I didnt go to college and make more than my friends who did

Im a 21 year old welder and i make more than the people who look down on me for not having muh fancy paper and i have no debt

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>tfw 25 years old and never had a jobi hate myself

good job bud

>>268587899It is not 100% your fault

>>268587899You should.

>>268587832your friends just got out. they will out earn you by the time you're both 30 and have substantially more wealth by retirement. gg

>>268588029But if you wanted to work, you could find it too.

>>268587832>Life is over and done with as soon as you turn 21 $20 says you become a raging alcoholic before 30

>>268587832Congrats, you sound dull.

>>268587899it's the end times don't worrythere is literally no point in playing the game anymorejust relax and isolate

>>268587832>21 year old welderTake deep breaths when inhaling the metallic plasma fumes when subatomic particle physics causes impurities and the metal itself to sublimate directly to elaborate fractals that pass through the blood brain barrier and cause damage to the instrument you're using to read this sentence.Your brain will quit working much quicker than someone who doesn't weld.youtube.com/watch?v=IZjJUDMPrrYDouble up on the air filtration.youtube.com/watch?v=V6m4M0XKZkQ

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>>268588169I came here to say that, too

>>268587899only possible in Canada

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>>268588169Imagine believing this horseshit..Stop being a retarded faggot... They will probably be jobless and he will have skills and steady income. KYS...

>>268587832how much do you make also college isnt just for making money traditionally

why are there so many fucking slide threads?

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Yes but they get an easy job sitting on their ass doing fuck all until retirement while you're there busting your ass with no real opportunity to move up the ranks and before you know it those people with fancy papers will become your boss and you'll have to call them sir and mam.

>>268587832Built for BBC

>>268587832That's good son, but let me ask you something: do you use your money and influence to further the needs of the white race and the coming Reich? No? Then you shall be gassed along with the rest of the heathens. Our new Reich will only be for the faithful. If you want to be prideful, you need to have done a lot of work for our cause and not just shitpost. Look at what we're doing. We're making the feds send troops to Portland, we're making trannies commit suicide, we're summoning Kek in all kinds of places. Literally everyone who's not a Millennial knows that college is fake. That's a no-brainer. Do more for us and then you can be prideful.

>>268587832I don't care.

>>268587832Based.>>268587899Get job.

The degree market is over saturated. Too many people with degrees, college is too easy. Then there is the fact professionals and manufacturing is outsourced, although China Flu has changed that. Its hard to take someone's job away when they don't work with the same environment everyday.

>>268587832I have multiple degrees and I don't look down on anyone who doesn't have one.


>>268587832I have an MBA and I SMAW for fun.I don't see myself working under a pipeline at 55. If your employer will pay for college, do it. Many will. You need to know a trade, but you also need to constantly improve yourself and what you can offer to be competitive in today's jewish casino economy.

>>268588169Yeah, tell that to the millennials who make on average the same i do while being 15 years older

>>268587832Yeah, for now, but you aren't seeing the big pictureYou're already at your ceiling, you're basically making the most money you'll ever make. Your friends who went to college will continue to advance in their careers, their salaries will continue to grow, they'll invest in retirement funds, buy stocks, etc.

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>>268588716>>268588860Roasties can keep their commie indoctrination camps

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>>268587832higher education is not for making monies, it is for looking down on subhuman scum like you

>>268588845Good, same here. Problem is though there are people with master's degrees becoming radical communists because they work as bag boys. Imagine becoming radicalized because some force is occupying your home or your religion is under attack but today's millennial is radicalized because they work a wagie job as a barista.

>>268587832Good for you. How you play the game doesn't matter just so long as you finish with a high score.

>>268588902Lol, no im not. Peak welder salary is 2-3x what i make. Weld engineers can make six figures easy but you need to have over a decade of in the field experience to do that. I can invest now too if i want, i can afford the down payment on a rental property in a year or two>>268588997Imagine spending six figures and wasting 4 years of your life for bragging rights>>268589124My dads an engineer and he says the new engineering graduates are retards who cant change their own oil but want to be paid $70k a year to design trucks lmao

>>268588845you're probably male, males are fair, women aren't, they're fuckin cruel bitches

>>268587832Unironically well done user

>>268587832that's cool dude, but welding is very hard on your body and they will most likely out earn you over time even with debt from loans

>>268587832Misery loves company. True friends will step in piles of shit and then warn you that there is a shit pile, instead of letting you step in it too, just so you can both have shitty shoes. Then they spread the meme that it's cool to step in shit, so they can bring you down to their level while claiming to try to lift you up. Pay no mind to those philistines. Enjoy your happier, less stressful life, and if you love what you do, that's another bonus.


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>>268589373Id rather not be fat and bald working in an office with the sjw gestapo breathing down my neck

>>268589419>True friends will step in piles of shit and then warn you that there is a shit pile, instead of letting you step in it too, just so you can both have shitty shoesgoddamn this is why I keep coming back to this shithole board, this convoluted sewer is the only place I can find even a speck of shining genuine wisdom. Have a (you), you deserve it

>>268589505>he doesn't spend all day being mentally stimulated at his standing desk free of micromanagement with comfy benefits and then go home to his home gym after worknot going to make it

>>268587832I love how they are all "welders..." Has to be code for something other then "faggot."

