Who /stillvotingTrump/ here?

Who /stillvotingTrump/ here?

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>>268593740cool, but still voting for Kanye


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Trump is fuckedstellable.ru/meditations/trumptrain


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Trump is the only worthy choice

Only because I have to. Death to Marxists

>>268593740I don't exactually have much of a choice here, riden with biden is a joke.

>>268593740Translation when?!

>>268593740>voting for trump to fuck up your life harder than it already is right now

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>>268594362Then why are you voting for the highest spending gibs president of all time?


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Jared's faggot Blackstone friends and that's about it

>>268594363Yeah, I'm a dem... but Biden shout be in an elder care facility. Voting for trump, I guess

>>268594400SVT faggot

>>268593740They really captured Trump's morbid obesity. Good job Japs

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>>268594683accept (((trump)))

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>>268594799>Good job Japsyoutube.com/watch?v=ZbM6WbUw7BsI know right


>>268595133Mike Diva is of a gook heritage, not a nip. Most importantly he grew up in US so it doesn't even matter that he is half Asian.

Trump is actually ripped though

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>>268595438Fair play

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>>268595133UwU Trumpu Sama kawai desu ne

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>>268596259>Nah, that's just dog stench. You however need to take a shower. You reek of pedos and infected pelvis wells. Almost like you're from Reset Era or something.

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>>268593740Why vote?Seriously, why?

>>268597176>Here's one.

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>>268593740>Who /stillvotingTrump/ here?Unless a better option comes along. Fucking dems are a bunch of insane commies.

>>268595073Great post still voting trump


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>>268593740Fine, you guys win, I thought I wanted Biden to win, but it's probably better if Trump wins. Only thing wrong with Trump is the lower-taxes, all the businesses that wanted to leave have already left, should use those taxes not for gibs but for infrastructure projects and paying off the national debt. Well actually, I guess lower taxes make sense if you're trapping businesses with protectionism. After Trump you guys will probably have 5-10 socialist presidents in a row until your country fails, then you'll probably try libertarianism to see if it works.Biden is going to give gibs to businesses again even though every time they've squandered most of it.

>>268594529And the democrats would spend less? We have two choices, Trump or their bullshit again for four years.

>>268593740You people are delusional. There is not a secret silent groundswell of support for Trump. I voted for him in 2016, have no intention of voting for him now. I don't know a single other person who is planning on voting for him. You people are delusional.

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>>268594529God damn you motherfuckers need to PASS ECONOMICS before coming on here.

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>>268593740I am.

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>>268593740>Who /stillvotingTrump/ here?explain your reasoning. i want to hear if you have any justification for this that isn't based on emotion.

>>268593740What game bros

>>268601368>Bill Kristol>conservative

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Trump vote here

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>>268593740Why would I vote for him again? Give me one good reason.

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>>268593740Everyone, memeflagSTILL VOTING TRUMP!!!

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>>268603074>>268602943>>268602996Fuck off trannybot.

>>268603074>>268603035>>268602996>>268602943what are you doing

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>>268598546Ironically enough, someone on the right made this shitty twitter meme

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>>268603074>goreDaily I view horrors you couldn't imagine in the marxist USA, why the fuck do you think I care? Still voting for him.

>>268603074But can they do this?

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He’s a big guy.