Trump on housing

>bringing who knows into your suburbs>who knowsWho is Trump talking about?

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>>268548791Trump secretly based??? No way he said this.

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>>268548791what is single family zoning?

If Trump keeps pushing this message the suburbs will be deep red in November.

>>268548791If they get mad at Trump for opposing this, isn't that basically them admitting they are going to inject niggers into white areas?

>>268549389a classification of land for the sole use of homes manufactured to house a single family unit. Typically does not permit leasing portions of the home or having more than one domicile behind different entrances.

>>268549155He'd be more based if he did something about it.

>>268549389When an area is zoned for single family units such as suburban houses Democrats and a lot of people in urban planning circles have been calling for the removal of single family zoning

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>>268549389Houses and subdivisions, opposed to shitty apartment buildings and brown stone projects niggers live in at the govs expense.

>who is trump talking about?niggers, obviously.

>>268549861Does that mean you're not allowed to build a single-family home on land you own?

>>268549389Single family homes. AKA anything that isn't a duplex, apartment, condo, or town home. "You don't need four walls and a yard all to yourself. You need to share."

>>268550052Not at all. It just allows landowners to build different types of housing on their land, which increases the housing supply

>>268549389The opposite of section ape

>>268549389extremely anti Semitic

>>268550192You left out the part were they're also going to pay to move niggers into these cheaper multifamily units solely because they're too many whites there (people not voting Democrat)

>>268548791Now that all the cities are destroyed, they have the perfect excuse to move the ghettos into the suburbs. And most republicans will go along with it too, out of "compassion".

>ship manufacturing jobs overseas, replace with shitty low-paying service economy, outsource white-collar jobs or fill them with h1bs, bring women into workforce>Wages go down, price of housing skyrockets>Oh no goyim, housing is unaffordable, now we have no choice but to pack every square foot of your neighborhood full of niggers

>>268550457It's biological gerrymandering.

>>268550192But would they do that? Sure you can fit more housing but the value of the other house will go down.

>>268548791>never heard of single-family zoning>google it out out of curiosity>no explanation of what is in first five pages of results>only articles about why it needs to end or how best to end itThis is accelerating too quickly for me, guys

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>>268549389Single family home zoning VS apartments, townhouses or condo zoning.

>>268550052Basically single family zoning means anyone who owns land in that zone can only build units to house a single family. If they got rid of that some Jew could come into a suburb and buy up an acre or two and start putting apartment complexes or condos or some shit and ruin the neighborhood.

>>268550623Rent $$$.

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>>268550618Proof that niggers are a fucking bio weapon.

>>268548791It's a tactic used by jews to devalue property and buy them at cheap, while destroying white communities, they bring in very poor stupid niggers that destroy everything in the neighboorhood and scare every other ethnicities out, lower the quality of life of a said zone, then everything is sold at 1/10 of it's value for how shitty it has became.

>>268549389Basically 100 years ago in Bolshevik Russia, if you owned a house or apartment big enough to raise a family in, your property was confiscated and you were given one or two rooms for you and your family, and another family or two was moved in to the other rooms.

>>268550713basically it prevents property from being divided up and converted into rentals, which is virulently anti Semitic

>>268550944good, if it murders the anti-Semite, it is worth it

>>268550897Yeah but... Detroit property value

You told me Trump is a jewish puppet but he said literally what Holla Forums said days ago about housing prices, like literally, as if he was reading straight from that thread about Biden wanting to flood your suburbs with niggers to lower the value and force you downtown where you have to wageslave to pay Schlomo's rent.

>>268548791>Trump talking about?He has dementia user. So does Biden. So does McConnell. So does Pelosi. So does RBG. So do 80% of the board members of major corporations. America is the Titanic. We're sinking. And we put the 80 year olds in charge of hoisting down the lifeboats.

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>>268550944>Blockbusting is a business process of U.S. real estate agents and building developers to convince white property owners to sell their house at low prices, which they do by promoting fear in those house owners that racial minorities will soon be moving into the neighborhood. The agents then sell those same houses at much higher prices to black families desperate to escape the overcrowded

>>26854879120 to 30 story buildings.

>>268551158Good, the anti-Semite is an animal made to pay and serve the superior Jew.

>>268551158>he saidYou haven’t learned yet, have you?

>>268548791he means niggers jim, feral, uppity, niggers.

>>268551135Detroit didn't happen overnight and when it does go Detroit then it becomes Section 8, where the government is paying the (((rent))) for the renters.