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>>268589438Those loading screens though.

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>>268588169Disagree, on top of making less now. They are going to be stuck in high cost of living cities, forever, because that where all high paying college degree jobs are. Thus effectively making any money do make be less valuable in comparison. They will typically need to act out some sort of high lifestyle to fit in with their peers, such as buying a luxury car or donating to some bullshit organization for clout. All while Cletus will be happier than a pig in mud by driving his 18 year old Diesel truck with 375,000 miles and half the bed rusted out. Then on top of that, Cletus and his family will more likely be self sustaining by owning large amounts of land that they can either grow on or lend out to farmers for monthly paychecks. Personally, I actually make more money than my own bosses because I get OT and they are salaried. We all work the same hours but they get fucked and the unions agreement I have now greatly benefits me.

>>268587832Way to be. I chose college, got an engineering degree, everything went well because I rationally assessed the costs and expected rewards.Too many people like your friends erroneously assume that a degree in *something* is better than nothing.

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>>268587832College isn't the meal ticket it used to be. Nowadays you have to be intelligent, hardworking, and have a career plan. If you use college as a way to drink and fuck for four years you're going to have a bad time when it's done.

>>268589284>Peak welder salary is 2-3x what i make. Can confirm. Good for you and good luck, user. >My dads an engineer and he says the new engineering graduates are retardsThe real problem for engineer new grads is that they have to compete with pajeets with fake diplomas. Unless you go into defense where you have to be a US citizen.

>>268587832You work hard and know how to do things other people don't. Capitalism rewards initiative and expertise that is why young commies hate it.

>>268589978Us blue collar guys gotta compete with spics, theres no escaping desperate shitskins now


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>>268589847I agree, I went to university for a degree I could use to get a job, and I did. I think that having a degree is probably better than not having one, even if it's in some garbage field, but so many people think any degree is an automatic free ride to a good job, when I'd say (generously) that about 20% of degrees are useful for finding a job, and the people on the rest of those courses could be doing almost anything else to give them access to better jobs.

>>268587832I went to college at 25 and I make more than a welder and graduated with no debt. You realize the government gives you like $6000 a year in grant money to go to college, right? It's called a Pell grant it is available to all poors.I finished my CS/Math degree 5 years ago. Now I work flexible hours from home and get paid to not shower and shit post on 4chan. I spend most of my days posting blacked pictures and triggering alt right incels with things like pic related. God I hate you stupid, zoomer, alt right, incel faggots.

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>>268590089>Capitalism rewards initiative and expertiseoh you starry-eyed idealist


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>>268587832>Im a 21 year old welderLets see how long you can do that physical labor and how many years off of your life it is taking. There is more to a 'good job' than just the pay.

>>268587832based tradeposter. residential plumber here. fuck the (((college))) scam.

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ITT: spastics who thing everything revolves around what you earn.>not realising it is a trifecta of earnings, reducing expenses and ensuring you live in a low cost of living area

>>268587832I am proud of you user. Now go get a wife and make some babies.

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>>268591493truly the most intellectual fetish

>>268587832you will be set if you continue to work hard. welding does damage your eyes so you will have eye sight issues in the future. college is for soft hand normies that have never been in a fight. good for them but their empire can crumble much faster and they will cry for help

>>268588169Earning lots of money dosent matter when you spend it like a dumbass, you may earn 30% more than i do but you might spend it in a SUV or a brand new pickup.

>>268587832I went to college and I make nearly 300k a year telling you shithead tradesmen what to do on my job site.

>>268589438damn, chad muska ghetto thugsta

A good education is a wonderful thing that you have forever.Attending university is no guarantee you'll get one but there's probably a better chance.

>>268587832Welding is a dead-end profession.

>>268593206who the fuck cares when you make 6 figures

>>268593206Anyone who says this is actually beyond retarded. Until we get to the point that we are building incredibly cheap and highly mobile robots, that can adapt to specific situations and getting into tight areas for unique repairs or construction, welding will be safe. The only welding in trouble is massively repeatable production line welding.

>>268593206Every career is a dead end. 99% of us won't make to CEO multimillionaire status. Best thing to do is to do what you enjoy. Besides you only need to make 50k to have a net worth of a million+ dollars.

>>268593206>t. angry gender expert

>>268592304The problem with welders is there's a high overhead cost to do their trade. Welding equipment isn't cheap. And it tends to break frequently.

>>268592973>A good education is a wonderful thingI agree, but the problem with a *really* good education is that it takes so damn long.

>>268592973People who want an education can learn almost anything they want whatever they want in this day and age. Information is at our fingertips. That and you can avoid being forced into taking multiple social justice courses to satisfy an arbitrary course load for your discipline. Whoever decided you NEED to take sociology, history, and social justice, in order to graduate with your civil engineering degree, is/was truly evil.

>>268594435>you NEED to take sociology, history, and social justice, in order to graduate with your civil engineering degreeThe vocational-school approach was tried decades ago, and produced lacklustre engineers who could do what they were taught to do, but were unable to learn anything new.

