People don’t need guns. Guns are tools for murder, not for peace. We should be using tools to build and create...

People don’t need guns. Guns are tools for murder, not for peace. We should be using tools to build and create, not to destroy. Yes I know you’ll say “muh 2nd amendment”, but the constitution was written hundreds of years ago. Guns have become deadlier than anyone could have predicted. The right to bear arms should be a relic of the past like slavery. I know many of you already agree, but would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation for the betterment of humanity?

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Shut up, faggot

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The best way to keep the peace is murdering the people who want to disrupt it.

>>268585330>People don’t need guns.It's more humane to hunt with guns, less suffering to the animal.

Shutup leaf

>>268585330The right to keep and bear arms is timeless and fundamental to human existence.

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>>268585330Stop fucking posting in here, this is your third thread and ALL OF THEM ARE SHIT.

>>268585330What kind of gun is that? I want that exact one, is it expensive or hard to get?

>>268585330Frig off leaf

>>268585330oh good this post again.Do you guys just have them in a collection?Like do you have some UI that you just click on "dumb guns troll post" and it auto-posts this?

>>268585698Duh it's obviously a mangmun 95 I thought you burgers were experts

Almost. We’re almost there OP.Guns will be obsolete on the day they can send drones to the house if every gun owner and force them to register, hand over their guns or be terminated.That day is coming, no doubt about it. But that day is not yet here, and until that day comes guns are very much not obsolete and serve a much needed purpose.

>>268585479Done in 2

>>268585698It's a desert eagle. Check Armslist or gunbroker

>>268585330Nice airsoft gun, douche.

>>268585330Every time I turn on the news I'm reminded why I have my cc permit and my ez shield

slide thread, leaf.

>>268585479Tell that to the countless innocent victims that have had their life taken away due to gun misuse. The military using guns is one thing, they have proper training. But the average citizen has no business operating something as deadly as a firearm.

>>268585330Guns are a tool of maintenance, no different than a set of wire strippers. Sometimes you need to do some "damage" to repair a problem.

>>268585941>Made in japanIt's a desert eagle knockoff

Fuck off glowie

>>268585330Peace is an illusion that exists within the constant state that is war. We need guns the same way you need to stop sucking so much cock and start lifting weights.


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>>268585330Muh 1st amendment needs protected and I know the tool for the job.

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>>268585330That's a nice looking Desert Eagle.

>>268586070Someone breaks into your house right now with a crowbar. He's bigger than you. What do you do?

>>268585330Holy friggers bud hop off Trudy's nutsack already eh yer a joke bud


>>268585330The biggest use of guns in the USA by far is target practice. It's relaxing, creates mental discipline, and is a fun way to meet people.

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>>268585330shut up faggot.

>>268586209It's a Japanese knockoff. Not a real desert eagle.

>>268586070Civilians are often better trained than military.t. 0311

>>268585479Including corrupt governments.

>>268585330>vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendmentnot how amendments work, faggot.

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>>268585330>Guns are tools for murder, not for peaceYou mean, tools for killing. Not all kills are murder, some are justified, which is why we need guns.

I have guns because wolves try to kill me all the time

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>>268585330I hope to god you leftists are successful in defunding the police. Law enforcement agencies and officers are the only things protecting you violent criminals from receiving justice.

>>268585330Why don't we just make murder illegal? That will solve all problems!

>>268586070people doing bad things does not justify sweeping class based restrictions on firearms

>>268585330>Guns are tools for murder, not for peace.

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>>268585330Constitution was literally written for black powder guns. No one literally needs an asault rifle except police.

>>268586295It's pretty therapeutic desu. I'm glad ive only shot paper and never a person.

You don't need to be a faggot either yet here we are.

>>268585330Don't come to my house uninvited and you will never see what's in my toolbox.

>>268586070>think of the children>but let the military kill countless children

>>268586542>>268586472>>268586338>>268586295>>268586247>>268586209>>268586206>>268586138>>268586149>>268586071>>268586049>>268585949>>268586049>>268585904>>268585792>>268585758>>268585681>>268585647>>268585571>>268585531>>268585479>>268585478Jesus Christ. every day. Every fucking day a thread just like this is posted and I get vey single fucking time you post in it. un fucking believable

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>>268586897Private citizens owned entire warships back then. The first machine gun was invented in 1664.

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>>268585330Okay OP let's arrange a constitutional convention of the states and discuss repealing the second amendment.You know how to do that right? Go ahead and invite me when it starts.I will one hundred percent support you if you can get a CC going.

