FAA declares flight restrictions over Portland

America’s civil war is rapidly moving into the kinetic phase, with armed left-wing forces now confirmed to be receiving support and, in some cases, funding from 269 U.S. corporations, some of which is being used to purchase full-auto military weapons upgrades (and silencers) that are confirmed by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to be smuggled into at least three U.S. cities.We now have an actual civil war breaking out in America, where corporations like McDonald’s, Google, Nike and Netflix are supporting militant terrorist insurrection groups, while the treasonous corporate-controlled media is pretending the terrorists are all “peaceful.” Meanwhile, the entire GOP is doing nothing, largely out of fear of being called “racists” if they demand enforcing the rule of law on America’s streets.tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_0_1203.htmlhttps://www.naturalnews.com/2020-07-18-faa-declares-flight-restrictions-battle-ground-vortac-portland-national-defense.html

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>>268593009Link/source on the military equipment being found?


>>268594277Sweet thanks

>>268593009Confirmed where?

>>268594746Here's another one.

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>>268593228IGNORE THIS, IT'S A BOT TO DISTRACT FROM THE ACTUAL TOPIC. Shareblue has realized they can't persuade us on anything so they are trying to do everything possible to keep us distracted. They post garbage irrelevant threads, have other users bump them and post reddit-tier comments. Look at the TGDG, the first comment is a shill and then next 15 are calling out the obvious shill. Only 30% of the comments are actually about the dam.

>>268593009>FAA recognizes the highpowered lasers used by commie faggots against police as being equally dangerous agaisnt aircraft Firearms are a red herring.

>>268595062Lol so this is what they mean by fake news

>>268595113The dam threads are a larp user. It's just people having fun pretending.

>>268593009Post the NOTAM you lying faggot.

The corporations need to understand that the so called revolutionaries are cowards. They’re not warriors, they’re vampires!

So basically the fake left is fighting for a corporate fascist revolution? That’s fitting


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>>268593009>not mowing down nazis with your McDonalds ® brand AR-15ngmi

>>268595014Source? Nigger


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>>268595113>cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/10800-assault-weapons-parts-seized-cbp-louisvilleThis is confirmed though.. So.. do we think we know its getting time? gettin close if the 1936 spanish civil war has anything to say

>>268596151wtf is that rea

>>268596378>Being able to kill communists with some brosI think I'll finally be happy, damn them for making the world where I can only be happy by fighting a war.

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>>268596126Mike Adams is from naturalnews.com which has basically been the only consistent source for me along with zerohedge.com so it’s probably accurate.

>>268593228You're drunk Bill. Time to call it at night and log off the internet.

>>268594226the Chinese actually pulled this card before. it's a long story, but this is why you can't buy Norinco guns anymore. they sold AA missiles and manpads to an ATF agent back in the 90s, so we blocked their import.

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this is two days old. i am disappointed...no more flights to portland - anyone confirm?

>>268596629Just don't die for Israel bro. I'll kill some commies with you, fren

>>268595207When did they get lasers? Why can’t I have a laser gun?

>>268596378I'm talking about the comment saying "CHECKED AND MOTHERFUCKING WITNESSES" to a post with no digits. It's intended to draw attention away from the subject matter and towards the stupid comment. I have seen that same comment show up 10x in the last week.

>>268596728I couldn't tell if they were actually doing that, or if we made it up to screw over the CCP and american citizens. Both seemed plausible.

>>268596629Yeah it's the Portland ANTIFA or the imaginary communists responsible for you being a loser


smells like bullshitflightradar24.com/DAL1299/24f9e3a5

chad wolf will unleash a MOAB on the protestors dont worry

>>268597020it's honestly kind of a toss up. My guess is they probably figured it was worth a shot, since they smuggle in whole cargo containers of fentanyl. I don't imagine it's something they would sustain long term, but sending a few crates of guns to fuck over the big bad USA would probably be worth the investment to kick start their implessive chinese centuru or whatever.

>>268595381yes and no, i thought that too but the chinks are trying hard to alleviate the pressure on the damso much flooding going onsnow in a sub tropical area that hasn't seen snow in over 500 years.small tornadoes and water spouts.mud slides and rock slides.

how it is now is how it always was

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>>268595113that explains all the retarded reddit-tier comments that have been near the top of every thread today. To be fair, it's a good way to distract. We can't really stop ourselves from calling retards retarded.


