'Member when white guys could be happy?

https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=sc5iTNVEOAgI didn't even like this shit in middle school. Was a fan of country and jew propagated gangsta rap. Turns out while pushing me towards gangsta rap, they ignored the 90s punk rock guys. Listen to this shit all the time now and they just sound .... happy and care free. Even in their sad songs.

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>>268590057When white culture was still cool

>>268590478youtube.com/watch?v=K38xNqZvBJIWas just care free and fun. Sound kinda corny but at the same time I appreciate the shit out of it knowing jews didn't have their hands in this stuff nearly as much as anywhere else. Just singing to the problems of those college kids who were figuring out love and trying to figure out the world.

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>>268590057the 80's was peak white guy happy


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>>268591257kinda but they were kinda infested before they decided to subvert America by turning black culture into a thing I think the appeal is that these white guys just having fun were just ignored by jews and thus, not pushing their shit.Notice the link between skateboarding and punk rock - also that niggers (Nor kikes) are good at skate boarding. Or any other boarding. Or racing cars. Or going to the moon. Motocross. The list goes on.Whites are not actually not much less athletic than negroids if at all. We are actually much stronger but we simply are not as fast nor can we jump as high, on average. Funny thing about whites... if they'd just leave us alone we'd either get ourselves to a different planet or kill ourselves from boredom. We built the most explosive shit we can find just for kicks. We race cars simply because we know we can't run 200 mph. We get bored with massive wars in our ancient history and go through a period of simply building ships and blindly sailing months at a time to see if there is something else out there. Just a different breed than niggers

>>268590057Some of it had to do with the previous wave of music, grunge. Same thing for Oasis or any of the rock bands around the mid to late 90's. I'm glad i got to enjoy some semblance of sanity in life. My mind has gone waaaaay down the line now.

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>>268590057Ska music is where it's atOr at least, thats the impression that I get

>>268592595Where's your mind user? You know believe white pill?

>>268592869Third wave. RBG, Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers


>>268592893>Where's your mind user? I'm trapped in groundhog day.

>>268592869Sweet jesus good lord. In my most degenerate days I was making 6 figures but drank from 6pm to about 3ish am every single night of the week. I later realized it was because I was an unhappy son of a bitch due to said job.. Long story.But I spammed the FUCK out of bars with Reel Big Fish - Loved their songs for some reason, then hated every other song made in the 2000s. One day a bartender told me after I mentioned why I didn't even know why I liked this shit... "ITS SKA! Something about having brass instruments an sheeit. Fucking LOVE SKA

>>268590057I work for spotify. I wrote an algorithm for country/western and was told at the last minute to make it play black music/country rap to “combat racism” or some shit.

>>268593273this is entirely plausible. Good job.

>>268592869Mighty Mighty Bosstones

>>268593180We all are you rape baby. You need bring the sanity to life now. Call retards out for their delusional shit. Be the strong alpha your people need you Argentine fuck!I'd recommend (ironically) watching some Jesse Lee Peterson savage moments and then literally just be like him for a while. Surprisingly effective. BTW Pancho, if in SD of Murica... I'd be happy to buy you a fucking great steak and show you around.

It all ended when Americans voted a black man to be their PresidentIt went down hill after that. White women’s vaginas dried up for white guys. They started growing ass and twerking to attract darker mates. BBC, cuck, blacked, kardashians, twerking, no white males in music, all black guys.




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>>268590057Does every fucking thread have to be about race here? Can we get a fucking conspiracy thread going? I've been browsing Holla Forums because I'm bored as hell and there's nothing here

>>268590057>remember when white guys could be happy?Not really. No.youtu.be/7n0dB_nWfPA

>>268593273What about 20 years ago? What made white 12 year old who was in fact racist since I was like 7 due to my super power of observing the world and rejecting kike and faggot filters...Why did I enjoy coon toons?Also, I do think it was the "Friday" trio that really made me get into it more than the music or lifestyle

>>268593757It’s the year 2020Race is everything

>>268592869>>268592958Only Third Wave Ska can defeat Third Wave Feminism

>when I've been out of university for 8 years now and it was nothing like this show

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The happiest years of my life were spent skankin in a circle pitm.youtube.com/watch?v=ox2mpOiUUmc

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>>268592869Ska suxm.youtube.com/watch?v=F03gEzdLa2gPropagandhi was and still is a great band. Fight me.