>>268585899Nah thats a mangmun 94 which was the shortlived early version of the 95. You can tell by the extruded titanium detonators and the replenished uranium casings. The atf classified these as assert rifles because they could be used to subdue an elephant with an average ricochet tactic. Killbaby Arms shelved the weapon shortly after the reclassification and released the 95. By reducing the hyperstrain on the dueterium tactical propellant ejectors they were able to reduce the blast radius by several hundred parsecs.

>>268586897the reason the Constitution says "arms" and not "muskets" is because the fundamental point is to have an armed populace that makes the federal government think twice about occupying the States. behind every blade of grass...

>>268585571OP's big brother just gave him a wedgie.

>>268585330What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand, you faggot?

>>268585330>made in JapanWhy are you posting airshit, faggot? If you're going to post a gun, post a fucking gun.

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>>268587238the most likely result of a constitutional convention in the modern day would be a prohibition on abortion. abortion is actually extremely unpopular just about everywhere, except with white liberal women between the ages of 18 and 29

>>268585330Fuck off retard

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>>268585330>People don’t need gunsYou ought to know better, leafcuck. People in the wilderness need guns to defend against large animals, or to hunt.

>>268587384Damn that sucks. Looks like the second amendment is here to stay until they do. That's too bad. OP is going to be extremely upset when he finds out. Should we tell him?

>>268587375Based.All these retard noguns in this thread acting like they know shit

But I want to destroy

>>268587197You're a phoneposter. You have no right to complain about anything.

>>268587272Nice larp. Looks like the government took a bunch of your constitutional rights with this covid hoax and most people don't even mind it because muh Corona gibs. The same will happen when they go after your guns and you will give them up.

>>268585330guns are tools to kill faggot leafs that try to take our guns away like their royalty attempted back before 1776

>>268585330guns are extremely necessary if you live around niggers

>>268585330they are tools that help protect our creations on both personal and societal scales. wanting to disarm good people is tantamount to genocide

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>>268585698It's a Tokyo Muyai model of a Magnum Research Desert Eagle. That particular one fires soft plastic BBs. The real thing is a gas operated pistol available in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express. The design is modular, allowing you to swap calibers by swapping out barrels and magazines.

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>>268587375OP did not post an airsoft gun. Don't you see the bullets?

>>268587658But I will anyway

People don't need to slather maple syrup on their dog's arsehole and proceed to make fuck to it.T. NoKnock & find out

>>268587375you have any problems with rimmed cartridges?

>>268585904Gun control is dead. Gun sales are through the roof and attempts to shill three seperate mass shootings in the past month have failed miserably.

>>268585330How retarded do you think the forefathers were? You seriously think that they never considered that technology would allow guns to be shot in full auto and overall be much more effective?


>>268585330Totally agree. As soon as the governments give up their guns and their ability to murder people. People can start to think about and debate giving up their guns. Lets make it happen, together, Leaf.


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>>268585330sorry chang, not happening

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shut up canadian


Shut up canada

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>>268585330>would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation?Presidents do not have that authority. It would take an act of Congress passed by two-thirds majorities in both houses, and then ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures, in order to pass an amendment that would override the 2nd amendment.


>>268585330I would agree with you if I wasn't constantly terrified of gang violence, muggings, people breaking and entering, the police, my own fucking government...OP, when those things are ameliorated, I will agree that guns should be abolished. You just let me know when that happens, 'kay?

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abolish policeseize the gunsour army of masked violent communism enforcers totally won't take all your shitwe promise x

>>268587913The "Made in Japan" gives it away. Those are simulated rounds that eject realistically. Tokyo Muyai is the best airsoft if you want one. The Japs can't have real guns, so their fake guns are really nice

>>268585330Learn some game theory before you open your mouth.

>>268585330>leaf humoryoull never be australian, quit being gay

>>268585330explain to me with your own words and decent arguments why do you seek peace? why murdering your enemies is wrong? and how much chinese cock you suck a day?

>>268588520large if verified.

>>268585330>All homicides are murders.>All the rights guaranteed by the bill of rights are relics of bygone days.>I know many of you already agreeCivil war muskets shot mini-balls larger than .50 caliber. They could shatter at man's femur, destroy his shoulder joint or take the top of his head off.This bait badly needs re-working OP.

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*dabs on large groups of niggers at a time*

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>>268587924No, not really. It uses a mag that staggers the rear of the cartridges so they feed well. The biggest issue is you need to feed it hot ammo. It's the same basic gas system for all calibers, so if you try to feed it weak .357 or .44 Magnum, it won't run well.

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>>268585330People need guns for protection from psychopaths who already have guns.

>>268585330every huwyte anerican needs guns now more than ever--every family shd be armed to the teeth &children trained in firearms to prepare for whats coming...

