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Ladies>Family seek answers about the death of Aboriginal inmate Tane>'I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl': How Cher, like, totally became a '90s>Suppression vs elimination is testing Dan Andrews' friendship with the

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363 new cases 38 deaths on dannys handshow do you sleep at night dan

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I have not voted in 20 yearsI have not watched/lsitened/read aussie media (tv/radio/papers/news/net) since 2005.Uptill a few months ago, I thought "Abbot" was still the PM.what's been going on?

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>New restrictions - Mandatory masks if you go outsideWEAR THE MASK GOY

>>268572425Just the usual, Murdoch shills the lnp and all the battlers vote to destroy everything.

UPDATE>Take off your mask when going into banks


>UPDATE$200 fines if you don't wear the maskThis is top comedy>>268572425Reread this post >>268572716 until it sinks into your right wing extremist brain, Murdoch controls all Australian media and the minds of the Australians people, wake up sheeple

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>>268572425Mate I haven't voted since 2005ish either. I thought turnbull was still PM until about a month ago.

>kids to wear masks in schools

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>>268573624>teachers to not wear masks

get yer masks here

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>>268575680where can we get these

Whats for dinner lads?

Sharia starts Wednesday goysGet your full body masks ordered now

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>>268576448Nice one user

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An early morning reminder that Boomers are scum and everything wrong with Australia.Let's hope the Boomerflu kills them all!It's also time for another Reminder that Unchecked Migration is Generational Genocide.

>>268576182totally looks like something from wish

chief health officer avoiding questions about when he first recommended masks for all>I can't remember haha>walks off the stage

>>268577318This is why they are pushing to remove all independent archive websites

>>268577318Was this Sutton? God, that cunt has an IQ of 2 I swear. What an absolute pseudo intellectual.

1000 cases per day soon

>>268578576Not sure, there’s a fed CHO and state CHO’s aren’t there? They’ve all been saying stupid shit though to be fair.And yet no one will acknowledge that every thing the WHO and China has said has turned out either completely incorrect or somewhat misleading, while we ignored information from Taiwan in January that has turned out to be completely correct

>>268579127>Cedar Meats>Al-Taqiya school>private companies providing cheapo quarantine security guards (probably work visas)>9 towers full of scientists, surgeons, physicists etcThank you Dan and thank you diversity, you truly are our greatest strength

anyone watch Outsiders this morning ?

>>268579997I can't believe the most diverse suburbs have been hit the hardest. Must just be a coincidence.

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>>268580203Yup, but no one will mention it, which is ironic because in the first wave everyone was throwing shade at the rich suburbs for having more cases (rich people coming back from holidays around the world brought a few cases in)But we can’t risk hurting our invaders feelings

>>268580203Clearly a plot by right-wing extremists to infect as many non-whites as possible.

>>268580377I reckon they'll make masks nationwide before the end of the year

>>268580377fuck me I hope work can get some, gonna be hard though with the massive rush today

>>268580377>Wear the mask goy!At least it will fuck with Asio's facial recognition.

Got me some masks. Now I can go outside. Praise be to allah.

>>268580703be pretty easy to knock over stores if everyone has to wear a mask

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>>268580563>>268580674It’s okay, Dear Leader Dan said that 300,000 masks are coming into Melbourne over the next week, we’ll have to rely on our communist principles and share

>>268573422We have a new guy that is so lacking in personality and completely unforgettable I forget who he is.

>>268581052>population: 5.2 million>300,000 masksFuck what a pathetic effort

>>268580922>be pretty easy to knock over stores if everyone has to wear a maskGoing to be fun seeing people try and enter a servo or a bank with one on, if I was a cop and a dick, I'd get some plain clothes and ambush people as they took their masks off to get inside.

>>268581161>population: 5.2 million>300,000 masks>Fuck what a pathetic effortYou can thank the boomers for sending everything offshore.

