Why the fuck does Holla Forums hat Hispanics again...

Why the fuck does Holla Forums hat Hispanics again?>Socially conservative>Religious>Traditional>Hates niggers>Hates Jews>Have high amounts of European admixture>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White men>Latinas are the most fertile women>Pro Gun>Pro Cop>Pro Law and OrderI just don't get it. Is there something I'm missing here?

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>>268569061I don't. I hate Jews and Niggers exclusively.

>>268569061>not whiteWell there you go

>>268569061>Stop hating us because we hate other races >See we are just like youretard

>>268569061Who doesn't like mexican fewd?

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>>268569061she does that stupid botox smirk, every single image you idiots post.she is old too. like 40.

>>268569061U will never be white u stupid spic stop simping for whites u cuck. >t. What you would probably call a white mexican

>>268569061This bitch is the fakest slut ever


>>268569061I hate it when they run their mouths and can't shut the fuck up for one second, but other than that they're aiiiiight

>>268569061>Socially conservativewrong, they support abortion>Religiousthey mix indigenous death cult shit into catholicism which is pure evil>Traditionalwrong, the women are whores>Hates niggerswrong, they support BLM>Hates Jewsdoubt they know what jews even are>Have high amounts of European admixturewrong, 56% is not high>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White menwrong, mutts are not white>Latinas are the most fertile womenwrong, they turn into goblins at age 30>Pro Gunwrong, look at any polls>Pro Copwrong, look at any polls>Pro Law and Orderwrong, look at any polls

>>268569061>Why the fuck does Holla Forums hat Hispanics again?>>Socially conservative>>Religious>>Traditional>>Hates niggers>>Hates Jews>>Have high amounts of European admixture>>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White men>>Latinas are the most fertile women>>Pro Gun>>Pro Cop>>Pro Law and Order>I just don't get it. Is there something I'm missing here?

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>>268569061They vote for Democrats, idiot.

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>>268569967>t. would fuck

>>268569061i love her help me

>>268569061I hate that girl. NoFap for 3 weeks and some idiot sent me that 'Ok Boomer' video. Damn.

>hat>HATlearn English Jorge

>>268571079About 70/30, 5 up from 2016

>>268569061>Why the fuck does Holla Forums hat Hispanics again?I am a Californian and have experienced their invasion first hand. They steal what isn't theirs with affirmative action and block better European people from living their birthrights.Seriously fuck latinos.

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>>268569061Dark eyes, dark hair, dark soul

>>268570976thats because your country is filled with mexicans, here we hate jews and niggers, Argentina is the most anti semitic country in latin america.

>>268569061Many people on Holla Forums have this dumb ass way of thinking all non white people as black. And so they attribute their negative feelings towards blacks on to every other racial group (minus Asians and Jews)Hispanics though do tend to be more socialist which is a problem. But personally I like Mexico, and Mexicans. We have a very similar culture the US and them

>>268569061They would be master-race tier if they didn't try to emulate niggers.

>>268569061Demographically speaking they spell the end of the GOP in the United States, very soon Texas will go blue and never turn back, probably along with Pennsylvania and Florida.


>>268571479EAT THE BEANS #MAGA

>>268571134obviously, she's a very pretty girl, even without make up she only kind of resembles a fish

On this board it's less about principals and more about skin color, it's why we don't hate Asians despite them being completely backwards savages

>>268569212Damn without makeup she looks like a 4/10 spic

>>268569061I don't hate shit, but that camwhore is weird looking.

It's funny seeing spics try to claim they are white. You are not white. You cannot support whitehood and also seek to replace it. Mexico is a shit hole. Made that way by spics being subhuman. It's a narcostate dominated by drug Lords. Fuck spics. Just as bad as nigs in most cases. Not white.

>>268569967Who is this semen demon?

