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>>265102540The yam ma'am making demyamds.

>>265102540Freedom of speech doesn’t mean from consequences. Isn’t that rational?

>>265102540I want her dead to serve as an exampleDo NOT fuck with Whites

>>265102540As white lives.

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>>265102719Fuck off baiter

>>265102682Why is she still allowed to keep posting?

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>>265102682People critical of BLM even in the most tepid mild ways have been fired. I feel no sympathy whatsoever, you reap what you sow.

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>>265102540>attacks entire indigenous identity>acts surprised when retaliation occursLol and she teaches ppl?

she changed her profile pic, it's getting to her


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>>265102540This bitch is still breathing? Pathetic.

>>265102993>as white livesCan someone tell me what this is supposed to mean?

>>265104058It just means she really wants to fuck a white guy and no one wants to touch the 5 head

>>265104058it's pseudo intellectual bullshit so she can say "I didn't mean it that way, I meant whiteness doesn't matter, see?" later even though she starts off saying what she really thinks, it was a feeble attempt at covering her ass in case things went sideways

>>265103997where did you get the leaked blueprints for the replacement of the Washington monument after they topple it down?

>>265104058that whiteness is a social construct, and that the lives of people who we define as white matter but not because of their whiteness

>>265104254This. Pure ass covering.

>>265104015How about you worry about the thousands of people saying the same stuff in America first?

>>265104058Double speak intellectual faggot shit. She wants whites dead. It's simple.

>>265104058So she can have plausible deniability as an "intellectual" us plebs wouldn't understand such nuance.

>other people are responsible for the fact that people hate me for the things I've said

>>265104387That people actually think this is a legitimate way of thinking is scarier than a 200 pond nog waving a gun in your face.

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>>265102540I thought her statements were totally fine and defended by the uni though?

>>265102719>>265102993american lives (especially negros) get the rope.

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>>265102540excellent use of the laminate machine

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>>265102825he wasn't baiting. america is a shit negro country that views europeans as subhuman.

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>>265102540>be racist shitskin>attempt to start flame war with anons>striking out while crying in painwtf is going on, the jew disease is spreading

>>265104450Relax Nigel. Nobody actually wants her dead. Just treated equally under the rules. They did the opposite and promoted her initially. Ya fuckin snowflake.

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>>265102540I'm guessing this is some false flag nonsense, like all those racist emails she claims to have received that read like they were written by someone larping as a white supremacist?

>>265102540poo lives don't poo lives.

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>>265104568>>265104613You retarded fucking pavement ape. Stop posting.

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>>265104684they promoted her to remove her from the classroom setting for fear of lawsuits. the jews at cambridge only think of shekels

She's just shitposting at this stage

>>265104618This, she knows nothing will happen to her. She's a priviliged class over the native population who are annoyed she said are worthless. She's scum and trying to leverage the native hurt at being called less than human into justification for further attacks on them

>>265104828can i ask you something? O say can u shart? in the local walmart?

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Watch from

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>>265102861she's a pajeet women hating on whitesthis is acceptable anno 2020 and reporting on 'racism' (if thats even possible against whites) will just go into the trash.

>>265104831The point is that she wasn't instantly thrown under the bus the way any white person expressing and equal but opposite viewpoint would have been. That's all I want to see happen.


>>265104908Haha XD so funny joke

>>265103245Good. Keep it up. Drive this cunt into the nuthouse.

>>265102719>>265102993what does “as white lives” add to that statement? a qualifier of some kind so it’s not as bad? i don’t get it

>>265104058It's some bullshit academic speech about whiteness being separate from white people. The long and short of it is it's double speak so she can attack white people with impunity. See: Motte and Bailey argument

>>265102540FUCK WHITE PEOPLE DEATH TO WHITENESS ABOLISH WHITENESS>nooo im a victim don't play by my rules stop you whiteys should be apologizing and kneeling and kissing my feeeeeet nooooo

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>>265102540>someone in cambridge attacking herLol nothing ever happens in cambridge

>>265102689Yeah, fuck her. I'm not going to encourage anyone to do it, but I wouldn't get in their way either.

If white lives don't matter and there is no education for racists and everybody who speaks up loses their job and we have a long history of cruelty and violence apprently then what is this stupid fucking cunt even trying to achieve here?I mean it's not like we have anything to fucking lose any more.It's almost like she fucking wants to get minecrafted


>>265105171Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. Everyone's lives matter but non-whites also matter for their race, whites don't. The white part is worthless, shouldn't be protected legally or otherwise. In fact she says whiteness should be abolished. So she is saying white people don't matter. People matter, some of whom are white but we cannot consider or value them for that. Think of what follows.

>>265102861If you’re white these people, including twiiter, do not think this is racist, they have their own definition of the term, that doesn’t include you.Hate speech laws only work against you user, it’s not a 2 way street.

>>265102689no, that's unironically what a jew would do. We cannot afford to become the jew, for the jew invites the pogrom they receive.

>>265102540Can you feel It? W*r is coming.

She’s gonna need a trained monkey to start her car for a while.

>>265105171It's bullshit she put in there so she could say "I didn't mean I want them dead". But she does. She does mean that.

>>265102540She will never have a pleasant life with that face. Meanwhile our little sweet biscuit Farrah will have white boys pawing at her forever because of that beautiful face. She will never be hate filled like the Klingon.

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>>265102540>White people should be kneeling to me not attacking me

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>>265102655Checked and criminally underrated


I'd like to know what the laminated photos say. I'm guessing it's the tweet with her face on it. Whoever did that is doing good work.

>>265104058I believe people are perceiving this to mean lives in the same term of Black Lives Matter, when she meant lives and in 'he lives there'. Still a racist clingon regardless.

>>265103222Checked and WITNESSED. She deserves all she gets

>>265105318She's a useful tool in the dehumanization of white people. Keep having authority figures and major institutions repeating how evil we are, how its justified to hate and belittle and be violent towards us and it's all leading to somewhere we've seen before.

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>>265102540Just deport it.

>>265103866Checked and Kekked

>>265104058It means after attacking us for decades, we white people should give up our whiteness and 'join them' and hate ourselves.

>>265104387Black Lives Don't Matter (as Black lives)Jewish Lives Don't Matter (as Jewish lives)Blackness & Jewishness are social constructs that need to be erased.

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We have to take the gloves off on them.

>>265102540AHAHAH You beautiful bastards did it

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Oh Holla Forums you scared her! What a shame.

>>265104058It's the equivalent of "in minecraft"

>>265102540What an amazing blend of stupidity and sociopathy this poo creature is. Her solipsism is off the charts. She seems genuinely surprised that she has garnered the enmity of people she is attacking. Bitch you called for the murder for the people that have, up until now, patiently enabled your subnormal Dravidian existence, and you're peeved that they're upset with you? Holy FUCK the gall of these barely sentient monkeys.

>>265102861Because racist language against white people is accepted and encouraged by (((those in power))).

>>265102689Youre too obvious shill. I just want people to notice the double standards and hatred towards whites in our institutions is all

>>265104058it's made up bad english to mean whatever she decides in the moment


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>>265102540Been spreading her nigger tirade around to her black supporters.

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