What is (((their))) endgame?

What is their ultimate goal? If their goal is to end the white race and replace them with Africans, poos, Arabs, etc, then they are retarded. These races have proven themselves to be non-productive and destructive. All the things they are doing (propaganda, porn, psy ops, media, wars, etc) just to replace productive and civilization producing whites with literal niggers? They are no better than the current goyim, actually they are worse. It's obvious from the current riots and BLM bullshit that they are completely worthless. Why would you want goyim that's lazy, destructive, and constantly needs gibs? Also, (((they))) have been subverting and ruling whites for 100s of years now and whites have proven themselves to be the best goyim, so why would you want to change the status quo.?If you really think about it for a moment, you will realize how stupid the idea is. Replace the hard working, productive cattle, with lazy, low-IQ, unnecessarily, destructive ogres, how would that allow them to be parasites. This is why I believe that there is another reason for why (((they))) are doing what they are doing.Thoughts, /pol?

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>This is why I believe that there is another reason for why (((they))) are doing what they are doing.such as?

>>265098544Been thinking about it, too. I think it's just a matter of greed and wanting to be able to help out their tribe throughout the whole world.

>>265098544This documentary is a great place to startbitchute.com/video/FeHeiWqmTULd/

>>265098544They’re just stalling until their messiah comes down and smites all the goyim.

>>265098863I think it's just to be a parasite and maintain their status as a rich few. But that doesn't explain all the other shit that they have been doing (starting wars, creating degeneracy). If you really wanted to just be rich and powerful, why wouldn't you want the whites to stay around?

>>265098544However, my question has always been this: are they all in on it? Or are most of the diversity pushing kikes also brainwashed like the lefties? Do they all take a master course on cultural subversion? I can't fathom so much people being on the same page simultaneously and repeating patterns again and again.They've been kicked out of about 109 countries. Is this going to happen again or will the U.S. get fucked?

I shoudn't be responding to meme flags but here it is. A lot of powerful jews over the years have admitted that the end game is basically to exterminate every non-jew so they can build a world only for themselves. It's as simple as that, lurk some more on 8 k un if you want to find out more about this shit.

>>265099160Who cares if they get kicked out of some shit hole? As long as you have the major world powers and the rich countries under your control, they are set.

>>265099127I don't know but I reckon they probably would rather rule the earth than simply syphon off the profits of the Goy. They are eternally in fear of the Goy gassing them and I think they know the mud races aren't smart enough to do it.They want to rule over a low IQ coffee coloured race with out having to worry about the Superior White man constantly calling them out

>>265098544this same thread is made every day. we explain it every fucking day. Not sure what OPs angle is.

>>265099206A world of only Jews would not allow them to live the way they live now. That doesn't make any sense. For over 2000 years they have leeched off of civilizations and empires, that's their thing. How can they do that if the best goyim are gone?

>>265098544Money goes out, money goes in, its a cycle. they want the money to revolve around them and no one else. the gibs they hand out will eventually come back to them by way of consumerism, and the real cost will be on the backs of the slaves labor.they desire the suffering of others above all else.

All western civilizations have followed the exact same rise and fall trajectory for the past 10,000 years - much longer than Jews have ever existed let alone had power.

>>265099331read this>>265099368

>>265098544Nothingness upon nothingness forever. youtube.com/watch?v=eilDS0IKhLE

>>265099371/pol's stance is that they want to end the white race by mixing it with other races. But it wouldn't be smart to do that for obvious reasons. Whites are the best goyim, and they have done a very good job of hiding themselves/brainwashing whites.

>>265099368If you own everything you can live as you wish.No goyim required.You also eliminate the chances of being Gassed.

>>265099368You may not believe me but the concept of "jews" is a satanic thing. (((They))) are the anti-christ they are on this earth because of their blood-lust. Right now the goal of the jew is to harvest as many souls as they can.

>>265098544they just want you to love them, and when you love them to stab you in the face and back while eating your pain like it was foodm.youtube.com/watch?v=yftWdWjSwlU

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>>265098544Destruction of European existence because of the destruction of the second temple.

>>265099549L- leaf? How much did you smoke of that crack pipe?

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>>265098544World domination. Once they are done with the West, they will move their interests to the East and fund wars there. Major countries over there like China, India and Japan have Rothschild banks.

>>265098544They don' t care. It' s more about some strange profecies of them desu

>>265099585t. Schizo

>>265098544Hello, their goal = destroying the most soul possibleThey are under satan influence, and Satan want to corrupt the creation of god, that's allThey believe it's part of their job, they are doing Joseph massiah role (Make the world easy to conquest for massiah david)

>>265098856Lol retard

>>265099585Unironically true

>>265099549todays technology makes it easier for low IQs to work and play, make money, spend money. advanced computers and machines will remove the need for skilled and strong people.


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This thread is full of shill meme flags with OP bumping his own thread. Ignore and move on.

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>>265098544they are consumed by fear and all other sins, if they succeed in destroying the white man, their golems would destroy them.

>>265098544They're preparing the world for the return of the messiah and the enslavement of the goyim. They believe it as prophecy and they are the "chosen people" of God to which all goyim will serve as slaves once the messiah appears.

>>265099929Thanks for the bump.

>>265098544en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divide_and_ruleIts just the tool to get into NWORacewar is made upAnd the retards play along.

Why don't Jews in the west seem to mind when their children marry whites, blacks or chinks? Think of all the money this chink got by marrying Zuckerberg, money that could've gone to a jewess instead

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>>265098544On twitter I encounter so many right wing Jews. Where I live Jews are usually conservative and most whites I know are bluepilled as fuck. I personally know and older man who's Jewish and agrees with all my opinions. I don't get the Jew hate. >inb4 newfagI've lurked since 2016.