>>268581320Theres a place in Shepparton that makes them and the guy had to hire like 50 people to try and keep up but thats pretty much it. Fuck me dead, going to be impossible to get any, might get some female underwear and wear that on my face

>Allow Chinese companies to ship off a large abundance of your resources, including masks, making them scarce for medical personnel>Y-You don't need a mask. Th-They don't help.>Massive outbreaks caused by shitskins that can't follow the rules or continue to live in slum shitholes because it reminds them of home>N-Now you gotta wear the masks. They d-do help.>But please don't take them from the doctors. Make your own out of rags and trash bags. These will be good enough.Fuck, how could anyone give two fucks what these people say? Should be a huge wake up for people to start thinking for themselves.

Starting to think living in Melbourne isn't worth it anymoreThere's not going to be a cure for a decade or more and our politicians are enjoying the control too much to go for eradication


you eastern cocksuckers had to go and fuck it up for the rest of us didn't youmy work is never going to start back up at any worthwhile capacity because of you fucking reckless pieces of shit

Rachel Pupazzoni is so hot just imagine licking her feet

>>268580702Yeahnah, you have to start as a BachiBazi bum-boy and work your way up. Man-love Thursdays, Is this normal?>all ragheads start off as junior bumboys

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>>268580203Oy vey

>>268581467Yes>>268581473They're corrupt all the way from the WHO to Aus govt to state govt to councils. Things are grim

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>>268581473>rags and trashbagsNah, just make them out of old pillow-casesWear the mask

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My wife has Australian citizenship with family in Sydney and Melbourne. I know you guys are fucked too but could I buy my kids more time by moving to kangaroo land?

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>>268581161He’s a wall eyed mong, who has never done anything but go to uni, graduate, become Labor cum receptacle.Every step of the way he has fucked it up, or his pet immigrants fucked it up, and he blames actual Victorian’s for it, whilst destroying their livelihoodsAbsolute fucking gaycunt

My life's going nowhere, hit an impasse a few years back, spiraling out of control with my behaviour and fucked up support systems.My actual medication (adderall) was literally denied by family, miscommunication about traumatic upbringing lead to everyone turning against me after I was basically just trying to guard myself.Actively being ganstalked (by the police) and stupidly drew the police to me, got wafered (olanzapine) and it's retarded my IQ and ability to function. On top of which, I can't even fucking get high or relax from weed, or anything for that matter, anymore.Doctors have now got me on schizo medication because my dog passed away and now I'm stuck with a limp dick and no ability to plan my vengeance.I'm learning that the stock market is basically a crapshoot unless you ''know'', but literally too retarded to amalgamate the entire project that a fucking algorithmic trading bot is while pointlessly looking at the fact that I lost my chance at BTC because of all of this and am now...>retarded>poor>hopeless and in pain>cant get highthis isn't /r9k/ and I'm blaming you Holla Forums.

>>268581527My bad, there’s too many fuckups to get them all in one go

>>268581467>might get some female underwear and wear that on my faceJust join the 3d printing master-race and make your own.

>>268582027No, we're full.


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Say it with meCHINESE VIRUS

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>>268582119fuck australianstheir lack of culturetotal nonparticipation in warno clue about politicsim surrounded by idiots>i dont even get to play with the stacked blonde ones with jugs and tails

>>268581473I’ll also point out, Taiwan gave good information on the virus in January (which we ignored, to not offend the PRC) and donated masks to many western countries in Feb/MarchWhile China did the exact opposite

>>268582027I doubt you'll get in

>>268582253poo stainsconvict descendantsugly convict descendantsretarded and malformed australian descendantsfucked up chromosome australians


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>>268582427C H I N E S E V I R U S

>>268582253WUHAN WHEEZER!

>>268582253Delivering what to all Victorians? the kung flu?

>>268582253The Cantonese Cough’n’Sneeze

>>268582130Remember when (((they))) wanted everybody's face unobscured for their Chinese cameras..?

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>>268581528fuck even vineyard staff are considered essential workers, what vauge specialty did/do you do?


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>>268582965He “relaxes” the FIFO miners

>>268582389Damn, I thought being married and white was enough. But hey at least you guys are based I'm so used to anyone who shits out a baby or knows Jose's third cousin getting citizenship and infinite gibs>>268582320Love you guys already can't wait to bring in more tranny parades and McDonald's

>>268582914>Remember when (((they))) wanted everybody's face unobscured for their Chinese cameras..?>AnonymousThose were good times, pity it got taken over by white knights, fembots and reddit.


