Holy shit lads. How did we miss this one? Possibly the fucking PROGENITOR of pizzagate. Many have come out and accused the establishment of abuse or inappropriate behavior towards their kids, yet they are still EXTREMELY popular, mostly for their pizza. Adults love their pizza. Kids love their pizza. I know several people that have taken their kids there recently.Remember how seedy and shady the older one's from the 80's/90's used to be? The creepy ass nightmare fuel costumes and animatronics that would glitch out... Imagine all the shit that may have gone down in a hidden backroom, or basement after hours....The parent company is owned by Jews apparently.. What else can we dig up?

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Rat dick

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>>268591769My sides are in orbit.You get gassed last commie

Inappropriate spankings

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Rat dick

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>>268594058I went there once as a 4 year old and was supremely disturbed.

I think I was programmed to block out what happened to me at this place.

>>268591769I believe I had a traumatic experience at a chuckee cheese in chicago area in 1991, this post reminded me of it, haven’t thought about it in years, what do?

>>268594939Only solution

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Nothing bad ever happened to me at a Cuck e Cheese but thinking back I always felt something extremely uncomfortable about those places. What was that one cool arcade video game with the three spaceships and Egyptian god bosses?

>>268591769Where the guys in the costume directly told to spank the kids? Or was it just one creep?

>>268591769>mfw cwc is the victim of chuck e cheese mkultra

did no one else do birthday spankings in their family?

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>>268591769They don’t even make fresh pizzas, if you order a pizza and there are slices left over from other pizzas they’ll put together old slices from different pizzas to make it sort of round and serve it as a pizza.

>>268594058This poor kid was so depressed he gorged on sugar, pizza and beer and was the first person to ever be diagnosed with Type 13 Diabetes. If he even looks at sugar he goes into a diabetic coma

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This has nothing to do with this subject but I remember having a dream as a kid that Chuck E Cheeses was trying to change their image and become a fancy restaurant. So they changed their name to Charles Edward Cheeses and got rid of the playground and had fancy waiters in suits walking around. I was disappointed because I liked the old Chuck E. Cheese.

>>268596099I thought he just had aaaaaaaaids!

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>>268594939Tell us about it

I don't recall any specific incident but my parents used to take me to this place a lot and one day when I was like 5 I had a sudden aversion to pizza. Like "I hate pizza! I hate the sight of it I hate the sound of it!" Didn't eat pizza or cheese for that matter again until I was out of high school.


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>>268596051Just like the beaners with their salsa... im done man.

>>268592161These are from Chuck E. Cheese in Tel Aviv, right?

>>268594939this is what greenposting was made for user

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my only bad chuck e cheese experience was my dad getting hives from their pizza. but that was mostly funny since he was fat and turned polka dotted.


>>268597014>be me on first date with girl I like>get brought to chuckee cheese by her mother>some dude gets thrown out for talking to me by random dad>had no idea what it was about and really don’t remember much about the day but remember something fucky happened.

>>268591769I loved Check E. Cheese. Birthday spanking used to be a thing too. It was before the world went full on "If you even touch a child you're a pedophile". It's assumed there can be no interaction between a child and an adult that isn't sex or molestation these days. That mentality, while safe, is damaging to the society. It just reminds me that there's has been an attack on US culture since at least the 90s.Man I miss the old days.

have none of you zoomers ever jeard of birthday licks? humilate the birthday kid not much different than mexicans dunking the kids face in the cake when they blow out the candles

OhhhhChuck E Cheese allowed child sex traffickers to hand off their victims to one another in public, all over local America.. wow Just my IQ 150 take


>>268597688yea getting charlie horses or paintballs from your matesnot getting slapfucked around with Chuck-E-Cheese's 20-inch rat dick

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>>268591769My first grade teacher did this with all the kids too.When it was someone's birthday she would give them an option to be bent over her lap and she would spank us however many times for our age (they were pretend spankings she didn't actually touch our butts but she did bend them over her lap) or we could get a kiss on the cheek. I had a crush on her and she was really hot so I opted for the cheek kiss. She also always wore thick lipstick usually red so it would leave a mark as well, probably why I like red lipstick on girls so much now.It was meant to be funny though everyone would laugh whenever someone got spanked. I don't think that this was in ill manner I think it was just a trend in the 90s for some reason that was meant to be funny.

>>268595756Legendary Wings


>>268598175>[repressed trauma intensifies]

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>>268596043They are birthday spankings. OP is a faggot. Chuck-e-Cheeze is too much of a disgusting germ factory to be used by organized pedos.

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>>268596043What are birthday spankings? Please explain

>>268596043This. We're in a slide thread faggots. Plant herbs.

>>268596043kek that's about as normal as nurse having a camera on penis inspection day

>>268598643That's entirely normal. Next you'll tell me it's weird my doctor checks my prostate with a bad dragon. Quit larping.Also, birthday spanking were the norm. Maybe it's why we're not Canada levels of fucked up.

