Imagine living in the dystopian landmass of the U S of A

Imagine living in the dystopian landmass of the U S of A

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>>265102019Calls nigger a nigger Gets punched What am I missing here exactly ?

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>>265102282Cool thanks for linking an article that adds literally nothing to this nothing burger story kill your sub human scum

>>265102198He didn't though did he. It's just open season on whites in the US right now. I saw a crazy video of them trying to stop a car in traffic, and when the guy drove away they started shooting at his car.

>>265102198That you allowed it to come to this.

Damarquay i Damire. What the fuck are those monkey names? Do they try to play tribal africans with those?

So...whites are leaving the US at this point, right?

>>265102019Imagine being half turk? Oh wait, you don't have to imagine, do you?

>>265102395Wasn't that when a pack of blacks invaded some white suburb? Anyway, your country experiment failed. What are your thoughts and opinions?>>265102481Those who are rich enough maybe.

>>265102373You dumb fucking nigger sub-human. that link to that article is to the updated information about this pic related nigger. kill yourself in real life.

>>265102602No that was another one. This was a week or so ago. There was a pack of nigs in traffic with signs, and some guy drove away from them and they shot at the car, in broad daylight in traffic. They tried to kill a man for not stopping for them.

>>265102019>ImagineUnfortunately, I live here.

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>>265102602At least we are doing something, we've had a few fights with them.

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>>265102019>Imagine living in the dystopian landmass of the U S of A .The USA under Trump is no longer a serious country.

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>>265102198That pic is missing eons, cyclopean, and necronomicon.

>>265102555Well I wouldnt know You gotta ask someone who has 1 turkish parent.

>>265102754If that was happening in Ireland the country would come to a stop until those guys were stopped.Its one thing attacking someone when you think no one is watching and that you might get away with it.When you are doing that shit in public, in broad daylight like the law does not apply and you are untouchable, the police are required to get those guys.Politicians would be talking about it on the news. Its a slide into anarchy.

>>265102198The part where he didn't call him a nigger because you just made that up.

>>265102901It's insane. Imagine if some Antifa/BLM took the center of a major city in Ireland. How long do you think they'd last? The autonomous zones, even though they are entertaining, are insane. How can that be allowed to happen.

>>265102795I would probably consider moving.


>>265102901Well there are talks of defunding the police even. Which I hope is a meme and they dont want to willingly destroy their society.

>>265103087It wouldn't last 5 mins because there arnt enough blacks or antifa in the country to accomplish that.

>>265103378Sorry but isnt Dublin like half black?

>>265103438Do you take what you see on this website as factual? lel

>>265103544Some of it yes. I know its more ''multicultural'' now than before. Same applies to us though..

>>265103621Maybe you should check the facts for yourself.

>>265103639This is from 2011

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>>265103741Its 1.4% and falling by 0.3% per annum. According to data from 2016.

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>>265103944Well good for you if thats the case.

>>265103741Regardless, I would take 1.4% blacks to live in Dublin instead of Bulgaria.

>>265104036Dont worry, we are full anyway.

>>265104136Thought everyone left Bulgaria to come here for work?

>>265102481Lol no. White murricans are currently trapped in this hell. Plus, European nations either>Have insane immigration requirements>Have no concern or deliberately ignore the plight of whites abroad (see: South Africa)>Hold a deep hatred for white americans because of what the US Govt has doneThe only way out is for the US to die, because the system keeps us here and is blatantly against us

>>265102901It didn't come to a stop when that guy was shanked and put in the icu

>>265104238Yeah we are never letting white south africans come to europe. yes they are the target of political violence but its no worse than what blacks do to each other with no politics involved.We let in white south africans and it opens the door to black south africans. not worth it

there's proof that he used the n-word. get fucked, incels.

>>265104197Most of our gypsies and low class workers did. There are many who came back after the corona though. Bulgaria for Bulgarians.

>>265102019Квo cи ca зaбъpкaл ye

>>265104545Квo пpaйш тaм oщe? Ape вpъщaй ce тyкa.

>>265104382Not for long. Pic related.Our strategy of allowing large numbers of Eastern Europeans into Ireland is fine by me.

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>>265104609Mиcля cи дa и cъм в Чикaгo yжac

>>265104380Let me physically assault you because words. Yeah that makes me civilized and advanced. Stupid german cuck.

>>265103207niggers cant lie

>>265104676Lmao whatever Nazi scum. try to say the n-word out loud? get kicked

>>265104379That is indeed true, but only because of the west's incessant need to try to outdo each other in appearing as non-bigoted as humanly possible. What has infected us may eventually infect you if you don't do everything you can to stop it.>yes they are the target of political violenceIts as much racial violence as it is political. They are one and the same there, like how this place is turning out to be

>>265102019Actually sounds like heaven>Spray home and business with TRUMP 2020 WHITE POWER>Receive tens of thousands in donations no questions asked.Don't hate the player, hate the game.

>>265104676Bro are you telling me if i call you a faggot in your face you won’t swing on me? Especially if you’re with your girl or something? If you say no you’re a complete cuck and you shoud just end it

>>265102019Wtf, now everyone is redpilled also on YouTube

>>265104952Its the result of allowing women to have opinions. Dont worry. They will collapse the West with their empathy and the world will return to balance. A savage world where the opinion of women no longer matters.They might even be happier with strong men around to slap them and tell them to shut up.

>>265104380post the proof

>>265102019I can't.

>>2651043801) Show us2) He didnt commit a crime. The NIGGER did.

>>265104657Mнoгo e злe тaм. Пoзнaвaм eднa дeтo paбoти диcпeчepкa в пoлициятa. Bce eднo e вoeннa зoнa paзпpaвя.

>>265104838Are you retarded or just fucking stupid?


>>265105027No, I won't. Because I'm not a loser who hits someone over an insult. This is why your kind will never accomplish more than pick the food I buy at the store.

>>265102481Where would they go? Europe is Muslim

Even if he called the nigger a nigger to his face, the nigger still needs to go to prison for assault

>>265105609Thats mutt cope. There are more muslims in the US per capita than there are in Ireland. The US is more muslim.

he didnt call him anything he was approached from behind and hit in the headeven if he did call him that it's still illegal to respond with violence and inflict bodily harmbut i dont expect niggers to understand that

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>>265102808>weYou personally?

>>265104616I heard the trend is importing Ukrainians now. Not everyone who leaves for a western country stays there. Many of my friends who went to Britain or Germany came back because they felt excluded or homesick plus couldnt find good jobs there.

>>265105761Yeah that's me in the picture mate. Shut the fuck up you bellend.

>>265105451dude, imagine going out with a black friend and then someone calls him the n-word? you wouldn't lose your shit?I don't care about right-wing incels hating on black folk online, but doing that in real-life crosses the boundary for me

>>265105760Can you give a link to the full video or something?

>>265105867Post the proof he said it then, don't just start making up hypothetical situations.

>>265105852Yes, eventually many of them might go home to use the money they saved to build a house without needing a loan. Many Irish people have done the same.Where the difference may be is that Ireland is one of the most family friendly countries in Europe. Eastern European fertility doubles in Ireland.

Guy call the guy and play geto boys - my mind is playing tricks on meGet it played on the radio etc.then once he snaps start playing "grave diggaz - 1800 suicide"

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>>265105717Yes but most of them live in Detroit metro and Twin Cities metro. There are probably 50 Muslims in my city of 250k.

>>265104838>silences speech with threats of violence>"fuckin nazis"Based? More like fucking retarded

>>265104838I say nigger all the time and other racist shit to niggers and muslims etc.they dont do shit