Post your biggest redpill #3

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>>268589018Buzz being a Mason isn't a secret, despite being removed on his wiki

>>268588964Remember what they took from us.

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>>268589332Does it look familiar?

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Redpill: Americans are the stupidest "people" on EarthProof: All they can think to say is "no u"

Are there any mass shootings or terrorist attacks that happened the way they tell us? I’m sceptical whenever there’s a happening, but they must occur for real sometime.

regarding pyramids:the whole mystery was figured out a little while back.;dr they used water canals and enormous pipes made of stone masonry to use water pressure to lift them. its been demonstrated exactly how it was done and they've shown the archeological evidence for itthe biggest problem was transportation and lifting, but this theory essentially solves it allits still amazing, but not fucking alien technology

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if the spacekike comes back, post a video of yourself this time


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Ballistic dummy used in Columbine

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>>268589675Thank you nice duck

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>>268589624go be faggot somewhere else

>>268589627Columbine. Organic terror happens and the public reaction is measured. If determined to elicit enough fear, subsequent state sponsored attacks are modeled after the organic happenings

>>268589624no u...fuck

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>>268589627Wait until you see this from the LAX shooting. Starts 7 seconds in, look closely.


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>>268588964What is OP’s pic?

Currently reading

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That arm though

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>>268590133That was a dummy in the wheelchair

>>268590133Why does the tsa hire mannequins?

>>268590391Zoom in on it

I am a threat to society and the FBI stands for Faggot Bitches International and the CIA should be blown up

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>>268590464>>268590501Here wash down that redpill real quick

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>>268589893>>268589771>>268589345I never understood crisis actors....The deep state has so much power and wealth yet they choose to hire the same people to act at different false flags? I feel like it’s some type of demoralization trick maybe to show us how little they care about those who are aware of their tricks.


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>>268589420The temple in ghost busters Kek


>>268589340What is this from? Is that one of the hacker guys from x-files?

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>>268590822Loyalty. Crisis actors are a small circle, made up of people who can pull of different identities and be trusted not to expose major staged events. Where these people come from who knows. But they are protected and well hidden.

>>268589507This photo should've had gay blowjob in the background

we are Golem

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>>268589879not a dummy, she was the girl shot first hence why they drag her body behind the ambulance so the kids can't see it

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>>268591047Might be from The Lone Gunman

>>268591112I guess but like based on the way they look most of them look kinda trashy and most definitely not elites

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>>268589675Wow! Doubling the size

>>268591316100% wrong. They dragged the body and placed in full view of the kids to run right passed it for the media cameras. When they were done, they moved the body behind the truck. Look at the dummy laying on the grass. t. watched hours and hours of columbine footage

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>>268591047Xfiles S06E20 "Three of a kind" opening scenelast two subs edited, original subs in vid related.>>268591397 No, why do people keep making this mistake? Either you're a fan, or you don't know shit, so keep quite so don't make a fool out of yourself.

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>>268591352now thats a good one

>>268591352>gunreformnowSo she knows he's a glownigger crisis actor and she still wants gun control?

>>268589624Canada would be occupied without USA. Fuck you

>>268591399Which would explain why they could be elite family members. Not famous or pretty enough for tv, but still involved and employed.


>>268590246this please


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>>268591174what's this webm of?

>>268591644What's up with the kids that were outside the school in the woods?

>>268591904I would use the term "kids" lightly. These were young adults/crisis actors pretending they were 17-18. Check em out

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This fucking gif.

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>>268589675Based thanks duck

>>268591899Sorry was a bit harsh, I made the webm last night and since posting it the same shit every time....Anon1>Sauce?Anon2>Lone gunmenMe:>AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Xfiles S06E20 for fuck sake!!!!!!

>>268591900Space X launch

Brothers or same person pasted in twice. The entire image is a collage of people. One guy went in depth on this but almost everything related on youtube has been removed.

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>>268592209well thats fucking weird

>>268591174I love lists of weird things to explore, thanks user

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>>268591761Using the hash tags of the retards that followed him in hopes they'd see her post

>>268589702I have to go earthlings! see you next time, soon i hope. Many blessing to you all.

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>>268592433You're good user. I probably would've had the same reaction. I'm a huge fan of the X-Files

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>>268592742No problem. I know enough that isn't widely traded on Holla Forums to put together a few more later. Not all of it is super secret shit but it's interesting and has an immediately identifiable impact on today's world.