>>268593594>It all ended when Americans voted a black man to be their PresidentOkay you fucking dumb ass fucking nigger zoomer. Let your millennial foreskin father drop some fucking knowledge on your fortnite ass since you're 44 years behind the curve:Hart-Celler Act

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>>268593594Meme faggot, I'm ashamed of the degenerate way I have lived and blame part of it on you faggot kikes and your media.But please know, as a 30 year old white guy, under 6'0... but 215 pounds not looking overly fat... Just a standard Irish / Norwegian mutt - none of your EU approved niggers have ever looked at me wrong when I call them "Boy" . You fucking kikes should learn that lesson - your leash is just about stretched out as far as it goes.

>>268593646This sounds fantastic, clicking right meow.

>>268594229It went wrong immediately after the emancipation proclamation, I dare you to disagree.

>>268593646first 3 seconds, I'm fucking sold

>>268593646Why the fuck is it? What about the brass makes me so happy no matter what the content of song is?

>>268593994Approaching Artie Lange levels of burnout here.

>>268590057What they took from us...

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>>268593757we hit a point where that is kinda what it is now. I agree it doesnt matter that much but there's literally a war going on against whites that nobody seems to care about, meanwhile every single black person is oppressed and its not thier fault and deserve to be able to commit crimes and get reparations even though we have been paying niggers to live here forever. They want to make it about race, lets do it.

>>268594510C-major, baby.

>>268593585What you say, i do. I have to deal with people on a daily basis, i have extremely good people skill. I find people very tiring. Because i find them extremely simple. Common people today are that. Simpletons with no brains.They all confide in me deep shit because i speak to them honestly. I tell them that i hate what i hate and i'd like to unite in action. But every day's the same. I work, i try my goddam hardest to end my life with some self-pride and honor. I alienated myself from people so long ago i don't have anything but disdain at this point. I enjoy good company, but good company is scarcer ever still. Same as a good woman. And the latter being rarer. I don't want to go back in time. I just want action. I ache to fight with someone for sanity and righteousness. But i ache because i feel i might never get to do it.If you are here i'll threat you to an experience few people will give your soul. I promise user. If we never cross pathts though, i hope you fair well and take care. youtu.be/B_E-B6982s0

>>268594399Checkd First, you need to get a feel for the rhythm. Then bend your knees, while kicking out one leg. Then follow through by picking up the other leg to about waist height. Then kick that leg foward as you bend the other knee. While you do this, you swing the arm opposite of the leg inwards. There is no wrong way to skank, except not skankinGod damn those girls were fine

>>26859125740s to late 70s. 80's was a downward spiral into the shit you see today.

Also this is a thread about upbeat whiteboi music. There are literally dozens of other threads to go botxh about race in. ITS ALL ABOUT THAT PMA

>>268594726wish i knew what that meant

>>268593918No More Fedora Wars

>>268590057chuck is their best album, they've never done anything remotely good since.

>>268594888Check check check pick it up pick it upLETS GOOOO




>>268590057At about 1:10 this song starts mentioning some interesting situations that are forgotten by today’s youth. youtu.be/y-jC3H_8Dk4

>>268590057the talented brown guitarist was the outcast

I will never be a carefree 14 year-old skater again. The excitement of that time man. The frens, the girls, the parties. Pop punk is the soundtrack of that part of my life and it gets me very nostalgic.youtube.com/watch?v=alUoE6tJP1w

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youtube.com/watch?v=P_lkk9R3sXQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udUCjJphE-0 youtube.com/watch?v=OChjVLHlkVEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PAcdxCAGoQ

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>>268595546>>268590057youtube.com/watch?v=hmeoengNap8Fight me this is my most played song in my own personal juke box history. Don't care what type of bar you are or your crowd. EVERYBODY fucking loves this shit but niggers

>>268594888Most of the genre follows the “bright” sound of the classical major scale. Combined this with upstroked guitar, bright horns, and quick tempo and you have a very upbeat sound.