>>268594775I don't know if you know this but today's engineers are still garbage. They have that same problem of not being able to learn anything new but coupled with a superiority complex. Forcing them to learn about Malcom X isn't going to make anyone think outside the box. In all likelihood it probably has the opposite effect with all the "SOCIAL JUSTICE IS GOOD DON'T QUESTION IT."

>>268592044How, im autistic

>>268595157>today's engineers are still garbageI do not agree with that -- I work with a lot of engineers (mostly electronics, but also mechanical) and they are all very capable and smart AF

>>268587832>Didn't go to college until much later>Started manufacturing business>Knew how to program PLC's and build control panels.>Grew out pretty fast because I built my own machines and equipment>Just came naturally for me>Hired employees, still growing>Made way more money than all my friends that went to school, most of them went back to living with their parents>Laugh at all the dumbfucks from school on Facebook who didn't want to listen to me>Got my engineering degree so I could do my own drawings and permits, because I got tired of shit heads with really poor work ethics slowing down my developmentMy only fear is growing too big and losing control to some HR department of my horrid creation. Yes, I still shitpost on 4chan while in my office.

>>268587832Good on you user>>268588845Good on you, too

Only go to college if you really want to do something you need a degree for.Don't look down on people who followed this basic principle just because you may make more than them and have little to no debt from school.Do whatever you want with your life.Do whatever makes you happy, even if that means going to some pozzed college because you have to.If that's in line with your will, so be it.

>>268595493Opposite for me. I work with a lot of mechanical engineers and occasionally some electric ones. They are the dumbest shits I've ever seen, a lot of them fresh from school and scared to question established norms to do paperwork to change how a system. Like upgrading components. I've also only ONCE seen a young engineer go into the field to see a system when it was going through outage service window. They don't admit their mistakes and try to make excuses to regulatory bodies when something goes wrong which adds unnecessary work. It's actually incredibly frustrating because these are supposedly the cream of the crop.

>>268587832you...weld things. lol. your friends are probably off trying to cure cancer or be social workers because money isn't their primary driver.

>>268596032Weird ... where do you work? I'm in Las Vegas.

>>268587832That theme will become more and more prevalent. Think about rebuilding Americas infrastructure for the next 20-30 years; yeah we dont need too many BS BAs or PHDs for thatmeanwhile guest which jobs are the easiest to automate... Thats right, desk jobs.God speed tradesmen user

>>268589782>Cletus will be happier than a pig in mud by driving his 18 year old Diesel truck with 375,000 miles and half the bed rusted out.Story time: was a substitute teacher, got friendly w the head of the math dept in a HS. Dude was driving a 400k miles Isuzu diesel pickmeup. Whole school, fac & sts, thought it was all he could afford. I made friends, he told me he had more $ he knew what to do with, and driving an old beater was one of the keys to financial independence. Everybody else was taking on second mortgages, up to their eyeballs in debt, guy was trying to share wisdom, college-degreed teachers couldn’t put 2+2=4 together. Selah. Live & learn, or don’t.

>>268596639I operate a welding robot in an atv factory, those things are pants on head retarded. Automation is a nothingburger

>>268587832>i just want to be cool in front of the 4chan kids mom

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>>268596582Not sound sound pretentious or something but I don't want to give that info out due to the sensitivity of the work. However, I'm in the Midwest.

>>268587832Same BUT I am also very smart and no one thought I would not make a bunch of money and be successful.

>>268588029it's 99% his fault. Unless he was extremely unlucky or extremely autistic

Absolutely every single time this thread is made the asshole claims he's a welder.

>>268596953Nevada is a "right to work" State, and underperforming employees get fired.

>>268587832okay but how much money will you be making at 30 compared to your friends? Don't think short term. Your friends will be climbing the corporate ladders. What ladder can you climb as a welder?

>>268587832You'll be making more in the beginning, but they have more career flexibility and potential to climb, while you'll still be a welder.I went the same route, i went straight to work. i encourage you to look around at your coworkers, they have being doing the same low prestige job for decades, do you want to be like them? That's why I'm going to university now (to become a teacher) I'll be making only slightly more, but at the same time I'll be able to increase my value over time.Just don't go to uni for somthing stupid like anthropology.Teachers have almost garenteed to get hired out of uni and theres plenty of available jobs which equals flexibility.Also I get to undo some of the ((subversive)) education that's going on.Either way, good luck.

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>>268588169Totally low-brow take there user.Trades are the future, robotic replacements of trades wont be for another 50-100 years.Tradesmen user will be able to see his son or maybe even grandkids take up the trades and continue building up America of the future.Your university degree was unnecessary today, and doubly can be done by AI in the future most likely.Dont believe it? Look at how Watson is replacing doctors in 3rd world countries. First there then here and its about time we start getting more for our money

Well no shit, they haven’t graduated. That’s the idea with college, you don’t make any money for 4 years then when you graduate you can get a job making far more money. Delayed vs instant gratification, it’s one of the trademarks of white culture.