>>268569061>Is there something I'm missing here?Maybe

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>every state they flood turns into a shitholesomeone post the pic of the fat goblin on the scale and remind OP hes ugly

>>268569061Don't we get one these thread at least once a week?No we won't racemix now fuck off.sage

>just racemix goy, why won't you do it???>1 post by this IDEvery fucking time.

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>>268571700thats not from mexicans, thats from cali faggots moving to ausitn and huston.

>>268571533ConfirmedDon't fall for the brown girl meme

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>>268572173Thanks. She's tasty

>>268569061Furthermore, any culture that celebrates degeneracy, liberalism, promiscuity has the seeds of socialism planted within them. We need to turn back the tide of Weimar, not throw fuel onto the fire. Evidence - Her very own Instagram account, page after page of sluttery.

>>268569061>>Socially conservative>>Traditional>>Hates niggers>>Hates Jews>>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White men>>Latinas are the most fertile women>>Pro Gun>>Pro Cop>>Pro Law and OrderNo.>>Religious>>Have high amounts of European admixtureSome people.>I just don't get it. Is there something I'm missing here?Your intelligence.

Can someone derail this fucking thread with cartel gore please, I'm fucking tired of seeing that neekolulNEEKOLUL ES UNA PINCHE PUTA

>>268569061I'm dating one who really, REALLY, wants to fuck and have a kid. I told her after marriage and she's been pushing me into it.

>>268569061>>Socially conservativeIt varies>>Religious>>Traditional>>Hates niggers>>Hates JewsIf they are crypto-sephardis sure>>Have high amounts of European admixtureThank you for confirming they aren't white>>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White menFuck off>>Latinas are the most fertile womenfuck off>>Pro Gunkek>>Pro Copfuck no>>Pro Law and Orderhave you been south of the border? lmaosage again because fuck you

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>>268569061Pol hates illegal spick trash and criminal Mexicans. That doesn’t mean we hate Hispanics or Mexicans. I’d rather be around Mexicans than niggers that’s for sure

>>268571479I never saw affirmative action fuck out of here that only applies to niggers, I had to work and go to school at the same time.

>>268572359Of course, you expect Dallas and Houston in the East being blue, as a result of refugees from Cali, but the growing tip in the South is Spic immigration.

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>>268569739Jesus. I remember Lexi from back in the good old bad days. Why is she so fat in this pic? Did she get preggo?

>>268569739Fat Lexi is best Lexi

>>268572670Cooks CleansDoesn't talk back or flirt in public Your allowed to cheat and get caught once a yearWorks takes care of kids and householdMakes you ten diesProfit?

This thread is choc-a-block full of spics, guaranteed. No-one defends spics with this commitment other than spics, or latin-loving SIMPS. >>268573178>>268573134


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>>268569061Literally the ugliest bellybutton I have ever seen.

>>268573466>Makes you ten dieswhat dat means?

>>268569061LMAO your list of delusions about spics is funny and in most an outright reversal of the truth.

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>>268569061She is ugly

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>>268573859She's obviously still wearing a fuck-ton of makeup. That's a filter and bad lighting.

>>268569061wow, they sound like they'd make a great country somewhere else.

>>268573477You’re a lymie. What the hell do you know about spicks?

>>268573778god I wanna call ICE just looking at her

>>268571533Simple as this. Not white, not right. Trust your grug instincts

>>268569061most of these can be said about the chinese too

>>268569739I'm glad I quit porn before I got to see the pornstars get old and fat.

>>268573920Oh lmao I'm actually retarded.

>>268569212>Implying she's ugly in this pictureKys

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you can make an hispanic 100% white in just three generations of mixed breeding

>>268571564>t. shitskin in denialArgentina would be the center of the mutt meme instead of America if you were more relevant.

>>268569061Your (s)pic related is literally a commie cunt you fucking sperg

>>268575622Assuming that you are starting with second generation 50/50 Spanish and Ameri Indian.Most Mexicans are closer to 75% to 90% Indian, or they are the “Beautiful Mexicans” with ZERO fucking Indian blood.