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>>268592120I feel like all these school shootings are pharmaceutical experiments

>>268592209wtf? Is he alive or merced?

>>268591086This one set me on a mission through the internet.

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type in black men in welsh for topkek"Six Million Jews" mentioned in newspapers 18 years before Hitler.

>>268589108I thought the black said shell oil at first lmfao

>>268592498but what am i looking at

>>268589410Sauce on this? No idea what this is in reference to.

>>268589640Something tells me that theory would not be put into practice very well.

>>268592836Bye alienbro, have fun out there

>>268589624Leafs outside of Vancouver and Toronto love America. Never let them take away your 1st and 2nd amendment. Canada is proof of what happens without them.

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>>268592854Nice screenshot, the actor that played that part (Pruitt Taylor Vince) was awesome with his crazy cross-eye thing he could do.

Since it's been proven that it was basically impossible for humans to build the pyramids, is it possible they were re-created by modern humans or an advanced race and civilization was placed/started amongst it? Humans grew up knowing there was something greater based on the pyramid, which helped advance them, like monolith in 2001.

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>>268588964what about this image is supposed to be a red pill?


>>268593266Boston bombing.

>>268590143Fuck, again ??

>>268593199Best guess was fuel being loaded


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>>268592836Bye fren, hope I get to talk to people from your species in my lifetime


>>268593510>Since it's been proven that it was basically impossible for humans to build the pyramidsAwww how cute, he's retarded.Humans have been capable since they invented the chisel and the lever.Its not a fucking computer, its just a bunch of rocks.

>>268589340Im not crying your crying faggot

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>>268588964what is the image in the OP?

>>268593882But what if they had a computer?Never considered that, did you?


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>>268593475Dudes totally an underrated actor for sure. He kills everytime he's on screen. No matter what hes in

>>268592776who nose??

>>268590844Redpill me on the Temple of Gozer

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>>268593913Best reaction yet.

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>>268594070How would a computer build the pyramids?


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>>268590822>The deep stateNigga, they just infotainment actors. They know what's up. There job isn't to fake a happening. There just their to fill the 24/7 news cycle with break news and hot scoops.

>>268592120Not a single person was sitting next to this guy :(

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>>268594338Social media is satanism or mass mental illness

There is a certain branch of the Royal Arch Free Masons where the dome over head has a gap in it. Same gap used in Walt Disneys old logo if you remove the castle.

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>>268594382With binary mechanical transmogrification.


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>>268591352i remember this going around years back. seems strange nothing ever came of it. side note, if you're in high school and want to work for cnn, you're a faggot

>>268594788His dad is fbi so naturally he's a faggot.

>>268594382By programming a bunch of Ayy's to help the shitskins

>>268591723but do you own any of the xfiles comics?

Not a huge redpill but a very fun is pretty hit and miss with his ideas though.

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>>268593799Yeah dude I saw the twin towers in a movie once. Totally goes to show they're just toying with us at this point.

>>268594704>>268594780This one. Could mean an exit from earth only allowed to elite freemasons. Which would explain where "dead" famous people go.

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>>268588964The sloth of the modern society. The decadence. The weakness. The Babylonians were brutal. Until they conquered everything they could reach. They enjoyed the bounty of kings. They enjoyed too much. They came to enjoy fabric over steel. The Assyrians noticed this. Their muscles hard from struggling to eat. Their minds sharp from fighting off ravagers. Their city had no walls. They craved what they did not have. And realized they could take it. And then the Assyrians conquered. And then they too, became like silk. Then the Persians noticed. And then they drank from decadence. Then the greeks saw weakness. They conquered. They lost it all to Rome. And so on the stone falls from this hill in such a predictable pattern. And now my friends, we are here. Amongst the decadence. Amongst the evil.Shall we crush them like ants scrambling for our droppings.Or will we cower in the shadow of decadent doubt.Which way white man.Which way indeed.

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>>268594788>nothing ever came of itI mean...what can anyone really do? The evidence is blatant yet nothing ever happens.

Video/image only?Are there shills here who know that these images/videos do almost nothing because they're stale so they don't want you to share personal opinions, just the ones in videos and images so that nothing new can be shared?Who thinks redpills only come in video/image format?OP is probably a shill.Look into the law of attraction, it is the spiritual red pill.Go wherever you want from there.Fuck this shills-setting-the-rules- thread.Fuck you, kike, I'll share what ever I want.