>>268570545Why do ABabyC viewers love jannies so much?

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>>268581473The hypocrisy of that exact scenario has sealed the deal that I will never wear a mask if they try it in my state and area. The straight up hypocrisy of them is ridiculous

>>268582914they've moved onto greater control, now if you leave your overpriced cuck shed they can arrest or fine you

>>268583449Under usual circumstances you should be able to get in under a spouse thing (not sure how it works at all) but nowadays it’s a lot more complicated, I knew some aussies in Europe who spent a month making flight arrangements home that kept getting cancelled, if your wife is a citizen she could come back, not sure about you

>>268583449I'd recommend rubbing shoe polish on your face, being a financial drain on australia, and saying your muslim, then people will protest to stop you being deported

>>268583449Because you're white, productive and will pay tax, its hard to get in. Your best bet is getting a skin transplant or reverse Michael Jackson therapy and then they will pay for you to come here, you'll get a free house, free car and free salary.

>>268583692because the do it for free.

>>268583692A strict enforcement of censorship protects their cognitive dissonance

>>268583936Makes sense, figured Covid would mess it all up. Luckily it's going to be a few years before it'd be a possibility gotta finish my military service. >>268584052Hello my kebab brothers I feel discriminated against for being a black/Jewish/Muslim/abo for trying to open my kebab shop. The state is racist against me and cut off my payments for my 47 kids with 8 slaves/wife's just because I make many profits from selling onions to your customers. Allahu Akbar. Did I do alright?Is One Australia still the relatively based party, how bad is this gun thing and my wife's family is mainly from Coffs Harbor, nice or shit hole?

>>268584209Sounds just like here, gosh sometimes I wish I could bite my lip enough to say I'm a gay, tranny disabled ... Etc for a few years to get a citizenship and infinite gibs.

I’m a backpacker in Australia and currently living and doing farm job in QLD. I heard her name from “it’s ok to be white” campaign but didn’t care so much now I see her billboards on the road and she seems pretty based. i don’t know about anything aus politics tho can someone redpill me about her and QLD premier anastasia, i’m hearing good things about her too. is she doing good for QLD?also is ozpills legit? i need to get some cialis what are my options other than seeing gp?

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>>268584639One Australia is alright, they are still a meme party though, there’s the Shooters, Hunters, Fishers party, I think they a have single seat like One Nation, but they are a single issue party mainly Our politics are pretty gay, the best chance is to get some more one seat anti immigration parties that take votes from Liberal and force them to take an anti immigrant stance or hemorrhage more voters, but even that feels unlikely

>>268582965corporate AVno work since early february outside of a rare small corporate meeting which will take an hour to setup and "relax" the client, and pay about fifty bucks all up before tax.majority of my income tends to be big functions and weddings but thanks to deng xiaoping diarrhoea, all the big event holders have cancelled everything since drawcard keynotes and guests won't come to Oz, and weddings are repurposed to smaller gatherings since so many people lost deposit money and got fucked on for the last few months.I'd go up to the mines and relax workers in between rigging jobs if the whole industry wasn't such a shitshow at the moment.

>>268570545Daily reminder

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>>268570545*ruins everything*

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>>268585396Isn't this the lady who went into parliament(?) in a burka to prove a point?Naturally people hated it but i thought it was hilarious

>>268585396Boomer with common sense but too stupid and inarticulate to actually form a party that can win government, so now she just sits in the Upper House and russels jimmies

>>268584639>just because I make many profits from selling onions to your customers. Allahu Akbar. Did I do alright?You fucked up, they don't have jobs, they live on gibs and live in public housing which should be for poor australians

>>268585396>I’m a backpacker in Australia and currently living and doing farm job in QLD.You need to go back.

>>268586156>they live on gibs and live in public housing which should be for poor australiansWouldn't wish living in one of those public housing blocks on my least liked white bloke. Can you imagine the hell it must be living in on of those? I'd jump out the fucking window.

>>268580563>masks nationwideim in melb, these retarded motherfucking fucks! wtf is wrong with you skipcunt fucks?good luck to labor getting any fucking votes.been to a shop not too long ago, there were maybe few people with golem masks on, out some 30 that passed by. some retard fuck arguing in a car with his girl, he had a mask on in the fkn car while she did not.whichever way this shit goes it will not end well.