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>>268577053>(s)pic related

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>>268569061The males hate niggers. Females will spread as they dont know any better

>>268570976Best post in thread

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There's no logic in hatred

>>268575487top right isn't reality either, still has lots of makeup and looks airbrushed

>>268572173fake tits /10 would not bang

>>268569212Professional models without makeup look like heroin addicts, whats your point here?

>>268575284she is, kys nigger faggot

i don't hate people based on ethnicity


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>>268569061muricans hate spics because they are example to Anglo retards that you didn't need massacre all the indians, you could've make baby with them and then unleash them on your religious enemies centuries later.

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>>268569061Another cringe (((consensus cracking))) thread. Sage. Fuck off, Shlomo.

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>>268570976All of what you said is more true for white american girls, am i wrong?

>>268571533Explain my dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. Does that mean i have no soul? Plenty of europeans have brown hair and eyes.

>>268579194what are you fucking gay

>>268573466>Balloons to 350 lb by 30.>Cooks everything with lard>You get fat>You get grossly fat >She starts sassmouthing >you get slappy>she gets stabby>Calls the cops on youI had to stab him he was out of control. >STEP 0: Cries>You got to jail>Get forced to join Mexican prison gang>Get fucked in the ass anyway>Family courts give your raw asshole another fuck as sons as your done with the crim. >Bitch, cries, sucks your dick , if no next>And calls the cops on you>CRIES/return to STEP 0/>next: cries>makes up new abuse aligation /return to STEP 0/

>>268579615doesn't matter if they're white or not. They're Catholic, which means they have a better claim to the legacy of the Roman Empire than any germanoid prot does.

>>268580057this is different from an anglo foid how? I guess the Karen uses corn syrup instead.

>>268573317>>268573776>the zionist party is the white oneFlag checks out. Thanks for Israel you fucking island kikes.

>>268571564Anon if you are trying to convince us to let you in our country and then you follow it up by saying "you only had bad experiences with Hispanics because they were in your country" you don't make a very compelling argument to let more of you in.

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>>268570976This is truth. Spicoids are the major contributor to why so many states have gone to shit.

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>>268579093Yeah, she's using the old no eyeliner/lipstick trick. It's amazing how few "men" these days are blissfully unaware of the tricks women play.

is she seriously still posting just making the exact same face?

>>268575622Or you can make the us like 60% hispanic it works both ways

>>268569061We have tonhat Mexicans, many are outside for many hours in the sun.

>>268575487>illusion = visible titties>reality = neck up onlyok boomer

>>268577744The females are the biggest whores out of them all. Will literally take any dick of any kind

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>>268569061nobody hates them vato, my best friends are from Guadalajara

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>>268570976Abortion is a good thing, monglet; Middle class white people don't kill their progeny.

>>268580086Fuck off anti-white memeflag. Race comes first, then religion.>>268580307>uses a "Karen" memeBack to R*ddit.

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>>268579975>being gay to own the jewsKek the state of Holla Forums

>>268569061Pic related is Bernie ethot

Her face is asymmetrical and she's trying to hide it.

>>268580992Based. They are brainless leftist golems who do only what they are told.

>>268569061>golem with a shirt with a jew golem phrase on it?i wonder why?

>>268569061Because you fucked with my family and now I'm your enemy for life. Are you ready for war?

>>268569061>traditional >hates niggers>Pro Gun>Pro Cop>Pro Law and Orderlol none of these are true

>>268571292AHHAHAHAHHAHA fucken coomer dumbass

>>268570976Thank fuck based user. I hate their stupid perversion of Catholicism.


>>268573457Taco Belle you mean

>>268580903the biggest niggers on earth are the protestants. America crumbling on its heretical foundation is Christ's justice to the European Catholic faithful.

>>268569061Over half of the things you listed are not true. I'll leave it to you to figure them out.

