PDX Officer 44 is /ourgirl/

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>>265100565Any streams?


>>265100565Was just thinking this

>>265100565bumpity bump for 44

>>265100565Checked cop

>>265100565post that smile when she moved the mask

>>265100682Thanks bro.

>>26510056544-chan is cute. CUTE!

>>265100787another user hopefully got it i was posting when it happened.

>44Those digits.

>>265100565Mommy, please, my heart

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>>265100565>mfw we just saw Hot Riot Mommy on stramOP, today you were not gay

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>>265100565oh mommy please mommy milk my cock femdom

Low energy. Low turnout

cannot wait for mommy to pile drive a weak antifa onions

>>265100831FUUUUUCCCCKKKK im going to portland to get arrested so i can have her touch me.

>>265100565It's all in the eyes

Now I want to be arrested by 44 just so her creamy white hands will smoothly run over my body as she gently yet firmly pats me down to make sure I have no concealed weapons until she reaches my crotch and finds I am packing heat.

>>265100565>44asia hates her. all of asia, every last asian.

>>265101320I'm I'm gonna coom user!

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just got up, what happened?

>>265100565>waves at the cameragot to admit that was kind of cute

>>265100565>ywn cuddle this cutie riot cop and ask her about her day

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>>265101666Watching Portland stream on dlive.com/commandandcontrol when the Portland PD sent a line forward while cops arrested antifa leaders and out pops the Hot Riot Mommy. The best is when the commie scums were yelling at her and she adjusts her mask and we get a glimpse of a smoking hot smile.

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>>265101797Why live, bros?

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>>265100565Fuck off, she's clearly the weakest link. Waving and fraternizing w/ the protestors. Don't trust her.


>>265101940>user, I had a hard night tonight, mind rubbing my feet?

>>265102017she was taunting them, incel.

>>265102017Fag detected


>>265102131Imagine being so gay you would not want Riot Mommy to make you lick her boots before she rode you hard?

>>265101940>never let them take your smile

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>>265102092incel is furiously beating it even though the dick was raw at 1am and still has to tell others about how awful every hoe he cums on his own face to is. it's ok. mental stability is not a priority now.

>>265102326Saint MOSSAD

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>>265102131>H-hey user can you lick my boots? I think there might be some nigger blood stuck on them teeheehot

>>26510056544-chan please and thank you internet peoples

>>265102413How to attempt to derail a thread in one easy post because you can't handle Officer Digits

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>>265100709>>265100787>>265100831>>265101940I gotchu, senpai

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>>265102826absolutely based. glad someone got it

>>265102826BASED. You got one where she waves?

>>265102826Definitively QT

Why do ANTIFA not want to have QT riot mommys too? Are they too much of a simp or too much of a flaming faggot?

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>>265100682Why is this steam so fucked?


>>265103118Backup stream at dlive.tv/KekSec

>>265103298superior stream hereyoutube.com/watch?v=aP_DIFnkQn4

>>265103360>Has no Officer 44 waifu meme stickered>SuperiorAnon, I ....

>>265102826Looks possibly native?>/ourinjun/

>>265102957For you, user.

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>>265103825I saw 44 doing the V sign

>>265103515twitch/dlive is gay for that emoji spam shit. personally, i hate it. #44 is too good for that place.

>>265104116peace sign, yea

>>265103825>"I'm recording this">"I know"based and smugpilled


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>>265104116For you, fren

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Get in hereyoutube.com/watch?v=aP_DIFnkQn4

>>265102826>Mexican Wtf happened to pol

>>265104634Thank you fren

>>265103825You're doing God's work, user

>>265104634>>265103825did you get the clip where she pulled off her boot and showed off her toes to the cameraman

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>>26510496544 is God, user.

>>265105144>all that clutter on the stairsShe is just ASKING to trip and fall and sprain her ankle, requiring hourly foot rubs.

>>265105144got to /feet/ for that user

>>265103825>>265104634>>265102826I'm in love

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Little better Q gif on the smile, she does it so quick.

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>>265105144scuffed sasha grey

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>>265105649big true

>>265105583can you post a link for some reason i can't for the life of me find it by typing it into google

>>265104634>"V" for Victory of our VolkCan we meme this?


>>265105937Link for what stream? Here you go hungrybrodlive.tv/KekSec

>>265106120thanks fren