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>>268585330>people should be forced to defend themselves only with their fist and any weapons they can find on hand, thus providing a significant advantage to younger, stronger males who are more likely to be criminal assailants.See OP, that is you being the faggot you always are. Beyond that we know the next step is to ban all weapons that be used for defense, from knives, to bats and batons to forks until women and the elderly are wholly at the mercy of anyone that wants to assault them. Sure... if they can reach their phone they can call the cops, but it won't do much good while they are lying on the ground bleeding out or getting pumped full of Jamaal's sperm. You also don't have a plan on how you will take the illegal firearms out of circulation or prevent people from just machining their own... guns aren't that hard to build.TLDR; OP is a faggot, wants the government to have all control while citizens are at the mercy of criminal elements.

>>268585330I agree. Nobody needs 1000 rounds of 22lr to hunt deer

>>268588894that's a 37mm flare gun you fucking retard

>>268585330Problem is, someone else wants to use these "tools for murder" to murder people, and while we may not like it, to stop them, we need to have these "tools for murder" ourselves. Mutually assured destruction literally stopped the Cold War from becoming WW3. Tools of mass murder prevented murder. This works on both large, and small, scale.

>>268585330Stop being a nigger

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Sometimes it's just fun to shoot guns at targets out in the wilderness, they don't need to exist only to shoot people.Home protection is a plus too.

>>2685853302 things Leaf flag and anti-gun fake and gay bait.

>>268585330Nice jew gun, kike.

>>268589623How well does the brake mitigate muzzle rise?

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>Guns are tools for murder, not for peaceGuns are tools for killing, not for murder. Not all killing is illegal. Sometimes, it's justified. >Guns have become deadlier than anyone could have predictedNope. One bullet could kill you back then, and one bullet can kill you now. >I know many of you already agree, but would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation for the betterment of humanityNo.

>>268589623>>268585330black Deagle in .44 or nothing

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>>268585478FPBPBased frog.

>>268586070Lol, the government of the US, and governments in general, have killed more innocent people than the general populations ever will. Every single major genocide was committed by governments.

>>268589972That's the beginning.

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Eat my. Whole. Entire. Ass.

>>268590254The meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, broke apart the continents, and changed the way weather works across the entire planet for all time was sent by a government?

>>268585330>Why can't we all just hold hands and plant flowers for the next generation to get inspiredNot how the world works you zoomer faggot.

>>268585904Drones!?Whoo hoo, free targets!Years of military training to shoot moving aerial targets, finally getting put to use!

all these microdicks overcompensating with deagles

>>268590684Spotted the poorfag.

Disarm your govt

>>268585330Kike gets a SAGE

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>>268585330>would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation for the betterment of humanity?anyone who would restrict an Americans right to self-defense has no idea what being human means.

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>>268585330500,000 to 3,000,000 defensive uses of firearms in the US every single year by the CDC's own estimates. 40,000 (approximately) deaths caused by firearms, 2/3 of which are suicide, and the other 1/3 is statistically 54% black crime, 90% of the time towards other blacks.Does the US have a gun problem, or a nigger problem?

>>268590589This. It's a nice idea that suddenly all of the world's ills are fixed, violence and rage are corrected, and everyone on the entire planet devotes themselves to peace and the advancement of society for the good of all. BUT, you narrow-minded faggot, that's never going to happen. Humanity can't even figure out how to help the people closest to them without introducing selfishness into the equation. It's far more likely that in the coming days, guns will be more important than ever, because you will fucking DIE without one.

>>268585330Nice try Jews

>>268590876I'm a middle-classfag, Im not a taurus or hipoint poorfag

>>268585330I just went shooting today. Damn guns are fun.

>>268591518What's wrong with hipoint bitch

>>268585330You do not live in a rural area.

>>268589314What if I want to hunt 1000 deer?

>>268587740Argh matey, checked and based

>>268585330Thanks Commie, I prefer to keep my guns. They will come I handy when jerks like you try to force me to obey your agenda.

>>268588520>Tokyo MuyaiTokyo Marui, but yeah. Nips have some pretty sweet airshit. >>268588637Literally just Google where Desert Eagle's are manufactured. None of them are made in Japan unless they're airshit. Israel or USA.


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>>268585330You're Canadian, you domt get to have an opinion on this.Now go tell Mike Smith to make more Trailer Park Boys nigger

>>268592099I kinda want one in black to go with the real thing.