>>268585772Pauline is a Saint > In 2006, Hanson stated that African immigrants were bringing diseases into Australia and were of "no benefit to this country whatsoever". She also stated her opposition to Muslim immigration. Ten years after her maiden speech, its effects were still being discussed within a racism framework, and were included in resources funded by the Queensland Government on "Combating racism in Queensland". In 2007, Hanson publicly backed Kevin Andrews, then Minister for Immigration under John Howard, in his views about African migrants and crime.>Islam>In 2015, Hanson claimed that Halal certification in Australia was funding terrorism. After the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, Hanson called for a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia. The same year, Hanson announced policies including a ban on building new mosques until a royal commission into whether Islam is a religion or a political ideology has been held, and installing CCTV cameras in all existing mosques. She has called for a moratorium on accepting Muslim immigrants into Australia. In Pauline Hanson's 2016 maiden speech in the Senate, she said that "We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own," "go back to where you came from," and called for banning Muslim migration. The speech prompted a walk out by Senate members of the Australian Greens.

>>268586164no don’t say that. it’s a fair exchange i think, i will enjoy in your country two years and aussies will keep eating cheap fruits and vegetables. all farms employs backpackers user and we get paid shit i can tell you this. food prices will really go up if farmers in australia employs aussies instead of backpackers. i don’t even see any aussie that want to pick strawberries anyways

>>268586869>no don’t say that. it’s a fair exchange i think, i will enjoy in your country two years and aussies will keep eating cheap fruits and vegetables. all farms employs backpackers user and we get paid shit i can tell you this. food prices will really go up if farmers in australia employs aussies instead of backpackers. i don’t even see any aussie that want to pick strawberries anywaysNo, you need to go back, and farmers are the ultimate scam artists and welfare queens.

>>268586852It might sound confusing but she has had two “maiden speeches” to parliament, because she’s been elected twiceThe first in the 90’s she called out Asian immigration, then in 2016 she complained about Muslim immigrationBoth resulted in endless butthurt (even though her views are milder than Arthur Calwell, who led Labor in the 60’s)

>>268586474I've been in one, it wasn't that bad. Once all the ethnics were cleared out they'd be even nicer

Are you cunts preparing?

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i like Elyse Morgan from the business on ABC


>>268587719Buying the essentials with my hard earned Neet bux

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>>268582253Mao Wei All Cough


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>>268587812fuck off, she's mine. her and Louise Ransome, with Marianne Saab to whip us in her goth bdsm suit

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>>268585684Are these the different points to send nukes to?


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>>268570545>3 grannies in their 90s died from china fluOMG WE GOTTA LOCK THE WHOLE COUNTRY DOWN GUIZE

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>>268588996I wonder if some in government hope that younger people start dying, just because it better reinforces their lockdown agenda. A few frail old people dying makes this all look like a big overreaction, given old people die every year to the common flu (and its numbers are way down this year). Currently we're tanking the economy seemingly to save the lives of people who were about to die, and who had lived out their lives to the fullest extent regardless.


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>>268588162;_;i will have Rachel Pupazzoni she has nice figure and pleasantstries

>>268570545Victoria is aides and this couldn’t have happened to a better state >>268572425Mate I’ve never voted, I might vote and if I do it’ll be for sustainable Australia party or some other minor >>268576882Media is full of their sob stories

>>268582027fuck off full

>>268570545Daily reminder cunts to call it China virus, CCP virus, Wuhan flu, Kung flu etc etc Don’t call it covid-19 or corona virus you’re doing Beijing and whinnie the Pooh a favour each time you call it corona virus, call it what it is it came from China so it’s fucking China virus

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>>268589788I avoid calling it coveed-nineteen because it was made by that nigger from the who, who didn't want to offend the chinks.

Clive Hamilton has a new book gents I haven’t read it so don’t know if it’s worthy of aus/pol/ and Holla Forums reading list but silent invasion was a really good book so this is probs gonna be just as good

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>>268580563End of the year is generous. They'll make us wear them in Sydney by the end of the month.