>>268581377I’m surprised how rarely this is brought up when they mention how mexicans in particular are catholic I don’t care because I’m a prot so

>>268573778Darkskin Neeko is much cuter than light skin Neeko imo

>>268575284SWEDEN YES!

>>268581696Catholicism has been assimilating and then subsuming local faiths for years. It took about 800 years to gently weed out the heathen practices of the Greco-Italians in Southern Italy. Prot totalizers fail to understand this.

>>268569061Girls shouldn't have belly buttons.

>>268579908I've been asking this very question since my redpilling. I never get a straight answer. I guess since I have a distant med ancestor and inherited med traits I don't count as white. Fucking stupid. I have nothing against nords but nordicists are fake and gay

>>268570976>wrong, they support abortionNot the conservative ones.>they mix indigenous death cult shit into catholicism which is pure evilSee above>wrong, the women are whoresSee above>wrong, they support BLMOnly shitcanos>doubt they know what jews even areOnly you know what Jews are... yea, right.>wrong, 56% is not highKind of like Americans.>wrong, mutts are not whiteIronic coming from a burger.>wrong, they turn into goblins at age 30Depends on the genes. The wall affects most women anyway.>wrong, look at any pollsSee point #1>wrong, look at any pollsSee above>wrong, look at any pollsSee above

Is it wrong that I absolutely get turned off by overly dolled up women? Like, even bitches in "night dresses" and high heels.Nothing gets me going harder than a natural cutie (very light makeup is ok I guess), all young and fertile.

>>268582192you're not alone

>>268581967St. Augustine of Hippo was a brown skinned, blue-eyed berber. "White" is a fictional category protestant Nords made up when they realized they had no claim to civilization not imparted on them by Meds. Catholicism is the fundamental identifier of med blood and civilization. Latinos have a greater claim to this than Charlemagne the Frankoid.

>>268569061>Socially conservativeBecause because they smile and kiss up to blancos doesn't make them suburban whites.>ReligiousThe American nation is Protestant, not Catholic or pseudo-heathen.>TraditionalAztec traditions are not American traditions.>Hates niggersBecause they compete with them, and they're even more violent.>Hates JewsThey don't even see Jews as a threat.>Have high amounts of European admixtureWhich still makes them Indio/Mestizo/Castizo, not European. Spanish rape babies are not part of Western civilization, partly because of their own decision not to be.>Latinas can make White babies if they breed with White menThe sheer amount of cope coming from you, user.>Latinas are the most fertile womenThis is a problem, not a point in their favor.>Pro GunYeah, cholos like shooting each other.>Pro CopThey only support cops that are Hispanic, retard, and even then only local ones.>Pro Law and OrderThe order that comes from cutting people into pieces and leaving their heads on bridges, yes. Unfortunately, the rest of us enjoy indoor plumbing and water that won't give us Montezuma's revenge, so their law can be enforced elsewhere.>I just don't get it. Is there something I'm missing here?You're an apologist for mass invasion and ethnic replacement.

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>>268582447based and redpilled

>>268569212she looks hot here, still this thot doesn't belong in the US and certainly not on this board. Add herb

>>268569061Did you check the language on her shirt OP?She's not even a spic.


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>>268580086>Implying Russia isn't the rightful heir to Constantinople and thus the Roman Empire >Implying Germans aren't Russian rape babies

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>>268582531I like the way you die, boy.

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>>268581987But... the urge... to colonize... so... strong... Must... bleach... sexy... tropical... babes

>>268569061she shouldn't show her belly button

>>268582719The treasures, cultural legacy, and relics of Constantinople were brought back to Italy in 1204. There was no need for a 3rd Rome because the patrimony of the 2nd was returned to the 1st.

