Post based Comics

Post based Comics

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>>268586433kek who made this

>>268586485It's some random swede (probably redditor). I dubbed it however.Pic rel is original

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>>268586885is he going to 2/50 himself?

>>268586885Imagine how fucking taxing it would be to have a relative like el goblina.


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>>268587221Okay this is BASED

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>>26858643310/10 meme

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>>268587455me with the hat :')

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>>268588266Wow dude aren’t you a fag yourself?

>>268588649well bhutan does love it's penises

>>268586885What am I looking at here? What did I miss?

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>>268588649Whats your point?

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>>268587855>>268587455Me with the ears

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>>268586783Is this supposed to be funny?>>268586936This is a classic

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>>268587667this killed me

>>268589048need proof

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>>268587839S N E E D

>>268589967>tfw no hot gf to be dominated byWhy even live

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>>268586936Based. Faceberg is gettin thiswun mang



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>>268590016So apropos today.>fu fed gov't>ha ha watch me break stuff>and hurt people too!>WAIT WTF NAZI SS DISAPPEARING US??!?

>>268586885>baneposting is 8 years old



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>>268586433have a bump. good post

>>268587221DamnAussie dropping only the reddest of pills

>>268591941Very nice.

>>268586936hitler performed zero miracles and ended up being utterly btfo and defamed by the jews.

>>268586783Natty being reasonable? These truly are the end times.

>>268586433Just testing

>>268591941The King of Bhutan bringing the good shit as usual. Thanks, Your Majesty


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>>268587455Me with the single curled tuft of hair


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>>268588266you know the drill post traps