Antifa stalkers

Antifa have begun stalking journalists going home from riots after reporting

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Onions stalker 1 with communications showing how organized antifa really is

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>>268594106good. fuck journalists and fuck antifa. I hope they both fall in a hole and starve together.

Wtf I love antifa now

Onions stalker 2 backing up his antifa guy

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>>268594106>>268594190>>268594361Children LARPing as revolutionary commandos. They aren't going to do anything.

>>268594106>begunThey've been doing this for years now.


>>268594237we can't let antifa do this to the press

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>>268594106good, fuck journalists. Hope Antifa escalates by attacking journalists to the point that they get classified as terrorists

why not just kill them in minecraft

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>>268594106>See Antifa breaking into journalist's home>You jump into action>Pull out your conceal carry>Shoot all three

>>268594454the lugenpresse has spent the last 200+ years lying and trying to destroy the white race, the united states, and the christian faith. maybe they should get a real job.

>>268594190Cold, dead eyes

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>>268594423>They aren't going to do anything.They've siphoning their daddies money into the pockets of capitalists... I suggest letting them continue to buy their tacticool, larp uniforms.

>>268594556wasn't with you until the end

>>268594451>>268594106In this case it probably means REAL journalists like Andy Ngo, not (((journos))). Antifa knows the MSM is on their side, they are trying to intimidate away all the independent streamers that keep showing what they do.


>>268594106Its official we are a communist nation now.

>>268594106Is this from Andy Ngo?

>>268595540>pockets of capitalists>tacticool, larp uniformsYou mean chink manufacturing thieves. It's all airsoft garbage.

>>268594454Why not? The press portray them in a favorable light anyway no matter what they do, let them get peacefully protested.

>>268594106imagine being a hard-working interdimensional demon entity and using bodies like this as a host to do your bidding.

>>268598021wake up dummy, it's not (((the press))) they are doing this to. it's independent reporters, the ones that show you what AFA is really doing

>>268594542What a coincidence!

>>268598153are you really scared of cum guzzling commie larpers user?

>>268594106Fuck the lügenpresse

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>>268594454LMAO. Yeah okay. Let's all defend schlomo at the daily scheckles news outlet.

>>268594423I hope they get vanned by the Marshals

>>268594106>journalists I dont know what that is... did you mean political activists?

>>268594454Why not? The press has been lying about us for decades and have been protecting antifa for years now.Actions have consequences, and the press is about to discover what those consequences are.

>>268594106>>268594190>>268594361>>268594465>>268594542>>268594968It’s time to report these assholes to the FCC. If you operate without a license that’s a big federal fuck no.

>>268594190Unless they're encrypted, they can be scanned for, found, and evesdropped on. You just have to find the model and the Hz it works on.

>>268598304>are you really scared of cum guzzling commie larpers user?I sure would be if I was an unarmed web streamer covering these riotests

>>268598153The OP didn’t specify because he enjoys being a fag. In case those journalists really are independent streamers - I second this >>268598434

>>268598566You don't need a license to operate a walkie talkie you retard.

>>268594475>good, fuck journalists.In a nutshell. They're all lefties even the stealth righties. They helped create the jewish golem now they have to deal with it.

>>268598443>>268598507>the pressread it, and read it again slower if you don't understand >>268598153>wake up dummy, it's not (((the press))) they are doing this to. it's independent reporters, the ones that show you what AFA is really doing

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im sure we all remember this plate carrier and patch

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why not have them follow you into some kind of trapor flip the tables and follow them

>>268598623>unarmedwell theres your problem right there bud.even if you couldnt carry, look at these fags, just fucking walk over and kick their ass, these are faggot rich kid virgins that have never been in a fight.

>>268598692Actually you do... Well, you do if you have real "walkie talkies." I've worked for companies that have been fined because we were cussing too much over our radios.

>>268594106Beat them up with your hands and feet

>>268594106can you lure them to me?

They are all antifa becuase they all hate their dads.

>>268594106Just beat up a few and they will stop.

>>268594423yeah but.......... they do think they're fighting hitler and nazis. the little retards.i think you should lure them somewhere were they can be beaten and questioned.

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>>268594852Like an NPC's eyes

>>268598665You’re a fag, it’s by Brandon Farley a independent streamer in Portland Oregon

>>268598692I think he meant if they were using an actual radio set up, not walmart walkie talkies.

