Holla Forums humor thread

garfield edition

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>>268588738Hey Frens, I have a meme request. Anyone have the mr bean as a nazi "me after a week on Holla Forums" meme?

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The lack of posts here is depressing.

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>>268597698Just for (you)

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>>268598456Thank (you)

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>>268600447Lmao, yep, this is correct.

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The garfield meme comes from a bad place, so I approve of this mangling of it. It was used by dishonest lefties, so take that!

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>>268600900Best one on this thread

Legit my last Captcha, lmao

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>>268601456Hey that's my fucking bike and that's not me.

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Holla Forums chad

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>>268601044dude what are you like 14?get the fuck off my board

>>268601676Wow, fucking ballsy

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>>268601899why did this fucking get me so bad lmao

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>>268602567Should we accelerate until a new Hitler arrives?


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>>268602919I dunno, but it always gets me, too.


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>>268600146When that happened everyone lost their shit here and all the self-hating cucks were saying "hurr durr (((we))) argentines are savages hurr durr 3000th world xdd", just because a pack of niggers were being niggers.Now it turns out niggers are worse in every other country and they just remain silent.

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