Why are young men wasting their prime years

Playing video games instead of finding a white wife, building a family, building a career, buying a proper house and actually having white children? Why aren't YOU having white children Holla Forums?

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>>265098749im waiting for a war to die in

>>265098749Income and property tax are 100% financially barring me from doing so.

>>265098749cuz niggers are taking my girls

>>265098749Jewish debt slavery and White female neuroticism

>>265098749 Have children with whom? Screeching feminists or sluts that fuck 60 year olds for money? Because that's 95 percent of western women nowadays. Plus 100 percent of women won't accept any guy who isn't a 9 at least. Feminism made all women believe they are queens and shouldn't settle for anything less than a prince. That's why

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This video explains it.Start watching at 05:40.youtu.be/kq6hv3OCdWM

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>>265098749Maybe because nobody want to build a family with them. Thanks to make up, women thinks they are better than they are. Another thing is that people just want to enjoy their lives when they have some energy and youth. I would love to find wife but that is just not possible. So career is no longer important because i don't need that much money. It wasn't my choice.

>>265100823Damn. That guy is above average and his wife is ugly as hell. Sad.

We need a sticky with FAQ replies.

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Fun fact a lot of people on this site aren’t old enough to do that

>>265101581seems like a cope answerfor me its lack of self-worth mainly, also several past encounters with women always ended up in disappointment so i kinda gave up on trying nowadays

>>265098749Because they don't know what else to do. There are no dragons to kill and no higher goal. Nihilism also plays it's part.

>>265100823Nice slamming. You dude are a faggot and that chick looks like a hook nosed kike bitch.

>>265098749Because the future is unattractive

>>265098749 I have yet to find a woman who I would trust to start a family with. I'm in my early 30's now and degeneracy runs deep.

>>265098749Don't contribute to a system that wants to destroy you

>>265098749Because I'm a genetic dead end. In less comfortable times, I would be sent off to war to die. Instead I languish here, knowing my life has no biological purpose.

>>265098749Because video games and porn are more rewarding most men on earth are lesser beings than their forebears these days. That's all there is to it. They will cope with saying that the future is bad etc. but the same was true in the past and yet their ancestors survived. They are beta losers coping, simple as.

The world is a comedy and i have decided to be its spectator rather than its participator.I don't care for anything the world does because everything it does is completely and utterly pointless barring a few individuals who are at the tops of their fields and are very slowly raising technological levels up, something like Elon Musk maybe and the whole space X thing but even that is kind of sad to watch like monkeys stumbling with sticks.What is there to live for in this modern world there are no more great causes or ideal, there are no more great leaders or great men. It has all become corporations and the insanely rich fighting their ultimately stupid fights for their fights do nothing for anyone or humanity as a whole they just gain more wealth for a purpose that is unknown and likely unfathomably stupid since if your wealth isn't doing anything but being wealth it is as useless as a rock. If you fight for all these useless other men you will simply be torn apart at the altar of degeneracy for daring to speak to them of freedom and not of the slavish freedom of the american mutts but of actual true freedom the freedom of the mind the freedom of the soul, freedom from this rat race and its traps, traps like social media, tv, ect.Why do men specifically check out to video games or rather why do so many men play video games today and on the other hand 90% of women do not? I can't really say but I believe it is a taste of freedom a true freedom, the characters you play there and the worlds they inhabit are truly free even if they are very limited the show men a glimpse of what deep down they want their lives to be. They want to be the character they play because the characters of video games show them and let them experience freedom from the rat race the daily grind let them experience a facet of life that has become almost impossible to easily experience in this modern time. They let them experience how it is to think for yourself for just a moment.

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>>265100661really sad old indian guy who runs the diner by me has 22 year old 10/10 white gf cuz he buys her shitits over for young broke dudes

>>265100661>The average fulltime working man works 6 hours per weekabout right

>>265102819wrong, before you were a big fish in a small pondyou were relevant to your family, community, and nationnow your a nothing cog out of a billion other identical cogslife is terrible in the globalized future

>>265098749our future was sold by boomers before we were even born. why play a rigged game?

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>>265100212Is this actually true?

Because humanity gets what it fucking deserves.