>>268551521>paying the rentWasn't in Michigan where the city bankrupted because niggers had tens of millions worth of unpaid bills?Was it Flint?

>>268549861That's because they want to demolish them and build "up" since space is so limited. There's a shorting of housing in big cities all across the country.

>>268548791Oh and under staffed/funded services due to population increase and no additional land to enlarge services.What the Democrats want? Additional property taxes (and development fees for licences etc)Remember Democrat areas are going bankrupt due to never removing failed systems/procedures.

When your home value plummets and is worth 40k and you owe $145,000 on it you won't be able to afford to move to a nicer area so just stop making payments live there as long as you can could take a year let it foreclose and buy a house on the same street.


>>268551650Unpaid tax bills. Detroit had legit black homeownership before the Japs and Gooks killed the American car market.


>>268551660Space is not limited, people are just fucking retarded.

>>268549746I believe this is what 4D parcheesi refers to.

>>268549861Single family homes means that people have privacy, a backyard, and a it create a safe environment with a strong community that looks out for each other.All the things that jews hate.

>>268551660More isn't better you stupid nigger. This country has over a 100 million too many. Go live in your cuckcage in jew york where u have a 50/50 chance of being raped or mugged if u stay out past 9pm.

>>268549770It's a local issue, what power does the president have to dictate local zoning regulations?The idea that pedo Joe can wave his magic president wand and eliminate single family zoning is retarded, unless he plans to somehow federalize every county, township and city in the country.

>>268551738That's not gonna happen, user. Retarded YIMBY faggots have never swung a hammer or turned a wrench in their lives. So they imagine ZONING will solve everything. Just eliminate ZONING RESTRICTIONS and then what happens? Huh? My town has:>No trash pick-up>No public water>No public sewer>No high school of its own>No city gasSo we have single family houses on lots minimum 1 acre big, because you need space for wells and septic systems and leech-fields. You have to burn fuel oil or propane or wood for heat and hot water. You need to compost and have a truck to get to the dump, otherwise you can pay a private trash company, but it ain't cheap. You have to send your kids up to the next town to get to high school. Busses ain't coming right to you. You get the point, user.So what happens if they take off the zoning restrictions? Are they gonna suddenly build a new reservoir and city water system to handle multifamily housing? Are they gonna put dense multi-families on wells and run the aquifer dry? Are they gonna build a new wastewater treatment plant and sewer lines? Are they gonna build a new High School and new Elementary Schools? Are they going to get public trash pick-up and paid firemen and third shift cops? Are they going to install city gas and build a new pipeline to get it out here? That's pretty fucking expensive, so it's not gonna happen.All these faggots think if you just eliminate a zoning ordinance buildings magically pop up like it's a vidya game. They believe that (The Market) is actually an invisible hand that builds things. They don't know anything about construction or how houses actually work. The reasons for lot sizes in suburbia are physical, not just regulatory.

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They will orchestrate a housing market crash first, then toss out the foreclosure victims and give those houses to migrants for free. Right out of the globalist anti-white playbook.

No its even worse than that its literally moving in to full on commie shit. They dont want you to have a choice about where or how you live. The property taxes that have made the suburbs run so well will be distributed to the bigger city. Basically they look at the suburbs get mad and want to push policies to bring the quality of life to city level and they think this is the perfect solution

>>268551126So why do you love jews if you acknowledge their tricks kill gentiles?

>>268548791>who is Trump talking aboutHe's talking about what his father referred to as "die Schwarze."

Its niggers and poor poos. I live in a 95% white suburb and they built a couple apartment buildings about 10 years ago in my neighborhood and it's still mostly young white and Indian couples who live there. 1 old as fuck black guy who is 25 yrs retired military and a single black mother with 2 teenage boys.

>>268548791I want Acosta to DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

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>>268553714>single black motherno such thing

>>268550898Most effective biological weapon in history. Dump a sufficient amount in a city and fifty years later it’s unrecognizable

>>268548998based hahaha


>>268549155Lol yeah of course

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>>268552819It's not a local issue. This was set up by the Obama administration. The rules are already in place to get rid of single family housing, Trump's administration is choosing to ignore them, but he isn't abolishing them or doing anything to counteract.