>>265098544Not about replacement, more about mixing. somewhat smart enough to work, too dumb to see bigger picture. ... but again, so are the npcs

>>265100404they are conservative for their people. (although many fall into their own psyops)

>>265100404Jews play both sides here. Tommy Robinson came out supporting Zionism.

>>265100612I'm not sure I see Jews defending whites all the time. Sure there are a fair few Marxist Jews but it seems more like an ideology thing than a "Jewish Problem" this is the issue I have with /pol more often than not it goes into conspiracy theory territory. I'm with you all on most things though. Just not a NatSoc.

>>265099549>But it wouldn't be smart to do that for obvious reasonsKikes are actually very, very stupid and short-sighted irl, so its par the course for them that their hatred and fear of wypipo would cause them to implement a plan of ethnic replacement and mass genocide without truly considering the second and third order implications of doing so; only a tiny handful of their number have dared to openly criticize the plan, such as cis.org/Report/Jewish-Stake-Americas-Changing-DemographyWhat you must remember above all else is that Jews, being the neurotic, inbred, paranoid schizophrenic hypertribalists that they've bred themselves to be, are collective narcissists to the bone. They want a one-world dictatorship where they look around and don't see anybody that threatens their misguided superiority complex. White people make Jews feel very insecure about their delusional Chosenness/superiority.They are trying to turn the US and really all of western/white civilization into a brown/black 3rd World marxist dictatorship, where the global citizenry is just smart enough to keep the gears of society moving and the debt-money flowing, but dumb and passive and self-destructivr enough so that zjewish corporate domination is never ever threatened, nor can be.So basically it's about white genocide, full stop, with no nuance or qualification or cute explanations. Also please remember that every single Jewish holiday is basically about genocide of some sort. As a people, they seem to positively feed upon the absolute, utter extermination of their enemies.

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>>265100815I'd take a country of Jews over a country of Muslim refugees any day. Still prefer my own kind but I lived near a Jewish area for a while and it was an incredibly classy and safe area they just keep to themselves.

>>265098544(((They))) want to be the uncontested elites and the only ones around. Whites are their biggest threat. Get the niggers to replace whitey for you. No blood on their hands and it's easier to get rid of the nig nogs than whiteys of a full on war. At least that's my take on it idk

>>265100884same desu, anyone with half a brainceel can see the jewish overrepresentation but catagorising all the jews as if they work like a hive mind and all have the exact same biliefs becuase of religion, i honestly doute a lot of jews even read thier own books but they superiority mindset is definitlly there for the upper class jewish society though i think its more about money that global domination in the end

>>265101128Well said user

>>265101050Typical boomer. Those kikes still hate you deep down, you know? They hate everyone out their tribe. While they are more subtle and less savage compared to the muzzies, they are the ones behind embezzlement frauds and tax evasions here. Not to mention promoting race mixing. You cannot trust them.

>>265100884>I'm not sure I see Jews defending whites all the time.Spoiler: 9 times out of 10 times, these jews have a BWC fetish and their innate degeneracy has actually progressed so far that its come full-circle and lapsed into pro-white wholesomeness.

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>>265100309they have a long road ahead of them subverting the chinee after they finish with us, i know theyve been their for 500+ but that would still be 1500 behind us in terms of judaiziation

>>265098544Eliminating competition/potential competition, and keeping only docile cattle to consume their goods.youtube.com/watch?v=RD2DMjKfESI

>>265098544You cant blame a virus for killing its host. Also, their endgame is to become the new white race. They want to be the fairest of beings rulling above dark idiots. This should be common knowledge here by now, lurk more, faggot.

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>>265099206Their genetics are already weak....1 in 30 Ashkenazi carry Tay Sachs disease....it's so bad they have a database to ensure any new partner doesn't also carry it. If they're all that's left they'll end up killing themselves

>>265101544what the fuck do you think marxism is you stupid cuntit's a cult of personality religion centered around a jew who hated the society around himthat's like saying "gonna be hard for the jews to subvert america with all the CHRISTIANS in it"

>>265100404generally speaking they are moral relativists, so the ends justify the means, and their collective end goal is to benefit themselves, and they are very relentless, resourceful and aggressive in perusing their goal.this is not a bad trap unless, you are a potential obstacle then good luckcombine this with their judaism permitting guiltless dishonesty and they are a hard people to enjoy

>>265102130>what the fuck do you think marxism is you stupid cunti said 500 years, when was karl marx born?

>>265098544They control the media, and know minorities such as blacks, gays... can easily be controlled. They know women are attention whores who instantly jump to the latest trend, no matter how retarded it is, just for attention and social media points. Leftist are also under their control, brainwashed by their antigovernment propaganda. They already banned freedom of speech. They made people think social media are platforms for people to express themselves and be heard. Far from reality, social media is the ultimate form of crowd control. You either go with the trends they fabricate, or get your life ruined by the brainwashed npcs. The best way to enslave people is making them think they are free. What is the only obstacle preventing them from total world domination? the redpilled white men who doesnt bend the knee and doesnt eat up their bullshit propaganda. This is where race-mixing comes in. Reduce the white population to a minimun where they are no longer relevant and are no longer a threat

>>265098544There is no endgameIt's a series of short term goals for maximum profit right nowThen once things are too shitty to profit off, just move to a new country

>>265101811white don't rule anything though

>>265103874yeah, jews still rule the world. that should be the reason why they are torching everything they are able to touch.

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>>265101293No, most of us don't hate European non-Jews. My family is Jewish but I think all European ethnicities have the right to exist and to thrive and to have self-determination. They are all precious and I maintain webpages about their DNA profiles and histories in the directory khazaria.com/genetics/ which can be used against subversive arguments by leftists like "There's no such thing as a Swede" like in some recent ad.