>>268587832I worked a couple temp job years ago that were full of your type. those guys are usually dumb as rocks, not saying college is much better, but at least with college there is a chance that someone you meet might not be retarded

>>268587832Post your pay stub

>>268596808Absolutely. That and then learning/working on various things most people take for granted. Like the basics of an car. Growing your own food. Even minor things like learning to fix a leaking sink or a changing a power outlet. The mentality is positive and drives positive personal growth.

>>268597207>climbing the corporate ladders...like crabs climbing out of a bucket: a few make it, most don't.

>>268587832That’s a man in that picture

>>268588169Exactly, OP will probably have back issues by the time he is 28. There are pros and cons. You either make more money young, but sacrifice your body.

>>268587832Tay, you not a welder babe, you a babe

>>268597144Ah, yes. That makes sense then.

>>268587832You bust your ass and work harder in one day than most of them will in a month. Factories/ shops are dangerous shitholes and you will be coming home covered in filth every single day.Mean while you will talk to people who have never so much as replaced a car wheel and they will look down on you simply because of your job.-yeah, no thanks

>>268597266HAHAHAHA Teacher!That job just lost all credibility with Khan academy.Fact is teachers are babysitters, the future of school is online self motivated learning programs. Congrats user, you will be helping America transition to an effective learning paradigm. I hope you can pivot as well as you say.

>>268596360>your friends are probably off trying to cure cancerThe State of Oncology Practice in America, 2018 found that as of 2017, there are 12,423 U.S.-based oncologists in the United States.>Out of a population of 330,000,000Are you really that stoopid that yer on a ms board and not know how do do a basic search, yet still spout shit? You really deserve what’s coming to you, user. Sorry not sorry. Think b4 typing.

>>268587832My friend who worked in construction straight out of high school makes 2x - 3x as a construction foreman than what all of us who went to college do. College is a fucking scam.

>>268597207More complex and niche welding processes. The next step up for me would be to work at blue origin or weld pipes>>268597266Getting promoted where i work is pretty easy, some bitch got promoted after only a year and a half

>>268588576how old are you?

>>268588411Anon how good are the 3m half face masks with either 95 or 100 filters?I'm looking into buying a 3m forced air system like in your second video. I don't like that the batteries don't last the 8hrs they claim and that they need to be replaced yearly.

>>268587832It's not just about simply money but also benefits and not killing yourself by 45. If you're a union trade worker you're doing well in these for the most part but anything labor intensive or dangerous doesn't seem worth it to me when you can get a degree that gives you all these things. My job is indoors, air conditioned, easy labor, and a 3 day work week and all I have is an associate's degree and feel it was well worth it even for those things and the benefits without even factoring in hourly pay

>>268597266this, when I was an apprentice everyone who works in trades told me to get out ASAP. Most long term guys were crazy, perminantly angry or both.if you love your job than keep going, you can start your own business in the trades and you will be laughing.

>>268597535Lol, just price gouge the sissy cucks. They have no idea how little time it takes to change a tire so charging 30$ per wheel sounds reasonable.

>>268597499You'll have back problems if you're fat and inactive. That is true whether you're sitting at a desk all day or on your back welding a pipeline. This isn't 1958 anymore. OSHA and workers rights are strict about how stupid shit can be that can fuck you up. That or organizations risking huge fines or being shut down. That and if you can't cut it in the field anymore, you take that experience to management.

>>268597316robots will learn to weld well before they learn to code. are you you that fucking stupid?

>>268597566Yup, i knew a tea her in welding school who was changing careers because teaching pays dirt lmao

>>268597888yeah yeah, cause OHSA makes sure workers get their 150 minutes of exercise weekly.

every welder i've ever met is genuinely missing cognitive function and their body is destroyedbut get that paper, user

>Be me>Spend 10 years completing 3 degrees, 2 of them stem.>middling income, crappy business on the side, meh>spend 2 weeks doing security course>get into a corporate security gig after doing all manner of gigs in the space of 3 months.>corporate security: 25 hours a week, insane nepotism, get free shit constantly and wads of cash bypassing tax, made $20,000 in 4 weeks, reported $2000 as taxable income. Will probably make $200,000 this year, tax free.Moral of the story, know certain people with influence and authority, people with dirt on other people. There are many ways to stumble into the elite jew club, this was just one that worked for me. I just gotta stay away from private jets and mysterious islands.

>>268597978What a stupid ass comment. Did you think that was clever?

>>268597647>muh anecdotal evidencecollege is not a scam, cletus. just don't go study the history of german literature for 7 years.

>>268597648It is people like you who will keep us from becoming a shithole like china, who cant weld to save the lives of 400,000,000 Chinese who live on the flood zone of the Yangtze River.The tradesmen truely are Americas unsung heros. I love the quality of life we have, thanks to OP and his peers.

>>268587832Doing stuff like welding, sheetrocking and roofing, it's great when you are young.Make a long term plan, user. Seriously. Helping, say, a city worker lift a gang mowing deck that needs weld repairs off a trailer when you're forty-two, it's harder.

>>268588997>higher education is not for making monies, it is for looking down on subhuman scum like youWhat is it with this attitude? In post commie countries MOST people get post-secondary degrees. 50-60%. So the IQ of the average grad is only about 95iq+Now add that many average and intelligent people go into the trades, inherit farms, go to the west to make money, ect and you see that some of these degrees people have IQs as low as 90. These tards then look down on working people.