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>>268554428this is the man i voted for in 2016

>>268554455one could say it's political ammo for reelection

>>268555969>It will be very tough for President Trump to make a political issue out of Biden’s housing plans so long as his own cabinet secretary is talking about killing suburban single-family zoning with AFFH. I think Carson’s wobbling on AFFH explains a lot about why Democrats have become so bold with their plans to undo suburban zoning. If even the Trump administration goes along with federal attacks on suburban zoning, the Dems figure they’ve got political coverNot much ammo if his own guys are in favor of it.

>>268548791But Trump is effectively doing the same thing by being a total pushover on allowing undesirable immigrants into the country

>>268556406please it's just one black dude trying not to bash another black dude, they have an unwritten code between them brotha's. Trump know's to tread lightly as people will scream racism but it's an extremely valid concern for many on the left they just don't know it yet.


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This is how it will go.

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>>268548791niggers and spics

>>268551660they want to put niggers into mostly white areas to spread out the demographics particularly for drawing districts and voting. but the key is to put niglets in your school district. Nothing destroys an area faster.

>>268552819Federal funding gets conditioned to the removal of zoning laws that prevent such things.

>>268559123Seeing this in the town I grew up in. Makes me sad. Thank god I don't live there anymore. Fucking niggers ruin everything.

>>268554342>IT HAPPENED IN MINNEAPOLIS. WITHIN 10 YEARS LOOK AT IT NOW 40K SOMALIANSSo the area they took over was always kind of shitty (Cedar/Riverside)... but they completely displaced our Koreans. You have to understand that's one of the only reason Minneapolis got burned and looted; the total lack of based rooftop Koreans.Now we have our own bullshit "only niggers matter" mural on the street in north Minneapolis... the same street where the 4th precinct was sieged and the based /k/ommandos went for dancing and shooting fun.I'm about 4mi from there and strongly considering filling a 5gal Home Depot bucket with my shit and making my own mural.

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>>268551103sometimes leafs are ok

>>268548791This is why rural is the future.>No city sewer so everyone is on septic tanks.>Need an acre of land per septic system.

Trump said in a recent speech, he's going to talk more about this and AFFH. that he would pass some shit to protect them with senate. check his deregulation speech in WH.

>>268563218There's no point to a republican party if they're not fighting shit like AFFH, and so far they aren't.

>>268564245GOP hates Trump. I dont know if you realized it yet. Trump is going at it alone and has been for 3 have to realize he needs judges so he plays ball but they hate him as seen during russian railroading, ukraine railroading, corona and now how they bent their knee to BLM when Trump was against it. they hate him but they know if they dont pretend to support him, they will get voted out by Trump supporters and they cant risk that.

>>268551650In the city of New Orleans, something like 20-30% of the city pay their water bills on time, 30% pay severely delinquent, and 40-50% never pay at all. They don’t shut water off though and the taxpayers constantly complain when there are issues with the sewerage and water board but never address the actual fucking issue.

>>268551103>The Eternal Landlord

>>268556915>Trump should continue to do nothing, wouldn't want the left to go nutsThe left burned U.S. cities a month and a half ago, there's no excuse anymore.

>>268564836Then they'll get voted out when republican voters are the vast minority in every city and suburb, thanks to AFFH.

>>268548791He’s right that it does drop property value if you own a house and condos are built next door. I would not be happy about this proposal if I were a homeowner.

>>268554342Somalians are not from Warhammer

>>268565588That's why most homeowners know nothing about it. Very telling that the GOP is so quiet on this, outside of Trump. They could make this THE issue to galvanize the base if they wanted.

>>268549189Nice image fellow oldfag

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>>268551158Trump is ourguy

>>268548791niggers you dunce

>>268552819>ID: xxxXxHoly shit that's rare


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>>268549770trump hasn't done anything besides incite a civil war everyone remember how bad he pwned the libs when you're suffering next year

>>268552819The fuck is your ID

Truth. I've seen dramatic increases since Obama. Ten years ago. White mecca.... You can't go anywhere in this town with out seeing blacks, mullatos and mudsharks at every fucking store. Once they get over 10% they think they own the whole thing. Cant wait to move this fall.... To the next white flight destination.

>>268548791Good fuck boomers and their over inflated houses.Real estate kikes should be thrown out with the commies, it's nothing but leeching to be a landjew.

>>268549389White neighborhoods

>>268568526>the next white flight destinationThere won't be one with AFFH. That's the point of it.

>>268548791They are trying to fill the suburbs with section 8 projects and niggers

>>268548791>Jim AcostaLiterally fake news. I hope he gets ass cancer and spends the rest of his life shitting in a bag.