>>268595092I’d like to think that if I was I’ll pass

>>268595546based talking about kike laywers


>>268595635is nostalgia only sad for whites because of how we've been treated? You should be proud user. I am. Shit on faggots who do not understand how you could be happy pushing against the norm and make sure to call them faggots for being exactly that. have some fucking pride.But I get it. Kinda sad to look back how things used to be and how they are now. I'll have you know though... The times! Theyyyyy arrrreee a' cchhaaaaaangin'!

>>268593594none of those things are relevant, you're just a black supremacist

>>268595282great song.

>>268595834Talking about how black men can murder their wives and walk. And about how black men can smoke crack and be mayor of DC. Sounds like black privilege.

>>268590057Fuck Sum41. These hillbilly assholes came to a party after a shitty high school band show when they were in high school, got super hammered and couldn't handle their booze. The drumming asshole passed out in the garage after acting like a stupid little fuck all night, so a few other guys dragged his lightweight ass out to the middle of the street and left him there. A couple of them pissed on him too, until his buddies took him back to the lame little suburb they came from. Anyways they became famous a few years later, but to us they're always the fags who got pissed on in the middle of the street.

>>268590705>We do not fight one anotherIsn't this the dude who invaded half of Europe?

>>268596179you sound like a whiney faggot who doesn't understand that sometimes booze gets the best of a teenager and they make an ass of themselves. Fucking faggot whiney leaf why are you the way you are

>>268596179lol the drummer sells real estate in California now, you should call him up and ask him if he remembers the time you pissed on his face

>>268596179your Canadian.. shut the fuck up. you let chinks and Muslims take over your country faster than any fucking place on the planet.

>>268596265Negative, Ghost Rider... Pattern is full. No but just look up some non high school text book about that whole deal. You'll end up feeling a little different about Uncle Adolf

>>268590057>https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=sc5iTNVEOAgOmg I'm coked up as shit and that song litrally made me SO happy. Thanks bro. :) I'm gonna check out this whole thread. I'm so happy rn.

>>268595706 youtu.be/1v3CzvQ9e_w

>>268596385Also Trudeaux. Leafs love French faggot ..Presidents? Govnas? What the fuck even do they have in Canada and what significance does that official even have?

>>268596265ya to remove pro jew leaders.. not the people. THE NAZIS WANTED TO CONTROL THEIR OWN BANK. this is all you need to know. literally the entire war was caused by this. FACT

>>268596385Sum41 is Canadian senpai

>>268590057>white guys are not happygoodstay unhappy.

>>268596538What I said about this faggot leaf >>268596385 doesn't apply to you, sir. Honorary Aryan.

>>268596357You sound like a whiny faggot who likes to fuck drunk teenage boys. Wtf who talks like this? Go back to your pedo boards, you fucking diddler.

Didn't Tool take the top of the charts when they released their latest album?We're still around. Culture abandoned us but we still rock on.Listening to Deep Purple right now BTW.

>>268596634We all see your post, but we don't care about what 12 year old ancom faggots have to say, so you will be ignored. Just thought I'd be decent and let you know why you receive no more replies

>>268596764struck a nerve?i'm 26 btw

>>268596577and your country let chinks and niggers roll in to replace you. truedea faggot shout be hanged in the streets if you had balls.

>>268596021I fucking love that show.

>>268596752You should listen to skrewdriver

>>268596690Holy shit you project at a shocking level. Like to come up with that conclusion from my sentence...Good god man nobody else would even think to link those things. If party van comes a knockin' ... Well I wouldn't be surprised.

