Why did they kill Princess Di?

Why did they kill Princess Di?

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>>268582390Because she was a brap poster.

>>268582390The royal THOT had to go.

>>268582390massive cunt

Probably for fucking negros and her homo outreachDidn't give 2 shits when she died

She knew about Charles' fetish for kids.

>>268582390Because there's video of her riding my face with her brapper so she had to go

>>268582390everyone hated her, dont know why but she sucked cut arab dicks. ghislaine maxwell had a pic of her crying after they bullied her with others royal family twats

Took too much of the Queen's spotlight so she was killed.

>>268582390She's still alive and she helped JFK Jr fake his death too

>>268582673Kek. You a nigger?

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>>268582390She knew about Charles and Jimmy’s vacation hijinks

She died because some fuckhead photographer wanted a face shot of her with the dune coon so he could make some ridiculous amount of money selling the photo. He just didn't care if his camera flash blinded the driver of her car or not. I am sure the photographer was a nigger..

It's not because she knew the queen was a reptilian shape shifter?

Who was driving? One of epstein's ladyboys?

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>>268582390She knew too much

>>268584186>>268583666>>268583307>>268582390>>268582461>>268582465It made me always think of the Edoardo Agnelli conspiracy.Read it up, tell me if could be the same.

>>268582390She was impregnated with the anti-Christ, but the vibrations between Earth and Hell weren’t Synched yet so they had to abort the fetus. I think Alec Baldwin was the father of the flesh vessel.

She fucked her bodyguard and made Harry.

>>268584551>bodyguardI thought he was her golf coach

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they just wanted her dna for the two grandsons, that's all. once she showed she was going to give her dna to arabs, they killed her and trapped her soul. once she was freed though, there was a report of charles in the news, fearing for his life. lol.

She served her purpose. Shouldn't have resisted.

>>268587051Do you use a vpn just to shit post?

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>>268582390for lovin us and wanting to do something fucking different

>>268582390She threatened to expose the Royal Family and had become more popular than Queen Elizabeth herself. They killed her before she could fully get away

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>>268582390Because she fucked muzzies.

Because she was tainting the pure reptilian genes with paki blood.

>>268582390read for yourself. she knew too much. She was a good woman and would have told the world far too much. they had to get rid of her.

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>>268582390Failed ignoramus. She had every privilege and still failed her 'o' levels twice, leaving school with nothing. Her headmistress remarked that she was good at swimming. I kid you not. Also, she was a roastie before roasties became a thing, and was dumped by a literal Paki who she was having an affair with….Cucking the probable next king of England in the process. She wasn't murdered, but she definitely deserved death for having a ginger bastard son.

According to High Level Insider user, Princess Diana was killed because she knew about the plans for 9/11 beforehand and was going to reveal it.

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Unironically paid the toll for burning coal

>>268582390because her macaroni and cheese sucked

>>268582390She was killed because her next project was working to eradicate weapons of war. Military-industrial complex shut her down.

Don’t upstage the queen. Then rub there nose in it. Then get custody of the kids and walk around nude on a boat.


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>>268582390there's a recording of a woman who said that Diana was bullied and ghislane and others bragged about making her cry.bitchute.com/video/8dkzvXeOS0b9/

>>268582390The same reason why they killed Sharon Tate

>>268582390Because she was hooking up with some gypo sandnigger who had ties to al qaida

>>268582390>Crazy whore, who fucked everyone and their rubyhead brother.

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>>268582390They realized that heterosexual men didn't find her attractive regardless of all the PR and they wanted to cash-in.

>>268586655Right about the DNA—she was a vapid cunt who was brought on to be an out-cross for the royal family. Then she started putting on airs, so she had to go.

>>268582390>Why did they kill Princess Di?Mossad.

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>>268588458>She wasn't murdered

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>>268582390She was going to go public with royal secretsdigits

She knew they were imposters and that they sold the crown to the real players of the world

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She had sex with a paki, unacceptable for (((them))).Only blacks are allowed to be in the royal family.

>>268582859>no>post shitty digitsprove it

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>>268582465>pretending Diana was the problemWhy was she so loved by literally everyone? Camilla Parker Bowles had been a shadow on her marriage, how can you explain Prince Charles affinity for horse-toothed, horse faced pensioner?

>>268582500>literally wasnt born before she died

Did you know that Diana grew up on Sandringham Estate? The Queens private home.>Even though her family had their own estate...

>>268594009>Why was she so loved by literally everyone?She sold her soul

>>268588025>Because she was tainting the pure reptilian genesI say the same thing. Didnt realize the thread was still up

>>268594009>Why was she loved by everyoneBecause people are retarded children.


>>268582390she was a attention seeking whore who made the Royal family look bad. She deserved her death. quintessential dumb cunt.

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She was a plant. It was all rigged she’s still alive. Her name was literally PRINCESS DIE

>>268582390Because she was so fucking stupid.

>>268582390lover of dune coon cock

>>268587779Is there any sauce on this or just rumors?

>>268596999checked for retarded she was cheating and was going to see the jihadi ayy lmaos that's why they crashed her into a tunnel wall

>>268582390She went the Sheena Easton route...Innocent babysitter "kindergarten teacher"To WhoreTo Coke Whore

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She was far too good for the inbred family that had her killed. She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Lovely voice, gorgeous smile, beautiful golden blond hair. She was like an angel come to Earth.

>>268582390Half blood mongrel in her bellySame reason markle and the prince got kicked out of the bloodline

And Charles is a disloyal, bloody tampon seeking degenerate. I did not put sage in the email field wtf gtfo reptilian trash

>>268593643She wasn't murdered. Her driver was drunk, and the press almost certainly caused the accident by speeding and brigh lights (flashes), causing the driver to speed and crash. Speed and alcohol can do that. Not everyone in the car died, but three did. I think manslaughter may be the case but not murder as it wasn't intentional. Had they wanted to murder the Queen of Thots they had plenty of better chances and options: - while she was clearing unexploded mines for one. Silly Thot was always in Aids ridden places. An Aids ridden malaria injection would have been easier.

>Princess Di>DiesIt's like poetry, it rhymes.

>>268586125Hewitt is one dashing mofo.

>>268583059Lol no>>268588166

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Didn't witnesses see her walk away from the crash site with a hurt collar bone/shoulder?