>>268594106Please nigger I wish they would...I would call my brother and 5 friends who all have kids on the teams I coach...and they would all meet me at a pre determined location and ambush those Communist's really an easy plan.

>>268594423it's only larping till they burn down houses and shoot someone


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>>268594542The nose knows

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>>268599491when he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living... until he calls you a fascist. and those black eyes roll over white, and then... oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch nasal gay american zoomer soiboi voice

>>268594556>See Antifa breaking into journalist's home>Do nothing as they rape, murder, then burn her home down>Filmed everything that happened, ready to upload to liveleak>All while munching on popcornThis is the best option. Trying to play "hero" is only going to get the book thrown at you

>>268601042so shoot the book throwers lol.. there is no moar rule of law

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>>268594106>Antifa have begun stalking journalists going home from riots after reporting.

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>>268594454>we can't let terrorists hurt terrorist sympathizersCall the cops. Oh wait they aren't allowed to interfere with domestic terrorists any more. I am sure this is all for the best.

>>268594423>Antifa, what’s that?>looks at these idiot college kids in their masks having tantrums>these antifa assholes are harassing trump supporters > these antifa assholes are attacking trump supporters with bikelocks>these antifa assholes are showing up at right wing events, starting fights, and getting let go by the cops> these antifa assholes are showing up at right wing events, starting fights, getting the events shut down and the right wingers arrested > these antifa assholes are rioting across the country with their nigger pets and attacking whites of all political spectrums and getting away with it> these antifa assholes are forming their communes in cities with their own armed guards > these antifa assholes are following people who report on them and radioing it back to central commandYou are here

>>268594106>be jewrnalist>prop up far left>get fuckedrevolution always eats its own childrenmore radical elements purge their own first

>>268594106>Antifa have begun stalking journalists going home from riots after reportingjournos are cucks. i don't like antifa but its pretty based how they intimidate journos and turn on politicians who agree with them. i think its time to accept that there are some based infiltrators working within their ranks to shit up the movement

Oh noo I hope the feds don’t get them...

>>268597853Not yet. You won't be living in a proper communist state until people start eating each other because of the famine.

>>268594106Run at them, and when close beat the shit out of them with a pipe>Call the police after you crack their skulls and scream HELP>Say communists followed you home and attacked youProblem solved

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>>268594106so antifa is going around in small groups of one or two? they would be an easy target, a "journalist"could literally walk them into a trap, very dangerous.

>>268594106Stalking is a crime.

>>268599053I remember getting onto our local WESTPAC Rescue Helicopter frequencies on an Australia Day beach party and it winded up with the whole party throwing insults back and forth with the rescue workers for a laugh. Until the cops rocked up and told us "stop fucking around with the westpac boys you silly cunts"Love CBs

>>268594542Wouldn’t it be cool if some crazy nigger decided to Malvo these faggots?

>>268594106>>268594190Have some day stalking on Portland Andys stream. They are not peaceful protestors - they are useful marxist idiots enabled by elected officials to commit terrorism on civilians.July 12 Portland Andy Full: starts stalkingANTIFA day-stalk Portland Andy 1 start identifies 5-6 following, skateboarder day-stalk Portland Andy 2 - they target you when they know your name, BMW throws day-stalk Portland Andy 3 Skateboarder follow, ground antifa across street, BMW plate talk, second street antifa chases into

>>268594106>>268594454Sure we can, Ezra Klein.


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>>268594106They haven't "begun" doing this. People are just noticing it now.


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>>268598784Real boogbois will run a chest rig under a hoodie. These LARPists will be fun to deal with.

>>268594451They wouldn't dare touch any (((chosen))).

>>268594106Lol, this is all because we started claiming their 'desaparecidos' are collaborators. They now think anyone that films is an informant!Even better is that, without these streamers and journalists, it would just be all the rioting and inconvenience with none of the publicity, lol

>>268602839Antifa Shooting was justified. I watched two videos from two angles.>trying to leave conflict>angry mob yelling "follow him" and "get his plates">angry mob follows him>angry mob tackles him>multiple people piling on, attacking him, at least one with skateboard (those trucks are deadly)>someone from angry mob "I'm gonna fuckin kill you">"Kill him Kill him Kill him!">*gunshots*Shooting

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>>268594106Vile people

>>268594556>All three>Shoot journalist>Shoot Antifa>Shoot yourselfBased, thanks for playing.

>>268594190Kid looks like a school shooter.

>>268602473Buy kfc to some nigga and have him beat em. They cant do shit to them.