>>268587899I’m 24 and never had a job either. It’s over for us, no one will hire NEETs with no job experience

>>268598186I wouldn't exactly call roofing or sheetrocking a trade like being a Pipefitter or Boilermaker. I've seen plenty of overweight old smokers in the latter and not many in the former.

>>268587832>I'm 21 and I make more than my friends who are 21 and still in college or graduated one month ago in the middle of a pandemic.That would be true if you were a Wal-Mart greeter, son.

>>268587832>welder>i make more thanMost welders make shit pay. You are either not just a welder or you are a lying boomer fuckhead that needs to KYS.BTW, I can weld and so can 10 million spics working for under minimum wage.

>>268597917I am aware of some theoretical projects that predict computers will code within 10 years.If a AI can speak novel sentences it can code enough to do the heavy-lifting. Its not over-night, but human coders will be replaced much quicker than you seem to think.Look at doctors replaced by Watson and a smartphone.Look at teachers replaced by Youtube and Khan AcademyWe will even see actors replaced by c-grade stand-ins with AI deepfakes.The world is changing bub, I dont think you're safe

>>268598086Yeah yeah, just call the comment stupid. What a sound argument.

>>268598726The fuck! Welding requires finesse to do it right.Your spic welders can do a good job when its not important, but they wont be getting the good jobs that require citizenship and SERIOUS skills

>>268587832how much you making? my dad welds and owns a mechanical business and I went to uni to live the comfy software life. I'm at 6 figures at 27 but wouldn't be surprised you're making similar, just a lot more work and less comfy

>>268598726Whenever I see a random angry comment like yours I can only imagine that you're exactly the type of guy OP was talking about. The "friend" making less and pissed at the world about it. "Welder" is a large blanket term that includes production line monkeys that make min wage in Tennessee and also include Aircraft specialists that TIG weld Titanium for Boeing or some such. No one who speaks of being a well paid welder is working a production line.

>>268598726>BTW, I can weld and so can 10 million spics working for under minimum wage.this is true, my dad basically hires/teaches his illegal spics to weld on the spot lol

>>268598879About as sound as completely ignoring everything I wrote in my comment and making some dumbass comment about OSHA making you exercise.

>>268598906Oh yeah... there are sooo many government affirmative action employer related jobs for welders that require US citizenship. US citizenship is also totally not given away to every POS spic and nigger and cunt shit-out in the USA. Get lost retard and please KYS for a better America.

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>>268598374i was just like u. I make 52k a year. Dont give up. Start from the bottom. Do the jobs everyone hates and found degrading. Things get better. Be smart with your money. Save it. Forget about status and women. Plenty of people out there driving brand new cars and dont even have the money for gas. Pathetic.

>>268587832>clean the machine, dial it in and press startreal welding too hard?

>>268599048see this retard >>268599236

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>>268588169Not exactly. Two factors. The time they spent in college not earning money like OPThe debt they have accumulated. Assuming OP has saved money he's already ahead of them and he doesn't have college debt.

>>268588411>breathing noxious gasses will fucking kill youOh, it took you a whole college degree to figure that one out, huh?

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>>268587832>21 welder>makes 50k a year>45>makes 65k a year and cant walkvs>21 year old Engineering major>pretty rough>45 year old Engineer>150k+ a year easyWow user you sure showed them

>>268599390>See this retardnot>see this, retardYa, I agree, you're retarded. Here's your (You), incel.

Holla Forums likes to pretend they hate corporate and support hard workers, but in the end all of you just want a cushy white collar job and think anything that doesn't require pushing papers will destroy your health within 5 years.

>>268588169Pretty true. My gf earns just under 200k and works 9-noon usually. Medical is the way to go.

>>268599541I'm just pro me, I dont want to work hard labor in the sun for 20 years. I respect trades and think theyre a great career choice

Why not do a little of both? It took me ~$5000 to get a paramedic license at 20 that at the time while living with my parents only took a couple months to pay off. After about 6 years in the field I can scrape close to 6 figures with overtime. All the other certs and licenses I've gotten paid free through work. Dog bless working in the trades though user. Great money to be had if you’re willing to bust your balls. Live frugal and invest wisely. I’m looking to purchase a second vacation rental property in the next few years. Living the dream.

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>>268599466>21 welder>makes 50k a year>45>finished paying mortgage on 4th housevs>21 year old Engineering major>pretty rough>45 year old Engineer>still paying student loan, between that and mortgage has no savings

>>268599494Oh noes... they will take away muh degrees... muh trade skills and muh everything because no comma. NO COMA IN THIS REPLY TOO!!!!! why even live!!!!KYS retard.

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>>268599541It's actually sort of ridiculous.You'd think the trades would be filled with tons of young go-getters who end up in a wheelchair after 5 years. In reality, the trades are filled with old ass obese chain-smokers who won't retire because companies keep throwing money at them for retention since there's a lack of new blood coming in to take their spots.