>>268569061>Half-breeds>Shit at everything except menial crap anyone can do>Has never invented or achieved anything of note >High propensity for crime>Crappy culture that celebrates poverty, dirt streets and shirtless kids on bikes>Multiply like rats>Degenerate music infected by nigger beats and movements >Language is a shitification of proper Spanish>Vote Democrat>Side with nogs against whites every time>Just look at the fucking countries where they're in charge

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>>268569212>Leftist reddit simps see these photos>S-SO WHAT??? SHE'S STILL SO FUCKING HOT WITHOUT MAKEUP!!!!The embodiment of J U S T

>>268582754LOL. You don’t realize that what you’re doing is uniting the Asians and blacks with the whites. You’ll be eradicated.

>>268581987Thank you Mexico! Like a good neighbor STAY OVER THERE.

She’s Amaxibh.

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>>268582447>>268582601>"white" people don't exist>based and redpilled fellow shitskinYou will never be White Lupé, cope more :)

>>268582754The truth must hurt harder than a tequila hangover, Pablo. Every time I tell it like it is, you people either threaten violence or go on about demographics.

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>>268569061>>268569061If Mexicans were so religious and conservative then why the fuck is their country ran by kingpins. P.S OP Girl looks like this

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>>268573178Awww poor thing.>for the (you), spic

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>>268582894>Constantinople wasn't real Rome because Crusaders looted it.>Despite themselves claiming to be Rome, abiding by Roman law, being rightful claimants of Rome, having the true Roman church, etc.Even then, if you get into the Catholic side of things, you get into the fact that virtually all Holy Roman Emperors (claimants proclaimed by the actual Catholic church) were German. Or the last was Napoleon who proceeded to rape Prussia.

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>>268569061The agree with the left and like big gov't. fuck off kike

>>268579840now that you agree that spics are the same as white girls, this thread's topic has been put to rest. goodnight leftist.

>>268583373Could you speak up? I can't hear you over the birthrates.

>>268583453Jesus fucking christ what am I looking at

>>268573134As a colored person, I'd rather hang out with spics than niggers too.

>>268569061drink coffeethen people will like youfaggot

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>>268583413God, they are always so disgusting.Beware a thirsty man I guess, sell his nation and race for a few minutes with an ugly whore.

>>268583556Holy Roman Empire at Height (during reign of Emperor Sigismund when Hungary was transferred the electorate) 680,000 km2 Spanish Empire at Height: 13,501,037 km2


>>268583584So let me get this straight, you are bragging that white people are going to all die, while simultaneously claiming that you are white and that if you aren't white then white people simply do not exist then...?First of all;>AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA>Holy shit SEETHE you will never NEVER be ARYANSecondly;Don't be jealous that you aren't white, embrace your own culture.

>>268569061Goblinas and goblinos are not Hispanics. Hispanics come from Hispania which is in Europe.

>>268569061I hat hispanics because I like to hear them go>TACOBURRITO LOS QUESO TORTILLA ES-.... eh.

>>268569061people tend to not like their countries being invaded illegally.

>>268583902I'm not sure if you're just stupid, or going about this the wrong way. Why the fuck would you try to claim Roman legitimacy through the church? You either end up with Napoleon as the rightful emperor, or a pretender to the Russian throne.If your argument is SPICS ARE ROME, then yes, the Spanish Monarch actually is the rightful Roman Emperor.>Wait, what?Long story short, the last Byzantine emperor sold his rights to the throne to the Spanish royal family at the time.

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>>268583958I'm not jealous at all. I'm Valencian, so again, my particular affiliation to Europe and broadly the world is through Roman Catholicism. We are taught that Wellington considered "Africa begins at Pyrenees". So be it, as long as we follow the true faith!I have no interest in "white" category because it is protestant formation.

>>268569061OP is dirty spic

>>268569061I want to hurt her bleed hole with my pee pee stick.

Go back where? I was born here. I'll be American till my last breath, this is my land.

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>>268569061We would become a type 1 civilization if all the races united under our shared hatred of niggers.