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>>268565588Many people who would be affected probably think it won't affect them. They won't realize until it does and it's too late.

>>268559123>Immature children's drawingAt least Hitler was a good artist


>>268549861>build multi-unit building>connect to central urban area through public transportation>jews demand below market rate percentage and section 8 availability>joggers move in>start jogging>whites sell as quick as possible before home values go to ghetto pricing and schools get nogged>groceries move out due to shrinkage>liquor stores and quik-e-marts pop up on every corner>blacked!>joggers complain about (((food desert))) and white flight>once pristine neighborhood now a crime-ridden shitholeSad. Many such cases

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On the plus side. Nothing red pills normal white people more, than being forced to live by them. And you're right, nowhere is safe from it. But some places have a better chance of fending it off. Jesse James hometown.... Hopefully theres enough bushwhacking blood to fight it off.... Town I'm at now, for years had bloody bill and various other Quantrils raiders in frames on the walls of the pizza. PC culture took them down.

>>268569524hitler had a hard time doing perspective correctly, not a huge issue seeing as he was self taught

>>268551660>shorting of housing in big citiesnobody wants to build housing when 50% of it has to go to (((below market rate))) housing Here in SF a group called Calle 24 protested a building with 100% BMRH because it was an offset for a nicer location in a different part of the city and they said it was packing the poor into ghettos. The then protested the construction of a building with 25% BMRH because it was gentrification. All the while complaining that the lack of housing increases rents and drives out the poor.They're fucking retarded.

>>268552819Ahahhahaha ID is BixNood. You arent fooling anyone nigger. Numbers have exposed you.

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>>268550788That's what someone is trying to do in my 100+ house neighborhood. The one Jewish person in the neighborhood whose house was built before the community was developed sold his land to a builder who's trying to build a low-income apartment in the center of the neighborhood, where the houses average $800k-$1.5m. This building would be 1 foot away from 14 neighbors' backyard fences and cause lots of traffic in our already busy neighborhood. Anyway, every single person in the neighborhood and HOA is suing the builder and its still ongoing, so he hasn't been able to build his nigger factory for the past 6 years. Luckily, I'm moving in a month so I wish the best for my neighbors.

>>268548791They=Kikes and scum like Trumpwho knows who=Niggers


>>268548998i giggled, take a (you)

>>268552819If a city or suburb want to get their HUD money, Community Development Block Grants and their surface transportation grant, they have to change their zoning.

>>268550713It's a spicy taboo in burgerland.polite white people who have enjoyed rising property values in the suburbs for a long time do not like to admit that this happens >>268569940

>>268552819A sitting president has dictated by fiat that everyone has to change the signs on public bathrooms. Restraint and separation of powers exists nowhere outside of grade school civics text books. We're in pure who/whom territory.

>>268552819>Yeah, that's what they thought in the early 70s, that school districts were local matters.Public schools that turned out at least literate students who could count were turned into factories for churning out angry illiterate drug dealer who destroyed white neighborhoods.I live in a nice white neighborhood, no crime, very little drugs.Joe is the guy who gave us the Safe Schools act, 1990 and our schools soon turned into shooting galleries.They are frustrated because they know if they tried "protesting" in the the suburbs they would get their asses handed to them.So don't try that "local issue" stuff. When Democrats are out of power, they're all "states rights!" When they have power, they're "federal preemption!" Arizona tried to protect itself from invasion, Obama's JustUs dept. squashed them.

>>268548791Guess what happened in Minneapolis a few months before the riots?

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>>268569940screencapped for the redpills folder

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>>268548791Q wins


>>268576014It's going to be mind boggling how fast things plummet once leftists get these passed in other cities.You all know about Oakland, but not many of you may know Alameda has a lot of affluent whites that live right next to it in a relatively peaceful suburb for example. They're like Portland would be if the whites there just accepted their terror filled lives and stayed quiet rather than march for the left.That's a giant swath of carnage waiting to erupt once it's re-zoned.

>>268548791>(((WHO))) knows>They bring Coronavirus>Masks won't help you, staying the hell away will.

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>>268548998based and propanepilled

>>268548791> Who is Trump talking about?niggers.

>>268578235second picture is literally my football hooligan classmate lol

>>268551231I don't think the kikes managed to infiltrate the future political class. At least not as much as they want/need. They're hanging on to boomers like a leaf with a bag of cocks.

>>268548791Thank you Trump for bringing more people from who knows into America!