>>268595397It's linked you cockgobbler

The portland pedophiles shine those green lasers up at the airplanes thinking "fuck white people fuck police fuck america" hoping to crash a plane.I hope every last one of them is executed, dug up by the root. From the top of the family tree to the bottom, just every last man, woman and child executed.Have no pity, these pedophiles are terrorists, make no mistake, worse yet, they are subhumans. Communists.

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>>268597174found my fap material tonight


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>>268593009Except helicopters right?

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>>268593009spicy stuff lad

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>>268596940>Why can’t I have a laser gun?they aren't 'laser guns' they are just projected laser devices (aka pointers). Pointing a laser of any kind at an aircraft is dangerous and illegal.

>>268595610Does that mean commercial flights can't land at PDX?

Nothing ever happens. All fields.

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I said or mentioned about 3 weeks ago, where did all thoes weapons taken from new Zealand go. Seattle and Portland, hell even Sacramento received them. And who bought them leftist corporations accelerating thier agenda.This is it Holla Forums, keep prepping and training. The military and police aren't going to be enough....Shit.


>>268595610>>268597582Well to be fair to me, I’m drunk.

>>268594119>>268596721>>268598589It’s known b8 faggots. Lurk more.

>>268599200What weapons lol, we don’t manufacture them and you can’t acquire anything here that you can’t more easily acquire in America.

>>268596151is that real?

>>268595014Regardless of wether these claims are true or not, the guns were made in china so they're shit anyway. Nothing to worry about

>>268593009>full auto military weapons upgradesIt doesn't work like that.

>>268596378Louisville is the city where the sheboon Breanna Whatthefuck was shot by police. The police are supposed to walk without charges and a full on chimp out is expected. I guess {{{they}}}wanted it to be a full on bloodbath

>>268599687well, it could just be retard speak for auto sears. the bit is the easy part in minecraft

>>268597553Lmao at you pathetic racit POC OF humor>wrong history sideGet loser the fuck over history PERSON OF>PERSON OFPRESON,/,/,/,///,//,/,/////,,/,/,,/,,,,,/,Q PREDICTED THIS

>>268596151How'd they get him to do that?

>>268595263They gave them clothes hangers.

>>268599774>auto searyou can't just drop an auto-sear into a rifle. On AR-15s, the receiver dimensions are different from the select fire variant. It will not fit.

>>268599774Of it was an auto seer you’d needa 3 position lower and auto BCG they probably sent lightning links and full auto BCGs

>>268599882Check'em>never thought I'd see the day I got quints in an /nsg/ thread.


>>268596151Fake and gay

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>>268593009>We now have an actual civil war breaking out in AmericaI predicted that Portland would be where it starts.>Meanwhile, the entire GOP is doing nothing, largely out of fear of being called “racists” if they demand enforcing the rule of law on America’s streets.I disagree with that. Who would hold them accountable for being "racist"? What consequences would they face?

>>268593009buddy if there is a civil war, the corps arent going to be on the side of the people. corps and govt are getting a long very well these days.A+ larp tho

>>268599882Lol what the fuck is wrong with you dumbassTake your meds schitzo

>>268593228No updoots here.

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>>268600516not a larp niggers.

>>268593228Based. This guy gets it.

Just remember China has been sending in small arms since Feinsteins chink was busted maybe longer. democrats like the Clintons sold out the USA to China. Now china is funding democratic/Communist terrorists. canada was also shut down last winter from Chinese funded terrorism.

>>268594277Based. This guy gets it.

>>268597089They're certainly contributing to it. It's their explicit goal to ruin the lives of white males.

>>268593228Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Obviously someone who just had "checked" explained to them because i've seen this retard posting in every thread

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>>268600614Base. This gets it.

>>268593009Funny how things are kicking off.ANyone noticing the presence of the Black Block in full force tonight?No not a bunch of white kids, but the ACTUAL facists in the Antifacist movemnet?"YOU AIN'T SEEN SHIT" arguing with black people over how to protest, and all sorts of things.Funny how this escalated now of all times when things feel like they are prepping.Funny how black block leaders are also present down in Portland when the Feds are around and out.

>>268600516Why do they have an exact end date one month from now? How do they know the protest will be over by then? Why isnt it tbd?

>>268600658ThisBased it. This.

>>2685930091354 versus 1488

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>>268596151In all seriousness, is there a full video of this cat?

>>268600774I just bet she fucks like a jet airplane engine though.

>>268596151Is real or not?