>>268584206the Roman Church is the successor to the Roman Empire. That will eventually be your final redpill: the Christpill. Jesus defeated Rome by re-ifying its sacred and political function.Read E. Michael Jones.

>>268569061If spics were so great, Latin America would be a nice place to live.They are the ones demographically replacing whites. Fuck spics.

>>268573424The wall seldom shows merci.

>>268584391Jew worshipper.

>>268569061because they smell like tacos and dont clean their houses.

>>268569061Because they are creaturas and should not breed with.

>>268584524You will realize that God was the first anti-semite, as he sent his own son to be destroyed by the circumcisers who then redeemed humanity.Christ defeated the Jew by being born to one.

>>268584391Then the ability for the Pope to declare monarchs is legitimate. Therefore, Napoleon and his descendants are the rightful emperors of Rome. And Napoleon is only marginally spicc-y.>BUT JESUS!Nigger, Romans were huge fucking autists who were obsessed with laws. If we had this trial in a Roman court, the rightful monarch would be Felipe because the last person with the claim, the emperor of the Byzantines, sold it.(IIRC, he also sold it to the French family who either abandoned the claim or are irrelevant due to getting btfo)

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>>268569061They are welfare leaches that overwhelmingly vote blue.

>>268569061Fuck spics. They’re overrunning the country, have shit food, and push all of the good food out of the markets in the areas they live in. They make wages go down, most can’t be bothered to speak English, the ones raised here are as bad as niggers. I’m sick of you disgusting mestizos shitting up the board with your pro-aztec shilling. Mexicans and any other variety of spic do not belong here.

>>268584391>niggers are polish if some kike ngo smuggles them into europe- Hebe Kikal Jewns

>>268569061>reads your long ass listThen why do they always reliably turn a state blue? If they were all those things, they would vote red. If they were all of those things, the democrats wouldnt be fighting so hard to give illegals voting rights.

>>268569061Oh look! Some dime a dozen mall bitch learned how to make exaggerated facial expressions just like the little asian girls do. GIVE HER YOUR MONEY SIMPS! >fucking retarded teen faggots.

>>268584202Or legally, boomer. It's the sheer quantity, not the legality, and having it happen slowly while you're unaware of it doesn't stop it from being invasion.>>268584349Who are you responding to, user?

>>268584863Based. He is a (((civic))) nationalist and is thus not a Catholic.

>>268569061you forgot a couple>overwhelming commit more crimes then whites>overwhelming vote democratic>use more social services then they pay in taxes>short

Meme threadOP is a copy pasterIt don't matter at the of the endOP you look like this

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>>268571700it doesn't have to be that way. Hispanics are natural Red voters but Democrats have subverted Hispanics into voting Blue. this can be changed however, stop bashing immigrants (build wall, deport is ok but don't make it the main headline), preach family values, preach capitalism.

Lmao have you been to California?

>>268584349Is a nation a people or a place?

that bitches eyes don't line up, that's a sign of brain damage, fucked up thing is, if you test people for the same thing she exhibits you'll find many people around you have the same thing she does. their eyes don't line up.

>>268585375>Import millions of Mexicans>America becomes more like MexicoWow, who could have ever seen this coming.

Op has never talked to a spic before. Come to LA and you'll see how dead wrong you are on what beans think.

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>>268572670I would fuck the shit out of that. Bet she has a big ass

>>268585375>Don't make it the main headlineBoth the wall and mass deportation is more important than capitalism. Capitalism is part of the reason our borders are porous to begin with.

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>>268569061I don’t. Marrying one soon.

>>268583604Please someone answer this man’s question.

>>268583413Yep. I work in a hotel with a bunch of latina maids. Every day they come to work looking like plain dogshit. Then every Friday and Saturday they get dolled up like Zendaya niggers so they can ho out later. The wool these beanitas are pulling over your eyes... if u only knew.