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>>268551158Don't worry fren. Trumparino is only playing the waiting game when he gets his second term he's going to go fucking nuts because they won't be able to stop him. Just wait fren trust the plan.

>>268553111Nice ty

>>268550618Exactly Cuckservatives in red zones will allow this, because they don't want to be called racist, and they're going to pay for hordes of niggers, illegals and Somalis to ruin their suburbs and flip them blue

>>268579089That's an interesting way of looking at it. Something's definitely up. Especially with us burgers. I've never seen our leadership so old. It's like the last days of the USSR. Gerontocracy across the board. Nursing floor managers in their 70s. College departments with professors averaging 78 years old. 2/3 of all S&P 500 board members over 75. It didn't used to be like this. Clearly something's up.

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>>268552819>ID: BixxxXxd>ID: BixnoOod

>>268553111CheckemThere are plenty of suburban areas that are served by utilities. Townhomes and apartments give way to single family homes and it is all within mere miles of a given metro. I lived in an area like this. $500k homes within a mile or two of $1500+/mo single bedroom and studio apartments. Crammed in like sardines. This ain't backwoods, it is where the professional class lives in order to commute into the metro or metro-adjacent offices.Some of the apartments in the area had section 8 blacks living in them, despite being relatively expensive. There is no reason that fugees from some failed African state had to be plopped in the middle of a bunch of middle and middle-upper class white folks (after all, the nogs don't work, they might as well be placed in remote Alaska to receive gibs there), yet there they were.The zoning won't matter everywhere, but it will hit some places hard. A previously "single family" area is ripe picking for a jew landlord to put up an apartment complex and take in a bunch of high-rate section 8ers. It'll happen.

>>268549155He is too much of a coward to say the quiet part aloud

>>268549770Trump is not "based". He is a fucking coward who won't do shit

>>268549389Keeps niggers out.

>>268551158>he said literally what Holla Forums said days ago about housing pricesTrump says what they tell him to say

>>268555675Too bad he cares more about "muh black unemployment" than you

>>268580873Suburban areas that are served by utilities tend to be exactly what you describe: Rich bedroom communities for corporate fags driving into the city. Those places are already infested with changs, pajeets, and all kinds of assorted other shitskins. I'm not worried about it. Besides which, my town is balls out. Just overwhelmingly voted down a senior center. No fucking way we'll vote to allow all the shit they'd need to do this. Our property tax rate is 3rd lowest in the state and we like it that way.

>>268579968>Cuckservatives in red zonesYou mean Trump supporters

>>268581857I don't disagree. Only point is that these places exist. A couple of trust fund/high income changs don't really bother anybody too much. Dropping in full on section 8 will act as a bomb. It'll cause many to move farther from their office, inflating housing prices even further (boomers will love it) and increasing traffic.Your area sounds like it'll be fine (for now), but a lot of folks are going to get screwed. It'll only accelerate until it wins or is stopped.

>>268561087This won't stop until the jews and marxists who move them into white neighbourhoods are dealt with.

>>268548791>Who is Trump talking about?redditors

Reminder: racial integration was forced on americans at gunpoint.

>>268548791The Left is trying to end single family housing. You need to live in apartments because single family housing is racist.

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>>268550052No but it would allocate a certain amount of space that has to be developed into low income housing (large apartment buildings and projects). The people who take government housing are usually single mother who produce the largest proportion of criminals. In essence they want to turn suburbs (usually republican voting) into urban city like spaces (heavy democrat voting).

>>268550176>"You don't need four walls and a yard all to yourself. You need to share."Grass is racist. Commie blocks are much better for equality.

>>268548791>>268548998>>268549155>>268549189>>268549244He's not wrong.Biden's plan is a disaster.

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>>268581857you are only able to do this because Trump is not encouraging itif Biden comes in, the full force of the law is behind him. I want to see your shitty, faggy old people council try to stop the government forcibly acquiring land and adding 500 thuggish low income families into public housing on it. fag. how short sighted you are.

What's the point of knowing all these awful truths if nobody does anything about it?

