minds that "muh white supremacists voted drumpf into office" instead of what actually happened, which was people were fucking tired of electing Democrats who did absolutely nothing but make the situation worse for everyone.>>268604258The funny part is that you can easily make the same assumptions and say that Obama is a war criminal for pulling us into another war we had no business being a part of, bombing hospitals, and creating thousands and thousands of refugees. Also, the number of deaths for Covid-19 are so fucking fabricated and artificially inflated that we'll never truly know what the actual number is, but it definitely isn't anywhere close to what it's being claimed as.