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It’s not hispanics. It fucking worthless welfare leeching Mexicans popping out babies and not paying taxes you worthless spic. Also they are not conservative. Driving around drunk without insurance and listening to shitty music is not conservative you faggot. Also the US doesn’t need conservatism it needs to purge

>>268583219She's what

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>>268585915Those chicks are built like baked potatoes

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>>268569061Look, not everyone in your life falls neatly into a category as "friend" or "foe." By and large, white Americans prefer white Hispanics to many of the alternatives. But mostly, Spanish speaking immigrants in the United States are a net burden.

>>268583576I said white girls were more, not the same

>>268584856b-but g-gringo-sama! I love you!


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>>268569061It's about (((their))) globalist agenda. They want to run a prison planet of border-less, race-less, culture-less, identity-less, dumbed-down, easily controlled subdued sheep. They make up 1.4% of the US population and .0025% of the world's population, yet look at all they control from the world's finances to the media that brainwashes us. In short, they use the entertainment and news media to encourage globalism and to discourage nationalism and traditional western values. They distort and lie about the past and present in that effort.The truth about immigration, by the numbers:>youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlEJews Admit Organizing White GenocideThe plan to eliminate the white race: bitchute.com/video/NVisq0Ffgg28/Cultural Marxism & Social Justice explained:>youtube.com/watch?v=xnqIj8C2AekWhy we are in decline - Cultural Marxism:>youtube.com/watch?v=VggFao85vTsThe Jewish role in the refugee crisis:bitchute.com/video/SehPuTgyriBp/Leftist subversion explained by former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov:>youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XAThe full history of Jewish subversion in the west:bitchute.com/video/VLGo9c28hGHQ/also seeThe facts about slavery in North America:bitchute.com/video/uKVe4Mn20Y9A/https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/244865233/Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale: Anti-White Advertising >youtube.com/watch?v=hvNNtBmA3SQThe Jewish role in the porn industry:bitchute.com/video/ilaJpTSGTMvx/The anti-white post-WW2 psyop:>>267162242

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>>268586412A lot of them have slim waists and thick asses

>>268571048Not us.

As a Mexican living in Mexico you have no fucking idea of what you are talking about.

a thread of whiteboi incels doing the same shit over and over againlike idiots "superior race my ass!"

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>>268573457I see you're a man of culture and patrician tastes.

>>268575284yes she is ugly


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>>268570976As a hispanic myself, based! The only honest poster here, I give you a crown my king

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>>268588069We're just trying to incite rivalry.You suck at everything, OK?

>>268588210Seethe more, goblino

>>268588210>Not wanting to be a minority in the land your ancestors tamed>INCEL NAZIGet the hell over yourself, squatter. You probably have to go back, too.

>>268569061it's not race mixing if it's >50% European >25% Spanish, basically white. You'll bleach them entirely.

>>268587935Other way around. I've worked with goblinas my whole life and I don't think I've seen an attractive one yet. They do tend towards the Indio side, all of them being from Puebla. Nice people but not visually appetizing at all.

>>268588588>>268588854you racist whitebois are nothing but dirty smelly mud rolling pigshow about you go take a shower

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>>268569061>Why the fuck does Holla Forums hat Hispanics again?...bcoz Medieval-tier tribalism.

>>268571564Argentina has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world.

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>>268569061None of what you said was true. I hate them because they're not Aryan. Enjoy the US turning into Mexico. It was good while it lasted.

>>268585556An idea and the USA is founded in the Constitution

>>268589994>Medieval-tier tribalismWhy is this a bad thing again? You're complaining about something that was necessary for your very existence.

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>>268590460Stfu and drink your coffee, goy

>>268571564yet we have AMIA and INADI sticking their noses FOR FUCK'S SAKE GET OUT OF MY CATHOLIC COUNTRY

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>>268592193>Medieval-tier tribalism>was necessary for your very existencewat

>>268573778she's not but she's not especially attractive either

>>268592568You hate Hispanics for tribalism? What else would they do? Hispanics descend from European conquerors. Expansionism is in their blood.