>>268584075>us citizenship for 22 million illegal aliens>turnout in 2016: 138.847M>13.6% of new votersdamn

>>268582546I think my area will be fine because never in 1,000 years will any corporation invest any money here. Investment is the siren call that draws them all in. Once you drop a university or a corporation in a place, now there's money, and money is the devil's favorite friend. Immigrants come swarming. Rents and home prices skyrocket. Commercial rents skyrocket. Small businesses die. Now everyone is totally dependent on the corporate jew and the HR department and the resume and the cubicle to survive. I went out of my way not to live near any of that shit. It's all cancer. If not through zoning fuckery, they'd find some other way to make it miserable. Hell, you don't even need to rezone to put up 6,000 luxury condos and start having Arab, Chinese, and Slav sleezeballs roaming the community looking for a fun. I've never seen anything good come out of investment since the 90s. I like being out of the way. No yoga shops. No uber. No peleton. No blue haired SJWs selling faggy $20 sadwiches with cutsy names and made up ingredients like kimchi-aioli. Just old Diane at the corner store selling big $7 subs with normal names like "Italian" and "Turkey." You can get 'em with or without hots. They're good.

>>268549389It means they want to put up condos, and/or section 8 for niggers.


>>268584884You made the right call by staying away from metros. I don't think you're as insulated from the madness as you believe, but you're in a better position than most. Arable land, running water, and knowledge of what to do with these might end up being important, especially if the supply chains which your community sells into and buys from go tits up. If you're a self-sufficient community (Amish or something) then you'll be okay awhile. Problem with the Amish is that they're pacifists and will fall to the first horde of wandering invaders that stumbles upon them.

>>268549389it's a law that mandates you can only build single family homes in a certain zone

>>268585632raycis wy boy ima whoop yo azz

>>268549389Its where happy, propserous people who have kids that go to good schools live.

>>268569940>civilization is moralityniggercivilization is a runaway chemical reaction; psychopaths run it and always have, its literally evil all the way down

Not only do they want to eliminate single-family housing they want to allow cities to literally annex suburbs.Observe any progressive discussion online and they talk about how the white suburbs are exploiting the cities.

>>268576014can't imagine owning a home in minneapolis. sinking all that money into it then those fucks make your home worthless

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I live in the midwest, they sent over tens of thousands of chicago blacks and african "refugees" a dozen years ago propped up by subsidized housing, and shit has gone downhill fast

>>268585709Its the opposite though; its removing the barrier that makes a safe comfy white neighborhood possible.You could still build a SF home; but for a given parcel, the ROI on a duplex would be much higher; so property developers would opt for that.And then theres section 8 - govt backed and subsidized; pretty much guaranteed income to the owner; irrespective of the tenants ability to pay.Fuck Biden.

Jews are just 1.4% of the US population and 0.0025% of the world population, yet… >Nancy Pelosi at AIPAC 2019: "My Father Was a Shabbos Goy">Bernie Sanders on jew loyalty:>Chuck Schumer on jew loyalty:>Joe Biden encouraging white genocide: (9% jewish, 650% US over-representation) Michael Bennet (D-CO)Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)Jacky Rosen (D-NV)Brian Schatz (D-HI)Bernie Sanders (I-VT)Chuck Schumer (D-NY)Ron Wyden (D-OR)House (8% jewish, 600% US over-representation) David Cicilline (D-RI)Stephen Cohen (D-TN)Susan Davis (D-CA)Ted Deutch (D-FL)Eliot Engel (D-NY)Lois Frankel (D-FL)Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ)David Kutsoff (R-TN)Andy Levin (D-MI)Mike Levin (D-CA)Alan Lowenthal (D-CA)Nita Lowey (D-NY)Elaine Luria (D-VA)Jerry Nadler (D-NY)Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)Dean Phillips (D-MN)Jamie Raskin (D-MD)Max Rose (D-NY)Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)Adam Schiff (D-CA)Kim Schrier (D-WA)Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)Brad Sherman (D-CA)Brad Schneider (D-IL)Elissa Slotkin (D-MI)Susan Wild (D-PA)John Yarmuth (D-KY)Lee Zeldin (R-NY)Supreme Court (33.3% jewish, 2,400% US over-representation):Ruth Bader Ginsburg (D)Stephen Breyer (D)Elena Kagan (D)

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>>268548791Nothing Trump says matters! All that matters is what he does, and what he’s done hasn’t amounted to much! If he was really that based, he would make It perfectly legal to call out niggers for being niggers!

>>268584075>>268584597>and just like that there was never a republican president ever againOr likely president at all, given the left was screeching so much for unironically "King Obama" right after the 2016 election.

Basically what they think will happen is if they take poor folks from the cities and insert them into otherwise healthy neighborhoods, it will lift them out of poverty and their kids will have a better chance in life due to better schools.What will actually happen is that they'll ruin the neighborhoods, the happy/prosperous people will flee. And the neighborhood will get more section8-fugees. It's suburban blight.I really wish the government would stop trying to play social referee and focus on what it was intended for in the constitution.

