New studies suggest spontaneous thermite formation likely cause of twin towers collapse


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>>268584317melted aluminum from the aircraft impacts on 9/11 may have mixed with rusted steel beams, the evaporated blood of passengers, facial beauty products at high heats to produce an unknown ultra powerful form of thermite known as ultramite

>>268584317Right right. To manage to smuggle thousands of tons of the stuff into the building and yet nobody saw a fucking thing? Totally believable you guys should write pizzagate conspiracies

IX XI III23 = 9 11 3BC23 = 9 11 (2+0+0+1)Wake up.

>>268584317I mean, the main structural members were literally aluminum clad A36 steel. You don't have to get very hot to melt aluminum and rust forms quickly at high temperature. You've still got to show that the reaction was initiated somehow, which takes EXTREMELY high heat, but I guess it isn't impossible.

>>268585380Wow I'm literally shaking right now.

>spontaneous thermite formationohcouldnt they somehow deny the existence of thermite residues, huh?

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>>2685843172 planes in NY 3 buildingDiscuss

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>>268584317bet they werent counting on the wooden doors on the plane.

>>268585084>>268585914No you misunderstand, the formation of thermite was spontaneous. Aluminum in the airplance, iron oxide in passenger's blood and steel support beams.


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>>268584910Shut up you fucking schizo faggot.. what a waste of a thread.

>>268586065>formation of thermite was spontaneous. Aluminum in the airplance, iron oxide in passenger's blood and steel support beams.You forgot “/s”

>>268584910Are you serious? You forgot “/s”

>Le daily wacky conspiracy threads by JIDFKikes like to push irrational conspiracies like faked moon landings, le Illuminati/Masons, flat earth, absurd 9/11 theories (there were no planes), lizard people etc. etc. to do one thing... to make people that discuss information outside of what the (((MSM))) gives us look retarded and to cover up for jews.This is called well-poisoning and gas-lighting. Jews do this to keep normie goyim from looking into or thinking about legitimate non-MSM information too much, e.g. the jew subversion of our media and government or the exaggerations and outright lies surrounding the holohoax made for political gain. 9/11 is a good example... Israel had a big role in 9/11. How to well-poison this subject manner? Make sure any threads about 9/11 include discussion of "there were no planes", "it was CGI", "a nuke brought it down", "it was thermite", "an energy weapon brought it down" etc. and other absurdities. This will get any normies to reject ALL non-MSM information about 9/11, including what they want to cover-up (Israel's role). Jews control our media. Jews control our banking. Jews control our academia. Jews control our government. Very real and verifiable. Something people need to know and understand. "But let’s not worry about that, goyim. Let’s discuss pyramid symbols, bigfoot and aliens".Fuck these threads and fuck JIDF.

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>>268586321It's the only plausible theory that explains how the big, beautiful core of the tower was destroyed. The foreskin doesn't collapse the whole penis when it's removed.

>>268584317How fast was the plane traveling? It was also turning too. Any pilot anons?Discuss >pic related

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>>268586690Or Israeli art student that was painting the structural steel with paint from Dick Chaney owned company that coincidently holds a paten for nano-thermite.

>>268585084Yeah they did actually look it up, unless you are fucking retarded enough to believe a building hit by a plane would collapse perfectly in 7 seconds.

>>268584317>spontaneous formationThat is modern-day 18th Century spontaneous generation bullshit. Next thing they’ll be talking about is phlogiston.

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>>268587352>spontaneous formationAnd (((they))) call us conspiracy theorist.

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>>268588461those beams were cut by workers long after the collapse during the cleanup of the rubble and body removal


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>>268584317new studies also suggest the aluminum of the aircraft the hit the pentagon may have spontaneously turned into thermite gas

>>268584317So the Jews used thermite?

>>268589189>spontaneously turned into thermite gasAnd I’m the pope. LMAO

>>268588691>beams were cut by workersSure Israeli art students.