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>>268579771north american indians are completely different from south american indians retard. south american indians had advanced calendars, mathematics and pyramids, north american indians haven't even invented the wheel, they were literal stone age cavemen

>>268593135/pol/ hates Hispanics bcoz of the Medieval-tier tribalism here on Holla Forumssorry I didn't spell it out, user

>>268583604>>268586111Hair transplant

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>>268569061I can't wait until men stop paying attention to her in a few months and she's forced to get Blacked.

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>>268570976>56% is not highthe central americans and mexicans you get are around 30%. South americans and caribbeans are in the 50-70% zone. Cubans are sometimes full european

>>268593135>We wuz conquistadors n sheetYou are genetic mystery meat abominations

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>>268569061I love hispanics

>>268569061They are mostly going to vote for socialism and turn America into the 3rd world shithole that they fled.

>>268582719The rightful heir is the Spanish crown as appointed by the Byzantium Empire. The Russians that matter are all dead.

Have you been to Miami? Latin Americans are lawless.

>>268569061Latinoamericans are trash. Not even we get along. Let's not pretend that because there are some outliers, suddenly all the mediocrity culture we built for centuries just vanishes into nothingness.


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>Scroll thread>No pictures of hot latina bitchesWhat a shitty thread.

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Years of festering shit leads to retarded opinions on stupid shit.

>>268569739DUMMY THICC

>>268569061I hate them because they think they can get away with talking Spanish behind my backI also hate them for being too lazy to learn english and expecting me to automatically speak the language when they refuse to speak the language of the USA

>>268569061No advertising allowed

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>>268596015this triggers THE BOOMER

>>268569061Hate is the inevitable result of the observation of harm coming to an object of love. One may argue that the love is misplaced, but not the hatred that results. White people love white people.

>>268569061Not white

>>268569739Lexi Belle? More like Taco Belle

>>268569061because they vote Democrat en masse because they love welfare benefits such as food stamps, free medical, housing, etc and because half their family is illegal

>>268569061Because they still vote Democrat bc they come from socialist countries and impose their views on government on America.

>>268569739holy jesus why did you show me this user, delete this.

>>268569739Lexi Belle is the queen of slampigs now

>>268569061I don’t hat anyone fren

>>268569061I do not really have any problem with them. But I would prefer to be around white people. If I could trade every single black person in the US for one mexican, I would take that trade 100%.

>>268569212Goes to show that women only need one skill in life: the "skill" of painting their faces well enough to trick a multitude of men

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>>268569061Mexico is the way it is for a reason. Spics are unironically nigger-tier.

>>268569061cognitively inferior. dysgenicism. look at the entirety of central/south america. that is the level of civilization they are capable of maintaining. I don't want my descendants exposed to that.

>>268583098Still cute roastie

>>268569212If your brain doesn't register this as an attractive female then you are gay. You probably fap to trannies because your brain thinks "face colors = woman"

>>268572173Fake tits and rouge nose cheeks

>>268583604Ingrown hairs that have gotten infected on the scalp of a previously bald nigger. Niggers always have this issue.

>>268571863>>268579427>>268602431>Thinking this pic is her without makeup.Kek.


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>>268603154Forget about it Jake, it’s simptown

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>>268569290yeah how do you come with that. Hispanic is not a skin color. There is a lot of hispanic that are white

>>268602741Nope, you just have low standards. >>268580716Face is what is being discussed, little whiteknight cuck.>>268602677Ugly as fuck.

they're a much larger threat to the US than blacks

imagine being mexican on /pol kys beaners

>>268579975He's not a man who're addicted to makeup and fake tits maybe, retard?


>>268580499Blessed saint Mel digits, checked

>>268569061can you stop posting this ugly thing


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