>>268588996>China flu Doing gods work mate, these phrases need to be normalised so the virus origins don’t get memory holes>>268589896Yeah that cunt stick spent 2 weeks thinking up a tolerant name instead of taking actionWell the action he did take was just regurgitating whatever the CCP told him

Vaccine coming soon guys.ine up and get your shot.

>>268591161Even if a vaccine is developed, Australia won't be in the first pool of countries to get it.

>>268591331unless we're the ones who bring it to market first

>>268576324it's fucking 2 pm what do you mean

>>268591494Even if that were to happen (which it won't), we still wouldn't get it first. Would be given to China first.

>>268591494Several of the vaccines being developed in Australia are for Chinese pharmaceutical companies

>>268582027Too many faggots here already. also full

Have a yank friend bitching on Kikebook about police brutality in Portland cause how dare the government remove violent commie insurgents. Fucker is demanding so called gun nuts defends his group. So fucking tempted to respond that commie terrorists don't deserve rights.

>>268592248Stop being friends with sympathizers, they’re not Americans and they’re not people.

>>268592248>temptedWell go on then! He's here on sepposide. What's he gonna do, cancel you? Please tell me ausfags are not so cucked to Judea Americana that your boss would fire you because some faggot in muttland cried on the phone.

>>268592248Don't know exact wording but something about defunding the police with militarized military police. You guys are Aussies I know you'll figure out a way to say it

>>268592248>imagine the smell

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Is this how it ends?


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Here in America there is a handful of based niggers who make for comedy gold occasionally. Do based boongs exist?

>>268594774Holy shit if they didn't chimp out like violent niggers there would be no violence in return? Do they not understand this?

>>268594958The old aboriginals are based and see shit for what it really is. The younger generation just cry racism all the time.

>>268595056she actually acknowledges that there was violence BEFORE the police intervened. sheboons were a fucken mistake.

>>268594958>>>268594958>Do based boongs exist?Not really. Too lazy or fucked up by the huff to really do anything. They don't have any real ambition as a people, which is why they had no sense of civilization when the Europeans came. No real drive to create, construct or achieve, just sit back and wait for something to happen.Most of the social justice efforts that have emerged to bring attention to perceived issues they face are comprised of a few of them but largely bolstered by white people, or white people who claim indigenous status despite it being bred down to 1/64th of their DNA.

>>268594958yeah, like old mate said, the old ones are either wise old chill cunts or just piss-their-pants alkies, essentially harmless. it's the one-dropper's that are the annoying self-rightoous cryptos

>>268571525>>268580563>I reckon they'll make masks nationwide before the end of the yearno, just melbourne, because it's a nigger and chink infested shithole.very comfy here in radelaide. cope, victorians.

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Anyone else notice Pedo shit in Canberra? Pic related

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>>268594958ernie dingo was pretty funny but that was decades ago when comedy was allowed

>>268596427Any more examples? I wouldn't be surprised. Our government is very corrupt.

If you live in Melbourne and aren't wearing this when you go outside you are part of the problem.

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>>268596986I don't have any more examples but other anons may have some.

>>268596427more like "no escape" rooms

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What are you cunts doing today?

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>>268596395noice. also look at that simp running with a shield in front of her. she fucking put herself in that situation.

>>268595650I finally got myself a remote job, god willing I'll be in Adelaide in the next couple of years. see you then friend.

>>268597865fucking based dude. i don't have any such walking trails near my place. I walk for about 30-50mins a day in the streets and nature parks.

>>268596395Holy fuck this is the product of 1% child mortality dysgenics and feminism.

>>268598146Noice. I hate walking the streets, at least you have nature parks nearby.

fuckin livid I gotta wear a god damned mask I better find an opportunity to steal a bunch from work or some fucking shit, make it mandatory to spend money on fucking placebos or get fined more money fucking dumb cunts and the fucking somalians spreading this shit everywhere FUCK

no joke considering moving to tas when this is overinbred jokes aside how is it? what's the nog/ching/meth/heroin situation like?

>>268598835>3 days to get a mask or get fined>have to compete with all the work from home fuckwits stocking up>bro just wear a scarfFuck me

>>268598835do something like this >>268597044did they specify type of masks you have to wear?

>>268599077you live in melbourne, you must own a scarf.