>>268599793>he took out loans to go to collegeCommunity college exists for a reason m8And if you actually belong in school youd get a scholarship from community college to a uni

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>>268599793this>t. Steamfitter


>>268599190yeah yeah, cause I was the one that brought up OHSA right?

>>268587832Global unions

>>268599999What a waste of digits.

>>268600025Make a point, idiot.


>>268599999WASTED DIGITS

>>268599916I actually studied metallurgy and chemical engineering at uni, just playing devils advocate as a lot of my mates just became boilermakers and have more comfortable lives than people i went to uni with.


>>268587832Meh, it is what it is. Good for you. I'm 29 and my friend that started working in the restaurant industry at 16 is way out earning me. Just don't rub it in his face and you guys should remain good friends for decades.

>>268599999fuck. I want that (YOU)

>>268597917>robots will learn to weldrobots have been welding for 120 years, welders have a job because robots can only weld to exact specifications

>>268600135Im not necessarily saying the trades are badSomebody's gotta do emBut to say itll be better financially for you in the long run than a worthwhile college manor is usually misleading


the only issue with being in the trades is that you really need to have a network to access solid jobsthere is no 40 year career. there are only sites and various, in my case, mechanical companies that win contracts.You can be the best assembler of parts on earth, but if nobody likes you than you don't have any work

>>268587832Is it hard on your body so far? Youre 21 now but every welder or foreman I've met gets wrecked in old age.

>>268599914Because those jobs don't actually kill you, you maintain a level of physical fitness to keep up with the work, as opposed to idiots who spent the last 10-20 years at the desk and let their muscles rot away.

>>268598789You clearly have never coded before, and just read some clickbait drivel about AI.>Look at doctors replaced by Watson and a smartphone.Watson is a joke, some buzzword product created by the now irrelevant IBM. IBM of today specializes in sales and hyping up impossible products, it doesn't do any technical innovations.See below on your magical "AI healthcare">spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/diagnostics/how-ibm-watson-overpromised-and-underdelivered-on-ai-health-care>Look at teachers replaced by Youtube and Khan AcademyIt is true that self-education can indeed do a lot of what bad teachers do.But there are several factors here.1. There will always be increasing amounts of knowledge to be learnt. So the overall demand of teaching is going up, even if online delivery increases efficiency, teachers will still have a job.2. Teachers don't just teach, they keep a group of children/young adults disciplined and learning for 8 hours a day. See how parents are exhausted during Covid.>We will even see actors replaced by c-grade stand-ins with AI deepfakes.Using CGI characters has been a thing for many decades, CGI movies exist, anime exists. In the latter two cases, voice actors are still needed.Even video games, which never used actors before, now increasingly use actors with motion capture.Because turns out it is cheaper to just act it out, than have a animator imagine how bodies would move.Real world AI can be very powerful, but is also extremely limited in its applicable areas. It will only supplement humans in most cases, not replace them. Most pieces of software are glued together shambles, that require constant human maintenance to not break, AI is generated by software, so will also face the limitations.

Build my house tradie

>>268600331those are the actual boomers that never thought of personal fitness as a personal insuranceI've met many generation 9/11 and Zyklon that make sure they counteract the effects of repetitive strain on their bodies because of work. and good for them

>>268587832May I ask how much you make? Welding is not very lucrative where I live. (I'm in the process of collecting welding certificates, because welding makes me feel good for some reason, although I suck at it and I'm still scared of igniting the arc. I got exposed to welding last year in a mandatory class at a vocational school and was surprised how fascinating it was.) Ca. 15$/h is what you get here, and those 15 bucks are heavily taxed. We got all those cheapskate immigrants who work for peanuts. That's why employers love immigration, and it works preeetty well for employers.

I'm 26 and make 170k in low cost of living midwest state. Stem is not a meme. Also i only work about 20 hours a week. Show up to the office whenever I want and my managers are on their boats all day when customers are not in need of help.The paper can show you to a different world.

>>268600501>There will always be increasing amounts of knowledge to be learnt.This is not true from my experience (electrical engineering). There comes a point where identical concepts are used in different fields with different terminology, although they are completely the same. If anything, this shows a lack of collaboration between fields, which is nothing of "increased knowledge" but lack of systematization.

>>268587832real advice bro, don't fall into the trap a lot of 20 year old blue collar bros do.>don't marry a gold digger and pop out a few kids right off>don't buy a 70k truckLive like those peasants making fun of you and save your money/invest (real estate/gold etc.)

Great you can weld. Now, take your lung cancer and kys.

>>268601114What field bro? STEM as well.

>>268587899i'm 30 and about to be half way through university. I have lived off of disability welfare for the past 5 years. I've hated myself every day because of it.

>>268600691As opposed to the fitness problems of living a sedentary life hunched over a desk staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day? Higher propensities of degenerating eyesight, obesity and the myriad of health problems that come with those

>>268601474I was planning on starting school again in January at 25 but COVID LOL

>>268587832Don’t bother with people who look down on someone just because they aren’t an academicWelding is a good job. Good welders that are specialized on something can earn a shit ton but it’s a tough job

>>268587832Enjoy being blind and having having neurological issues the last half of your life

>>268601584I can go to the gym and swim in my pool m8

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>>268587832did someone hurt your feelings today and you felt the need to post this on pol for validation? No one cares faggot.