>>268584317Sources/links?If that's true the early year (02-04) theories were right once again.How many engineers publically came out and claimed as such and got shot down by the government?There was even rumors back then of arab connection and MSM mocked people who claimed that as uneducated redneck strawmans.>hurr uhh dey all brown folk fuck arabs n indians dey terrristsThen we had the declassified 28 pages that details arab support.Looking back they created a term to combat these narratives.Bush with his "truthers" as if looking for the truth is bad. Just like obama did after katrina with "preppers" as if preparing for disasters and events like war is bad.Our government in the 40-60s had PSAs on how families should prepare for tornados, floods, even war and this war BEFORE THE COLD WAR.Even our boyscouts of america motto is "be prepared".He then passed a law to allow the government in a sitation of emergency to comandeer resources from preppers to redistribute to the populus.

>>268589189Riiiiiight spontaneously >>268587717

>>268584317Those fucking towers were hollowOp pic proves Are you guys reet reets?

>>268585527Wouldn't the steel still be embedded with aluminum oxide and isolated from any rust?


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>>268586454Back back back back back

>>268585380poop EE poop pee1 + 2 + 3PVVP II69 + 420 = 911

>>268584317The concrete floors were attached to the steel with aluminum alloy clips.

>>268584317> news any links? no? faggot. > suggest...speculation, the last desperate ploy of the Troofer> spontaneous thermite formation...and what wopuld be the mechanism for this action? > likely, it really isnt likely at all. go fuck yourself faggot.

>>268584317>New studies>Jew studies>Jew studdies>Jew studs

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>>268590744Thats from pressure dumbass

>>268584317still with this shit? There are still truthers?

>>268584317>spontaneous thermite formationTop Fucking Kek. They're not even trying anymore. We've reached peak clown world boyos.

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>>268590911Digits confirm

>>268588072/pol/ seriously needs to do a monthly print magazine

>>268590654Connection is simple. Jacob Rothchild Dick Chaney Oil Company Patent for nano thermite Israeli art students

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>>268591137Worst attack on American soil in history and it happened only 20 years ago so yeah

Bush did 911 Covid is an inside job

>>268591048>pressure>free fallPick one. You can’t have pressure and get 9.8m/^2 Something about Newton’s first law.....


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>>268584317To use a very ancient phrase . . . "Jewish Lightning" ultimately caused these towers to come down

>>268584317>Spontaneous thermite formationDid you pulled this shit out of your ass just to make a fun thread (i think is a great idea) or there is actually someone claiming this shit?I mean, is possible, but the odds for that to happen, in both towers (three if you count tower 7) the exact same day that brown people crash planes against them.Well, the odds are kinda not that good.

>>268590911Wake up

>>268590911911 digits confirm. #neverforgetti

>>268591672I thought it was a joke. OP is actually serious lol

Watch, in the next century, jews will release a study proving it was Christians pretending to be muslims.

>>268584317It was cave dwellers. They even tricked 5 Israelis to do a little dance at the same time the attack occurred. Then we shot the king cave dweller in the head and dumped his body in the sea. The end.


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>>268591171It’s bad form on their part. Shows weakness. Who really still believes the narrative these days? I smell fear.

>>268584317You can shill all you want but adults are involved now. My calc3 was at 10am that day followed by statics as I recall it got cancelled.

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>>268592298Actually (((they))) are already trying to pin it on house of saud. It’s like busted criminals pointing fingers at each other. CIA Mossad Saud

>>268584317Yeah, those Jews are a very spontaneous people.

>>268584910You are a stupid nigger

>>268589189shut the fuck up niggerfucking jew behind a canadian vpn go fuck youself jew nigger

>>268591454Viruses don't melt steel masks

>>268584317spontaneous semite formation

Don't mind me just a little nano thermite leaking out not quite finished cutting the core columns. Fuck mossad kikes. Not all jews are bad ppl though. Just the ones that want to control the usa via hollywood and movies, and

>>268584317>spontaneous thermite formation

>>268586092It's flying into glass

>>268593890I listen to this guy on the radio that’s been screaming 9/11 was an inside job. Forgot his name....... he also been screaming about >pic relatedI heard he’s just a meme though.

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A spontaneous thermite formation just flew over my house.

>>268584910Bullshit. It's called Megamite and you get it when you mix steel fuel and jet beams.

>>268584317>facial beauty products

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>>268594211you'd have a better shot at claiming the plane was made of glass

>>268594183>Fuck mossad kikes. Not all jews are bad ppl thoughAgreed I’m sure Jews don’t want mossad BS pinned on them just like I dont want CIA BS pinned on us

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>>268584317We all know that. Question is what you gonna do about it.