>>268599145>did they specify type of masks you have to wear?Nope.Even a scarf will do.>>

>>268599145Or a mask.

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step up cunt

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>>268599077>>268599145>>268599848Paintball mask.If we get that shit up here I'm getting one of these.And an open face helmet for when I'm on the bike.

Attached: -font-b-Paintball-b-font-font-b-Mask-b-font-Tactical-Airsoft-Game-Full-Face.jpg (1000x1000, 115.39K)

>>268600058Bandit Lyyyyyyyfe

Do it.

>>268594206Clearly asking for it.

>>268582119You should try psychedelics. Shrooms are in season and you can buy mescaline, well the cactus it's from off ebay. No shit search up bridgesii and buy 40-50cm of any that aren't psycho0 or crazy spine, chop, boil, strain and boil down into a small cup full of liquid and you can get well off guts for 12 hours and learn a hell of a lot about yourself, reality, etc.Get off the pharma kikes for at least a week though, preferably two before diving in the deep end though. Eat clean that whole time too.

>>268600156i bought one of these (and a dozen p2 filters) in Dec when I thought I'd have to go pick up my brother and his kids during the bushfires in Bermi, cost me close to 700 bucks in total. Never needed to go get them, but glad I still have the gear.

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>>268600340I'm surprised a cop didn't try to pop a smoke grenade in her.>20 bucks says you can't get full insertion sarge.

>>268600597So you're prepared for woolies?Nice.Don't forget the white disposable overalls and gumboots.

>>268587719sick snack you got there, i'm feeling peckish too.

>>268600878nah, i'm Coles Gang. I also live in a diverse suburb, so I'll probably need it soon enough.


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>>268601565He's radiating with the aura of smug.

>>268601795The hairline on the nig is disturbing



>>268601887>The hairline on the nig is disturbingI think that's what he's looking at. Probably thinking the same thing as us. Kek.>>268601565Any more photos of this. I want to see what it says around his neck.

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>>268602279>>268602229this is the bloke

seeing as masks are now mandatory for all sheeple, what are you guys opting for? Can we get a cool mask thread going

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>>268585396anastasia is a retard nanny state cunt

desu, I've been out of work for so fucken long due to this cunt chink flu. I live alone, my family are all interstate and OS, I get the jobkeeper, but my industry will be one of the last to get back in. I live in Melbourne, and in one of the OG hotspots, so can't even have frens over. If it wasn't for piss, (thats an issue I'm trying to deal with), /aupol/, the footy, books and my hobbies, I would've roped by now. Thanks for the banter; I know some of you are deadshits, but some of you are actually intelligent non-schizos. and for that, I am eternally grateful.Now I will don my mask, and go out and buy some ciggie papers and some ice cream.

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>>268598835Just wear a pillow case over your headCut holes for eyesMake sure it's white so you can tell it's cleanHave the point at the top of your head too so it's stable.

>>268585488fuck that's a cunt, i know from mates even the mines have stopped daily handjobs because of chink cough

>>268603151Kill yourself

>>268598853Average iq is lower than the average age. PrettyColdNo housesUseless drivers

>>268603338ThisImagine reading books about "heroic" glownigs

Can we start a gofundme for dick pussy?

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>>268603151Sometimes I post insightful things, other times I schizo shitpost. You've gotta find that balance in life.

>>268583692because they can't win arguments and resort to ad hominems and strawmans. Without censorship their ideologies fall flat

>>268582253Say it with me, the Victorian virus

>>268583692Try and say shit you want on jews corp, even the goydian has much better freedom of speechLefties love censorship simply because they don't wanna be called faggots because truth hurts

>>268603634Based chink fucker

>>268603338>1 post by this IDok, Shlomo, I know you'd like another white guy to off themselves. But just to spite you and your lil bitch golem >>268603604I won't. I'll thrive.btw, knowing your enemy is important. those men put down communism with every ounce of their being. show some respect, you ignorant wombat.

>>268603151Don't worry user, we'll always be here.

If you work a government job do you still pay income tax? Aren't your wages already coming from taxes?

>>268604536thanks fren.

>>268604473Kill yourself

>>268604473>Put down communismHow exactly?Did they kill kikes?

>>268604576Yes and yes