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>>268593882Wrong, see: >>268583146Literally impossible, and another user pointed out the calorie intake for the humans would be literally impossible to manage.


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>>268589340Nobody took anything from you.If you want this, all you have to do is not be a racist asshole and actually do things in life. Pro-tip: You aren't going to be randomly awarded a wife and a house and a job for being white and hating da jooz

>>268595135Based, and complete the cycle pilled.

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>>268595246the news could try doing the news and investigate it. if something like that would happen today would it go unnoticed as easily?

>>268595617>is not be a racist assholeYou shouldn't relax around blacks.

>>268589507Big if true.

>>268595638That would help but unfortunately the news and the crisis actors are all on the same team. Everything is fake/staged/covered up

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>>268595617Ok Barbs

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>>268595810What's this from?


>>268595810That was memory holed so fucking fast.

>>268595901Google:Murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward

MK Ultra never stopped, or why do people believe everything they see on book version

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>>268595901from a couple years back. reporter was shot while reporting

>>268592120What is the context of this pic?

"Elite" AMA on

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>>268595901>>268595923Black guy who used to work at news station killed an anchor and her cameraman live on air a couple years ago.

2nd Elite AMA (not as good as the 1st though)

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>>268589507>Zuck's handsI'm scared bro

>>268593475Wouldn't be bad if he didnt do the eye thing in every role he ever had

>be police officer in 1987>arrest 2 men who were watching over 6 children>children dont know what a tv or telephone is>children tell they only get food as a reward>wtf.jpg>take part in raid of related cult appartement>find thousands of pictures>the immages of the dead goat and the bloodied naked children who were forced to kill it can not be book version

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33 Earth shape theories (some very rare ones)

Attached: 33 earth shape therories - vrp.jpg (1733x933, 782.28K)

>>268596139>>268596148Thank you kindly.>>268596241>Black guyI really had to look to tell by his hand.

/fit/ 7-Day Impulse Control and Self-Discipline

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quick nofap rundownaudio book of meme

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occult view on book version

Attached: occult view on no-fap.png (1999x2526, 439.01K)

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>>268588964good threads, some very rare redpills. will be saved.What is Cute Agression?

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4Chan/X "Makinds Doplomat in Space" [and Nazies]

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>>268589258So they finished subverting the Republican party and are working on the Democrats now?

>>268589624no u

>>268589108What about lunar eclipses you dumb nigger?

US Army remote viewer talks on

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>>2685962121999 year book picture of the Columbine Class. Shooters are in top left corner. Guys in front row are throwing up the numbers 4-2-0 the date of the massacre but can be shrugged off as a weed reference. Whole image looks fishy and pasted in. Multiple people look the same. Many looks years older than 17-18.

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>>268589507is that Kim Jong Un?

All the ways to professionally distract people from the

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>>268596422>The PDF they link at the end is the secret sauce

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>shit shit>shit shit shit

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Be your OWN

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>>268591118Fuck, the red,white&bluepill

>>268596879Animated moon phases using ancient alien technology you wouldn't even begin to fathom

>>268596586I was in the pol threads as this guy was tweeting and uploading these videos. That was a fun ride.

>>268592836greetings friend! welcome to earth! :D

>>268596284This is quite possibly the cringiest larp I've ever read.

>>268592120not a single nigger

>>268597302Holy shit you actually believe that?

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>>268597407That was before Obama's Section 8 destruction of White America.

>>268597497I'm not sure yet, but if we live in a dome, and freemasons believe we live in a dome, what would be your explanation?

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>>268597654You likely misunderstand what they believe. If they ever actually use language like that it is probably gnostic symbolism if anything

>>268597770Idk man, they hide it in their freemason Hollywood movies too. I'll post some more.

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>>268597770Tom Hanks "City of Ember" is all about how we live in a dome.

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>>268595135>He makes it about white people

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Attached: 285155DF-5157-4219-986C-04728273D69D.jpg (1125x1078, 361.77K)

>>268597770This series shows all the movies exposing domes in Hollywood and TV

>>268597920>>268598030Gnosticism is basically the belief that we humans are trapped in the physical realm. Getting outside of the physical realm and what not is a secret (esoteric) thing. This is commonly represented like pic related. Study more theology and many things will make more sense.

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>>268594613Basted costanza

>>268589675I don't even have to say anything? I just get a bigger PP? What a nice duck.


>>268597138Don't forget, she's the reason Obama was able to become president.

>>268595135Well said.