>>268601584you seem to be agreeing with methe topic is people like weldersin my profession they are pipe welderscubicle fags deserve to be s o y

>>268601406Electrical Engineering

>>268587899I got fired from a deli job last july for threatening to kill the store manager to his face.

>>268601807I want to go back to school for Computer EngineeringAm I being stupid? EE is pretty much the same thing right?


>>268601111Welding the US is broken up into many different categories which may not apply to where you are at. Low skill repetitive shit that pays like garbage. Almost always non-union. Most of the time no certs required. Filled with illegals.Medium skilled, somewhat specialty work. Can be union or not. Usually pays a healthy middle class lifestyle with top earners making well into the 6 figures. Usually certs are needed. Might need to travel. High skilled and specialty work. Depending on the state, mandatory union and obviously not if in right to work. Definitely require certs. Working on exotic metals and/or special fields like nuclear, aerospace, etc. Absolutely zero illegals. Typically background checks and security screenings. No bad records. BIG money here. My very first welding job many years ago started me at $23 USD an hour with a pretty healthy summer overtime schedule. Moved around a bit and currently make about $140,000 USD or so a year depending how much OT I take with an additional 4-8k depending on bonuses. Low cost of living area. This isn't even the top pay. A guy I work with made over $190,000 last year. I don't want to travel as much as him or do as much OT though.

>>268588169Bullshit. A good welding job with certs (especially union) pays just as good or better than most bachelor degree office jobs while coming with cheaper health insurance, huge 401k match no debt, and a pension... If op doesn't blow it all on 80k lift kit trucks he'll for sure out earn those people.

>>268587899>>268598374i'll let you in on a secret. i don't know how easy this will be post-covid, but here it is anyway. a super easy way to make money is high school SAT/ACT tutoring. as long as you're not an absolute retard, you can tutor for SAT/ACT exams. remember that most kids who need tutoring for these tests are hopeless little brainlets, so it's easy to bullshit to them when you don't really know the answer to something. i started charging $40/hr and ended up charging $60/hr within 3 months. if you get a decent enough clientele, you could probably end up charging $100/hr. the key to starting is really the advertising. put up print ads around schools, grocery stores, churches, etc in a well-off area in your city/town. get a professional picture done ($100 or so) and put that on your print ad. it might also help to put up online ads on facebook or craigslist, although I never did that. one of the most important things is convincing the parents that they can trust you with their kids (both educationally and knowing that you're not a creep). set up a consultation with the parents if they call/email and dress professionally and lay out your plan for the student. also bring a contract (there are tutoring contract templates on google) and print a criminal background check report. then from there you just sell yourself and say shit like "education is extremely valuable in this society". if you want the print ad I used, just give me an e-mail and I can send it to you and you can crop out my picture and details, just don't doxx me. then just go to a printing company and get some nice laminated prints.for the record, I'm a college dropout who had no hope but found out how easy it was to make money from upper middle-class schmucks trying to boost their hopelessly retarded kids' grades

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>>268601111>>268602022Oh, and one thing I should have mentioned is at the higher levels, you don't always just stay a "welder." You usually have to learn and use some skills that aren't welding specific. Like turning wrenches, installing machinery, pipefitting, general maintenance, troubleshooting equipment, and such.

>>268601913You woul also qualify for many of the same jobs. Mine is highly above average for my area and age. Lots of luck involved. Also if your a socially awkward neck beard/incel you will have a hard time finding the high paying roles. But they are definitely out there. Top 5% of engineers make a shitload of money comparable to doctors and lawyers. Also i only have a bachelors.

>>268587832Good for you young man, now learn everything you until you are 30 then open your own business and be free.

>>268602628Really I want to go in for CE and also take classes that lean towards CS

>>268601913He is likely larping.

If you’re 21 user that means your friends are not out of college yet

>>268601675Are you a desk jockey? You'll be spending much of your free time trying to catch up. I prefer a physical job that's mostly cardio with moderate strength use.>>268601797I've tried pushing pencils. It's boring as fuck and I feel restless the whole day.

>>268602826Not a larp. 1/3rd of salary is stock compensation.

>>268588411smells good though. must be some nutrients in there.

>>268588674Seek professional help. You won't make it in your own fantasy because you'll have me as a boss and I'll gulag your ass for life.

>>268602628Just be one of the 1 percent of ee workers the get paid 170 to work half of the time!


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>>268601913to me electrical engineering was like math without irritatingly accurate notation and actual practical applicationexpect to be confronted with a high degree of abstract concepts in areas such as system control and field theoryyou will also learn about optimization problems and partial differential equation, which are quite interesting topics "if you get it"

>>268587832>>268587832OP 26 and wage cuck office jocky how do I get into the trades how long was it to get certified and how do you get a job as a welder would love to know this. Also what is the pay like

>>268587832And 40 years from now youll still be a welder but with a ton of health issues and your peers with degrees will be your superiors

>tfw 10 years of post secondary education and two degrees in engineering and can't get a job because my color/gender is not in season.what do bros?

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>>268602932Not an a good example then, may as well tell him to sell fancy teas because I know about people making over 500k selling tea.