>>265098749>marry degenerate woman with lefty views who worships BBC>have kid>go thru normalization of woke education at k-12>divorce>give all my money to degenerate bitch and her new bf TyroneHell no. Fuck this system and fuck this country.


>>265098749Because there are no good women to find, no job that can support a household to get, no house that doesn't indebt you to the jew bankers for 30 years to buy, and last but not least, no hope of it getting any better. This is not a demoralization post.


Because I don't want to get divorce raped

>>265102982Cope. Also globalization is questioned more and more.>>265103121Lol, by far the most relationships of Whites are with Spics. What a cuck you r

It's far less selfish to be single and playing video games.Who am I to enslave a woman to motherhood and tear an innocent life out of the void, just to satisfy my desire to live forever? Just so I don't have to feel alone?

>>265098749A lot of reasons, but I suspect you don't actually care about any of them. Truth is, trads hate men.

>>265098749Because I see nothing on the horizon that would change the society I live in to change into a society I would like to work for and raise children in. Frankly it’s only getting worse and more clownworld like.

>>265102875you gotta play the game. If those bitches want money then play ball, or find a woman who doesn't find money so important. If you're a poorfag then at least you know the girl likes you for you. If you have money, it's easier to get women, but you might not be sure if she likes you because of the money. Sometimes it's more obvious than others and it makes you feel a bit shit. Like she is attracted to other guys and will fuck them for that reason, but she's fucking you because of your money.

>>265098749In the near future, White children will either be used as food or fuel. That's why.

>>265103232The point is you're still giving away your fucking money to the bitch you dense spic retard.

>>265098749Why not both?

>>265098749Because I'm preparing for the collapse with guns and ammo. The slave girl harem comes afterwards.Pic related, I'm going to pick out bitches with this body type.

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All of you first world faggets compleyning about everything, come live in my country for a year and then realice how easy mode your life is. >muh life is hard Shut the fuck up

>>265098749 Because whIte women are bitches. Find a nice Latino girl.

>>265098749Why are Americans obsessed with their "prime" lol, I guess Germans are too. I can't imagine what it's like not be Australian, it must be a truly miserable existence. Can't relax, can't handle the baby's and money, status defines your self worth

>>265103706>why are Americans > German

>>265098749I haven't played video games in over a month. Can't believe all the time I've wasted, but my life tends to be black in white, in a curious way. Will be joining the military in the near future.

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I have a real answer OP, based on my own life.It's not that video games are so enticing. It's that if you have no energy or enthusiasm to go out and participate in life, you tend to sit around doing nothing. And playing video games is a very low effort way of entertaining your wandering mind while doing nothing.Find your enthusiasm for life and you will occupy your time with things you care about, and won't even want to play games as much as before.

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>>265103577Cope. Nobody worth seeing of any other race dates niggers. You are just a loser with your nigger narrative.

>>265103703I plan on most of my post-collapse harem members being latinas. Maybe my bottom bitch will be white.

>>265098749Because what the fuck else are they supposed to do? Women are far to insufferable to be stuck living with.

I was cursed with a really small penis and my former girlfriends broke up with me because of it.

Everything comes down to money.Wages are mostly shit and overtaxed, land is too expensive and woman can take most of your shit at a whim.Men are just fucking scared. At least I am.

>>265103939Yeah, might as well do something while you're doing nothing.

Anyone noticed that only one nation occupies most autistic and time consuming games? Ark, Rust, Farming and other simulators etc? Its all Germans all over the place, like... they are made to just do chores.

>>265103628I like your style. Fat bitches are fun.