>>268600163>oh no, this piece of aluminum has a cutout that is too small>there is no possible way we could machine it out to fit an auto sear

>>268600614good one. it definitely wasn't nixon who normalized trade with that bastard country and gave them a fucking opportunity to ship our manufacturing overseas

>>268600960Checked and based.

>>268593009That would be a cool piece of lore for a cyberpunk novel, but it's happening IRL.

>>268600405The bots are overworked. Plz no bully.

>>268599687You can buy the M16 BCG and FCG and modify the FCG pocket on an off-the-shelf AR15 lower to accept it. Although they're more likely talking about a drop-in auto sear.

>>268593009I hope Elon Musk finacially supports RWDS


>>268601018>proves my point


>>268601167Lol what the fuck is wrong with you dumbassTake your meds schitzo


>>268600360They'll be on their own side caught between both. Good article on the topic here: americanpartisan.org/2020/05/when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/

>>268601473NO ONE CLICK THIS LINK IT LEADS TO CP>also I accidentally clicked it am I fucked

>>268593228You have to go back niggerfaggot

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>>268593009>with armed left-wing forces now confirmed to be receiving support and, in some cases, funding from 269 U.S. corporations, some of which is being used to purchase full-auto military weapons upgrades (and silencers) that are confirmed by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to be smuggled into at least three U.S. cities.this sounds fake and gay

>>268596151I've seen this cat a few times. Do you have link to full vid? I just have never seen this before it's really got me interested

>>268593009What's the dynamic of this civil war anons. Who gets the military? Who are the police siding with? Is it just left wing woke militias or is there serious force behind the movement from the establishment?

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>>268593228Based. This guy gets it.

>>268594277This is bs here’s why. $126k / 10k parts ~ $12.6 a part So they were more likely chinkshit grips or stocks or something that some guy wanted to resell for double or triple the price. Very likely not full brrrrt parts

>>268599513Not to mention AR15 on full auto is FAR less effective than standard semi auto fire.A SAW on the other hand...

>>268600866So please explain, almost Satan, why the FAA would do that?

>>268600242Likely the full auto lower is what they are talking about.


>>268595263>t. China's Vassal State

>>268601742The police aren’t going to end upSiding with the rioters trying to kill them...I predict that the tipping point will be police commissioners overusing mayors and governors.

>>268601966KEK WILLS IT

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>>268600242Most assualt rifle 15's sold now come with the m16 bolt carrier. The true ar15 one is rare.


>>268602117$10 says it'll be mostly police and armed right wingers and some military vs armed left wingers and also some military. It may be 3v2 factionwise but we're still very much outnumbered.

>>268593228Based>>268601774Also Based

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>>268593228lol noice

>>268601833>A SAW on the other hand...Jams more than it fires lol

>>268602256Demoralizing faggot shill.

Only death frees cursed commie souls from their mental hell

Bros whats to come? im scared

>>268602411249 pisses me off

>>268600709>No not a bunch of white kids, but the ACTUAL facists in the Antifacist movemnet?Link?

>>268593009Flight restrictions? Who cares? I don't have a plane do you? It's literally nothing


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>>268602461I wasn't trying to demoralize but ok. We're still going to win, I wasn't trying to take away from that. I was just saying the way I understand it. My uncle is a cop, he's based. My dads a vet, he's also based. My brother is also a vet. He is a socialist faggot who deserves the rope. Like I said, we'll likely get a large portion of the police and the military will be busy having a mini-uprising.

>>268602411This. I am a NG soldier in a MEDEVAC Company and as a Crew Chief we train on various weapons for Air Assault missions, in case the Assault Company needs Crew Chiefs. The SAW is an unreliable weapon, they would need an ungodly amount of oil to operate thousands of them. To be candid, if we received orders that were unethical, immoral,m or unconstitutional (illegal), many of us would turn our backs on the Army, and collectively leave. It won't matter though. The writing is on the wall, and even though a few cunts in this thread are spreading misinformation, the US is in for a rough 2021. I foresee a civil uprising, TL;DR - Purchase weapons and land while you can, and fortify it while you have time. My brother is buying a farm in Ohio, perhaps you would be wise to do the same.

>>268602202AR-15 does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite Rifle.

>>268602851I don't have money fuck off

>>268602770youtube.com/watch?v=y0rGOvx2Wn0Just watch for dudes dressed in all black and hoodies.All they've been doing is telling people to fuck off when they start doing stuff. Already attacking other protesters who disagreed with them earlier.