>>268603147Make a scam Patreon about trying to build a time machine or something

>>268601807how much of that is math?

>>268602432you sound like an asshole ripping poor people off

>>268587832You must be pretty insecure to have to share this with strangers on a Korean image board

>>268603146 becoming a certified builder interests me more than welding because I am interested in housing renovating, then flipping them or renting them out.

>>268587899Comfy Neet

>>268603179Stock compensation is very common as you move up in white collar positions at major corporations. In California many software engineers bring in 300-400k per year right out of college. With half of their salary in stock.

>>268602927>it's boring as fuck and I feel restless the whole daySounds like your peasantry genes are rejecting intellectually demanding work and pushing you towards traditional labor. Good on you for knowing your place, user.

>>268603333>poor people

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>>268602432Background checks can kiss my ass. 5 minutes alone with the boss with a chair propped against the door knob is all i need to secure any job i want.

>>268603319electrical engineering school is 95% mind numbing math.

>>268602432as a nonbrainlet that went to uni i'm glad to see you're a brainlet yourself giving rich kid brainlets the final rope

>>268602432>for the record, I'm a college dropout who had no hope but found out how easy it was to make money from upper middle-class schmucks trying to boost their hopelessly retarded kids' gradesThis explains why I failed the SAT yet had a 5.0 GPA cool man thanks for cucking me out of an Ivy

>>268587832I want Taytay to suffocate me with her ass

>>268603112Take some community college courses and see if you like it first. If you do, take some industrial courses. Like safety and general mechanic shit. Take some test for certs and start applying for unions. If you know a buddy who knows a buddy, start hounding them.

>>268588394Are we unironically in the endgame?


>>268599793I got out of uni with only 16k debt and a 64k job in 2016. now I'm getting my masters for free and making 102k. honestly the debt meme is just a demoralization meme of retarded brainlets going to rich ivy league schools. I don't know anyone in debt in my graduating class.

>>268588169The overtime in trades is fucking comfy. I just started out and my first paycheck was for nearly $1000 in 6 days. But I earn peanuts. There's guys on site that make $40 an hour. I can only imagine the paycheck they bring home.

>>268603603Not yet, meand the other niggers are playing along with the BLM shit to accelerate things.

>>268603415>many make 300-400k right out of collegeLol you must be rubbing shoulder with the 1percent bro.

>>268603664>I can only imagine the paycheck they bring home.Why? Don't you know how to do mathematics?

>>268587832Just because you know how to downhill stick doesnt make you a welder.

>>268587832And yet you have a 70-IQ sheboon telling you what you can and can’t do. Welding is a fucking hobby. Do it for fun. I own 2 welders, but I’m in fucking finance. You know why? Because I earn enough money to put aryans through law school to become lawyers and judges, and politicians. Fuck your hobby as a career.

>>268587899>i hate myself make that kms

>>268587832You'll have parkinsonian like conditions by the time you're 30 and Parkinson's at 50

>>268603664Let me know where they at so I can rob them of their luxury items.

>>268603815No he doesn't, hes a tradie.

>>268603664well at $40/hr, 40 hours a week, and 50 working weeks in a year that's a salary of about 80k bud.I mean I'm working in my underwear at home due to corona netting over that on my shitty laptop.

>>268587832Same. I’m a college dropout making $101000 while my MBA friends do so poorly, and get paid poorly, and have student debt worth more than my salary. Also, no student loan debt is nice. College is a joke.

>>268603836You should be happy that someone is making a career of your hobby. Instead you sound jealous that he is. Relax, man.

>>268603741My father is a tradesman. I watch the one percent study them and thats how I leveraged such a high offer at my age. To be in the top 5% as an individual you need to make about 200k.Are you better then 19/20 people? If you take the right steps you can do it.

>>268603815You know you're talking to a manual laborer, right?


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>>268603917So am I and I'm pretty fucking based with numbers. I'm an electrician so I actually do a lot of calculations. He's probably a fucking carpenter lol

Ugh, fuck this wagie thread, i'm crimemaxxing to get what I want.

>>268604002Jealous of what? He’s literally driving whites into the fucking ground. I’m not jealous, I’m fucking pissed that he’s brainwashed. Why would he slave away his whole life while some literal 70-IQ racist nigger that runs his city and district, gets to make laws and go on television and say how terrible whites are.

>>268603470>t. IQ < 120

>>268602022Interesting, but I understood that welding involves other metalworks, too, and that's always part of the certificates here. Never heard about benefits in nuclear or aerospace industry, because we don't have that here. Perhaps I should practice moar and start researching the field... not bad for something I started essentially as a yoga substitute. thx fren.

>>268604250my IQ is >130 on every test I've taken and my GPA was fine kek

>>268604250Yo man, math class always pissed me off. T. Nigger with a second grade level math skill.

>>268604370No problem. I would strongly encourage you to try to master TIG welding. Try to master the 5g and 6g positions (pipe). Also try to master welding aluminum and thin stainless stainless. Start off slow. Don't jump into think stainless or overhead aluminum. Practice your TIG on carbon steel first in the flat positions and work your way up.Good luck