>>268596891I’m American

>>268596668Bitch are you Sum41's lawyer? Who the fuck cares about a shitty bubblegum punk band from 20 years ago this much? Fag.

>>268596904It was way ahead of its time, I miss it a lot. Mission Hill was great too, along with Oblongs and Undergrads. youtube.com/watch?v=U0ZMw4y9rV0

>>268596752I heard they were baste then I heard they sold out or some shit. I don't know anymore. Be happy to hear they are on the good side but I don't expect that from anyone anymore.

>>268596179Larp harder bro, we almost cared

>>268590057What is all this "could" business? ;^·)May God be with us all!

>>268596947Deflecting now? Go jerk it to Bieber videos from 2009, with your faggot ass underage Canadian fetish.

>>268596179>muh stupid assholes doing stupid shit FUCK THEM!t. has never heard of The Who or Keith fucking Moon

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youtube.com/watch?v=9y2MyMqVD0EThere will never be another era of music like this.

>>268597235>Be Leaf>'Murican makin fun of me>I'll show him. "Go jerk off to moar leafs like bieber kekekekke">call him a faggot again and tell him of his fetish for canadian boysYou are as delusional as kikes are you faggot leaf

>>268597036Absolutely. There's talks of a remake, same production team but more money. On the downside, they're considering leaving Gandhi out. Not thrilled about that if they do it. All great shows.I remember being high as balls and laughing way too hard at 'The Dougler'

>>268597082If I was going to make up stories about people being pissed on, I'd pick someone more relevant than the faggot drummer from Sum 41.


>>268590057remember when white people were only involved in white problems

>>268597375It's all just good to the fucking ears no matter where it goes from there. Does that make sense? I am an amusical user. Not my strong suit but I know how it makes me feel. And not only that, I am telling you I hated it when I was young, likely bcuz kikes subliminally told me to never listen to it

>>268597437Ghandi was fuckin hilarious, they couldn't do it properly without him and Abe's dynamic. The Knork episode still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

>>268590057The internet destroyed innocence.


>>268596179You're a faggot. Dude got drunk, big deal

>>268597424Faggot, who is in here mounting defenses for drunk teenagers? Did Sum 41 take care of your mom after your dad went back to his meth habit and had to suck black cock to get a shard? Save your "it happens to every teenager" for your next victim, you molesting little bitch.

Return to Tradition White man.

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>>268597798Nobody gives a fuck that he got drunk, but he sure got pissed on. I get that in South America that shit rains on top of your poors like rain, but it's a fucked up thing in the civilized world.

I'll take 69 over early 2000s white incel pop punk any dayMusic is better now and everyone has their own very personal taste now. Radio and MTV are dead.

>>268597683Agreed. Hopefully they won't have too, but you know. Indian audiences. They got preeeeeetty pissed. Which is weird, because the creators flat out said they planned to mature as the show went on, slowly becoming more like the public's version of him. Here's hoping that reboot somehow makes it work.

Didn't Sum41 release new music recently? I remember hearing some on the radio, and it sounded pretty good. Better than lots of the modern soirock I've been hearing.

>>268590057>>268592595 >>268592869 >>268593273 >>268593757 >>268593767 >>268594625 >>268595026 >>268595546 >>268595605 >>268595706 (You) >>268596179 >>268596538 >>268596634 >>268597186 >>268597597 >>268597788youtube.com/watch?v=yOp6r1jNLkA&list=PL4bVysMDnqwpyTUQpVax0tW-_Qww-sj1Z&index=7

>>268597949There's not much difference between here and there dummy. It's not subsaharan africa.