Yes I know you’ll say “muh 2nd amendment”, but the constitution was written hundreds of years ago. Guns have become deadlier than anyone could have predicted. Look up the puckle gun and get saged faggot

>>268585330Its not the bearing of arms that is so good, its the fact that we use them. Outside the cities everyone grows up hunting, the avg country boy at 15 has more shots on target than Canadas most experienced marksman. Simple fact is you will never take the guns no matter what a POTUS wants to do. Go fuck yourself Zheng before you catch a bullet

>>268589424Its a fully auto PP Bizon. See the F and the S. Stands for Full auto and single shot. Nobody should have the rights to military grade weapons like this and this is why America is such a mess.

>>268592099you ever shot a desert eagle? Feels like the fucking slide is going to slam into your face

>>268592001What the fuck are you checking exactly? Back it plebbit you uphill gardener.

>>268589623about to sell mine.

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>>268589937what kind of retard thinks there's some moral high ground in being defenseless. Leaf is a faggot and a retard.

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>>268592314If I had $3000 syrup rubles and $2 every time I wanted to pull the trigger, I'd come down to the US and buy one (so I didn't have to register it) but I just can't afford it. One day I wish to be so well off that I wake every morning, walk off my back porch and just let a magazine of whatever I feel like off into the air to assert my dominion over my holdings. >>2685923533 of the top 5 longest confirmed kills were made by Canadians. I get what you're saying, but really try to watch the hyperbole.

>>268586070>But the average citizen has no business operating something as deadly as a firearmStop playing dumb, Moishe. We know what you're up to.

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>>268585330>People don’t need guns. > Guns are tools for murderyou're contradicting yourself

>>268591324I'd sponsor your citizenship.

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>>268585330The right for self defence is needed in almost every country. If not a gun, then a knife. >The constitution was written hundreds of years agoYeah so were a lot of things but they get brought up in courts all the time, the 2nd amendment is here for things like this in the future, they knew that some government wanted gun control in the future.You may think the 3rd amendment is obsolete with the quartering of troops, but it’s relevant today with US police forces. Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.>inb4 “Britfag you don’t have guns” yeah but I have a right to self defence. We use knives and beer bottles here.

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>>268592488No, I haven't. I prefer 9mm for pistols. If I need something stout I just grab the 12ga.

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>>268585330The minimum IQ to post here is 120.

>>268587971This. I don't care how many school shootings happen, I still need firearms to protect my house, my property, and my family.Niggers can be anywhere. Sweet Dreams Are Made of These.

>>268593281Post your MENSA test results, asshole.

>>268586242Call the police they'll arrest him. Fucking idiot.


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>>268585330I'll kill your ass if you try and take mah guns. Fuck your opinion about guns piers Morgan faggot.

>>268585330I agree the world will be a better place when you go and remove every gun from it. That's all you have to do.PROTIP YOU FUCKIN WONT

>>268593694you're dead and hes gone by then, you stupid nigger

>>268585330shut up faggot

>>268589424Setting niggers on fire is an option

>>268585330Here's your (you). You must be damn desperate using bait this godawful. I'm surprised the thread hasn't been axed by now.

>>268585330>Guns are tools for murderits not murder to kill the nigger who broke into my house

>>268585330>would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation for the betterment of humanity?Yes, if he also swore to gas the kikes.

>>268585330Unless you are volunteering to be the first one to knock on doors to confiscate, nothing you say has any meaning at all.

>>268587197idk user, it's just b8 for plebs. no one should be responding but tards gonna tard

>>268585330This thread again. It's all so tiresome.SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED YOU DUMB LEAF!



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Guns in the USA are necessary to a FREE State. literally mandated as the second most important right endowed by a creator. Firearms are mandated and therefore americans are free and never will get taken by any foreign power. The only reason Canada can even exist is from firearms creatingthe US, and canada can live under its shirt tails.

>>268590560fuck off retard

>>268585330If you want to confiscate all the guns, you'll need police officers with guns to take them away. So, you're really not anti-gun, you're for just the government to have guns, so they can send armies out to murder people. Makes sense.

>>268586656Have you tried giving them pets and hugs? maybe fugs?

>>268585330As multiple countries have shown, removing guns does not remove crime, effectively you allow all the power to transferred over to the government and the government becomes uncontested in exercising its authority, and government authority is something that is widely hated here and some parts of the world, so you achieve nothing by posting this.> Guns have become deadlier than anyone could have predicted.Wrong, it was as dangerous or more so to be holding a musket because the pellets back in that century contained a form a poison that ensured you would die from illness and infection if you survived that same shot.> The right to bear arms should be a relic of the past like slavery.And yet Vietnam, Iraq, and other 3rd world countries had its citizens arm with guns during their own wars... I wonder why....> I know many of you already agree.No OP, not even your own people were happy when Trudeau decided to ban guns all together, I don't think you can convince America either.> but would you vote for a president that swore to change the 2nd amendment to remove guns from circulation for the betterment of humanity?When the UK banned guns alltogether, criminals went out with knifes instead, OP you believe in a misconception, banning guns does not and never will remove crime or decrease it.