>>268591769chuckecheese and showbiz were awesome. into the helicopter faggot.

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>>268596362I assume you enjoyed the spankings as well? I know i did.

>>268592847lol you obviously dont know what americans were like

>>268598504My family (mostly siblings or my aunt) would spank whichever child had a birthday one time for each year, and then one to grow on. So when I turned 9 I was spanked 10 times, but it was a playful spank, not one of the real ones I got with a belt or paddle.

so.. how many 4chan users out of 10 have been raped?

>>268594939The one in Melrose Park?

>>268598643My babysitter would shake my penis dry.

>>268591769I never saw one of those places where the mascot had to carry the "tail" around in it's hand like a dick.

People got birthday spanks?Thats weird.I always just got birthday cumshots.

Chuck E Cheese is shit. Shakey's Pizza is #1. No other place ever finely grinds their sausage and sprinkles it over pizza before they cook it


>>268596362So like the white glove society in fallout new vegas?

>>268599812>tfw the hot neighbor girl who babysitted me never turned into a shota cartoon

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nigga i spent plenty of my own and friends bdays there any i never had this happen or witnessed it.this probably happened at a single specific chuckies.also what if the chuck costume wearer is a known college aged family female who works there part time or something.It could very well be a inside joke

>>268600022based Shakey's poster

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>>268592391wutI mean the tail part is a bit weird but birthday spankings are a thing>tfw peepaw took it seriously and we would all get REAL spankings with a belt on our birthday

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>>268600265I imagine that someone with a granddad named peepaw would get real spankings on their birthday.

>>268591769Who fucking cares

>>268599683All of them , leafAll of themHow do you think we ended up here?

>>268596043Doesn't seem to be a thing anymore, but it sure was when I was a kid in the 90s. They were light, playful spankings or "birthday bumps" where kids would be held up by two adults and had their butt bumped on the ground. There would have been nothing that seemed that odd about this at the time, imo. And the rat tail really does look like a dick, kek, but I think the mascot has to keep holding it because it's long enough to drag on the damn ground. Poor design. I imagine that so many of these pics show him "spanking" the kid with the tail because that was actually the least likely to cause actual pain. You wouldn't REALLY want to spank a stranger's kid, would you?

>>268596043We did birthday punches. Kids at school talked about the same. I think it's a fairly common joke tradition.

>>268592740Holy fuck that looks like Will Forte

>>268600099Checked, but I was really implying that he should hang a piñata and take his frustrations out on it.

>>268600612no that's Ted Cruz from his Zodiac days

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>>268591769Jews need to be gassed for creating this.Whites need to be gassed for allowing this.

>>268600512>Poor design.Bullshit. That is fucking creepy ass shit. It looks intentional. Has anyone seen a modern version of one of these places to see if there are any changes?

The only thing that Chick E Cheese is good for are the trashy parents never disappoints.

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>>268596043No, that shit is weird to a normal conservative family like mines.>>268598643i guess circumcision is a normal thing too faggot

Chuck E Cheese was where I learned that niggers would steal your shit. Nobody told me, I just knew that black kids were most likely to steal your tickets

>>268596043I just got 35 spankings when I turned 34. This is a common practice and isn’t sick at all.

>>268601200i wouldn't know

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>>268601211I got jacked at the quarter machine by a brother at discovery zone when I was like 7. Then small things happened over my life to turn me into what I am today.

this is bulshitChuck e Cheese is greatThey have special no adults room for all kids. They put them there for an hour and parents can play games and eat pizza in peace. I love this place

>>268601961Why is there ALWAYS crime happening at chuckee cheeses?Shootings and shit, always. No matter how affluent the neighborhood.


>>268601961Cultural Marxism to foul happy childhood memories bail on this commie thread

>>268600265In prison we did birthday-beatings. Just bruising, no gouging, bone breaking, face/crouch damage. It was basically open season for birthday boy's friends. >Chillin and play 3e with friends in the day room.>See another buddy come pelting around the corner with five of his buddies in hot pursuit.>catch up to him and dog pile him into the bars.>mildbeating.exe>Dogpile breaks up after thirty seconds.>during which a guard looked around the corner saw what was going on shrugged and went back to the bubble.>Buddy is moaning a bit and holding his left upper arm, apparently that was THEIR target.>Pushes himself away from the wall just as four MORE of his friends come around the other corner.>They're all smiling happy to see their friend.>Guy playing necromancer turns to me and DM and says.>"Ah the joys of being popular."pic related, me, the DM's and the rogues faces when he said that.

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>>268591769birthday spankings aren't that weirdwhen I went to elementary school the teacher would allow kids to either get hugs or spankings on their birthdaysand that was in early 2000s

>>268591769Shit looks like its from uncle dolan world

>don't have chuck e cheese here>as a kid didn't understand why so many cartoons had episodes where they went to giant mechanical animal pizza restaurants