>>268590057eminem was a mistake change my mind

>>268598101I hope this doesn't get too much into jewish subversion but it defintely defined exactly my thoughts towards tha wamanz for a while in my life as a younger lad

80's punk all in all was much better than 90's even though it was before my time.youtube.com/watch?v=e1b0NO_Gtck

>>268598150That must be why there is so much immigration from Canada to Argentina.

youtube.com/watch?v=-KTsXHXMkJAanother good one

>>268598164He's one of the few good things rap has ever offered. But he was too ahead of his time, most white kids were into rock and this weirdo came up rapping

>>268593957Great show

>>268598448>But he was too ahead of his timehe did nothing originalliterally the best example of white mediocrity

>>268597949this guy is not subhuman.What is being said is that only subhumans RECALL a time where someone was too drunk and got pissed on or beat up or some shit.Whites simply call a spade a spade. If a retard is too drunk, they get shat upon for any reason imaginable for at least the next 4years. They may get pissed on if obnoxious enough. All that said.. none of us are angry at them and decades later saying how much we hate them for drinking too much once as a teenager

youtube.com/watch?v=r_GH6M7cUq4 >we're the kids in America

>>268590057i saw their first live show behind a big band, offspring. you are a gigantic faggot for even bringing this up. and probably drunk, i read your thread.

>>268598562Reddit spacing. Go home, you heckin budderino.


>>268591926Sure... sure... except blacks had civilizations before white guys.

Also, I can tell you exactly why rock genres are suffering.No good coke or speed around anymore. You can't make good rock, metal, punk, alt, etc without a good flow of cocaine, meth, amp, etc.Rock and Roll became a genre when white people took Blues(itself an evolution of Country) and sped it up on cocaine and "diet pills" and even phenmetrazine.Now all we have is shit-teir stepped-on coke worth two shits, and n-isopropylbenzylamine being sold as meth.The DEA killed Rock, and EDM as well.

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>>268598630so you saw them first but hate them?

>>268598553I mean it in the way that he was a rapper when the white youth was still vastly into rock.

>>268598659fuck off leaf I was going to address this but thought you wouldn't notice. My side bar on this computer is razor thin so for me to even keep sentences straight it looks like one paragraph per half page. Yeah... I was wrong. Just bring my my aunt jemima back and quit being cancel culture faggots.

>>268598686hahaha you mean tribes before the retard genes started being weeded out before Darwinism?

>>268598806ah, right, these magical 'luudes everybody's parents refers to. good point.

>>268598808i was one of the few booing them waiting for offspring before the drugs/alcohol wore off. dont fucking judge me, genx, lucky any of us survived. here enjoy some vintage asg, i got hammered with the lead.youtube.com/watch?v=TrUX14BxiWAone of their videos im at the bar.

>>268590057>>268590187met them both. good charlotte cared more about their female teen fans, but sum 41 were absolute fucking bros. i feel bad for derek

>>268598913Yeah yeah. All I heard was that you like to fuck drunk, white teenagers. Good luck with that, pedo.

>>268599044Checked, white man

>>268590057this is the patricians choice, college rock is the last implicat stand of wyteness

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>>268599117Leafs get the rope right after jews. *** This does not apply to those based leaves we love. *** Just faggots like this

Lifting to this youtu.be/5pV42yvpB2Ahttps://youtu.be/utZIKpaE3lI

youtube.com/watch?v=08V5P7Y77Oo&list=PL4bVysMDnqwpyTUQpVax0tW-_Qww-sj1Z&index=10Love this also...just go to the end

>>268591257Nah 40s-60s.Mid fifties gave us federal involvement in education (Brown v. Board), and launched the campaign that the federal governments role is to step in and assume power when local governance fails to what needs to be done. Of course the federal government decides what "needs" to be done and what "failing" looks like.This was opposed to the idea that we are a nation ruled by laws and not of men. Also that the federal governments only role is what the constitution allows it + amendments through Article X provisions.60s ended the immigration policy we had in place since the 20s allowing for huge demographic change, limiting the power of assimilation and cultural homogeneity.Everything after that was a natural progression of those diseases. The constitution does not mention education ONCE yet we have federal agencies and federal aid tied to qualifications (controlling schools) dedicated to "helping" public schools.Regan actually cut funding to the department of education but failed to eradicate it due to a democrat majority in the House.Also Wilkard vs Filburn dramatically increased the scope of the federal government through "The Commerce Act" allowing the federal government to be able to punish you for growing wheat in your backyard. This was in 1942.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wickard_v._Filburn?wprov=sfla1