>>268598208Also much of religious satanism is gnostic by nature. Basically an antagonization of the Creator. An example of a big name which quite possibly is relevant to the groups which you refer was the false Messiah Jacob Frank.

>>268596913hahahaha people fall for this shit

>>268598740Someone could say they were Donald Trump Jr. here and people would believe it

>>268595617>pro-tip:Kill yourself faggot. At the very least go the fuck back to r#ddit

>>268598326But you don't believe it could be an actual thing? A physical dome that the elites move in and out of? What makes you not believe

>>268589675no thanks faggot

>>268588964how the fuck is the pic in OP a redpill?

>>268588964Islam is the truth, Allah is the only God, and Muhammad is his messenger.

>>268591174>>Cold War spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg>Rosenberg>Reviewing the book for The New York Times, American historian David Oshinsky was harshly critical>OshinskyIt's all so tiresome.

>>268599024Think about it

>>268588964what am i look at?

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>>268598968It would make absolutely no sense. Evil religions obsess over spirituality and occult tradition. Most of which has little to nothing to do with the physical world besides maybe sacrifices. That isn’t even going into the unfeasibility of physical dome theory. These people make errors as can be seen in propaganda outlets. If they were thousands of years more advanced than their opponents errors would simply not happen the rate they do.

>>268589913boo fucking hoo, Cleetus thinks he's based hahahah>IM NOT RETARDED, muh 2nd amendmint, muh spics and niggers are more retarded because muh whyte ppl invented every1thingbwahahahahah

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>>268591352Try to find his old reddit account. Davis Green.

qrd on op pic?

Attached: 1593455352354s.jpg (100x125, 2.42K)

>>268589018>>268589345>>268589410>>268589771>>268589893>>268590392>>268591086>>268591118>>268591352>>268592209>>268596145Settling in on a comfy thread. Probably going to crack a beer bc of all the GIRTH in this bitch. Can I please just get a hoverboard when the rona is over?

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Wikipedia Co-Founder tweets about

Attached: Wiki ex founder tweets about Pizza jpg.jpg (4485x4887, 3.12M)

>>268597138>>268598429What? All I could find was her IMDB

>>268590079What is this supposed to be?

user remembers "German Scientists" coming to

Attached: Argentina anon and german scientists.png (1358x587, 592.37K)

Attached: 1583605824474.webm (1280x720, 855.82K)

Biggest redpill for y'all Amerimutts: """America""" will be Mexico again in this lifetime

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How to spot the female typing

Attached: Female typing style.png (1887x2545, 775.81K)

>>268591118kek jew the jew, borrow money but never repay


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There is no future without whites. If the white race allows themselves to become a minority, the reality is that the nonwhites will shunt us in a way such that we can't be in authoritative positions. They may even begin killing us altogether, as they already are. You've seen the self destruction of these third world nations. You've seen their pitiable state, why do you think they're such bad places to live in? Because the people there are terrible. These same people are within your borders, mucking everything up. Look at any third world country and you'll see the future of a civilization dominated by non-whites.

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if people actually had to care for their

Attached: if people actually had to care for their family.png (952x778, 59.42K)

>>268599345What is unfeasible about a physical dome? It doesn't even have to built, it could be carved out withing a giant rock, which is what Tom Hanks movie suggests. All you would have to do is carve out the ceiling, creating a highest point, which is why the sky is darkest blue at its center. Implement some advanced technology in the sky and you can raise an entire human race within it. NASA is their propaganda machine to prevent us from ever questioning where we really live.

Attached: 8goddesses korea.jpg (1400x6420, 2.78M)

>>268599516Stop shilling your fucking youtube channel, faggot.

>>268596145MK Ultra was simply one branch of research in the field of cybernetics, a science of mind control that has been going on strong for nearly a century at this point. You can cut an individual program, or so you might think, but it's not going to stop the creation of movies, or the rise of social media for that matter. The idea of social media came about around 60 years ago, with the ultimate objectives of removing people from direct interaction and having AI chat programs influence everything.

>>268595512remember the>...>4 times 6 million24 million juice

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>>268600005>Stop shilling your fucking youtube channel, faggot.what are you doing to redpill the masses fren?>>268600084>MK Ultra was simply one branch of research in the field of cyberneticsyes, MK goes much much much much deeper than that pic. movie here very related.