>>265103218>divorce rapeThis alone is enough for men to completely check out of society yet there are still tradcucks out there that think men still need to sacrifice themselves for no reason whatsoever.Tell me, why should young white men actively support a society which hates them? There is quite literally no reason for any rational young white man to do anything which would benefit the system in any way. Even paying taxes is enough to say that you're actively contributing to your own suicide. Tell me you fucking boomers and tradcucks, why the fuck do I HAVE to marry a roastie in the current year? >>265103247>Truth is, trads hate men.Trads used to make sense in a society that wasn't insane and actively trying to hurt their own population. Being trad in today's climate is outright suicide. You're basically working your fingers to the bone just so a bunch of people that hate you can sit on their ass their whole lives and party whenever they want. Who gives a fuck if this society burns? When those niggers and communists were burning down the cities I was cheering. Cheering, cheering so that way this shitshow can end sooner, cheering so that way I and many others can be free. Newborn babies in america are strapped down and mutilated but does anybody say anything about them? fuck no. HELLLLLLLLLLLL no. Not at all. Eric Clopper gave a speech at harvard for 2 hours about why that's satanic and why the jews are responsible but nobody cared. Foregen is regenerating the foreskins but the media doesn't say a single goddamn word about them. No. Instead, we're constantly subjugated to "white guy bad" bullshit 24/7. White women, no matter what the simps say, are basically having the time of their lives right now while white men eat shit and work hard just to barely scrape by.Fuck this society. If it burns tomorrow I'm jumping with joy because it means the boogaloo is happening and now I get to finally be free. All of you cucks and boomers can succ on my nuts

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>>265098749Yeah whatever shlomo

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>>265098749I have brain damage from ssri meds and social isolation.

>>265098749because modern women arent worth it

>>265099030Based aussie warrior bro.

>>265102215It's a legitimate answer. When civilIsation collapses women are forced to be submissive in order to reproduce.

>>265098749Women are absolutely insufferable whores loaded up and preprogammed from birth with leftism/cultural marxism globohomo idealogy with nothing to offer but a used hole but at the same time demand a 10/10 Chad.

>>265101540This! It’s what we have to look forward to if your lucky.

>>265098749>doing all that jew shit Nah fuck that. I'm not putting any more children on this gay earth

finding a white wife and building a family>women are whores who want to work during their fertile years staying single and fucking chads and tyrones using tinderbuilding a career>no one will hire white young straight men anymore because kike owned big businesses and greedy boomer owned smaller businesses that blindly follow the market and culture also automation also women taking jobs also immigrants taking jobs also outsourcing work to chinabuying a proper house>we can't afford homes even if we did manage to find a job because again, greedy boomers and jews not paying livable wages let alone enough to save up for fucking land or a house

>what is 80/20Can you really blame them?

>>265098749If white can spend their prime years fucking niggers, I can spend it playing video games. My time, my choice

>>265100275Pretty much this. It enslaves you. To volunteer in participating you get on your wheel and run. You cannot stop running or you will instantly get jerked around.

based postafter having played like 20k hours of video games I have realized most of it was a waste of time

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>>265098749I'm too demoralized for all that.

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>>265099030ThisI have no interest in dealing with millennial women or having children. Western Civilization is being destroyed by Marxists, there is little chance of a future I want to live in, let alone put my future children through.I can't even enjoy video games anymore because all the good game development companies have been Infiltrated and subverted by leftists faggots, SJWs, and shareholders that just want to dumb the game down to the lowest common denominator and pussify it.I'm just opting out of society and waiting for the war to start.

>>265098749Merige has always benefited women more than men. Men tied the knot because of pussy but today you don’t have to or you aren’t getting it anyway.

>>265105444poor lesbean

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>>265098749Because white women under 30 only have sex with brown and black men. They also all own annoying dogs. Nah thanks, I'm rather alone than being the exit plan for wall hitting roasties..

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>>265098749having kids is great but you talk about it like something routine, like taking a shit.

>>265105491>having childrenThis is one of my main issues. How the hell do you even try to raise a daughter today with out her turning into a cum guzzling slut?!

>>265098749im a 28 year old 5'10 balding manlet with acne scars who has never been in a relationship and hasn't had friends in about 16 years. there was never a chance

>>265105805>black family>no father

>>265098749>enjoying the one life you have is wasting it Both my siblings have spouses and 3 kids a piece and they are miserable.

>>265098749Why would I force anyone else to be born into this shitty life, especially right now? It would just be negligently cruel at best, and downright sadistic at worst.Life is a zero sum game. The only winning move is not to play in the first place.

>>265098749>Finding a white wife98% of them are race traitor whores, the other 2% are wifed up>Building a familyKinda boring desu, how is THAT not a waste of time?>Building a careerI'm actually doing that, as well as most men>Buying a proper house It's not the 1970s, boomer. It ain't as easy and from my experience most late 20s plus men actually have bought their own homes

>>265106066Turn to Christ. Don't be a doomer.