>>268584317I just had taco bell. My ass is about to spontaneously form thermite.

>>268594940my neighbor spontaneously formed thermite in her vagina and she exploded like a popped balloon. It was fucking traumatic to see. I still have flashbacks every time I'm banging her sister.

>>268584910The only thing that can resist it are terrorist passports.

Between Hoover dam is about to collapse due to flooding in Nevada this morning and now this. It’s been a entertaining day on 4ch

>>268591454Let's prevent this

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>>268595274>she explodedAre you sure it’s wasn’t just >picAnd 5th of vodka? Cause this is how conspiracy theory starts

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>>268595616I'm sure, but I forgot to mention an important fact. The thermite actually spontaneously formed in the Lithium battery of the Tesla she was driving and caused to to spontaneously combust. Fuck you Elon nigger.

>>268584317Thermite is impossible to find because when it burns the left over from the chemical reaction is iron oxide / rust.The Mossad used mostly RDX (C4) to blow out the girders and beams anyway

>>268584317>new study suggests it wasnt the jews, but some sort of miracle.kek

>>268595309>Let's prevent this crap.I think this is where many parents would draw the line, hill to die on.......

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>>268584317People still care about the twin towers?


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Did you give up OP?>spontaneous thermite

>>268586975Where could one read about this?


>>268585527>>268584910kek you guys rehearse this shit or what?pic related is you

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>>268597237I been listening to Alex Jones for 15yrs. Here is one of his documentaries.

>> one is less convincing but pic is makes you

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>>268586092What is force

>>268584910No. The Jews may have committed mass murder on live television. If it's true, we're closing the ADL, bugging your synagogues, and you will be booted from the US like any other terrorist. Might as well close Hollywood and put ankle bracelets on the rest of them until the investigation is completed. It's not anti semitic if it's illegal and immoral. That, and you will lose the rights to govern any sacred territories on the earth for a thousand years.


>>268597679Only people that know that Bank A is going to be robbed on day B is the people who planned it. That would be a logical conclusion to make

>>268597675Alex Jones thinks you're an incel

>>268585084It's actually easier to have flown the planes into them than to just thermite the buildings.

>>268597894Mass x Acceleration As you can clearly see no parts of the plane decelerated. It continue though the building

>>268597601shut up leaf.

I believe 9/11 happened exactly as the government says it didama

>>268598253No, it disintegrated in the building

>>268584317If you dont believe 911 was an inside job youre a fucking retard

>>268584910im wheezing at this absolute chaos

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>>268598447Whats government cock taste like

>>268598224I posted I was in college on 9/11. I got kids almost your age lol why else would be be posting here on sat night? This is my entertainment for the night

>>268585084Are you fucking retarded!?How could they have done it!?Picture this, guys in worker clothing use service elevators to bring up bunches of boxes labeled “server” and other such things... do you really think anyone in a high rise office is going to pay them any attention!?

>>268598447Hey man. Thanks for being here.

>>268598545>pass though wall>disinterested inside building

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>>268586541well I can say for a fact that those THREE towers, one which was not even hit with a plane were controlled demolitions. Also the most well protected building on the planet couldnt get a clear video of the pentagon getting hit? the Pentagon? not to mention NORAD running a practice scenario of hijacked planes on that morning

>>268590967That was the outside sheathing. The inner support was concrete, rebar and red iron.So... why didn’t sections of outer sheathing fall and the building remain standing?

>>268598962Yes, and even when we want information about our own buildings, we always have to get through GUESS WHO?

>>268591672It is NOT possible.Even if thermite formed, billowing jet fuel fireballs wouldn’t ignite it. Thermite is ignited by intense sustained heat like a cutting torch or magnesium ribbons.Also, even IF it were true (it isn’t) then the collapse areas should be localized to the impacts. How does a plane on one side create and ignite thermite on the other side?

>>268598758Why bother? The steel loses its temper at about 1400 F which the fuel in the planes could have produced, once the tempering is lost the steel breaks and then tens of thousands of tons of concrete pancaking does the rest.If you want to look at the conspiracy ask yourself why Mossad didn't tell the U.S. the hijackers were people of interest until AFTER 9/11 and ask why they were still in the country on expired Visas.