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>>268599979If thousands of years more advanced tech, not unfeasible. What’s unfeasible is that the people would have to be super advanced and that would only be feasible if they didn’t fuck up constantly

>>268599661You wish faggot. Mexico could be annexed in 3 days. Just know, that no matter what you do, you will wake up with skin the color of literal shit for the rest of your life, and there is nothing you can do about it, subhuman.

Stephen: "Whats next Bill?"Bill: *smiles his ass off*Bill: "Oh, a bioweapon attack with a virus would be really really unexpected..."Stephen: *close to burst from laughter*

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>>268593018What am I looking at here?

>>268589624Leafs are the biggest copers on Earth

>>268600283>what are you doing to redpill the masses fren?I certainly don't show them screenshots of 4chan.

>>268591118I love how they maid a point they he was never repaid hahaha holy shit kek

>>268599661Where will you go when you fuck up America aswell? Canada? Why are your people like a biblical plague? Like locust.

>>268589624whenever i go to toronto my iraqi driver praises george bush. let that sink in. george fucking bush.

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>>268589675I appreciate this, Mr. Duck.

>>268600283here some reports about MK ultra and the cults that use it. its very dark stuffSvali

>>268591086AYYY LMayanAO

>>268600520It's funny, I have hundreds of memes saved from here. I was talking about memes with this girl at work and she asked if I had a social media and I said no. She asked then how do I even know what a meme is "hahah". I didn't know what to say and brushed it off. Would rather deflect than reveal my power level. I don't even know what to call this place other than a white supremacist anime forum.


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>>268600520Are you going to share anything?

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>>268590133What the fuck??

>>268593101What did you find?

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>>268601184Cheers lad

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>>268600764Gutten morgen krautbro

>>268589640No, they use vibration

>>268601250Right? Like how fake and pathetic.

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>>268600933pic related>>268601287>Gutten morgen krautbrobom Dia>>268601437sauce? where is this from? breadcrumbs pls

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>>268594969those arent nubs, they're the sockets for a bridge. The first picture is the bridge.

>>268591900space x rocket, the strange view you see for only a half second is actually from inside the fuel tank on the rocket. liquids act fairly peculiar in micro gravity so it makes sense to monitor the tank with an internal camera if you have the means to do so

>>268591352Can't find that amazing montage of his terrible acting (and his dad) on YouTube. How odd.

>>268601531I honestly got the feeling the if Q is not a scheme to win and it's actually trump with good intentions, it's just them cleaning out the low tier public goyim practicing bloodlibel.

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>>268600933The Harvard prof that got paid a bunch of money from China, or in that thread, can't remember... But there was some kind of talk about a patent for a neural mesh that interfaces with the optic nerve. I believe we have the tech to "wiretap" humans through digital interfaces now.

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>>268592836Fuck off, space nigger, we're full

>>268592120MFW jags guy went to Columbine and he's in this piche's in the center, next to the plaid orange shirt guy

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>>268598705No, satanism is Satanic.Gnosticism is about truth and satan is the bastardization of truthYou know nothing

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>>268595135Can you believe it. We let it be this way

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>>268599546not really an immaculate conception between two men, just sleight of hand and a kenyan in off ice

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>>268600005You beat me to it.>>268600283>what are you doing to redpill the masses fren?redpilling the masses on Holla Forums Fucking faggot!

>>268589340>no korean waifuShitty dreams brah


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>>268589345thats very obviously not the same person

>>268592836no blinking or trying to hide your eyes from the intense sun?

>>268593160What are the odds

>>268594338Women are followers. You can chage their mind very easily bros. Don't let the demoralization threads get to you, all they want is a strong white male that's not a simp. It is very easy to do.

>>268601841>I believe we have the tech to "wiretap" humans through digital interfaces now.if you want to dice deep into this topic, check on youtube a swiss german lady, phd in physics, that is targeted by all secret services, because she oposes her vids she talks abouit the extend of everything. she also did some pharadeic cage testing. (THe cage where no signals from outside can enter, no radio waves, no 5g, no mobile, no nothing can enter that cage. and in the cage she sat, and there were tests done to see if any radio waves are present. the result: her neck was acting like a radio, sending data. They did the same test with other individuals also. QRD: nano mashines can be implanted into any individual. those mashines then build themselves into the required device and send data. thats why they want the 5g, because the amount of data every chipped human transmits is quite high.they can chip your eyes, see what you see, and also implant vision artefacts, make you look crazy. voice to skull ofc also. and via the vision devices they can also manipulate your dreams....a lot of scary shit that has to stop yesterday.