>>268550176I actually would like sharing lawns becoming more of a thing. Like make a bunch of connected yards into a private park and you all chip in to pay some land keeper to take care of it. I think the suburbs made it easier to chip away at white communities/solidarity. No one interacts with their neighbors unless they have to. If you're a nationalist you should be very much against that

>>268549746They've been extremely vocal about that being their goal


>>268587592My old neighborhood in Surprise AZ had that. no one used it.I think the real thing is that there aren't as many families having kids, or those who do have kids they're inside on their phones or whatever. IE they aren't outside playing. And that's what really brings a neighborhood together; neighbors looking out each others children.

>>268551027>the horrorPrivate property is scam.>>268552684>more isn't betterThis is why private property is scam. Communist revolution needs to happen, starting over is healthy for society.

>>268548791Pretty funny how when trump talks about unsavory people moving in, leftist cucks immediately assume he’s talking about niggers.

>>268585708Nah, no self-sufficient community. But the town has been here for 300 years. Aquifer's good. Got 3,000 acres of state forest behind me. Deer and wild turkey right up to my door, and plenty of oak and cedar. Growing season is short here. You can grow the three sisters well enough, potatoes too without trouble. Peppers and tomatoes tend to want it hotter and take some more work. Big fishing fleet is a couple towns down. Back in March and April supply chains broke down and they were selling lobsters off the dock for $5 a piece. At least we're seafaring. Zombies can't swim.

>>268548791I don't think he can win this one, Biden has a much better record with segregationists.

>>268588970>Private property is a scamKek good joke user

>>268560257OK JOEOnly joe would say a word like niglets

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>>268548791Trump's father did low and middle income housing.Trump did high-end housing specifically because he wanted tenants who paid their rent on time and weren't violent niggers.

>>268589324It's not a joke, population is increasing and no one is building housing at the ssame rate, they want artifical scarcity, and when something IS going to be built people protest because "property values". 72% of Whites own their homes while only 30-50% of Minorities do, this is going to lead to a Communist Revolution, they WILL kill you.

>>268567248Boo hoo faggit


>>268548791haha there goes the white female vote

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>>268580041>GerontocracyBoomers are biased towards other boomers. Think of it like nepotism, but the only thing you have in common is you're both old farts.>Kids these days can't run a business these days. You need someone with experienceIn comes Clyde, colostomy bag and all, asking for a job.>He's old>He can't breath without medical assistance>He's drooling on the floor>He's perfect for the job.Then they tell young people all they need is a firm handshake and good posture, while outsourcing all entry level positions to Whogivesafuckistan.And thanks to inflation and nosediving salaries, savings, pensions, and retirement are an extinct species, so the geriatrics hang onto their jobs until their heart gives out at their desk, and then their will donates all of their estate to Israel.

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>>268551660maybe stop importing a million+ immigrants a year if there is a housing shortage

>>268587592Condo, what you want to live in is a condo. They have pools, parks, dog parks... and no front yards, no back yards, just BIG HOA FEES. Yep, go buy a condo.

>>268589563niggers couldn't even keep CHAZ going you retard, all that would result in is a bunch of genocided niggers and the deaths of the liberal cucks propping them up.

>>268585514Where does this "put up section 8 housing" meme come from? Section 8 is a voucher program to rent existing housing at government expense. I could buy the single-family that's for sale down the street and rent it out to section 8 tenants if I wanted to (obviously I don't).

If your neighbourhood doesn't have one of these, it's fucking racist

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>>268548791This was Obama's plan to Black all of America. This really happened.

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>>268589947You say that as if its a good thing

>>268584075>22 million illegal aliensI knew it was bad, but holy fucking shit that's 7% of our population.

>>268580041The majority of baby boomers never learned to live within their means because to them a better job and more wealth was always just around the corner.The 2009 stock/housing market crash wiped out a lot of their 401ks and retirement fundsNow our currency is devaluing too quickly for anyone to ever retire.Many in the Boomer generation are spending their golden years living in the eternal hell they helped create for everyone.

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>>268548791Commie housing and brown people...Obama already did transforming part. The blacks that moved near me all defaulted on their Obama housing loans

>>268586616Might want to choose a different flag for advertising your honeypot.

>>268548791Maybe he’s talking about all the illegals he is letting stay in the country with a path to citizenship.