>>268599071It wasn't an argument to begin with. No reasonable person would think that someone during those times wasn't aware of technological progress.


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>>268585330Here's what we're going to do.I'm going to play the Criminal, and you'll play the Law Abiding Home owner.You've worked hard you're whole life, and toiled to be successful. Long hours at work, sucking up to the boss, a years worth of diversity training to learn new pronouns even the transgenders at your job didn't know yet- but it all paid off! You've got a nice home and a nice life, and you earned it user. Good for you.Now me, I've never worked. I blame my problems on a society that only sticks up for chumps like you. Started smoking in junior high, and I don't care about the law. I decide my unemployment check isn't enough. I want MORE free shit. I want what YOU have, user.So there's our impasse. You have what's yours, and I want what you have. You followed the law and got your butter knives registered, and I don't care about the law, and bought a black market .40 compact.For what's next, I'm going to give you every possible advantage.I break into your home. We'll say you know right away. Your options are call the cops, or fucking run; because you're not going to get me with your butter knife.You can't outrun my bullets though. So you scramble for your phone. We'll say it's in your pocket, and you use the emergency dial instead of unlocking it.You know have to explain to the cops1) What is wrong2) Where you are3) Anything you know about me

>>268586070Oh, Canada...

Attached: 1593041547637.gif (500x301, 277.01K)

>>268585330Can you tards just stay in Canada? Don't you Canadians have Canada issues. I heard they're going to make 50% of the population muslim and the other 50% trannies. Might wanna do something about that.

>>268585330>>268600611The average police response is between 5 and 30 minutes.You have to remain hidden for 5 to 30 min, while I rifle through your belongings. We'll pretend I didn't hear you or know you're home.Eventually the police show up, I run out the back and you come out of hiding. I get arrested and charged for my crimes.Doesn't sound that bad, right? Wowee, sure didn't need a gun.Now imagine that you're not perfect, not lucky, and don't live in a completely perfect world. You fuck up one thing, and I find you, I just fucking shoot you. Maybe I get away with half your shit. Maybe I rape and shoot your wife or daughter, and you watch before I shoot you.If only guns were legal. You could have AT LEAST defended yourself. Maybe even stopped me completely. Instead, you hid like a coward; and died like a dog.And in the end? You deserved it, user.Because people like you are fucking losers.

>leaf>bait thread>btfo on first reply>still goign to hit bump limitslide thread sage

>>268585330>written hundreds of years agoSo was the communist manifesto but you still shill for it given it's constant, predictable failures.>The bible was written thousands of years ago.Yet you still follow most of its commandments such as " thou shalt not murder" given your current screed.Just because it was written years ago does not make it illegitimate. It's the founding document. A foundation from which we are supposed to build upon. If you build on a destroyed foundation, your house will collapse.

>>268585330Listen you fucking leaf, nobody needs to fuck dogs either, but we don't go telling your irrelevant country how to govern itself.

>>268585330Can't build and create shit if assholes come and destroy your shit before it's even done. You need guns to protect your creations from malicious people.

Yeah come take them fag

You feel that way because you have a sheltered point of view.

>>268585531Hunting is the lowest tier use case for firearms.

>Guns Don't kill People, I do.

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>>268585330You either build or destroy.

>>268585330Shut the fuck up mainlander


>>268585330 Fuck off and hang yourself faggot.

>>268601127>Guns don't kill people, the government does

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>>268585330So protection doesnt matter once its effective? Guess that's why you tards want to defund the police

>>268585330The second amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights, so no, I will not give up my rights. Kys kike leaf shill

>>268585330Guns in the hands of governments have killed more people in the world than free thinkers have of all mankind generations combined. Gun ownership is key for freedom lovers whom want protection from gestapos.

>>268585698Good luck. They’re sold out everywhere.

>>268586897Define assault rifle. AR means Armalite. If you thought it meant assault rifle, you need to read a book.

>>268586070a fucking leaf


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>>268585330 As soon as you stop using the internet and computers the rest of the legal gun owners will go back to muskets....what and absolute stupid point.

>>268585330I swear

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>>268589894Some, not much, but I appreciate the aesthetic and fireball.

>>268585330ok, i’ll start shoving sharp objects into thugs’ assholes in case i need to defend myself. except that probably won’t go as planned BUT HEY! PEACE!!!11!1

>>268585479>The best way to keep the peace is murdering