>>268593009>HAPPENING!Restricting flights is not a nigger or jew genocide, OP. Stop sucking cocks.

>>268595381Its just a larp, totally not the most rain forecasted ever in the basin! Totally normal levels of water for july! No new all time highs for july. No flooding in Chongqing, Yichang and Wuhan!

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>>268595014Good thing FA weapons are trash and only useful for wasting ammunition

>>268602827We cannot condemn others to death to stifle political dissent. That makes us no better than blues/jews that would do the same thing to us.However a divorce is needed between the 2 political parties of the US. They clearly cannot coexist peacefully for much longer. What if they created separate, distinct nations, one Republican, one Democratic. open borders, separate leadership. At least then we could have uniformity and unity in a nation, even if it was smaller.

>>268602950If you don't plan on actively resisting the coming political war, and attempted authoritarian takeover, then maybe it would be better for you individually to buy a place ticket to somewhere safer until everything subsides. Take small odd jobs to get by, until it is safe for you to come back.

>>268596728I got me a sweet preban Norinco Mak91 tho, fuckin shame these things haven't been imported in 26 years, they're really nice

>>268596378>smuggle weapons into America>smuggle 10,000 guns>Americans own 300,000,000 gunsWhy?

>>268599046>high intensity astronomy lasers are the same as cat toy pointersBlinding and dazzling weapons are banned by the geneva convention for a reason. Just because the trigger is a button on top and not on a hand grip doesnt make it any less of a laser gun.

>>268598315not gonna lie, kind of have a gay crush on Chad the Antifa Crusher

>>268594277>>268595014>>268596675almost all democrats support strict gun control and are against autos. it's insane to think the majority will side with them. The first skirmish, the feds may not respond, but once they get slaughtered you can kiss any leftist movement goodbye for another 50 years.

>>268602938faggots like >>268602202 showing their power level kek.

>>268601742the left doesn't get shit besides lib mayors and state govt officials shilling for them. The military and police are going to be on /our/ side given the majority are based and redpilled

>>268603132I was just using him as a real life example of how comparable it is to the US population. Also he is a racemixer so no he deserves death.

>>268603351A lot of silly shit is banned by the Geneva Convention.

>>268603522>Racemixers deserve death>Socialists deserve deathSon, people are free to have whatever ideology,and sexual attraction they want. It isn't up to you or me to decide that since we don't like racemixing, that they should die for it. A lot of things that are said in jest on this website clearly have poisoned your mind. Don't let (((them))) turn you into a racist, let alone against your American brothers and sisters. Regardless of skin color, or creed, we have to find unity, because if we don't Israel, and China will take turns fucking our countries dead corpse.

>>268603132>open bordersyeah, not happening. The split will have a bigger wall than the one on the south

>>268603451>Military and police r basedMuch of the top brass is incredibly pozzed though from what I've seen. For example, I've been seeing a literal faggot LGBT stand at the festivals on the local airforce base for the last 3 years. And I hear that many of the top generals in DoD and such have a stick up their ass dealing with Trump. Hopefully the lower level officer corps is still based and redpilled because I have zero confidence in the high command.

I like how old cunts in the US brag about how the Revolution and the Civil War as precedents of the first ammendment but whenever the issue is about blacks fighting for their human rights they always call them insurgents and protestors. Democracy btw... electoral college determinining the presidents instead of the people btw.

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>>268599434didn't your people voluntarily turn in tens of thousands of firearms after the mosque shootings?

>>268603132Honestly most Dems are okay. They are generally just people who like welfare and benefits. Joe Biden, a moderate establishment figure, crushed Sanders when all the other centrist dropped out, and it was largely due to minorities and moderate whites. Its true believing, educated, white people that are the problem. And unfortunately they run things. We just need to break their ego, and they realize they aren't the absolute moral authorities of all that is just and right in the world. And unfortunately that may take a full on war to do.

>>268603988We have a federal system you brainlet what the fuck do you think the country’s name is? Council America? The nation consists of 50 states keep up

>>268603936AF is the most pozzed. Navy is second most pozzed.Marines are most loyal to the US government, and easily controlled.Army/NG is most likely to be the ones turning on an Authoritarian government.

>>268603923>Everyone can do whatever they want Whoa there lolberg that sort of liberal shit got in this mess to begin with. That being said, I agree burgers shouldn't go full 1488 on shitskins it's just not right considereding some of them have been in the states longer than them and not all of them are bad.