>>268599224You leading the revolution from your parents basement? Bitch we pissed on the faggot drummer from Sum 41's drunk ass. Your pasty, skinnyfat bullshit isn't going to scare anyone, other than 13 year olds who got in to their moms vodka.

rock is the white mans musicyoutube.com/watch?v=Fsbvo5GVK10

>>268599222Jesus. Checked.Also, Haven't heard it but think about it. white strike = no gibs. Do they just leave? Do jews leave with them?Now that I think of it, could we be left the fuck alone while every nation knows we could ash them in less than a second? Could we just send everyone home and let white americans be white and white eurobros be white, and let all the shitskins in the entire world be shitskins wherever they are? Israel with its influx of former dual citizens is now a country full of "Smart "People""... I'm down for it. Let's see what happens. All muslims back home and all dual citizens go back to their other country. US military comes home and stays there. Unless they are bored and want to figure out how to colonize Neptune.

>>268599488That was your peak huh

>>268593767Wait how did he slide his hands down the all the keys at the end when both his hands were up in the air at the end? @3:08


>>268599778Motherfucker, don't you have a barrio to attend to? Some old, sick Spanish grandmother who lives on the floor of the apartment that you share with your eighteen person family to look after before you start your overnight shift at the corn stand?



>>268600171you're confusing mexico with argentina dummy

this is real american music.youtube.com/watch?v=WGE7GAjlV3kfor the doubters.youtube.com/watch?v=aCVkm2QBG-Qkek, -Q. of course.youtube.com/watch?v=X8cmbmwFAl8for white nationalistsyoutube.com/watch?v=htSvzWy-WcY

>>268599778It appears that this faggot just needs to be ignored. I bet we hear from it constantly if we do ignore it

White dudes can do art and still actually have a message. Weird but good.youtu.be/scg4tGpBXKc

>>268600243I bet he tells to everyone he meets the story about how he once saw the drummer from Sum 41 drunk and pissed on, he's that kind of guy



>>268600210wtf user i don't generally like new music suggestions but i kinda like yours

>>268600207So then all of the dirty assholes who live here now that claim that they're from Argentina moved because of how much money and opportunity there was there? Or are they lying and are really undercover Mexicans? South America is a giant shithole.

This is probably my favorite straight up “rock” album ever

>>26860049530 years old on air, its one of the few things here older than me.

>>268600550Fugg here it isyoutu.be/EG6F1m1Gi4k

>>268600243Stop deflecting. We are discussing how you like to fuck drunk teenagers. Care to expand?

>>268600510practically no one from here moves to canada

>>268596179I met Brown Sound in Cancun Mexico he was there for his brothers wedding. Super cool dude had already quit sum 41 by then. His dad probably 60 at the time was hammered in the pool and passed out took 6 of us to get him out so he wouldn't drown. Nothing wrong with drinking till you pass out ever once and a while...Don't be a faggot.

>favorite band for a majority of my teenage years was pic related>realize the in today's world they would be accused of being misogynist, culture stealing, frat boys

>>268593957When i played Bully on the PS2 i thought high school would be like that. nope. mexicans being queer and obsessed with anime. we all gawked at niggers as they constantly fought each other

>>268592869>thats the impression that I getYou ever have to knock on wood?youtube.com/watch?v=NIGMUAMevH0

>>268600835Would help if I actually posted it

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>>268600210It's funny when 4chan faggots say America has no culture

>>268600819Did you just use "Brown Sound" unironically? Jesus, dude.

>>268601051I forget what his real name was...

>>268601150Yeah, because nobody gives a fuck about shitty pop punk bands from 1999.

>>268596265as a preemptive attack against communism, yeacommunists are not human

>>268601294There's a song about you faggots being the way you are but i can't remember because I never cared about faggot leafs injecting their diversity hires with whites


>>268600902When I feel bad, listening to their stuff always makes me less depressed.Doin' Time is my favorite from them.