>>268594704>>268594780>>268595046It represents breaking the conditioning and ascending. Heinrich Himmler was a freemason.


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>>268602592>Women are followers. You can chage their mind very easily bros. Don't let the demoralization threads get to you, all they want is a strong white male that's not a simp. It is very easy to do.women want strong men. So get redpilled, so that you know what is right and what is wrong. so that you can be like a mountain in these stormy times. women love men who know what they want. So educate yourself and "know thyself".

>>268602057Gnosticism denies a literal physical Jesus as God on earth. It relegates Jesus as being spiritual only, appearing as flesh but not really. It is a complete denial of the bible as per the reason of Jesus' death to pay for sin. (This concept, specifically, the most foreign to most). It calls YHWH (Jehovah/Yehovah, not Yahweh) the demiurge which is contrary to the biblical God of infinity.Anything that denies Jesus' sacrifice is satanic by definition as per the bible. The bible implies that all things not of God was meant to distract or otherwise steer you away from the person of God in the form of Jesus. All texts indicate that gnosticism didn't really have any writings about Jesus until ~200 AD. Most scholars agree that even the most liberal of them will hold the "synoptic gospels" as closer to the eyewitness period then any other texts. Revelation being the latest in the series chronologically is from about 95 AD, so 25 years after Jerusalem falls to the Romans.

>>268589340This one hurt.

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>>268591828If you think about it logically, David Hogg would be higher up on the chain then Evelyn Rothchild.

>>268589879>columbineTwo jews decide they'd like to murder some goy children. A tale as old as time and not faked.


>>268600431Still not quite sure why anyone cares about Bill Gates' opinion on these matters. He's a plagiarist nerd who stole Xerox's OS and slapped his name on it. That's it. Everything Microsoft has done since has been an embarrassing failure with the possible exception of Xbox, which they have always sold at a loss. Bill Gates sucks.

>>268597302>>268597302>you wouldn't even begin to fathomsounds like someone I know lol

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>>268593266 Boston Bombing was done by the Craft not the tsarnev brothers


>>268589108Wrong board bro. /tg/ is that way.

>>268602057Fuck the haters I completely agree, Its nice to see someone else who sees the true nature of things.

>>268598922Don’t actually kill yourself though. The lord our God loves you!

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>>268599251columbine kid? ok...

>>268590246>>268591859>>268593937He was murdered, and the zoom in is supposed to show someone in the background following him. I don't see anything thought. vaguely remember this from years ago

>>268592120This pic looks like a series of photos cobbled together

>>268603142>He's a plagiarist nerd who stole Xerox's OS and slapped his name on it.99.99% of people think that he is computer jesus. nobody knows what you said. As for why he is so beloved? check the corbet report 4 part documentary on him. QRD: he paid a lot of $$$ for PR, just like the old rockefeller did 100 years the

>>268595617>>268595617>You aren't going to be randomly awarded a wife and a house and a job for being white and hating da joozWhat...? but i have been told multiple times that im priviledged

>>268594338This is the most disturbing picture in the thread.

>>268589675Unbelievable! Thanks!

>>268601531I like that we live in the timeline where Oprah is the ringleader of the global pedo cult.

>>268601758his dad the self admitted fbi agent

>>268603710notice how he uses the language "soft targets"

>>268599514where did you find this gif?

>>268603699>I like that we live in the timeline where Oprah is the ringleader of the global pedo cant rise to high levels without having some skin in the game....starting new thread in a sec. this one reached 300

>>268599911We’ll have to abandon large amounts of territory and join together I fear. However if we can survive 100+ years there is a good chance that their societies will implode and they will slaughter each other barbarically.

>>268600441A place in Antarctica that doesn't exist

>>268603864Then we emerge from the wilds like demigods.

new bread: >>268603961new bread: >>268603961new bread: >>268603961new bread: >>268603961(finally a good oportunity for the pic :D )


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>>268603710Based. Thank you.

>>268589487cringe 80 iq moment

>>268588964Vid related are real "greys" found in antarctica in the 80s-90s

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>>268604003I would long to see the day some modern tanks roll out on tree worshipers who think human blood sacrifices will cure disease.

>>268583146This is stupid. The pyramids were each built over a much longer period than 20 years. Practically the whole life of the Pharaoh.


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>>268604394i dont think i was supposed to see that. i hope the internet survives.

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>>268593510blacks made the pyramids

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