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>>268603988Yes, America is actually designed to stop the will of the mob. It is a republic not a democracy, get over it.The issue is this isn’t blacks fighting for their rights this is something else entirely different pirate. Blacks have the same rights as everyone else in America, know what they don’t have though? Support from fellow blacks. Looting a sports check does not make you brothers, it makes you thieves.

>>268603988Birthright suffrage is cringe and so is democracy, literally neck urself. Selective franchise republic is the way to go.

>>268601742For a while I thought cops would go full zog but I no longer think that is the case. The left has fully antagonized police. I would be surprised if there are any democrat voting policemen anywhere in modern America. More than that, I would bet most of them realize that simply voting Republican and putting Republicans in office will not be enough to stop what's coming. Many cops are former military. If there is a civil war in America, I predict that police will be the leading soldiers of the right wing side. They're the only large scale organized groups of based and redpilled men who know how to operate firearms and understand some battle tactics. If citizen militias are raised, I predict they will be led by cops and veterans. The left has been poking the bear so fucking hard lately

>>268604028They estimate between 12-16% of weapons got turned in.

>>268603923You will never get anywhere being a civic nationalist. Look man idk if you're currently stationed in Middle-of-Nowhere-istan or you're just using a proxy or something but America has went to shit as of recently, and I mean worse shit than normal. Right now your skin is your uniform (or if you're wearing a face mask) and my true "brothers" in this fight are fellow white Christians.

>>268596378Have partisans been recruited in our territory?

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>>268601473Pretty fucking good info on this link user. It goes down exactly as I had imagined. Not sure why they don’t be cutting off the Internet of MUY’s

>>268604050I condemn the idea of any war in the US, regardless of our internal strife, there are wolves in the world that will see the destabilization,and fuck our country back into 3rd world living standards. We cannot let it happen. We have to maintain peace, isolate ourselves from foreign influence, and come back to political unity. It is the only way to survive.

>>268604172honestly feel the black vs white thing is one big fucking distraction. fight amongst ourselves because we're different colors instead of deal with the Elites.Frenchmen were beheaded for far less.

>>268604278Why do you think they are currently sanctioning the mass assassination of police officers? I bet if Clinton was President they were going to try killing them all

>>268604050>we need to break the ego of true believing white people, and demoralize them enough so that they no longer feel in controlYou sound like the enemy bud.

>>268595014>ChinaWeird way of misspelling Jews

>>268601578Newfag lurker here what’s wrong with that link? Read that entire thing. It’s as I expected. What is CP


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>>268604440>I condemn the idea of any war in the USI second that. A civil war in the United States will be the official start to WW3

>>268604611He’s either joking or a shill. CP is Cheese Pizza aka Child Porn. That link is fine but you always do have to beware anons on this site because there are many traps that are like user describes.

>>268601833Agreed, only thing full auto good for is suppression fire.

>>268593009Its literally the falseflag commies revolution of 1919 by bolshevik jews, a century later almost day for day...

>>268604683Aren’t we like five months into WW3 already?

>>268604611I was trolling for the first half of the thread. Links fine I was larping as a bot cus of so many bots in the first posts.

>>268603132Holy shit this is so 2020. A dude from Iraq telling us the US is violent and dangerous and about to have a civil war. Soon Iraq will be helping broker our future peace treaty ahaha

>>268603923>Don't let (((them))) turn you into a racist, let alone against your American brothers and sisters. Regardless of skin color, or creed, we have to find unity, because if we don't Israel, and China will take turns fucking our countries dead corpse.The United States is corpse being eaten by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots, conservatives are cheering on the corpse. It's fucking over dude, the differences of skin color and creed are cleavages which make achieving unity more difficult. The sad part is that it pretty much happened. By the 90s most people were fully invested in the idea of a colorblind meritocracy where racism wouldn't hold anyone back. White people as a whole fully bought into the idea that blacks and other racial groups should be fully accepted into society. And that still wasn't enough for them, they still had to say despite that that we had white privilege and therefore were defacto racist even if we didn't realize it, and we needed to atone for that via more gov't programs for minorities and more immigration. I don't blame the minorities, they are pawns being used by the elites to destroy this country, but the writing is on the wall. They've largely won, imo you should plan to migrate north and west if you want to remain in the functional part of the USA. North of Missouri and West of Iowa/Minnesota all the way to the coast. That area is where you want to be in my humble opinion



>>268604172>some of them have been in the states longer than themThe states didn't exist before Whites created them.

>>268604707See>>268604784Ignore my autism

>>268604783very well could be