>>268601520Let's hear another full throated defense for teens getting wasted to the point of passing out, though. Speak your passion, you closeted, pedo faggot and cool it with all of your gay revolutionary roleplaying.

>>268600996its just played close to the chest. our duty isnt to influence, its to fucking lead.


>>268599932youtube.com/watch?v=THl_znprBUM>inb4 gavin mcanus

>>268601960>>>268600996 (You)>our duty isnt to influence, its to fucking lead.Exactly and we will. Fuck white cucks

>>2686023144ch bravery. You do the square root of fuck all for anything outside of roleplaying here, you sad, pathetic little bitch.

>>268602452enough to get the feds at my door, and eventually bringing me tendies. stay cucked, leaf.

>>268590057you should listen to math rock to me it still that happy and care free attitudeyoutube.com/watch?v=IhPljk5EZ0Q

>>268602545The feds giving an actual fuck about you - lol. The tendies, I believe though.

>>268590057They still can.

>>268602778it was canned chili technically, and it took 3 months to flip her. you nigger.t. scientifically selected

>punk rock>BasedHaha yeah fuck society and my history and family and traditions man, I'm a fucking rebel! Who cares about anything when I can jam out to nihilistic musicFuck off back to R*ddit edgelords

>>268599932upgrade that pussy shit to slayers versionyoutu.be/IXsOJsXpDcE?t=64

>>268602937Nonsensical pedo is nonsensical. I'm not a drunk 16 year old boy - your pedo voodoo won't work on me, faggot.

>>268590057The members of Sum 41 were 14 when they recorded fatlip. It's part of the reason I started playing guitar. I thought it was cool that younger guys got big playing music who actually played instruments.

fuck bros..... take me back. Fucking college parties in 2013-2015 playing nostalgia songs like sublime broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why is time a thing FUCK

>>268598448he was a sad, angry little white man that amplified the failed, unmotivated, displaced white kid. "hey little buddy its ok to be a piece of shit like me". fuck that dude.

>>268590057trash emo music

>>268603080i actually like this version more, only linked minor threat because its the original.

Punk music is fucking based. So lucky I got into it before nigger music grabbed hold.Watch docos on the old punks, smart dudes, many with degrees, good messages.Early Minor Threat should be mandatory listening.

>>268603108doesnt need to, im not selling anything leaf. i was on chan 10 years before they showed up. and i know what set them off.they never said a word about the pedo stuff we look into.but my political leanings and whether or not i was really from this country came up every single time over 2 years. mixed in with my preferred chocolates. i know right. i had 3 agents, 2 of them were sociologists, im not sure about the third, bit of a cunt, i didnt cooperate.cry larp, i have no fucks to give. but i do have the letter they sent me right before they showed up, and 3 of their email addresses.

>>268596265Was your happy meal history lesson easy to chew?

>>268602971Humanity was a mistake.The birds will inherit the Earth!

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>>268603441I'm sorryFor something that I didn't doLynched somebodyBut I don't know whoYou blame me for slaveryA hundred years before I was bornGuilty of being whiteI'm sorryFor something that I didn't doLynched somebodyBut I don't know whoYou blame me for slaveryA hundred years before I was bornGuilty of being whiteI'm a convict (Guilty!)Of a racist crime (Guilty!)I've only served (Guilty!)Nineteen years of my timeI'm sorryFor something that I didn't doLynched somebodyBut I don't know whoYou blame me for slaveryA hundred years before I was bornGuilty of being white

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>>268603599Based and crowpilled.

>>268603495Wtf are you even talking about, you fucking schizo? I would actually believe that the feds knocked on your door for teenage boy cp, to be honest. Post the fucking letter and the email addresses or you're a faggot larp.

youtube.com/watch?v=USIQk-g1pwQThis shit sounds like some kinda 50s doo-wop. like the misfits.

>>268602452Let's hold hands faggot