Chemist here.>spontaneous thermite formationDoesn't happen.Thermite mixtures require proper preparation, i.e. thorough mixing of finely-divided metals+metallic oxides.

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>>268599158I am an average every day guy who supported Israel until I saw that it was a mass religious ceremony used to remove certain countries off the petro dollar. You did it, and we caught you. The end.


>>268599298No steel can heat up uniformly to cause a symmetrical collapse in 3 building on the same day from asymmetrical building fire

>>268598873Do you even? Did you see the airplane come out the other side intact? No? Then it deaccelerated and disintegrated in the building

>>268584317>spontaneous thermite formation

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>>268585084>thousands of tons???

>>268599324Kek>hydrogen peroxide

>>268585084Ahh a denier of elite pedophile rings eh? Dutroux affair Franklin scandalFinders cultOperation conifer/Ted Heath investigationWestminster pedo dossierPic related

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>>268584317All buildings have an end of life plan built into them during construction. When the time comes to demolish them, they just detonate the already placed explosive charges. This is because it's easier for the original builders and civil engineers to wire up a building for demolition during the construction than it is to retrofit it after the fact. On 9/11 they made the call to pull the buildings, because there was a chance the fire could spread and take out the entire city block, or worse, the buildings could collapse sideways. It's better to press the self-destruct button and collapse in a controlled manner, than risk an uncontrolled collapse.

>>268585084It could easily be done you fucking retard. Believe it or not, not everyone is fucking useless piece of shit like you and is actually capable of pulling off elaborate operations.

>>268599697So...... what stopped the plane inside the building? titanium engine parts should’ve exited the building on the other side if aluminum plane entered it unopposed.

>>268585084Do you normally ask people who are moving into your building what is in their BB-18 boxes? Or construction workers or elevator maintenance people what they are carrying into the building?

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>>268600039So you admit building was rigged with explosives.

>>268600267When things go fast they have more force. After they slow down they have less force. This is really somwthing you should have learned as a 5 year old.

>>268600039lol wut. no.

>>268585084It would only take about 30lbs, thermite burns for a long time. In fact, it will melt down like the acid from alien.

How about heated metals bends more easily causing the entire structure to collapse?t. Welder

>>268600547What slowed the plane down? Again we are back to Force = Mass x Acceleration

>>268584637dude what is this schizo fucking videotried to watch it, so fucking annoying how they repeat the same shit over and over and don't explainwhat the fuck even are those memorial rocks with the metal poured into them? the video shows them for like 4 minutes as if something about them is self-evident. literally what is even that shiti had to close it during the elevator montage with spooky music. YES FUCKING ELEVATORS, WHAT ABOUT THEM NIGGER HOLY FUCK TAKE YOUR MEDS

>>268600893This is obv bait, but the building dude

>>268599627I guess the part about tens of thousands of tons of pancaking concrete falling on flours that were not meant to have them collapse on them didn't register.

>>268600893probably the giant steel supporting columns in the center of the building

>>268600851Bingo, way less necessary than the standard know it all believes it would take.Use some material that thermite doesn't melt through to direct the path to vital support sections. A few ounces could be catastrophic to structural beams, especially if other beams simultaneously heat up and become Swiss cheese.

The buildings collapsed due to kinetic force, not heat.Same as in an earthquake or rockslide etc.

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>>268600851>Uniform symmetrical collapse >heat NOT applied evenlyPick one

>>268593293Reminder house of Saud are cryptojews

>>268600478There's nothing to admit, it's the standard practice when building a tower in a city. They were hit by a plane, they decided to pull the tower. They did everything correct and by the book. If you've been in a building built in the last 50 years you were inside a building wired for demolition. Yeah, it's locked down in the basement. You can't just walk up and press a button and "oops" it, but it's there.

>>268601239Also, according to the head janitor they used conventional explosives that went off in the basement before the plane even hit.

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>>268601115So the entire plane struck the narrow central column? I have a ocean front property to sell you in Arizona

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>>268601444Also possible, if those towers started tipping into other towers like dominoes youre talking trillions in damages.