>>268548791Lmao, Trump was born and raised in the real estate business and he's seen the highs and lows of new york kikery, he knows exactly what block busting is and he is literally directly attacking it in this statement without actually mentioning race, fucking incredible2 TERMS, 2 SCOOPS

>>268579089At the very least Israel will be fucked when the Boomers die off.

>>268548791Of course not. According to media and reddit Trump is a blowhard who can't make money. For some reason he is prophetic on all the pedos in power.Pic very related - MUH TYPOTrump 2015, says Epstein island a 'cesspool' ask 'Prince Andrew' could be a 'political problem' for the Trump Red Wedding, where the jesuit catholic trafficking DNC HRC and redshoe faggots got put on ARE ALL GOING TO HANG FAGGOTS

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>>268590591SCOOPY WOOPY

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>>268552819Get a load of this nigger who has never heard of the Fair Housing Act!

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>>268590747Speaking of prolific (alleged) child abusers I read that Michael Aquino recently died. People should look into that guy & the Franklin Cover-Up for context of the Epstein thing.


people thinking trump are based don't understand he's talking to gated communities and rich jewish communities.he's signalling to them that if they don't cool it on letting in so many beans and nogs that they will soon move into the rabbis and nanci pelosi backyard too.

>>268550502Gonna be some brutal 2nd ammendment action taking place then

>>268549746>>268552408 >>268587975 you fucktards its already happening.obama refactored section 9 housing so that it would place minorities into higher class neighborhoods and schools.

When will the mutt realise* that Baba Vanga predicted this shit decades ago, and augury isn't magic -- it's just a the ability to read between the lines of the zeitgeist?>*rhetorical question>mutts, like zombies, aren't actually sentient

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>>268548791Refugees, homes unoccupied by families. So groups of 5 men, or wahmen but that doesnt happen

>>268549746This has been their plan for years. Obama wanted to do it. Kamala talked about it too. It’s real. Millennials and Zoomers will never get a house but Jamal and Monique will get your parents home after they get marked as Covid + and shipped off to the culling home.

>>268590747someone needs to hang this fucking kike

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>>268587592>No one interacts with their neighbors unless they have to.That's not because of suburbs, it's just the way most people are today. It wasn't like that even as late as the 80s. And it doesn't have to be that way. I live in the burbs but I've made an effort to get to know my neighbors. Helps if you have garden produce to give away.


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>>268592096Wrong. Those people will never be threatened by this. It’s the middle and working class that’s gonna get fked. Remember the ESRI maps that came out around 2012? That’s what they were using to target “white” neighborhoods.

>>268548791Acosta may or may not have his face so far up his ass that he has no idea what Trump refers to, but we do.

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Good. Get rid of the suburbs so boomers can’t hide from the nightmare they’ve created

If he said this then that’s based as fuck

>>268593370Cities are worthless shitholes. Get fucked.

>>268549861>>268549861Eightplex is the bane of Oklahoma City.



>>268586638I'm from Chicago. Thanks for taking on some of the burden of the infestation ravaging our city. But ideally we should just start herding them across Lake Michigan into Trudeaupia.

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he's not wrong, but did he actually say that?

>>268590115Is he ok?


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>>268549885>govs expenseYour expense.

>>268548791They've already been doing this in some areas, no approval of anything but multi-level apartment complexes - no more individual homes. Now they want to roll it out nationwide.This is exactly what's outlined in AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 to the letter. Why don't they just be honest and say they want everyone clustered together in buildings that individuals don't actually own (so you have less rights including search & seizure and firearms ownership etc). Plus they'll have diversity mandates which is essentially forcing people to live together . . . and you know how that goes. Every day a little Jamahl will rape a little Susan on the playground or Abu-Akbar will cut the throat of John Doe for complaining about Islamic prayers being blasted on the loudspeakers . . . etc ETCI'm from New Jersey and trust me, you do NOT want to live in these multicultural housing units. It will utterly destroy you & your family

>>268586605No one owns homes in cities anymore. Smart people left decades ago. It's slum lords and their tenants.

>>268548791niggersthese kikes just want to fuck with whites.they will regret it.

>>268549389It's basically no monkeys or anyone under 50k a year allowed, it means you can sleep at night not wondering if your house will get caught in a drive-by

>>268588970I remember when I was 10.

>>268550192Who's behind this post?

>>268579968They'll become Nazis after that, when it's too dangerous to send your kids across the street for a cup of sugar.

>>268550502Until it becomes Somalia and they all become nazis.