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>>268601594What do you mean "narrow" central column? It's like 40-50% the width of the building. And yes, shit did some out the other side in a giant fireball as you must be aware.

>>268586065this is retarded on so many levels

>>268601444I took a screen cap you win internet today

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>>268584317here is zeitgeist it has a good section on

>>268601444No they don't! WTF are you even talking about.... You delusional idiots are about to see that Israel is more closed than the pool. Fair trials and all, but it really is starting to look like Jews demolished the twin towers.

>>268601376Is this the new "free fall speed"?

>>268601444dude fuck you

>>268601594why are tinfoilfags so fucking stupid

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There are multiple forms of thermite. It looks like making it just involves pulverizing the compounds together. It's a dust compound.There was definitely a ton of dust and pulverization near the crash site.Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, but it can ignite thermite, which can melt steel beams. It doesn't have to have formed a lot of thermite; it only has to have formed in the right (wrong) place. Once any of the key structure melted, the weight of the building did the rest of the demolition.I wonder if this could lead to a new generation of antistructural incendiary munitions designed to quick-collapse buildings through local formation and ignition of thermite. I image it could even have civilian implications in demolition work.

>>268584317Alaskans know the welcome from the least Jewish state of the union - Alaska

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>>268601738>It's like 40-50% the width of the building.You do know it’s a office space right? Who the fuck wastes 40-50% of rentable space? Engineer would be laughed at. The point of WTC was to maximize office space by having the exterior wall carry most of the weight

>>268585084You fucking piece of leaf trash Twenty fucking leaf years to read about the “renovations” done by Silverstein propertiesTwenty years to read about the security group being changed Twenty years to read about e-teamget raked

Buildings aren't advance-wired for demolition. I've seen demolition charges being placed before.I'm not gonna read most of this thread. Hm... I think I know how to make a new, cheap, and effective kind of mortar rounds. Heh. If I think of it, someone else might. I hope publishing this study doesn't become regrettable.

>>268586541Globe is a Jew invention, even Nazis knew the earth was flat.I beg you Nazi worshiping incels to actually read the science your idols believed in.

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>>268585084Did you know a relative of the Bush family was in charge of WTC security?

>>268584317>spontaneous thermite formationsThat is some creative fucking planned obsolescence. Too bad that's not how shit works. Also what the fuck goes on in that massive chinese air pocket

>>268586541This is a kike peopleDig a little deeper in history and you find NASA is 100% fake, Nazis were flat earthers and 9/11 had no planes.

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>>268602554Well, that about sums it up

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>>268602554reminder that the jews don't want us to know that there's only one dimension, vertical earth. All other dimensions are jewish holograms. Width is a lie, height is the truth.

>>268591281Fuck ya, Black Market printing and sold only for crypto.

>>268584910Can't believe that anons get baited by this... THIS...

>>268602782This and KKK NAZI Antifa BLM are all one big family

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>>268602966amerimutts aren't known for their intellect

Couldn't come up with any credible evidence to prove actual thermite so you guys decided it just appeared out of thin fucking air. There is just no winning with you idiots.

>>268603274tests came back positive for thermite gas in the lungs of many first responders. Where did it come from? There are many reports of spontaneous thermite combustion, it is a known danger for firefighters that they train for, aluminum vents will combine with melted iron dust from meteors to form deadly localized thermite explosions during house fires. Theoretically even a single one of these explosions could commit a dozen 9/11 style attacks before being put down.

>>268603025Oh my... This too?

>>268603025They did this, and 9/11?

>>268584910Actually someone logged into the chans and it mixed with the Allahu-Akbars into the Aussie Posting and formed a highly explosive form of Thermite called Vegemite.

>>268602183Thanks PNW fren!

>>268584910>an unknown powerful form of thermite known as ULTRAMITE

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>>268602966>>268603111>Melting point of Aluminum 1221 F (660.32 C)>Melting point of Magnesium 1202 F (650 C)>Melting point of Tin 449 F (232 C)>Melting point of Manganese 2275 F (1246 C)>ignition temperature of TTP Thermite fuze as used in AN-M14-TH3 932 F (500 C)>burn temperature of ATF 1517 F (825 C)Make of this what you will.